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Lee and Bob Harper are donors to the Regional One Health Foundation. Lee is on the Regional One Health Foundation Board of Directors.

A Note from Lee and Bob Harper It’s incredible that in the last decade, Regional One Health went from a headline citing its risk of closure to what it is today: quite literally, the center of innovative healthcare in Memphis and the surrounding regional community. The number of specialty areas and Centers of Excellence available at Regional One is tremendous. This place has saved more people from all walks of life in this region than it gets credit for. It’s indispensable to have this organization available to us in Memphis and the surrounding areas. Personally, at least two friends of our family would not have their children here with them today if it wasn’t for Regional One and its broad scope of expertise. A number of people we know, and even more whom we know of, have received amazing care and results. There’s a significant multiplier effect that comes with the impact that Regional One has on the individual and family level. Today we talk about the new programs and innovations that have come alive under Dr. Coopwood’s vision. Starting with his arrival in 2010, he told this community that Regional One would be a place of excellence, passion, and quality. Since then, many pieces have come together to make it so. This health system has world-class doctors and a staff known for its compassion and capabilities. It has the ONE Health initiative, which is solving deeply rooted community problems, person by person, with care and services that go far beyond medicine and benefit all of the hospitals across the Memphis area. It created the community-focused Center for Innovation, which, over time, will pivot Memphis healthcare onto a course that truly delivers on our population’s needs and opportunities—it’s no secret that change is needed. However, the history of innovation at Regional One is generations old. In the late 1960s, it was hard to believe that premature or very sick babies could go on to have a healthy and full life. Instead of settling for popular belief, the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center, one of the country’s first neonatal intensive care units, was created. In it, Regional One continues to save the babies you’ll read about in this report and hundreds of other children every year. Since 1992, Regional One has had the region’s only multiplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber to serve patients who are not only under Regional One’s care but also those from surrounding hospitals such as St. Jude Children’s Research Center. These are but a few examples of excellence, passion, and quality originating within Regional One. The breadth of impact on community healthcare is beyond compare. That’s why we’re proud to share Regional One’s story with our friends and others in the community. Philanthropy will help make possible even more examples of impact in Memphis and beyond. That’s a smart investment to make. DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG i

04 15 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bob Moore, Chairman Michael R. Hess, Vice-Chair Scott Franklin, Secretary Tim Clay, Treasurer Alison Barton Chris Bird Eric Epperson Lavelle Fitch Helen Gronauer Steve Guin Lee B. Harper Lisa B. Jehl R.E. Linkous Michael L. Nichols Henry Nixon, Jr. Jenny D. Robertson Paulo Teixeira 08 STAFF 24 12 19 Tammie Ritchey, Senior Vice President Chief Development Officer Sheilla Brown, Development Associate Mary Catherine Burke, Director of Events Patrick Byrne, Director of Development Laura Beth Davis, Development Officer, Annual Giving Marsha Evans, Foundation Operations Manager Allen Horton, Development Officer, Major Gifts CONTRIBUTORS RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy GIVE 901.545.6006 donate.regionalonehealthfoundation.org ii REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

Table of Contents Giving Impact ........................................................................ 01 Four Miracles, One Family, and Many Reasons to Keep the Laughter Going .................................................. 04 The Spirit that Won’t Be Crushed .......................................08 Letter from Tammie Ritchey ................................................. 11 ONE Health: The Compass that Will Guide Needed Social Change in Memphis ....................................................12 Multiple Saves and a Recovery from Head to Toe ....................................................................15 Every Day Is a Chance to Get Better ....................................19 When It’s Broken, It Must Be Fixed and Innovation Is the Way .................................................... 24 Orion ONE Round Golf Classic ............................................. 27 ONE Night Gala ...................................................................... 28 New Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Martin Croce .................................................................... 29 Honor Roll of Donors ..............................................................31 Memorial and Honor Contributors List .............................. 35 A Note from Dr. Reginald W. Coopwood, M.D. .................... 37 DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG iii

FY2018 Financial Report (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018) Your Dollars at Work ONE Health (Population Health Strategy) Upgrades to 7 Operating Rooms Center for Innovation Other Capital Purchases/ Training/Staff Support Research Total FY2018 dollars granted to Regional One Health by the Regional One Health Foundation: $1,557,595.62 Equipment for Burn Center Breast Cancer Screenings Technology (Pharmacy Training) $700,000 $321,137 $204,280 $108,529 $82,460 $50,408 $46,000 $44,780 45% 21% 13% 7% 5% 3% 3% 3% 2015-2018 Total Contributions to Regional One Health Foundation $2,683,689.24 $1,757,911.23 $1,255,747.30 $1,319,771.00 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 1 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION 45 21 13 7 5 3 3 3 A

FY2018 TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS: $ 2,683,689 FY2018 Contributions to ROHF 43% 31% 15% Community Donations $1,159,790 ONE Night Gala $824,967 Grants $406,000 5% 4% 2% FY2018 Contributions by Source 48% Individuals $1,297,496 28% Corporations $752,811 23% 1% Foundations/Estates $624,028 Other $8,904 Employee Donations $142,724 ONE Round $96,450 Store Sales $53,757 FY2018 Donors by Source Total Donors–1,856 90% 9% Individuals 1,677 Corporations 166 1% Foundations/Estates 13 DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 2

Meet mom Jennifer and her three identical triplets Bear, Leo, and Wylder.

