Nate Fiala, j 08, and Nate Suchomel 07, get caught in a deep thought about eachother Photo by NetHe Barry. Jalisa Coleman, 08, runs around the track atone of the track meets . Photo courtesy of Crystal Shramek. 'hoto by Kurt Index 136 - 143 Colophon L Answer EjiasL 06, stop for a quick photo while on a SAVE outing to Lake McBride. Photo by Sharon Bonder Title Page 1



V Peter Kudnnm & Mriii Wieneke. both 06, mess around outside. GalJowav a . and Wieneke were both a part of the Homecoming Court for 21105. Photo bv Kim Hvnek. T BEIE L* m.r vHh.j: Bu." .' 5r r- r.t -x:. V M - . " : j SMv E& & - J : . WV£ .arson Amanda Carson & Alan Hopl'empt uherger, both tlti, snap 0 quick photo to remember their senior year Homecoming L around. Carson & Uass both U6. were a part ofthe HomecomingCourt fot 5005. RS r rr r 11 • jn l op jell to bottom: Jenna HindmanTAmanda Carson, Jessica flatter, Whitney Carson, renspeiilitrger Josh liuss, Erin Wienekc, Morgan Eunke, Grace Sippv, Joe Trpkosh, Alan MopPeter Gallow ay, Robbie Kramer, and ZncEi [. by Kim 1lynch. Not pictured Ben Reut/el , mmm E ess. Photo HUM Morgan Funke & Jot Trpkosh, both 06, i"flfcfthi ! ii " were crowded Prairie’s 20U5 Home coining Queen & King, Photo by Kim Hvnek . - Grace Sippy, E)6. climbs on senior Zach Less’ shoulders to show otT their goofy sense of humor. Photo In Kim Hvnek. »w i HOJUeccuriing Court ; Joe TYpkosh, & Jenna Hindman, both 06. mess around outside. Photo by Kim Hynek. u

Seniors Whilnej (’arson, Kuitfyn Dubisbarj Erin Wieoehe, Jessica Slatler, man, Kristen Schuller, Jenna HindJennifer Tomash. Ashley Schulte, Jonmn Musi], and Courtney AlthofT group together tor u team photo before their game . Photo by Courtney AlthofT. homecoming court and powderpuff By Brooke O T-Snen and Paige Clint Student Lil e Editors days find ncth irie* spread Thrpugbout ih week. 7 -: unittrs get ready to play flic senior . ass. \lthotigJt they had a small team , they had high expectations. Photo by Jesst HI I his \ ear's Homecoming tesrmbied activities of the past with more dress up e Mtiflday was employee day. with everyone dressing in his or her work attire. Tuesday v, u* college,‘jersey day, where people wore their favorite jerseys. Wednesday was Powderpuff/hat day when the girls get fetid; to play flag ibotbitl and everyone wore his or her favorite huts. Thursday was costume day. which basically was just a pre-Halloween dung, Friday was spirit day. w hieh ihis year was themed as ‘Orange Out” everyone was supposed to wear as much orange as possible. There were no spirit day winners though, where like past years. Everyone siitE had a blast being out of their normal school clothes into something a little different This year the parade was the same as aJway SL with the cheerleaders on lire trucks, the dance team shakin’ ihcir things-, and different elementary school* coming out to show their spirit. Emily McConnell. 06. said that, "This year the parade was fun and the senior 7: : float was awesome!" All ihe Abuts turned nut awesome! junior class came up with the idea ot Tefting out garbage bag': of orange balloons to support the " The game was an awesome way to show ofI ’heir Prairie spirit. This year the Orange OtiO theme. Last year’ s student council president brought back the. burning of the "P" and this year the students and teachers made it possible. The pre game display ended with the byeworks that heated up rite crowd The haul score against Water loo West was 34-12. The dance was a great turn oat. unlike years before. Girls and guys dressed up and aLienJed. Most uirEs wore formal dresses while izuvs wore a ice slacks and collared shirts. • — was a good ending Lu my last homecoming, " Robbie Kramer, Zach Less. Allan Hopfcixsperger, Tlw freshmen (jet pumped up for t r jaine ?s Photo by Jcssi Clines. , speeches were Interesting and :i V T "1 was surprised by all the people who showed up. it was really a lot of fun, n113 Crystal Obit, Q6. JL I lomecoming Court this year consisted ofAmanda Corson. Whitney Carson, Jenna Hindman. Jessica StatlerT Morgan Funke, Erin Wieneke. Josh Bass, Hen Reuizel, JoeTrpkosh , Peter 0<iNoway. Court was nominated by die seniors the week before homecoming and announced that Friday . The fo]lowing Thursday the nominees gave rhea speeches followed by a . utr in A/A. With no surprise against the sophomore from the court nominees before rhe;. made their final decisions Homecoming King and Queen was announced between Lie Sophomore and Varsity game, good chance for underclassmen to beta before the fireworks display . This year. Jotr Trpkosh u as announced the 2006 homecoming king find Morgan Funke was announced the Queen. PQwdBFpulT 5 -

Knpfciispergtf. On, shows Liis . : .: i. litionai Prairie spirit. Photo by Paige CLINEL ' Pieman hlcrnii ) Wanu^ and Hol“ both 07, Howe take some extra time for their prairie &ptru . Photo by Paige Cline , One of the elementalries attend the parade 2005-2006 band to show llieir Prairie spirit Photo by Jensi marches fo show Then Love for Prairie. Photo by Jessi Clines. Here comes die 2005 - 2006 color guard to showoff their pride . Photo by Jetssi Clines, 0O5-2f)O6 eon on built float w how l they are by Jessi 6 Spirit Weak,-Parade cheering for Prairie. The sophomorecheerleader keep L hemscI Photo by Jessi Clines. ves warm while

mwPm "iw' H 2006 footbal I team gets themselves ready to make another The sophoinore* got ready to push through that line. Photo bx Ainanda suplmLore boys t< play to wifi for Piairie Photo Amanda Philipp. iik about their . Darn mirkhardtJ )7 , shakes her thing with her friends. Photo by Amtiiida Philipp. i:nda Philipp.07, . Amanda Philipp. and Paige Schiller,06, take some time out of busy night to show how beautiful the; look. Photo courtesy of

THE SPIRIT CONTINUES l>it E -i. going through the tcl i"- Phfdo four - ttay oj Murv Campbril with the color gourd in the Homecoming parade. Photo cour - Eirenbcrgcr, I inrisfv Cain, and Carrie Van Hmiten, all IIH. sport Rachael H viand. O' h leads die Prairie Hawks Marching Band daring the homecoming parade. Photo courtesy of Mary Campbell V ' "’ ’V ? t Home CADsiruction erejltcd LI flout to have in the parade to show oil some of their aMilies. Photo courtesy of Mary i’ampbett. Pi. * : | y*/ w The I rtishmen class rifle on their float that they created for the parade Photo courtesy of Mary CampbelL sow - * S3B HI 'PE I m i i i" - I Kathleen Huin . Allison Jubnsnn, Cedy iMitelieli, The Prairie Rnmfce O'ttrirn, ( Igtfrtncy Aliholt. Kuillyn IhihMiar, Mark Iteckkfl , Nicok Sehruge, Renee deghom. Kristen Schuller, Jennifer K>nutsh , V\ Kliuev t'drsHHi. 1 and Regina t leghorn. all 06,. KIILIJI H photo at Hit loiiiKall inline. - coat'' toy ofHmw < Irghoni. ip ^S®" , ir ywM1 I VI Hawks Marchmg Band play music while marching ill the Homecoming parade Photo courtesy ofMary Campbell.


V V V V V I V V V V V V V V B\ Afrtftrtriil Philipp Student Ufa Ldiior >!tfW on! us just >tonge tor the paint - ing E thought ii wj stated Hatley Whitten. Tlic sindents did u homestay in through the 18. During :hi > Student* traveled to Spur March 9 iOdav trip undents were able to see the Spun^h culture and have [ he chance to live with a family. Students were able to vim man; driierenl citys. They hud (bechance to 'iee the hig city life of Madrid. Spain s ’ capital and small town life of Costa del Sol towns. lute in Madrid student* were able to see the lannuus Prado museum. , l really liked seeing the Prado mu- >eu11 . Before the trip I wiw able lo learn j small amount of the history and how ii 1 * Kiinily Slimmek. Matt Tninky , both 116: Amundu Philipp. 07; Kyle Titus. Jetinu Hindman, 08 - .ind k.iiilyn Dubishiir. IM>: hn>k ravishing inr ,i both Wo butt* Rocdur, CD'-tie. t' fwiif courtesy v/hut? Rofdtr• photograph mitvidc ofthr . jiruKU’ ii. Thcv were able to stay itJn middle class families tm itiree days and . die homcsiay. -My favorite part of the tnp wj Li gave me a chance to * Our host family also had w little cirl. she wai socute" > oi\ ' iinuiniciiLioil. staled Lea ha Campbell, During the days of the homestav Students were able to go v i >it small towiv- such as Avila LLIKI Sepnv Ea ' for the afternoons. After die homestay* students were iibif to visit Guudi ^ fiiEHouv Sugrada Fa - Sal three nights. , be forced to speak the language or dse there Was no \vci * really interesting - tn sec ; !: fro famous picvtv ol artwork. in ilia and Pueblo Egpanol m Barcelona. Sagrada Familta is % » big iCs HOT scheduled TO he finished for another ZO year* . that has different down sized bulldigs from cities around Spun] i or ( dents were able ui spctij ^ Pueblo Lspamo I is a small "town' be last two dLiy * of the inp stuorue relaxing ume in a Costa del St4 town. It wis a snlalt Town where you could wulL to the I ieuvh in less than five minmes Srudeni * were able to swim in the cold Mediter - ranean Sen. "I loved going to die beach . We hud a free day me of the days we wen* there ttid I wus .iL? :e to - awhi Ie. Also s«i rg 1he Mediterralean Sea at might was beautiful and relaxing. II I could go back again I would." K,:,ndv Shramek. stared - .. si MT on the bejvb r. : 2 Britnu v Richardson* IT; Sura !Witskt\ 0S: Tyler Mirers, 117: kail M - lyn Duhishan lliS:Cnrle I Loose, I>fi: and l ‘ti rota \ iiisuiK hS: pose fur a tjimk photi>xir.jj> li while waiting in Jim- to get into a in-.iLitihd induce. PhtfUt by oj bale Reader 10 Sparnsn Tr o

\niiinda Philipp, 07. )6, and Randy Shmmck . smile lor a quick photo. Photo Coifr31 oj Ajnanda Philipp an eye opening experience . filiis*. Opi'Le ffwK ' I 4:11 tii Highs: Hunch rSiuanack , h\ k . Mfltt Trc^ky. HINW: Dus-lUl MuiK k, KIT" Kuilh is I kihtsJliLfcc; M: l^.itrk k MaLionev,. OS; Nick Jaw Q6\ JiuaJotlCS, Tyk'r Allwrs. ' . 1 !H.HI*L% Kiiit* filter, Sarah Na^Ttsbc Allison, Nj4 h (IS: jttnnji - Ui*? laeie. - all tift; Rrlcmty Ridhardscin. 07: Amy Schcrn, Obi Anpck I Vlrii'. Cbiriiii : Harley WhSlterfl. Lftedha Campbell. Aiaanda Philipph H U W; k,;ri * ri tvallL Tenrall 1 p / Xivhniv Hrtixliutwfitr. Hailey .iha CampbelL Amanda Philipp, all 07; and kuiIlyin Ihibuliur, Oti, IIIHEL£ mimthe Twaeh in Spain, Photo . cmirtv&y ftfAfttondQ Philipp. Hailey Whiners, f >7: Kaitiyil DLibiihar.06; Leah3CamphdL and Amanda Philipp, both 07 hang put in their mnm on tht? uv P -er night train ride. Photo t mutes* of Amanda Philipp* Kvk TicujH and Nlaft Tmsky, brith pi>sf far the caniLT'd: after a refreshing S-wim. Photo &jf Kate Roeder. Tyler Albers* llaak , - WMtters, i Leahn Campbell and Amanda Philipp, all ’07. Jiang nut aftersiting a hate m tat. Phrrfa cuttrlriy of TifTjmt> C.’rjig. Melanie Broshammer,^-s. . Fktite c^itFtesy A

BEFORE PROM Crystal Ohrt und Jortinn :Vlusilh bnth [Ns, jjft tnorther betar* prmn fur u quick jmiure, Pkofxt cmtrtetij o/Jfynmn MusiL IEHHIKE 11 linen. (Mi, and hrr boy Friend, Di rt k Hqphei;06 fnmi Ji ftarvun High SthunL stand lagdher htr n ciniL'k picmi# lutfor* Grand March, Photo courtesy «\ - ' f Itnmke O'firfitff DEREX AND TIFFANY .Dcfrk Tiffany Sconyws, 07, and Jier bfljfriend of Tiffwiy SconyenL MICHELLE MOI HANNAH Michelle ScheMer and Hannah Hiktk. bulb 07 , an; t\fitful In take a pirfiirp after Grand March rfiurtny ifHannah Wiles. . Photo . IK> Imm Jeffcram 9 Eiyli Schnnl, sniilf quick htfcme ( ii -.ind March, Photo courtesy GUHLS JUST WAHNfl HAVE FUN Ju-ruun Mu.siL Sura W ilcuxsdm, Kristi Meifefid, and Marissu Yiliuii, nil ENSs git Logdhtr bLfon 1 Grand March. Photo courtesy ofJ&ttotM MusiL # Crystal C Hu t, TahithaI- iwmnn, it Mv date looked hoi! 99 mBREHTON HD AMANDA UrL - ninn Harry and \numria Philipp, lK>tli 07, wait tar Their din - ner before prom. Photo courtesy of Amanda Philipp,

BEFORE PROM S MM PARTYIN’ IT UP Ti-simiy I -t, JIM; Ztdt&iovakT Sum ‘ U iEc-.h rtady tor tkivtik-rtiCllf ol prom Fh'tto cvwtcsv t\f fiaiumk Wftesr - uaid Zach f JSK, all ftfi,gfef . . UTS GO GIRLS!! HPALLIAili^bOnv^ iiii.. Jill Tkufcaf r_j 1 . ilfl, HSEUKU Sura StickiT,4% Krtiufce FRrveti, Chelwa Pcln?, Kmhi Jones* Tarn _ Skull tk'hfiijjr- rjrjflj Okie. all O^h l4 hrijdkis. LIIID Mandv Wink, Jw ^lh j-rJtdiJates, rwdtrteAj ivf jBftWfef £? I*rim.. *r;a DEST1NEY AND AUK i, get rradv fin fjj'anril MLirih., ' - CAPTURE THE MOMENT AlilWft N^ukup. 08, Hainisih \\ \ Uis . 1W\ CailKii Alt-huff. 8;, Erin Pick, IHi. pel LEHICLIKT iHJftnnr flrjnd March Fiiotu cfmrtriy vf Htitwah H/jV.i,'. SMILE BOVS! Curprfi Viiicfcv,Ofr, Twa gfaduflfcf of Iff ciu ftes#, Dcri-k IH^r.MarkBK ^ An-writ- if j W, Iwth"a rKi.Bead MulnLiA- Pfla|rie .RradJUiiito, fraftlh Jonscfc, crariu»lr-T Nidk WUIUK, 0*. ViPdhii W Lmm QuSLihy, ir1, JdT JiVniMv«=^ IHPLLI^, dk and Jafru KajvIsL.sraduaU!- Hum* cvmiesy0 * 'Ahtao. Nr^£ln> OhrkA8^l!Ml Airs Kroner, iN' Fkitft* iwurtexj vfAlcxIwr. ( had an amazing time withmv freshmen date it was so much tun get / .ting to spend mv Iasi few high school memories with some pretty cool people, f§ m ' ll -i ;je both ban a great time wiffi all Ihe preparations. I had so much funPIcan't wart to do it again * ' , V «jp \ l I ' Si iy LYNUSAV AND LUKE Lvtid^aj Rnimi/ten, Q7 , unff llEnniK. Sfmul Jinri Itnjk ntvMiinii fw ph«Euh, I'iufttitonrtf'iy t*fLrmifay tfrartSWit By Brooke 0’Brien Student Life Editor iiProm was amazing, * lhad the lime of mv life. It was a loi tidier this vear than Iasi.1can t wait tor mv senior promt Vi RJf|l3Afld rmtm : 31 5:30 pm. The dance started at 3 p.m and ended of 11 p.m. and the theme was "Wonderful Tonight. 1' , the colors bisck and silver. They d<d a great job setting everything up. Tne dance was held in the South Gym again this year. Post Prom started 12:00 a.m. and ended at 3:30 am at Westdaie bowl The theme was "Under the See.,: Students enjoy going to post prom because it gives them a chance to relax and have some fun. Prom was held April 29 at [he h^gh school, with Grand March in the South Gym The junior class was in charge of decorations which involved ci^fLjre Prom 13

THE DANCE 1 mTARA AND JAIRO TiirJ Ptiti. 0& dlKt Jalht Gai' dl. of C’-cdar Kupidh. nniilc IIIJJL Ifur ul i 'nui ' PlifitV b\ Kfutl PftofngMpfiyr MIIT LVMI I tmLr, JOB iickii IVhiM L, VIk-PMrkL\ ,111(1 i 'iMirfnev Mlliipff Oh, ncf - during thr rlan* * SMILE GIRLS Wk I'.l' Lhk . spill Inr a qiiki phiiirr ,'- 1'hoto ctHHlfxy of Ji&ruHV Vtuxil, IMiviii Priri' and R>* OLIVIA AND RYAN in Kt^lk, IkitlJl smilr |nvtl> liir llir tiiim'iti t'iiuio hv Jkrtiil khtrOixtajifn', . » LOOKIN' GOOD GIRLS Jiiffio SlatJIT, JaimiE TtistdjiurT, Morgan Kimkr, Kristen SriiuJlcr Jennifer Tofimsh, Erin Wienfkf, Larina, JbflliKGdi, Ashli” I . fall Lawrence. . ^ . Schulte, Krin KomiT, Kailhn iJubinliar. Jenna Hindman. Andreal^rn-ar, . Lcuunc Lnwi tittiv all lHi: Hailey Whitters OJ^didk lindcailftm, (Wt; Sami SiIvermin .fill Bh tabei^tr.Kilty Meter* , VVhilricv Gamut, and CuUftiiey Allhn-fT, allWK Photn hy Read Photography. LEAH AND GREG I vjiii|lli>M> KRISTIN AND GURUS Ki isli-!! KIL- -I LIINI 4 nrEis Wiiile, ' 1 lirihl IT 0 b I ^. -ii.lIII \\H K -Vi niinu; lupfllOT* Ptwin hy h'i'int Ptmtiitfraphy, Cirfjj; MKimn^Ak,(!'/ IHIII,Aprlld llhii rieiling i*!ttTlo hy ki ini f'Uttfii-grtijrhy. Oh* Sifebil ISH' biP> frk-l:lil * s|f Nliniril Vit lu r. Post Pram rocked my socks oft.Ihad a lot of fun Dowling and hanging out with my fMentis.I'll never forget it,im looking lorwaid to next year. It u be even better. - LCStlS CampflGlJ. “ VVI i ll iwy Cur lIpiVli'M IKIMI Hri HAVIN' A GOOD OL TIME Kmiriiift'jt Mills 1 malm* iii ^fli juki P IY1CT ( *H1, SIHJTI nil 111L' ia IILV * H I RMUMS ihe nnfliPiFfirrfftriM Hull ihvy were Ihum Ijui-eii jLiifil Iklifepi^ f'JWr’ fiNWfifvir of H kifnry i MIHKIJP, IILH MichelIf VhNMiefi.S all Whhave link ul Ihr duaiCr. fONfifty of UirhHtr Ahttitrriy . m PROM QUEEN AND KING 14 Dance

“ Llikl .L . BB1 POST PROM Hdrii Mirlialpc, kiintlimii Ebllir MKTJII Popi'iiha i'iL ind Morgan iill 07, enjiiv iMinling M ^ " -I Pwl Pn>nir Photo cMirit'\v &fMorgan Jh -L-ieksi. ' REGINA AND TARA ie ( ^rna Clegbom MMITamPea% froth lift* . hang end al Peks( Pnriii. offirutrbr (JTKra’PI L » E nr - : sf 4 \ 1 t / I * t LETS GO GIRLS!! » idst-a t .'abb. .Inrunn Musil,. unrf ah Hot?,all (K,hacig out at die ImuliDj" a]icy .Photo courtesy of CMrise# Ci*bk* pH I-M: M * HANGING OUT m . "S ip . ^TL.Ffc aTv ^ RPr .vs J a.. •4 ! SINGIH A UTTIE SONG ,Amlirw Hshyr, and 1 Jeremy Emtiierk Jt\mi Lamijuirek. Jamiss [AT Nsitff SwboflmHei all07,pracrtce their siiii ^icifj. doiii"; a little karaoke. Phxrto courtesy ofMorgati fieeicka. KOUS KEY AND LORAINE Kuurtiifj Mills and Lnraane Mainly , (urth 00. slmw nil fheir skills fining karaoke at Posl Prom ' .fAM cwirlesj ofMichelle Ahtulrnty, . ihad a lot of fun [fanning out with mv friends. Eve one looked super lion. erv - - HwoEfl SEhraga. 06 jf ( Line ami Manuada Sy= ii'tlL' J RI9NN AND HUNTER mini MiislL (Ns,and Hunter Hills, it?, base dim hrrijii* j Pf1hin -nuf} at PusE .Photo courtesy n/ Jixnjm? Mrixil » - PAIGE AND NIARANDA i , birth (Mi, lake- a si ccmd Tar Piurfit I J ASHLEY ! 11 >r ite dance, n1I1 HAVING SOME f-U N! AsMey Ralston and Marian La.bnth (17, hn\e fun b^v)ii ^ Photo courtesy of Mtfri^ntA Bmcko, r* N>Ltsek, jsrid Aarnn Jab. alii dtfi, remind duringbowluig. Photo Ltfirrlesy ofAlex krcoier jm win i Mark Heci^ka arvrl l ^tige ( ’line, Iwith (Mi, en>:iv spendtag (heir Ic^dlitT. Plwkf iHurtt'&y of [fwiooke O'Brian. liihtnn MitdidL JttnnifLT Snidcir. Kxi Haves,and Sara WiJ<wcsrcnT all 06,sdlOw uIT Lit Post f'nnn courtesy ofBninec MilahelL .PStvJff

1 Jeff Cooling IH>, post# ft>r T the camera. Photo by jot - Shune Schrader; UG, and Cod l .Utheiy 07^ dig in the basement. Photo by Joe } ssons to re B Amina Osborne -ii t .ule/nio Editor \ , rom fall to spring this year, l 7 rhis year's house is on Ely ' ir Jr around 5249JKH). ! he house is 2, Jertts -A]so.the studenis du nol fiill sh off the dr> wall taping or concrete in high traffic areas in the house students worked hard os cry day in building the house. to build a house. Many other classes also do aid Like an art class put. Together the spec sheet and the t-shirts. Also, a marketing Road in Cedar Rapids, specifically class helped with ads, 1619 HooverTrai1 Circle. It sold for put together the website , r feet.There is a master bedroom upvUiii - w ifh two other bedrooms and of the year. a foil :th bedroomdownstairs. Along J " L i 'hc key lo star:wassupportfrom wuh ilie normal moms in a house. the society and the apprenticeship there is also a screened in porch, an program,” Greathouse believed. upgraded kitchen, and an oversized 2-stall garage. The studc itsdoevery ill ingfrom had been talked about fur many digging the hole in the dirt to puti r vears. CF realhouse said the reason ting knobs on the kitchen cabinet. Greathouse explained . ork , « Though the; do base a little help from an apprenticeship program and a little professional w: The apprenticeship group sends their apprentices over to the bouse and they help reach the Prairie siu5 :r " " 16 Horn® Cosi£ttttCl " i *" ii u “ , I I I I I I I for stalling the class was that hands on application , ing a house. Is the best way tor the students to learn. The st udeois 1eam beeansc the; and want to, SWfMmTHTl like actually buildHe believes the students care more and get more out of the experience because it is rcaI. Vi 1 Home Construction students work on building this year's house. Some put together the first story' s floor while othersAre hard at work in the basement. Photo by Joe Greathouse, The Home Construction class started two years ago, though il class made a documentary, web class a video Interior 500finishedsquare Design helped decorate, and Foods put together the banquet at the end

T - - L udt Lumet. c 1fci )f« /? L* m VfOrks OIT floor off the first storv* v ,/wtr ffreuimjzrar % . Many dedicated students work together in order to build a high quality house m " V Andy Galloway, 07* and John Stal - sky. 06. help the machinery raise part ni the roof to waiting workers. This wasanearlier step ol ' lhe building process. Photo by Joe Greathouse. Manssu ^ IIILII!* I .egg* Joilinn fifi* Jondih <16; Jennifer ! reach. 06; Kelsey Eren - berger, OS; Incas I latgard, 06; Jeff Cooling, 06; and Matt Barret, 07: pose together alter their preseiilath» i ahoii t flichomeconstruction. Photo by Kim Hynek.

HI $ mi m* j HHfm ^w i*r Wfl : !!il»v.amr WW** >, JL - J 3 V -— r » " n H f c a H f fT i f Airiil'.VV ' « r i „ - Seniors sit alten\ rtmnda t 'arvm, WhiJ nev Ciirsun. Cotin Oifi ritLh* Robbie Kramer, and Jtssky Slater, wei . T HAKUNA MATATA \lasoi3 l inn and : S Marnuda Syinnuctft both iHv show their e \t demerit after Lhi 3 graduation cenejirair I'Aoro nwm'iip rtf Uf/rarti/ft a : LL SaKr i * \SwmmetTeI B J while getting ready for graduation, Ffarild ritwrfwT ofMapanda Symoneite. 1H Graduation JUBi

Jessica Sutler and Robbie Kramer, man. and Jenny French, all retrieved jv relieve awards for , artls lium various toUeyes thul they Athletes of the Year at senior awards night. osli Sevdk, Amy Sclu. Joruitn MusiI , DHD Murphy, Colin Dietrich, nil anil Jonah I . epti, redeyed an award for m. [tao Murphy, Colin Dietrich, Jim Tnpolinski. .: -. lunda Philipp Life Edirpr . May 23 many Seniors were honored wi t h fs an] scholarships . These ranged front I rotp in school activities to scholarships ' - RQ iheir chosen college . Many students f ri ! more than one aw urd and/or sebolarron Smith was the onlv senior mesived j iw ard for beiftkiri four advanced place" . . * _ i^ses . There were many other students received awards tor beiti" in one LO lour d : \f placerncnl courses. Dun \turpLv recicvcs one of many awards gHhawn Feyemeiifl, Aaron Smith, Caleb Solimidi. DJ Ziskovsky, ajHI Nik Jordan. ii]| wait m rcccivie awards a Loess Flateard waits to rtecive une of his awards that was pris scaled to him that Eiight. Photo bv Joleen [Mice, Schoiarahips 19


j : t 7 1 \ 7

1. Sara Franks* 07, wurks (in her assignment during Math class. Photo By Nettie Hairy 2 . Kyle Titus and Sam Wiles, both 06, work tugellter to find the answers. Photo By Mattie Barry, 3. Jessica Milton and Mek Vancey, hfrth U6. work together an Iht'lr assignment , Photo By Nellie Hairy. 4. Kristen Schuller. Peter Galloway, and K > an Musselmail, all 06, work tosether on an assignment in Physics class, Photo By Nellie Bany. 5. Danielle Calcf. 07* works on a pa - per in class. Photo By Nellie Barry, * By Andria Osborne .41atkmic Editor “ Tt.’s a easy class as long as you study or pay attention 71 rairie High School offers a wide array of science classes. Freshmen are required to take Physical Science and sophomores must take cither Biology or Basic Biology. There arc a number of other classesopen to take though. Some of Lhe other classes ottered for upperclassmen include Botany, Anatomy and Physiology, and Chemistry, " \L 2 SriflilCfi We do a lot of math in Chemistry, Labs, hut it s fun; Andrew Ragusi 07, ' ' * and confusing commented. Ragusi isas Clinton Schmitz for his teacher and enTike every subject, each - Although science classes ate required in freshman and sop!mlore years. They are still enjoyable courses LO take for a variety of reasons. Be it class content die teacher in charge, labs and projects in class, or any other detail, there is a reason for nearly any student of any grade to enjoy science in Prairie. joys i ho way he teaches and the stories he id Is, though They are commonly off topic, science teacher has her own personal style of loath ing.

It all adds up! Monica Mchowen* Photo by Nellie Barry, 1. . 09* works on her math assignment. \ubre* Boots, 07, works on her math homework during lass. Photo By Nellie Barry, jnnaii H\ nek, (19* 1 * writes her assifoment in her upenda W hilt following aloof; in class* Photo by Nellie Barryi Arissa Ballard, Q&, and Monica Sitiegowftki, 07, work itliter preparing Ihr their final, * Photo by \ndria Osborne. I Icr Albers, 07 checks his semester study guide for his ’. chanced Algebra final. Photo by Andria Osborne. ' C alvin Freest, 09, follows along In class. Photo by Nellie Burry . By Andria Osborne Academic Editor nth is LLM essential subject to learn, ii someone has i iitentums of going into col - lege or not. classes, including Algehtsi, Advanced Algebra, Prairie offers a number of math Geometry, and Preealcuius. Along with the more traditional path nf math vlasies. there are also the classes Integrated ! through TV. and the Al.T math classed Prairie requires Lwo yuars of math classes and a third year of either math or science, bid moat colleges require three full years of math. It is suggested that students looking to gel into college Lake math classes all four years of their Lime in high schfHjL “ Some pans of Geometry are hard but you get used to it. Mv teacher Jeff Snider is willing to go over things , more tfiati once if we don t understand . ' J " Amber Leaves. OH . explained Leaves also mentioned a project thc. Gw.imetrv classes did towards the end of Lite vear. The students had in create rheir own mlnittire golf course and find the solution using Geometry Then when they took a trip rr> an actual miriture golf coucse. tfie sluderds had to ligurc out whaL tine slum est possible solution to rheir hole was. Leaves definite!; enjoyed '. hut project. Though iriaLfi classes can he difficult Lo many students, obviously Prairie teachers have found ways to keep the classes fun. Mnin T,\

torv. pick from. iIso chpen tosenions), Ai ) 1ericai i jsi Juniors tuve a number of classes to including Psychology (which History . i i r fA .Sin FUG Hislorv. and AP United Even if the Social Studies classescan be difficult, it is a worthwhile subject to study and the classes are often fun. Ahbj Lnticdt and Cnitlyn AtfaofT, both US. surf the internet to find Information for a project Pkttto by Brooke 0’ ftrien. Kelsey Kreuberi^r [lets help on her project from Kate ltoedcr, both ( I1 Elizabeth Carver. hy. Photo by Brooke. (PBrietK ®, on her Western Civilization project also 08 + works near 1 harp eagerly shows Sam FIstier, question. Photo hy Brooke O linen. Brittney Vauhn< and Lenh Vieth, both US. work on computers Western Civilization. Photo hr Brooke in CPBrier. Carjssa Ballard and Destine* Ohrt both 08. work on their assignment l«r Western CivEizattiim Photo by Brooke O’ Brien. ( both 0«, that lie found the answer to his Derek

Megan Popenhagen, E17. w rites down ijiluriiiLfeLinj] alhoul Speeches during her Speech class. Photo hy Brooke O yBrien< Ihint mirklwritJP7 records ; information about speeches ihm have been given dur in” class. Photo hy Brooke - O'Brien, Andrew f isher helps brent LiuEidy. both 07. w ilh a question that he had during class* Photo h\ Brooks O' Brien. alllp :: .:.oji AfSS F r5.l Hy Andria Osbornc Academics Editor ryjijvT-: of a subject that is required mosl years of high school, hut i.s . abk , 3 n the freshman year, required to take English 9. sophomores are required to rake English 10. rakeSpeech. Seniors also have totake a language arts class for at least one semester.Tograduate in the reqsjtsreci classes students do things such ns read books, , write papers and essays, and give speeches and other peculations.The rairie language arts is anotherexample optio11a l classes often .fotusoudifferentsubjects still very enjoystudents are . k and juniors have to , students must have at least four language arts credits. "1here are also a number of COLEI SCS that stu - dems can opt to take that count as Language Arts classes. Nate Sauser, 07* gives his junior interview speech. Junior interviews are required at Prairie High School in order to graduate. Photo by Brooke O'Krien. Journalism I and IT, Yearbook News Lab. Speech and Drama. , These include classes sticli as and Sean Hofstadter, 1)7, commented. , such as actual creation of publications ( such m the yearbook and newspapers), learning how to put together such school publications, and how to properly create and give speeches. jjfc|i©ecb is rather simple and it can be funny at rimes." Languages Arts classes commonly offer a A little right , chance forstudents tocompose worksamifocus on topics that are more creative, brain exercise can be a nice break from more logically based and less flexible classes Josh Criedcr and Chris Reece. (W* listen to a . assmatc give her piiesenta - tion in their English 9 class, Photo hy Amlrut Osborne. Melhim Mdlurk, 07, works MLITLI in her English class, Photo h\ Brooke O'Brien. Language ^r|5 25

ATtinria Philipp, ft? pays Bilenlian n-j' - r g cias^ P/JCTO by Brooks Q'Brtw Regna 0> c jj . rd Tiffany SOTT/UH t ih- 06 w^rK and .nr 11119 during c-iass 0 by BraoteOe^=: ' 1 Leu Kelsey EnnbflfgM, 08. wprkt on t i assignment. Fiwtto by Qfooke O Bren in tre lorrpuieF Pnoto by flFTWife OOner: etjmpLio' Photo tty 1-FFBB h K N i M 0“ JfcEQn Ba&st M *0' - Katie Sturt? rind Audrfiy i ^ri-us. heir ificrx on their typing asiirs d-jHn class. QBnen ' 1 ' Brt>oko OBnen 4 i ^ I Photo 36 -on aaliirt Er car *HFS cm ihc K Bvookti Q'Bnen ness courses courses iFt Busmenclasses arc for students interested taking advantage (if the w uk varim ct himoffered. Students find themselves preparing fur entry into college business the business world Prune (iMcrs acompletcCOftoftleeiivecour*«ihat re tiLhthe essentiah for11)dtt> ‘s world. Cnurse* piuvlde carttf.'iflfiirinuiliort that will lieIp students rulaic iheu interests, rwedst ! abilities to occupational opportunities in business Tervuul Finance Liugillme life skills that will help uie in the future.” 07. saidThere .ire pEi * !id Amanda Philipp. -ntv of course prmidedin this department that will heller yru for euikjpe Many students lake this as an opportunity m take some of the basic Hitters offered in college,that are avalible for free through thehigh ^hLHil, Accounting.Marketing and Business Law clasps are very popular classes that arc offered in colleges. Other basic erur&es th;u is heinelicial for students going unywhen ulkt high .school i1 - hoardingandWordPnseeding.Personft!Finance js cmother beneficial course Uirgrndu:_!L±lir rjuiino Photic* t>> atink students to prepare fur ihe responsibilities of handling and managing rheir money Hfti>onj|Finance helped mea lot for m\ future EL was a coolcLa&s,' Djlieia XayasooL 'said. |E is SL £rnduationrequirenienl ( o T:Ikua least one d>urse withmuii> conrse »Ihat are worthy -ourses. taking, Many of these courses articulate wiih Kidcwood Comnnmfiy College. Students uukJ ask their instrudnis huw to camcollege credits by Lakinc many of ihese L Businessclassesare gettingdownto business ^ By Bwoke O' Brien Academir Lditvr .

