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to Better Serve Families Technology Solutions Built Matthews Aurora™ Funeral Solutions is focused on helping families move from grieving to remembrance and helping deathcare professionals simplify and enhance the way they do business. Our portfolio of technology solutions consistently identifies new ways to help you serve families and adapt to customer expectations. For more information contact your Matthews Aurora™ Service Consultant or visit matthewsaurora.com MAFS-7826-2020 © 2020 Matthews International Corporation, all rights reserved. MATTHEWS® and MATTHEWS INTERNATIONAL® are registered trademarks of Matthews International Corporation. 2 www.ogr.org | Summer 2020 Matthews Technology Solutions include: Arranger An interactive presentation system that helps funeral professionals simplify the arrangement process and sell better funerals. Family Connections Provide families with a private planning website to review and select services, merchandise and record biographical information prior to the in-person arrangement. Funeral Advisor A comprehensive case management and forms automation system that integrates the interactive arrangement presentation and family planning website into a business operating system for large or small funeral homes.

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President’s Message What Next? The Need for a Strategic Plan This fall, OGR’s board of directors will embark on the development of a new three-year strategic plan for our great organization. Arguably, there has not been a time in our 92-year history when purposeful and thoughtful planning has been needed in our industry more than it is now, and OGR is ready to do its part to help us all ensure we are able to continue to be the best of the best when it comes to providing exceptional funeral care. As the country and world prepare to dig out from the challenges of 2020, it can become easy to lose ourselves in the perceived desperation to survive. Let’s instead use the noise around us as a motivator to show that the Golden Rule isn’t just a name or catchphrase, it’s fundamental to the way we do business. As OGR plans for the years ahead, we will learn from yesterday without dwelling on it. I hope each of you are able to do the same in your own funeral homes as you look to 2021 and beyond. Success does not happen by accident. You need to plan. Each of us has the opportunity to do just that, regardless of where we think we’ve been or the weight we’ve felt on our shoulders these past several months. The funeral care industry is not the same as it was 92 years ago. Some may argue it’s not the same as it was just six months ago. The services we provide and the way we provide them have evolved significantly. Think about it: How many of us were actively considering online streaming of funeral services for our families just 12 months ago? With countless streamed services now under our belts, how many of us will likely include streaming as an optional add-on for any service from now on? Dare we ask, what else could change in the way we provide services over the next 12 months? Questions the board will consider: • How are those we serve changing? • What are our key strengths? • Where do we struggle? • What threats are we facing and anticipating? • What practices or services have run their course and could be retired to make room for new ideas? • Among all the noise and competition, what is our unique value proposition? • What are our true priorities and goals? • What is likely to get in our way and what can we do about that? • How will we know if we are succeeding, even incrementally? Your OGR leadership understands there is risk involved with change, and please know we are not looking to make changes merely for change’s sake. But we appreciate that in order to be sustainable and relevant as an organization for another 92 years, we need to be willing to take a hard look at who we are and what we need to be for the next century of membership. We need to learn from our past but focus on our future. John F. Kennedy once remarked, “There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.” Perhaps it is time for us as an organization and as an industry to get a little uncomfortable and take action that can help us determine our own future. Yours in service, Mary Flynn Steele www.ogr.org | The Independent® 5

Investing in the Next Generation By Pat Ferry, John J. Ferry & Sons Funeral Home The John J. Ferry & Sons Funeral Home has been in the Ferry family since 1890 and a member of OGR since 1955. The business is currently run by 5th generation funeral directors Daniel, 36, and Patrick Ferry, 40. Their father Thomas L. Ferry, III, 71, recently retired as a precaution due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Going back to the founder, John J. Ferry, it has always been our policy to take care of our employees. They are our most valuable asset and a huge part of what keeps our families and customers coming back. They are like part of our extended family. An important part of taking care of your employees, especially new directors, is training – both formal and informal. Formal training includes things such as state and national conferences whereas informal is more on-the-job training. While both are important pieces in preparing the next generation of funeral directors, we feel it is essential to learn and network with people with experience. 6 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 This is something Patrick was exposed to in his first career out of college with a public accounting firm in Hartford, Connecticut. While there, one of the things he really enjoyed was the annual training with people in similar roles. Every year the annual training was with other accountants with like experience who were being groomed for the next role in their career. It was extremely beneficial being with other people in similar positions because you were able to learn and ask questions together versus having to learn on your own. You also had a network of people you could rely on for help in the future. Patrick found this invaluable and wanted to incorporate this experience into the family business. However, this is not always possible at a small family funeral home where age and experience can vary drastically from director to director. We have been blessed with a diverse group of terrific directors who have a ton of experience and have embraced training new funeral

Young Professionals Young Professionals directors. There are a lot of benefits to having a network of new funeral directors who you can lean on outside of the company and state you work in. Thankfully, we learned about the Order of the Golden Rule’s young professionals (YP) network. This allowed our newest director, Allison McCormick, to meet and learn with other new directors going through similar experiences. Allison came to us right out of school and was by far our youngest director. Her needs and expectations were quite different from the seasoned veterans we had on staff. While they were able to teach her a lot of the practical and hands-on requirements, the YP network offered Allison a chance to learn and grow with other new directors. An added benefit was she was able to meet folks who were not only new directors but also had previous diverse careers. This gave her another perspective on the funeral industry from someone who did not come right out of school into the field. Another important element of the YP conferences is that participants are able to all travel to one location to focus on their training. (It doesn’t hurt that they tend to travel to nice destinations, either.) Joking aside, being able to get out of the funeral home and focus on training with like-minded peers for a number of days was invaluable for Allison and for all of us. She came back energized with a lot of terrific ideas not just to change how we do things but to improve upon what we were already doing well. As we all know, change in the funeral industry can be deathly slow (no pun intended). One area where the next generation of funeral directors has really benefitted our firm has been in social media. A YP training session Allison attended focused on utilizing social media to promote our brand and our messaging. This is an area some funeral homes have embraced while many others have not. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are an important messaging tool for the younger generations and if we want to be relevant to our future customers, we have to utilize these tools as well. Allison McCormick of John J. Ferry & Sons Funeral Home, third from left, poses for a picture with other young professional OGR members at the annual YP event in 2019. Being a 5th generation family funeral home, we understand the importance of nurturing our employees, especially our next generation of funeral directors. Not only are they in-tune with our future generations of customers, but they can help us improve the services we provide today by bringing a fresh perspective to the way we do things. Best of luck to the latest class of funeral directors! Pat Ferry is a 5th generation Licensed Funeral Director at the John J. Ferry & Sons Funeral Home in Meriden, Connecticut. He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut (‘03) and the McAllister Institute in New York City (‘13). Patrick and his partner Claire have two children, Parker and Ella. Connect with him at pferry52@gmail.com. Learn more about opportunities to connect with young professionals in the industry at OGR.org/Young-Professionals www.ogr.org | The Independent® 7

Memorialization Memorialization Grief Interrupted Mourners navigating added separation imposed by pandemic turn to memorial items By Pat Dunnigan, Thumbies The rituals and ceremonies that mark the death of a human being undergo constant evolution and personalization to reflect the endless variety of beliefs, traditions and family preferences. The coronavirus pandemic took aim at all of them. From simple graveside services to the practice of gathering over a meal in a living room or a restaurant, the entire concept of “shared grief” has been a casualty of the virus in many ways, as fear of illness put people at a distance in a time more traditionally navigated through a showering of embraces and the comfort of touch. For the independent and family-owned funeral industry, the distinction has been acutely felt. “I feel horrible for the families,” said Brandy Osborne, office manager and second-generation family member at Osborne Funeral Home in Wiliamsport, Maryland. “People can’t do what they’re accustomed to doing.” Osborne notes that the separation and distancing that families are suffering throughout Pendants made from a three-dimensional fingerprint casting (photo provided by Thumbies) the grieving process is all the worse because for many, the separation began weeks or months earlier during hospitalization or rehab and care facility stays where the pandemic has left even close family members locked out. 8 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 While visitations and funerals have resumed, social distancing requirements, travel hurdles and even limited restaurant capacity continue to impose separation among mourners. It’s a largely unprecedented challenge for an industry built on its ability to create the sense of occasion and shared loss that traditionally helps families through a difficult time. As in other businesses navigating pandemic challenges, technology and innovation have helped to bridge the gap in the funeral industry with the rise of Zoom funerals, drive-through visitations and the era of the audio-visual savvy funeral director – as comfortable wiring a church balcony for sound as he is managing the seating arrangements. The bereaved are also forging their own “traditions,” with purchases of memorial jewelry and other keepsakes that help to forge a tangible sense of connection with the person they have lost. Osborne says sales of “Thumbies” jewelry and keepsakes, embellished with a three-dimensional casting of a loved one’s fingerprint, have risen noticeably during the pandemic. “I think people are looking for more of a way to be closer to that person and to grieve in a different way,” said Osborne.