This family came to Regional One Health from: LONDON, ENGLAND Four Miracles, One Family, and Many Reasons to Keep the Laughter Going Numerous scientific and spiritual sources praise the power of humor and laughter when it comes to healing—healing both physiologically and soulfully. Jennifer Farrell has the gift of making people around her laugh. A warm and jovial person, she frequently joins in with her own laughter. Her candor and wit are her superpowers, her saving grace that pulls her through complicated times. She and her babies have overcome numerous complications— more than most of us can fathom. Additional hardships still lie ahead, but she’s ready. It’s what she came to Memphis for—to fight for life. Jennifer and Ashton Hall are incredibly busy parents. They have a 10-month-old son, Phoenix Moon, who has started to crawl and wants to join in with everything his three older brothers are doing. Baby #4 was born at Regional One Health, just like his brothers, though he arrived about three weeks early. “I believe with all my heart that if I was at another hospital, we would have no sons,” says Jennifer. “The entire medical team took time to bond with us, and they knew all four of my DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 4

Regional One NICU babies Bear, Leo, and Wylder love playing at home together. Dr. Giancarlo Mari is the medical director of Regional One’s HighRisk Obstetrics department. babies, even when they were still in my belly. They became part of our family.” Have we mentioned that the three older brothers are identical triplets? Leo, Wylder, and Bear were born in November 2014, 10 weeks early, with 100% of the same DNA, the same fingerprints, and the same body features. One egg, one split … and then, another split. The occurrence of the same egg splitting to produce three genetically matched embryos is, shall we say, uncommon: a one in 200 million likelihood. There’s only one thing that can be more uncommon for this family along with the Regional One medical team to have overcome. Survival of all three of these “doll babies,” as Jennifer calls the triplets, is beyond rare. A better word is “miraculous.” Carrying three identical triplets is a pregnancy fraught with difficulties. Chances are good that one or two of the babies won’t survive. That’s why Jennifer and Ashton’s obstetrician 5 in London sent them across the Atlantic to Memphis—to Dr. Giancarlo Mari and Regional One’s High-Risk OB team. “I called Regional One when I was eight weeks pregnant and still in London,” recalls Jennifer. “I told them I was coming and they said, ‘Good, we have time to prepare for you.’ They had a whole plan together for us by the time we arrived at 13 weeks pregnant. They were fully prepared.” Jennifer is in awe of what she calls a highly trained medical team with heart. It’s one thing to scientifically know about women’s bodies and how to keep babies alive. It’s a gift when the experts also compassionately care about their patients. “My medical team at Regional One had so much love to give us,” she says. “They all cared—every single person, from Dr. Mari to the lady taking out garbage. Everyone had such good chemistry and truly looked out for us.” Her medical team for the triplets’ delivery plan was 40 people large. Despite having offices in separate locations on the Regional One campus, they convened regularly in a common space to update each other on the family’s progress. They held weekly meetings with Jennifer and Ashton and taught them everything they needed to be aware of in a high-risk pregnancy. REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

“My sons and I would not be alive today if it weren’t for this team … none of my four babies,” says Jennifer. “They have an awesome team at Regional One.” This past spring, Jennifer and Ashton learned that Leo, Wylder, and Bear are autistic. The boys have become non-verbal, but Jennifer doesn’t need words to communicate with her little pack. “We communicate the same we always have, even when they were in my belly,” she says. “My guys have always told me what they needed through their hearts.” How You’ve Helped They all cared—every single person, from Dr. Mari to the lady taking out garbage. Everyone had such good chemistry and truly looked out for us. She laughs as she shares that on any given morning at 6 a.m., one of the boys will want a cookie. She’ll tell him it’s not cookie time yet. One of the other boys will catch on and appear at his brother’s side in support of cookies. She’ll tell both it’s not cookie time. This attracts the 3rd triplet and soon she’s got six little hands tugging at her and gesturing. Who can blame her when she passes out three gluten-free cookies? “They have a pack mentality,” she says with love. Her final thoughts? “I want people to know that we’re going to be OK. We’re alive because of Regional One.” It takes an extraordinary degree of advanced training and specialized equipment to overcome the odds and allow a family like Ashton, Jennifer, Leo, Wylder, Bear, and Phoenix Moon to live and grow together. The Regional One Health Foundation donors provide funds for the High-Risk Obstetrics department and the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center to acquire the technology, equipment, and training that keeps babies and moms alive, even in highly complex medical situations. Did You Know? Dr. Giancarlo Mari has brought cutting-edge surgeries to the High-Risk Obstetrics Program at Regional One Health. Intrauterine therapy for fetuses is one of the developing frontiers in Maternal-Fetal-Medicine (MFM). Dr. Mari is one of few MFM specialists in the United States who performs surgery on fetuses, currently done at only 10 centers in the US and none within 700 miles of Memphis. DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 6

Laura Spradlin became an Ouachita Baptist University Tigers women’s basketball player just two years after nearly losing her life in a car accident.

This patient came to Regional One Health from: MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE that Won’t Be Crushed The Ouachita Baptist University Tigers have on their women’s basketball roster a young Memphian who has defied dozens of odds. After a tough tryout that the coach was reluctant to even offer, the women’s basketball team accepted Laura Spradlin as a walkon player. This was just two years after Laura and her parents didn’t even know whether she would be alive for tryouts. Laura lived through a crushing car accident. It happened on an afternoon that started off like every other day—math tutoring for Laura, a lunch meeting for dad, and lunch out for mom, who homeschooled Laura. Laura’s green sedan took a direct hit from a truck on a driving route that Laura traveled often. Just like that, Laura went from a hard-working teen who had mastered classical piano and had future plans to play college basketball to a trauma patient at Regional One Health. Lee Ann and Mike Spradlin, Laura’s parents, arrived at the trauma center to a dizzying array of bad news. The lower half of her skull had detached from the upper half and her brain was hemorrhaging. Many of her bones had broken. She had severe bleeding throughout her body. “Even with our faith, it was a very dark time,” her dad remembers. “We didn’t know if she was going to make it. Even if she did, we knew there was the possibility of massive brain injury and disability.” Joyous moments kept the family afloat during Laura’s recovery. The day she came out of her coma, a nurse called the Spradlins immediately. Mike thought Regional One was calling to discuss yet another surgery. Instead, he heard his DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 8