Technology1classes start to ?et technical. Dajii BurkJtfrt. 07, Ben Bmuwcr, ML and Dan EnjgHwd mk toieihfr. Photo hy Kim HvrteL W'jrrMMiv" By Brooke O' Brien \ctidemics Fdiior SlLEClems need to know the latest technologies and develop culling edgje ' the world, and she World Wide Web. v?: i IK to use in current jobs, future careers, and in their homes. All individuals upe Home form of technology, whether they watch television, send faxes. OJ interncl arouud 3H| Information technology courses are tlesigned ro give students a broad base of expertise withiti the field. Students interested in furthering their educati m in fie technical held will benefit from this program of studies. Along with the coursesprovided is anotherfn JIopportu 11 ity forstudents Students in ten:sled in being involved in the Hawk’s Nest must take Broadcast , , The con i of the Broadcasting is to produce on weekly morning news wi11 he televised I i ve thn mghou L i he school . in all Lhc aspects of running a television stainm. Jt is a requirement to take ar least one course of Business Tech nol mid there arc plenty of classes worth taking such as:Web Design, . Video. Networking, Oracle Database fundamentals, ': I really enjoyed broadcasting , thinking about taking it again next year, Oplieim, 07. Brien . that s , ’ how- awesome i j Andrew Whetstone- m, a-nts technical with tlKonnpIft during cEa Phv/o bv BrOirtit! O' ^ Stiulents wi1i be directed t; and much more. it was pretty much my fayyile iass s , " stated Kelli eram and involved "im sflMHU ; courses. gy to graduate .trodaction to Juki Richter, (W, mirks on the computer, Marty liillEam* ineviir I ming' Photo fry Kim Hyntk, - ftSDi aud AM&till Fadoil, Hi] 08, Schrader, v urk together. Photo by Kim Hytiflc. I .tyrn Kramer m*i 08, H -urk u -n iLhc compLiter. Phata by Kim Hynek. Technology 27

ft Hawks Nest does th thing!! Kaitlyr Dublshar. (16. waits for the nest of the crew to get ready to l i lm Photo by Paige Cliite. egSsKg W / " . . p PSH3S1 Whilney Carson and Kilty Meter* both (Hi. and Jessi Martens. 07.1 over their script one more time before they film Photo by Paige Cimc . Top l eft to Bottom Right; , |on Joe |osh Hass. , Gregory* By Paige Cline Academic Editor Lights...Camera. ..Record!Every week students, , special feature and sports. Kiley Meier, Ob, reflects upon her first year in Hawk s Nest. This year has been very hectic but it keeps me busy. Normally on Mondays we brainstorm. Tuesdays script write, for (aping, nnd Fridays are for editing. ' ' L block days are I have had some really great times and it’ s an experience that everyone should t r y a l t e r taking intro to video)/’ 28 Hawks Nast must scramble lo gather video footage edit and export a broadcast show field for online. This year the class is approximately 15 to 20 students. There arc four sections titat must be covered. They are desk, . Kilev b[tier and Whitney Carson, both (16. take a few minutes during their break of shooting to talk about their dav Photo by Paige dine. Zlatohlavek , Brandon Zhiscr Alex Kremer, Daliria \nyasouk. Spencer Hinker-Garliug honse, /nrh l .e Luke Dennis? Kaitlvu Dubish Justin Huekm Bry an Baer AI Hopfcnsbcrgcr, Lisa Waldtrba Jenny Trench, Jessica Marten Joruim Musil, Jerilyn Miller. kiley Meier an Whitney Cars* Photo courtesy t Kim Hvnelc.

-T Paige dine Student Life Editor This year' negatives. Students learned how to make a picEure Lsay a UMJO words” ' or every single assignment. history, architecture, s basic photo class Look a look at how photos are made how n camera works and how they appear oil . The purpose of Lhe class is to teach students black , and white photography as a craft and an art form for ETILING a story. The class is required to turn in two prints with a outline for each prim in paragraph form. , , and white photos. Although Amanda Philipp, 07. of the stridenrs. forever. ' 1 Philipp said, " This is the requirement Throughout the semester Lhe students have ten different units, which include camera basics and academic action athletic actions, portraiture and a1st' the composition and the dark room procedures. While learning darkroom procedures the students become familiar with all of the different chemicals used to develop black took independent photography she still! went through the same experience as the rest Nellie Barry. 07, also took independent and she said. ” the best part of photography is having the chance to capture a special moment and keep it the best part of photography is being able to take a picture and not knowing how \\ will turn out hut then being able to print it out and checking out your awsorueness ” * — Photo Classes 29

Ryan Sfeh htii . mounts a lir^ in his unto class. Photo by Sami Dryden. Peoplein Ihc woodworking t;ct to make fireli^ much anvlhmg they once accomplish iheir requirements. Photo by\eitie Barry. ar u uto,Construa m By Paige CIme \eademics talitar This year in automotive technology the students team about transmissions irt auto malic and msual cars. They will also learn all of the geometry that comes along with bul ing the cars. Irr the upper level 1be sludents learn how to dissemble and reassemble the different parts of engines. Many of the students also then go into the nexi few years of auto classes that Prairie offers. in construction technology the students Iearn the basic and technical things of carper They team the safely. toots: different skills of different tools and the technology that are needed for building and constructing things. Some students may then decide that they want to go off to their next class which Prairie has started off which is home construction. 30 Auto and Construction Tech The ^uto eiass fiathen iimurni avt of their project cans to inspfrt *htr vnrk they have pul inii, Photo h\ Sami Dr*den. 1 K I y It B

IP .m \.amm Between Lifetime Fitrioss and Physical Education anyone is sure to net Lheir till of activities. Every student is required to lake some type of P.E. Class wether il be the summer qvm class or one of Fhe semester classes* Lifetime Fitness is ah aboul lifting and different work out activities. Tara Perez. U6. said. LM like lifting a lot mote then being in regular cut activities such as ultimate frisbee . Many other people however prefer bemg able to do ail of the differ floor hockey dodgehalf matball and , ail of the different P.E. staff invented sports. This year the P.E. staff also started a 5K run around the school. Kevin Geary P.E. teacher. Jordan Slick* 06; Colby yapanck. U7; Matt Bowers, 06 and Travis Schafent? JUI . 06, run over the rules ofdodgeball on last time Before starting* Photo by Paige Cline. People gathered at Prairie around £ ;3Q a.m. and could either run or walk the estimated ? . ! miles. i * iE; . P L. because I get 10 do m> own work out without someone telling me what exact!v I need to do.” hit JK i dan Stick, 06, Ms talks to one of hi.s teammates to run rough one of their dodgchall plays- Photo by Paige Cline. Jordan Stick. 06; Colby Stapanek . 07; and Travis Schaufeubuel, 06 all gel ready to plu> a tough game of dudgt- ba lk Photo by Paige Cline. Ban Murphy, Jim Topolinski, both 06: Andrew 1 isher, 07; and Peter Galloway, 06. get ready for the 5k nm held at Prairie. Photo courtesy of Denise Pisher. Physical Education 31

m = V ' r S\AmiHii Osborn? Avademit: Editor ' ' iving Skills classes teach esacEh what it sounds like, btisic skilb i rn|>orunr toaver. age life* Infact. Living Skills teacher Patty Miles said, “ I feet that [ hiving .Skills lessons i arc so Important to society and 1 ‘W m Miles teaches Eariv Childhood I and 11 , Interior Design, and Fashion. Fabrics and v y v , s v .,; m X “ n „ ; ; v ; :: Construction. Linda Sadler teaches Food Choices and Creative Foods. The two foods classes are sequence t lasses, SadleT explained. Foods Choices starts b> teaching about basic cooking procedures and Creative Foods builds upon this. Students in the s. hOUpy salads attd meat. Miles explained Early Childho Living Skills classes focus on life lessons through interesting assignments. edtmd class like I teaches child development from Lv fore birth to about age three, through fabric information room layouts and decors. a k •v Amanda Matins. 07 T wo r k s i l i l i - gently in her l iving Skills class. Photo bv Andria Osfwnw . zi s and Early Childhood 11 is largely an internship to leant what ii is like to care for kids live . Fashion. Fabrics and ConsEmotion goes * designing clothes and some actual sewing. Interior elements , and baby, r Ashley O'Brien on, expJaij . , i i . bothofthefoodsclasses havespecml* i mpor projects, for fake babies with the " principles.ofdcsign and the aid the Home| Construction group by making possible like ro care for a real child, Interior Design classes get to cr 1 like bow you get tp thke home the designs for a htou&b (Sat other students really building. Miles said that they draw the dimensions pffbe room tfEld then set poster with decoration choices, like paintc and carpet samples. Both foeidsdasscs put together a la meal. Foods Choices put one meal togethe avvbolcci&ssandeabh gr&jfiinCfeativeFo set up their own meal. Miles make*class interestingbyre uig it to real life, whileSadlerdoes thesame by balancing a variety of different actiyia In Early. Childhood 1, students; < Baby Think it Eh because it’s not as easy as it seer ^jHjNjHHH.Bp:; . r EarlyChildhood L Interior Design, - ; :-£•; get morecreative with their cooking and team about more detailed topics, AIida Ahennath> and Courtney Travels both08.work t i h e rin their LivingSkills class. Photo by Andria Osborne , m " V i • n"i 1 mm K *

Art das in > JSH . . fiTi s : . . • . ‘:M . i i -s r Qsiwtmsse » Q n • -tf i -yy::: ca ^ . wit3 take ait 3 .. ' rill I 'CK -,v'.\ und that* g;.,sdd abuut classes.. =; : l cs-siou v/ere you . :: : K in .. : k-ah comscented m k , i N I * '' . Tin not usually m earjioj c ::-i:' with the bj IiJ ' r John Saik^ly said that his must b tfputi the*c lopu Saikjly s sou-V iml ; " » get paid E& kMm. It’s :.J ; take situation ; Saik.alv terete has i&idems rmidv different meditinis, while Jearning himnelk .HopetuJly.- Lhe wood, and vtcit% Dupdfl iov class as mueh as die teacher docas l!i -IS peal!v. an =deaJ job. i ' ’ definjLdv not for the puv , " jut Readier Chris <4 V aihed (hathe 1 ikes tcuehinJ Sant;I work i n y w i rli messy Jenna Carsfens. 09. ex piai rseek to help pi epare them for college. " i ' : : ex . : i _ p IS' JL S I L p V . + p A s = h i>': . 1 , asked why he teaches. He medium is- fun to work with except for it being so his vest iron i Ma y .t5 \9, , she art sE km ope ted [ pnE ri nd Saikaly both comtnerTted.that they try lo the public, Dyjxipt explained that all kindx pf ! e class laid back. 1 want all oftheir ekisses works are displayed + m L sdm& of w re Kirkwood Dual-Cred it^sgr printed work like CD covers ; UIL! i -s "I Itksddfauriuu flowers» IFH chall Nichole Beranck, Antlriu (hhtirne, (47, forms her rlav project in Ceramics JL Photo hv , 1 « EE Softool] ] a "

Spanish classes engage in culture, language and fun. By Andriu Osborne Academic Editor ' Vi parish classes do much more than just [earn the basic vocabulary' through i radiiionill repetition . Naturally, the students do learn Span ish vucttbuhiry. but they also learn about grammar . Spanish-speaking countries' C cu!rure. andother basics they might need Io I teacher Nichole Rroghammer said, Broghammer explained that each -indents as dose as possible. hut [the teachers] want to get Spanish '' f function in a Spanish-speaking situation. I “Y*jsrcan't become fluent as a high s schooler, teacher uws different methods to get the i nfoifnaiion ar rossand she personaIlyases stories to help students gain understandmg Her classes plus games, speak and read in Spanish as well. The portion of about T > nstin Whcatlev and KGe T W Dick, both t)K, hud the humor in Spunish class. Photo by Audria e (hborne. 600 students in Sara Smith, Jackie Callahan, in some different manners, to i top the language interesting. VT think the most interesting thing in my class is that we have conversations in Spanish,” Tiffany Bredmaii, 09, commented. On May 3 and 4, the Spanish classes engaged in a soccer game against tine German classes. They use it as a chance I to have some fmi while learning miscellaneous vocabulary through cheers, Kayla Lamhrecht, participating i n tlie soccergame. OK, is excited about Shecommcnicd.M want to kick the German kids' butts ! ” soccer is big in German and Spanish culture," Smith explained. j Jnd Meser and Destimiy Ohrt. both 0| work in their Spanish IV class. Photo h Audria Osborite. “ [The soccer games| were really Mr. Dankm's idea. He’s a soccer coach and I or Jim Joneses classes might leant but they all try V Nison Geoffrey and Abftie Kife, In 09. Study tpgt' tlu-r iii Spanish 1. Photo g Andr ia Osborne. I t hristinc Smith, 06. studies in Sp class. Photo bv Andria Osborne.

:<<:: .. yp:« :/: > . l obiirn , U7, and C. had LundberE, 07 tratc closely on their German ITT Photo by .4ttdria Osborne. German focuses on culture, literature and language to give students unique experience. !!!:!! !*•v - B\ Amina Osborne \nul('iiit ( " F/ i Jtior ennan studcrus have to learn a wide variety of topics to survive in class. leathers Mike Dankcrf and Charlene < teach classes German 1 through AP Berman. There are approximately 20(1 s dents in the classes. ^ankert explained, |The German L' eschers| discuss reality survival icch - Mqoes and cultural differences, and teach basic German vocabulary. To help the new information really sink Dankert explained that he and Farris i * - :..fc Gerrnan the studentxwilt uudersland n possible.The classes idso read Gerwriling and work on translations. Everyone knows Spanish. German is musuaiT Kate Hicin. 09, '' ' ineniioned . - \miersoii-Siioudy. t)7 , me. inverse about their work in their German Ell class. Photo by . iridria Mdv Muhs and kini .Jacobi, boll) 07, study together iu German NT. Photo by Andria Osborne. Monica MeEowen, U9. and Amanda Allard , The German classes were also a part of the soccer games held this spring against Miranda Morris. 0 J , reads the German the Spanish cI as,>es, 0bvionsly the Spun ish WitHam Tell in her Gemitm III el ass. Pfi ato [ culture is touched on by the game being set by Andria Osborne. around Cinco de Mayo, culture is also present , but the German The game serves as as a celebration for the German Mai Test. Dankeit explained that file teachers decided to have a soccer game between the classes because ir is a huge spoil all around the world , The sport can also be used as a venue to teach lessons not usually in the curriculum, like team work. LiSchool should befun, and soccer is fun, so soccer in school would he run." Dankcrt explained another reason for the soccer games. Anna Vance, like soccer " ' , school. 09, said, "I don't really but it ll he fun to get out of ft®>:s German 35

- ” HAVING Left to Right: Natasha Santos, 08: Creg Snukup, 07: Zue Mundu SitieEovrski , 07] Kristi Wainrigjat, Phillips Jenm Trench. Imtli 00: Courtnev Henslev, tt7; Kmily. ar L k mt jr fc 1 McConnclJ, 00; Sara Ttiompto, Tara Hudihcit and Mel Iit Jiarrr, all three 07; post ior goofy pictures on the hist day for seniors. Photo by Joleert Duke. Ii\ Brooke O'Brief: Academic Editor New* lab rsfor students interbred in producing the schools newspaper, The Hawk Talk fij order to enroll into this class, a student must , successfully complete Journalism I and Jl. In this class your duties ate to interview, ing articles tor the newspaper. Aha., pages, eLhie>. through [Ti i? researching, and writ - selling advertisements, lay ing out tile and photography. Students are expected to adhere the highest level of journalistic -. .t work will be completed during class, , near. LStudcnts must he able u> work in a responsible , , you must also able to finish work outside of class Lind come in after school free periods. and some weekends when rhe deadline is mature, and vs ill to cooperate in a work em ironment where students help each other. The Hawk Talk produces six newspaper issues throughout the vcc Although tills might not seem like a lot ol articles it is very difficult to get informal -on . sell ads. and produce the layouts in a given time period . In order ti> join this class, you must be very dedicated to your wori i (O. and the CJLLSS itscit but it is also a fun Course 10 take us well. Students enjof working together and are very pleased with the outcome of the ncwspapei when they arc finished. “ lot of cool people" and " News tab is super Fun , we meet and interview a i LOVf. MRS. I>\ KE ways Tara Btichheif. Sport " - Editor fur The Hawk Talk Left ten Kii'hi; ' Jennifer I rL-Fich:. US; - Puiwnlia^ PhuUt bv Ira Yukl Jfc Hrawk Talk iMn:. ‘C. Qiirtnev HerLsIpv. ' and Sikrs ninim]itnT ;ilf {17. ?sE guiKtiev during Ms. Yukrs gi'iitfi awui puny. .

J - ' £ ."jrr .- vv O'Brien EditorYearbook is a year tong class for students who ore interested in pmduc 3 tr J hoots yearbook. The Hawk, EM order LL> enroll ][i yearbooks you .- ' ntplefe Journalism 1 and II , class, m - : u. . your duties are to write, edit, lind layout the cmire yeuri n uddiiun Li] selling advertisements for the book . y._ _cnis tue to adhere to their highest journalistic ethics. Students must n to work before and after school am1 often on rhe weekends. At lho the school year, students must come back to help finish hist minute p before they send off The yearbook tn be published. ST idents must he mature, responsible and willing to cooperate in a - . nvTrGnmrni where students help on another , ’ _ hi..ebook is a very fun class that involves a tor of work hud patience. ist this year contains seven students, with 145 pages to make. You be able to layout these pages, get photos, and stories for the yearfew months to do. rJcr to be in this class, you must bu very dcdEctiled to the yearbook . die class as well Students who ate involved tn die class, enjoy coming Bid w nrking together. Class is so much fun because you get to see what’s going on around : entire school, you meet a lot of new people i '1 become very close with [hem. the school and on stuff, '" ^aitL Puigc Cline editor Hi AthcrtEsiug. , jjJcmics, acid Student Life. Above ( Left to RightE: Brook?O' ' Brien, fMi; I . ynctaay Brutusen, U7i Paige Cline. ( 16: J ia Yuki, Amanda Philipp. Nellie Barry, both 07: and Maranda SymoneUt, 06, \*ei together for a group shot on Ms. YukE' s lust din at Prao rie. Thaw frv Tin Yak!, = *4 Fhis ts a lot of work for seven students* including selling yds which .i I: s :>“ tmm Ifc m -:v Above: Marauds SymOnt'Ue and Brooke fVRrien. both 06. work on their spreads, Photo By JoSkkli /JaJte. Above: Lynsday Brunssen, Amanda Phiipp. both 07; Jesse (' lines , OS: and Andrea Osborne. IPL pitse tor a photograph. Photo by Joleett [hike. Above: Amanda Philipp* Lymisay Brunssen* and Nellie Barry, till 67, mess around in class. Photo by Tut YukL Vearsook 37 m-.-:,


mm ' BSPII - •538® Wppl i i y, _ : :. HSgJ :

v mzm m m ' I-':?: i r.-i H ll .rfl SNAP THAT BALL AND MOSEY THROUGH THE LINE _ _ _ _ _ _ j _ _ _ _ n _ _ M . J -M .3.1 ar iT. 3t> r 63 IS WA V K " - <, s iJTi* - - r i :44'M" i, - , " m. S ;ited li ! . Mitchell Cmy. Ethan Thompson. Casey Stielangoski, Neil Freehour. Dan Gillen, {. Lilian. Caleb WetherdhI-ogLi.ii Wieneke, Zach Wheeler, Julieii Stratton,Nathan Lindley* ' Ryan Wilkerson. Alex Hanna, Josh Chirk, Shane Coach Gene Richter,Cody Drown. Stow Sehehler. Taylor Rasmussen-. Tyler O’rXnrn ll. Ryan ! i - mnsion. Ross Siemeriiig, Alan Goodwin, Cosidi Art West, Cbftch Jeff Snider. Luke Morink Cody Kreis. Justin Canny. Alex L.aB: jry,Jaee Kvemer. Drew Wiiliurm. Brandon IVteMurrin, Kv.-i /er;. Dieiulonue. Coach Kelly Danilson,Scott Lainp:rrek. Justin Wiedemeier, Jeremiah Purdy . TravisCain. Nick Wil/ , Austin Teel, Colton Norton. Photo by Rend Photography V- - - V V W Cl - Hi Lrr- 1 wr.-v * - JW -_S * I . IK WiF'" : 4 *“a m i7-3Pi' m rr\ M % « " I . Henry Vallejo, 1)6. get ready £ In take the field after a play /2 1 " m r, % Ei Sept 2nd CR WASHINGTON 25-20 Sept 3th CR KENNEDY 27-20W Sept 16th IC WEST 35-12 IV r Sept 23rd LINN-MAR 21 Sept 29th DUB. Oct. 7th WATERLOO WEST 21- 11 Oct. 14th iC HIGH 36-29 W Oct 21 CR XAVIER 29-36 L I Oct 28th CEDAR FALLS 35-14 LV r v*g - v ---Chris Jansen, ANiin) - A 40 Football “J Williams, Levi Hankcrt, Andy Serbousek, Sam Eisner, Ryan Uurrclsou, Josh Put*, Jordan Fuuke, Mickey Sprague, Couch Joe kaiser Zatrh Mel.sha, Drew (Jiese, cord, Tony Vargas.Nate Fiala,SawyerMcNamara.Keegan Tonia,Michael Slivcriiem, Beatty. Casey Meeker. Tom Nichols. Preston West, Covington, Derek Tharp. Many Gilliam, Photo by Read Photnyiiiipfiw W‘ Clotty Whmom. Coach Joe Martin, Coach F-rik Columbus, John Sly Coach Nick Proud,Cal Michael Jumsa,Trevor -7W WAHLERT 0-7 L

VARSITY - PBt. 2nd ^ ' I DR WASHINGTON 61-21 W wit. 8th s 16th j r C WEST 28-0W epL 23rd _ NN-MAR 30-14 W t. 29th DUB. WAHLERT 23-12 W Ct- 2th a VATERLOO WEST 35- 12 W i Pc;. t4th .C HIGH 10-28 L tt. 21st OR XAVIER 28-7W fct 2Sth BEDAR FALLS 28- 17 W LAYOFFS: J . 2nd i hie Kramer, John Schuller, Colin Dietrich, -. . Z:KTI Ryici Lamparek, Jesse SJ : auk Bryan.1 iaLk Coach Craig Jelinek, Kyle Tims, Anrw Fisher. Sam Wiles, Johsh Lcgy. NaicStEChomek Hen Reutzei, Coach Jim Dostal, Mart Untiedt, Loren Lehman, Jeff Coolin ” Dan Dostal, . J BuJaiiUa. DJ Ziskovsky, Chris Prior, Coach Frik Anderson, Coach Ken Han/.lik, Ryan Pierce. Randy Sr.iv. itch. JuMsi Hackman. Anthony l . H.' ii ( Toper, Mali Trosky. Brandon Smalley Josh Shef04d. Coach Mike frusty, T h Murk Hannshan. Coach Vlam .ICinck. . \cn .n n/. Brandon Ziitser, Ronnie Williams, Dana Schmitt, Jeremy Ejriroeft F.rie CnwikneyTim Sauerhry. Jamie Klith, Nate Saucer. Couch Randy MaJ, J lenry Vallejo, James Lee, Nick Jasa.Innocent Nrtayinwye, Chris Schanbeck. Marco Teel. FhSto by Pedtf Photography. I eft: Preston lA'e\ .lash Rut/ , ail 08, l, Jordan I mike. and other members of the sophomore learn get together for a team huddle. Photo by Amanda Philipp. By Waranda bvmonette Sports Editor Ahove: Cal Beatty, Us, places the ball on the ter to get ready for a Kick ni l Photo by Anittndti Philipp. ' . 1 The Football season this year successful. One excidtig game against Cedar Fails. Going into! Falls was 7-0, became 7 after they piay$ 1 . Overall this vear.. j Hawks have had a great season - C "i I The 7- 2 Hawks attended tl ?ra Right: l ilt Freshmen line gets ready lo .snap tile ball. Photo by Amanda Philipp ii% g a the season at Brandy. Is : i S V& j? V -r- ‘.K - for the fifth time in the last Six Hawks played in the first round Stadium against CR Kennedy ; overtime w ith a score of 26-27 a - m. . *5 :VT' f IRKENNEDY 13-14 (OT) L pt, J J

FRESHMEN ^Pl vS : iO IT'ifcr:teS: - 1. . I fe.l' *"id ?£i¥£• .*J- j - im « - .. £ Jennifer EknfJtr, Brill urn K n Packer, OEga Mij' Kik> JJanLH, Cna<h Jessica Oanilflnn sitti ItmuiibjCiHith t*cn Kuper. Umilj H*rgiar FKtntE. - , Ki ittanv StaJder, Kara BfllieiS . jesskfl Xuiltisaktr. Toil> u Weaver, jts.KuEtclutL KikuLs, ktLLie SEUCLE. Csnii ^rwva, NtraleS(hliJtf,a!ld J-aki Richk r. Pha&t by fttvidPkftmgraphv. P WyM PRAIRIESOPHOMORE VOLLEYBALL [SCORES: t m 5 MVCCame Record: 22 IM- „ -9 * Overall Match Record: 24-9 Overall Oame Record: 611 -27 MVC Match Rtiord: 6 2 » i Sept. 1 kTlcrv.iTi B Stpt. ft I iiiii-\l ; ir IjSept. 13 Marion 3 Sept 20 I Xw v jL; r I Sept 2$ 9 Kejnied} * Wij di i n ill ; n - ? Oct. 13 - 1 J C we^ : Oct. 17 1 ' ' :;-. T I Oer. 6 lie High Oct. 11 Prairie Orange Prairie Bind 3-5 4-0 4-0 0 4’ 3* 5 4-u J -5 4-0 5-0 4-0 5-0 4-5 4-5 l-rj 3-5 ( 4-5 « 4-0 Martey McGuxli, Carrie VknllniiiierL. Lindsey Cain, Cnaeh I ynette Steckleln, Kuri Laltm . Katt Rcieder; Kelley Lrenberger, Kamn ri Uannst. Stejjh&iut1 4J-' 1 . to/ it Jidh (>rwrt 08: Radiel VVillS^iEih , Kelsey Ereaherger.08, and Maries- MtCurk, 09,gd pumpe rf Full iif energy Tor the gome- Photo by Kkr/ fcthw, : Ert' nhw-T Kavltc Sehulle, AIIIL Ziskm^ky, ^er. and KristiJ%1 CrflfL /?SWP ©7s Jewiitia Statler, UO; Morgan Funfce .hdini .06: Mite} OJVLTL. 07; Allium Vlk'tstra. CIW : Danielle l ialpEj OT; imd -e TesseEp durC 06: w.|i t lo get Lfaear dinner. Ptwta Otirtbcy of Beth Carver. 42 VollsybalJ mm

Sept, 3 CK Wastiin[flim invilti Sept. Ilf Linn-Mar Tnvite Sept. 17 CR Kennedy Tourney IM. I ' Prairie Im ite Oct 15 MVC Tourney Oct. 24 Quarterfinal Davenport Central Oet. 26 Regional Semifinal Davenport West Oct, 31 Regional Final Dubuque Hempstead - istv Hinrichs. l >EinEeileCalet .Jennifer Ask+ LaraSuncLMcliany McGurktJaimieTessCndGLf+ and Beth ( iarver, Pholo by ReadPfintogrnpfow Coach Clinton Schmitz, Morgan Funke. Coach Kevin Geary. Jessica Slatler, Allison Vhetslrii, Michelle " behler, Rachel Williams, Jordan Banes, Samantha Dryden. Kellie King, Ashley Olson, Andrew [VMeulenaere, Jerilyn Miller, olleyball serves up a winni season By Jes&i Clines 'ita/ls Cditat After much improvement, the 3005 volleyball (cam had a record of 2K u ins and 10 losses. Tins is a new . bon! record for wins. Varsity was rated lOlh overall in Division 4A and made it to the regional finals: ' - '' DyersvilIe-Beckman was my mosE memorable g,ime of the season because ir was a hard match and we gave it our all and we won!’’ said Jordan Banes, When asked the question, .aid teepee Coach Geary’ s house.” " Banes, 07. It' mernorabie MOMCF>I from rhis season, said. 07. whaF was the most BCFH Carver,08, "Probably when we all went to Jessica Statler s 1touse ' Some advice for underclassmen is to always fight for hat \ ou want and never look back at things. ” s,a good t h i n g the volleyball players didn' t blink, or they might have missed all of their amazing Wins, When the Question came up on whether she diinks the team accomplished Their goals she said, “ Yes and no. we did do all of the goals, and vve didn' t reach ihat .” jordain banes* Juisu in TtiiLLttJrn f.06; RfljCrhti Willidiih, 07; Miir^aaa Funkt,06; Jurchm BflJfcesg 117; Befit Carver, 4H1; Mithelk Kchefrftir.. If?;and. I *ara. Sand* Iff; do a lillk ' 1 dance beforeomof their nutnv big gomes. tmftiprj JtawrVoheybatl 43 jes because bust the one that we really wanted w as In go to state, 01 +said Jordan My most memorable moment Ink'll ( his year was beating Kennedy at Kennedy, because a week prior, they beat us at Prairie.” said kari w lien asked the questions of her most memorable moment front] ihc 2005 volleyball season. * Kan baton. 08 , " -xJR : 1 - 3 3- 0 ltt - 0 ti - 5 3 - If 1 2 - 2 8 - 7 ¥ - 3

