Strong Nation 3 “I lived like an animal...” a chance: “If it’s true, you will not be arrested.” When we got to her door, she opened, cursing on and on. The policeman asked, “Is this guy your son?” “I have no idea who he is; I do not want him on my sidewalk,” she responded. That day I began to hate her and promised that I would come back to kill the whole M y mother had an extramarital affair and became pregnant. That’s how I was born. Viewed as a problem, she decided to get rid of me and so, from an early age, I had to live on the streets. The night on the streets was scary. The only alternative was to join a group of beggars. The scenery was always the same: dirt, spoiled food killing the hunger of many, addictions, quarrel over anything, strong and unpleasant smell. But worse than picking up strangers, was to suffer in the hands of family. I remember once an uncle caught me selling popsicles on the street, he took me to the factory so that I could return them. The store owner gave me back a very small amount for the returned popsicles. With the money, my uncle bought a belt, a shaver and a bottle of alcohol and gave me a beating. After what I suffered at the hands of my uncle, in revolt, I decided to give in to the life of crime. I started to live like a dog falling, lost, totally without direction. As I was still very young, some people would offer me shelter, sometimes within days, I’d find myself stealing valuable things from their homes and would return back to the streets: My dark home. I lived like an animal. I did not go hungry because I took food out of the trash. I began to practice firearm assaults and I participated in kidnapping. The gun in my hand showed me courage, but deep down I lived in fear. On one occasion, when I was going to be taken away again by police officers, I swore I had a mother and that I was not out on my own. So the police gave me family: her husband and my brothers. Hatred overwhelmed me, and I felt to be the most insignificant person in the world. When I returned to the streets, I was able to get a revolver and 26 bullets. I was determined to take revenge on everyone. It was then that, unexpectedly, an uncle appeared to offer me help. “I’m going to take you to a place where you will be a person again,” he said. How can someone, accustomed to being treated like a beast, become a person again? But even astonished by the offer, I went with him. What a surprise! For the first time in my life, I received affection and attention. After attending a meeting, I was soon attended to. No one cared about how I smelled and my appearance. They said that I could change the course of things. That was all I wanted and needed to hear. I left there determined to fight for a transformation. Nothing happened overnight, nor will I say that everything was easy. I had to work hard, as I still do. But this only worked because I gave myself to the living faith that had been awakened in me. Shortly afterwards, I met Eliane, to her family, our union was synonymously shameful: a beggar who’s an alcoholic. What would our future be? But the “impossible to succeed” did not influence us, and our story came as a surprise. You must be wondering who I am today. I am a respected businessman, who provides employment for dozens of families. I have a home, a marriage of great joy, I am a father. I’m a winner. Not just for financial stability, but for the peace, joy and dignity that I have won. Cláudio Soares What is better: talent or attitude? W hy are there people who stand out more than others? Even in the shows of amazing talents, some stand out more than others, even when dealing with the same talent we seek to qualify the best fighter in the world, the best singer, the best chef... The Bible mentions that even in the stars there is that difference. Why is this disparity among human beings? Can not we have the same brightness? Yes, we can, that is the will of God. However, it also depends on each one of us. One person may be more talented than the other, however, what is the use of talent if there is no attitude? He who has no talent, but an attitude, can shine much more. To develop your talent and take that attitude, Jadson Edington, author of 50 Secrets to Success book, advises: "Get out of your comfort zone, use your free time to think about strategies to earn money and put them into practice. If the first idea does not work, go to the second. If this also fails, go to the third. The only thing you can not do is to give up. " At the Strong Nation meetings, you will learn to discover, develop and take the attitude to excel in your financial life. Do not miss it! Mondays at every Universal Church.

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