EDITION Nº279 ll Weekly Edition-USA ll Free distribution ll The Universal Church • The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Enjoy and share - www.UniversalUSA.org Walking Depression: On the surface, you look fine. You keep working, going to school, looking after your family, but you are doing it all while profoundly unhappy. When you think of depression, you automatically think of somebody crying all day and barricading himself in his room. However, there is another type of depression – just as common – but often missed. It’s called walking depression. This is when somebody lives with depression on the inside, while appearing perfectly happy and content on the outside. More on pages 6&7 I would go out drinking to fill the emptiness I felt. When I drank, I was 'happy' and everyone thought that I had a good life... However, nobody knew that I was selfharming. My depression was hidden. I felt an immense peace when I came to this ministry and today, I am happily married and complete. – Lenai Also inside... • What is better for your finances, talent or attitude? Page 3 • Cancer, high blood pressure, stroke... all results from using the Blessed Water. Page 8 • Angels of the Night: Volunteers in Texas reach out to those suffering with homelessness. Page 9

2 The Altar and the Priest J ust as the Altar represents God Almighty, the priest represents the servant of the Most High. The high priest in the Tabernacle and, later, in the Temple, symbolized the Chief Servant: Jesus Christ. The Messiah came to serve God the Father and those who would come to follow Him. Now, if the Son of God was a Servant until death, bearing the curse of sin of all humanity, and because of this, He had to learn obedience(serve) by the things He suffered(Hebrews 5.8), imagine the quality of service that God the Father expects from His servants! God the Son served as an example or reference of Servant for all His disciples. Therefore, no one can have an excuse for not knowing how to serve God the Father. And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” Likewise He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the New Covenant in My blood, which is shed for you. Luke 22.19-20 When the Lord broke the bread and gave it to the disciples, He served them; the same way, when He gave them the cup, He also served them. This means: He did not serve only with words, but with sacrificial acts. The same should happen with His true followers. Otherwise, there will be no relationship between these “supposed servants” and the LORD. This is why He also said: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will (serve) of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Matthew 7.21-23 struggled with a number of things throughout my life from depression and suicidal thoughts to broken relationships and debts. I also experienced spiritual problems and went through moments of having low self-esteem. I had no confidence in myself, I lacked trust in others, and I was addicted to: smoking, drinking alcohol, and spending money I didn’t have, which eventually led me to a financial crisis. I was broken and had no sense of direction. I sought help from doctors, who prescribed me antidepressants, and I also went for counselling. At the Universal Church, however, things were different because I felt a difference from the first time I received a prayer. At these meetings, I was guided not to accept the negative things in my life as normal and pray believing that God was able to remove the obstacles from my life. I did exactly that and, consequently, things started to get better. For a while, my faith was weak, as I had worries and fears that held me back. Although my life was a never-ending turbulent rollercoaster, I learned that all I needed was solid faith in God to get me through it. It wasn’t until I decided to fully surrender my entire life to God that my faith became stronger and I started the journey towards true transformation. It took a lot of perseverance but this combined with my faith paid off. Today, I am no longer downcast, addicted, or suffering from any spiritual problems. I also no longer drink, smoke or overspend and I am completely free and happy’. Sandra Dominique I