Memorialization Memorialization Kristine Sowles, office manager of Pray Funeral Home in Charlotte, Michigan, a 98-year-old, family-owned business, had similar observations. Even after restrictions were loosened, many people were uncomfortable attending gatherings, Sowles said. Memorial jewelry, including cremation jewelry containing a tiny amount of a loved one’s ashes, provides a way for family members or friends to share in a tangible reminder of the person they have lost. “We dealt with the same things that many funeral homes did,” Sowles said. “People had to make their arrangements remotely. Even as things calmed down, people were not comfortable coming in … or being around other people. That’s why Thumbies, and anything they could hold, touch … that made them feel closer to their loved one … that helped a lot. We call it the ‘touchpoint.’ We’ll see people that have the jewelry; they reach up around their neck and touch it.” Trevor Rapideau, a licensed funeral director and co-owner of the R.W. Walker Funeral Home in Plattsburgh, N.Y., said the changes necessitated by the pandemic have been “very drastic and very quick” and placed an additional burden on families to limit who can attend services. “How do you pick and choose?” he said. On a more positive note, he said the pandemic has forced the industry, like its clients, to think more creatively. “One of the most positive things I’ve pulled out of this is … we have been forced to think quickly on our feet to come up with new and innovative ways to celebrate the life of a family member,” Rapideau said. jewelry, are a “much more personal” reminder than traditional objects like prayer cards or guest register books, Rapideau noted. At the Bryan-Lee Funeral Home in Garner, North Carolina, Funeral Service Licensee Andy Barham said the pandemic has been a “jolt to the psyche” for the funeral industry, especially in the South where the concept of social distancing runs counter to a long tradition of warm and physical greetings. “In the South, that’s we do,” he said. “We gather, we love, we laugh, we cry; but most of all, we hug.” The absence of that social affection, he said, is likely driving an increase in purchases of things like memorial jewelry, elaborate urns or other memorial items. A cremation pendant containing a small portion of ashes (photo provided by Thumbies) “In my day-to-day meeting with families, are we seeing more of a need? Absolutely. Our sales of memorial jewelry, especially of the fingerprint nature, have easily doubled during the pandemic.” Among the memorial items growing in popularity, he said, are tribute blankets created with high-quality woven reproductions of photographs. There is also a local hospice that creates teddy bears from items of clothing, he said. Such items, along with thumbprint and cremation Thumbprint jewelry, Barham said, is a good example of an object that helps to fill an impossible void with something that’s tangible. “The idea that our loved one is no longer with us … when that loss is imposed on us, we start saying ‘What can I do to hang on to someone?’” www.ogr.org | The Independent® 9

Memorialization Memorialization Susan Dice, director of customer care at Woodstock, Illinois-based Thumbies, said the company did experience an uptick in demand for both its thumbprint jewelry and its cremation jewelry at a time when, like many companies, Thumbies was bracing for contraction. “We expected to see a slowdown,” she said. In fact, overall sales are up, with cremation jewelry sales rising 78%. Dice said she believes the increase in memorial jewelry sales is driven, at least in part, by people left feeling that they didn’t get to say goodbye in the way they had hoped. As part of her job, Dice spends a good bit of time talking to customers. “People are interested in having something they can hold on to,” she said. “You can actually feel the ridges, and we find that it gives people a lot of comfort.” Pat Dunnigan is a content writer for Thumbies, which introduced fingerprint keepsakes to the independent funeral home industry in 1998. They are the industry leader in providing customized memorial jewelry and other objects to families across the country. Conquering the Call How confident are you that EVERY staff member who answers the phone at your funeral home is able to connect with callers? How well do your competitors answer price shopping calls? Stop guessing and let OGR do the work for you! - PRICE SHOPPING - one call included in OGR membership - MEMBER ANALYSIS - COMPETITOR ANALYSIS - STAFF TRAINING - DIGITAL ANALYSIS Contact Nancy Weil at nweil@ogr.org for more information 10 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020

Marketing Campaign Marketing Young Professionals ‘Stay Connected’ with Your Community By Nancy Weil, OGR Member Resources Director Included with your OGR membership It’s important to connect with your community where they are every day - online and on their social media accounts. This is even more true as studies show digital consumption has increased 60% during the COVID-19 pandemic. OGR is happy to offer - as a free benefit of your membership - a social media marketing campaign designed not only to connect with your community, but to do so in a way that shows how much you care about them during this difficult time. • Pre-Plan Today social posts focused on reasons to pre-arrange their funeral. • We Remember ads memorializing those who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Stay Connected” marketing campaign comes with: • Why Funerals Matter More Than Ever Before is a piece designed to be used as a blog, press release or recorded for a television or radio spot. This message reminds people about the importance of funerals and allows your funeral home to highlight ways your funeral home is accommodating families with options such as webstreaming of services, drive-by visitations or spacing of chairs in your chapel. • Now more than ever…stay connected with those you love is the theme of eight social media memes. Each of these fun posts highlight the way normal activities such as family reunions, group fitness and play dates have changed under COVID-19. Optional: OGR can put your funeral home’s logo on each of these posts for $50. To get started, visit OGR.org/stay-connected or contact Nancy Weil at (512) 334-5504 ext. 304. www.ogr.org | The Independent® 11

See Where You Are - And Where You’re Going By Vincent E. Roberge, Johnson Consulting Group

Demographics The value of demographic analysis and revenue forecasting in market positioning and financial management Like many industries this year, funeral service is in flux. COVID-19 has impacted the profession in ways that may permanently alter the way business is conducted. Fortunately for those trying to stay afloat while meeting the changing demands of those they serve, tools exist to help manage these turbulent times. Two of these business management tools are demographic analysis and revenue forecasting. These tools of analysis provide an idea of where you are regarding marketplace position and strategy, and where you are going in terms of total contract revenue. So, what is demographic analysis? Demographic analysis, at its core, helps businesses understand their place in the market by understanding market potential. Marketplace is one of the four fundamental areas of focus for successful funeral home businesses, along with customer service, workplace and finances. Improving your firm’s position in the marketplace though strategies such as advertising, business promotion, marketing plans or active pre-need programs starts with fully understanding the market itself. Demographic analysis helps us understand current and future demand for funeral home services by gaining insight on population composition, distribution and overall marketplace trends. Many independent funeral home owners have a strong sense of the demographic trends in their area because of their long-term relationships with the communities they serve. Four, five or six generations of service in town certainly provides a good perspective of the marketplace trends of the area. Yet the best business decisions leverage concrete data alongside these solid ground-level perspectives. This is where a thorough demographic analysis can pay dividends in your marketplace strategy decisions. For example, we dissect a map of concentric rings extending 10 miles out from the place of business. Further analysis helps us know important data in the marketplace within each of these rings, such as population trends, how many people are in the 65+ age group and changes in median household income. Generally, the 10-mile radius gives us a clear picture for most funeral home markets, but this must be tailored to a firm’s specific market. Demographic trends can influence the market death rate and a funeral home’s market share. These important metrics can and should impact marketing strategies and advertising budgets. We use demographic analysis to understand the historical and current size of the marketplace “pie” and the recent trends help us understand what the future may look like. All of this information can be employed to strengthen a funeral home’s position in the marketplace and increase their market share. Firms can use the information derived from demographic analysis to implement marketing strategies and improve the strategies they have. Knowledge of local demographic data can have specific applications such as search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, setting parameters for digital marketing campaigns or targeted community involvement programs. This data improves the precision of these initiatives and helps firms gain the most for their spend. Ultimately, demographic analysis helps funeral home businesses make better decisions in improving their marketplace position so every dollar spent is a dollar spent wisely. How revenue forecasting helps you prepare for the unexpected In the uncertain times we’ve experienced recently, a clear financial picture has become even more important for managing expenses and maintaining cash flow. For many businesses, in any given year, an annual operating budget acts as a guide for financial decision-making throughout the fiscal year. It is a financial plan that can be consistently referenced throughout the year to keep business expenses on target. But COVID-19 has changed our business rapidly. Drastic shifts in case mix, average sale by case type and overall volume can leave anyone wondering what the future looks like. www.ogr.org | The Independent® 13

Demographics How has COVID-19 affected budgets? In budgeting for a funeral home business, case mix tends to have marginal and fairly predictable changes year over year. Furthermore, average sale by case type can be accurately budgeted through careful sales analysis and pricing adjustments. One of the many challenges independent funeral home owners are experiencing with COVID-19 is the drastic shift in case mix due to regulations on gatherings and the preferences of families. Even average sale by case type has varied greatly from budgeted amounts. Beyond all of this, some firms are seeing a decrease in call volume while others are experiencing nearly double their monthly budgeted call volume. In the end, the annual funeral home budget for 2020 has become a much less accurate measuring stick due to the coronavirus pandemic. Revenue forecasting is a way of taking some of the uncertainty out of the financial management equation. As a fundamental of a successful funeral home business, financial management requires timely financial statements and an accurate picture of cash flow. But the recent turbulence in case mix, average sale and case volume may leave many independent funeral home owners wondering what next month’s profit and loss statement will look like. Revenue forecasting utilizes micro-periods of recent sales data to project future funeral home revenue. By using assumptions based on recent evidence, revenue forecasting models can generate projections of revenue when certain variables are expected to change or stay constant. Revenue forecasting can complement a traditional funeral home budget by providing snapshots of different scenarios. If the exercise is done monthly, revenue projections will converge toward the actual total revenue for the year as the projection window narrows. In the case of COVID-19, this tool allows firms to see yearend revenue projections based on the drastic changes to business experienced in recent months. By calculating variances to the company’s original budget, precise expense reductions can be implemented to ensure cashflow and operating profit remain healthy. Revenue forecasting paired with the annual funeral home budget takes much of the guesswork out of expense reduction and overall financial management. Revenue forecasting requires detailed sales contract analysis software so that case mix, average sale and case volume can be analyzed for specific time periods. These variables must be understood to produce an accurate revenue forecast. Funeral home businesses benefit greatly from the ability to monitor this data monthly. But it is the ability to leverage this data for financial decisions where the true value lies – especially in times of business disruption. Revenue forecasting is a prime example of leveraging detailed sales contract analysis data for specific financial decisions. In a year such as this one, the tools of demographic analysis and revenue forecasting — while vastly different — can help you make the smartest decisions for your business and successfully lead it into its next chapter. Vince is a Senior Business Consultant at Johnson Consulting Group. He is a Licensed Funeral Director, Certified Funeral Celebrant and former funeral home manager. He holds a degree in economics with High Distinction from the University of Michigan - Dearborn. To connect with Vince, call him at (480) 5568520 or email vroberge@ johnsonconsulting.com. OGR members can get their choice of a high-level demographic analysis or revenue forecasting analysis from Johnson Consulting Group - for free 14 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020

Funeral Business Brokers | Valuations | Coaching, Strategic Planning | Accounting & Financial Management Make your last business decision your best decision. With over $2 billion in closed transactions and counting, our team is here to get the best possible offer for your business. The Best Team The Best Results The Best Price For the Lowest Fees in the Business Call us today to get started info@johnsonconsulting.com (888) 250-7747 · www.johnsonconsulting.com www.ogr.org | The Independent® 15

INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE PMR Post Mortem Restituo Sweden AB, Malmoe, Sweden Arlington Memorial Chapels & Crematory, Quezon City, Philippines OGR international members share how COVID-19 is playing out in their countries and cities Nelson Bros. Funeral Services – Melbourne, Australia In Melbourne, we have experienced one of the longest and strictest lockdowns in the world, including a nightly curfew (8 p.m. - 5 a.m.) and 5km (3-mile) limit on travel since the start of July. Workers in essential industries (including funeral directors) require permits to be out of their homes. Since the start of this year, the entire country has only recently reached 25,000 cases and 800 deaths. Compared with other nations, we have had low case numbers but conversely very major restrictions, mainly by our state government. Funeral numbers have been limited to 10 for most of this period and we have been unable to collect families in our Rolls Royce fleet to 16 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 Palau Funeral Home & Chapel, Koror, Palau Nelson Bros. Funeral Services, Melbourne, Australia bring them to the service, nor have we been able to provide catering and refreshments, typically a significant part of our business. Our team has balanced challenges on the home front, including having partners and families lose jobs in other industries, home schooling children, not being able to visit elderly relatives, waiting for elective surgery to be permitted and all the mental health surrounding these issues. Our team has also adapted quickly to technology changes, especially the spike in webcasting and livestreaming of funerals. Our website numbers are through the roof, including posts on our tribute walls. All of this is during a time when the overall death rate has fallen, but the regulations and requirements to

INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: COVID-19 carry out a funeral have increased. We seem past our second wave now and restrictions will be eased shortly, but this second wave has taught us there may well be a third or a fourth, as we learn to live longer term with this virus. --Adrian Nelson Arlington Memorial Chapels & Crematory – Quezon City, Philippines As of Sept. 24, the Philippines has close to 300,000 infections, 60,000 of which are still active hospital confinements; over 5,000 people from all over the Philippines have died from coronavirus-related causes. Our funeral home has handled over 500 COVID19 deaths in the last six months and all of them were cremated per the guidelines set forth by our Health Department. We are only allowed to embalm bodies after the hospital or coroner’s office issues a non-COVID-19 certification. This has brought down our burial case ratio from 48% in 2019 to 15% as of August. I guess we were just fortunate that we had been operating our own crematory since 2009, otherwise we would probably be out of business by now. We also handle cremation for other mortuaries who do not have their own retort. We are able to cremate a maximum of 12 bodies per day between our two retorts. We continue to take all sanitary precautions and observe very strict guidelines in our visitation facilities. We have limited seating to 50% capacity by spacing our chapel seats 2 meters (6.5 feet) apart. Temperature checks and wash stations have been set up at the main doors of our facility. Face masks and shields are mandatory upon entering our premises. We have had to livestream via Zoom most of our religious services due to the limited space in the viewing chapels and the availability of clergy. With God’s grace we have not had any serious infection among our staff except for one outsourced accounting personnel who had to self-quarantine due to symptoms after attending a family gathering. He has since tested negative and been allowed to return to work. We did retire all our staff members who are 60 years old or older as government guidelines prohibit them from leaving their homes except for essential trips. We promised them part-time opportunities when times are better. I continue to work remotely as Bettina and I serve as the “designated survivors” in case of an outbreak in the office. --Raffy Jose PMR Post Mortem Restituo Sweden AB – Malmoe, Sweden The pandemic has opened the door for funeral homes to show, among other things, our digital capability. Worldwide the funeral business is a “slow changer,” but suddenly we were “allowed” to implement high tech to better serve our families. When limitations were put in place on the number of guests, it took less than a week for the first funeral service livestream to take place and it soon became extremely valuable. We have to remember that very few in Sweden are familiar with a recorded remembrance video on DVD. It was also a potential legal matter because of music rights and the European rules of integrity, known as GDPR. These streams, though, paired with a recorded video will remain even after the pandemic, in my belief. Virtually all memorial services were cancelled early-on in the pandemic. Now, many deceased are first cremated and then have a ceremony with the urn; many still choose not to have any ceremony at all. We have also seen outdoor ceremonies become popular, mostly in bigger cities. Most of our embalming cases are connected with repatriation. When regulations close any option for shipping remains, the embalming numbers diminish. Overall, it has been challenging for funeral homes to be prepared for an increase in cases only to have many request very few services be provided. The standards of handling the preparation have also changed, like indications and directives for autopsy. One day we were told we should wear high-risk PPE and use double bodybags, but the next round of government guidance said there was “no risk at all” to our workers. These confusing directives together with an equipment shortage was, and remains, a stress factor. Overall, the funeral industry in Sweden has had the www.ogr.org | The Independent® 17

COVID-19 INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: COVID-19 resources to manage the COVID-19 situation in a way where dignity and respect are still the in the spotlight. Embracing the family or even shaking their hands are considered a thing of the past, so how do we present ourselves now? Are a decent bow and compassionate behavior enough to convey we are there for them? Everyone who is entered in the Swedish population registry pays a mandatory burial fee through their taxes. This applies regardless of the person’s religious convictions and is a charge meant to cover some of the costs that arise when someone dies, including: • a burial plot for 25 years • burial and/or cremation • certain transportation of the coffin/casket • premises for safekeeping and viewing of remains • premises for a funeral ceremony with no religious symbols These services must be provided at no additional charge to the family, even in a parish other than the parish where the deceased was registered. Additional services for which the deceased’s estate must pay include the coffin/casket and dressing for the deceased person, decorations and flowers, obituary notices, the funeral ceremony and/or memorial service, headstone and grave maintenance. --Jerker Nilsson Palau Funeral Home & Chapel – Koror, Palau Palau is lucky to be coronavirus-free as of this writing and we hope it will remain free from the virus. Some restrictions are still being implemented in our community like social distancing and wearing masks at selected establishments. Some public places like parks were temporarily closed but have since re-opened. Our tourism sector is affected just like the rest of the world but the government has been extending its help to employees who are impacted by this situation. As for the funeral home, we continue to work and coordinate with the Ministry of Health regarding the protocols we will follow for any COVID-19-positive remains if we do have a case. Training for embalmers is continuously done, plus protective equipment and supplies are kept in stock. Overall, the funeral home and its staff remain as-is despite the pandemic. --Lisa Borja Tmetuchl OGR’s new online LEARNING LIBRARY Professional development webinars made available on-demand to meet your busy schedule Coming soon... 18 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020

Too Much Grief By Alan Wolfelt, PhD Many funeral directors may be struggling to cope with their own grief overload For many funeral directors, COVID-19 has been a nonstop wrecking ball, decimating families and communities. And who’s in the midst of this crisis providing care to the hundreds of thousands of dead and their grieving people? The funeral home staff whose vocations have placed them squarely in the wrecking ball’s path. Your work has been extraordinarily difficult. You’ve been challenged with fatigue from physical labor and PPE protocols, along with work conditions that place your health, and that of your family, in jeopardy. Many have borne witness to a staggering amount of loss, perhaps more in a few months than they might otherwise have experienced in an entire year or more. If you feel you’ve been exposed to too much loss during the pandemic and find yourself struggling with your thoughts, feelings and ability to function day to day, this article can help direct you. Grief Overload Grief overload is what you feel when you experience too much loss all at once or in a relatively short period. Funeral directors understand and accept that death is a natural part of life. You are well equipped and trained to handle loss situations. But when you’re forced to care for an unusually high number of families, some in desperate circumstances, you naturally will feel heightened stress, anxiety, fear, depression, hopelessness, physical unwellness and other symptoms. Grief overload simply means you’ve been exposed to more loss than anyone could reasonably take in stride. Even if you’ve coped well being surrounded by death and loss in the past, you may be finding that these losses are different. This time, you may feel helpless and hopeless. This time, you may feel like you’re struggling to survive. Secondary Trauma Secondary trauma occurs when you are exposed to others’ situations of traumatic loss. During the www.ogr.org | The Independent® 19

Grief COVID-19 COVID-19 pandemic, many funeral directors have suffered not only grief overload but also secondary trauma. These symptoms often overlap with post-traumatic stress symptoms and can include intrusive thoughts about what has happened, avoidance of triggers and feelings related to places or events, pervasive negative feelings and pronounced anxiety. The Way Forward The pandemic wrecking ball is leaving many grief-overloaded and traumatized funeral directors in its wake. If you’re one of them or know someone who may be, here are some guidelines for caring for your mental health in the weeks and months to come. Prioritize your own care You can’t be of much help to others if you’re not first taking care of yourself. If you’re struggling, it’s time to make yourself the top priority. Take a day or two or three off, if at all possible, to recuperate and get an assessment. Get an assessment See your primary care provider as well as a professional counselor. The goal is to create a plan to shore up your mental health and get you the intensive help you may need for a period of weeks or months to restore and rebalance. Look into company resources Many workplaces with front-line caregivers have protocols and mental health resources for trauma training, debriefing, reflective supervision, therapy and more. Does your funeral home? If not, now is the time to implement these essential measures. Discuss this need with your CEO, HR director or funeral home owner. Know what resources are available and how to access them. Take sick leave or FMLA to buy yourself downtime If you are emotionally unwell, both sick leave and family leave time can be used to give yourself an essential respite. What you may need most of all is some time 20 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D., has been recognized as one of North America’s leading death educators and grief counselors. He away from COVID-19 losses and trauma. Again, talk to your supervisor to take advantage of the benefits you’ve earned. Focus on good basic self-care If you’ve been too busy or distracted to take good care of yourself, it’s time to make time. Now, more than ever, you need adequate high-quality sleep, regular exercise, a healthy diet and good hydration. Mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga can also be transformative. Use your time away from work to embark on a selfcare makeover. Ask friends and family to help you with this new lifesaving focus. Throughout the crisis, we’ve been applauding last responders like you. We’ve been calling you heroes, thanking you and even dropping off food to help keep you sustained. Yet you and I know that claps and cookies are not enough. You deserve to be well cared for, including comprehensive mental health benefits and adequate time away from work so you can renew yourself and be able to return to work healthy and whole. is founder and director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition and a longtime consultant to funeral service. Contact him at drwolfelt@ centerforloss.com. If you think you may be suffering from grief overload and/or secondary trauma, please reach out for support today.