\ loving Ahead H1 CJinss SfHtrti Pdnor The 2005 Cross Country tc;un felt ihut they did vers well this season und beat sevTJ mg to Kyle Dick. 08He going out. " year. Ihiii Murphy; Bfc, tries in catch up with ilir uih, r runners, Photocourtes) oljim tojHo Itaakt* Aug . 3D Sept, Sept, 3 H Sept. 27 Sept . Oct, Oct, 4 6 Oct. 13 0CL 21 29 Prairie Invite Pleasant Valley Invite CR Invite LinnMar Invite Western Dubuque lnvite West Delaware Invite MVC Super Meel MVC Divisional* Districts dim Tnpnlinski, 116. runs his hnrdesl at a meet, Photo iVttfte* i ofJim Topatfoiski. 3rd 6th Stir 3rd Ist 3rd 10th 5t h 5th that \he learn is a lot Ivilcr Bus > car because of the number of people \VV have more and belter runner * this " Kenny LeHew, DM. stated as he says why he tllinks the team improved ibis season il ranked teams at multiple meetsL accord Group nf hm s [biting ready to race ofJim PopotiaskL . Photo courts*,i L cti hack : ir . 44 Cross Country Holland. Sait: Roner.Amfautn Gaelurd. in ri^hi: I ngan Shaw Hi.id Nuvnskc, lull Fisher.Alex Kagdon, < al ITCCN: Ju'-iir Height*,, laycc Drydcn. Stun Jones* Hunter Hills, Patrick Mahoney, AuMitn Vondriicek. Davitl Fiehstadi . Jmh Thmnpaoi) hcrlmu, Dun Murphy. Naur Smith. Nicl Sn itli, Wyatt Hmnueituan. Cutis Vtodi' Krnm Bejdlc, Juinn Marandj Symiincite,, OrAcs Sippy, Keefer Wehmeyer. Kciuiy I cHew. Par Fjigcser Tyler Hardin Phil Si u. n . banc Lariou. Greg Soukup. Jordj.il t ill' ll Aaron Tindidf Kyle Dick, Tyler . Nick Lee, Dustin Wheatley. HNJTI SMITH. Chris Thompson, Brett Burkhardt. Nick Miller, Malt SLIKJLCT. Jordan Burrs, Couch Schwur/, Peter Galloway. AJ CJlftm ^k i , fiuni ' -. Topolin&i. .hie Trpkosh. Jusiin Burns, - and Hunter Hynck. Photo by Head Photo tenths ,

Finish Strong By . fcsst dines Sptirts liditor " S . |g gether as a team from Tara Buchheit’ She said, , " improve my time in the 4K nice H new & improved things in practice. iB (n'Oil Shramek* 09, iind Rachael Hyland. I' try gelling a gmxl lead in front iff r cryone else. Photo b} Jim TnpuiinskL , 07. BuchheiL 30 3 8 13 27 29 Prairie Hawk girls ready to run. Photo by \manda Pti/ fpa 3 0 Prairie Invite Pleasant Valley Invite CR Invite West Liberty Invite Linn-Mar Invite MVC Super Meet MVC Divisional Regionals 6th I 4ih 17th 2nd 6lh Weslem Dubuque Invite 7th West Delaware Invite 9th 12th 7th 9th Ai iluj season progressed, l he Cross Country team improved a lot from last year and learned to w ark tos perspective. My mimher one goal this season is to . Amanda Philipp, 07. tries in and learned a bunch of new ideas for practices. take tiic kad, Photo by Tam Amanda Philipp. " "' A thing !bm Amanda Phillips believes has made their team better is doing ’’The coach and some of the team went to camp said Sara t ranks, 07. having some fan running. Photo by .4mtmda Philipp, Left back to front right: Jenna Hindman. Read Photography, Erin Dick, Amanda Carson, Bridget Slattery. Amy Soukup, Knilyn ' Cross Country 45 Sara Franks. Coach Chris Perkins, Rachel Hypara Buchheit, Amanda Philipp. Amber Meitd ri, Meisha. Dawn Waile. Brittany Perkins. .Visor: Brtjdsack. Jenna Murnm. Crvslal Shranieh. Photo bv

Prairie’s Chlorination By Swimming Scores ktWci CityWest Prairie invite I CR Kennedy Invite Ceiliir Falls & Xavier Prairie Invite 2 Contercnoc St jpht in it Qmierenoe District STATE 1TK\ 2nd 7th 2nd 2nd sih 8ih 3rd 16th Ammidn W'ie&ewfen; Bailey Qiner,. Mcagan Guotoe, Jessi Clines. Orach AJbhy, Taeii Henry, iVliT'AtLI.JailkiL- ArilisLri 'ibj _ I ISILII W«kh> 5-rai Miller. Ashdy MuttcscHa, Amy Jenkins, Loum Jones, Mctniria ^, J .> iiciit \1aElLK). Icssie I , i ian;i krvsnn , Stephanie Herr.. EmiLie Tmmpold. Jcnay St. Johns, Natalie Jenkins. Suicia Johns.Rachel I IIIJULT k One of The many highlights of|JK; .vea.’Hm fur me was going Ii> the Iowa vs. Minjieso Itui lt_> C;irnT fJtalk' hr iin:iiihjimeeliiig ^i su im fllivt and &oim ofdie team Jussi CUn-ts Photo tr; Mcmnrdcl A'ymanette Strikin' HyJe.nri Clines Sports Editor bowling teain feel like achieved gncainess- [ Hnys and girls of the 20US-2JIJ06 - iliey have his seas*jn . I Tic team has come a long way and did a great job together pulling through strofljjlv. A big gnaJ of theirs, VimleNchrag?and Regina t. >nr ' legliontr both 06. art* wailing their turn to showthe team theirstrikes l hey have been working i ns lo heat their rival teams* Kennedy and Jefferson high schools. Tlte thine that keeps the learn together is their friendship. They are all friends and all get along everyone keept each B^eenuse of this* udieroiL U near Lws about everything. [ hey make each other better in having fun hut knowing when to be serious. I would have luiLed to sec what would have happened if the 2Q0?-2*106 howling team would base blinked . HTftstom IVest, ItK, (Ir** rt gvo( nilr^ - down 1HL- I :m<: lavKJiitin I J );ic it shot down. J stance j giving Lilt: I.Nift a ^uud ifaniH rt ^ Thr In pins L ] nriu t Wieser, dOhvn tht. L i.ih.. dnes a I [it If p i ooier ijftoi throwing tht bjli 3ant; to meet its match. lh* pin-S. One Of my mgjp mecLLories would be diuL after almost all of the away meets, the whole team goes m FazoMfis io cut and uik to one nncberN’ \ IFIJIJHJ;!\\ it-M -ndt*IT Phtrlw hr faiwhlifr * season " My favorite swim meet out nf the season was the Grinned inee!, bccause I dropped fuuur seconds on my 100 Backstroke! "' Clint' Sports Editor Pri s rdbLiildinj.irie girls 2005 swim team had a season was. Amanda ^Vicscmdcr saidi. " !year \hh* sewn;m.As losing a very dedicated senior, they hud a few struggles, bur poilted through and canw out on top. Wlien asked whuii her highlight of Lhe Al l of the home meets 3re fun because we all get togechej afiei wrtfdi and have ijm.ncT and have awesumc talks!" As there were many swim metis, Bailey Carver seerus Lu have a special meet that she would call her favorite. ! 3 The Muscarine 3 nv]£c was my favorite because that was the first tune that MusealJiie girls dido dial ineeL. we did! We wen; all so pmud that SjULircby!” " Over alk liufc Prairie girls swim Learn had an awesome year and are looking forward io another hardworking, rewarding in " Work on your weaknesses until they become your strong points" 46 Bowling ; Swimnrti ng '

Aug. 13 MVC Super Meet Aug. 25 Aug, Waterloo West. CR Xavier 30 CR Xavier, CR Jefferson, CR Washington Sept, 1 IC High, Linn Waterloo East Sept. 6 Sept. 3 CRANDIC Dubuque Senior. IC West. CR Kennedy Sept. 19 MVC Triangular Mutt Scrbousck, Mike Dostai, Mason Linn, Corey Bluck* imnmv Lt, Jc. St hulte. Aaron Qttinby, fJerek Kemble* Keefer Wehmcycr\ Britton Ballard, sse VaitDee, Jordan Tyler Feldman, pJex 1YL ralskj. Cole Schulte, Austin Tiicum. Kean Ludvictk. Piilrick Gronemej er* Tyler phase. Photo by Read Photography, E Mattwda. Symtmette mtotfS Edt-ior Sept. 26 Valley Diviaortal Sept. 29 Waterloo East, Kennedy, Oct. 4 Districts Meet With. Mason Linn being I jr.s-L Tuam All-Conference fur bulb MVC and All -Metric Ciirey B3 nek bei Tig Honorable Mention fur Alt nmy L.e for being Honorable Mention Metro for MVC and Ail-Academic, the boys golf team had a very successful season. The Roys golf team ended the year with 16 - 44 - l Overall, die boys hud a good senson with their four returning seniors. “The lusL two years here LLL Prairie have helped me prepare my-elf for nes1 year where \ plan on attending UNI and continuing golf iher-e. puted while in a deep conversation with Amanda Philipp. The girts golf team had an exceptional year overall They ended die season being 35 - 16 - leason and did an amoving job. " [.inn I . Jennifer Tomash was a big leader throughout the GIRLS GOLF - STRAIGHT TO THE TEE April 5 CR Jefferson, Xavier April 11 Waterloo East, CR Jefferson, IC High April 18 CR xsswter, lC West April 19 CRANDIC April 20 Mid-Prairie Invite April 22 Benton Comm. Invite oach Djina Hansen, Colleen O’Brien, Frin Wieneke, Jennifer I' nnuish. Jessica Tomash, \im Grimm. Amanda Priske, Kortitej Cote, and Coach Lrik Columbus. Photo by Rt’tut Photography. May 1 May 11 MVC Super Meet Prairie Invite May 15 CR Kennedy, IC High 2 - 1 - 0 2 - 0 - 0 5 - 3 - 0 8 - 0 5 - 2 - 0 - 0 April 27 Ltnn-Mar. Waterloo West 2 - 0 - 0 7 - 6 - 0 2 - 2 - 1 0 - 2 - 0 Boys / Gsris Golf 47 CR W - L - T 2 - 0 - 0 3 - 9 - 0 - Meire , and CR Waterloo West -Mar 0 - 3 - 0 2 - 5 - 0 2 - 1 - 0 2 - 0 - 0 0 - 6 - 0 1 - 2 - 0 1 - 0 - 1 1 - 2 - 0 W - L - T 4 - 9 - 0

Meet at the mats It '. Jfs\i Clines Sports Edtior Wrestlers of 2003-2006 were highly successful this season. AM of the team was thrilled when they learned that seven of their teammates had qualified for the big state meet. The seven state qualifiers were Robbie Kramer. Aaron SturtZ Nik Jordan , Randy Shramek. Brandon Zinser, all 06; Phil Sexton. 07; and Mickey Sprague. OR . At the state meet, they all did very well. The best placer was Phil Sexton who placed first in stare individuals, Robbie Kramer who placed fourth , k I I iili,- 1'. 117. HOIK r i'ach IMP SLK in JULUELhl lirtvu City. Pht*lub\ 1 .mi l Ar/zf Jortfuii. Sprague w ho placed sixth. Aaron Sturtz who placed seventh, and Brandon Zinser who placed eighth. "We were 22- i in dual meets and we were state runner-up in the state dual meet tournament. ' said Coach Joe Kaiser, 1 very pleased. Although they had an extremely awesome season, there were also hard time and times were they had to step it up. When Austin Teel was asked what he thought the hardest part of the season was. he replied, 'The time when you had to cut weight and keep it off.” According to Mickey Sprague, the most improving point of the season for ftlickuj Spruiijiit, UHL NUrfc Lhe cnrwd tiftei lib grt'af vkim y against [own ly. limits h} hurl Jttrduir him was right before the MVC conference tournament. Wrestling season of 2005-2006 went by so fast, ids almost like we blinked and missed it. uianstti -ytMayLi4 aaHiyk .uuyu l J ' bui it lii h like h's hurt Jt .- i Hardin* iHt gets n unit- worked nji. Ffksitobf Mickc; Coach Blake Williams. Naibnu Liiitlky , JuMlo Hackman, Tyler TjdnielaBtl. Jesse Sinijj^oiL Mickey Sprague, FLiliipim* Kuhhic Kramer, Mike MitehelL Randy Shramek* Bryan Fiudji. Jordan L I tin IT. ( iarrtet \ anceyP tioafh Kent NmlqJ Andrew HaptisL Austin Teel , MiehuL-l C:(*aeh SeoEt E-ialapus, 1 C !oaeh John Blaha* dan, l nth I .LSthtfH . Henry VnlLejn, Vick T ev, ( ' Irevnr t m inctm*. MarcoTeel, iimm Sturt? ' ^e, Nick I ' liil i l ' 07. show* his opponent ho* - dunii. Photo by hui ' Mriianfierce, \ li?ii Jo!nison, Koegan Tonis, Jordan Sdnilte, I'hil Strtnn, l*^ka \ ranjo, Sate Flaln. MJebiel SJJt ersluin. Dun Eiuit^ ltii Zacli Gnipei. HtilUumu:Ilo^ t, Kuu Cuu|>er, Coach Jot Kaiser, Aihlej (JTJritn, Nicole Sdira 1 > IDT Hurdin . llriiTirimi /jaser> Con. Sfcmc brisker, and P> Ifgan TlvoraL Photo by Read Photography, niton North n . Alarm Var^u ^. t -oath Aarik Mu h ton, (’oacJl lypth Sffry I ini hi^hur. ( net. ' Dec. llliiec I IV U) . r( c S< iLitli Till IJ .Lin 46 WresdlrQ 1 Waterloo W-tst tm MLmh Dfstricis Feb. 23 St[itC Meet Srh, l ^lli Du.t]-. Den. Sb Prairie Tircile 4rji .luri ! 1 ( Jan. l-ck m SiiiirtJiL L !LJ - MVC: Mv IS I " n! _Lj fnll LL i '11 f fid\ i:it , Mur. 4 Stale 13iiiiK 0L I 1 - i ti I.JI , NeiViOrl Semi IfirlN W:ivcrly f’ 3i JjnpinjJSEiip [C West I hi -Stidl Rock in ?TI - Vik J>« . K CJvalid-4 !L 'I ^ HLLI1 L . t 'rarij Johmnn. John Skiilst^ Crj^tld ShraniM . i

qJ « -4 d M T* Quotes from our team mates. MARCO TFFL . "After winter break I came back feeling good and stung and knowing that it was time tu step LIP/' Vtarai snid when " Maico Ted.06 .^eLs ready lo heat his oppo nent. Photo M JCcurr - he got asked what Lime in the season he was ftiost un pmwing. MICKEY SPRAGUE WJusn a_sked hcnc he fell about the crowds , wS h« raptied,. ' this vuar I thought they were rea]ly iAbeiue and. made it even more difficult for the Mickey Sprague, 08, looks very serious About Lhii- wrestling thing. Flhntith} Kvit Jordan. Tim Fisher, 09. pins his opponent roughly to ttin his natch. Phntohi Kurt JorJjn. Mickey -Sprague, Shri.nLch . Nik Jordan. Aaron Sturts , : . 7i user. OS: Robb c Kramer, Randy Riandon al - 06: Phi - Sexton, 0 /; gel together for a group stale qnuJilicn- photo . PfiOiO b; Kitfl Joidsii. The ST^TC DimI / sp h riding up the ccepn-d place trophy ihc\ worked hard lor and are . thrilled they have somethine u - show for it. Photo |jg by Kurt Jordan, Robbie K.ranier. CKi, gets ready for a victory at state. Photo bv KunJonim-* Other Learn beause cif the crowds. , " AUSTIN TEEL L " J Jurirj^ the : >] iOulJ jinvf tuacn stuff/' m sea^ns1 think H \y\ W plac ed more PtaiF rle Ball and done muiL1 said Austin Austin leeL OU. haJf smite for the cjimra uryuag to impress everyime. Photo by Kurt Jonlkifl UVrsetllnig 49

Take i t to the Court Jnsh l-hjtt-, (KS, luas iht ball and Is look ing fUT SOIHlL'i HI L‘ 4Sin his learn tr* hand it ulT lu . Josh Pnlz, US, meets his oppo pointer. - nen t face to Inet* when shouting Ihe halJ hoping I'yr a three' - I )i±\ Bovs Basketball 4 eupurt West North Scott Mount Pleasant DuHitqne Woliter l CR Jefferson CR Xavier CK Wa:Jiin;ptun IC West CR Xavier Dubuque Senirtr IC West 54 - 5S L 42 - 68 L 40 54 - 30 33 45 - S3 L - 66 L 48 - 65 L -It - 52 L 54 - 72 1 34 52 - 63 L 52 - 70 L 41 - 54 L 47 - 73 L 71 - H4 L '7U L - 81 L 56 70 - 04 L IC Hij£h Dubuque Hempstead 38 - 4? L Waterloo East Maquoketa CR Kennedy I .inn-Mar ( ledar t olls Linn Wavcrlv-Mar Wcs| Muscatine IC Went 50 - 47 W 55 61 - 6S 33 Waterloo-Shell Rock 66 - 61 33 67 - 84 L 37 Coach John GinntVirte. ill Kaca, Hen Bremer.Aaron fiiukJI.Alex Coleman, Colin Dietrich. Mitlcolni Moore, Lucas Dennis. Zath Less. Gape Burnett. Josh Shtrard. Mackenzie Martinez.Couch I rent Hynek. Coach Joe Manin i\ loser. Ryan Vehicle, Nathan Joens, Jereim Swarbrick, Joslah Coleman, Dynn SrhmiM.Jrn' ni ) Emmurl. T .iikf Carrolt, Andrew Fisher,and I OCAS Meyer. Photo by Rtad Photography, - 57 33 * 67 Ly . Justin 50 riny^ Basketball

4 LV-TI Fnfxenh&grH Ltfrtcjr of tv'ewxpup&y Thi> 2006 season.. tJie ^irJs aJl share an equal opportunity to s# who inspired you rlie most, wa£ asked , ay 3 suc'ccsbfuJly ended the season m a way that nobody could ever Wlie-Li the- question of. Si !^p\ replied. "Myself. Yam own -ieli is the only person you L :LJI j on I pushed m> ^clt to do the tost tharwas possible to; me. i ‘ I hud. because I wanted to prove to myself that I could still run > 1 " play ” The most exciting print of the season was probably on our way to . . beeause our parents were holding up signs saying " Like italr "' " it made us all excited and ready to play. " Co i ' ! , . H * ' ' ' " said Ash.ley ftoeh. :.J., L . bin -. ' rv team struggled at some point in time whether u ivus as a team or -e > nil pulled together as -i tc*zttand i. . i i -i . ! iu, T' h liua i - a . - best \\ Hit: efttl ufibe season their record was 18 out of 21 gomes \flcr v. inning :hc game iigrunsi Oltumsu: , qualified Id state I They wenl on nod won against Jchnston . ' - jiiJ did our best. . . The boy - basketball ream Is doing really well We me it very earn. LUIJ we have many players in different (. " starred oft the 05 06 season with a week of two-a days inelud .. . nditioning ;utd an assortment of drills . The returning Seder u Inner; . . oe ^.’Tiitirs Josh Sherurd . Colin Didneb, .. . . . c\pIained (. 1 lanfone . .. " ' , and Zaeh Less. Having Zach and Colin playing down low for us at the varsity . , L - [ year and know ing tl’.aL they are coming back dii> year u great . " ' kthi Gianfortc, Last season the Hawks cjided witli a conference reeled of e l l . LI this the team season hopes to have a better record main , . goal isjuSt lo do belter at defense . " We have . . ' ' stilted Gi inCork’ . “ We need to : .'-. T opponents Lu lower [told goals and points than id previous seasons." The team ha > an abundance t»f talent ranging from all aspects iumors that are doing an excellent mb loo . Dana 5chmill .i great mb at point guard. Andrew Fisbrr is an excellent deJen^ive . a lad Jositdi Coleman has very UOLXI pmenlutl ." explained Gianfonc, iii . /uJ ; and Jnsfi - II hack trwiii should make ror-a bettecsffiisnrC' ' ' f Girls Basketball ML Pleasant Renton Pleiisniu Valiev jm Cedar Falls Finn \Lir Wjhltrl Jefferson Xavier ^ 70 - 30 w 56 73 - U W 53 55 I . 30 - 30 U 44 42\\ Washington Iowa City West Davenport Central 73 Senior Vinton lnw ; i ( itv West Iowa City High Hempstead \av iei Waterloo Last Kennedy Lino alAr Muscatine Ottumwa Johusimi Washington 72 45 - 52 L 42 - 57 r. - 42 V\ 25 W 24 - 40 W 42 - 43 W 46 L 47 - 39 W 63 36 W 54 - 33 W J Ka i l ly n Dullishnr. ,Iaim it- lesscntlorf. Coach Steve Dnsrr, ('»adi Steve MunipfT. Danltfle 47 - 46 W 53- 57 \ ( Liltd , Uat lid h tlliams, Whitney Canon. Jessica StalliT. Morgan Innkt. Grace Sippy. AsMty Kntli Michelle Schell!LT, Kriiilfii ScfapUtr, Jennittr lumash. fielh Cuner. and . IL- I I mi MiiidniifiL Vhota try Mind Photography, Cirla Basketball 51 68 - 3ft W 56 - 55 \V SI -20 W 47 - 2ft M 50 65 - 34 W 64 - 3K \Y - 38 L oo^itiejn^ than tncy arc 54-441. they roub^cd that -I 33. and went to ihc ri -uy played a good game :m 1 unloiuin ; ueL they . ikin ' ! eOme oui n . ,1 although we didn’i go to ihc championship, wt mill playedawptruly with the

Despitethedifficultieswestillhavefun April 4 Iowa Cily High April & Xavier Lino April 11 Dubuque Hemp. April 13 Jefferson April 1B CR Washington April 22 Dubuque Senior Dubuque Wahlert May 2 May 4 Conch Frit Moderapek,Colton t hristntT, Jason Crahc, Jcmm Smith. Mason Linn. David DroessJer,LULUS Few ell, Aaron l ' imdall, Andrew Serlmusek^ Tucker,Spencer Pool,and <L.Iiris Williams.Photo by Rend Photography. Kyle May 3 Waterloo West May 9 May 1C CR Kennedy Waterloo East Iowa Ciiy West Cedar Falls -Mar / 2 W 1 - 0 ' a L 9 L 1 - 3 L 1 -B L 0 - 9 L 1- 8 L 0 - 9 L 0 - 9 L 4 - 5 L 5 - 4 W 2 - 7 L 9 - 0 W ( ouch Kric Mudtmeek, Aaron Tindall.Matt Abbcn,Andrew Whetstone. . Drew Giesc. Chiis Sicvens* Andrew Serlnmsek. Marly Gillam,Curtis Hlas, John Miller. JordanPegump, Ken Frederickstin, Sean rbomas. t. !ianis. Dillon Kmlin ^er, Dustin Wheatley.Tommy Llndky,amI Lrie Scuman. Photo by Read Photography . By Lmifv McConaett Features Fdttoi LOST year nil hut ore of the fop sis members of the boy’s tennis team graduated from what was a team with a winning record This year. , iheir brsl ol the SCJ&IXI, " We had four reLilly dose matches, ;mJ we ^von all four of them “ Ihe boy ’s recordis 3-10. They have defeatedIowa City High and Water]mi West and Last. The IowaCity High med was .We came through in the pressure points.” Fi iu Modfacek. the boys coach said. Ihe team has practiced every single day, except for one particular day of down pour, the re -a is spent doing drillsiffnd court rotations i ncTv isn’i .: ' There Lire decent senses of humor around here. 1 wads in an office so this is areally good change ol place . The k iLU are young so '! atciLude. Modracek explained about why he works as a coach. ' I It - " - i CCUldTl 'i compcle. " Mason Linn,06, who would hive been the (cam's number two,injured Jus siioulder while playing and for the majority of die season beet : a difficult season since so many guys have graduated.” Jeremy Smith, the only returning varsity member, said. Despite diificullies the hoys have a good 1ivnc ptacticmg and with iheir roach tarnever. “He works just as hand us the rcsinl u>. " Colton Cole. i )M. -Wd ahum Modraeck. May t Ith it Coe College,die boys team west to Districts. MasonLain made LI to die second round before he wasdefeated. Tucker will he competing at Stiite. rhe first lentils phiyer 1rmn Prairie to .In so since Prairie moxc-.i up from -A. 52 Boys Tennis . hris Win

. n loach JuJin Saiknly, Jennifer Dozier, Jennifer J.ala* Narali Buckingham, RiJe> B«ne% Ashlee Carver, Kathleen Snider, family BergenAm> Arm&trong, [ [eater McVev, AmberMeVcy, Stephanie Meyer, Sara Novneskts* Mindy Ongie, Jennifer Wagner, Emil} Drossier, Jessica Hartford, and Nicole Sloan. Photo by Read CUHSI Safver. OS, reaching to hit the hall over the fence and Jutping th;jr ir won t come hack Coach Scot* Leggett, Rachael Hyland, Barbara Lee. Caroline Moliying,Megan Byers, Christ! Allison, Kalli Terrell , Sarver, Natashia Pierce* non-Prairie student. Amy Loonan, Emily McConnell, Amy Sclion, Allison Johnson, and Jenny French * Photo by Read Photography. April 4 Iowa City High April B Xavier . :/J' > . Met ort / ieli ' :m’5 tdiloi Girls Varsity Tennis finished rlie rjeguJsi seu-non w im .i 2- ) i record |VIT the tccouid year in a jfow, Jbe b-iggtsl difference between this year and last i.s that 1be Enajorilv of their other meets were competihe eleven matches so (m Lliis season,Praiiie lest iss 4-. ^. and three of»eea were Lev hi a tic aJcer. iMatches ygiiinst lowsCity High, Dubuque Wahlert,and Linn- Vfar all tlopendid on tiebreakers. "We’ rs very competitive tlii> year, - " he pariieira more than yeans jirevioLts. We\ e jjfayede^wtj wilh about \ x HJI oh- eight anA liud ihe opportunity to win. Scott Leggap ilie Varsity Coach,expintuit’d I.eggui furs couched this year's senior gids since their freshman year, bin had a definite first tliis ITte|jirK tennis ieam won the Linn Mar Invitational doubles Tournament,due ( a ofAmy Sulion,%,Rachael Hyland 5snn Johnson, ( NS,laiora Sluder, 07. and Christy \ihearted kids," l^ygat said, N ' - - ac nesltniiui vear. JP The senior-, i " ^n^vm Prairies tennis in my mini. I liey are quality k do who work hard uiu: ' e good sportsmanship,I’ll really miss them,” Leggarsaid. Everyoneon the team seems in have equal respect towards the coach as well. I Like him because lie' s fun and lakes stuff from us. Megan Bvers. 07 commented\ y 1Vu ibe team, with:. njcflfcd ii>c itAlmost of the a; " rls tennis payers don;t vi;n up for die £ S "Our team in great because wekeep going even though we don t win. aFid we have fun while Bx cr< -nuid. ' , Girls Tennis 53 - . 07. Emily McConnell, Oh, Cussie Sarver, Uij,Jenny Freneh, 06, -Allison.07. "] tea^-h Prairie's tenrtis (cambecause of tlie character of die kids. They’re high quality kids, evi year ilit :ii !s lean s i0 lose four out of their top s: \ fnemhem, all IK: have beenin tennis April 10 Linn-Mar Aprit 11 Dubuque Herrtp. April 1 3 Jeffursun April 1fi CR Washington April 22 Dubuque Senior Dubuque WahSert May 2 May 4 May 6 Iowa Cfty West Ceca^ Falls Waterloo West Waterloo East May & CR Kennedy 1 - 3 L 3 - 6 L 5 - 4 W 9 - 0 W 0 - 9 L 1 - 8 L 4 - 5 L 4 - 5 L 2 - 7 L 0 - 9 L 0 ’ 9 L 4 - 5 I 4 - 5 L Cassj

TAKING A KICK FOR THE ' Left hiiik to from right: Coat Mike Lhinkert,C&acli Gene fisher , Wyatt Hremueman, Pan Hngesel. Cole Richmond . Hen Reul /.tl , . Coach . Jell lienash. EJrmton Barry, Rvan McAdams Brandon Smalley, Caleb Schmidt. Innocent Ndajimye, Cal Beatty, Josh PUL/ Kurt Lewis. Coach Aaron Epstein, Tommy Lv, Bryant Ellingson Kramer, Joel Mtivtr. Rvan II I Smalley.Aaron Sturt /, James Fisher, Preston West, Janies Schnell, MichiieJ Jansa, and Scott Schebltr. Photo by Read Photograph} - - . - - . J Left hack to Iron! rigid: Coach Aaron Epstein, Kyle Dick. Tyler Feldmami, Gillen, Le^ i Hanken.Tom Nichols. Tyler O’Donnell , Nate FiaJa, Julien Stratton, R\an Milk-r. Julian Rodi i - L* guez, Luke Mornini, Tim Fisher, Brandon MoMurrin, Kw i/era Dieudonne. Preston West, Tanner Lehr, Caleb PeSon /a. Colton Norton, and Michael Smith, Photo by Read Photography * smm&W' T . td't hack to from right. Semir I himovic, Ethan Thompson, Ry an 1 Milkersan.Coach Mike Danhcrt. Justin Kress. Dylan Hadenfeldt, Taylor Rasmussen, Mev La Bore Rokco Rhoades, Justin Hansen, Brad Nm reskc, Daniel Peters, Dj Ziskovsky, and Nick Smith. Photo by Read Photography. 1 April 22 Waterloo East Cedar Falls April 29 1C West 1C High Josh Purz. OS, gets ready to throw the 54 BOVE Soccer bail in at one of the soccer meets. Piwtu hv Jam Buchiieit. April 4 April 3 Waterloo West 0 - 3 L Solon North Scott Clinton April 13 Dubuque Hemp. 2 - 1 W 4 - 0 W 2 - 0 W 0 - 0 L May 2 May e May 9 May 11 May 16 May 20 CR Jefferson Dubuque Senior Linn-Mar CR Xavier CR Kennedy CR Washington L3 L 3 - 1 W 1 - 3 L 2 - 0 W 2 - 3 L 0 - 4 L 3 - 0 W 2 - 3 L s a w 2 - 3 L . l3ss> . Brent Bundy.Jace Dan

Uft buck to front right: Coach Kevin Melsha, Couch Lurry Reul/el, Jenna Hmdmau.Erin l>ick. Amanda Carson, Ashley Schulte, CoachLaura Readout, Coach AI Soukup, Abby HaniiJlon, Victoria Koemig, Jessica Carlson- Ashley Koch. , Kylea Pierce. Megan Popenhajr 3B)B * gen, Caitlyn Ahlioff. Lauren Peters. Heidi WidiaJcc, Dalkia f h np .^ Xt Xavimouk, Hannah WTITL tens* Kaci Cooper.Molly I V Fowler. Kailyn Mrhha, Alison IHrodsack, Fatten Whitteni, ^ le, and Jerlly n Miller. Photo by Read Pkutaj*raph\\ Hff Fdihtir Hfcd heeau.se [ ip* k c i flnvs" soccer played the tir ^r a un,L of districts May _0 ar Kingston :.i 10:00 a in gainst Washington. When wc pkiycd Washington ai hjc beginning of the season, we were down 2-0 wrier: [ ifbad weather." explained BflsM&rtl coachMikeDimkert.“'We will play muchbetter than what . . " he gime wa> Pkr.ngton Is expeelihg of us, they think we will play [ &- ±1the same. l -> " tic same as. before but we are a better !c;nn . and they have die le^ni wj| dcfeared hy Linn-Mar in the ir->L round of districts iiu a shootout after two avcruines. - r- wrapped up tne reason on .Vla> JFi, #| Kennedy, Prior to the game Danker:explained Kennedy a* “ateam tha:Likes to play the Kill i.|uiekfy and pass a K T .leiend ihu we will mark lightly and not M;ib .n die ball, k ' a i over all wem wiy well the boy ^ ended v , : -iooi:li l . iih a record of ' ' -9. .oi year’s Girls soeecr s season wasn t vt:r\ good, new ideas and plLiiix have hcen rnade for ihh t — . "Weare really at a rebuilding stage wilh ihe girEs soccer programhere at Prairie,” said Rculzel, UIreally *e uvn the talent and Ite^it tot a winning season :!:i> year plus we Uave The othleFes dial arc needed. i ,.K ititL program started rebuilding but also ;i suphemore from theMt.Mercy College soever team, Re a d o u t , has nken ihe position of assistant corsch.A] 5-uukup and Kevin Mflsha are al-sio assistant - for die 2(10? season. " , , April 5th Dubuque Senior 1 April 24th Anamosa May 2nd CR Xavier May 13th CR Jefferson 4 W -0 0-10 L 0-10 May 16th Dubuque htemspiefld 2-4 May18th Waterloo West 1 -2 L L W -0 April 22nd IC West CR Kennedy 0-5 w 0-3 L L Airreee Soukup, Katie Jamsa, L ' Kaliie Hamilton. Lara Sund, IlcScbcbler, Rachel Daily, Ashley Olson, Felicia Murfcu, Randina Eisner,Haley Willard* Kii&tina Craft, Utv Vmliu , Cailec Jessica Sevrik,Katie litirkhaitil, Kamryit Ilanua,AJysa Kiratmt'e, Samantha Kueny, Bridget Slattery* Kayla Robson, Dawn ^ " V axSSv - ,v . iW:i:\ . Girls Soccer 55

OviL’ii Crist* Gage Harnett, Rob Jansa. Jared Giese, Da - vid I>rntt.ssler.Scott Sdicblcr, CiiTt Vodraska, Ryan Espc, Nate Sauscr* Ryan Yelvick, Jordan Schulte, \1<JM 1rusky. Tyter* Tjlemlaitd, Nick ' Cody Luther, Justin M mid Brandon SmsHitij. piciured: t. asey Becker, t n Hof' fpyuir. H Lav lor. and If Andrew Davis. Rmt, Sk\ ler UruiLSseiK Lkan Gilten NLHI Frefil l our, Caleb WetJ11 TrevorSnitgiittrid.T\ terNdinners, RyanWilkt EI. (7I % uadiJoeMartin, Fair Reeker. Drew Cicst* Josh V11U. Michael Sihenddn, Derek Lahore. Luke Carney,CoteSicliulle,and Craiq Johnson. . - - Cn,,h Mai , Thcdc. . . -.j £.£25^PS .. . 7“ . . , Wm H jT Br i I r v - - tj&vEE/ C, sffiS* r ,« % i . . 1 IjMfc & ns-lii V. 1 . 1. Gage Harnett, 07, walks forward to talk to a teammate. /*110/0 by Amanita Philipp. 2.Scot!Schebler, IH>, throwsthe balk Photo by Amanda Philipp, J, Cody Luther, 07* prepaid to hit the pitch thrown to hiiti. Photo by Amanda Philipp, 4,Gage Uamctt* 56 Baseball 07f completes his pitch * Photo by Amanda Philipp, "I IHPir ; : . . . - : 'SE: -! »> - ^:> Li £s ’ - 1 :Auslin Kessler .Andrew Whetstone. HriLLon Hillard and Wi * m7^ i . J trrcueiuejer, fOwkrj R] i etudes, Adam tioodwin , Itnrw IVilhurm, .foe Cocke Sick (. iixizalez, Kyrtii Grant, DOLL^ Hartley. Cultun Srtrlon., Cal l- ruiM*, GH itn Cilila. Sot pi ctnred: K-H ! JV ru l>Ee u eli uiise.Wts Rickets. IJntkr li ii .titcolv lU'Ktrc, R > iin "* ' •Ju I I —— IMM in in - - v.-oSO'i' Ian£Q. Sic ijthner. Hun Putn, Sieven Kibier. Andi . w V r Wt»JV L. VjwflBLfti» Cheney. Adum SCEHOU, Dm id kneber. Ke;m Cudvicek, and Luke Mnnrini,

3:WEr" . 1. Carrie Vanf loutcn, 08, pln>^ uatch ith. by Amimi a teammate. Photo Osborne 2* Michelle Schebler, 07, walls for the ball to lie hit. Photo by Andriu Osborne. 3. Kortnev Cok, 07, gels ready to pitch the ball to the hatter. Photo bv AndrUt Osborne. 4. Korney Cole, 07, and Katie Start/:, OD, converse during a short break ill play. Photo by Afldria Osborne.