Strong Nation 3 “I lived like an animal...” a chance: “If it’s true, you will not be arrested.” When we got to her door, she opened, cursing on and on. The policeman asked, “Is this guy your son?” “I have no idea who he is; I do not want him on my sidewalk,” she responded. That day I began to hate her and promised that I would come back to kill the whole M y mother had an extramarital affair and became pregnant. That’s how I was born. Viewed as a problem, she decided to get rid of me and so, from an early age, I had to live on the streets. The night on the streets was scary. The only alternative was to join a group of beggars. The scenery was always the same: dirt, spoiled food killing the hunger of many, addictions, quarrel over anything, strong and unpleasant smell. But worse than picking up strangers, was to suffer in the hands of family. I remember once an uncle caught me selling popsicles on the street, he took me to the factory so that I could return them. The store owner gave me back a very small amount for the returned popsicles. With the money, my uncle bought a belt, a shaver and a bottle of alcohol and gave me a beating. After what I suffered at the hands of my uncle, in revolt, I decided to give in to the life of crime. I started to live like a dog falling, lost, totally without direction. As I was still very young, some people would offer me shelter, sometimes within days, I’d find myself stealing valuable things from their homes and would return back to the streets: My dark home. I lived like an animal. I did not go hungry because I took food out of the trash. I began to practice firearm assaults and I participated in kidnapping. The gun in my hand showed me courage, but deep down I lived in fear. On one occasion, when I was going to be taken away again by police officers, I swore I had a mother and that I was not out on my own. So the police gave me family: her husband and my brothers. Hatred overwhelmed me, and I felt to be the most insignificant person in the world. When I returned to the streets, I was able to get a revolver and 26 bullets. I was determined to take revenge on everyone. It was then that, unexpectedly, an uncle appeared to offer me help. “I’m going to take you to a place where you will be a person again,” he said. How can someone, accustomed to being treated like a beast, become a person again? But even astonished by the offer, I went with him. What a surprise! For the first time in my life, I received affection and attention. After attending a meeting, I was soon attended to. No one cared about how I smelled and my appearance. They said that I could change the course of things. That was all I wanted and needed to hear. I left there determined to fight for a transformation. Nothing happened overnight, nor will I say that everything was easy. I had to work hard, as I still do. But this only worked because I gave myself to the living faith that had been awakened in me. Shortly afterwards, I met Eliane, to her family, our union was synonymously shameful: a beggar who’s an alcoholic. What would our future be? But the “impossible to succeed” did not influence us, and our story came as a surprise. You must be wondering who I am today. I am a respected businessman, who provides employment for dozens of families. I have a home, a marriage of great joy, I am a father. I’m a winner. Not just for financial stability, but for the peace, joy and dignity that I have won. Cláudio Soares What is better: talent or attitude? W hy are there people who stand out more than others? Even in the shows of amazing talents, some stand out more than others, even when dealing with the same talent we seek to qualify the best fighter in the world, the best singer, the best chef... The Bible mentions that even in the stars there is that difference. Why is this disparity among human beings? Can not we have the same brightness? Yes, we can, that is the will of God. However, it also depends on each one of us. One person may be more talented than the other, however, what is the use of talent if there is no attitude? He who has no talent, but an attitude, can shine much more. To develop your talent and take that attitude, Jadson Edington, author of 50 Secrets to Success book, advises: "Get out of your comfort zone, use your free time to think about strategies to earn money and put them into practice. If the first idea does not work, go to the second. If this also fails, go to the third. The only thing you can not do is to give up. " At the Strong Nation meetings, you will learn to discover, develop and take the attitude to excel in your financial life. Do not miss it! Mondays at every Universal Church.