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YP Spotlight YP Spotlight Young Professional Spotlight: Candace Hawkins Candace Hawkins is a 35-year-old funeral director and care center supervisor at Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home, Inc. in Hamburg, New York. She also serves as the location manager for one of their offices. How many years have you worked in funeral service? I have worked in the industry for 13 years, 10 in California and three in New York. Why did you begin working in funeral service? I fell into this business a little bit by accident when offered a job by the owner of the local funeral home where I lived in California. It wasn’t really in my career plan, but I was immediately interested and quickly grew to enjoy it. Now I can’t see myself doing anything else. What is the most rewarding part of your occupation? Getting feedback from families that they appreciate the work I do and that I made their grief process easier is always the best – whether it’s because I prepared their loved one, handled the arrangement process or directed the funeral. What are your professional goals? I don’t really have any above and beyond serving my families and seeing where this path leads me. What are you proud of that you have achieved so far during your career in funeral service? I have been honored to work with and learn from some of the brightest professionals in this field, and earn their praises. 22 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 Candace Hawkins of Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home, Inc. in Hamburg, N.Y., poses with her pet dog, Willow. (photo provided by Candace Hawkins) What are some important/notable trends that you have noticed in funeral service? Having worked in different areas throughout the U.S., the thing that seems the most notable is how increasingly adaptable funeral directors have to be. Not only do we have to be prepared to handle the personalized memorial services for non-religious cremation families

YP Spotlight YP Spotlight that are becoming more and more common, but we still have to be prepared to handle the traditional religious funerals for an increasingly diverse clientele. We also have to adapt to all of the technological changes that come each year, and to working with an increasingly diverse population of funeral professionals and meeting their needs in this profession as well. And I can tell you from personal experience that this business is a whole different world from one part of the country to another, so anyone who relocates has that to contend with that, too! How has your funeral home been impacted by COVID-19? While our area saw its share of COVID-19 fatalities when New York state was at its peak, we didn’t deal with anything near the struggles of our colleagues across the state in New York City. Still, all statewide mandates from the governor applied equally across the state. For several months, we were unable to hold funerals with any more than immediate family present, which obviously impacted our revenue even when we were handling a higher call volume than ever before. Since everyone opted for direct disposition and planned to hold a memorial service later, we had to quickly adapt our recordkeeping process to try to keep up with 6 months of funerals at once and keep those families in the loop as to what the newest rules were at their cemetery or church of choice, or at the funeral home. We are still working through the backlog of postponed services, many of which are being further postponed due to travel restrictions even though our numbers locally are pretty well under control. Like most funeral homes, we are also faced with the challenges of trying to enforce social distancing and mask requirements, having employees who have conflicts with childcare now that schools are closed and trying to get both our employees and our families through the emotional hurdles of being isolated from family and friends during such a difficult time. How do you spend your time outside of work? Is there anything in particular that you enjoy doing? I am a collector of rescue animals and have one 16-yearold child at home who I’m trying to focus on spending more time with before graduation and college time arrive. I love camping, hiking and kayaking whenever I can get enough time away from work to do it! I try to visit my family in California as often as possible (though this year isn’t looking hopeful). I also dabble in gardening, home improvement projects and am trying - mostly unsuccessfully - to teach myself to play guitar. What are 3 personal goals you have? To get my kid through high school, take a celebratory trip to Japan and to start my own family business someday. What is your favorite phone app? The internet browser – I’m still amazed at the wealth of knowledge we have right in our pockets! What is one thing that you believe your peers would be surprised to know about you? I travelled to Chernobyl in 2012. What is one thing that you think is just “golden” — really wonderful, exciting? As someone who was always a dog person, I have gotten way more enjoyment than I can put into words from watching my two newest rescue kittens play together. What do you value most about OGR? I love the peer support and interaction from other members. The organization as a whole tries to “follow the Golden Rule.” What other words do you try to live by? One of our local priests has on his voicemail – “Don’t sweat the small stuff - and remember, it’s mostly small stuff.” www.ogr.org | The Independent® 23

OGR Foundation OGR Foundation Support the Next Generation of Funeral Directors By Evan Hoffmeyer, OGR Communications Director With funeral homes being in “all hands on deck” mode for the past six months, the importance of strong talent coming out of our mortuary schools has become more apparent than any other point in recent history. OGR’s Awards of Excellence Scholarship Program provides annual scholarships to mortuary students based on strong academic performance, funeral service experience and an essay describing the student’s commitment to serving grieving families with compassion, fairness and dignity. Believe it or not, 2020 is already just a few months from ending. Consider making a year-end donation to the OGR Foundation to support the scholarship program and make a real impact in helping the next generation of funeral directors get the training they need. “I want to pour myself wholeheartedly to the funeral profession, and the families that I will serve,” said Natalie Brahm. She was a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College in Wisconsin and a recipient of OGR’s 2020 Silver Award of Excellence. “I want to make a difference in my community and make the world a bit better just from being in it. I will desperately seek to provide each family I serve with the opportunity to feel supported, understood and able to give their loved one the service they desire.” The Order of the Golden Rule Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, which means your contribution is tax deductible as a charitable donation. Natalie Brahm (submitted photo) 24 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 Contributions may be made in honor of or in memory of an individual. Contributors may specify an address to which the Foundation will mail a card acknowledging the donation in a person’s name. Are you a student who wants to apply for a 2021 scholarship? We will start accepting applications Monday, Nov. 30 through our website, OGR.org. To qualify, you must be enrolled in a degree program at an accredited mortuary science school or college, scheduled to graduate in the 2021 calendar year and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Trailblazer. Leader. Influencer. Role Model. Icon. { And now, he’s all ours. If you say the name John McQueen to just about anyone in the funeral profession who has ever met John, they’ll describe him using many of the words listed above. John has launched funeral homes, pet cremation services and numerous innovations in his market. And he has } succeeded in all of them. Now, he’s bringing his wealth of knowledge and wisdom to Foresight clients. It says a lot that John has chosen to join our team. But it says even more about those who are smart enough to call us now and start receiving insight from the best in the business! 800-426-0165 | theforesightcompanies.com SUCCESSION PLANNING | MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS | ACCOUNTING STRATEGIC BUSINESS ANALYSIS | VALUATIONS | FINANCING HUMAN RESOURCES & COMPLIANCE

Member News Member News 4 of 7 named ‘Best of the Best’ by NFDA are OGR members The National Funeral Directors Association announced the recipients of its annual Pursuit of Excellence Awards in September. Of the seven firms chosen as the “Best of the Best” for 2020, four were Golden Rule Funeral Homes: • Arlington Memorial Chapels – Quezon City, Metro Manila, Phillipines • Gardinier Funeral Home, Inc. – Franklin, Penn. • Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home, Inc. – West Seneca, N.Y. • Morrissett Funeral & Cremation Service – North Chesterfield, Va. This was the 10th time Arlington Memorial Chapels was chosen for a Pursuit of Excellence Award, which means they’ve now been inducted into NFDA’s Hall of Excellence. “OGR prides itself on helping independently owned and operated funeral homes across the globe provide elite service to their communities regardless of size,” said Interim Executive Director Mark McSweeney. “We could not be more proud of our members and the truly golden service they provide not only during trying times like the current pandemic, but day in and day out.” Pursuit of Excellence awards are given based on proficiency in key areas of funeral service, including compliance with government regulations; staff participation in ongoing education and professional development; offering outstanding programs and resources to bereaved families; and more. All applicants submit an essay describing the development and execution of a program or service that had a positive impact on the families they serve or their community, qualifying them for the Best of the Best Award, which recognizes up to 10 of the most novel and innovative programs and services in the profession. 26 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 Other OGR members recognized as Pursuit of Excellence Award winners this year are: • Anderson Cremation Funeral Belvidere, Ill. • Arnette and Steele Funeral Home and Cremation Center – Pineville, Ky. (Hall of Excellence member) • Brunswick Memorial Home – East Brunswick, N.J. • Caldwell & Cowan Funeral Home, Inc. – Covington, Ga. (Hall of Excellence member) • Cozean Memorial Chapel & Crematory – Farmington, Mo. (Hall of Excellence member) • David C. Brown Funeral Home – Belleville, Mich. (Hall of Excellence member) • Hightower Family Funeral Homes – Carrollton, Ga. • Karrer-Simpson Funeral Home – Port Huron, Mich. • Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home – Hamburg, N.Y. • Martin Funeral, Cremation & Tribute Services – Fairgrove, Mich. (Hall of Excellence member) • Martin Funeral, Cremation & Tribute Services – Grand Blanc, Mich. • Martin Funeral, Cremation & Tribute Services – Mt. Morris, Mich. (Hall of Excellence member) • Martin Funeral, Cremation & Tribute Services – Vassar, Mich. (Hall of Excellence member) • Oliverie Funeral Home – Manchester, N.J. • Pray Funeral Home – Charlotte, Mich. (Hall of Excellence member) • Wieting Family Funeral Home – Chilton, Wisc. and Services –

Supplier News News from OGR’s Supplier Network Passages International announces partnership with Southwest Cargo - Announced Aug. 26, this new partnership expedites the shipment of caskets to any funeral home in the continental United States serviced by Southwest Airlines within 24 hours, often the same day, for less than $300, including all charges to the destination airport where the funeral home must receive the casket. Previously, transit time was estimated at 5-7 days. “We are thrilled to make this service available to our funeral home customers,” said Passages President Darren Crouch. “As you know, funerals are time-sensitive and we often need to deliver caskets within 24-48 hours. This partnership enables that.” | The Foresight Companies names John T. McQueen as Director of Client addiExperience - “The tion of John as our Director of Client Experience allows us to deliver the highest level of knowledge and expertise to our clients,” Dan Isard, the founder and managing partner of The Foresight Companies, recently announced. Prior to joining The Foresight Companies, John was a second-generation funeral director & embalmer and grew his family’s enterprise into Florida’s largest family-owned funeral operation. John remained a leading innovator in funeral service introducing many new concepts, including the world’s first Bio-Cremation process that utilizes water instead of fire. | Vince Roberge named Senior Business Consultant at Johnson Want to see your company’s news featured here? OGR Supply Partners are invited to send your press releases and other company updates to Communications Director Evan Hoffmeyer at EHoffmeyer@OGR.org. www.ogr.org | The Independent® 27 Golden Services Group Consulting Group - “Vince has been a major contributor in the development of our signature Business Consulting Services as well as monthly client meetings,” said Director of Business Consulting Nelson Thulin. “Vince has consistently provided insight and support to all departments and leadership within JCG and has done so at an exceedingly high level.” In his new role, Roberge will work directly with clients and provide a wide variety of consulting services including performance management, strategic planning, and leadership development. He will also assist in managing the company’s vendor partnerships. | Passages International now offering biodegradable body bags - One of their two models is made with a biodegradable PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) material with a zipper and handles, and has been weight-tested to 440 pounds and is suitable for removals. The other is made of PVA (polyvinyl acetate) with a doublesided tape closure. It’s designed to be used with a shroud or a wicker (non-sealed) casket for burial or cremation. Both options are more environmentally-friendly than traditional body bags and are suitable for cremation. “Just as in every other aspect of our economy, consumers expect greener alternatives. Our new body bags allow funeral homes to accomplish the same results, but with a smaller environmental impact,” said Passages President Darren Crouch.