BOYS TRACK - March 30 Washington Relays 2nd April 4 April 7 Hollingsworth Relays 6th 8th April 18 Prairie Relays April 22 John Ask Relays April 25 South Tama invite May 1 May 5 Lion Relays MVC Divisional May 12 Conference 1 Ota-. * ?S > ;; 3rd 6th 8th 2nd 11th 4th 2nd L lift biKj k to frun t rig h L : 1y i e r i >y ' Hen Cody Brown, IJereL t n]iffrCr» jrh kfJ Mwller,]JiedMa^il, fasun Clallttwjy,1Ji1Postal, Chri£Friui>Gaj Aupfin Vyi>d r.Ki?krChristopher Jan^an , Matt L! nt ied I T Jeremiah Pnrdy, Ross Sieinfaiai . ^, L(J£.m 5t]«ny . leremy Fminert, Mickey Sprague, Jordjn L ihoffr PiFiji SchmittJamie KEitii, Prexlci> Colin Dietrich, J im Eopplinsk;, Fctcr CAEiOviav, Dan Murphy, Ky -on, Antin ony ] tl cksun,Nate:ftuchmii*], Ry30 Lampjrck,Troy t>sn i soil Coich ErikAndeisun , J 11 ^ Hamel a , Andrew Fishpr, , Cnat li Hill SchwJK, Huntor I lil Is. James Lee, Chiis Schamheck, Ronnie WUfiam =. ale Sauser, josh Clark,S]i 3wna J pr Nflthafl. Liitdk'y, Ale* Riydnn, Aaron Qu.fnbj, RyJ_n ilarrelsDn, Krrc CrosJtPey. N: ,n Mu&teJman, Aj Chamberlin, Wilkinson Relays April 15 Draxton Relays Colin Dietrich, Ufr, tries to clear t lie - bar for the high jump. Photo ln$ Ifrra Burhii&itCuhn Dietrich,.06, lakes a run ning start in the long jjump at the - Praijrie track meet. Pfwto Buihkei 53 Beys Rack m %Tara pamie Kl ith, Nate Suehomd, Dana Schmitt, and Andrew Fisher, aFJ 07, participated in the Distance Medley at the Drake Phuto courtesy of[Jfjfisf Fisher, Dan Dosta!., 07, lake? a running leap while particip.Ming in the running long jump at the Frame tfJbck meet. Photo btf Uiirrr Bimhheit.

GIRLS TRACK April 4 April 6 Women of Troy Relays Aprif 11 CR Xavier Invite April 18 Mt. Pleasant Invite May 2 Prairie Relays May 5 Con'eren^ May 12 Districts m r- : ] > ; j fiOflt rifcht: Cflath Chrip Parkins,. Aitrieilfi Smith, Whitney Carbon, Bril t,my Partins, Allie Zis-kuvSky, Danielle CaEefc XT ( _ j Lin** — S ' 4th Williams, Jordan irtdsEy Cairt, Jessica Nimemakei; Jessica StatEer, Jails* Cplfman, Cuach Nick Proud, MegJO Andersmi; Audrey TmuS Dear\m Bolambii, Jessica Jjde Mcftmeel, Shawnee I ldCildiei, ' Jessica Rjyne, Amy Joenfc, Moriah Montgomery. Beth Carver, Kendall Kikdts, Cnrfney Paskei, Amber Merfeld, LB m - da Philipp,, Alyssil Humphrey} Stephanie RddniiLiirt, Brittany Richardson, Lit VaughAH, Sara Franks, Crystal Shramek. Anna Bechenr *nd Anna Duss. y Read Photography, mt branch SftfH’ipapfr Editor Mack KftEn continues with a coud season ai champions of the Prairie relayi. pEaciog second fli a few either [rack rrieelii,- tfftd KillfliatUg in the Ifip hall in att Ciibfir Set* !competed at the Drake Relays, a massive fcveat thirttioiES college and high fchiwd track evem April 27r29: 1 T amp^mV (|7 , received the mdd medal for shot pw anti the ftilver medal for di$CUS> Also at the Drake Relays, qualities for Che 4s I team were:Jeremy EstLilk'fr. Jemic Prior, S'atO Slicftoqnq - ^Gaft BametL ulL 07:and James Topolipski; . - reatlv One of lllf best mcizL; in lh .: ctnirtlrv . n:J lOi ; i io be : n Iowa .nid we abte LS - pditicipaw in i - s prerty speqa!. k coach B:ii Sc :; iv . ' "; ir. Andre fisher, ail 07. Dan VTmphy, Juki Pteter Gidlo-w-iy, btubfkK place 10th onto! rcvtiy iiJy 4t>: I high schtsoi shot put vklOiy SI SB- 7 .HI was the second luHgeSE throw since 2(KW and only Hic end their team placed t ^ rh out nf Hn c^1imated 400. FACif o> r-d!cy. 11^asSed t>Y,QH3e MfldisAn otNewtorw hO ^ ^^^ ij UIEL addition. Prairie had KJith. SufllOdieh 6th 4th - 5th Washington Warrior invite 9th 8th 5th 1 ^snanida Philipp. 07, MlMl C t\h id I Skmnek,04, ir \hmmrk. 2 HIT lii > m part I*hiHtn-ourte\y oj t rysuil 1 ihmneltrs (or their IOHB dblmnY mrii . Jcwka SiHilut Otvjini jini>ln s ^h jtulip ut a mm / 'Wn tfrurU' Ky of Cryrtut Shnumti ICK liL- l Witumis, l iat S/pniJifrA . >7. Bel* \ inth in throw the 'hm di Lht Prairie Krlais meei. Hum> t twn^y vtf('ry\ 4 r\L' \m\ Jmnsjimi < i rttmek, hi>th IW.)>( ' f'htuit t nstill Stiiiviidt in liai]|it' hittlpns dlll iltfl liken- rvlui . v of( ' ryslat Shiwntk Girts Track 59 -

H Squad (Clockwise) Hannah Hynek, Molly Fowler Leah j FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Perez, Megan Valentine, Ashley O’Brien, Tasia Flaucher, Amber Merfefd. Kaitfin Burkhardt, Crystal Shramek, Kylie Pierce, Kris tina Craft, and Marley McGurk. Photo by Read Photography„ ^ FRESHMEN WRESTLING /Squad (Clockwise) Hannah Hynek. Monica McEowen Alicia Meyer, AElison Geoffrey, Leah Perez, and Kylie Pierce. Photo by Road Photography. '^tal Shramek, — FRESHMEN BASKETBALL <Squad (Clockwise) CrysAllie Novak, Alex Amiing, Mandie Miller, Samantha Woodward, Victoria Roemig, Abby Hamilton, and Cara Ruth. * tography: , 4 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SquadI *Schrader Caroline Fischer, Rachelle Li . . :• : " V T " 1 • : (Clockwise) Andrea Johnson, Lora Kramer, Shyanne Munson, Miranda Carmel.e, Jennifer Fischer, Karissa mr . demann, Kourtney PudM, Lindsey Dullea Whitney Wieiand. and Kylie Norton, 3 by Read Photography: Pho\ * Photo by Read Pho60 Chseriesding V|9 L

w KING n NEXT 1 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Squad {Clocks wise} Stephanie Erenberger, Rachehe Lindemann ntiifer fischer, . Miranda Camicie, Shyanne Munson Caroline Fischer Lora Kramer p Kelsey Erenberger. Photo by ReadPbofogra ^ gen, Nellie Barry. Jorum Musil, Kiley Meier, JLII Hinschberger, Ashley Schulte, Ashley Ralston, Sara Boothe. Jenny Boothe and Erin Wieneke, Photo by Read Photography. 3 A VARSITY WRESTLING Squad (Clockwise) Nellie J Hinchberger Kiley Meier, and Hannah Fischer Jill VARSITY BASKETBALL Squad (Clockwise) Jenny Boothe, Allison Roemig, Jorunn Musil Ashley Ralston, Amanda Matias, and Kasi Hayes. Photo by Read Photography, .Barry, Amanda Thomas, Ashley Schulte,JHf|jM| ?ofo by Read Photography ' . 5 SOPHOMORE WRESTLING Squad (Clockwise) Ana Hofstadter. Andrea Johnson, Cailee Hayes, Lindsey Duliea Kourtney Pudil, and Whitney eland. Photo by Read Photography, Cheerleading . Hi :S»^ R << K"

DANCE THE >A EAR AWAY BY DANC1NG 8y Cline Advertising Editor This season Tor the dance team like always has made many memores tor the girts For Crystal Ohrt 06 the most rremorao e moment cl the year was at the gins banquet. Ohrt said. JAN (he jurors made as a video its a sunrise and it v ended making all of us seniors cry ' Ohrt iis very proud ot her follow dancers but she beeves that their best performance was a! Westdale She explained. '1 was so LiOfkuiM- i : Huniiuh Uhilttrrv i ari^sa Ballurd* \ !v^* IhrmrY, H:iilv > ' hiltcr^, t . >hr ( H aiken U hillcT'i . Jt -'xi M^rten\. .furjutt MniMun. AmberFVrry* Destiny Ohrt* Hiatai W illard. Instil .JelTrcw Crystal ( * tin kwi«): limliin SllHit n,Hunnati W IIIIUTS* i iiri> j Mallard. Ahssu ( himy.Jcsiit Martens, H.illi i VMutt^rv \mht r Ferry- Jemiui MOMT. Trktii ' - h fTrc> „ 1 MuMm, Crystal CHirt, ,intl Dtslinv Ohrt, 'Td-djJ Piwtoftrvpfiy. W ilLm J :dk*n VVhitlrtv SnrrunLhu Phtrta bi Murliei. Vhuto by Read Ptum mid viuwnlhj ^ntphy. happy ID find out that we received first m jazz and got best choreogra - phy at Westdale." Being a senior Ohn says that si e has made so many memories hoi cut of al she says. L junior year at the Westdale competition while we were dancing a tew of our girts had wardrobe malfunction and ended L. loosing their tops." Overall each competition and practice has made wonderful memories For Ohn By Paige Cline Advertising Editor Competition Che few competitions. They placed third in Ihe Stack the | ?r!e3d ng participated inqu'te a - Stands Companion held here at Prairie They participated in the Wesfdale Competi tion and their place was unknown, After those two compet'tions they broken the grout) into a smaller slum group The smaller group performed at iho Marion Competition and placed first mere Then they participated in ihe iowa Competi - tions and their place was unknown. Ne I RJ moment of :hi& ' Berry 07, said, " my most merrcraolt would have to be the We^ - ? ! M r. Compel i on because we even though we dicn t dc very fy <2' \ ,ve all still had a iol of fur. Barry a BO explained. * the best par: of being Back Left to Front Right: Nettie Barry, Kellie Qpheim. Lora Kramer, Stephanie Erenberger. Megan Copenhagen, Hannah Fischer. JiN Hinchbergar, Kiley Meier, Enn Wieneke, Jorum Mustl, Rachelie Lindemann Caroline Fischer and Amanda Martas get a quick photo taken after their competition at Prairie s ’Stack the Stands " Photo coufteiy of Amanda Malias -n competition would have to be that you stl i get ic cheer after the regular season. After a while into the season, Nellie Barry ended up rot sticking with competition hut she said i think Iprobably would have stayed m It if I went lo more of the competition * and made hatter USE? of my practice time." U Ei "anee earn rr,petition Cheeneadinfi -

1 Bti Maranda Symonette iris Editor Someone gave sophomore Jaiisa Coleman the idea that they should T . e a hip-hop dance team, So Coleman got to work. She started the - -!nmg, but was scared to do it alone, so she brought along Deana plumbu, 08. “ ley went to the office and asked Kevin Behrends, activities director, fthey could start a new activity. He was willing to listen. He thought it was a good idea , but we fu-st -e: to fill out a new activity paper. He took the paper to his meet ngs with - school board. They approved it during the spring of 2QQ5. ' Co eman id 3he and Bolumbu were going to be the choreographers but they just eded a supervisor. Kurt and Kyle Derosiers. both 08. were on the team :: their mom volunteered to be the supervisor. Coleman and Bolumbu worked during the summer coming up with i routines. When August 2005 came where they were ready to have ...pie sign up and auditions. They talked to some girls who could be Bily taught or could just dance. So Coleman and Bolumbu wanted to -ibine both. Aud' ticns were cancelled and practice began Oct. 11 performed during sophomore halftimes. Tneir first performance was January 10th 2006 Loose Control" Coleman, sald ntices were held Tuesday“Thursday, from 4 00-5:30 pm and they .and a second per-iance on February 24th, 2006. They danced to the two songs. The t one was Chris Brown, Run It and the second one was Missy Elliot ; "Even though we had two performances we worked ry hard to get tne routines down. They were not easy to teach we had _ s of fun. joked around, and acted silly But was serious when it carno , :,vri to hit the floor. Jalisa Coleman and Deana Bolumbu, both OS, are the ones who organized this group. Photo courtesy of Jafisa Coleman. ; o a . TOP . ; i ! : Hi . :: . 1 (clockwise) ' Leslie Duncan. Kari Eaton, Jalisa Coleman, all 08, and AIL Hess, 09. snap a quick photo after practicing their routines. Photo courtesy of Jalisa Coleman. clockwise): Kyle Derosiers. Leslie Duncan. Deana Bolumbu, Kan Eaton, Kurt Derosiers, Skye Denison, Aii Hess, Supervisor: Lynn Derosiers, and Jatisa Coleman. Photo courtesy of Jalisa Coleman. PRACTICE INCLUDES: Stretches Practice moves Then routines Perform with group Perform with partner Perform by yourself ALi Hess, 09, and Jalisa Coleman, 08, get a photo taken after one of their performances, tesy of Jalisa Coleman. Photo courHip Hop Danes Team 63



mm Student Co fly Keltic tin ) F'lwtfigmpitn .. . I ry Siudcnt Council is the su . VG rm .LL Plan ic .. e kamn& During ihe Prairie Cares i' School. Tho -uf nespunbibfc jor mam o! the: futk1j:ii si/rs and events dial S *me of these ti . -1 un ^m^nmieni n Prairie High Homecoming week acth ides a-] tttr dance \!MI the Prairie. Cares fundraiser titld ihj-s y= of hjwrhc;i.[5 undrais«5 dol± could ' istt ' aj: to dfcpSjA j sdcfcer; which ciXii-^led Hhcr:i LO u ,' LIT I . N Lrie victims ^ ^^nry haL and teachers rrt$ could pay one the dollars for iht privilege of weaenjg JCHEIS to school. A I humph Wiles, Vim gun I tuike. Amnuda Carson,Surah Voles.ant!Sum Wilts ' ' . Photo by\vftic Htm v. :. Peter GHUOWUV, Colin Dietrich, Kultlvn lJulrishar. Mor^m 3 Tin Wientkc. < ory florae* . i wnke* Saiit W ilv^ , and tniattda Car son, Photo b\- Xt-ttu Hurry, Sarah \ < HL!S+ David Droe^ler, SpeftCCf Hitiker ^ienhugen, Alvssu t Imicy . . Aaron Tindall, Daliciu Xayasouk, Nanishia Pierce, Megan Pc and Hannah W iles. Photo by .Kellie Harry .Jesska Markus, Hailey Whim . - -Carlin ^hnuse, Nick Smithy tTor * QJ Pafrkf; Mahoney, Jordan Funkc. Helh Carver, Lyndsm C ain, i Jiihsii ClocmsHi. Tml Meyer, Kelsey Lrt. ttbei'ger. Tes*a I lurl - and kart I atom Photo by A fttie Barry. 7m 66 Stuwol Council Alex ( i tleiunn. Angelica Hahn, \Tarh IVEcGurk, Amy Jnens. Midiad Smith. Iti Itany Stafder, Katk Sturts, Amber McH' eld, and Alyssa fhilnn. P Il

Lori Danker IS Advisor National Honor Society took on a neu Look this yea]', " ' induction Look place on Nov. 15 at 7prn, , rather thcEi the usual spring date to allow now , -CLCCS to have almost a fui! year to serve. Keynote speaker was Dr. Nicholas Colangelo, Director of the Belin-Blaaik International Center for ed EducahOil Lind I aJenL Development at Lho University ot Iowa. Hii message focused on why il is critical to use our talents to our tallest Kfitial. The reception following the NHS induction was a beautiful, oandle-iil affair complete with desserts, and music provided by Prairie nts. \dvNor for NHS this year was Lori Darker. Cl iieers werea ^ follows: President. ' ' " i - Grace Sipry: Vice President. Emily McConnell: Secretary , ntney Carson, The officers were instrumental in planning and implementing meetings two times per month, as well as various activities, . i:e four pi liars that were critical La NHS induction and participation were -JIT :A. show exceptional character, leadership, and be hea' . ily im . i! -. ed in community service aedviries. Community service option? for NHS students took place tliroughouL die yetu Sonne of die many opportunities to ierve involved the following: ring with freshmen erienCation, school registration, a school-wide food drive, and senior presentations. Many students helped prepare items for "Race Against Breast Cancer" , atid also worked the race so that participants had modsation an.;. - . k freezing cold da \ *. NHS member* rang the kettle bell for the Salvation Army, ! HCF They read to elementary students during America Reads Day. wrappecEt hristmas gifts Lor the ARC* a Cause,” Dav . " Operation Love Basket” was a collaborative effort among the Sr.Lidcn! Council, Prairie athletics, T blood center involved ” There '.'. 5 donors. encouragen ent throughout their route. During and many worked in the soup kitchen. "Wrapping for and made valentines for veterans for Valentine' LLTILL NHS to raise monev ldr area shehers and food banks. I tie NHS blood drive, in collaboration with the University of Iowa’s year involved NlfS members writing personal letter ? Teacher appreciation this of appreciation to teachers for all ihey do and contribute to PHS. eve also many more activities L - IUI kepi NHS members involved LIL using their skills and talents to help others L ‘ alerie Brophy, Lucas Fewell, Greg Soukup, ncs Lee* her Ferry;Spencer Hinker-Garlanghousu. David Dvocssler John Miller* Nick Yancey* ndmeek, Samantha Meyer* Tushhi Pierce, . , iLkm sky, Caroline Mottling* •m + Jvmva Krivanck, Sarah Groncnicver* P Hcs* Becky Dove* w y DJ Rachael llyiami. Hannah Brittany Richardson, Jerivg>.. n Miller , Ann Lonnun, KelEr Qpheim. Megan P jpenliagen, Jennifer Henry* Kellie llolub. Tiffany Craig, Kaylcy Alexander* and Layla RarkaL ftu ito by Lttri Danker. t r n Dick. Jenna Hindman, Leeami Ruliert*. C titlsea Cobh, Answer Ejlast, , Nji thn Dubishar. Morgan : unke* Grace Sippy* Jessica Sutler* Matt EgesdaL Amanda Carson* Leah Kikuts, Emily V . Connell, Jenny Frenchj Curic Boose, Sarah Voels, Kami / urteh, Jorumi Musil, hilney Carson* Ronnie Williams * fri Lon Danker. Owen Crist* l nH right Photo Oh, participates in annual Blood Drive in the Joe T rpkosli, Aaron Murphy , Amy Schon, Saiitii* Caleb Schmidt, Peter Galloway* Colin Dietri h. Rabbit Kramer, Dan. labitha 1iceman. Oti, has a smile on her face during the Blood Drive in the high school library. Fhotit by Aaron Tindall* Dana Schmitt, Austin s /ed throughout ihc year. Students nestled to maimain a 13.5

hoto fry inny Gil. Natalie Hahn, Brandon lifter. Dustin Mauck, Chelsea Cobb, A& Lefebure, Victoria Rocmig. Emily DrocssJer, Sara Encke. Scott Seltrtcht . Jiijce DrydemAJrx I . allure, William Musscr, Andrew Primmer, Leah Pod/imek, Sam Jnii^s, IerT Dan Gillen, Sam David Jeiuwr.juhii, Michael Moyuihan, Monica Sniegowfski, Shawna l>re \ Eisner, Scott JcnncTjohn, Emil; McConnell, Dt Tharp. Danielle \\ right , Erin Wlcneke, Zach Schumacher. Chariie Beebe, Zne Phillips, Greg .i v . A - . WJ: L f id , iiS- *.. “ a ; B\ Maranda Symanetie Oryaftirations FrJitor The marchmg band season this year was very successful with earning Thc-iJ 19th consecutive Division-1Superior Rating at the l.RS.M.A. Slate ' -Mar March - mg ren Band Invitational and finished second OUT of bands at the lowa City L‘Littic Hawk” d i the fYatHf "' " - y ° i n H B '" Murching InvitubmT. v:hic*- dv? ' rweaLheiv was neiii indoors I ney atso panicipaled in the annual Homecoming Parade and at the ninth annual US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids. # Indoor Marching Band Classic held at lhe Jennifer Lala , Barbara Lee, Jessica Lit/enberg. Jennifer Wagner, Tiffany Bredman. Nicole SoEuan, Amher Ferry, Sarah Yods Loraine Moody. Riley Banes. Joim Smith, Krivatiek. Brittany DubalL Michelle Ahndteh, Jenny French, Kmirtuey Mills. Phi hv JHteach Photography. Marching Band contest held at Kingston Stadium in Cedar Rapids. The band finished third at the Linn Marching Rand Invitational. This vear was the fifth annual “ Rands Across Soukup. Jared Musi* Photo by Joiesch Ptonngraphy. Jamie Freeman, Megan O’Connor. Genevieve HarcEing, Kayla Kinion, Sun;

. . J : n .M W?.: * i:; -a ONCERT BAND “ : * i It*' lie -i FIRST ROW: Answer fcrii.SECOND ROW: Brian Snider, N±rah Myers,Tanya Ki l / I eah KikuU. Kortney Cole. Miranda Kit/ki, Samantha tlekher, Kelsey Tvllis, Marnnda Symonelle, UP Vaughan, Cay la Rusche. Ami Schon ' Katlyu Ihvaus, Atin .Jociis and Macke Ei / Laura Barrett.Jill Arnold. Amanda Carey. kntclyn Opht?im VJe . Jerilyn Miller, Ashley Plogniau .Jake Grahe ' ic MynlvrHannah Fischer, Alicia English, Jennifer Gann, Lisa W.ilderlmris. kalie it. Daniel Peters, Zach Manley, 1 C&h Pudtirclek, Trade Schwab, Mary Jo Grolmus, Kathleen Bain, Ashley Carver, Molly Fouler, and Jessica . I H I KD ROW: Nicole Bode, Kaci Cwper. Mindy Ongie, k i , ^aii Andersen, . Michelle LeCaptaut, Jordan fa il . Andrea Jotbisun, [Mlyanne Houe, Paul Stallman.Jessica Sevcik. and Jordan Lthoff. FOl R J M ROWj TTier Alexander, Fdton E . n v u u , Chris L--- Mitchell Potts. Rachael I jnig, Jjfth Sevcik, Amber Leaves, Jessica Zuhmik. Bailey Carver, Chad CundlK- rg, Jade Me] ImivL. John Ruthjc, -Uyssy Humphrey.Lucas TJelmekmd, Patrick Cronemeter * i jmdn W iesender, Kim Hltis. H*, David ITchstadt, Jaime Frl|/ t ti iernie Smith, Do\ Phillips, nitL Calvin I nMfSS, UanU' . Morgan O'Rear, Shane Henvtycr. Andrew WlteG pul yatt Breoneutinu SIXTH ROW: Jared Pool, Robert Mashtk. Sarah Gronemeyer, ^FEX Sritrctkl - Photo b\Morgan Becirka. „Aks tlanua, Curlis V edraska, and James Schnelk FIFTH Rt >W: Genny Burns. Randi 1 ,incs Andrew Roberts, Caleb Schmid I, Ryan Grant, Abby Hamilton.Ashton Humphrey. Allen Luvan. Holly Ehlt*. .In Urn Stratton, Kall itHe Fisher, Chris Stevens, Tonya Weaver, Tremor Siuegow^kL Michael Smith, t assy Saner , NRk Smith, HALIICI Daily Colin Hoover, Varon Smith, Allan HopIViislierger, Zacli ' , Pnichcrolt, /ath Kunt/, Nick Zahner.Nick Wills.Han Meggers. Bry an Chesmore, Spencer Pool, Ben Ziegler, Ryan Livingston, Nathan 1jelnieiand, d Josh Thompson.SEVE\TEI ROW: Charlie Beebe, Chelsea Cobb, Shauna Premier, Jnjce Dryden, Sam Etsner.Sam Jones, SaraEncke, David uei’john, Danielle W right, Kurt Zenbck, Greg Soukmp, Brandon LsiEler, r. Victoria Rncmig. and SL' Ark Lefebnre, Jared Musil, William Mussel. Ztic Phillips, Andrew Prim - , : . iil : mwm y IRS 1 ROW : < li rFsli MlKuo, Stephanie Meyer. Chris Williams. Tabilha Freeman. Emily Osborn, and Rachael Hyland, SECOND ROW: Jen r Dozier, Kid fit Hamilton, Kaycie PaFko, ' "' - Kiracofc, !HIRD ROW: Aliya Musselman, Sarah Buckingham, Samantha Meyer, Amy Loonan, Megan Ransom, Leeann Holterts, Jatinie ndurf, K&mi ZLumek, Joe Trpkosh. Duslin Mauck. Bryan nrd. Keimi LtHew, ' - Spencer Minker viiihAiLt Zacli Scliym *JV) hy Morgan Herifha. nia'i , MtilL Ahben, Shai] Stocktan, Aaron Tindall, Will Kaplan, Hannah Whittens, sird Jeremy Smiih. FIFTH ROW: Scott jemit [John. Michael Sniegnawski, Derek lliiirp, Daii Gilk' ji, Emily Drirtsaskr, Emih MiConutll, Altx LaBore. and Natalie Hahn. ^hcr, -Carlinghouse. Steplien Rifner, . 1 - V' Dan OeCiue, Patrick Mahoney. Lucas Fewell, Mitchell Vaughan. Caroline Mohling.Jessi MUlon, an Tashia Pierce, Allison Johnson. Megan Kcnnett, Kalli Fer Jaretl Botirne. Ryan Foizey, Ryan Muswlma.il - , and Brittany Rkliardsun, FOT. RTH ROW: Bridget Slattery. Kay ley Alexander. Whilney Carson, Jenna Hindman.Ah Leytem, Ryan Schtel, j in Rainey, Dustin Wheatley , , tirnce Sippy .Sean J

Rturhacl By land, Wyatt lirenpeman . Monica StU' han, Scotl .kuntrjohiu JTr Schafer* ' \1i Lc-vtcnt* ( irace SippV* tHHMwsku Michael MoyrtiRYJU I MussclmaIU Rvan Fouev.Jartd Kounu' Vunrti Imdal. 1a i mic Ttsst'nd< » rf, Megan Hansom* . L«man, I *ettnn Ktiherls, auri Joe Irpkrob. i'hitw cauri<'\i} i( fJeff Schofir. , josh Thomson. Bnan Ward, Jeremy SmiUi. Colin Hiwn^Akx Hanna. Dustin M M n k. Eton Gillum. Nick /. timer, Ji ITEI Ramey,(rfmiy Burns, Randi I SIK'S* AnitrfrTir Roberts.Mr* ScitB* E® fer, wai Kaplwn- MmAbben* Shw Stockton* Ryan Livingston. Christ*Allhitn* Jordan FJliir, fcrMpef Slat ten- kaylcy ikxandct and \.uc$s 1 t utll. ffcorw < i»BWcn pfif/TChafer. * k. : i kiel Hyland - flok, K> an Foi /n . trumpet SridI Jpdatriohn dull, anti Samantha Meyer kin* h horn, tor hand.m f - pciYUV all participated tit the All-Slate 7Q Jazz Eeind

Ryan Foircy. All Leytein. Jordan Funke, Michelle ScheMer, Andrew Fisher, Morgan \ ii nke.. Sonya KrivaEiek. Sarah ( Inme ' arson.Derek - meyer, Tyler Teldmmin, Amanda I Tharp.Olivia Price.Josh Patz, .fa mitt1 Ee.ssendorf, Aaron LindaII, Cari.xsn ' Ballard, Ryan O'Dwyer, Kavrie Pulku - Becky Dove.Sam . Peter C nitowayt Kayla Mmnm. Bryan , . \ rny l .finnan, Bryan Michelle Mlodeeh , U F H Josh Roediug, Loraim Moody, jarrcid TessemiftiT, Kami 7bn tick. SthuMer BS] " r I - , . * Bielwr, nB B . %T v i ° V Schiller. Joe Trpkosh, Jennifer Ask. Patrick Mahonev. Monks • Sniegon ski, Jared Rourm\ 1 Crystal Olirl. James Let, : . herger, Caleb DeSna/a. Samantha Martin, Tyler Alexander, Courtney Wagner, Josh Thompson, and Hannah Wiles. £ than Thompson. Allison 1tietstra, Julian Rodrigue/ kdie Boeder* Scott Schc kr, LhiU.ses t ' :n \F .Bn° F . _ „ u . m , SLltl Hansen, f.attren - airc.Tylqr “ n; - Hurfbm, Angelica 11aim. 1 Like Mornmi, Tack Hoose, Jo !, Duvall.Ale\ Coleman, '.sii Hnribert, Morgan V ' Rear, Sara Nov reske Scan Thomas, Shelby Hen . - dry x. Sam Jones, Jessica Harford, Jayce Drvden, kntvievc Hit riling. Alex Hanna. Hailey Whlttcrs, Indrcn Schrader, Destiney lhrt+ Alev Rigdon, Natalie \ Lien , Drew Wilharm, Leah . ' - iDiinek. Colton Norton, Jessica Stasksl, Tommy I iTidiey.Jordan Kephflrt, Dan DcClutvJaec kremer, fCmdina KLSIKF, Trie Ishorit, and Alyx Cobler Frakes. mv-mymv-m Show Choir 71 : j Amber Ferry, CuRoit Cbristlier, krin Hums, Andrew Kemper.Stephanie , .va . ’SI yfisGv .. » 1 ,