4 International Women in Action Group provides assistance to cancer patients in Zambia T he Women in Action group in Zambia (a country in southern Africa) has done valuable social work. The actions are next to the cancer patients in the largest complex of treatment of the disease in the country: the Hospital Universitário de Formação (UTH, in the acronym in English). Located in the capital Lusaka, the place houses more than 300 patients among children, men and women. The volunteers in the group work to help those who need help the most. For 3 years, they have been providing social, psychological, material support (through donations of clothing, food, medicines and hygiene supplies) and, above all, spiritual support. They also assist family providers with skills needed to help them generate income. A change in patients' lives on how to deal with this delicate moment of life. "Most patients arrive without knowledge about the disease and treatment. We helped clear the doubts at this difficult time. And above all, we bring comfort through faith and Loveness Banda says. The volunteers are with these patients weekly. And, as a result, they have seen how much it makes a difference in their lives. "Not just while in the hospital, but even after they are discharged, as we continue to follow up. In addition to supporting adult patients, we also have practical and recreational activities with children. The exercise of faith has helped them even more to alleviate pain and endure the difficult process of treatment,” said the volunteer. Group of women of faith Since its foundation in 2009 in South Africa, idealized by Márcia Pires, wife of Bishop Marcelo Pires, Women in Action (a group formed by pastors’ wives) has carried out several projects. Just to illustrate, some of them are meant to raise awareness about abuse of women and children and about the rising incidence of cancer in the population. During weekly actions at the hospital, as well as donations, words of faith, support and encouragement are also offered. In addition to further clarification "Volunteering the group is very important and rewarding. When we visit patients and offer the support and attention they so badly need, we see how much they encourage themselves to continue fighting, with greater confidence. In addition to treatment counseling, social, emotional and psychological support, we always carry a word of faith and a prayer that frees and heals," said volunteer Mhlophe Nkambule. prayer," volunteer Donations of pain and doubts about how to overcome their problems and their infirmities. Likewise, it was also stressed the need to project by faith in God and His Word a future of success and victory. In Zambia, the group is coordinated by Adriana Costa, wife of Bishop Gilson Costa, responsible for evangelistic work in the country. Recently, Women in Action received the collaboration of the IntelliMen group, coordinated by Bishop Gilson. Thus, they have collected donations of food baskets with food supplement, material, among other items. Subsequently, everything was delivered to patients in the men's hospital ward, where there currently 60 hospitalizations. In addition, on this day, a special prayer was made by Bishop Gilson. At the time, a message of faith and awareness was sent to patients. After all, they were in a moment "For me as much as for my wife the role of Women in Action has been of great importance. Many did not even know that they could overcome a serious illness through the manifestation of their own faith. The work has been recognized by the general management of the hospital. Group support has helped patients and their caregivers to better understand the process of treatment and recovery of both and in every way. We show them how important it is to remain faithful to treatment along with faith. Which leads to hope and encouragement to engage in his healing. With this, we have seen the external and inner change in their lives," said the Bishop. Social work and volunteering hygiene are The Universal Church has been present in Zambia since 1995. Today there are 5 churches across the country and approximately 1,500 members. Women in Action is one of the 6 groups registered in World Cancer Control (UICC). Consequently, Universal appears on the world map of the organization as an active member in the fight against cancer.

Universal News Houston,Texas 5 A child reacts to your depression. There are many stressors that trigger parenthood, but what about the children? A child can react to your depression. Have you ever found yourself saying "oh, this child is the cause of my distress!". According to an article in PsychCentral on Depressed parents, parents often feel that their children's behavior is the source of their distress, but in reality, the children are just reacting to the parent's depression. Parents who are going through any stage of depression may ignore or even neglect their surrounding, including their children. Present yet far from their children. A parents discouragement can provoke a nonappearance in a child's life. The child will grow without the nurturing, supervision not to mention care they deserve. As a result, the children may act out, find themselves being expelled from school in their preteen years or even become runaways. Most of the time the parents don't realize that they are the ones who are depressed and the child or preteen is basically provoking them so they can place rules