Universal News Houston,Texas 5 A child reacts to your depression. There are many stressors that trigger parenthood, but what about the children? A child can react to your depression. Have you ever found yourself saying "oh, this child is the cause of my distress!". According to an article in PsychCentral on Depressed parents, parents often feel that their children's behavior is the source of their distress, but in reality, the children are just reacting to the parent's depression. Parents who are going through any stage of depression may ignore or even neglect their surrounding, including their children. Present yet far from their children. A parents discouragement can provoke a nonappearance in a child's life. The child will grow without the nurturing, supervision not to mention care they deserve. As a result, the children may act out, find themselves being expelled from school in their preteen years or even become runaways. Most of the time the parents don't realize that they are the ones who are depressed and the child or preteen is basically provoking them so they can place rules in their life and pay attention to them. My name is Jevonte, I've been dealing with depression since I was a child. I had many problems due to being bullied. One time, my brother went to jail, and everybody blamed me because I was trying to be a good person and return an object that was in a robbery. Although it didn't have anything to do with my brother, being the only male in the house, he went to jail. Everybody blamed me for that and I wanted to die. Every time I went to court, I was blamed by everyone. Due to the blame, I wanted to relieve myself in any way possible. I had multiple relationships, I would smoke marijuana and drink. As I grew older, I was deeply depressed, I didn’t want to be bothered, sometimes for months. I would lock myself in my room and I would wait on others. During the period of depression, I already had children, I was deeply depressed. I would make my children watch tv because I didn’t want to be bothered and everything around me I came to the point that I wanted to kill myself. I would think to myself, "If I would just get it over with, I wouldn't have this problem anymore". I wanted to get it over it. became cluttered. My kids saw and they thought it was okay to have all the clutter in their room as well. When I saw this, I knew something had to change. I thought that if I just die, I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. For many years I was back and fouth with many doctors and medications. The medications were not fixing the problem, they were just covering it up for a moment. I finally gave God a chance. When I walked into the Universal Church I was taught how to deal with my problems. I started to see a lot and felt a weight off my shoulders. I kept coming and fighting and my depression was lifted. When I felt free, it was an amazing feeling. I no longer let my problems get to me. I was free of depression until this day. In the face of such a troubled and unhappy world, people are increasingly seeking spiritual peace, but they do not know how to find it. That is because there is a bombardment of "miracle solutions", which, many times, ruin more and more the life of the person. That is why we are presenting the reading of this book as a simple way to solve this problem so serious, you will find guidance and a deep study of the Holy Spirit and, with practice, you will really know the peace that only needs to spring within you, because it already exists within it; only that it has not yet been awakened.This book is perfect for everyone to understand the transformation that will take place The Holy Spirit By: Bishop Edír Macedo in their lives once they seek and receive the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit? What are the requirements to receive the Holy Spirit? Find out more about the fruits, power and the gifts of inspiration. The power mentioned in this book can manifest in your life through the Holy Spirit. Read this book, check the referenced Scriptures, apply what you learn. Give yourself no rest until you have been filled with power from above! Enough said. Start now. - Bishop Renato Cardoso https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-holy-spirit-edir-macedo/1128628951?type=eBook

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