The Spradlin family feels grateful to Regional One Health for the life-saving medical care Laura received. Laura Spradlin is now a 6’ 1” sophomore forward on the Ouachita Baptist University women’s basketball team. Laura Spradlin couldn’t be happier with her chance to follow her goals and dreams on the campus of Ouachita Baptist University, located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. For us as Memphians, you really feel that Memphis reaches its arms around you and gives your family a big hug when you’re at Regional One. — Mike Spradlin 9 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

daughter’s voice in the background. “Dad?” When the nurse put Laura on the phone she said, “Dad, I think I’m in the hospital. Can you come pick me up?” “That was the best Sunday of my life,” Mike attests. Laura let everyone—staff, doctors, nurses, family, friends—know that she was going to beat the odds in special ways that only Laura could do. When a physical therapist told her to take one step, she said, “I’m going to take 10!” And she did. When wearing an eye patch and a large elbow brace, she sat down at a piano in a therapy room and played, from memory, a Rachmaninoff piece. The brain function was there. Watching Laura at the piano, the speech therapist assured Laura’s parents: “Your daughter’s going to be OK!” Today, Laura’s beautiful smile radiates. As she thinks about her time with Regional One Health’s doctors, nurses and staff, she recalls, “They literally put my face back together. I really appreciate them and how much training they have to go through and how much they help people. They’re just really awesome.” “To now have a functioning brain and be back in school, to be able to play basketball, to go through life like I would have before the accident,” her voice trails off and she chuckles shyly. “Life after the crash is more meaningful.” To the 17 doctors, nurses and staff who saved her life and rehabilitated her back to full health, Laura says: “THANK YOU. Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s so necessary.” How You’ve Helped The funds donated by Regional One Health Foundation donors pave the way for advanced training for doctors, nurses and staff, and the purchase of specialized equipment that is essential in saving and enriching lives. Funds raised help all facets of the hospital system, from trauma care to outpatient services such as rehabilitation. Did You Know? The Elvis Presley Trauma Center, the only Level 1 Trauma Center within 150 miles of Memphis, is one of the busiest trauma centers in the country. Level 1 designation means there is a multidisciplinary team of highly trained specialists in the center 24/7 awaiting those in need of medical attention following a trauma incident. “The nurses here are excellent. They know what to watch for, they know how to educate the parents. One nurse asked me if anyone had told me what parts of Laura’s brain were affected by the bleeding. She handed me the chart she was looking at and went through every part of Laura’s brain with me, explaining the possible ways the bleeding could affect Laura’s life. I wouldn’t have known that if she wouldn’t have taken the time to help me.” — Lee Ann Spradlin “Dr. Croce helped us decide what to do with Laura after she left trauma care. There is a rehab center in Atlanta where he sometimes sends patients, and he explained that Regional One Health also has experts right here in Memphis. He did all of the research about the other facility for us and even gave us questions to ask each center. He patiently and gently explained our options. We wouldn’t have known how to decide without him. We chose Regional One.” — Mike Spradlin DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 10

Dear Colleagues & Friends, People often ask me why I work at Regional One Health. In the past, I had so many reasons it was difficult to mention just one. However, over the past year, I have passionately provided one answer: “Because of ONE Health.” At some point today, I’m guessing you were in your home where you opened your refrigerator and grabbed a snack. This week you probably did some errands, like picking up clothes from the cleaners and grocery shopping. If someone in your house is sick, that person more than likely has visited the doctor, taken prescriptions, and is tucked away in bed. That person may be bored, but is recuperating. If you did any of these things, you have much to be grateful for, and you are unlike most of our patients enrolled in ONE Health. ONE Health, a population health strategy, works with men and women who show up regularly in our emergency department. By regularly, I mean on average 80 times a year. The vast majority of these people have a multitude of societal issues that worsen their already tenuous health. For example, if you are homeless, you are not going to monitor your high blood pressure. When you present to an emergency room, the staff runs tests, lowers your blood pressure, gives you medicine and sends you “home.” While this may fix the acute problem, you will return because your health will not improve. What you need is stable housing. Of our current ONE Health participants and program graduates, more than 50% have housing vulnerability (e.g., homelessness, risk of homelessness, inability to care for self in current housing situation, inability to pay utility bills). Incredibly, we have been able to secure permanent or temporary housing for all these individuals through ONE Health. Not all of our patients have housing vulnerabilities; for some it’s food insecurity, transportation issues, or behavioral health. The point is that none of these issues are medical, but they make people sick, prevent people from getting well, and drive up healthcare costs. By helping these individuals address the social needs that adversely affect their health, we have achieved significant reductions in emergency department visits and inpatient admissions while avoiding substantial costs. This is why I work at Regional One Health. Regional One Health faces the toughest challenges and the sickest people, applies innovative solutions, and improves the quality of life for the people we care for. This, in turn, improves the community I call home. Tammie Ritchey, CFRE Senior Vice President/Chief Development Officer Regional One Health Foundation 11 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

This patient came to Regional One Health from: MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE ONE Health: The Compass that Will Guide Needed Social Change in Memphis If you walked up upon Jamarcus Ankston, you would most likely find him smiling. He seems to smile a lot. He sways a little, too. You’d have no idea how much physical pain his smile is masking. You might not notice that patches of his body are burned. And, you wouldn’t know that he doesn’t always smile by choice. Jamarcus is 28 years old. He dropped out of school in the 4th grade to care for his mom, who was then dying of a brain disorder called acute cerebellar ataxia. It’s the same disorder that causes Jamarcus to constantly smile—he has little control of his facial muscles. It’s what causes him to fall over when he tries to stand and to sway while he sits. Unmedicated until recently, it’s the disorder that causes Jamarcus to collapse onto the stove and get burned when he cooks. His brainstem is growing into his brain. When Jamarcus arrived at Regional One Health with his godmother, Betty, he was living in an abandoned house. As Betty gave Jamarcus’ medical and home-life details to the Regional One emergency department, medical and socialDONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 12

ONE Health at Work ONE Health is staffed by a small but mighty team who works with doctors and nurses to identify emergency department patients who have underlying social needs that directly affect their health. ONE Health staff (l. to r.) Coralotta Cromer, Renesa Clemons, and Megan Williams are seen here in a consultation. work staff started to piece together what was happening in this young man’s life. They knew they could help. Regional One’s initiative called ONE Health helps the most vulnerable Memphians gain hope that their lives—riddled with medical complexities and socioeconomic factors that exacerbate health issues—can become better. ONE Health exists as a doorway to connect people to medical care but also to assist finding housing and food, applying for insurance, Social Security or disability, obtaining skills training or GED certification, receiving addiction treatment, accessing transportation, and more. In short, ONE Health is a compass that guides people in the navigation of multiple complex medical and social bureaucracies. This 18-month-old initiative gives hope of a better quality of life to people who are so often overlooked or beaten down. 13 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

