6 The worst moment of my life was when I had to depend on alcohol to sleep. I would go clubbing to have fun, but I would leave completely drunk. Whenever I thought about my life, I would end up crying. Because I couldn’t sleep, I was then prescribed sleeping pills, which didn’t work, and that’s when the many health problems came. T her e was a point when people started to com plai n about my b e h a vio r. My friends couldn’ t stand being around me, and everyone would tell me that I wasn’t well. had A friend invited me to this minist r y and that is where I received the help I needed. I couldn’t stand who I was anymore. I wanted a transformation! My process to take control freedom was no smooth sailing, because I had many doubts in my mind. But I was able to of my freedom. Eventually, I became free from the addictions and health issues. My life today has completely transformed: I have peace and I don’t depend on friends or others to be happy. I truly value myself. Furthermore, I’ve received the greatest blessing that a person can have – and that is to have the presence of God inside of me. Erika People Who suffer with walking depression, also known as smiling d ep r essio n and hidden depression often go unnoticed. That’s because are their feelings unseen. Underneath the mask they are suffering from sadness, panic attacks, low selfesteem, insomnia, and, in some cases, suicidal thoughts. Here are some symptoms of those who are suffering with this type of depression. 1.Nothing is fun. You root around for something to look forward to and come up empty. 2.You avoid social situations. You're likely to avoid social situations, as it can be exhausting putting on a happy face. You may find yourself canceling plans, just wanting to be alone a lot, and withdrawing from those you love and care for. 3.Your energy is low. You often experience fatigue and exhaustion, which sometimes can co-occur with insomnia. 4.You notice a significant mood change when you have caffeine or alcohol. A cup of coffee might make you feel a lot more revved-up and optimistic. A glass of wine might make you feel really mellow. 5.You use other things to escape. This could be drinking more alcohol, zoning out in front of the TV, playing a video game, or even changing your eating habits. 6.You feel worse in the morning and better weight of all the things you have to do that day. In the evening you are temporarily free from expectations enjoy a moment’s respite. 4.Your self-talk gets caustic. You say nasty things in an effort to shock yourself into action. You use shame as a motivator. Sources: gresik.ca. / bustle.com My mind was plagued with insecurites and doubts I was very insecure, shy, and full of complexes. This made me seek ways to receive attention. I would try absurd hairstyles, and I would get piercings just to appeal to others. Although I was very intelligent, I had no vision for my life. My mind was blocked. I did not have goals, nor did I know how to set out to achieve them. When I came to this ministry, I realized that it was a doorway for me to achieve a new life – starting from in my mind and to every area of my life. My life is completely transformed now; I am a very confident woman! With the help and teachings of this ministry I no longer have depression. Instead of insecurities, I am filled with assurance and happiness. I at night. In the morning you feel the crushing Walking Depression and could no longer seek to build a false identity, because my identity lies with God. – Sonjay

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