Member Spotlight Member Spotlight Spotlight on Cozean Memorial Chapel and Crematory – Farmington, Missouri Member Jon D. Cozean shared his experiences with running a successful funeral home. Tell me a little about how your funeral home was founded and how it operates today. Henry Rinke was a young immigrant from Germany in the mid-1800s when he traveled out west to “make his fortune.” While there, he soon became an apprentice embalmer. Once trained, he decided to move to southeast Missouri, where he established a funeral home in Flat River. He raised a family and as the town grew in size, he was elected to be the first mayor. In time, his oldest daughter married a young man who was studying the embalming business from her father. Soon, Rinke purchased a funeral home in nearby Farmington, which was renamed Farmington Undertaking Co.; today, the firm is licensed to do business as Cozean Memorial Chapel & Crematory. Originally established in 1864, it is the oldest business in the county and one of the oldest funeral homes in Missouri. I am Rinke’s great-grandson and a fourth-generation funeral director. Growing up living in an apartment over the funeral home business, I helped out with some of the chores of keeping the business operating. My first job as a small boy was to clean out the ash trays in the funeral chapel after visitors and family left. Both my mother and father worked each visitation and funeral, and I soon noticed how attentive they both were to the needs of the families they served. What do you believe distinguishes your funeral home from other funeral homes? Our firm offers a number of unique services. We are big on high-quality video graphics, which are displayed in the DVDs we project at funeral services. We also use high-quality graphics in the register books given to the families we serve. One of the features that takes a lot of time but is so appreciated by families are the pages 28 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 Cozean Memorial Chapel & Crematory in Farmington, Mo. (OGR photo) that include photos of every flower piece or other items that are sent to the funeral home. This greatly helps the families when they write thank you notes to everyone who sent in items for the funeral. Florists also love this feature because when a customer tells them they won’t pay for a flower piece “because we did not see them during the funeral service,” we gladly supply that florist with a photo of the so-called “missing piece.” What does your funeral home do in order to create a strong community presence? Do you believe that is important?

Member Spotlight Member Spotlight Our family has always maintained a strong community presence. My grandfather, Rolla, served as mayor in the 1950s and was on the local school board. My father served a record 30 years on the school board, and at the time of his death was treasurer of the nearby Mineral Area Community College. They were also always quite helpful to families in need. My grandfather told me that during the worst of the Great Depression in the 1930s and early 1940s, he would often take items in trade, like hogs to be butchered, to help a family pay their funeral bill. Even today when we serve families with limited means, I always try to find ways for them to pay their funeral bills. I noticed my family’s activity in the community and have tried to follow in their footsteps since taking over the business. Since returning to Farmington, I’ve served as president of the local Rotary Club for several terms and am the current president of the county’s Historical Society. I’ve been named “Man of the Year” twice by the local Farmington Press. Beginning in the mid-1960s, I was an adjunct professor in government and related topics for 20 years at the Mineral Area College in nearby Park Hills, Missouri. For the past 20 years, I’ve taken thousands of photos of the local high school football team’s games. The best of these photos are transferred to DVDs, which are given to each player. In what ways do you use technology to further the service you offer? No other funeral home in our service area offers the video services we provide to families. We have a small production room next to the entrance to our chapel with video mixers and controllers that are used to operate four remote cameras mounted on the chapel’s ceiling. A control unit switches among the cameras during the recording of the funeral services. Our videos frequently include flag ceremonies held at the cemeteries, and fine color-corrected photos that often look better than the originals provided to us by the families. With our titling equipment, our videos also have a professional look that surprises families we serve. We spend a lot of time on these, but all that work pays off when families often order additional copies. We also present each family with an 11x14 color Cozean Memorial Chapel & Crematory provides full-color pamphlets to all present at their chapel services, meant to be a keepsake. print of the deceased person at the time we deliver the flowers and other printed items to the family home following the funeral service. What growing trends have you noticed in the funeral service industry? In what ways have you tried to keep up with these changes? Thanks to the many contacts we maintain within the profession via organizations, conventions and subscriptions to professional magazines and publications, we have noted some important trends. One is the growing use of “cremation only” requests by families. In our arrangement conferences, we stress the importance of holding a visitation at the very least, but we also stress the value of a “final goodbye” that comes through a traditional funeral service. Over the years, we have seen an increase in requests for DVDs that feature photos supplied by the families www.ogr.org | The Independent® 29

Member Spotlight Member Spotlight we serve, and a decrease in requests for use of a “family car” for the trip to the cemetery. On the other hand, we’ve noticed that many of our chapel funeral services are expanding as families want some live singing and participation via testimonials at funeral services. We encourage such expansions of the traditional funeral service by suggesting that families invite friends and relatives to come up to the podium to offer their remembrances of the deceased. Also, our register books now contain far more photos supplied by families. As a result, we think families are more likely to preserve the register book as an heirloom. We’ve always tried to keep current on all the latest changes taking place in our profession, starting with being one of the first businesses in the death care industry of southeast Missouri to use computers. In the 1960s, we computerized the entire list of families we’d served going back to the mid-1920s. From there, we grew to use programs to handle all our financial activities including pre-need payments, and to assist in meeting the FTC’s Funeral Rule. More recently, we’ve become a major user of Photoshop and other advanced video graphic programs for the high-quality DVDs and photos we use. At each service, we also start the program by handing out a colorful pamphlet to all present, meant to be a keepsake for all those who attend our chapel services. We continue to stay on top of the latest trends by sending our staff to various seminars on funeral service held around the country each year. For the past 17 years, we have participated in NFDA’s Pursuit of Excellence program and were just recognized as a Pursuit of Excellence Award winner this year. We’ve won enough times to be inducted into NFDA’s Hall of Excellence. How has your funeral home pivoted to serve families during the COVID-19 pandemic? Our city - population 20,000 - has been pretty good about following guidelines to help avoid COVID infections. We require masks at all of our visitations and funeral services, but we don’t eject from our facilities those who refuse to participate. This is the practice widely followed in our city. What do you value most about OGR? Why did you become a member? Even though funeral services have been around since the first humans walked the Earth, there have been constant changes to make this activity more professional and memorable for survivors. While we may think what we’re doing today is as good as it can be done, there is always room for improvement. As new equipment and practices become available, it’s important for our profession to adapt. That’s one of the main reasons we’ve been OGR members for nearly 20 years. The magazine and seminars help members stay on top of new developments and services that become more and more meaningful as our lives become more complex as time goes on. I like to attend OGR’s conferences, which are always useful and informative. We proudly display OGR symbols throughout our facility. The OGR sign is included in all of our handouts, the hundreds of calendars we distribute at the end of the year and our print and radio advertisements. We are proud to be OGR! Staff members Amy Courtway, Dawn Bryson, Jon Cozean & Deanna Roberts pose for a photo inside Cozean Memorial Chapel & Crematory in Farmington, Mo. (OGR photo) 30 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 Is there anything in particular that you do at work to keep your spirits high or the spirits of your staff high?

Member Spotlight Member Spotlight As far as I know, we’ve never had a morale problem at our facility. We have a party for each staff member’s birthday, plus we host a large Christmas party. I give employees time off whenever possible - especially after we’ve had a busy spell. Our belief is that a happy employee is a great asset to the business. What are three future goals you have in mind for your funeral home? We operate three cemeteries, which were abandoned by three different lodges in our city. We have spent a lot of time and money upgrading each of these old cemeteries and we are proud to say people are once again buying lots in all three locations. Other goals include trying to keep up-to-date on our chapel video equipment. To this end, we spent about $25,000 this past summer upgrading equipment, including a new laser-lighted projector that produces stunning images on the new wide-format screen we installed. We also upgraded our sound mixer and installed new light fading equipment to give our presentations a more professional look. Anything else you would like to share about your funeral home? Our firm is fortunate to have in good condition a number of antiques that were used by my father, grandfather and great-grandfather, including an old pump organ, which is in perfect playing condition and is, in itself, a nice piece of furniture. Also on display are a number of fine clocks throughout the facility including one that had a repair date from the 1700s, plus a Civil War-era grand piano in the main visitation room. One room in our facility is designed to resemble an old English library. It has a tall ceiling with draping curtains, stylish bookshelves and a large antique chandelier that commands a lot of comments from visitors. The room also houses a fine antique armoire that we’re told is the most valuable of our many antiques. It adds charm to our facility and also speaks to our firm’s more than 150 years of service to our community. Cozean has several antique pieces including a carriage (left) and grandfather clock (above), giving the facility a unique atmosphere. (OGR photos) www.ogr.org | The Independent® 31

Above & Beyond Above & Beyond These select Above & Beyond comments are about members who have received outstanding comments on Family Contact surveys for providing exemplary service and going above & beyond expected service levels. These members are now eligible for the Exemplary Service Award. Askew-Houser Funeral Home, Inc. Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania My family & I think they are the greatest people. They are all very loving, caring & compassionate to everyone. All were so professional & truly showing their expertise in all they did for my husband. Tim, Mark and John are the very best funeral directors. They follow the “Golden Rule” with all their hearts and souls. Both men are truly a blessing to all. My husband was a proud veteran of Vietnam who deserved the highest honor & respect. We were very pleased with the arrangements, viewing and service time at the funeral home. Askews and all their staff were wonderful during our sad time. We appreciate all they did! Brunswick Memorial Home East Brunswick, New Jersey My mother passed away on March 28. Three weeks later, my brother passed away. The staff at Brunswick Memorial were a real comfort. They understood what we were going through, especially with the second death and helped us get through. Due to the state’s mandates because of the coronavirus, we were only allowed to have immediate family attend the service. They were still able to give us a nice service. It ended up being very intimate and personal. We were unable to see or speak to our loved ones due to the lockdowns at the nursing home and hospital, so they died alone. The funeral home gave us the opportunity to see them and say goodbye. It really gave us closure. They did such a wonderful job making my mother look just like the woman I 32 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020 FAMILY CONTACT THE GOLDEN RULE Above & Beyond remembered. They were there for us when we needed them and helped us cope. We are so grateful for Brunswick Memorial Home and staff! Brunswick Memorial Home East Brunswick, New Jersey Brunswick Memorial Home and their staff go above and beyond expectations. Both times I have used this funeral home have been exceptional. I would not use another. They are simply the best! I requested to work with Randy Gagnon based on a prior experience with him for my late husband’s funeral. He made himself available and gave the same level of exceptional service. If I ever need services again, I will go to Brunswick Memorial Home. The service was beautiful. Everything was arranged perfectly. The staff made my mother look wonderful under very difficult circumstances. We could not have been more pleased! Strunk Funeral Homes Vero Beach, Florida The staff at Strunk Funeral Home have always gone the extra mile in every way. I would never use another funeral home after the experience I had with Strunk. The funeral director and his assistant were so caring and gentle. Everything and every suggestion were ready when I arrived to choose a casket and discuss the funeral. I really appreciated how prepared they were. The arrangements made were enhanced by all the staff at the funeral home. The care they took of my loved one’s body during the COVID shutdown until we could have the service (almost 3 months later) was so amazing and loving.

