I spent a lot of time at the psychiatrist's office B Inside the mind of a depressed person – part 1 A true account from somebody who battled depression "At first I didn't know it was depression. All I knew was that I hated myself – I hated the way I looked and I would spend hours on end just thinking about what the 'perfect life' looked like. I begun forcing myself to vomit up all the food I ate, just to punish myself and would spend more and more time alone, lying down on my bed, wishing I was one of my cooler friends who seemed to have together. it all What was wrong with me? Why was I feeling so sad and empty? My mom died when I was young and so assumed that I was still grieving her loss. I didn't know I had depression, nobody talked about it in those days. I tried to pull myself together, I tried to shake off the sadness, but it seemed to follow me wherever I went. They have started to notice something wrong with me at work. They say that I go out of my way to please others, often neglecting my own needs. They have sent me on a self-esteem building course, little do they know that the problem is much greater than low self-esteem. I spend my lunch hour in the restroom – hiding out from all the well-wishers who keep inviting me to lunch. I take the long route home, it's an extra hour, but there are less people along the way." Can you relate to this? Do you overwhelmed? feel See below for a solution. There is a cure to depression. You can be healed from all those internal wounds, but you need to start searching for their cure. An internal sickness requires an internal treatment. In other words: If you want inner peace, you have to win the inner war. FRIDAY 12PM AT YOUR NEAREST HELPCENTER (see back page for addresses) efore, my life was totally destroyed! I suffered a lot with depression and did not have the strength to do anything in my own home, not even to take care of my family. I was a very anxious person and very panicky, so I took lots of medicine to help me sleep. I spent a lot of time in the psychiatrist’s office and I had not slept properly for two months until I was eventually hospitalized. I attempted suicide several times and my family suffered a lot because of all this – the arguments we had were very first experience was a positive one. After that very first visit, I started to sleep. I felt light and happy! The more I practiced what I learned in the church, the more changes that took place within me; for my anxiety began to disappear. I learned to fight for my deliverance, I was sleeping well and the depression and thoughts of suicide disappeared. Today, I am free from the thoughts of and of ending my own life. Now I'm happy I have peace in my house and my family is united. – Rosa destruction

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