in their life and pay attention to them. My name is Jevonte, I've been dealing with depression since I was a child. I had many problems due to being bullied. One time, my brother went to jail, and everybody blamed me because I was trying to be a good person and return an object that was in a robbery. Although it didn't have anything to do with my brother, being the only male in the house, he went to jail. Everybody blamed me for that and I wanted to die. Every time I went to court, I was blamed by everyone. Due to the blame, I wanted to relieve myself in any way possible. I had multiple relationships, I would smoke marijuana and drink. As I grew older, I was deeply depressed, I didn’t want to be bothered, sometimes for months. I would lock myself in my room and I would wait on others. During the period of depression, I already had children, I was deeply depressed. I would make my children watch tv because I didn’t want to be bothered and everything around me I came to the point that I wanted to kill myself. I would think to myself, "If I would just get it over with, I wouldn't have this problem anymore". I wanted to get it over it. became cluttered. My kids saw and they thought it was okay to have all the clutter in their room as well. When I saw this, I knew something had to change. I thought that if I just die, I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. For many years I was back and fouth with many doctors and medications. The medications were not fixing the problem, they were just covering it up for a moment. I finally gave God a chance. When I walked into the Universal Church I was taught how to deal with my problems. I started to see a lot and felt a weight off my shoulders. I kept coming and fighting and my depression was lifted. When I felt free, it was an amazing feeling. I no longer let my problems get to me. I was free of depression until this day. In the face of such a troubled and unhappy world, people are increasingly seeking spiritual peace, but they do not know how to find it. That is because there is a bombardment of "miracle solutions", which, many times, ruin more and more the life of the person. That is why we are presenting the reading of this book as a simple way to solve this problem so serious, you will find guidance and a deep study of the Holy Spirit and, with practice, you will really know the peace that only needs to spring within you, because it already exists within it; only that it has not yet been awakened.This book is perfect for everyone to understand the transformation that will take place The Holy Spirit By: Bishop Edír Macedo in their lives once they seek and receive the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit? What are the requirements to receive the Holy Spirit? Find out more about the fruits, power and the gifts of inspiration. The power mentioned in this book can manifest in your life through the Holy Spirit. Read this book, check the referenced Scriptures, apply what you learn. Give yourself no rest until you have been filled with power from above! Enough said. Start now. - Bishop Renato Cardoso https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-holy-spirit-edir-macedo/1128628951?type=eBook

6 The worst moment of my life was when I had to depend on alcohol to sleep. I would go clubbing to have fun, but I would leave completely drunk. Whenever I thought about my life, I would end up crying. Because I couldn’t sleep, I was then prescribed sleeping pills, which didn’t work, and that’s when the many health problems came. T her e was a point when people started to com plai n about my b e h a vio r. My friends couldn’ t stand being around me, and everyone would tell me that I wasn’t well. had A friend invited me to this minist r y and that is where I received the help I needed. I couldn’t stand who I was anymore. I wanted a transformation! My process to take control freedom was no smooth sailing, because I had many doubts in my mind. But I was able to of my freedom. Eventually, I became free from the addictions and health issues. My life today has completely transformed: I have peace and I don’t depend on friends or others to be happy. I truly value myself. Furthermore, I’ve received the greatest blessing that a person can have – and that is to have the presence of God inside of me. Erika People Who suffer with walking depression, also known as smiling d ep r essio n and hidden depression often go unnoticed. That’s because are their feelings unseen. Underneath the mask they are suffering from sadness, panic attacks, low selfesteem, insomnia, and, in some cases, suicidal thoughts. Here are some symptoms of those who are suffering with this type of depression. 1.Nothing is fun. You root around for something to look forward to and come up empty. 2.You avoid social situations. You're likely to avoid social situations, as it can be exhausting putting on a happy face. You may find yourself canceling plans, just wanting to be alone a lot, and withdrawing from those you love and care for. 3.Your energy is low. You often experience fatigue and exhaustion, which sometimes can co-occur with insomnia. 4.You notice a significant mood change when you have caffeine or alcohol. A cup of coffee might make you feel a lot more revved-up and optimistic. A glass of wine might make you feel really mellow. 5.You use other things to escape. This could be drinking more alcohol, zoning out in front of the TV, playing a video game, or even changing your eating habits. 