Above & Beyond Above & Beyond Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services Belvidere, Illinois Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, Anderson Funeral Home made the funeral experience personal and accommodating for our large family. Montana explained every step of the process clearly to us. She showed compassion toward us two older women & made herself available to us at any time. Everything was conducted professionally & felt personal. Montana was especially kind and considerate. The only thing I would have done differently would be to have anyone who wanted to attend the visitation do so, but was unable to because of COVID-19. The funeral home did everything they could to accommodate us even with the pandemic restrictions. The Family Contact Program is a FREE member benefit that is simple to use and offers valuable information on your funeral home’s operations, services and staff through surveying families you’ve served. Join OGR’s Family Contact Program today and you could be one of next year’s Exemplary Service Award winners. For more information or to sign up, visit OGR.org/family-contact-program or contact us by email at FamilyContact@OGR.org or (800) 637-8030. MEET THE NEWEST MEMBERS OF THE OGR FAMILY Calvin John was born to OGR Meetings & Membership Coordinator Alyssa Castille and her husband Brian on Aug. 13. He weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and measured 20 inches long. The name Calvin was a nickname given to Brian by his grandfather who passed away when Brian was 15 years old. Calvin is already changing and growing so much. Alyssa and Brian are enjoying this new adventure with their baby boy! Eliana Grace was born to Jessica and Kurt Riddlesperger on Aug. 11. She weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and measured 19 inches long. Eliana means “God has answered me” in Hebrew, which is something Jessica has found to be true throughout life; God answers prayer. Jessica left OGR in July after 8 years to be a fulltime stay-at-home mom. Both Kurt and Jessica are adjusting well to being new parents and enjoying every minute they get with Eliana. www.ogr.org | The Independent® 33

Member News Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries — October, November & December — 50 years | December 1970 Weymouth Funeral Home & Crematory Newport News, VA 35 years | December 1985 F. John Ramsey Funeral Home Franklin, NJ 35 years | December 1985 Hogg Funeral Home Gloucester Point, VA 30 years | December 1990 Aloia Funeral Home, Inc. Garfield, NJ 30 years | November 1990 Henderson Funeral Home East Hills Johnstown, PA 15 years | October 2005 James A. Dyal Funeral Home Summerville, SC 5 years | December 2015 James H. Davis Funeral Home & Crematory Owensboro, KY 34 www.ogr.org | Fall 2020

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GOLDEN SERVICES GROUP ADVERTISING AND MARKETING SKYWAYS MEDIA Skyways Media is a family-owned business operating in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. We are the #1 supplier of funeral planning guides in the U.S. and Canada. We specialize in the design, printing and supply of FREE funeral planning guides and pre-need apps. Skyways Media has successfully produced planning guides for many OGR members over the past few years, who are extremely satisfied with their guides. The best thing? There is no cost to your funeral home. • Free individualized planning guides Harry Hobson Harry@Skyways-Media.com 646.810.5748 Skyways-Media.com TRANSPORT & SHIPPING American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc. (APASI) The Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan (GTAP) by APASI offers enhanced benefits for the funeral home and client families in the event a death occurs just 75 miles from the family’s legal residence, from anywhere around the world. GTAP is not insurance, and no licensing is required to sell the membership. Enrollment in the plan is simple and can be completed online or with a paper contract. APASI pays all costs associated with the return of the deceased, including air transportation, for a suggested retail price of $450. The plans can be sold to anyone; pre-arrangements are not required. Andrew J. Pavela VP of Sales & Marketing Andrew@APASIplan.com 480.712.0637 BURIAL VAULTS Vantage Products Vantage Products is well-known and respected for its highquality burial vaults. In fact, Vantage has so much confidence in its products, it is able to carry a 75- to 100-year warranty. • 13-30% off • free litho prints & brochures of each vault Contact OGR Products & Services at 800.637.8030 for distribution area. VantageProducts.com CASKETS Matthews Aurora™ Funeral Solutions Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions is a premier, full-service industry partner, offering an extensive variety of burial, cremation and memorial products, along with innovative training, technology and marketing solutions that help you serve families in new ways. Matthews Aurora is committed to helping our customers grow their businesses. Ask your Matthews Aurora Funeral Service consultant how our suite of solutions can benefit OGR member funeral homes and help your families move from grieving to remembrance. Chris DiMascio CDimascio@MATW.com MatthewsAurora.com CEMETERY & FUNERAL HOME SUPPLIES American Cemetery Supplies ACS is a distributor of funeral home, cremation and cemetery supplies, and one of the largest manufacturers in the industry of Hill & Lawn Tents, grass, grave boards, roller bars, stands and vault supplies. ACS leads in the development of affordable cremation setups. Distribution of casket-lowering devices, Roberts & Downey Chapel Furniture, Ferno cots/Church trucks, lifts and sundries. • 20% discount on Ferno products • 14% discount on Roberts & Downey products • both discounts only available when ordering through OGR 36 | OGR.org/Supplier-Network

FALL BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 WOULD YOUR FUNERAL HOME BENEFIT FROM 1000 HIGH QUALITY INFORMATION GUIDES - EVERY YEAR - AT NO COST!? CUSTOM DESIGN & TAILORED CONTENT INC. PRE-PLANNING We work very closely with you to ensure we individually design guides that perfectly represent every funeral home we work with, your values and your individual needs. INCLUDE YOUR OWN UNIQUE SERVICES, STAFF BIOS, FORMS, IMAGES, MAPS & MORE Our guides are uniquely designed for your funeral home, incorporating your logo, branding, images, location maps, key personnel photos and staff profiles/bios within each guide. USED & APPROVED BY OGR MEMBERS - AT ZERO COST! Skyways Media have successfully produced planning guides for many OGR members. These high quality, rich, full color glossy printed guides were supplied at zero cost and they have been extremely satisfied with them! PROVIDE YOUR LOCAL FAMILIES WITH THE LATEST COVID-19 INFORMATION & PROCESSES LET’S TALK! USA West: 1-702-329-6677 USA East: 1-646-810-5748 www.skyways-media.com SKYWAYS M E D I A OGR.org/Supplier-Network | 37

GOLDEN SERVICES GROUP Church & Chapel Metal Arts, Inc. www.church-chapel.com | (800)-992-1234 | Info@church-chapel.com Chapel Furniture | Funeral Home Supplies | Urns Church and Chapel Metal Arts, Inc. Family-owned and -operated since 1933, Church & Chapel offers a full line of furniture, supplies and equipment necessary for the delivery of funeral services. Personal attention is paramount at Church & Chapel, where the utmost attention is given to quality and detail. Many items are made-to-order and available in custom sizes, finishes and configurations. Prompt shipment from large inventory of cremation and funeral supplies. • 20% discount on Ferno products • 5% discount on Mortech products • 10% discount on all other products Monarch Resources Monarch Resources is a premiere full-service nationwide funeral home, mortuary and crematory supply and equipment distributor. With more than 2,500 products related to the funeral industry under one roof, we ship in-stock orders within 24 hours. Additionally, we sell promotional products and provide graphic design assistance. • 15% discount on sundries • 20% discount on Ferno and Junkin products Contact OGR Products & Services at 800.637.8030 Matt Burson or Tim Houston 817.265.4535 MonarchResources.com United Laboratories United Laboratories has been serving funeral homes since 1964 – manufacturing and providing cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing and drain maintenance solutions to meet the needs of funeral directors and their staff. Our employee-owned operation takes pride in offering an extensive line of highquality products that are safer for you and the environment. Whether it is business as usual or in the midst of a pandemic, we are here for you. • 30% off published pricing Dana Killmer Executive VP of Sales 800.323.2594, ext. 4485 DKillmer@UnitedLabsInc.com UnitedLabsInc.com 38 | OGR.org/Supplier-Network

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GOLDEN SERVICES GROUP The funeral home of the future, may not be a funeral home at all. if you would like to be a part of the future... CONTACT andrew@heartlandcremation.com or jim@cremationconsulting.com www.CremationConsulting.com 40 | OGR.org/Supplier-Network

