4 International Women in Action Group provides assistance to cancer patients in Zambia T he Women in Action group in Zambia (a country in southern Africa) has done valuable social work. The actions are next to the cancer patients in the largest complex of treatment of the disease in the country: the Hospital Universitário de Formação (UTH, in the acronym in English). Located in the capital Lusaka, the place houses more than 300 patients among children, men and women. The volunteers in the group work to help those who need help the most. For 3 years, they have been providing social, psychological, material support (through donations of clothing, food, medicines and hygiene supplies) and, above all, spiritual support. They also assist family providers with skills needed to help them generate income. A change in patients' lives on how to deal with this delicate moment of life. "Most patients arrive without knowledge about the disease and treatment. We helped clear the doubts at this difficult time. And above all, we bring comfort through faith and Loveness Banda says. The volunteers are with these patients weekly. And, as a result, they have seen how much it makes a difference in their lives. "Not just while in the hospital, but even after they are discharged, as we continue to follow up. In addition to supporting adult patients, we also have practical and recreational activities with children. The exercise of faith has helped them even more to alleviate pain and endure the difficult process of treatment,” said the volunteer. Group of women of faith Since its foundation in 2009 in South Africa, idealized by Márcia Pires, wife of Bishop Marcelo Pires, Women in Action (a group formed by pastors’ wives) has carried out several projects. Just to illustrate, some of them are meant to raise awareness about abuse of women and children and about the rising incidence of cancer in the population. During weekly actions at the hospital, as well as donations, words of faith, support and encouragement are also offered. In addition to further clarification "Volunteering the group is very important and rewarding. When we visit patients and offer the support and attention they so badly need, we see how much they encourage themselves to continue fighting, with greater confidence. In addition to treatment counseling, social, emotional and psychological support, we always carry a word of faith and a prayer that frees and heals," said volunteer Mhlophe Nkambule. prayer," volunteer Donations of pain and doubts about how to overcome their problems and their infirmities. Likewise, it was also stressed the need to project by faith in God and His Word a future of success and victory. In Zambia, the group is coordinated by Adriana Costa, wife of Bishop Gilson Costa, responsible for evangelistic work in the country. Recently, Women in Action received the collaboration of the IntelliMen group, coordinated by Bishop Gilson. Thus, they have collected donations of food baskets with food supplement, material, among other items. Subsequently, everything was delivered to patients in the men's hospital ward, where there currently 60 hospitalizations. In addition, on this day, a special prayer was made by Bishop Gilson. At the time, a message of faith and awareness was sent to patients. After all, they were in a moment "For me as much as for my wife the role of Women in Action has been of great importance. Many did not even know that they could overcome a serious illness through the manifestation of their own faith. The work has been recognized by the general management of the hospital. Group support has helped patients and their caregivers to better understand the process of treatment and recovery of both and in every way. We show them how important it is to remain faithful to treatment along with faith. Which leads to hope and encouragement to engage in his healing. With this, we have seen the external and inner change in their lives," said the Bishop. Social work and volunteering hygiene are The Universal Church has been present in Zambia since 1995. Today there are 5 churches across the country and approximately 1,500 members. Women in Action is one of the 6 groups registered in World Cancer Control (UICC). Consequently, Universal appears on the world map of the organization as an active member in the fight against cancer.

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