In Jamarcus’ case, ONE Health paid for the genetic testing that opened the door to insurance and disability benefits, which led to receiving a wheelchair and medication that allows him to manage the effects of the disease. ONE Health staff obtained an apartment for Jamarcus, too, which has a wheelchair ramp and a toaster oven that doesn’t burn him. Because of Regional One’s vision to create a change in Memphis, the philanthropic donors that bolster ONE Health, and the small but mighty ONE Health staff, Jamarcus is managing his brain disorder. Jamarcus is far from alone in his need for someone to care about him and help him take uncharted steps toward stability—and ideally, independence. “Everyone needs an advocate who knows the complexity of the systems and has the heart to help them,” says ONE Health Program Manager Megan Williams. “A lot of people don’t have someone to help them make sense of complicated information. They may not have healthy relationships to help with things as simple as picking up prescription medicine. That’s what we do. With ONE Health, we help vulnerable Memphians to stabilize.” A big-picture effect of helping individuals become more stable by addressing their root problems, one by one, is the collective reduction in emergency room visits. Regional One forecasts an annual savings of $1 million in emergency department costs as more people who regularly rely on the E.R. connect to the social support they actually need. Data collected by Regional One shows that only about 20% of health is tied to medical care received in clinics or the hospital. The rest is rooted in social issues like poverty, addiction, or lack of housing, transportation, and food. ONE Health has the opportunity to bring about change for generations of Memphians. How You’ve Helped For ONE Health, philanthropy means survival. “Dollars that come in means dollars that we can offer to pay for transportation to pick up medicine, a mental health assessment, addiction counseling, rent—all of those things that are often root causes for why people repeatedly appear in our emergency department,” says ONE Health Program Manager Megan Williams. ONE Health is still less than two years old and was made possible in part by a donation from The Assisi Foundation and additional individual and corporate donors. A growing network of social service providers are part of the ONE Health hub that provides a one-stop-shop to people in need of support. Did You Know? As part of ONE Health, Regional One launched a free online commnunity tool called ONE Health Connect. This web based platform allows anyone to search by zip code for free or reduced cost services throughout the Mid-South including medical care, food, job training, and more. Check it out by visiting: www.regionalonehealth.org/connect/ There’s no doubt how needed this initiative is in Memphis. Data analysis of Regional One’s E.R. patient base backs up what is intuitively known—caring for people in the way they need it will change lives and families, and it will reduce the operating costs of the hospital where no one is turned away. Dollar by dollar, you can be part of making a better future in Memphis. DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 14

This patient came to Regional One Health from: KENNETT, MISSOURI Multiple Saves and a Recovery from Head to Toe He’s a DJ every other Saturday night. His house is under renovation and he can’t wait to move in. He’s in discussions about taking over the pro shop at the local golf course. He and his girlfriend love to spend time together and with their friends. Life is good now. But less than two years ago, Richard Prince’s life was almost tragically cut short. It took the capable hands and warm hearts of Regional One Health’s doctors, nurses, and staff in the Firefighters Burn Center—including 40 surgeries over 10 months—for Richard to have a chance to live the life he now leads. His family calls him Richie. Over the 300 or so consecutive days he was hospitalized at Regional One, his mom, Shirley, became known to everyone—from Burn Center Medical Director Dr. William Hickerson to every nurse—as “mom.” “I felt like I was with family when I was at Regional One with Richie,” says Shirley. “They let me cry when I needed to, and I usually really needed to.” After a horrifying accident in which 70% of his body was severely burned, Richie Prince has made an astounding recovery. 15 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

Dr. Ram Velamuri is a plastic surgeon in Regional One Health’s Firefighters Burn Center. His passion for helping severely burned patients comes alive in the teambased environment at Regional One, where surgeons, clinical care doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, and nurses come together to care for individuals throughout their entire recovery journey.

The Regional One Health Wound Care Center treats patients ranging in injury from severe-burn wounds to cancer treatment-related radiation damage. Regional One has the region’s only multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber. At the age of 39, Richard was severely burned by a backyard bonfire when a canister typically containing diesel fuel was mistakenly replaced with gasoline. Tending to the bonfire resulted in an explosion that almost killed Richie. He was burned from his hairline to his feet. Seventy percent of his body was severely burned, with only the top of his head and parts of the back of his body escaping the fire. Emergency responders in the Missouri bootheel town of Kennett, where Shirley lives and where Richie was entertaining friends, knew the area hospitals couldn’t help him. He was airlifted to Regional One Health’s Burn Center. He spent about half of those 10 months on life support. Shirley left her job and lived on Regional One’s 2nd floor, where there’s a lounge with recliners for family members who stay overnight with their loved ones. Shirley recalls that Richie would have died more than a few times during those critical ICU months, had it not been for the calm response and skilled attention of several doctors and nurses who saved Richie at every twist and turn his medical condition took. “I knew that the ventilator was keeping him alive,” says Shirley. “One time when I was at the bed with him, his ventilator blew out and air hit my face. I started crying and Dr. Hickerson calmly walked over, told the staff what he needed for Richie and told another person to take me to the waiting room. He told me to go and he’d be there in 10 minutes.” He would joke with the doctors and staff even when rehab was hard and hurt. Ten minutes later, Dr. Hickerson joined her in the waiting room and said, “I told you I’d be here!” Richie was saved. It was still hard on both Richie and Shirley when he was finally able to leave the ICU, but at least now they knew he was going to make it. As the nurses began to move him around so he could see daylight and slowly begin to bring motion back to his body, Richie’s personality also returned to life. 17 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