FALL BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 Going green? Our suppliers offer renewable energy from solar and wind to hydro systems and biomass facilities. In addition to competitive energy procurement, we provide efficiencies consulting including demand response, energy reporting systems and facility audits to provide our members with a comprehensive way to reduce energy expenses and demand while creating budget certainty. Our work over the past 24 years has earned us the endorsement of 160 affinity groups, trade associations and chambers of commerce. • Members-only program offering recommendations on when to buy energy and which contract length is best Margo Madden 667.330.1239 MMadden@APPIEnergy.com APPIEnergy.com Cremation Consulting “The funeral home of the future may not be a funeral home at all.” This isn’t just Cremation Consulting’s slogan, it is at the core of our strategic beliefs. Founded to bring a strategic, curriculum-based consulting platform to funeral homes that desire market-share growth from the cremation segment in the communities they serve. Jim Rudolph and Andrew Loos, owners and operators of their own funeral and cremation business, have over two decades of consulting experience and have led the launch and relaunch of dozens of firms now focused on the emerging cremation market. Change is the only constant in life. • Free initial one-hour consult • 10% discount on contracted consulting services Andrew Loos 816.353.1700 Andrew@CremationConsulting.com The Foresight Companies, LLC At the Foresight Companies, we are passionate about the funeral and cemetery profession. Our business and financial consulting firm has a singular focus: our client’s success. Our mission is to provide solution-based services that guide our clients through the process of strategic change. Our role as a trusted adviser includes accounting, financing, valuations, merger/acquisitions and human resource and compliance business services. We understand the business of doing business. This mission is expressed in our corporate motto: Consulting with Insight. That’s Foresight. • 7% discount on initial retainer of professional services Daniel M. Isard 800.426.0165 DanIsard@F4Sight.com TheForesightCompanies.com Full-Circle Aftercare We are a concierge service that represents your funeral home and helps families navigate through the complexities of closing an estate after a loved one passes away. Over the phone we help families with everything from Social Security benefits to VA benefits and life insurance policies, all the way down through cell phones, credit cards, utilities and even newspaper subscriptions. We set-up protection services for the deceased and their surviving family members. Also, we gather detailed feedback from the families, along with generating more online reviews and testimonials for the funeral home to use in your own marketing. Lastly, we introduce preneed and provide the interest and leads back to you every month for you to follow up with those families. • Waive $299 startup fee • 2-3 family trial available at no charge Matt Van Drimmelen 801.915.2257 Full-CircleCare.com Johnson Consulting Group With increased concern in profitability due to consumer choices, cremation and succession planning, you need a trusted consultant to navigate through to success. Johnson Consulting Group is a funeral home and cemetery consulting firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, bank lending, accounting services, business performance analysis, business performance improvement, customer survey/sales analysis program and incentive compensation programs. • Your choice of a high-level demographic analysis or revenue forecasting analysis, free of charge Jake Johnson 888.250.7747 JJohnson@JohnsonConsulting.com JohnsonConsulting.com OGR.org/Supplier-Network | 41

GOLDEN SERVICES GROUP CREMATION Starmark Cremation Products Starmark manufactures cremation products including the original Elderlite® Corrugated Fiberboard Casket, rental casket inserts, economical cremation products in lightweight corrugated fiberboard and cloth-covered products to meet the needs and wants of cremation client families. Arie Elder 765.966.7676, ext. 217 Arie.Elder@StarmarkCP.com StarmarkCP.com EDUCATION & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Kiss Compliance / Compliance Plus In 1992, Gary Finch developed the first OSHA & Safety Program specifically for the funeral industry. Since 1997, we have served as Safety Consultant of Record to the Order of the Golden Rule. We are still the one and only safety program written specifically for the funeral industry, with nearly 30 years of continuous service. • 10% discount on all services • No charge for any OGR member firm that calls with OSHA-related questions Paulette Finch 800.950.1101 PWFinch@KissCompliance.net KissCompliance.net Veterans Funeral Care Veterans Funeral Care provides educational workshops focused on how to engage the veterans in your market area. This full-day program, led by Licensed Funeral Director Jim Rudolph, covers everything several from branding to talking “tribally.” Workshops are scheduled times a year through OGR. Upon completion of this course, attendees may have the option to become a licensed Veterans Funeral Care network provider. Veterans Funeral Care network providers are able to offer proprietary programs such 42 | OGR.org/Supplier-Network EMBALMING & PREP-ROOM SUPPLIES A family-owned business since The Dodge Company and -operated 1893, The Dodge Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of preparation room supplies. We carry a complete line of stationery, urns and urn vaults, and are a source for memorial products through our partners Glass Remembrance, Capture Bead Keepsakes and Dodge Portraits. Consolidated Funeral Services (CFS), Dodge’s technology partner, provides revenue-generating websites, development services and hosting, all while paying dividends to our 5,000 website customers. Dodge is proud to have been partnered with Insight Books and Doug Manning for more than 25 years, supplying grief recovery materials and The Continuing Care Series. • 25% discount on freight costs for orders of eligible product valued at $200 - $399.99 • 50% discount on freight costs for orders of eligible product valued at $400 or more Timothy Collison 800.443.6343 TCollison@DodgeCo.com website: DodgeCo.com web store: Shop.DodgeCo.com Embalmers’ Supply Company (ESCO) In business since 1986, The Embalmers’ Supply Company has a long history of innovation and technology within the embalming industry and first in many chemicals that are in the market place. San Veino’s, Hexaphene’s and Porti-Boy machines. as “Operation Toy Soldier” and “Retire Your Flag with Honor” to their communities. Every network provider has exclusive rights to their territory. • 15% discount on VFC annual licensing fee Jim Rudolph JimRudolph99@me.com 727.524.9202 VeteransFuneralCare.com

FALL BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 • Up to 25% discount on fluids • Discounts on Porti-Boy machines • 50% paid shipping when purchasing five or more cases Contact OGR Products & Services at 800.637.8030 Vision Medical Vision Medical offers a wide variety of funeral home products. The line includes, but is not limited to, body bags, disaster pouches, plastic undergarments, personal protective equipment (PPE) / protective apparel (gowns, lab coats, shoe covers, masks, etc.), gloves, prep-room supplies and a wide variety of cremation urns and crematory supplies. • 7% discount on complete product line Contact OGR Products & Services at 800.637.8030 Margot@VisionMedicalOnline.com Vision-Medical.net FINANCING & INVESTING Access Financial Group For nearly 30 years, Access Financial Group has managed the Golden Rule® Funeral Trust, providing pre-need trust accounting and investment advice. So, it is with great pleasure that we are offering OGR members the new Golden Rule® 401(k) Plan. The plan was exclusively developed to support independent funeral homes and their employees. With low start-up investment and comparably low ongoing recordkeeping costs, this unique plan gives you and your employees more options than ever before. Christopher Chigas 312.655.8233 IntermentTrustServices.com AFinancial.com/OGR Federated Fiducial / Federated Funeral Directors of America (FFDA) Since 1925, Federated Fiducial has provided business services to those specializing in the funeral business. Our team of experts specializes in bookkeeping & tax services, valuation & transition services, business consulting, payroll services, retirement plan administration and collection services. Federated’s team of field consultants provide nationwide, onsite support and consulting to assist in addressing the specific needs of funeral businesses. These experts coupled with Federated’s professional staff provide an unparalleled level of service. (continued on page 46) OGR.org/Supplier-Network | 43 5055 Old Ellis Point, Suite C-2 Roswell, GA 30076 678-893-0070 www.vision-medical.net sales@visionmedicalonline.com • exclusive member pricing for 401(k) plan Introducing Vision Medical’s new line of unique, high-quality themed urns.

GOLDEN SER OUP Quality Matters. Every fully-cast Thumbies®, Buddies Pet Keepsake®, and Phoenix Collection® keepsake starts out as the finest available raw materials, not imported mass-produced blank metal slugs. Since 1998, our US-based artisans have merged creativity and science to turn those materials into keepsakes so rich in detail, simply touching one fills the wearer with feelings of comfort and connection. Help your families celebrate the lives of their loved ones with keepsakes they’ll cherish forever. Visit our online booth at the virtual NFDA 2020 Expo and learn... literally, what’s behind Thumbuddies®! Heartwarming new memorial keepsakes. To become a Thumbies® Partner, contact sales@thumbies.com. 44 | OGR.org/Supplier-Network thumbies.com EXCLUSIVE

Dodge thanks you during this crisis. Your service and dedication show how much you care.

GOLDEN SERVICES GROUP Curt Dailey Director of Business Relations 217.525.1712 800.877.3332 Federated-Funeral.com INSURANCE ABM Funding, Inc. Independently owned, ABM Funding works with funeral directors to provide immediate cash and take the burden out of filing life insurance claims. By verifying and filing life insurance claims, ABM frees up time that can be spent serving families; not to mention providing your money within 24 hours of verifying the policy. When time is money, you can count on ABM! • 3% fee on individual policies • 3.95% fee on group & NPS policies C&J Financial Are you tired of the hassle, headache and cashflow delay in processing insurance death claims? Are you still waiting weeks or months for payment on your assignment cases? Why wait? The OGR FAST FUNDING program is designed to pay you within 24 hours of verification on your insurance assignment cases. • 2.9% funding discount for first 60 days • 3.9% discount thereafter with quarterly rebate available Rob Brice Director of Strategic Partnerships 417.425.7993 (direct) 800.785.0003 (general) CJF.com/OGR Federated Insurance Company Federated Insurance provides business insurance protection to funeral service providers across the U.S. A+ (Superior) rated by AM Best, Federated offers specialized insurance and risk management specifically designed to protect your business. At Federated Insurance, it’s our business to protect yours. • No-obligation review of your insurance and risk management needs • Free attendance at Federated Insurance Risk Management AcademySM seminars • Referral to our network of independent estateplanning attorneys 46 | OGR.org/Supplier-Network Nathan Oland NOland@FedIns.com 507.363.6344 FederatedInsurance.com Heritage Memorial Funding At Heritage Memorial Funding, there are no hidden fees and no flashy and misleading “introductory” rates, just a one-time 4% flat funding fee for individual or group policies. Our program offers fast payment to the funeral home (within 24 hours of verification), with no out-of-pocket expense to the family and no cost to the funeral home. Heritage offers funding solutions to meet your individual needs and will gladly handle those “unusual” situations other funding companies are quick to reject. • 4% flat funding fee ($80 minimum) for individual or group policies • OGR Loyalty Accrual Program rebates 10% of Heritage Memorial Funding’s collected assignment fee back to the funeral home on a quarterly basis Taylor Main 662.718.3550 877.463.8630 (toll free) Info@HeritageMemorialFunding.com HeritageMemorialFunding.com JEWELRY Beyond the Urn Beyond The Urn is a leading provider of artisan memorial home decor and jewelry. We work with a network of more than 40 artists to bring beautiful memorials to families who lost loved ones. • 5% savings over wholesale prices David Blake 512.487.7250 (office) 914.924.5120 (cell) Hello@BeyondTheUrn.com BeyondTheUrn.com Thumbies Thumbies (est. 1998) is the original fingerprint keepsake provider. With products celebrating people and pets (Buddies Pet Keepsakes) as well as our Phoenix Collection cremation keepsakes, Thumbies remains the industry leader in quality and selection. (continued on page 48)