Matthew Milieu* Cutl> Rmwrt. Lucjri i. { 'iirney, Ales C ulemmii, kwi/.ci it Wj&mm " ft # 1 PH¥«ESI \W\ Amlinis« Mi-gun \nderscii ^ _ Kih-> ILUII v I Mini Ikirrvlt- Mhitney Unveil* UVVIH Huiimfarttii, 1 ruily Iter t i . Nktde Unde.^hley UtnJyPv liffam HinPtPi.ui. Stephanie Carpenter . Vint ubk^Kraki-v Jennaluhum, \ktr DrnrMtu. Siim F.neke. kali l-Amm.\Ui\h iowlvr. Vngetica Hahn* Muhu.i itarfurd,\U UPK, Hilary ( lidienstuf' NIIICY liyher ^ TitfuavK Junelk vifian* nrL Kyntlin Keppler. Kendall AUkub.luylnr Ktirandii,MeaRan Kr«hn,Michelle l.et 'iiplnln* Mackenzie Miinkruadk Kalelyn MeAdmu Alkiu Meier* Annie Miller.Mandie Miller Tiffany MithsJrmm Munmi. Surah Myers* Mlie Novak* Jtsska Nunenmker, Ashley O'lirlea t r,Hannah kepii\lex Otltll,CWl»ey Paster,RekvcflPetersen, Kyleti THcrcc, Cami Pond, lammi ReUt,Cayhi KtMthr, Lynn Schmidt, kiillic Schmitt, 1 MIL ia Shellnn, Crystal Shramck. Jonmi Smith, Kulhryn Smith* Rnltany Sialder. Jiafckii Stasknl, Kebcv .Swenwin* Kate Tlieln, Jcwkli Jennifer Wagner,Dawn Waite, Ton Wenger. Iliilej Willard, and \ mandu W leseiider. Photo hr Mark Itracka. PRAIRIECHORUS! PRNRIESMGER£ Matthew - Andersen. Kiki (Fillirs \ . r Whilney Haskett, Ahssu Ihmm ^irttn, KinHy Kerger, Nionic Unde, Wih-y Holers. Tiffany Hredmnn. Only ItrtiwT I .musi iirtiey, Stephanie < arpLun r , \lvs CoWe-Frtikes Jenim tohurn. Vlc\ i nlemuJi. Sku Denknn. Kwizcra DbidMtK, Jm l >r>dem, Sura l mkr. ' 1 kins fians. M'.lh F imkT.ZaitcriCnpts, Vnfiriua llaha. Afex H !Monica Harford- \liHe».Kw> Holveastot. \shk} IJyher nsial Jack SH HI. Sam Ji«u^ Ji irtlan hephart. k> rstm KeppLer. keftdaM kikui\. Tayhir knrawJa, jaee krvmer, NItanar T tK-Ue I.K’aptaiii. Thnmas Updley.Mmken/k Mantemarh, kat t lyn MiAilnm, Mlcb Meier, Annie Miller, Mandic Miller. 1 » VTflminl'nETuiiv Mutts Join* Munmi Sirih Mycts,CollMIMI^ICMI. Allie N.iuk, Hr.nl Nmrestfct.Jrwiea kuneimker, V-diliy O'Hricn. , - ^rr 1IJI[ L 11LIIT Hinek. i krolin, Mn\1 I Jmimi SiiiiE|j Oddi, i rir Ostnirn. t nrluej Pusker, HI-IK'LLB Pth rst n. kylea Pirret, ( ’and Fund, lUylnr KaMnuvsen,Lauren Krisl, Ales Rlgdnti,Julian iivla Rnsehe* Ik FI Sam ier, Stoll Sekekler. Lynn Schmidt, kallie Schmili, \HIITVW Schrader.Fdkia Shelton, fryMai Sliramck | SemiThornas Llhnn Timmpsnn,Jessica lotnfl«h. .lanellu Vlfian, Jennifer Wagner* 72 OhoJi . Kuthry nSmith. Treinr Snicgnwski,Hril(any Slalder. .Iisani MiPik»l, Kelsay Sweitson,JBreii I’andJe, AuslinIteU Kalt Thn Wnllr, Tunya Weaver. t’aJeli Welhrn'll. Juslln w'ivdifmder. Amanda Wicwnrter. Andrew Wilhurnl, llnley Willard,and Nfclwbui /aimer. Photo by Mart Bccicka. VhlH.il, Vk \ Muling. \li-g;ui avr* Hum'll, HOT^H ^ 1 Oieudojimv.layei:Uryden, /uiiim Grapes Alex I[mum fie (Kbunou laMur . Sum Junes lute kremrr. TIIOEIIUK Lmdlcy, Lllkt* MurniiiL CoJtun Aim Um, Itraid Mwvreckr. I. Scud ScheWer, Audrrw Schrader, Trcwir SnirgCsWiiklr Jartd Lindte, Virgin Ted.Sean Omnias A than I hompsvn, ( ateh \N ctherefl. Justin Mledrmeier* Andrew W itharm. \kh<i4ii> ZahlKX.Photo by Vlf n. Juliuri htiKlr i|> iicr/, Urn Saucer f . and tfen.

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OwenCristOG; Garnett Lehr.* I OK:and Cull in . Kusmudi, 08* all represented Frame hi the carpetilrj Leav CN < HS ill \ icth.08: Jeremiah Meth.06; Josh SevelkT Of>;Amlier and Ryan Selieel, DU, post: for a photo together t» shim oil llieir metals.Photo by I.on Danker, B ) LdH Banfc' r ! I his year. therewere r rm] L i pieopportUni ties for students to participate i -i academic competitions. These events involved nil kinds of thinking, feint math to physics, to knowledge of trivia. Quiz howl students compered in ihv University of Jowy Hmvkeve Invitations] - r* r They von 4 of 7 events* with questions that dealt with math, history , and inssecI ianctuis irivia. ' efUfiiiieeriBV - Students who were interested in artidpateJ in JETS- Junior hteraime, ' . nu m petition it SkillsUSA, Photo courtesi of Joe Great house. t Engineering Team Competition at the students created projects such as catapult Uni\-erstty ol \owaC’ olleyeof Enuineering. Five teams of students front Prairie competed n very advanced, mathematical concepts. Ci'Otlp^0fnbaLhStudents vhuIlonged their thinking ut ihc Mt. Mercy annual math competition , with the best across the stale. These EU ( , , physics and week rhe eotke school yeas to challenge each other in the game of chess. ^ i" V"l . State Chess Tournament was again held ut Prairie High School, with several ofour The.se students participated chess team members participating, Academic Competitions .ire open to Science students it: grade nine Who all students. .Students just need to give wanted toexperiment with physicsconcepts these opportunities a try and they will find participated in the PhysicsOlympiad lie Id something that challengesthem and is tint at Kirkwood Community College. Ire same time. of thought ears toothpick bridges or xsruu levers. Several of our students met during the The Josh Scvcik. Jeremiah Vietu.06, and Amber Leases. OS. play ehess. Photo courtesy of Jim Jones. H\ tmify McConnell Wwspa pee Feature Editor FicofPrairies bestchestdub meminerswil I he atEe rtd ipgIowa'sStale including Josh Scvcik, 06. k - Se \ cik will be joined by Manoj Kamalumpundi, ait 8th grader, Ryan Sclieel . and Four other members Amber Leaves. ate currently competing for the other two spots, they are. US, Chris Miller. USL Jeremiah Vieth, 06, and Leah Veith, OS. 74 Academic Competition/Chess CiJb Tournament at Prairie HighSchool on March -, dad laugh) Jim Jone& me how to play . . '"When I was five or six nrv Seventh Lind eighth grade I spent a lot of Time playing with people on the internet on rrixn," Sevcik explained. The tournament is a teani event . In teamcompetitions ifa school wins three OLJT of five matches aeatrN a " . iuiother school, they go on tocompete against another undefeated team . Last year Prairie finished Ihird in the state of Iowa at the tournament. T his year . lhc team sponsor Jim Jones hopes TO do just as well . - .-1 expect thaE we’ 1 11 sunclear yer as, i o1iow many " teams will compete, but it could be as How well we do depends " rnpu nd i est i ma red , Sevcik encourages all stu tome to chess dub and try many as 1 2 " on how strops the other teams are, Kama!it dents to '' il out . I ll place middle or somewhere near the top, Jones said. " teacher Jim Jones; -Vmher Leaves* 08: : Jeremiah Vfcth,0<>; 1 ^ih Vjeth,08:ManojKamalumpundi. 10; and Ryan School, 09. pose together. Photo courtesy of

Anime Club explores entertainment from another culture f A — .. By Artdrb Osbonir AcuJ&inr Ettil'ir -x-i --.v i" . Vi " H nimc Club i- a group snull in membership 1 r 11 tiedlevied to their obsession. * m About nine students meet * > from cartounv have really urtique sfbEyrJirtes sometimes, . ehiivt\\%tchedare foll-on-. . . . .the llnni - DCETDI - y( hughing funny at tirites;Tai Wilcox, of Bandit jing , ' AJcheisi&C ” Spirited Away Tab. and Wilcox found the sh found ‘King of Ban |jng" sadduring certain parts The group has been talking about gpinjj mAmme . ^ Sowa together. Animekwa is an amme conversion in It will he Cedar Rapid' inking place ovet the -oiminer. priority io go to the iiext year it : he y cannot make it m Anime l owa l!6. • lai Wfkwv IP , prevents fine ofthe ViitfneOtih's JIIJ mechoices and Vndrt w Kagush <17. hi'- approval. Photo !>r \ndria . . Oshttnu- , ( The: style anime is drawn in is intetes(it>g^ <md they The shows Tins year, (he club members watched 'Fu11metal and die movie Tai Wi ICOXH®Slk|07, explained " The animes went twor very well in the very funny imdoen . ^dtoddea ^aLiied . n We-dnei&dav s to hang a rnime Club members spend time together watching and discussing anime. J u as friends , watch anti discus rniinte- Anime i > term for Jnp:inose animation, though the shows arc far 1 lai Wifco*, 07. shows Shad non Huh hell . OS, some papei work and cx - plains it. Phvio }f\ \ndritt fh* borne. N i c k Ya u c e y . Oijl and Shan - non Huhheit, Ob, du>w off Ihe t love friendship of the Xn rme Cl ub' s memhers. Photo by Andria 0\* beme — Club 75 Shannon MohhelL ify . bkk Vcnu-v* OtS.Tiii SWIriix, 07, .Jenna ( aiMcns. 09, Vndreo Ragtisi , 07, and \ uEurmt SM Ragusi, JO, pose for a partialh complete group photo. > K Phfrto by A fidria Osborne , m :-::: s.: - a

By Amanda Philipp People F.difvr 1" sr K j ' " j * i i3 M . -:. J - it, :>: : it > . *v ' JT : V V - ::r!;f; ' L Edton Luvanand 3Ikhatd Petem,h<it h $T|g|sr:£ m 3 v 3:Et g g g g g " (17, get their life jackets on helore lbe> go ITEI their L-anoe outing. Photo courtesy ofSharon Bender. 2. Answer Ejtasi* 0(>,TanyaKitzki, Kim Jacobs, birth (17,and Miranda Tvitvki* (Mi, take a little canoe ride on the lake. Photo courtesy of Sharon lieruter : . ' cecrn'^yy e/ .S arfljr fiejidtr. ^ . “ L , 3. 1an ja ki t / k iand Kim Jacobs,both U7t take a break at Lake MaeBride. Photo - . I — a c j i fra " - i -r 7T 7 1 : • m, * . . : pp. 3fc.^ W F* ra" uSHaBlHKQ LOIga Mirtmova,07» turns around in her seat tu talk to another member of Model iJN. Photo courtesy ofJim Jonen. 2. ValerieBropliygColin Hoover,andSpan cer Hinker both «*>, talk together* Jim Junes . . - -..... . 76 SAVDMod&l UN -Garlinghou.se, all 07, prepare their work* Photo courtesy of Jim Junes. 3.Jessica Staska), and My*Coble-brakes, Photo courtesy of : jf?y A^k/r/rt fAy£?or7Ee Acatfem/c Prairie sludcnlsparticipated in the Model UN in rhe Cedar Rapids area. This year Prairie s team was, assigned to represent Pakistan when die meeting came around. , there were students from Naturally. Prairie’s group was meeting before ihey had to show up w i t h every other group. Of course many ot her sellools i nvolvedthat were a Is i assigned their own country to act as. T j The groups aie given a problem and they had to debate how the topic would affect their particular country, Slifihtly under 10 Prairie students were involved with the Model UX this year. L“ V The students spanned most of the four y cars of high school, even including freshemn. ymr. v . i.lfj fc1 P ' : ® JI 2SK II MWfl £ m : mm tmy - - ws r . I' . . . V 1 , *n ::: , nm* | . J .. 3. , : -V v g-> . ;: ivi -i: : - -i ' . r .j M - j " tu* J i IP - Ei 1 fesij. >3+ : = : r - i-; ' K S VJ .* & F . “ lil i - : .: WSH rartTi Vi IGV U -r . 1 ' " . ^ : . :j,:; i|i ' = ; ' 3. 4 : I 'n C U m ; -‘. j * 4 . ' rsr . J . 'll Lr*3H%* - . y; ifppp : L - 4 - . s Ei :SB E2 «: Sg--: 1 |i . | >V v jitt KS r/ : 2 . " .*i y ; 1 . 1 #jj§5£. : 3',* ' = : H£ a u . — * environment . They took a trip to Lake MacBrid and theOmaha Zoo. Thov also deana r up the highway along 965 and plants trees to heip the env ironmonk in addition to actK ities outsideofds .school. SAVE members a]so workd around campus to help the envired meni . whichincLKledmaki r i g pi ncco § bird feeders in the winter. They alsj had a Christmas part y lu cdebratctb efforts and plan spring events. I leaded by science teacher Shar jO the environment. Bender. SAVE increased both sclm awareness and common in efforts t This was the ! year for ad visor Bender. 11\ oug11, a> a retired at the end of the school vear W 3 . £42 * . . n :V:3ixfs =! = * > S' A’ V W . =u — JLV : - W I ;v -HI j . I* v $r* J -I Student Against Vtolating Lhc Envi reminent have had a encat year. L - - With rising membership, (hey hay f been able to do a I01 with savina th "m* :-Z

\nth Minelft, 09, uaxhts ihe dishes iifti i milking it shake. Photo by Brook*O' ftrienK Bx Bnh*kt O Bricn Onf( inJ:aii<ui\ Lditor Members of the Shake SFn*p spend then iijn-*:h pcno<,k jii-epurine ihake* lew studentv The ncinbas of the shake sbophMui food pneparaiii. i skills fnjfr>c Skafce ShopHwn\ / lYairie Shake Shop: i ett to Righl: Andy Menefte, ON: Ji rimy \ anda. MS; \ shlfTr Strain. TJ9; \ manclw Meurv tlJi; Hotly Ziri/in MS:OhiUm Hotkn, 1)9; and Jessica .bdinson, MIS. Photo h> Anilria Dsbonit. .m IJ " T H“ " . M . . . ' 1 . B\ BrwkeO'Brier. Organizations fuhf School clothing Ehe ^Uire , to help kLL- i They ail ii:n L , .md business skill- ihsd Ho^ them - iiv shako shop running smooth!y. 1 .1 lot of fun wort ii - j lone -her and Jeam a loi (nuu the experience. > >r Fan Suiml I - The Priiirie Hi Ii wherestudents c. design, sell , und manage everything that ycurdhe Fail Slaild F iiy.ne< tip wiih IWLW . Iresh designs to ^- |l To ihe Mudetits, hems include Tsh^rtv *we;uparils, sweatshirts., armbands. and maiir -

: I jp The Curious Sava r t I*. ¥ :mF Sr, * <Y< e i* ft W £ . . pip t -S&K :, !• v m. * ... < wm K HL .ltc Kerry. f A Ryan I'Oizev, 1)6: Jenny french, 06: All I.eVtem,OK; Patrick H Mahoney,OK: Ryan Mussehnun. 06. and Curie Huose* 06 applaud ail of their fellow castmates at the end of their performance. Photo fry Sd 3Hranpi w » v wm L Above; Ryan Mussulman* and Cork 1 House, both 06. take a bow for their audience alter die play. Photo fry\elite Renr. & - pwojf :JX - : r By Pciigf Cline Student Li fe Editor This lull studems put on the play " Savage. " The Curious The play is about a lady named Ethel P. Savage who inherits $10 million when her husband dies and struggles to deal with her three stepchildren ssho also would like a piece of it. Sam Martin.Of?, takes a second to reflect on the play. "One of the characters haled electricity so >hc eonstantlv had lo " turn the lights off and during the actual performance the lights - ,Z . ; - : t didn' t geL turned off. so we had to make up lines to get back on track. (N f l B j In the play Martin’s character was somewhat ‘Trashy” and die remembers the reaction of that on her audience and fellow cast members. Martin explained It was super hard for me nor to smile or laugh whiteI was saying some ofmy lines because the role was not me and the reaction of the audience was funny - - . Patrick Mahoney,OS; AliI.eytem. OS; Kami Zhunek U\ itn Euizey. , 06:and Curious Savage” about a CTH7V family: Photo by Nellie Be. in the midst of a scene from the play* *<rThe ' Kami Zbanek, 06. and Patrick Mahoney, OS. act out during lav. Photo b\ Nellie Kerry. *. V. - - Kami Zhanek and Kvan Ebizev* « . p hath 06. at the play: Photo by ATflS Berry. | 1 S n K‘ - L 3 m T i i-*> m m fc SHIm A K, * : * m % m f V * A Doesn’t Miss Curtain Call WA. m $H* W . : VP 78 Fa!| Flay

Were off to see the Wizardk.mii /huiickt IW»: Idi\4 d Bourne, t|7; Jut Irpko^h. dft jml R\ un i no.arc off’Ui sec Ihr »i/ard Tburvday Vln\ i1 JIHI Friday May 12, Photo by\elite Harry. YiWl Opinion falitt.fr Ruby slippers gleaned and me YeHo 7 p.rri and May 12 at 4 and 7 pm. HVVe chose ‘ unhtr Ferry.H7. and Kami ttiUFUk. rrn talk JllHlUt the m i/ard. Photo by Xrttir , * Buck Road was laid as thn speech team presented The Wizard o' Qz" May 11 at Wizard of 0z because it had a large cast ana allowed more people to be Involved said Mary Campbell* director and language arts teacher on the decision making process it's a classic, it's Child-oriented and we hadalot of students request it.' 1Hakes a lot of work to create the magic they see on stage " said Michole Sloan, 00, who played a variety of charac - ters throughout the performance, It also took a lot of effort to costume such an imaginative show Bright colors, darn armor and more green than there was St. Patrick's Day has been the sea that Patti Scheel ead costumer and her ere* of mothers at their sewing machines had on , waded through Burnthi,played by K.imi ?i'i Kami Zbunek* lift *nvk- Dk and the Scarerniwr played by Jot Trphush+ I*. discuss the way to the fei/:ird. Photo by Sdik Harry. Kiimi Zhanch, fhiL sings during lhe play, Photo bt Yelite Harry . 1 - [The wonderful Wizard of Oz Spnlfl VLSrZu' 'T';| H/i 11A k a 1 lie pond witch plnyrd hy \ mbt r Ferry,07, irils f )nmth> csin rfy whert tilT huclfcC has hmded. Photu fry Settle Harry. Hi . w:: .ks down the >i‘U«u brick road. Photo by St'Hie Harrs. K .mii Zbftnck, lift, plintd Jtarmhi and \mli, r Ferry, (17, played the J Photo^HKI witch nf llu N ' Tltl. by ftelite Hurry, r A * ,

• ; - .. : Tykr Hnrlberl, OK; Dan Define, <*S; Kyau Foszey. 06; Sarah Buckingham, Popenhagen, Mary Campbell. Fatty ScheeL KatJjfi Evans, 00: AJyx CobkOK: Cork Hoos*, 06: Jessica Staskai , 09; Molly Fowler, GO: Patrick Mahon*)!IlSfjf Nicole Sloan, OK: Randi Lines, Ofi: Schuy ler Bkher, ON; Hannah Wiles 07; Leah Podzlniek , 08;Amber Ferry, U7: Sam Jared Bourne. 07: Carrie Frntikes, 09; Tack House, Jones, mi Aliison LaBorel 00: Jenny Fitntiy 06: Sarah Voels. 06; Kami Zbaikk, Mi and Aliya Musselman, 03, Photo ctmrt\ey of Mary' Campbell. a cd m mm i A : m Q a cd 43o<D <D GO m 8U Speech a -x: Drar^ B\ Emily McConnell Fetitues Editor Over : 07 schools and 1 ,115 slu$ents competed in State Speech Congest at the high ^ctiuol Match 1 S. ' paling. Sis members attended the A11-State Speech I -festival at UNI on April .\ These All Siale nomi - neesare SaraLi Vends. 06: Jared Bourne, Cj$; Kami Zbanek and Scuyler Heiber, 08. Ztianek. French Foizey, and Richer were all nominated tor two events, State they will only perform one. Each ITIC[ . 06: Jennifer French. 06: K \ 0u> Foitey . 06; , but bccaL-e of me number of people 50 ng to All uher was recognized lor their accomplishment. critiqued by a renowned judge , received medals in. the ALL-State Speech Festival. and ulS sorts of people. fCJ got a sense of other people’ s talents, ” Bieber said about ( and met he best part about speech. Richer was teaLLy excited about being the only sophomore to make double All -state . He hopes his teammates do really well on April 3. Speech spoilt01 ' Mary Gamphell was just as excited ar the number competing at state and the number moving on to AH-StaLe. liJ 1 ' ft a record number of kids . ' I' i >f die wort that they ve pul in. ” Campbe . I said . m very proud Kjan fjliicj, Oft;SUjWler Deter, fiSygEi Bourne, 07: Jenny French* 06; Sarah \ oels, 06 and Kami Zbanek, 06. Photo coansey of Mary Campbell Prairie s Speech team earned a record number of .15 Division I latings with 23 members partiriIndividual State Qualifiers

e 1 VtaiisiB Vilion h Jnrunn MusM,hrtlh lift: mid Shaw iti\Uv Ditikr, OR, lake u moment during tin nmpetction to ^milv for tbecamera. Phoft* coiirOttOfJ«rufttl Mttsii Stira Tlurmpla ftople Ldiwr l- Ltts - Jnruiltl \Ilisi1 and \ rMV Schnn, hath iMi, slop fur a quick fiht>ln. Photo t inirt - stf of Joninrt Mu-iii. state thr^ smdents blended the Busuie^Pnsfwionais af Amentu (BPAi competitions Feb 26- 2N in Dcs Moincv. and36 students qualified for national LOinpetitifJiLs which will be held in Orlande. I la , M:i hu^iilk- k-s tether. liven though the competition is proving to be more of a challenge, vwlm (pulilied for nationals are still excited by their achievements stated ^ ' mp down to Florida. **1am really excited that 1 mude it to nationals, . V j the students I am excited LL> compete at nationals hecaitse I yet to compete wuh the best. Oul' hns Williams. H7 ' " > 10 14. " \ \w competition is gelling tougher every yew, yet our student* snll excel We ,ife mi ptood ot then hwd ^ork and accomplishmenlsr J nm Cochrane ul the 3ti sLudeiiis utm luce quuliiicd fVn njUunals. 2b wilt lv nuking the but it would he very difficult to ,1 \HM rtf - me ofm> classes sit the time njiioti.ik lakes place I lie competition is also really haul JDJ I can'I Focus on UFA s much as I d like to. exported [eric fireph) . 0" ir anyone is inierested m joining RPA tor ihe following year umiciuiiL-eaKnLN v\ F ! i he made over the intercom in the fall about meetings being held According to *«« bju nrg BFA i& tor those sludc-nls residy to gain real life business 4.db those who would like io becomt:active in the community, those vs '1LN want tomake connections into the business worki. those wlvi JIV inrerc*[ ed in n.TCTIOL new people with rhe same inicraK and thu>e who WJUI to experience personal Lind professional growth. .luniiin Musil and Marissa Yifian. Itoth Ith, smile for a photo, Photo LMu'iHi} ujjtfruau Ifirof, Courtney ofJunirtn Slumnaive LtrexknUK: Imiinn Musi!and SimumIlia Meyer, boih 06, pim «i> fur ;i quick photo. F'twlo towrTxcr ufjorutrn \tusit 5= n '

api _ Carl Svec, 07: Ark Letebure, OS: Amber Leaves, OS; Paul Stallman, 09; M ill ZamastiL 07; Mike Mitch ell, 06; ami Kenton Krumm, 07. all pose tor their team picture. Photo courts#} of Electric Car- 5K mm K^ntcm Krumm. M7, auidllb purtills diisCMSS ihfi raci:.. Fhoto courtesy of Eteciric ( ur. ? si bi\hhis esir Vriipe i( . .: : is (what!axg. Pto$t? fi J werttiiot: :i ~: P!M» . ! ife c*c \z 1&4iwy JiM. ; i : of PfrF r fir - m I v tT. , ! " " * '." ,*i " !*C•yy'K. ^ 1 iSsesr sSijB&i c < OTI 3»; 82 EteetncGsr FhE^Efck,MS&®w:SBSv

t Eirl Se>c. 1)7: sits in hi? car vi hiit waiting for his teum, Pfioio court\ey afElectric Car. =: > :; : J : : ;::J - : > :: ::: : { y . Electric Car 53

INTERNATIONAL CLUB THE COFFEETALK CAFE Lucas Flatgard, IKk and Sara Franks* 117. ciyoy their drinks, \mamUi Philipp Photo by Whitnej Scheurs, 07. Oil linn Freilinger and Logan Shaw, both ft#* use their German 'speaking skills to share some words. Photo by Amanda Philipp, Sara Franks Lind 'l!ara Ruehheil 0>etirootc >. both U7. share in a conversation white ehiltln' out at The Coffee Talk Cafe, Photo by Amanda Philipp . By Amanda Philipp OrgaftiMirinn v Editor InternatitHial Club combines the Spanish and German -audetitv They meet perUxiically L ot com ersatiomil and movie rights. During conversational nights they ' [istialk meet at ;i coitbi; shop to talk in the students chosen language. For the movie nights the club waiehs a movie in either Spanish and Germmi. ' " I have been to The Blue .Strawberry. Coffee Talk and Presentation Room lor meetings stated Randi Lines. Tjbi lo use the language outside ul die classroom selling. she likes TO talk to Fran and Herr in German ‘The couveFS 'iL Bnchheii likes attending International Club because. It gives us a chance It is also a lot of fun . " Sara Franks usual I y attends LiternutionaL Clubon the converst ionai nihLs because .ittonal nights were the best because I was able to put my classroom skills to woit." ataTed Franks. German students usually get extra credit for ULLCTIDING these meetings. Credit is mce and is what usually keep^- me going . Flanks shared with us. " " The extra Lucas FlafKartMW, enjoysanevening at The Coffee Talk Cafe for International t’ luk Photo by Amanda Philipp.