“He’s the clown of our family. He keeps people laughing,” says Shirley. “He would joke with the doctors and staff even when rehab was hard and hurt.” Recently, back in Missouri, Richie was being fitted for a leg brace to stabilize a leg that still needs to heal from the accident. “He asked the doctor for a tree trimmer brace instead of a regular one,” says Shirley. “He was a tree trimmer before and thought it would be funny to ask.” Amidst the laughter, Shirley says that Richie knows how much has been done for him by both the medical team and his family and how much he went through. He’s still going through the process of healing and adapting to life now. During the lifesaving process at Regional One, nine of Richie’s fingers and thumbs and one of his legs had to be amputated. He has a prosthetic, but he can’t yet walk on the other foot. He intends to walk again. He intends to live a very full life. “I’m so proud of him,” says Shirley. “He gets out there and does everything he wants to do. He’s doing just great.” How You’ve Helped Dr. Ram Velamuri was a key member of Richie’s medical team. For Dr. Velamuri, teamwork among several different medical specialists was the key to caring for Richie—as well as all patients in the Regional One Firefighters Burn Center. “The team approach with our plastic surgeons, critical care doctors, nurses and our rehab, nutrition, and pharmacy teams made this modern-day miracle possible,” says Dr. Velamuri. Those who donate to the Did You Know? The Firefighters Burn Center at Regional One Health is the only full-service burn center of its kind within a 150-mile radius of Memphis. The Burn Center has earned verification from the American Burn Association (ABA) and the American College of Surgeons (ACS), making it the only burn center in Tennessee to earn this distinctive honor. Firefighters Burn Center help fund advanced training and specialized equipment that have created Regional One’s worldclass burn center. In Richie’s case, the medical team worked together to use a care technique that is unique to just a few burn centers in the country—with Regional One being one of them. This technique is a fluid-removal therapy that when started early, reduces toxicity as the body fights to recover and helps increase the odds of survival. Thank you for helping make these advancements available to patients like Richie! DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 18

This family came to Regional One Health from: DYERSBURG, TENNESSEE Every Day Is a Chance to Get Better Every day is a chance to get better. This phrase sits on 18-year old Abbie Glozier’s Facebook timeline, but it has much deeper meaning to her and her family than a simple social media post. Nearly two decades ago, Regional One Health’s NICU team welcomed firstborn Abbie into the world. She weighed just a smidge more than one pound. Soon after, sister Allie entered the world, weighing less than a pound and fighting back against bleeding on her brain. But delivery for mom Diana wasn’t yet finished. Little brother Caleb joined his sisters five days later—the largest baby of all three and the one who stayed in the womb the longest, yet still weighing in at just one pound two ounces at his birth. Already facing an emergency situation, Diana’s labor began at just 22 weeks— four and a half months too soon for a full-term pregnancy. She was rushed 19 to Regional One Health’s Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center, where the doctors and nurses didn’t miss a second to begin emergency care for these precious, fragile babies. The staff temporarily stopped Diana’s labor to try to give the babies more time, but ultimately, the infants couldn’t wait. Allie and Abbie had an infection and had to be delivered at 23 weeks as a life-saving measure. Abbie faced significant stress in the birth canal. She lingered there for several days before Diana was able to greet her first-born for the first time. Her sister’s hemorrhaging brain tissue indicated with near certainty that she would develop cerebral palsy. The NICU team had doubts the girls were even going to live. Caleb stayed as long as he could in his separate amniotic sac, but it wasn’t long enough to avoid complications associated with premature birth. He was born with impaired vision and had to be connected to a ventilator to help him breathe. These tiny, very-low-birth-weight triplets faced significant medical hurdles—the likes of which take personal resolve and a gifted team of NICU experts to overcome. “We started out every day for five and a half months thinking it was miraculous to keep them alive,” Diana says. “My babies would just about die every day.” Today, Abbie has a job and drives a car. She took a college class over REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

Nearly 18 years ago, Regional One Health NICU babies Allie, Caleb, and Abbie – along with their mom Diana – overcame tremendous odds, surviving a risky delivery and a difficult first several months of life. This year, the triplets graduate high school! Abbie Glozier Allie Glozier Caleb Glozier DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 20

How You’ve Helped the summer to help her prepare to study and pursue a career in nursing after graduating from high school in May 2019. Despite Allie’s incredibly scary start and a series of developmental delays, she now drives a car and has a 3.8 GPA. Over the years, every time a small developmental delay would arise, Allie, her parents and her doctors proactively addressed it. Allie beat many odds. “We’ve overcome a ton of issues,” her mom proudly says. Recently, the Commercial Appeal reported on a new medical study showing that by intensifying the care given to very-lowbirth-weight babies (less than three pounds three ounces) and their moms, Regional One has significantly contributed to the decline in Shelby County’s infant mortality rate. Very-low-birthweight babies account for twothirds of infant deaths. Regional One Health Foundation supporters who support the Newborn Center help provide advanced medical training and specialized equipment that help keep alive our frailest and most-vulnerable community members—tiny babies born too soon and born under severe duress. Though now legally blind, Caleb has earned 26 merit badges with his Boy Scout troop. The one he’s most proud of is the badge earned for co-piloting an airplane. He became an Eagle Scout at age 17 and is also involved in the high school’s Jr. ROTC program. Diana feels eternally grateful for the life-saving care her babies received at Regional One’s NICU. “I can sing praises of everyone on the NICU team,” she offers. “They all knew what they were doing. I would spend eight to 10 hours in the NICU every day. By being at the bedside that much I saw firsthand how they respond to crises day after day.” She has special praise for Jean Brooks, a NICU nurse with 50 years of experience at Regional One Health. Diana developed a bond with Jean that has only strengthened over the past 18 years. Jean sends Christmas and birthday presents every year to the triplets. “It’s pretty significant what she does,” Diana says. “I told one of my friends about her, and my friend thinks she’s possibly an angel in disguise.” Did You Know? More than 1,300 premature or critically ill newborns are treated in the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center each year. Since opening in 1968, more than 45,000 premature babies have been treated successfully, some weighing just one pound. 21 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

The NICU staff at Regional One creates miracles for our community’s tiniest patients every day. Seen here are (clockwise from top left): NICU Nurse Manager Kelley Smith, nurse Marcie Hanks, and medical director of the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center, Dr. Ramasubbareddy Dhanireddy, who is addressing members of the NICU medical team during rounds. DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 22

Alejandra Alvarez, PMP, CPXP, is the senior manager of the Center for Innovation at Regional One Health.