6.You feel worse in the morning and better weight of all the things you have to do that day. In the evening you are temporarily free from expectations enjoy a moment’s respite. 4.Your self-talk gets caustic. You say nasty things in an effort to shock yourself into action. You use shame as a motivator. Sources: gresik.ca. / bustle.com My mind was plagued with insecurites and doubts I was very insecure, shy, and full of complexes. This made me seek ways to receive attention. I would try absurd hairstyles, and I would get piercings just to appeal to others. Although I was very intelligent, I had no vision for my life. My mind was blocked. I did not have goals, nor did I know how to set out to achieve them. When I came to this ministry, I realized that it was a doorway for me to achieve a new life – starting from in my mind and to every area of my life. My life is completely transformed now; I am a very confident woman! With the help and teachings of this ministry I no longer have depression. Instead of insecurities, I am filled with assurance and happiness. I at night. In the morning you feel the crushing Walking Depression and could no longer seek to build a false identity, because my identity lies with God. – Sonjay

I spent a lot of time at the psychiatrist's office B Inside the mind of a depressed person – part 1 A true account from somebody who battled depression "At first I didn't know it was depression. All I knew was that I hated myself – I hated the way I looked and I would spend hours on end just thinking about what the 'perfect life' looked like. I begun forcing myself to vomit up all the food I ate, just to punish myself and would spend more and more time alone, lying down on my bed, wishing I was one of my cooler friends who seemed to have together. it all What was wrong with me? Why was I feeling so sad and empty? My mom died when I was young and so assumed that I was still grieving her loss. I didn't know I had depression, nobody talked about it in those days. I tried to pull myself together, I tried to shake off the sadness, but it seemed to follow me wherever I went. They have started to notice something wrong with me at work. They say that I go out of my way to please others, often neglecting my own needs. They have sent me on a self-esteem building course, little do they know that the problem is much greater than low self-esteem. I spend my lunch hour in the restroom – hiding out from all the well-wishers who keep inviting me to lunch. I take the long route home, it's an extra hour, but there are less people along the way." Can you relate to this? Do you overwhelmed? feel See below for a solution. There is a cure to depression. You can be healed from all those internal wounds, but you need to start searching for their cure. An internal sickness requires an internal treatment. In other words: If you want inner peace, you have to win the inner war. FRIDAY 12PM AT YOUR NEAREST HELPCENTER (see back page for addresses) efore, my life was totally destroyed! I suffered a lot with depression and did not have the strength to do anything in my own home, not even to take care of my family. I was a very anxious person and very panicky, so I took lots of medicine to help me sleep. I spent a lot of time in the psychiatrist’s office and I had not slept properly for two months until I was eventually hospitalized. I attempted suicide several times and my family suffered a lot because of all this – the arguments we had were very first experience was a positive one. After that very first visit, I started to sleep. I felt light and happy! The more I practiced what I learned in the church, the more changes that took place within me; for my anxiety began to disappear. I learned to fight for my deliverance, I was sleeping well and the depression and thoughts of suicide disappeared. Today, I am free from the thoughts of and of ending my own life. Now I'm happy I have peace in my house and my family is united. – Rosa destruction

MEDIA 10 SOW YOUR SEEDand help support this ministry • WEBSITE Visit our website http://web.universal.org/usa/sow-your-seed/ • PHONE Call us at 1-888-691-2291 • MAIL Send a check or money order with the following details: The Universal Church 7075 Southwest Fwy Houston, TX 77074 Your offering represents your seed of faith. The Showdown of Faith program is helping many people around the US with spiritual guidance and hope. Our mission is to reach people that need a helping hand in time of distress and to those in need of spiritual guidance and restoration. With your offering, a word of faith will keep spreading throughout the world and will bless many people who don’t have conditions to attend a meeting nearby. Whether they cannot leave their home, are hospitalized or imprisoned. “ When my first marriage broke down, I became depressed. I became alcoholic and I got involved in all kinds of addictions. This got me into a lot of trouble. I ended up owing people $55,000 and I couldn’t find a way out of that. That’s how I came to this ministry. I got an immediate help. They told me what to do and how to use my faith. I was ready to do anything. I attended the meetings and sowed my seed. Today I don’t have any addictions. I have a business and I’m financially stable. Most of all I have peace. Jimmy ” BishopBira birafonseca_ Bira Fonseca birafonseca.com/en/

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