Student writers compose a magazine of creative works *\ Airdria Osborne ademie Editor rairie S Creative Writing ' Club does a lot in the course of the year . Towards thebeginningof E V . " H-P1 eai 1hemeothersheIdwritnights that wereopen to any nt who wanted to come. ey were done to encourage e people to join Lhe dub. \so. soearly in the sear there bsIargeprojcc L, the creative writing magazine. To make the magazine, the members worked from about December to Mav. They had decide — to gather submission*, what would beinthe magazine, edited the chosen works, and then put together the format; Submissiongathering was a |>- - T much work to do for the . ^ hard process, and took a long time.NickYancey,06.adnuitcd that the member* had to fall back upon basically begging fbrsubmissionsandextend the deadline a full momh. m We were basically beating submission* out of people; 11 1 Jennifer Henry. 07. commented. The work: after gathering submissions went a little belter. La a little disorganized. but it got pulled together in the end. The metnRji decide the order, ' compile everything into on document . and finally send it to the printer on Prairie s campus, Literary Maga2+ne 85 About 70pieceswereitichidJenEta Carstens.09.Ehoapht [hat is wit* kind of rushed and works, * hadto edir thechosen ediEI theAxiom. indudingshort stories,poetry andartwork.The Eiile chosen for die Axiom this year is The Axiom of Origins and the cover art wasa painting done by Brittany Sprague. OK. The title was chosen because the members looked at high school as the origin of life, us Henry explained. The Axiom started selling for So on May 22 this year and v . ill sell next vear as well. mf


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Class of 2007 Ryan Espe By Amanda Phihpp PbrtfAb Bejitur Photo lw f.vtuis& y Britmxen Leaha Campbell favorite color; Brown ' Favorite movie: " joe Dirt - Favorite Class: Fs\ chology favorite teacher: Clintoi |Schmitz Favorite hobby: Com collecting Favori te number: 24 favorite food; Fish " Life' Favori te Quote: s a garden,dig it Ryan Es.pt can be caught in Forward. Prairie s gay sti'aTght alliance club. He enjoys Forward because it ' gives him 1imc to udav and spend quality time with kids be normally doesn' t hailg OUT with . Espe likes not having -V \ every week because lie believes that “ A/A is. pointless and we don’ t dn anything in there artyway ." Espe wishes we had more foreign language classes. “ T would like more of ft choice when it comes to foreign language. he explained " Espe works af Wal-Maxt as a greeter. What he likes most about working there is giving ouC smile slickers to little kids, " ing. F.spe stated . " Pkpto byAmatuhi PhUipp jySpmEe'r l Eitiker-CjarJin Nftlliiflti HJmntet ^JiuuM 1 H ':;:ii KrW.c- Hniub ft'Lrn JritXT. <?t I I nllvaTHT' - 1Tnwc Asm titicson Sha -mat! I Efland {ft% Anifwwiy fxkxtn itigdMfly JtfBbeH'tfrcy 1 ^an jki' Phutit /"i /.VfiriMiv Itnamen Kellie King Favorite color: Blue favorite movie; " Angel Eyes' favorite dass; Psychology Favorite teacher Laurie Azeltine Favorite hobby: excersizing outdoors Favorite number: 492 Favorite quote: "Don 't u^tcli the dock. Do ibhat it does* Keep going." 104 Juniors ' yfctt fr. . Du 'JLI JftiftrtetiGfoilFjr Sian t-lnfi=r.idher Kvlifi Making people feel happy when they arrive is arrw Dtefr-V Kmiiile ’ KcTlir- Kin ]jrr* . ' ^ Andrew ktDijpaf ite\yn Suclz KL ^ ic Kfcith AIr:v^r: KJLLC Kr.iP -.i riii KjorajocLi mploT SCHIVS Kmafiet. ASJVJK 1.- TCArfici Krista KTcinu Pl'i -i p JjmpzmA: fc-ee lamrs L-ef Xwhfila* Leg Adlfey [. ivt Lqfm Lehman -r -TViiir Amy Ljcciazi CIUHI Umifl^TTi Qddjf Lutfwr EdtfiPi F-DvasiFrailt Marti!'a -

Juniors MaibLfevAUtif Yanraa IfitidSnifie Viatic . Du.7r+iTi jMj.Li.cj hIritniv MdGurfc TrarLs Mekmj> Heidi VfscMrr Cud) ftfLchsL Pirnndnr- Miller jfiifcyvt Vldli " ^ Benjamin^fA Milter Tofiiulil 1 ' CnriMutyrunift K . - I jjUfllfl SIO=AT MeLys&A Yluhs XD-VIJ, M.LLmm Ij' lessHfNfrVak ' Ei-;nafr KlvncTnak^r CaL AsWFT ^Brieci ^w. CH^TL - KdLi OpJijchUft roriia P’aclringjhim . Kdv I-'rJj L tfcfirhad L 1 :LTN Apundjai IFhiSipp N'ftfesiiBrS Ftesrw Eyah Pierce Ntejpaj ' Adainrt PLi NiijcLrfSlflSi r-'. ni:T Amanda Pride * Ansnnda Frisks* "ustfnQumfcy AaSiiVv Kfilsl-cn Ttaifcv Rarnum Adujj: RritHjl^nn Brittany j foil hfl Kitnrr QLrislupLwr Kite)1 \lhr .nr Rremig; ' ISfiAOlt*y SfruffUgF Vatlw.bauszr Micbet£eSdwbhr V#iitdfy SrhrIITR Dsr-i Schmitt fcjdjt SAimfp - fc>hnalS iSx.*iyUtft Romaft Srhulr liude Schwab Tiitamf lEtcjnverr ZadwrySrdri' FMipSextusL AiwtznSiwetta L-srry Short lesifebiziipsOr NhTrK-V' -AII .ia !-knW\ SrfftjJley . Viitt.LT v AnumcLiScidth Nichokip fimiiti Mozik-n Evan ' Ln^ji SL'Ut IJTJ t jiKhna Mar.Li: ndSfcnekton Sh *izi:bit tvan-Hmvtr Aic onr 5ism®raloer OaLatte StruLdet SariStmther &etk StUrtM \dilun.budfinnufi Lara bUdkS ( ' - ^ iVn-.iTvvr Primmer Oi rria« ^ictuinJsLE iFo§g$$»gFn rt MitdheU irohThr- Vlnhlijifl ChsEiabccrtter^tcpi MfwVrc MOfiftr flWiint Sd.avizrvc Wlr CarE Sv#C Jrrrmy Svashriek IVlfcrf LtKjic-^ Ka!Tr TcrruU l-amrid Tt^ismdrfTt !kua Hiufnpb} ^ jirPFi Tind.iil Tyter 7jrIIreland ttrtuti Ttil - te Juniors 105

Class of 2007 Chris Prior By Amanda Philipp Ffcypte mm Chris Prior loves to play football, s.i lice tie was in 7th grade. Prior staled. , L Photo .ter Aitmn-da Philipp Brentoil Barry Favorite Color: Red favorite Movie: The Pit highier * Favorite Class; Gym Favorite Teacher: John l. Favorite Num ukasko Favorite Sport: Soccer - ber: 13 Favorite Food ; [Double Uaeon Cheeseburger Favorite Quote: " Betiiitv i v i,1 light JL, itch awov." MitchcLl Vaughan- Untitft.1t R>VUi Vk'l i VIfittileL' ick Nktii'bk Wst XldK'lat VfiieEiy Ti.tvis Vfckv-lv RJTW ^IBTIN 2 1. "Cnjf! ! »; % ' ITT,.: rnenk a.rn. start. ' [ ' sleep, lie has played football 1 enjoy football because going out on the field on Friday Eng his is like no other feeling. It's beautiful” Prior enjoys the 8;35 a.m. ^turL rather than the previous >4:20 he extra S 3 minutes gives me more minutes ot beauty 1' Prior claimed. Prior hopes that mini courses come buck. ‘Mini courses gave us students the opportunity to try different things. said Prior. ” Prior is currentiy worki.rtg at the Johnson Avenue Hy-Vee. and can be caught sucking groceries, collecting cans, bottles and cues , Prior said, like no other. Oil yeah, and collecting “ 1 really en joy the thrill of chasiitg cart -:, it s Vi' hen a cart goes rolling 1 am after it ' because you should never fear, Chris is here ” Photo- hy Ftiwitfdia FkUipp VVriyHfT Bry ant Ward nrr vkx- Meter ke«trr WefcualtytT TSffarcv i Lttnjh n Wwitphal Aamn VVr^hpi. Photo by Amatiida Fhiltpp Zsch Scdrel Favorite Color: Light Green Favorite Movie: " Blow" Favorite Teacher: John Saikaly Favorite Sport; Pombull Favorite Hobby: Disc Golf Favorite Season: Fail Favorite Ftutd: Chinese Food Favorite Quote: 'X/ . ve everday like ii Uij.r vottr Arm" 106 Junii irs . fll |:±ojh White NkL'Ie 1 >1.1 tlcy Vkl ii I l.4pr r lillun VVirivVKlL4cfr WatSLHK 1Tarn ^h WUgg CtITbJhjp!WJ W|fcJidJl'i:Earihr! WH^Lan® U&NIK Wiaikfll

By -\tiUindu l*kitippTara Buchheit Ui fry wv BrUMfpn Ci Strauser Fawirite Odor: Favorite Class: Gym Favorite Teacher: Kevin Gears' Favorite Season Winter Favorite Food: Favorite Number; Favorite Movie: The Fo<i Favorite Quote: She Animal' Micheal Cole People Editor. Tara Buchheit is involved in Cross Country. the football boys during practice. M What Buchheit enjoys most about cross country is running by \ really enjoy to run especially with my friend Uixl Amanda. Running by the football boys and watching . them practice makes it a lot more tun and enjoyable." she explained. Buchheit likes the later school start. Jl live all the way across town so the extra 15 minj* utes gives me more time to get ready and play with my three dogs , six cats and one fish named Gangster P. allows me to have more quality time with each one of them. " she staled. 30 we no longer have mini courses, " The change Buchheit does not [ike is the fact that Mini courses has been something to look forward to my whole high school career. Now I have finals in every class to look forward to. it Photo by Amanda Philipp I really wish they would oome back but at the same time it will no longer affect me," she complained. Also Buchheit works at Goe College at the Racket Center. "Mike working at the Packet Center because my doss is a lot cf fun and likes to quote movjes. The hot tennis players are a great perk too. I actually realty I ke looking c _ ; the Iitile window ano watch them play." statsc Pilots fry A*n4fttd$l Philipp Logan Jewett Fav orite Movie: '* Interview w rhr the Vampire Favorite Color: Aqu:im:irie Favorite Season: Winter f avorite Teacher: Lili /.iibeih LiHiskuu Favorite Class: AP CSiculus Favorite Sporl : Trapshooting Favorite Quote: You mu\ he denewrf ifyou trust too much, hut you IDS Jijnii.m^ u i!l five ni torment ifvon do not trust. enough.

3ES35 H4 . ores 2s ' jrnnHrrf Ajwta Bd.. -arh ftrittun HijUdrd fCai K i ‘ ISircv Ptmei 1 MJ. ' "1 I Ph.iL+ * AhJd -.irti* - Hr- h.Hfi Ci&py if5i\iFT: Jlitii, L^-dft&i-ILf i:: .ityfiWi. |w£ . ' bIJ [ SSvk- Ihrrwtm rV . -fci tfrei*! Mi!l?/-r;n _!riT 1 . -r/k.!i; A- TRIL-i Sijrkir jrris.T: Ipzii-iU KbaudsV 4. - i .Yliiyzr. l5yeTs Amiiti fcfflsvy jn SiaiW-Can Carrtntcr -TfiCnlinn ChristneF vw O-rfirtfr Lt*y£ . Rsmsjrc Ebywrit J -JSilfifIJteTDeiii” Kvlr Cak*; DtS&i : B . . • v • -hi iT_ . , . : * i JTM' i|i ^ 17-nilta ^: iMiabtUi Dnr^di Lguiiit U**li¥ ftmCli iivitf .VnriLi Duts UqtsrilVjcifc Vi -. Ervant zHiincsun £rml:r ALaqftJiriciS ij\irjj’ - T^SiTr^MtH. CA$V Pi’miiplr Mikhimimi . Ljroiipe|M St-^SitKti.1ri T^^par W sFifltey -an LJi3 ^ in j jafliy TYrij. ILl ETIT'S t : #nn*ifef Ci. ^FptuSt AidiTV ' jfin -r ^r n^ L Ifcastbi ‘LijcrS'tt tji iluin Jftfcph * .!*<£. Nalhan Gixx . Bi»i SopJ^mHTr 3SB! ' : * ^s I ( " Wi . -TiT;r 9tfytink" 17rf:T>4tKT>;rr rhfffilfi Fe5rfffRii 1 :Z = .

Class of 2008 Chelsea Becker ByAmanda Philipp Fhoio. br Lyridsfiit Bnm Melissti Ui-coks Favorite Color; Pink « .v v Favorite Cla&s: Reading / - ; , . - ~ .v v ; .; v . 11 . >>>.#; .; .. . lar Favoik Teacher: Miiry Keliev Favorite Food: FavoriteI l\i Pi77a if: : Favorite Movie: “ Cheaper By The' *± Favorite Quote: The gras-: B m is greener on the other si /e 1 Kslfk Njrn.iF' 1 - Mt: HlttlSftfi :;&KIDEyO hLsraiJ ;i EkEariTi Mnn H^UTL'AI Symani ta: FT;H>SO Alltajn H.UIU r^r^i •L•£! **« e H-iihlinf; ass Icss i I l.irtrwiri . MiaLiA HirttttfnI Oinrurr Harti-iiart fn'vcTr I Lyrtpru1 C.iiltf- J Ta Pwt& h\ AMumMPhilip} } Josh Pnti Favorite Movie; ^Anchormon" Favorite Culnr: fJltie Favorite Number: 13 Favorite Season; Winter Favorite teacher: DOT Fosptcbil |J[ Favorite Class: Construction Favorite Hobby; spii|| Favorite Sports: fcipib-rLlk baseball , soccer and basketball |K . Shrlbtfflcnck . Atti^fpjdtf Hta' ' ; C7UV n.rtTt'JC 'Y ' I ;= fttpms IFurmf-q-ikEL Hta-rLch*--n iylrv ^nnSfcLfTT-.jvli.T liri-L' J-fcik ' 1 ti A .it - - Tvirr iSurUmt CTUSIJNI "EIL -LSOTI frCithrt )\J-ww MirfiaHftfraa . felTnhifrtvJjiigJ Ar Rgta JoJifl^iJi Briltni ivitalsryi ^ - Chajs Jatavsctfl FafrUI SliCC |Taylor ^UWl : K lUxS-lrirk JijlTi LJI . - ' !: : jrpn: !: Number: 12 r.ym Favorite Season; Summer People FdiEor . 1 lUI Chelsea Becker ts involved in basketball. softball, golf and BPA. Becker favorite upoit is basketball because she likes being able in play vilh a Learn . ' ' "J like to be competitive and being able to hang out with ntx Iriepds, ' Becker said. ' She especially likes the competitions in BPA and bemg able to be outside for softball , Becker wishes that we -still had mini courses, fi <HE realf. bud J UTS W ith Lhemd Becker ^aid.: :-x - Site believes that every class shouldn ' " - - :. “ ; - tack "That one viv vS iw" f - .^.v : >. = t require a tinal CMITI. Also Becker wpidd like kmger passing times ' waJfcimi to class. minute makes a difference from nsntiii " said Becker, ^ or Ciwhre Harter and hot.K OH, smite in the imllwnvt far A friedidly pliolki°[rdph. frhbi& by Amanda Philipp C . m

len iite L KJVIJ - . - : . KurA: -dLi Oiine1..:TMTT, sfes ui ijt - Lt\ - -a mine Antinr La±¥i$! AgtffofcfcuRf YlfciqfeieSfb i H -^rt Ah-syri L.t r ftp) Ry Rjm1:i Lzitt jy J^=ftein L Kfcr%l :iija titiXTibtfTU; Hfl i. i> hrvrfmVk-,'. Lirwfe -^rni httfota EtlLlUBE Fijinrvih Oktin V - [X-ieJfS !: J .1 - E I . ^ou* f - : .ICKTI fasm Pelarir ftfeidruinii ]WEJ ^hfd.' Pkij nrtt3j Pbscl Kaj-muek! nfeftgji ’L intMgh^man ±mffk B&ttuiT lA&fflSnr ClLtjlilSf1 TjuliLai ^fcjgm O'R Sfr ^Andrew SUHMKLE' Inrd DtiiddIf.SLEI UiTrb V iri ;xhuHi -'nw.-'ib ‘ - -iv db

, I i Class of 2008 Tessa Huribert » » fls m ; Philipp Lea Shearer ppvudt^Color: Pint favorite Movie: "Nigfutuar?. Before Christmas " Favorite Class: Biology Favorite Teacher: Laura Barden Favorite Hobby : Hanging out with JTiv friends Favorite Quote: ‘People tit£ ~ gainp to talk, let them. y>. 'I; affected their life, and they dtdti > affect vrjurjC1 sao j . b ' fignic J fcr' flf.'tmtdte Philipp Lindsey Cain Favorite Movie: i " Miss- Congeniality Favorite Color: Blue - Favorite .Number: 41 Favorite Season: Summer Fav orite Ttadiert Dot Favorite Class: Western Civilisation Favorite Hnhbv: Hunmnu am v. L5h friends I — L Favorite Quote: "You 'll fl/uvjv.T mm ' 112 Sophomore 100 percent oj she shots rou never take. ^U-OPi V tlinsdli Vet .Xtrz hrjr, Vi:;:t±i' |i >^ tsrtaijuv* ifeffeesfeif J L n iojsi Wnlr.hpfii Allft&r tV ius lcutiiuz Ward Ararat Vvarrtofts ‘ -1! " Dtrt' kTJkup JrKtiLLi nneTtips;:: i Pv^jTiTT.^Train &XCL ffE =: " &Ut:AiS k-L- n ' ' A.l ibv [ “" ' CiuattrtfeT im\ h -Jiari. twdxiit ttr' 1 ^ ipswi 'IFld Lirkil .misledl i.‘U bidl lijiM : ViiCKlf kfabelk VjtriLc" Carrir Vj-nl Toufetr.-^Pec linbbivv =Vigkii XJH 3 jr1«l.kr differ V Vit'^hj i SUhl' Jis 11-*' s?L'-hiLi *MnlLU3n S]yewd KathleenSakLer AuTy =vSfti^u \1XiSVSf Philipp ffcnpie LiiiU ' !' Tessa Huribert is captivated in SL LJen t Council show ehnir, UPA and dance Itkinv Huribert savs die is involved in those activities because* LiYon get to me£E many new and interesting people. friends which!fun always up lor Hurfbert t iki^ the $:35 a. iLiid the cviri; tiusi shot] ingat l ?i traimtes of sleep hurlbeti dels that the freshmen id W in ii difibrerd bulJJ - .I lbink ifcl having the IfevbFTjen in it new building \ \ ill make ilie bid!wnvs less crowded . " 1in fJbeil Stated - You also mafcfc many new ns. start

: a® i : WS -. -. V mm «1.8 A?*:; ' - . mm , llll] - : x¥ci

OfHvi: 1 Sophomore Nate Fiala m. Bv Afluin/iu Philipp y ^opk- fnVtor Naie Fiala :s ecstatic about football v. Ph.vtt? by.Atyui!iiia.:Piiitipp Cassandra Banks Favorite Color; Purple I nvoriIt Movie: ' " Ruck Horror Picture Slam B I ' Favorite Class; History Favorite Teacher: Barden l .dUTLi Favorite Sport; Vo I lev ball Favorite [lobby: Puzzles Favtn ite Number: Favorite Season: Spring Favorite Food : si. KJiLets ambassadors, Cotscert Ihoral , Club, and Church Youth Group. 4 ing a lot. oi people ' food he said . ” " . Fiala stated ! iala also likes the late start. L lot ” he sLuLcd. , . Fiala Sikes having ‘ A" lunch. ” AJ lunch is the best because ii has the snost , <lt gives me extra time to sleep which I enjoy a Fiala wishes we - till had mini courses because he really liked cooking and eating the trout rish . Ftaia said ( hut his re.spiKisibilitiea are to enjoy life ami lit everything be is able to into his schedule. msding , International hiala is quite ihe hLt-sv bc>\ . 1 like 20 be involved m a lot of things aikl knowthrift wy ivnttervflrtmJWH Masamt Vo Favorite Color: Green Favorite Movie: . J I lav and Silent Boh Strike Back Favorite Class: Western Civdlza^ttnn Favorite Teacher; DOE Pospicbil Favorite JHobln : Sleeping Favorite Food: Pi /./.a 114 Sophorr-nres

Freshmen Mjlllww ^Kbcfi MaNlw-w AHrn AfcsTc Amlinp ClmtAn Me-gflFi Andpf«rri Amv Arn-^pttfgrr ^g I Minimi Arnold lnylii fix* Rilrv Rjnr--. Andrew KJrr I aura Rarfrett RobertBarnVv'hitTxy Alvwa Ihumgprtrr. komirth IVaidio Willigre Bran J* L;cih- rVirxkri TiriAn.T l'Xr .=OTi Emily I TC TT N tichj** ^ - J 5sndel C&mSf Elkbrk Nicuie B.d Ashley &» Kara T>:MI-:T -_^Tr; . AmJTjdi BrWL-T - .1V Efrtfhrri -: Fk^hiv:Etoyrr Tsltnsiv Grvdnnan AListm ErtHiiddck <AH Skyter Erjzi= =«! jsojh EulSu Kssidan EurfJtanSt IXishn Burr Tcnvifl- Cam Justin Canny T.LEC - .IS C .irr«:-Y Thant? CareikLn jcnnu •LiiTriEiv:Tyltr-Oust; Cotton Ciida Clari .ArilJet; Clarks? HrvithcT GILnc AU'vjndrin GtoUrtriike* U^inu Coburr. Samuel Cufounn lusephCuvkerlun AS&KHjr.ier LuJiti 'icui: LyJfit Cok jOrt - tin.i Cn-dt - KcK.i Cooper Kri. MikiieLI Lnjy Amanda EJani-jl In. -;tin LWJ=. Sky Lfc Denison Kwlk£fa LiWuJlOcun: ' Jfjmiter Uuzki Liziiiy L . I $tyclv bfelMlunJ-uii * |:.i' .e fcAmWil^n:^itn ^iLiid Kelley 1:1Ik*.L Ki LI- rfjUfctui: LiriLg Saras tiXi Kritlyil K'.-.-nti AFfllS OiStkW FMolly £owi« C*hLCL Fcwfit" NOhl tft&J ' . | LrOl -iji' j' ' ivl £. ?il U-,l'a -ii ij2.ari.--iii Ryan fi.pJ.ey fciifto(lIS:} Fistef ‘ -ntl toUL HDIny f H£.iwi llll'lVr LnylOf Cni r +T .rl\ Afli-Srul IlrisJh^V I.Al' .-i, Miisle* GoLcirlW: fttidliteC*x\£±\v2 Ai.L -Alr'1 TjOtitlwifi Gtr-ik! CittiiweLI Ky-dfi GfJiWl &K±ieiy Grapes l > *-vi+-r i t-'.ii itekC .^nf-^ie^if-r StwaeGusher An Abigail^bi-a Hah,ii HHflfliI in < Freshmen 115

Class of 2009 Lindsey Leas Pfkth/ Pi ^irinJ^ l, tifT Cody Airtis J nmrite l qlnn Blue i iivorifi t luvs: Spanish ' F-' miirite lt;irher: Sara Smith FumeHitt* S I Jockey^Kirt: tuinrite \umlitr: El Kuvuritc SCUMHI: SunHIit?r *K1: I Lnnritt- ] H Pi/ra Lindsey Leas is ecslatic sbogi rugf- school sc far. "At first I didnt retiHy like it because the halls were crowded and t didn' going but ] hke it a lot more now ' Leas' , favorite class is Spanish. "Ifs pretty awesome because we get ID play games to h#p us learn, she said Homework is one of the big changes Leas sees from middle school to high school acipvilies where you i "In nigh school you can get involved in more - < et new i :eooFe she said team rs fur ( be writh and we norma Leas is involved in basketball and soccer. 'My favorile sport is basketball because the 'iy have a good season I would I ke to get involved in other things, too though/ Leas stated. AATI Duu KVCIH « s KHH »ni Marhill * Limii* 11 ii ' lii i LH£rtziir > FEbE* LluiftN’ I friths fa&rfe’ i*\ i.vndmi AfWurtf Wake Wieser Hiuirilo l. Nai \ m t iivuritc Movie: "Armageddon " E iivurilf l law: ln;rwJui.tLim to FmlusmuJ [ cvtiimto:jy L m»ritE Ttathcr: Clinitxi Cadbury E iimritc SfHirt: Rnwtirig FiUrnrite Uiibhr: Workinc nil L JI> Favorite \imibrr: 23 “ Jmi hf\y tm I avorttt On'plti: Uw iC* Ufe. Olli&K'l’ilit | l I feT . hlllV r.^Tin -. - Nd lhiin Fr TiK Niifc-11J»ii ” fT' 5uni*l #MB Du uii Mctirr LH.UU.IP i* K^i'Ufi lurdmn J • pKiirj RyanKLIH* » » - Mttu^HTT KA^' l ih ikirrniill M*r iA . Vki|it i feVfirr i SdtLuiy kmi.luin TjibSi/r hi ! ir - ta llEMdkfr fc f - 11 WW* J «»h' ftm |iw Kfpnu j KU'if - Isauu-|A$-. ^ KUSIUI K -mtfr \1lchel3r Lii.ripl ' < Sam Uinfiipri Lmdmn L«* .Hn LbM>i^ r rr nlnr: ft Iuc hfmni y M dNhrfl Aiap == H« f ' ^ .A-Hjakn Sc ^ HiiHIhil P 1 WTT . H prifi-rr llll'l -L. “ JribliJlijilipi II ItmJfHi Lm in D^.IIMU Nil . Hi 1 J1 Aitari - U «i -Leas is lo i- h i 'lJ.-JV fi’rrjjPJtA/’JJ -oking forward to becoming a saphornoro next year and not being the youngest In Hie schooJ t know where I was she stated T16 ^re^hTien

Freshmen STanrus Lfifir ' Nabhari Lindlev E Iwc - Kyan Li-- Lup haxa Lubhtad:- K-asn Ludvicck Allen Lus L .an rdiu Mackes KubfeTt Mac&tin M* ' - Kokwl yJhahA h. Jadeit-k I - .wiftiitf MiirirerruLh McAdgiiri MuiiiCd Mtlbunft eci livleM'.ridtlen .Mdrley Mct.Airk CUUAWY Aiiibei MLV&V HeflllWrMcVft KJ-Stl iCiA \>ift A, dvh r Ihony Meftfiet AjnNfj “VE ei t*Ld - - ieUit'V Sdeyer Milier MrijHiOli I VI: IIIf J>o» MQOHP itike MVuVi . Jir - 4 - NiAft' 4rm V PL Firaifiry MkHTtSiuP teat-* Ni -ner vfj k O H rjf 'i AfiKtMfri f . . .kw: fyv AiMrr** \1irdv !D; nj Andris- Ogham 1 RT+ J OsbornrCortnc’Y PafikfT Jnwfera Faynp Ijcsah - T'CKT. Tlanir^ritLzftiv Ptakuw T RAwra-3 Rplrrs t ' fYl-.-ry DiW Phillips Kylca Finim lllthtT PJ.'IVL" : nmi Farid Mitehel J rVrtfe: Ssrah FcniLwin Tfcvnr Primmer Snam Frinr Alo. PmTatsky inrcmuh Purdr Alys Till.Lew Rasmussen hxm / -saQpn LifcuY Christopher-UillfnEV Etas&tumL Keetie Lauren Ktsisl: Austin Rmskr [ski RirhlLT WSssli -r Kick^t Abigail Rite rtfepheri RLhner Aiek Kj|gdun L Victoria. Riwmi Biutike Rnhn jukhiui Roman CJVLI iAjschu Graham Rush Cara Kuth EerJirniii b ^ bOLstt bhdv-'fciLi^r K\ LITL adherer L.vm ScJirr .id? Freshmen 117 fatejb^stirtee Rizxkj (anted Rubirufcin [ILILUI lu >dri Rcfegerb-^ni ^ ^ iuser .-n . ,n.i JuTfifLH \liWl flfi*rt} Midis Itfufli-Mciwi Uated ML 7 ::: Mven Kief INif -VIIJMUMN LinJir w -tai wo /m LHfx

Ia & V m m I 1 If :%> I m Class of 2009 Nicholas Groves By Ly [idsay Bniniiiien FVifple Ediror Philo by Amanda Phil'pp Brittanv- Perkins Favorite Colors Favorite Mftvlf: " Shtr Nfitebtfok '* Favorite Class: Health Fuvrtrite Teacher: ' vicolc ftroehammerFavorite Sporl: CmsS CoilfLliV Favorite Hobby: Hanging our *iih Friends Favorite dumber: L 2 Favorite Season: Summer F jiv ' " ^riu: FOOL!: Ice ClLUTTI FDVORITE (joore: T .be. Laugh. Love.” K.jllir Schmitt Awhc ' iv bsrliTadLT Tfilc- Schulte K.tvirr Schulte N -fL'iiL- Sdnultc - Sccitl Jr-^.Vrj Ca*FS ' £prcak Etarifsa Shrttic-id hr ^lnngndn IK- a Shritcm k friedcft Slvvi' ird jMtfia Swiih Kathryn Smirti Michael Smltii Photo by Lyndsay Brunssen Derrick Knight FJOTK-EIL: Colon Red "You $$} Favorite Vlyv Lu ; * Served" Favorite Class; Reading i avyrile Teacher: SJTJ Srjjilll 1- HVI i Le Spurt: Favorite Hobby: basketball E Favurite [Number: 1,7 Fawrite Season: sumLiiet i : Favorite Quote: “ Ycasuiaah" 11 & Freshrren i Shanes Scrifth Ttovnr Sriic > i^:J-:L ^ F - _ Brittany fltaklw Paul Stalhjioik Jcjxtrii Statical A:;hk-y Sfcraan nrdzm Stratton [ulicr .Stratton Katie!:'1ui.l -. K$ieStarts InraLca Swain Kfllfov SWQIMXI Kvretisi ToGMa Austin Teel Andiey Termis Katlrarizie Ttieb' Stan Thomas Fshan Thmnpctun JraTCa Tnmash Kyle Tucker Slogan Va lentine Anna Vaiice Adue VSIKMI iKiniler WaglWt A V +nvr _ CjVrh^l Sill Tjmf 6SCn=SSienv^riTj; high school how, u ’ freshman. Nicholas Groves is happy to be in she It is a big change for him and he is adjusting well. I like the classes so tar and I enjoy hav ing more responsibility, ’ stated Groves. In addition to the added freedom, which is a big difference from ihe middle school, one ot his favorite classes is reading. Groves enjoys reading because it helps him freshen up on his skills, One teacher that has helped make Groves transition from middle school to high school smoother, is Clinton Gadbury. “ Mr. Gadbury is funny he p^ , kes » loi of jokes, I like the classes I am in with him/’ sard Groves, and :} il| : HgSffW7;

Freshmen T^nya ilinvm L~rytdal VVrbbrr CMkb iVflThc^ I Sjr j*“ h Wli£( lrr |is stin 1VIA1 7 ^h 'iVtfcppfirr Ijikrn WShMri is - . > flh-Ht [ Imn WWvif ATTLITIJJ WkncwiLnr Andrew WEdikfpi Ryan Vt ^lkenwri HLilif-y Willard Nickiildu Wil* f^imaltha T^fooffward Damrflr- IVP E f ,!l Marian Wynr Airhirili.^ ZahnLT &c/njLunin Setter Brtxike ZimmEnran Frekhrreen 119

Class of 2009 Molly Hanson Phfitft hi rlntn 'irJu Philipp Tirmuhv Harter - \ftei spending three years at [ he midilJc < Fav&riu - < ’ uJor: Blue or Red Favurili' Mm ie: Fawrih Sportr Fonthall Favorite Hnhby: Spending lime v, iih family ETtwnin ' Number: U Favorlr Season: Summer or J ' ill Favoriu leather: Sue L.LIJ . *TKK>K Mii!:ly Hj.n >n. »ti. Lv huppv to be MLirJing high se tool. The biggest di (Terence is M the middle sebouU , l . iw:v were ill in die same phid- JMII hnJlwus bill now they aru Al over ihe place," said Han\ \notber aspect * Thigh >CIUNJ1 that Han> enjoy > is hs.- i nu able to select herelasses. on nn - . time "My favorite- elass is Food Choices becuuv sv i |LI ewk JULJ we don i luw to sit down all the >uted Hiiiw it ' " heller than middle school, J.High vofu >ol w a lot of fun so tar and a ! T sht said . 1 .I I iL l '^ WyvlfltaWrJ PftiUtw /Vi*f*ff EillUjI' .' itfiio /v. l /JL ,ritJ|. Philipp Aiuh t a Hfair Favuriu- t ohm White Favorite Mm it: "lu.". ' it i ! Pyy mate" Favorite Class: English Favcprilv readier: Chri * KJusletmarm - Favorite Spurt: Swimming Favuritu- Hnbhi :" l\ii mini: Fawrite Quote: “ It sou eanT change somerhing,Llunge the Way yon think about n ." IjO FfHifhmi - i

RiHJ AIFTIF toffkanrip rUi*W A?i +liiv LflUfrl Usrtkn Abut todklwi CfehtEKfc -rVirtiViii yiiTi.Spi Efcrckv ik irl T5ir rhTT> ' " -firmlt fCntTrin HowcmSt Nichcta OrM.jiMnvintr fSjH-nm BKHTI L hirri BmmrocT f.ljr; Sirin RijriH-r K . ! I+ !I II. k K* L Mil =TC.rmr' sfMBFkoJ*.lFlnh in hi’! . 11 lkrie CanL±hjn Tumhiv CQJI.II .\njv- fnnfc Jol =fi ITwkr .T Mw' Jtrl rjiTiiiLT1 ^.v l h. Tr.Ki Hr.vis TiJwny LteLag -cT \tfi.IjnSi- Fnrr Owk’*** 1 ftaVm I JiJ"I F r^Jw [act h' . LIKTI I r.:r.-ifbur’i iinr - Sie^Tn Lrcar» : chniCii±njfLur . ^ CumieGcJdiSteT IMVCrahdira fryrph iIfujihwhe VLirt > JtHKDlESw Vinrv L tudzitaud Brcn Dil ul Mdcmv. K i ' r.i 1 CjrtUTCQ 'ric JEJI da t U«lJJdT -tiiid -trn . - l - -rror r -.inkfi : -irJ-elle Quia Duplin DrHBti Crentttnjw \mv ]:jmr . HL Iron CjfacHtiirur \nrtrri Crirbcrck-Bieh Frik iVtf!imhu\ Hlir it li- > *S’hiT- l talvtaui . VfllL« - dlir'vr M!3f^= ' lefl' C-sih fitMcpfty Jcnm^r Vi ' . .:ryOTi ir - TVwici .Tinr Slwitfi Oilnm PAWCIJ riliT -rrCpjpi vf F<md krfjS I ijjSl F'IMVI:^ Iko^lr - TYitf'ft TViiu RJLHW;! r nv l s^i i haelf^M^IET ^nlhimfc ra-v \fi_ollrr^ Miller

w m m Mallori Lesh B\ Amanda Philipp People Editor Sv ' . Pkrtio bv Amanda Philipp John Lukasko Favorite Color: Blue Kiivorile Food: Pizza Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Movie: Rocky movies Favorite Show: c s r Favorite Si mlher: 13 Favorite Hnhhv: boafjng/jet skiing Mallori I .c^h came to ILS from Beaver Pam. Wis. So far Lcsh likes Jowa, 'L wt rxAg here , Other than being cold ! ilke it . 1 like it a lot since ' was born here and 11 my family lives Lesh staled. l "" " l l i k e Prairie a lot sts far, there lias been a lot of changes though. The . . kids are great anti I like being on the cutting edge/’ I.esh teaches LkS- History and Work! History. is for the junior dast that she has Sth period , L S U .S. History Lesh reaches World History during periods I . 3, 4-, 5n and b for sophomores. I.esh graduated from Olivet Na/arene College. It s u little Ctiristian college nobody has ever heard of/' she jokes. Next year she plans Lo gel her maslets, teaching. “ She makes history interesting and explains it well Morgan Becicka. 07. ” staled in education while Photo hr Lmdstiv Rrunxs&n ni =. B? k' m 1 Bv SN! I n l T it 3H i - * Mr y . .. & m % A V 3v " .:7 M fey i. a c 1 v:vr. E v ? : KdV I 'llDilt Liii.d-.-i{Juiiiui .Marcy fticivdJ Liniij bdbuE^r \d3tmSaiLfJy iL'ClTt'y SctuJlir Phf/ it? by Amanda Philipp Nidifile Rmghiimirieir f avorite Color: s been pink Favorite fiHHi: Anuhing Italian r w1 Favorite Season: Summer , i hale the snow. Favorite Spoil: Running and watch ing wrest ting Favorite Movie: Romantic comedies FavoriteTV Show: Anything on the \VR arid Reunion Favorite Cartoon: Dopey Role Models: My Parents Favorite Ounte: "A teacher affects eternity he can never tell when his inAlienee stops. " 122 Staff l^ ! ’ VILLbn* PJUI StfUCTi&jdbtfrr Tracey ts.liillinti - CtintOi! Lately it’ |LH£ v Htuli hifarilLI IkluSiIL leiry bdtftwiduth Witlia-Tn Sjh' . MglJjDarvdli? LuletLi ?leidk EjeUiSLThjbhj SrfCel SnUtfc bifciuler bteve bhLyUtjr SwttltfilIztaker Iit:StAnttfs kJi CU.v Slevwi SfumplJ Lhiftif -r »:i l.i - ia^ ci rh^iEL M tin Vnjifcb^fcel 1J I ism VV-iJvh lfT ^ .qi i i? V¥i: V ' - ^i . KJBILT HiBly .IIH :>HI Tilwii-ek vdrz