UYER’S GUIDE 2020 WE’RE PROUD TO BE A PART OF THE OFFICE DEPOT OFFICEMAX BUSINESS SAVINGS PROGRAM. This exclusive program provides extensive price savings and program advantages every time you shop in-store or online. 20% to 55% off retail on cleaning & break room items. 10% off branded; 20% off private brand ink & toner core list. 20% to 55% off item office supply core list. Average 10% off retail on 200 technology core. Free next-day shipping on orders of $50 or more. SIGNIFICANT savings on copy & print. Get your Store Purchasing Card sent to your phone right now. Just text "OGRCard” to 844-446-6358. To shop online, register at http://bit.ly/OGR_OD

GOLDEN SERVICES GROUP Each keepsake is individually handcrafted in the U.S. Heartland by skilled artisans working with the highest-quality available raw materials; not pre-made blank metal slugs imported from China. We offer a large number of exclusive designs and proprietary materials no other keepsake provider can match. Our unique ability to take personalization to the next level allows us to create 100% custom, made-to-order designs. We work with virtually any print source, and offer two sales models; use either or both, the choice is yours. Family Direct Ordering empowers families to purchase keepsakes on their own time, while still providing you with additional operating revenue. Help your families celebrate life, and the ones they love by offering genuine Thumbies keepsakes. • volume-based discounts starting at 20% • member-exclusive keepsake design Stefanie O’Halleran Partner Relations Manager 815.880.5209 SOHalleran@Thumbies.com Thumbies.com MEMORIALIZATION Funeral Home Gifts Funeral Home Gifts is the premier provider of woven and printed Tribute Blankets, custom cap panels, photo urns and personalization products to death care providers throughout North America. Made in the U.S.A. with 100% American content and delivered next day, our products comfort families, generate revenue through re-orders and provide vision to transition families from direct cremation to personalized memorial services. • Free sample to try at your next service • Product discount for OGR members Wes Wolfe 800.233.0439, ext. 226 WesW@FuneralHomeGifts.com FuneralHomeGifts.com 48 | OGR.org/Supplier-Network SpartaCraft, Inc. The flag cases and urns we provide OGR members are the finest and most requested memorials in the U.S.A. In addition to providing an American-made product to honor our country’s heroes, past and present, the permanence and heirloom quality of SpartaCraft memorials give the funeral provider a source of referrals for future needs of the families you serve. Personalization is a key service we provide, so with one phone call or email to OGR Products & Services, you can order a custom engraved memorial that will ship the same day! • 5% savings over wholesale price SpartaCraft.com MONUMENTS & GRAVE MARKERS McNeill Grave Marker Company Quality McNeill grave markers are available in a wide variety of styles. 800.753.1847 Orders@McNeillMarkers.com McNeillMarkers.com OFFICE SUPPLIES Office Depot Office Depot is a leading provider of business services, products and technology solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses, through a fully integrated B2B distribution platform of approximately 1,300 stores, online presence and dedicated sales professionals and technicians. • Special pricing on office supplies, print and copy services in-store or online through the Business Savings Program by using the exclusive OGR purchasing card • Discounts range from 5% - 55% off of retail prices PRE-NEED Vantage Point Preneed Vantage Point Preneed offers solutions for all funeral homes regardless of their size. We work with multiple companies to offer the best preneed interest rates and commissions, and depending on the state you may not need an insurance license to write some of these products. We will take the time to

FALL BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 understand your firm’s unique needs and goals while having the flexibility to change and adapt as your firm’s needs and goals change. • Free audit of your current preneed program to determine if your funeral home is maximizing your investment interest rates and review your commission schedule. Minimal time commitment on the part of the funeral home. You provide the basic information and we do the rest. VantagePointPreneed.com PRINTING / PAPER PRODUCTS Bass-Mollett Bass-Mollett has been supplying the funeral industry for almost 70 years with customized solutions to funeral directors using custom stationery and supplies so that each family they serve may memorialize their loved one with dignity. With four generations of family ownership, Bass-Mollett will continue to proudly serve the funeral industry for decades to come. • 10% off regular retail pricing for Bass-Mollett stationery, urns and ad specialties • Contact Bass-Mollett for login information to access member benefits John Flowers 618.664.3141 John.Flowers@Bass-Mollett.com Bass-Mollett.com Regal Line® Funeral Stationery & Accessory Products Regal Line® Funeral Stationery & Accessories Products will assist you in building loyalty toward your business. Regal Line stationery products are one of the few items that will remain in the hands of family and friends after the funeral service is completed. It is also the family’s connection back to you when your services are needed again. 107 years of manufacturing excellence; family-owned; made in the U.S.A. • 20% discount Contact OGR Products & Services at 800.637.8030 RegalLine.com 800 + Products • Traditional & Contemporary • Personalized • Customized Create Lasting Impressions Visit our new web site: www.RegalLine.com Funeral Stationery & Accessory Products 107 Years of Manufacturing Excellence Made in USA • Family Owned OGR.org/Supplier-Network | 49 Messenger Proudly serving since 1913, Messenger started in the religious calendar business and is now a leading provider of funeral stationery, everyday service items and insurance funding. Messenger prides itself on being innovative and best in class on all fronts: products, service, operations, technology and finances. Customer-focused as well as consumer-focused, Messenger utilizes a variety of research and retail trends to ensure funeral professionals have relevant products to help them stay viable in an ever-changing marketplace. Providing a quality product line, quick turn times, technology solutions, an extensive line-up of licensed artists and an experienced service and sales team. • 50% discount on first Signature Order • 10% discount on all future Signature Orders • Free personalization software, training & support Heather Garman 800.827.5151, ext. 263 HGarman@MessengerLLC.com MessengerStationery.com Partners with OGR for over 30 YEARS! Regal Line Funeral Stationery Products and Accessories will assist you in building loyalty toward your business. Regal Line Products are the items that will remain in the hands of family and friends after the funeral service is completed. It is also the family’s connection back to you when your services are needed again.

GOLDEN SERVICES GROUP TELECOMMUNICATIONS ASD (Answering Service for Directors) Answering Service for Directors has created a new class of answering service for funeral professionals by raising the bar with unparalleled levels of advanced training and technology. Family-owned and -operated, ASD has been helping funeral homes manage their calls and their lives since 1972. The company’s custom-built communication systems and sophisticated mobile tools were designed solely to meet the needs of funeral homes. By offering funeral directors unmatched protection for their calls, ASD has redefined the role of an answering service for funeral homes. • Exclusive eight-week free trial, setup fees waived Kevin Czachor 800.868.9950 Sales@MyASD.com MyASD.com Domanicare Domanicare is a leader in aftercare solutions for funeral homes. Through the power of text messaging, we follow up with families and provide aftercare nurturing and free grief support materials. Our text messages see a 98% open rate and a 51% response rate. Our award-winning platform is also the first funeral home-specific platform for generating Google reviews and online reputation management. This online visibility has helped funeral homes across the country develop and leverage sales opportunities and significantly improve their families’ experiences that result in recommendations and long-term customer loyalty. • 20% discount on first 3 months • 10% discount thereafter TheDomaniGroup.com Everdays Everdays is a mobile app that transforms the way you deliver the value of your services for the next generation of consumers. From preneed to at-need, Everdays helps you modernize every funeral service you offer. Your funeral home can give every family a beautiful, virtual celebration experience by gathering all of their relatives and friends online — and is the perfect complement to your home’s traditional services. Family and friends share their love and support, and through Everdays they get to know both your 50 | OGR.org/Supplier-Network home and the value of your services firsthand. And then, while immersed in the emotions of the passing, they see that they can purchase a similar experience for themselves from your home — buying a funeral package in our app in minutes. • One year of complimentary access to exclusive partner program, including Google reviews, a link to your funeral home’s tribute store on every announcement, preferred ranking in Everdays’ search results and dedicated OGR members-only support 248.480.2450 sales@everdays.com Clients.Everdays.com/For-Homes URNS Davis Whitehall® The Davis Whitehall Co., located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has been hand crafting custom hardwood urns made in America since 1991. We are known for our customization

FALL BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 and personalization abilities. We recently introduced our new textured printing process, “Creating Memories You Can Feel®.” This process features an innovative UV cured printing process that delivers a lifelike image with a raised printed surface, allowing families to touch and feel the image on their cherished memorial. The warmth of the wood accentuates the raised texture of the photo, creating a truly one-of-a-kind final resting place. • 15% savings over wholesale prices Contact OGR Products & Services at 800.637.8030 Davis-Whitehall.com Mabrey Products Industry leader in the design and manufacturing of hardwood cremation urns. Providing funeral directors and their families a high level of personalization and customization for over 30 years. Offering hand-crafted personal memorials made the old-fashioned way, one at a time. Proudly, and always, made in the U.S.A. • 5% discount on urns • 3% discount for 15-day pay, net/45 day • free shipping on two or more full-size urns via UPS to contiguous United States Douglas M. Tobey 800.942.3799 Doug.Tobey@MabreyProducts.com MabreyProducts.com Passages International Passages’ mission is the same as it was 21 years ago: helping funeral homes meet the changing needs of families by offering non-traditional and greener products. Passages offers the largest variety of eco-friendly urns, scatter tubes and caskets. The company continues to innovate and introduce new products that help funeral homes align with modern family preferences. Passages’ new Bamboo Cremation Container and Four-Point Bamboo Casket are not only better for families and the environment than cardboard containers, they’re more profitable for funeral homes. • 10% discount on caskets • 13% discount on everything else except for Sentimental Connections jewelry Anais Dueñas Marketing Coordinator 505.273.5149 OGR.org/Supplier-Network | 51 Anais@PassagesInternational.com PassagesInternational.com SinoSource International Company, Inc. SinoSource International has been providing superior low-cost assortment cremation and memorialization products to the funeral and cremation industry. Our high-value, has made us the choice of thousands of cremationists — and the families they serve. The success of SinoSource is not only displayed in our products, but through the keen attention to detail delivered by our industry-experienced sales team, customer service, quality control & manufacturing personnel. Our people make us who we are. If quality and affordability matter, we invite you to experience the SinoSource difference. • 10% discount on most items Contact OGR Products & Services at 800.637.8030 650.697.6668 Service@SinoSource.biz SinoSource.biz

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