When It’s Broken, It Must Be Fixed and Innovation Is the Way Disruptive thinking. Invention. Mending what’s broken. Where would this world be today without entrepreneurs? Memphis is on the national map for entrepreneurism. We have business incubators and accelerators, music visionaries and artists in all forms. Memphis also cradles an increasing number of healthcare and medical-treatment innovators who are working to overcome today’s predicament that what used to work in healthcare might not be efficient or effective any longer. Today’s challenges to patients, healthcare providers, and payers—from outdated care models to evolving public policies and untapped technologies—beg for new or refined solutions. Fortunately, a dose of entrepreneurial problem-solving is being served in Memphis healthcare. Regional One Health’s Center for Innovation is becoming the hub for problem solvers both inside our healthcare system and in external partner organizations. The Center for Innovation, which is now just over two years old, sits among excellent company in Memphis. Organizations that serve the business side of healthcare entrepreneurism and innovation in Memphis—for example, Bioworks’ Zeroto510, EPIcenter, and StartCo—are already alive and well in our community. The emergence of the Center for Innovation brings an important puzzle piece to those partners—a clinical system that is on the frontlines of patient care for virtually every population in our city. Through partnerships, ideas that could offer improvements for patients and providers become a process of solution development, validating, feedback, and iteration. Case in point, a startup company, Cast21, has partnered with our Center for Innovation to advance its newly approved medical device. Cast21 was part of the Zeroto510 medical-device startup accelerator, where its idea for an alternative to traditional fiberglass casts and bulky braces came to fruition. After graduating from Zeroto510 and receiving funding from investors, Cast21 needed a clinical setting to serve as an DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 24

The Five Phases of the Design Process: 1 Discovery 2 Interpretation 3 Ideation 4 Experimentation 5 Evolution I have a challenge. How do I approach it? I learned something. How do I interpret it? I see an opportunity. What do I create? I have an idea. How do I build it? I tried something. How do I evolve it? This depiction of IDEO’s Design Thinking Methodology for entrepreneurial thinking is one source of inspiration behind much of the work being done in Regional One Health’s Center for Innovation. entry portal for the medical device and determine its product value with patients. The partnership between Cast21 and the Center for Innovation emerged—one way that Regional One is at the heart of change and patient-care improvements from the inside out. True with any innovative process, iteration and the willingness to let ideas fail are key. Out of hundreds of ideas, only one might be viable. Innovation is a culture where that’s okay and expected. “Innovation requires an agile style of thinking and operating,” says Center for Innovation Senior Manager Alejandra (Allie) Alvarez. “The best ideas come from validating—numerous rounds of validating and feedback, in fact. In that process, an idea might quickly prove that it can scale and become available to more people or for more uses, or, it might be eliminated. Either answer is fine in an entrepreneurial mindset.” What is HumanCentered Design? • the needs of the people • the possibilities of technology • the requirements for success WE START HERE Desirable PEOPLE Viable FOR SUCCESS 25 THE ANSWER REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION Feasible TECHNOLOGY

The entrepreneurial mentality allows for the validating of many ideas with less money and resources. The key is to not spend years in development without ever validating the idea or product with an actual end user. That method is far too expensive and inefficient for an innovative culture. The beauty of the Center for Innovation is the ability to try, validate, and pivot improvements in healthcare delivery until a true clinical value is found. Regional One’s employees are integral, too. Regional One’s concept of advancing healthcare to meet our community’s needs began internally with “shark tank” style idea competitions. From that, 90 ideas were submitted and several are in implementation within Regional One, both in clinical settings and in operational settings, such as the creation of a “Text to Clean” program that allows any employee to create a janitorial request from their phone. “It’s all part of creating a culture of innovation that has roots inside our own healthcare system. As more ideas are tried and new lessons are learned, that innovation reaches out across the community,” says Dr. Reginald Coopwood. “We plan to play an important role in making more entrepreneurs want to choose Memphis,” continues Dr. Coopwood. “When that happens, our patients, our providers, our businesses and our entire community will benefit.” How You’ve Helped “Angel investing” is a common term in the entrepreneurship world and it means to provide the early-stage funding when a new concept is still being validated and iterated. Essentially, Regional One Health Foundation plays the role of angel investor for the most-promising employee and partner ideas that come through the Center for Innovation. Similar to any start-up organization or invention, making something actually exist takes resources. Did You Know? Since the launch of the Center for Innovation, two idea submissions from employees have moved to ‘In Pilot’ mode. One is focused on rate adjustments for anticoagulation medications and the other on Code Blue Events, both of which are crucial to the care we deliver. Philanthropy is crucial to the success of the Center for Innovation. Funding provided by Regional One Health Foundation donors cover salaries for staff, operational expenses, and tools that allow for the validating and further development of viable ideas. Additional funding is needed for our Center for Innovation to become a hub for incubating start-up partnerships that could benefit Regional One patients—and patients in healthcare facilities beyond our own. DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 26

Orion ONE Round & Women’s Clinic The Orion ONE Round golf tournament and women’s golf clinic continue to be a hit! Since its inception in 2016, this event has raised over $200,000 for Regional One Health Foundation. Thank you to every sponsor, team, and participant who has contributed to the success of this great event. To sponsor or particpate in the Orion ONE Round golf tournament and women’s clinic, please call 901-545-6006. Title Sponsor: Participating Sponsors: FedEx, Linkous Construction Company Inc., McVean Trading & Investments LLC, Juice Plus+, Hospital Wing, FedEx Employees Credit Association, Vistage, Cornerstone Systems Presenting Sponsor: Hole Sponsors: American Program Management, Celine & Martin Croce, Data Blue, Flintco, Jefferson Mortuary, Kelly Bolton, Lucy & Mark Forrester, NovaTech, Silex Data Solutions, Thomas Consultants, Inc., Turner Construction, Zayo Group 27 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

Get do The popular ONE Night Gala returns on April 13, 2019. Join us and 2019 co-chairs Jennifer Hobson and Suzana Lightman for our largest fundraiser of the year—and make more miracles possible like the stories you read here. The 1,000-person Gala always sells out! Tickets are now being sold online at regionalonehealthfoundation.org. To sponsor or attend this one-of-a-kind event, contact Patrick Byrne by phone at 901-545-8174 or by email at pbyrne@regionalonehealth.org DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 28

New Chief Medical Officer Dr. Martin Croce is a name many of you already know from his time leading the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center at Regional One Health. Dr. Croce is now Regional One’s chief medical officer, a move into management and system leadership that comes after his 30 years of compassionate service to countless patients in the trauma center. In the CMO role, Dr. Croce will lead medical research, quality initiatives, medical staff services, regulatory readiness, and infection prevention. “My 30 years of trauma care have prepared me very well for the CMO position. The nature of trauma frequently requires difficult decisions in the interest of patient care. We have a very effective team of health care providers all focused on optimal patient outcomes,” Dr. Croce says. 29 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