- 1 >:: k fgMj "n Dairy Queen r 4 I © Dairy Queen Dairy Queen j * r Olslfibutad by IDO Distributors _ E0N#RDG5 LE0N#R1905 LE0N E0IWRD0S LEONARDO'SLEON wm*» -.1 iiifbo Drugstore W fe=.: "BB: SSSSS m i:ir : - E.st SeSi Aria Divider 123 - 1:4 1. _ w T tlul/oo \TiDrugstore tU*S I Dai) Que( DlBlributed by 1DQ

SHORT/ AUTOMOTIVE *>JOHNSON af(ha cotAtT <>tj John% Automotive ivss established \ n 1982 by 6/ifering a thorough sendee that includes; ' . fs a family Owned and operated business Since their opening they have been dovated to providing excellent customer service, up to date equipment, and a welt kept service center. They pride themselves H friendly greeting while listening carefully to our service needs. -A telephone call explaining the type ofrepair or service needed along with an estimate for repair and expected time of completion. -You will he presented with an foirtwee vnth art itemized break down of parts and labor We wilt keep a detailed record of aif services vre perfom of your vehicle. -Wo witt conclude with a heart felt "THANKYOUr WhenTheRight Way Is TheOnlyWay! ALEYEARBOOKS STARTAT $55 FAIRFAX STATE SAVINGS BANK Were the bank here. Online Banking and Bill Pay — Fun & Informative Website 24-Hour Telebanking— Friendly, Knowledgable Staff St much, much more! Check us out at www,thebankhere.com & www,crfax.com or stop by to see us at 409 Vanderbilt Street* Fairfax 124 Business Advertising - DONTFORGETTO BUYYOURAIL COLOR 2005-2006YEARBOOK TODAY! BOOKSAND PERSONALIZATIONS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH WWW.JOSTENS.COM

\ / Sovtl Slope Wireless Your Local Provider ..A Plan For Everyone Caller ID •Voicemail w/Notification •Call Waiting * Call Hold Dnlimited Incoming Text Messages * Emergency Calls * Road Conditions Hotline Detailed Billing * And Hany More Features! Plans Starting at S19.95 ^UKOUTH HSLOPE 980 North Front Street 3 h Mv VH IHH "1 £9 U;UJ for C nttiUOturO f (319) 626* PO Box 19 * North Liberty 22 ) I •southslope.com n LI IJ Ip © is I . piHHrSSsiS 'SSSffl Pm§§§ & ff| MI % - Sr? * :W;:r-:vi-v;vrw m © Thanks to Prairie High School for all your support! 2228 16th Ave SW Cedar Rapids 364-5537 3 il © - V Business Advertsing 125

4 Steve and Teresa Wain Proprietors REPAIR & COLLISION CENTER U_S. HIGHWAY 151 www wainrepair com . walnrep@sO' , Uthslope . net 21 Williams Boulevard P.O. Box 309 Fairfax , Iowa 52228 Office- (319)846-3434 Fax(319) B46-3436 QUALITY tS OUR PRIORITY! SOLONSTA" ! ! !BANK sa s ® Solon 624-3405 MEMBER ^ * # -i!' . Elv JF llt’JU>it1 846-4181 ^* rf ^ li-Lav £ 515>:i 2226 L GGypsum S Sis m C Supply Co. (319} 362CL O 1 126 Advertising < OC o O o CL SANKOT’S GARAGE INC. KEITH and AL SANKOT. Owners Engines, Transmissions AC and Computerized Repair, All Makes 530 William’s Blvd. Fairfax, Iowa 846-2742 4033 Office (319) 247-2599 Fax 5S ‘13rd Ave Sfiuthi Cedar Rapids IA 53 ' 'v-w v '’ : in itefumy intiServite" WPW.qypsinnsuppiyco.?:am t'jimiercial andfo-stoum Tiffin Swisher Feed & Lumber Co. » " 'tf[eliding Lastituj •l- riejufsfiipi Sirtet|$W2" 117- 2"d St. S.E., Swisher 857-4111 Complete Line of Building Materials - JfiEWTTeeds - Elldd^nPaHardware - Water Soffsner Sail -Pet Food & BinJSeed B\C. . ; Free Estimates & Delivery Craig &. Karen Vandracek J = ; ' Stepsfiod $£<mU's ,Jnc 2 3 1 6 Bowling Street SW (319)365-2643 (800)433-2642 www stsisKalflQrist5. com

|||AII.Pctfs mYeleiinaiy » ClinkiLC Darrell Winterowd, DVM 3967759 Fa*: 306-9126 J Edgewood RcL N.W.. dar Rapids, EA 52 -305 366-8951 Wilson*: 366-4532 Fa Ave. 5< W Cedar Hapids. IA 52404 Member FDIC SMid Phone 857-4131 l Sinclair KIRACOFE OIL COMPANY 1295 HWY, 965 NW SWISHER, IOWA 52338 319-857 -4550 FAX 319-857-4558 CRAIG K1RAKOFE * SINCLAIR PRODUCTS *MOB!L INDUSTRIAL OILS *LP, FUEL OIL, GASOLINE, DIESEL QLFR GL A 4ASTE Y^U muL BE T^BJILLCP ffelTMT SABTS^ifflJi THAT WE OCUPC AiYU TMC XWVTCX TM4T ffP WiJIM - wr wru C7Tm 00 HtfJ^JTEirEBr JT T3MBFE TO OP nOHMi Wrer . A HEATING - AiR CONDITIONING - SHE£7 METAL P 1243 Rockford Road SW Cedar Rapids, Phone: (319) 364!A 52404 0231 Fax: (319) 364-2690 E-mai!: LADCO@mcleodusa. Commercial Industrial Residential net M £ D I- C C H i L O 4 A C U t T a U P H J j a u n U Email @tvwsmiles.com www.tvwsmiIes.com SWISHER BEAUTY SALON 66 PHONE: (319) 857-4367 Jan Wood - - 2nd SI. S.E.. Sox 265 Swisher . IA 52338 Hair Designer 322 Edgewood Rd NW Cedar Rapids iA 52-05 Rhone 319.396.8364 Facsimile 319.356 5300 800.441.4327 Or^ssA^ *380 HA « T# . . J1 TTK r*4f . Ji“ rzjiu » * TT+SFLIFP* 0 TVf rMUi-UEEiti * JCfxr.+rO Ail Banking hours: Mon.-Thurs. 9 a.m-6 p.m. FrL 9 a.m.6 p.m. Sat. DriveUp Window Only 8-11 a.m. ANAMDSA IA 52205 1G5 E MAIN * 462-5828 TOJ-L Pnn P-PO* f^TWHP 1- 800-336-5328 M. TRUST and SAVINGS BANK SWISHER IOWA 52338 Advertising 127

>& m : *>£! .... ... : Wr Mpl--S ffi - ili 4 Dairij Queen « Dine In Or Carry Out Order your chillaberation cake today 2100 6th St, SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 362-0785 IH — lumbers American Association of Orthodontists J 4 ii r (319)348-2010 : * 4 * =: ^^APlN^ v*4t’ 589 JAPPA ROAD- FAX (319)848-3371 SPECIALIZING IN GRADING, - ELY IA 52227 SEEDING: WILLIAM OLIN JR„D.D.S. M.S. Practice Limited to Orthodontics X Phene 355-5620 Commerce Exchange Building Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402 2720 First Avenue N.E E &w*\ . US*: : " " ' xy ISSaS ; ; : i iiig/ H f. Drugstore :fM x&xi , Congratulations and Good Luck Class of 2006 from your 6th Street HyVee Drug Store!! : L. T : : ' " 1520 6th Street Cedar Rapids, (319) 363-9606 12? Businesses 1 ; = 5 ;:|S " - - v " ;:¥ IA 52404 SatEDutf Voue SEMioe AFWWnor5OOM! * V f - i m Sit: 1 » V %z?:m . !;i¥ . 1 SODDING.MOWING & RETAINING WALLS Free Estimates ^ Insured Mm j:.: -:; != . :Ej : XeadVhotograpky (319) 3930%7 t8O04Znd StreetM Cedar Xapias.IA.$2402 =: =::; . m i«mm B |.„ii^.§§§c : Dr. Abbie Clark, DVM m6000 7th Street S.W. Cedar Rapids, IowaMb (319) 365-1441 :V muii mm *

;> , . : . . V, . * mm g J K Lime, Rock and Rip Rap B[ack and Filf Dirt ? . ; k Broken Concrete Demolition i : I .m wmm : Mike: (319) 360-1521 Mike: (319) 270-5433 521 C Avenue MW. Cedar Rapids, IA 52405 Office: 319-362-2219 Fax:319-390-0076 DR. ALLAN J. NOVAK .. nf - Eastern iowa's Health / Sports Injury Center 363-CARE (2273) 399-9121: Pager : : it® . A-,. ; Be ' Sri- j":' ?: -.... JK 1212 3rd Ave. S.E. Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 Saw Tv Bf £:!* 12% :j j:=. i °

Congratulations to the Class of 2006! Good Luck in the Future Thank you for all your support throughout the year!

. «tiE* ' ft# MB. .-V W 4 : :« : : . - : . " v i^ill j - Senior Faiiwptls 131

: mm , .y Jeffs Our little jokester. You always make life fun. Keep on smiling in whatever you do! Congratulations! Love Mom and Dad , ^ You always DO smile We love you Doobie M4 A i, We are BO proud cf the tootnPilfM phfihod young v/omfin you hM 01be your reward. m po'\. yea always. 132 Seni&r Farewells iSl BIB

II : J.' . : 4SS ::'' ManuidaSvmoncK i : * Noth ilfcslepaua; : Immthtjwrt) IV,r a . " . / - H|pNwnette Joe Zlatholavek MAY2006: HOWARE THINGS? THINGS AREGOOD!!! SAM WILES Jilbati vVemeke. (17,iiml Christmi* Smith* DG, smilt- for the eauma, Photo by Marauda Sytnotieifv. [ Siim Fleisher, \le\ Kremer : takt a second ro .... ° :&fc - JH . . ... Ilil mm B:. , W ; , : ;. ;jg|j ! 1 I * Marks . JF In everything you have ever done we have always been proud of you and know we always will be. Not because of what you do but Love Dad, Mom, Tara, Aaron, Daniel and Derek £:|TV v.v WB mm . ... 11 . r ! - .r m : ® ft® Sag i&any/4| Ball V-: 3 SiHI ESS SMKTFarewells 133 . I K E_ Br * " - m JpSr., I Jr . TMI TT — j M&iH m ii = yrg A IL % , r-d5 SSEWk; . 3 aL : v ^ BUI because of how you do it. We love you, many blessings in your future. I; P* : at.. if' .» * fj - W^U K8E . . Photo courtesy a^d Maramta Syiiioaetfe? all 06, sjmiJe pretty trf }tarunda Sywone&eT

Ryan “Shades Steicfien 7 Coh^ fHtuiations Ryan! It seems like yesterday that you started kindergarten.New.here you are a young man. ready to start the next journey of your life. You have worked so hard and have accomplished so much. We wish you the very best , your dre3.Tis come true!! We arc so PROUD tffyouf! . Love. Mom. Dad. Ross and Snowball I:'' :' 0 s: i i Congratulations Chris, We wish you all the best! P.S. You were out!!! Rich, Julie,Joshua, Matthew may all of :: i=: £& 7: Manssa, Si: .$ Congratulations on your aocampltshinents. You are Ruch a great and oaringperson with a beautiful smite. Thuknow what you want todo with your life. Good tuck at college . YVe love you so much, lS>ur Family Hill SdiwarjEs science teacher and Marawiia Synianette, 0 after graduation eorrtmencvhUETt take u picture Lit make a memory. /V;ttto courtesy of Mtmmda Symonefte, *i. 134 Senjor Fflrewellg l

Ryan “Shades Steicfien 7 Coh^ fHtuiations Ryan! It seems like yesterday that you started kindergarten.New.here you are a young man. ready to start the next journey of your life. You have worked so hard and have accomplished so much. We wish you the very best , your dre3.Tis come true!! We arc so PROUD tffyouf! . Love. Mom. Dad. Ross and Snowball I:'' :' 0 s: i i Congratulations Chris, We wish you all the best! P.S. You were out!!! Rich, Julie,Joshua, Matthew may all of :: i=: £& 7: Manssa, Si: .$ Congratulations on your aocampltshinents. You are Ruch a great and oaringperson with a beautiful smite. Thuknow what you want todo with your life. Good tuck at college . YVe love you so much, lS>ur Family Hill SdiwarjEs science teacher and Marawiia Synianette, 0 after graduation eorrtmencvhUETt take u picture Lit make a memory. /V;ttto courtesy of Mtmmda Symonefte, *i. 134 Senjor Fflrewellg l

\ Wji-:-.:: - : - :' ! ":' V: ^ 1 ; - ^n i =. = “ . -ivW:' 5 . • „ ;' „ : : : >>:: : & Robbie LUe are so proud of you and all you haue accomplished s . Vou’ue kept us busy with the sports but giuen us memories to cherish foreuer. Go after your dreams. Congratulations. LUe lone you! ad, Mom and Lora $V;: - ::S : T : 'E ' mmmwmm .......1m # ' .• . • •• : jv ' 1 :i . : vWSfp I,' - . ::. g:.:: -.-Hi Senior Farewells 135

Baca, JD 50, 103 Baca. Tayla 115 Baccam Danny 109 Baer. Bryan 23 Bagg . Andy N E X Abeen Matthew 52, 69 , 72, 115 Abernathy . Alicea 32, 109 Abernathy. Kevin 103 Abedeely. Michelle 6. 14, 68, 71 73. 83 Albers.. Tyler 10 . 11,23, 103 Albert. Shaun Alexander. Kayley 07, 69, 103 Alexander Matt 121 Alexander Tyler 69 7/ 73, 103 Alger. Lindsey Allard, Amanda 35, 73, 103 Allen, Matthew 115 Allison, Chrigti 10/11 53. 69. 109 Althoff, Caittyrr 13, 24, 55. 57,1Q9 Althoff, Courtney 5, 6, 14 ; Anderpgg Clinton »15 Andersen. Megan 59. 69, 72. 115 Anderson. Charlene 121 Anderson. Erik 41, 58, 121 Anderson Tarry 1G3 Anderson-Shnudy, Bet" Antons, Brooke 109 Araujo. Desha 48, 33 Ard. Dennis 103 Armstrong, Amustrong. Joe Amoid. Danial " . 27, 77. 86 Arnimg Alexandria 55 60. 72 115 Bailey, Cory 15 Bain Kathleen 8, 69. S3 Baker. Bon 109 Baker, Jim Baker, Priscilla 103 Baker, Tirr, 17, 88 Baldwin, Justine 73 . 88 Ballard Button 26, 47 , £0. 109 Ballard Carissa 23, 24, 71, 73, 109 Baxter Evar, 27; 109 Banes, Jessica 59, 103 Banes, Jordan 43. 59 -a Barden. LauFa 121 BnrkaL Layla 67, 103 Barkalow. Jeff 103 Barnett, . 73, 103 Banes, Ritpy 42, 53. 68, 72. 115 Banks. Cassandra 114 Banowelz. Kayi Boeding,Jon Seeding. Josh 71, 73 109 Bogers, Ashley 72. 115 Bolumbu. Deana 59. 53. 109 Bonen, Emily SB Bonen. Kara 42, 115 Booher Jason Boothe, Jenny 61. 103 Boothe, Sara 61. 86 Boots. Aubrey 23. 103 Boutfonck, Taylor Bourne. Jared 1, 69, 71.73. 79. 30. 103 Bowers, Amanda 115 Bowers-Elsbury, Cyle 109 Bowers-Elsbury . Matt 31 Bowersox. Norma 121 Boyd. Josh Boyer. Keshia 115 Brady. Trevor 103 Brecht. Kasey 109 Bredman Breise. Troy Brenneman Gage 50, 56. 58. 103 Darrell. Andrew 115 Barrett Laura 69. 72. 115 Barrett. Malt 17. 27, 103 Barry. Brenten 12. 54 103, 106 Barry. Nellie 1; Barry. Robert 115 BaJlOn, James Baskelt Whitney 57. 72. 115 Bass. Joshua 4. 28. 88 Baumgarten, Alyssa 72. 115 . 35. 73, 103 Amy 53, 115 515 Arnold Jernifer 109 Arnold Jilkan 69. 101 73 Amoid Sumer 163 Ask. Jennifer 43. 71, 73. 103 Aune. Craig 121 Averkamp, Maria 12^ Azeitine, Laurie 121 136 Index Beradle. Aaron 103 Beadle, Cassie Beadle. Kenny 44 115 Bean. Matt 103 Bean. William 115 Beatty , Cal 40, 41. 54. 109 Eeehen Anna 59. 109 Becicka. Amy 121 Beeicka. Jacob 115 Becicka. Marks. 13. 15. 77. 68. 133 Becicka. Morgan 15 103 Beck. Justin 34, 103 Becker. Casey 40, 56 109 Becker, Chelsea 51. 57. 109. 110 Beebe. Charlie 68. 69, 103 Behnam: Rebecca 103 Behrends Kevin 121 Bender, Sharon 18, 121 Benge Katie 69. 73, 109 Benish, Jeff 54. 8& 132 Bennett. Reeky 121 Benson, Brians -1 - 5 Beranek, Michele 33, 103 Berger. Emily 42. 53 72. 115 Berger. Lacae 88 Berger U. Donald Berner. Casey 73. 109 Bessert, Jason 26, 103 Bichnr. Schuyler 71r .Tiffany GE, 72, 115 . Wyatt 44. 54. 69. S3 36, 61, 103. 144 Breon. Lynette 109 Brewer Ben 27. 50, 68. 132 Brodssck, Alison 45, 51, 55, 115 Rreghammer, Nichole 11, 121. 122 Brooks, Melissa 109, 110 Brophy. Valerie 67 76. 103 Brown. Cody L (10th) Brown, Codyl(9th) 40 . 56, 72 Brown. Jodi 51. 109 Brown . Sharon 121 Bruce, Cody Bruce. Donald Bruegge, Jcsh 103 Rmmmer Cheri Brunssen, Lyndsay 1.13, Brunssen, SkylerGG, 115 Bubon. DanI3 h 121 Buchheit (DeGroote). Tara 36 45, 54. 106, 103 , Buckingham, Sarah 53, 69, 73. 50 109 Budde, Emily 73, 109 Sueter, Sarah 59, 132 Buffo. Jacob 115 Bulanda, Brad 41.69 Bundy, Brent 25. 54 . 103 Burger. Soon 121 Burfchardt, Dani 7, 26. 27, 103 Burkhard! Kaitlin 55, 60r Bums, Erin 71, 73. 103 Bums, Genny 69 Burr, Dustin 115 Burr. Hillary 69 Burton, Keeley Bush, Jacovnn 1U3 Bush, Worsen 121 Bush, Russ 121 Byers 73.80, 109 Bmdel, Michael 115 Black, Corny 47 Blair Andrea 120 Bleed Chri?ti 88, 132 Bobzien {Geoffrev), Jordan 83 Bode. Nicole 69 72, 115 37, 103, 144 . 115 62. 115 . Magan 53, 34. 109 Cain, Lindsey 3. 72, 51, 59. 66. 71, 73, 109 nj Caief- Danielle 22, 43, 51 59, 103 Callahan, Jackie 121 Cam, Travis 40, 115 Campbell, Jordan Campbell. Lesha 11, 103, 104 Campbell, Mary SO, 121 Canny. Justin 40. 115 Carey. Amanda 69. 109 Carlson. Allison 101 IC II IC I [ j 1 |[ [ I [ I | iC I: I I I I IC \ I I | I I I I I C [ [ E : r

Carlson , Jessica 55 Carnahan. Geverty 121 Carney . Lucas 56. 56, 72, 115 Carney, Terrence Carnicic Miranda 60, 6!169 Carolan, Shane40, 115 Carolan. Tammy 121 Carpenter, Brian 109 Carpenter, Stephanie 72 Camgll, Luke 50 Carson, Amanda 4, 9. 13. 45. 55, 66. 67 71 73. 69 Careen, Whitney 4, 5r , 85 8, 14, 18,28, 51, 59, 66, 67 ICarver Beth 43.51, 59. 66, 73r Carstens, Jenna 75, 85. 115 Carver. Ashlee 53, 69. 73. 109 Carver Bailey 46, 69, 73, 109 169 IChase, Tyfer 47, 50, 115 Cheney, Alyssa 66, 103 Chesmore (Emig), Bryan 69. 89 1Christner. Colton 52. 71, 73. 109 115 77. 89 IC!ary, Calise 39 Leghorn. Regina 8, 13. 15. 26, 46. 39 ICleghorn, Renee 8, 13, Clarke, Ashlee 115 Cline. Heather 115 | Cline. Pnigc 13. 15, 37. 73. 39, 144 C'inog, Jessica 37, 46, 109. 144 Ichb, Chelsea 15. 67. 68. 69. 89 Jenna 72, 115 I:ohle-Frakes. Alyx 7!72. 76. 3C 115 ICobum, Andrew 35 ICebum, Coburn Samue- 115 ICDIE, Kortnev 47. 57. 09, 103 Cochrans Joan 121 7 nckerton Joseph 56, 115 IColeman. Alex 50. 66. 7!72 115 Coieman. Jatisa 1.59, 63. 66. 109 Coleman, Josiah 50 70 oson. Jeremy 103 Tyler 115 IColumbus, Erik 40, 47. 121 I CcSeson, | Conner, Natasha 109 I Cook, Anne 121 . cok Bnan ICook. Jessica 73,. 109 ICc-oling, Jeff 16, 17, 41.89 ICooper, Ben 41 163 ICoaper, Kadi 48. 55, 69. 115 Cocpess. Robert C Corey, Justin Ocvmgton, Trevor 27, 40. 43, 109 . -aft , Kristina 42 . 55. 60 . 62. 115 Craig ’iffany 1!67. 89, 103 O aven, Erika 103 ' " ' Cnst, Owen 1 56. 67, 74, 89 Croskrey, Eric 4!58. 103 Cmskrey, Will 90 Croy. Mitchell 40. 115 Cryder. Alec Cryder. Atisha Daily , Rachel 55, 69, 109 Cake. Joleen 144. 121 Callage, Joe Daniel, Amanda 115 | Cihla, Colton 56 115 Clark. Joshua 40. £&, Csvalter, Aaron 48. £9 Chamberlain, AJ 44 53. 89 . Cranie -. Ashley 1Q9 115 Danker, Lori 121 Danker!Mike 54, 121 Qanley. Ryan SO Davis. Justin 115 Davrs. Kyiee 163 Davis. Traci 121 Day, Brittany 73. 103 Daywitt, Roman 109 Dean. Richard DeCiue, Dan 7, 109 59, ?3. 80, 109 Deguc, Jamison 90 Detagardelle, Tiffany 121 Denison Skye S3 72, 115 Denison Jr , Troy 58, 103 Dennis, Lucas 13, 23, 33, 50. 90 Oerosiere. Kurt 63, 109 Derosiere. Kyle 53, 109 DeSouza. Caleb 54, 71 73. 109 Dick. Erin 13. 45 55, 67. 90 Dick. Kyle 34. 44, 54r 73, 1109 Dietrich, Cciin 18, 19, 41. 50. 53, 66. 67, 77. 90 Diaudonne, Kwizera 4Q, 50, 54. 72. 115 Dinnella. Jacob 103 Costal Dan 41 56, 103 Dostal Mike 47, 90 Dove. Becky 19, 67, 71, 73 . 90. 135 Dozier, Jennifer 42, 53, 69 115 Drees. Frank Drexler. Shawnalee 56. 63. 69, 81, 109 Droesch. Elizabeth 85: 109, 115 roessi-er, David 52, 66. 67 103 Droessier, Emiiy 53. 66. 69 Dryden Jayce 44. 63. 69. 71, 72. Dryden. Samantha 43, 73 Duball, riritteny 63, 73, 96 Dubishar Kattyn 5, 8, 10, 11 , 14. 26. 51, 66. 67 90 Dulles, Lindsey 60. 73, 109 Duncan, Davsd Duncan, Leslie Ann 63, 109 Dunlap. Tylnr 103 DuPont. Chris 121 Duss. Anna 59. 199 Dutcher. Tabithn Duval! . Lauren 71. 73. 109 Dvorak Megan 48, 109 Dyson, h Tyler 44, 50, 53. 73. 109 Eaton. Kari 42 63, 66, 109 Ebsen. Alisha 109 Eden Natalie 7!73,109 Edwards, Emily Egesdai. Matthew 19, 67 901 Ehlts. Holly 69. 115 Eicbstadt, David 27, 44, 69 Ejiasi. Answer!67, 69. 76 90 ENiff, Jordan 50, 53. 59, 115 Olingson Bryan!50. 54. 109 Elliott, Kelley 115 Ellis, Ketsey 69, 90 Ellis. Kim 69. 115 Eisner, Randina 15, $5 7!73. 133 Eisner, Sam 24. 40 . 50 63, 69, 109 Eltonr HcNyann 103 Emrg. Rachael 57. 69. 115 Ernmert, Jeremy 15.4!50. 56. 103 Encke. Sara 63.69. 72. 115 Engeset, Dan 44, 48, 54 103 English, Alida 57, 69, 109 X Index 137 D E ' 103. 115 Erenberger, Stephanie 24 42 6!71, 73, 10 Espe. Ryan 56, 73, 104 Evans KalJyn 63 72. £0. 115 Evans Kenyatta 109 Facsori. Austin 27. 47. 109 Fait. Alexander 115 Fangman Cristina 115 Farmer, Amy 121 Farnsworth Carol Farr, Melanie 121 Farris, Charlene 121 Feldman. Stephanie 59, 73, 103 Feidmann, Dillon FeSdmann, Tyler 47, 54. 71 73, 109 Fennern. Cotiy 109 Ferguson, N;ck 103 Ferry . Amber 67. 66. 7!73. 79, 80 163 FewelL Lucas 52, 67 69, 163 Feyerahend. Shawn 19 73, 90 Fiaia. Bryan 19 4!46, 7!73, 90 Fiata, Nate!40. 48. 54. 73. 114 . Finley. Ryan 115 Fischer, Caroline 6. 109 Fischer Hannah 61 69. 90, 135 Fischer. Jennifer 60. 0!73 Fisher Andrew 1 5, 25 31 4!56. 58. 71 73 103 Fisher, Danielle 69. 91 Fisher. Denise 12i Fisher. James 54 109 Fisher Laura 121 Fisher. Tim 44. 46 49, 54, 115 Flatgard. Lucas 17 . 34, 91 Flaucher. Tasia 26 5" 60, 62. 115 Fleisher Samantha 69 91 133 Fleming Tieman 6, 73, 103 I N ETenberger. ninths 121 Erenberger Kelsey 57. 3. 17 . 26. 42. 61.66 ' 69

Garth: Ian 103 Gaston. Stephen 109 Gay, Ranafcf Geary N D E Flaorahinger Donato 109 Flugum. Austin 103 Foizey Ryan 1.69. 71.73. 78. 79, 80 Ford. Eric Foreman, Sebastian 109 Possum, Jackie 121 Fossum, Jonathan Fowtor, MoJfy 55, 60, 69. 72. 80. 115 Fraley, Robert 109 Franks. Sara 22. 45. 59. 84. 103 Frazier. Kayla 73 Fredqnckson, Ken 52. 103 F eeman, Jamie 68 1 Q3 Freeman, Tahithn 12, 67 69. 9" ' . 134 Freerkson, Don Freese. Calvin 23. 44. 56. 69. 115 Freihnger. Dillon 52. 64. 109 French Jennifer 17, 19, 28 36 53. 67. 63 78. 80. 91 Freshour, Neal 40, 50, 56, 116 Fritz. Jaime 69. 109 Funke 109 . Jordan 40, 41, 50, 66. 71 73 67, 71, 73. 77. 91 Gadbury. Cfint 121 Gagnon. Brilny 115 Gall Brent 10t Galloway, Andrew 17. 103 Galloway, Jason 50. 53. 115 Galloway 44, 58, 66, 67. 71, 73. 91 Gann. Jennifer 69. 109 Garnant. Anna Garnant. Jared 103 Garrott. Jessica 109 138 Index , Funke. Morgan 4 9. 12, 15, 43, 51 66. . Kevin 31, 43, 121 Genlhe, Kim Geoffrey , Allison 34, SO Jared 56, 103 . 115 Gianforte. John 50. 121 Giese. Andrew 40, 56, 109 Giese. Gillam, Marty 27. 40, 52, 109 Gillen, Can 40. 54 56. 53, 69, 115 Gilliam, Travis 73, 103 Givens, Taylor 115 Glick. Joseph 109 Glover. David Goldman, James 115 Goldsbeny. Connie 121 Gonzales, Michael IflS Gonzalez, Wick 50. 50. 115 Goodson-Gregg Nathan TQ9 Goodwin. Adam 40. 50, 56, Gordon, Randy Gorsiine. Ashley 100 Grebe. Jacob 69. 103 Grabe Jason 52. 73. 103 Grabe-Crinigan, Kristin Gradwell, Gerry 115 Graham, Ashiefgh 73 Graham, Judy 121 Graham Zach 109 Grant, Ryan 56. 69. 115 Grapes. Tiffany 103 Grapes, Zach 46. 72, 115 Graves, Joe Greathouse. Joe 121 Gregory. Chris 91. 103 Gregory. Jon 28. 91 Grendler, Charles 91 Gnerier. Josh 115 Grimm, Amy 47. 73, 103 Grobin. Mike 103 Grolmus Mary 69 103 Grnnemeyer Mark 121 Granemeyer Patrick 47, 50, 56. 69. 115 Granemeyer. Sarah 67. 69. 71 Graves, Nick 116 Gudenkauf, Mary 121 Gunther, Shane 115 Haherkorn, Grant 91 Hacker Brent Hackman, Justin ZB,41, 48. 91 HadenfeSdt. Dylan 54. 133 Haenriler , Brenda 121 . Peter 4. 9. 12, 14 22. 31, Haendler, Shawnee 59 109 Hahn, Angelica 66. 71, 72. 115 Hahn. Natalie 60. 69, 73. 91 Hahn. Shayna 109 Halapua Michael 40, 91 Hamer, Scott Hamilton, Abby 55, 60, 69 115 Hamilton Kglhe 34, 55. 69 110 Hammer, Erik 27. 1Q3 Hampton. Mike 91 Hanken. Levi 40, 54. 110 Harrna. Ale* 40. 50. 69. 71 72, 116 Hanna. Kamiyn 42, 55. 73. 110 Hansen. Dam] 47, 121 Hansen. Justin 54. 71, 3, 110 Hanson, Jessica 110 Hanson Molly 120 Hanson. Samanlha 73, 110 Hanus. Allison 110 Hardin, Tyler 44, 45. 110 Harding, Genevieve 66. 71. 73, 110 Hare. Lana Harford. Jessica 53, 71, 73, 84 . 110 Harford. Monica 72, 04, 110 Hamelson, Ryan 4tJ, 58, 116 Harris, Mariah 116 Harter, Timothy T20' Hartley. Douglas 56, 116 Hartman. Chance 110 Hanson, Justin 101 Hartson. Travis 110 Hanson, Trevor 110 Hartwig, Coady TQ3 115 Harville. Erin 91, 132 Haugh, Chelsea 109 Hayes, Caliee 55, 60, 110 Hayes. Kasi 15, 58. 61. 92 Hebert. Dalton 116 Heeren, Troy 110 Heidi, Christy 103 Henderson, Melody 121 Hendryx, Shelby 71.73. 110 Henkef, Amanda Henry, Jennifer 67, 95. 103 Hensley, Courtney 36, 03 Herman. George 83. 121 Hennanson, Tristan Hernden. Courtney 116 Hernden, Sierra 110 Herweyer, Shane 69, 103 Hess. AEisha 63, 72, 116 Hi!fP Andrew 92 Hills. Hunter 15. 44. 58. 103 Hilton, Thomas HimnreL Nate 104 Hindman, Jenna 4, 5. 9. 10, 11 14, 19, 45, 51.55 5 " 69. 92 Hinker-Garlinghouse. Spencer 26 66 67. 69. 76. 1 . - hinrichs. Kristy 43, 51, 110 Hinrichs. Kyle 92 Hinscbberger. Jill 14. 27. 61.92 Hirman. Brandon Hiss. Curtis 52. 92 Hoffpauir, Cody Hofmann, Adam 92 Hgfmaster Hofmockef, Jill 121 Hofstabler, Adriana 60.110 Hofstadter, Sean 104 Hogan Kyfie 104 Holder. Tammy 121 Hnlub, Kellie 67, 104 Hdlvenstot. Hilary 72. 116 Heose. Code 10. 11. 66 Horak. Chelsey 92 Holkar Clinton /7 .Morgan 110 . 67, 78. 88. 92 Hoose, Tacie 11, 7T . 73, 38.110 Hoover Colin 69, 76, 104 Hopfensperger. Allan 4. 6 . 9. 28 . 116 Howe, Hollyanne 6, 43. 69, 73 104 Hubbell, Shannon 75, 65. 116 Hughes, Ashley 73, 92 Humphrey, Alyssa 69, 59 116 Humphrey, Ashton 69, 116 l-lupp. Ryan ; 69. 75, 92

