EDITION Nº279 ll Weekly Edition-USA ll Free distribution ll The Universal Church • The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Enjoy and share - www.UniversalUSA.org Walking Depression: On the surface, you look fine. You keep working, going to school, looking after your family, but you are doing it all while profoundly unhappy. When you think of depression, you automatically think of somebody crying all day and barricading himself in his room. However, there is another type of depression – just as common – but often missed. It’s called walking depression. This is when somebody lives with depression on the inside, while appearing perfectly happy and content on the outside. More on pages 6&7 I would go out drinking to fill the emptiness I felt. When I drank, I was 'happy' and everyone thought that I had a good life... However, nobody knew that I was selfharming. My depression was hidden. I felt an immense peace when I came to this ministry and today, I am happily married and complete. – Lenai Also inside... • What is better for your finances, talent or attitude? Page 3 • Cancer, high blood pressure, stroke... all results from using the Blessed Water. Page 8 • Angels of the Night: Volunteers in Texas reach out to those suffering with homelessness. Page 9

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