After a high-impact career as the head of Regional One Health’s Elvis Presley Trauma Center, Dr. Martin Croce became the hospital system’s Chief Medical Officer in mid-2018. “Dr. Croce has been a valuable asset to this health system and this community, providing exceptional trauma care to countless patients over the past 30 years. I am confident that he will bring this same level of engagement to help us continue on our journey improving upon and growing Regional One Health.” — REGINALD COOPWOOD, MD, President & CEO, Regional One Health DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 30

Honor Roll of Donors We are tremendously grateful to have the support of many community members who help save and improve the lives of our patients through their generous contributions. We express this gratitude and recognize these donors through membership in the exclusive giving circles outlined below. All gift recognition levels celebrate the spirit of philanthropy to advance our healthcare mission. All charitable gifts help to strengthen our institution by providing vital resources for medical technology, research, patient care, and community programs. To retain recognition status, donors must continue to make gifts each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). The Pillar Society — Donors who give $10,000 or more annually. The Founder’s Circle — Donors who give $5,000 or more annually. The President’s Circle — Donors who give $1,000 - $4,999 annually. The Cornerstone Circle — Donors who give $100 - $999 annually. Pillar Society INDIVIDUALS Mr. & Mrs. Damon Arney Mr. & Mrs. Jim Barton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Chris Bird Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Clay Dr. & Mrs. Reginald Coopwood Mr. & Mrs. Mark Forrester Mr. & Mrs. William S. Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Bob Harper Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hussey Mr. & Mrs. Louis Jehl Mr. & Mrs. Rusty E. Linkous Mr. & Mrs. Bob Moore Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nichols, Jr. Capt. & Mrs. Henry Nixon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paulo Teixeira CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Avectus Healthcare Solutions, LLC Baptist Memorial Health Care BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Dillard’s Estate of Rachel Ferguson FedEx Corporation Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company First Tennessee Bank Foundation Healthcare Excellence Institute Johnson Auxillary Gift Shop McVean Trading & Investments, LLC Memphis Fire Fighters Association Foundation OR Nurses Nationwide, Inc. Orion Federal Credit Union Plough Foundation Provident Management Consulting Radians, Inc. Scheidt Family Foundation, Inc. Southeastern Asset Management State of Tennessee Suntrust Bank, Inc. The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. The Hohenburg Charity Trust University of Tennessee Health Science Center Founder’s Circle INDIVIDUALS Anonymous Mr. Daniel Case Dr. & Mrs. Martin Croce Ms. Deisell Donahoe Mr. & Mrs. Eric Epperson Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Floyd Mr. & Mrs. Charles McVean Mr. & Mrs. Paul Morris Dr. Elizabeth Pritchard Ms. Tammie Ritchey Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Robertson Dr. Thomas Schroeppel Mr. & Mrs. Phil Shannon Mr. & Mrs. Josh Shores Mr. & Mrs. William Stegbauer Dr. Bruce Steinhauer Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Stinson Mr. & Dr. Darrell Thomas Ms. Deborah Tipton Mr. Mike Tutor CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS American Esoteric Laboratories American Residential Services, LLC AutoZone Bass, Berry & Sims Butler Snow Caesars Entertainment Campbell Clinic Cerner Corporation Cigna Healthcare Delta Dental of Tennessee Dillard Door Enablecomp Evolve Bank & Trust Farris Bobango Branan PLC Glankler Brown Highland Capital Management Corporation HRO Partners, LLC JP Morgan Chase Bank KPMG Lawrence M. & Kerin C. Magdovitz Foundation Linkous Construction Co., Inc. Lipscomb Pitts Insurance, LLC Nexair, LLC Owens and Minor Paradigm Marketing & Creative Pinnacle Financial Partners Regions Financial Corporation Reliant Investment Management, LLC 31 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Stragistics Technology, Inc. The Advis Group The Juice Plus Children’s Foundation, Inc. University Clinical Health UT Regional One Physicians (UTROP) Vizient W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company President’s Circle INDIVIDUALS Anonymous Dr. Lanetta Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Ed Apple Mr. & Mrs. David Aquadro Mr. & Mrs. Everett Bass Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bassett Mr. & Mrs. Craig Becker Mr. Wilson Blake Dr. & Mrs. Steven Boggs Mr. & Mrs. Sam Bolton Ms. Denise Burke Mr. & Mrs. Charles Burkett Dr. & Mrs. David Cannon Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Carls Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Coates Ms. Susan Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Bill Courtney Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cross Mr. & Mrs. John Daniel, III Dr. Susan Dean Ms. Petra Dodd Mr. & Mrs. Pat Dougherty REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