Humbert. Tessa 66. 71. 73. 112, 110 Hurlbert, Tyler 71 . 76, BO, 110 Hutchcnoft, Zach 69 Hutson. Amy 104 Hyberger. Ashley 72, 85, 116 Hylgnd, Rachael 6 Hynek. Kim Ibrahim, Fatme 10 * Ibrahim. Moustafa 110 Ibrahimovjc llg, Justin 104 Irwin Jordan 116 Isley. Josh Jabens, . Semir 54, Amy 121 Jackson, Anthony 41 53, 104 * Jackson, Crystal 72, 110 Jacobs. Chelsea 92 Jacobs. David 92 Jacobs. Kimberly 35. 76, 104 Jan&a. Katie 51, 55, 110 Jansa. Michael 40, 54. 73, 1iO Jansa. Robbie 56 ; 92 Jansen Christopher 40, 58. 116 Jasa. Nick 11. 41, 48. 92 Jauga. Kimberly 110 Jeffrey. Trista 73. 104 Jelinek, Craig 41, 121 Jdlison. Jessica 110 Jennorjohn, David 68. 69, 104 Jennerjohn, Scott 63, 69. 92 Jewett. Logan 73. 108, 104 Job. Aaron 15. 98 Joans Amy 51, 59. 66 69. 116 Joens. Nathan 50. 116 Johnson, Allison 3. 53. 69 ; 93 Johnson Andrea 60. 69, 116 Johnson. Ashley Johnson, Brilni 110 Johnson. Cherie 121 Johnson. Chris 93, 134 Johnson. Craig 43. 56. 110 Johnson, Jasondra 29 ; 110 Johnson. Jessica 77 110 Johnson. Kyle Johnson. Larissa 14. 93 Johnson . Misti 43 Johnston. Brea 73. 110 Jones. Cathie 13. 121 Jones. Jim 11.74 121 Jones. Kathi 73, 93 Jones. Sam 44, 68, 69. 71 72.60. 116 Jones. Sheena Jordan. Nik 19. 48 . 49, 93 Jordan. Peggy 121 Julich, Taylor 110 Kacher. David 116 Kaiser. Joe 40, 48 Kaplan 110 Kiefer Felicia iifi Kiktrls, Kendall 42. 59, 72, 1l& Kikuts. Lead &7. 69, 93 Kilpatrick, Crysletla Lee. Barbara 53. 68, 104. Lee, Chris 69, 116 Lee. James 15 , 110 ' Kinnade. Dallas Hynek. Hannah 23. 51, 60, 62. 72. 115 . 45, 53. 67, 59, 70, 104 King Kellie 43, 73, 104 Kinion. Dan Kinion, Kayla 6S . 93 Kiracole. Alysa 55. 69. 111 Kitzki. Miranda 33. 69. 76. 93 Kitzki. Tanya 69. 76. 104 Klien, Scott Klemschm dt , Ryan 116 Klith, Jamie 41. 58. 104 ' Klostermann. Chris 121 Knight , Alicia Knight. Derrick 113 Knowlton, JoAnn Krtudson, 41. 58. 67. 71 73 Lee. Nick 44. 43, 56 104 Lefebure. Aric 68, 69. 73. 82. 53, 111 Legg. Jonah 17 . 19. 41, 94 LeHew. Kenny 27. 44. 69. Ill Lehman, Loren 41 104 Lehner Andrea 14, 94 Lehr Garrett 74. ni Lehr Tanner 50. 54. 117 Lesh. Mallori 121, 122 Less Lewis. Samantha Leytenr Alison 69. 71 73, 73. 111 Uchnerowicz, Ryan 111 Lindemann Rachafle 14. GO Brittany 42. 116 Koch. Ashley 51 , 55. 73,Hi Koch. Travis 93 Koch. Tvler 111 Kolsto, Kevin Koopman, Michael 104 Koranda. Alex 104 Koranda, Jolene 121 Koranda, Taylor 72. 116 Kosmach, Calvin 74 ill Krahmer. Mercedes 116 Kramer. Lora 27. 60.61, 111 Kramer Robbie 4. 9. 1&, 19, 41, 43 49. 67, 98, 135 Krause 111, Fredrick 111 Kreis, Cody 40.116, 116 Kremer, Alex 13, 15, 28. 93 133 Krenter, Jace 40. 54. 71, 72 115 Kress. Justin 34 54. 111 Kriegermeier. Eric 104 Krivanek. Sonya 67. 68, 71 73. 104 Krohn. Ashley 73, 104 Krchn, Meegan 72, 116 Krone, Krista 104 Kruger . Jeramie 116 Krumm. Kenton 62. 33, 104 Kueny, Samantha 55 116 Kuntz. Kim 121 Kuntz. Zach 69. 111 Kuper, Gwen 42, 121 LaBore. Alex 32, 40. 54 ; LaBore. Allisson 80, 93 Latter, Brandon 68, 69 LaKose, Tristan 93 LaKose. Tyler 31 . 33 . William 69 116 Kearney Jr. , Kevin 104 Keever, Matthew Kelley, Mary 121 Kemble. Derek 47, 104 Kemper, Andrew 71, 73. 104 Kennett, Megan 69. 73, 93 Kent, Zak 73 Kephart, Jordan 71. 72, 116 Keppler Kyrstin 72 Kerker, Josh 116 Lala. Jennifer 53. 6Br 111 LaJa, Sue 121 Lambnecht Kayla 111 Lamparek. Ryan 15, 41.58, 104 Lampanek, Scott 40 Landuyt, Darofd Lanzo, Jennie 121 i..arson . Dane 44 . 111 Lastovkg. Barbara Lau, Santana Lawrence . Leah 14 94 Lawrence, Leanns 14 94 Le. Tommy 13. 47, 54, 94 Learning Megan 111 Leas Lrndsey 51, 116 Leaves, Amber 69, 74. 82. S3. 111 LeCaptair Michelle 69. 72. 116 56 63. 69 ; N E Index 139 Lindley, Nathan 40, 48. 56 117 Undley Thomas 52.71 72, 117 Lines, Randi 69 30 . 34, 111 Linn Mason T8. 47, 52. 94 Little, Michael Litzenberg, Jessica 68, 111 Livermore, Ashley 104 Livingston, Ryan 40 BBr 117 Loonan Amy 53. 67 69, 71 Lopez, Seth Lower, SretE Lubbock. Sara 117 Ludvicek, Kean 47. 117 Lukasko Lussi Melissa 94 Luther. Cady 18. . Zach 4. 9 12, 13.28. 41, 50, 94 . 61, 111 . 73, 104 LundbergT.John 121. 122 Levan, Edton 69. 76, Chad 35. 69. 104 17.43. 56, 104 Luther, Pam 121 H| Luvan, Allen 69, 117

I N E Luziim, Ashley Mackey, Craig 117 Macku. Felicia 55. Ill Madson. Robert 117 Mahoney 73. 78, 80, 111 Manley. Zacli 69. 94 Mantemaoh. Mackenzie 69, 72, 117 Marak. Josh Markham, David Martens. Jessica 28. 66. 104 Martin, Emily 104 Martin Samantha 71, 73 94.132 Martmez, Mackenzie 50 . 105 Martinez. Vanessa 105 Mashek. Robert 69. 117 Mason, Jared Matins Amanda 32. 61, 105 Mauck Dustin.11, 68, 69 105 McAdam Katelyn 72 McAdams. Ryan 54. 77 94. 117 McCiean. Jaymes McConnell Emily 36 53, 67 63. £9. 94. 119 McElneal, Jade 59 69. + ' 7 MoEowen, Monica 23. 35. 60, 117 McFadden, Kyle 117 McGaffee. Maurice McGurk Marley 42, 51 60.66. McGurk. Mellany 43, 73, 105 Mclfiroy, Travis 105 McKay. Josh 73 . 111 McMumn Brandon 40, 54 McMurrin, Courtney 117 McNamara, 140 Index Sawyer 40, 111 . Patrick 1 11, 44. 66. 69. 71 McNeaJ, Taylor 5 7, 111 McVey. Amber 53, 117 McVey, Heather 53, 117 MgWilEiams, Mary 121 Meade. Jacklyn 94 Meggers, Dan £9 Meier, Alicia 72, 117 Meier. Kiley 14. 23. 61. 77 Munson. Shyanne 60. 61.111 Murphy, Artesha 51 Murphy. Dan 19. 31 . 44. 58, 67. 95 r 94 Meteha, Kaityn 45, 55, 117 Melsha. Zach 40, 111 Menefee, Anthony 77, 117 Menefee. Crystal 111 MerfeJd, Amber 45. 51, 59 60. Em, 117 MerleId. Kristi 12, 73. 94 Meyer, Joel 34. 54. 69, 111 Meyer, Lucas 7. 13, 60. 73, 77 94 Meyer. Marlene \2 \ Meyer. Mathew 50. 117 Meyer. Samantha 67, 69. 31, 96. Meyer Stephanie 53. 69, 73 Meyers. Amanda 77 , 111 Meyers, Derek Meyers. Jeffrey 117 Meyers. Mary Rita 121 Mi ' chalec, Heidi 15 . Cody 105 . 55, 105 Michel, Annette 121 Michel Miles. Kathy 121 Miles, Patti 121 Miller Andrew 73 Miller. Annie 72. 117 Miller. Brandon 105 Miller. Charles 121 Mrller, Chris 111 Miller, Jerilyn 28 43 Murphy. Gait 121 Murray. Nicholas 111 Music Jared 40. 58. 63 69. 117 Musi!, Jorunn 5. 12, 14 15. 17. 19. 23, 61. 67, 61.95. 134 Mosseman. Aliya 69 73 ; 80. 111 Mussulman, Ryan 22. 58. 69. 73. 95 Musser, William 63, 69.111 Myers , Heather Nading. Sarah 69, 72. 117 Ndayizeye. Innocent 41 54. 73, 105 T35, 111 Nedrow Fatty Neff. Justin 105 Nelson. Zachary 50. 111 Nommers, TyJer 50. 56 117 Nouhaus, Logan Newhurry . leashia Newcomer. James, 111 Newhard. Cody 111 Nguyen. N<ck 95 Nichols. Tom 40, 54. 73. 111 Ngrthrup, Scott 95 Morten. Brittni 117 Morion, Colton 40. 40. 54, 56, 71.72. 117 Morton Kylie 60. 111 Noska, Kent 48 Novak. Alexandria 60. 72. 117 Novak, Jesse 105 Novresko, Brad 44 Novrogke, Jennifer 121 Novreske. Sara 10, ; 55. 67, 69 105 Miller, Johnathan 52, 67. 73. 105 Miller, Kaleb 117 Miller, Mandie 60, 72. 117 Miller, Nate 121 Miller. Ryan 54. 111 Mills, ' Kourtney 14, 15. 63. 73. 95 117 Milton. Jessica 22. 69. 95 Mironova. Olga 42. 76 Mitchell, fieri 12, 105 Mitchell. Britnee 6, 12 15 95 Mitchell, Cody 3 Mitchell Mike 43, 32. 83. 101 Mithun. Ashley 95 Moeller. Jeff 58. 121 Mohtmg, Caroline 53. 67. 69 73. 105 MoiyoetiK, Cart 105 Montgomery, Marian 51. 59 Moody, Loranie 14. 15. 68 7% 73, 95 Moore, Jacob 117 Moore, Kailin 105 Moore . Matedm 50 Mon-ini, Luke 4Qr 54, 71.72. 117 Morris, Miranda 35, 117 Morrow. Nicole Moser. Chris Moser, Jonno 117 Moser Justin 50. 56, 105 Moses. Ashley 95 MoyIan, Kevin 95 Moynihan, Michael 68, 69, 95 Mohs, Mdyssa 35, 73 105 Muhs, Tiffany 72, 117 Murtim Jenna 45, 61 72 117 Mumm Kayla 71, 73,105 O Connor Megan 68. 95 O'Donnel . Tyler 40, 54 117 O'Dwyar. Ryan 71, 73. 111 ' 0: Roni Morgan 69, 71, 73„111 Odell, Alexandra 72. 117 Oohlarioh, Tim 96 Ogreen, Cameron 96 Ohrt. Crystal 12. 71 73.96 Oho. Dostiney 13. 24 34. 71, 73, Ti l Olson Ashley 43 . 55, 73, 105 Olson. Hannah Itt Ongie, Mindy 53, 69, 117 Opheimr Katefyn 69, 96. 132 Opheim. Kelli 67, 105 Orr. Amonr 96 Osborn. Emily 57, 69. 96 Osborn. Eric 71.72, 117 Osborn. Sharon 121 Osborne, . 55, 54 72. 117 11 71, 73,111 Nunenraker, Jessica 42, 59 72 . 117 Nuncmaker, Renee 105 O’Brien, Ashley 43 60. 72. 117 0'Brian, 8make 8, 12, 13, 37, 95 144 O Brien. Colleen 47. 73, 105 O Connor, Mary 121 ' ' Andria 37, 144 , 117 Otero. Pat 121! Owens Crystal Owens. Heath Pacha. ChrisLine 105 Packingham. Caret 27, 105 Pates. Jamas 96 Palko. Kaycia 69. 71, 73, 105 Parker. Ramon Pasker. Courtney 42. 59, 72. 117 Pate. Christy

PAIJHINA. Brittany 111 Paulsen. Danielle 111 Payne. Jessies 59. 69 Leah 60, 117 . 117 Pazour. Derek 111 Pegump. Jordan 52, 111 Perez, Perez, Tana 6 13, 14, 15, 77, 96 Perkins. Bettanv 45, 51, 59. 117 lift Peters, Dart 54, 69. 117 Peters, Lauren 5i, 55. 111 Peters, Michael 76, 105 Petersen. Rebecca 72. 117 Peterson. Courtney 76, 111 Petrie. Angela 11, HI Petrie, Chelsea 13 96 Philipp. Amanda i ; 59. 105 144 ’ Phillips, Dev G9. 117 Phillips. Zoe 36, 66, 69, 96 Pierce, Kylea 48. 55, 60. 72, 117 Pierce, Luther 117 Pie'ce, Natashia 53, 66 67 69, 105 Pierce, Ryan 41.73. 105 Pierson, Liz 96 Pike, Alexandria 32, 111 Pledge, Raymond 111 Plogman. Ashley 69. 111 Plotz. Leah 14. 15. 96 Ptough, Derek 111 Pobkaew, Arinchaya Podzimek. Leah 68. 69. 71, 73, 80 Poisel, Jimiya 111 Polton, Amanda Pond. Cami 42. 72r 117 Pond. Cheryl 121 Pond, Kelly 121 Pool, Jared 69. 96 Pool, Spencer 50. 52. 69, 111 Popenhagen, Megan 15. 25, 36, 67. 73, 1Q5 Port, Adam 105 Porter . Nick 105 Pospischil Dot Potter, Kayla Polls, Mitchell 69, 117 Paulson, Sarah 117 Powers Lisa 121 Price Breccia Price Mathias Price, OJivia 14. 71.73. 96 Pndeg, Amanda 105 Primmer. Andrew 68, 69. 105 Primmer, Trevor 117 Prior, Chris 41.53, 105. 106 Prior Sean 117 Priske, Amanda 47 105 Privralsky, Alex 47r 117 Pruett. Bob 121 Pruett, Bonnie 121 Pruett , Nathan 121 Radii, Kourtney 60, 62, 111 Pundt, Kay 122 Purdy, Jeremiah 40. 58, 117 Putz. Joshua 40. 41. 50. 54. 56. 71 73 110, 111 Quinby. Aaron 13 47. 56, 105 Quinn. Asyssa 66, 117 Quinn, Linda 122 Ragusl, Andrew 48. 73, 75 Rainey, John 69, 111 Ralston Ashley 15. 61, 105 Ransom. Bailey 57 , 105 Ransom Megan 1.69, 96 Rasmussen, Taylor 40, 54. 72. 117 Rathjo, John 69, 117 Roadshaw, Courtney 51, 117 Reece, Christopher 56, 117 . 7. 10 11 12. 26 37. 45. Riehman, Adam 73, 105 Reist, Lauren 72.117 Ressler, Austin 117 Reszej, Tim Reutzel, Ben 4 41. 54. 96 Rhoads. Daniel 111 Rhoads, Dawnicka 73 Rhoads, Rokco (Demon) 54 53 Rich, Treva 73, 97 Richardson, Brittany 10 11. 59. 67. 69. 105 Richardson, Megan Richardson, Rachel Richmond, Cote 54. m 55. 6 V 66, Richmond. Dillon 97 Richter. Jaki 27 42 117 Rickeis. Ekyn Rickets, Wes 117 Rife, Abbie 34. 117 Rifeer, Rache; 105 Ritner , Stephen 69. 117 Rigdon. Alex 44. 53, 71 72, 117 RtgeL Kristen 14, 97 Riley Chris 105 Rizzio. Deslinee 117 Rizzio, Kati 57.111 Rizzio. Sheena Roberts, Andrew 69, 111 Roberts Lesann 1 67. 69. 97 Robertson, Jacob 117 Robinson, Jareo 33. 117 Robinson, Jessica 97 Robson, Kayla 55. 73. 111 Rodgers, Aaron 111 Rodriguez Roecer, Kate 10 Roemig, Aiftson 61, 73, 105 Roemig, Victoria 55 Rohn Brooke 117 Roman. Brittany 111 Roman. Joshua 117 Romer.Amber 97 Romer. Erin 14. 97 Romero. Felicia 97 Rosche Cayla 69 72. 117 Rush. Graham 117 Rush. Ryan 14, 73 . 97 Russell, Marcy 122 Ruth, Cara 60. 117 Sackman, Nicofe Sadfei, Linda 122 Saikaly. John 53, 122 Santos. Natasha 36. 65 111 Sarver, Gassy 53. 69. 111 Sauerbry, Tim 41. 105 Sauser. Ben 58. 72, 117 Sauser. Nate 25 41, 56. 58. 1G5 Schafer. Jeff 122 Schartbeck. Chris 41, 56 Schaufenbuel Travis 31.97 SchabEer Michefle 12. 43. 51, 55. 57. 71 73 105 ScheMer. Scott 40. 50. 54, 56, 71, /2, 11? Schee^ , Ryan 69, 74, 117 Scheff, Greg 97 Schelker, Ben Schenkeiberg, Paul 122 Scheurs. Whitney 84. 105 SchiilEr. Paige 7 71 73.97 Schilling, Tracey 122 Schmidt. Caleb 19. 54. 67. 69, 97 Schmidt. Lyrtn 72, 117 Schminkey. Gabe Schmitt. Dana 41. 50. 58 57 105 Schmitt, Kallie 69, 72 118 Schmitt. Heidi 122 Schmitz, Clinton 43. 122 Schneekloth, Kathiah 73, 111 Schneekloth, Terry 122 Schnefl. James 54. 69. 97 Schon. Amy 11, 19, 53. 57 69, 73, 81, 97 Schooiey. Brad Schrader, Andrew 71 72.118 Schrader, Karissa 27, 60 111 Schrader, Shane 1, 16, 97 Schrage, Nicole 5, 13. 46. 45. 98 Schroeder. Andrew 111 Schropp, Kyle 105 Schuller John 41, 105 Schuiler Kr-sten 5 6 14 22, 51, 98 Schulte, Ashley 5, 14. 55, 57. 61. 77, 98 Schulte, Cole 47. 40, 56 118 Schulte, Jordan 47 48, 56. 111 Schulte. Kaylee 42. 51. 110 Schulte. Nicoie 42, 51.57. 118 Schulz Roman 105 Schumacher Zacn 63. 89 Schwab, Danielle Schwab, Jacob, 110 Schwab, Trade 69. 105 . Julian 54. 71 72, 117 . n. 24. 42, 71, 73. 111 . 60 66. 69, 117 N D E Index 141 I

N E Schwartz Tyler Schwarz, BiH 44, 58 134 Sconyers, Tiffany 12, 26 Scott. Keith Sodrol, Zgch 106 Seemanr Errck SeitrecN, Scott 68, 69 Serbousfik. . Andy 40, 50 Serhousek. Judy Serbousek Matt 15, 32. 47. 98 Sevcik. Jessica 29. 55, 63 Sevcik. Jcsh tfi, 69, 74. 98 Seaton, Phil 44, 48, 49 Shaw, Logan 44 . 58- 84 Shea. TJ Shearer. Lea 112 Shearer . Loree Shebetka, Austin Shedek, Molly Sheffield, Karissa Shelangoski. Casey 40, 50 Shelton, Felicia 72 Sherard. Josh 7. 41. 50. 73. 101 Short, Larry Shramek. Crystal 45 48, 59, 60, 72 Shramek. Randy 10 11, 41, 48, 49, 77, ; 88 Siemering. Ross 40, 50, 58 Silverstein . Michael 40, 48 Simpson Jesse 41. 48 Sippy, Grace 4. 9. 44. 51.59. 59 96 Sisco Josh Skal&ky, Brenda Skalsky, John 14. 48. 98 Slattery, Bridget 45, 55. 69 142 Index Slezak. Coletia Sloan, Nichole 68. 80. 34 Slycond, Jessica Slycond. Jonathan 40 Smalley. Brandon 41, 54 77 98 Smalley, Ryan 54. 73 77 Smith, Aaron 19 37.69. 93 Smith, Adrienne 59, 69 Smith, Amanda Smith, Amy 98 Smith, Christine 34. 98, 133 Smith, Dav*d Smith, Jeremy 69, 98 Smith, Jonng 68, 72 Smith, Kathryn 72 Smith, Michael 54. 66. 69 Smith. Nate 44, 96 Smith, Nicholas 54 , 66-. 69 Smith, Nick 44, 98 Smith, Sara Smith, Slurtz. Aaron 41 43 43, 54, 99 Sturtz, Katie 28, 51, 66 Suby, Deb Suchomel. Nate 1,15, 41, 58 Sund. Lara 43. 55 Svec, Cad 02. 83 Swain, Jessica Swarbrick, Jeremy 50 Swarts. Britnj Swenson. Kelsey 72 Symonds. Danielle Symonette, Kayla 18. 73 Symonette, Maranda 15. 37. 44. 69. 99, 133, 134. 144 Taffola. Krystin Tandle. Jared 72 T ' echen, Tyler Snifter , Brian 69, 101 Sniffer , Shane 50 Jeff 40 Smcer, Jennifers, 15: Sn.der , Kalhleen Smegowsk;, 99 Trevor 50, 69. 72 Sn^tker. Ryan Snyder, Steve Soukup, Aimee 13. 45, 55 Sdukup, Greg 36. 44 67. 08. 69. 144 Splean, Eric Sprague. Brittany 73, 85 Sprague. Mtckey 40, 4ft.49, 58 Stalder. Brittany 42. 72, 66 Stallman, Paul 69, 82, 83 Starcevich, Shelley Staskal. Jessica 71. 72, 76, 8G Staskal. Josh Statler Ben Staller . Jessica 4: 5, 14, 18, 19 43, 51 59. 67. 73. 77. 99 Staton. KyFe Stecker. Sara 13. 73 Stecklein, SteggaN, Robby Steichen, Stepanek. Colby 31 Stepsnek. Jarrad Stevens, Amanda Stevens, Chris 50 69 Stewart-Henson, Austin Stick. Jordan 31r 99 Stockton. Shad 69 Staffer, Clay Stonebraker Cory 48 Stariie, CaSub 99 Strain Ashley 77 Stratton, Amber Stratton. Cody Stratton. Jordan Stratton, Juiien 40. 54. 69 Slrau$er Claude 73, ^ 08 SErimple, Sheldon Strother Sara Studt, Amber 73 Sludt, Katie 42 Studt. Seth Stumpff, Steve 51 Teel. Austin 13. 40. 48. 49. 72 Teel, Marco 41, 48, 49. 73, 101 Temus. Audrey 26, 51 59 Terrell. Kelli 11, 69. 73 Tessendorf. Jsimie 14 43. 51, 71. 73. 69 99 Tessendorf. Jarrexl 71, 73 Teufel Tyler 17.99 Tharp, Chris Tharp, Dherek Sniegowski, Mgniqg 23, 36, 68, 69 71. 73 Thein, Kate 72 Thomas, Amanda 14, 61, 99 Thomas. Sean 69. 71, 72 Thompson. Amanda Thompson. Brock Thompson. Ethan 40, 50 54. 71, 72 Thompson. Josh 44. 69, 71, 73 Thompto. Sara 36 Thomsen, Shawn Thurston, Ruth Ann Tindall, Aaron 44, 50 68. 67. 69. 71, 73 Titus. Kyle 10, 11 . 22, 41, 99 Tjeimelfinct ungs 69 Tjolmeland. Nathan 69 Tjeimeiand. Tyler 40 "Rusty, Kelly Tobin, Katie Tamash. Jennifer 5, 8, 14 LyneEte 42 Ryan 30. 99. 133, 134 . 47, 51 73 99 Tamash Jessica 42. 47, 51, 72 Tonn, Keegan 40. 48, 73 Topolinski. Jim 19. 31, 44. 58 99 Traver, Courtney 32 Trosky. Matt 10. 11, 40, 41, 99 Trpkosh. Joe 1, 4 Tubbs, Breon Tucker. Kyle Turfcal, Jillian 13 Untiadt, Abby 24 51, 110 Untiedt Matt 41, 58, 73. 77 Uthoff. Jcrdan 44 40 58, 69 Valentine, Megan 60 Valley Henry 40, 41 48, 73, 99 Vance, Anna Vance. Brandon Vance. Isabelle VanDee, Jesse 47 VanHom, Steve VanHouten, Carrie 0.42. 73 VanRoekel, Marly Vargas JF.. Marco 40 Vasquez, Blair Vaughan. Alissa 59, 69 Vaughan. Mitchell 69 Vaughn Br: ttney 24 . 9 44. 67. 69, 71 73 79. 99

Velvick, Ryan 50 Vieth, Jeremiah 74 Vieth, Leah 73, 74 Vifian, Janelle 12 Vrfian . Marissa 7 12, 81.100, 134 Vincent, Amie Vlietstra Allison 43. 51. 71.73 Vo, Hiroshi Vo, Massmi 114 Vo, Yoshio Voriragka, Curtis 44. 69. 190 Voels. Sarah 36 66. 67. 60. 80. 100 Vogt, Amanda 73. 100 Vogt, Nick Volesky, Brianna Volesky, Nicholas Volesky, Tnavrs Vocderhoirio, Ryan Vondnacek, Austin 44 . 56. 67 73 Vozenrlek. Abe Wade, Curtis 14, 100 Waecbter, Laura Wagner, Courtney 71. 73 Wagner, Jennifer 6, 66, 72 Wagner, Josh Wainwright, Kristina 36, 10C Waite, Dawn 45, 51, 55, 72 Walderbach. Ltsa 215 , 69. 100 Wa1ztonir Jcshua 73 Ward. ALEKIS Ward, Bryan 69, 71, 73 Ward Weaver.Josh . Tonya 42, 69, 72 Webber. Crystal Weber. Brooke Wehmever , Keefer 44, 47 Weliner , Rocoelle Weng, Jeff 13,100 Werling, Acacia West, Preston 49, 41, 46, 64 Westemeier, Tiffany Westphal, Carolyn Westphaton Peter WethereEl. Aaron Wethenell. Caleb 40, 72 Wheat. Brian 'Wheatley Dusiin 34. 44, 69 Wheeler, Sarah Wheeler, Zach 40 Whetstone. Andrew 27. 50, 69 White Jacob Whitters. Hailey 11 14. 66, 71, Wiles, Sam 12. 13. 22 41.66. 71.73. 100. 133 Wilharm, Andrew 40. 71. 72 Wilkerson, Ryan 40 b4 Willard Haley. 55. 62. 72 Wiltfong, Emily 73 Williams Jr.. Alvinn 40 Williams, Andrew Williams, Chris 69 Williams, Nick 13, 101 Williams . Rachel 43 . 51 59, 73 Williams . Ronnie 41r 58, 67, 100 WMits. Joshua Wills. Lauren Wills Nick 69 Wilson. Nicole 100 Witz, Nickolaus 40 Wineland, Nick Winks! L .aShae 29 Wise, Helen Wiseman, Dc'.ra Wohlers, Kristin Wood . Zach Woodward, Samantha 60 Wrighl, Danielle 51 63. 69 Wright Jeff Wright. Joshua Wynn, Manah Xayasouk, Daicia 55. 61 66 Yflggy. Thad Yancey. AisJynn Yancey, Garrett 13, 46. 10Q Yancey Greg Yancey, Nrck 22. 67, 73. 75 . 35, 101 Yanda. Jeremy 77 Zacfik. Marcus Zahner , Nicholas 69. 72 Zahonk. Jessica 69 Zamastil, William 32, 83 Ztanek, Kami 1.67 69.71, 73.73 79 80, 101 Zenisek, Kurt 69 Ziegler Benjamin 69 Zimmerman, Brooke Zmser. Brandon 23 41. 46. 49, 101 Zirtzman, Holly 77 Ziskevsky. DJ 19, 41 54 67. 101 Ziskavsky, Ali 39. 42. 73 Zlatohlsvek. Joe 13. 28, 101, 133 73 Winders. Hannah 55 69. 73 Whitiers. Laiken 51 55 Whitters Michael 100 Whittam. Cody 40 Wiedemeier Jusim 40. 50 72 Wtederhold. NJCO e Wiefe&nd, Whitney 6Q. 73 W?eneke, Erin 4. 5. 9 14.47, 81 66.68 Wieneke, Jillian 133 W;eneke, Logan 40, 50 Wjeneke, Megar, Wiesender, Amanda 46 69, 72 Wieaer, Blake 116 Wieser, Brandt 46. 100 Wilcox. Tai-Lee 75 Wilcoxson, Sara 6. 12, 15: 100 Wites, Hannah 12, 13 66. 67. 71.73, 30 index 143

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  44. 44
  45. 45
  46. 46
  47. 47
  48. 48
  49. 49
  50. 50
  51. 51
  52. 52
  53. 53
  54. 54
  55. 55
  56. 56
  57. 57
  58. 58
  59. 59
  60. 60
  61. 61
  62. 62
  63. 63
  64. 64
  65. 65
  66. 66
  67. 67
  68. 68
  69. 69
  70. 70
  71. 71
  72. 72
  73. 73
  74. 74
  75. 75
  76. 76
  77. 77
  78. 78
  79. 79
  80. 80
  81. 81
  82. 82
  83. 83
  84. 84
  85. 85
  86. 86
  87. 87
  88. 88
  89. 89
  90. 90
  91. 91
  92. 92
  93. 93
  94. 94
  95. 95
  96. 96
  97. 97
  98. 98
  99. 99
  100. 100
  101. 101
  102. 102
  103. 103
  104. 104
  105. 105
  106. 106
  107. 107
  108. 108
  109. 109
  110. 110
  111. 111
  112. 112
  113. 113
  114. 114
  115. 115
  116. 116
  117. 117
  118. 118
  119. 119
  120. 120
  121. 121
  122. 122
  123. 123
  124. 124
  125. 125
  126. 126
  127. 127
  128. 128
  129. 129
  130. 130
  131. 131
  132. 132
  133. 133
  134. 134
  135. 135
  136. 136
  137. 137
  138. 138
  139. 139
  140. 140
  141. 141
  142. 142
  143. 143
  144. 144
  145. 145
  146. 146
  147. 147
  148. 148

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