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Ruth Shephard Mr. & Mrs. Ashley Shipman Mr. Shoeb Siddique Ms. Stephanie Simmons Ms. Danielle Sims Mr. & Mrs. Randy Sites Mr. Bryce Smith Mr. Michael Smith Ms. Debra Smith Ms. Kelley Smith Ms. Nancy Smith Ms. Pamela Smith Mrs. Judith Sossaman Ms. Vickie Spencer Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Stafford Ms. Valerie Stafford Mrs. Beverly Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Archie Stewart Ms. Gail Stewart Ms. Jamia Stewart Ms. Terri Stokes Mr. Ned Stokes, Jr. Mr. Andrew Stolnicki Mr. & Mrs. Herman Strickland Mr. Todd Styles Mrs. Michelle Swim Dr. & Mrs. Ajay Talati Mrs. Catrina Tate Mr. & Mrs. David Taylor Mrs. Yvette Taylor Ms. Deborah Taylor Ms. Phyllis Taylor Ms. Jill Thelen Ms. Amanda Thomas Ms. Jasmine Thomas Mrs. Yvonne Thomas-Westbrooks Ms. Sharon Thompson Mr. & Mrs. David Thornton Mr. & Mrs. Tony Tice Ms. Rachel Tonahill Mr. & Mrs. Brett Toney Ms. Jana Torresola Ms. Susan Towler Ms. Annie Townsel Mrs. Renee Trammell Mrs. Leigh Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Josh Tulino Mr. & Mrs. Gil Uhlhorn Ms. Angela Underhill Mr. & Mrs. Steve Valentine Ms. Latrenda Vaughn-Lloyd Drs. 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Watkins Mr. & Mrs. Michael Watson Mr. Dennis Watson Mr. Mike Watson Ms. Emily Watts Ms. Susan Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Webb Mr. Marcus Webb Mr. & Mrs. David Weinstein-Pod Ms. Jacqueline West Mrs. Cheryl Westlake Mr. & Mrs. Andre Wharton, Ms. Sharon Wheeler Ms. Brenda White Ms. Jana White Ms. Lashawn White Ms. Peggy White Ms. Tiffani White Ms. Michele Whitehead Ms. Debbie Whitlock Ms. Carolyn Whitney Dr. Paige Whittle Ms. Kathy Wicks Ms. Festeria Wiggins Ms. Lillian Wilkerson Mr. & Mrs. David Williams Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Williams Mr. Jamar Williams Ms. Angela Williams Ms. Kathryn Williams Ms. Shannon Williams Ms. Faye Williams-Smith Ms. Ivetta Willis Mr. & Mrs. Kent Wills Ms. Patricia Wills Mr. Andrew Wilner Dr. & Mrs. Robert Wilson Ms. Allison Wilson Mr. & Mrs. John Windsor Mr. & Mrs. David Winter Mr. George Winton Ms. Dakasha Winton Mr. & Mrs. Lou Wittenberg Mr. Ted Woestendiek Mr. Richard Wong Dr. & Mrs. Chris Wood Ms. Clarissa Woods Mr. Jonathan Wright Ms. Jacqueline Yates Mr. Devin Yeager Ms. Melva Zanella CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Aiden + Ollie Inc. Automated Conveyor Systems, Inc. Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bell Grove Baptist Church Blake Surface Solutions, Inc. Brown & Associates, Inc. Byas Funeral Home, Inc. Champion Awards and Apparel Christian Fellowship Church of God in Christ Church of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. Combined Federal Campaign of Greater Ark Mid-South Memphis Community Bank Community Health Charities Condon’s East Union Pharmacy LLC Cook and Bolton Group Fidelity Charitable First Horizon National Corp. Fisher & Phillips LLP Friends of Bennie Thompson Friendship Baptist Church Go Fisch Solutions Greater New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ Huron Consulting Group Hutchison School James and Mary Shipp Charitable Fund Kimbrough Transport, LLC Kroger Foundation Legacy Wealth Management Mallory Alexander International Logistics Memphis Theological Seminary Memphis Tomorrow, Inc. Mid-South Transplant Foundation Mom 365 Mount Beulah M.B. Church Mount Zion Heathman M.B. Church Mt. Calvary M.B. Church Oakland Mt. Olive Church Persimmon Grove Church Prayer House Church R&R Real Estate Managment Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. South Sunflower Co. Usher Ministry Southern Bancorp St. James M.B. Church State of Mississippi, County of Washington Studer Group Sunflower Food Store No. 25 The Unity Health Pharmacy Turner Enterprises, Inc. Turners Downtown Market Inc. Women’s Healthcare Office of Obstetrics and Gynecology, PC DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 34

Memorial & Honor Contributors List Memorial Contributors IN MEMORY OF ELVIS PRESLEY Janice & David Peel Susan L. Karpie - Elvis Happy Fan Club Virginia I. Ryan True Fans for Elvis Fan Club Sandy Warehime & Elvis Friends Sandra Van Horn Stuck on Elvis Fan Club - Janet Morris Terri Hancock Mary Clark IN MEMORY OF TRACY M. GOODWIN Larry & Cathy Goodwin IN MEMORY OF SHELDON B. KORONES Kelly B. Bolton IN MEMORY OF BRIAN K. POUNDERS Charles & Cheryl Mohon IN MEMORY OF LLOYD BROWN Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. John & Debbie Abide IN MEMORY OF NANCI CRAFT Tiger Harper Susan Smiley Sarah IN MEMORY OF EDDIE DAVES Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. IN MEMORY OF MARIANA P. DAVIS Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. IN MEMORY OF JOHNNI A. DEHOFF Sheilla Brown IN MEMORY OF CALVIN DYE Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. Mr. & Mrs. Abide Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds IN MEMORY OF CAROL FULLILOVE Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. IN MEMORY OF JULIUS GAINSPOLETTI Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. John & Debbie Abide IN MEMORY OF BUTCH GOLDMAN Collin Holderfield IN MEMORY OF JOHNNY GOLDMAN Mandy Trotter Leona Antilley Roger Nutt iCareRx Pharmacy IN MEMORY OF SIGMUND GRACE Laurin Gregory IN MEMORY OF LILLY BELLE G. HAIMES Laurin Gregory IN MEMORY OF LUCY JANOUSH John & Debbie Abide/Cleveland Lumber IN MEMORY OF DR. STEPHEN KING Juanita Merriweather Ed W. Yendrek Belinda McCrory Rebecca Bush David Arnold Alice Berry James Dean & Anne Smith Anne E. Leung Susan Dean David & Sheryl Dean Barry & Elizabeth Gilmore Cory Evans & Melissa Kath Neil & Nancy Arnold Mary C. Buckman Carmen Kreider Karen & Harvey Parrish Jill, Patrick, & Reed Collins Ne’ll Shelton Dr. Ronald Johnson IN MEMORY OF ED KOSSMAN John, Debbie & Marica Abide Cleveland Lumber IN MEMORY OF CAROLE MASON Joann Passalacqua Susan L. Karpie Michael A. Marguire Mary L. Warren Vivianec C. Grittner Carol Norman Cassia Dawson Vicky Coles IN MEMORY OF ALLEN MILLER Jed Miller IN MEMORY OF JOHNNY B. MOORE Memphis Tomorrow, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Reginald & Erica Coopwood Mallory Alexander IN MEMORY OF HENRY MOSCO Cleveland Lumber Mr. & Mrs. John Abide IN MEMORY OF J.W. NELSON Larry W. Boyer IN MEMORY OF LORENE PEACOCK Alice Poston IN MEMORY OF EDWARD W. REED Sandra Reed IN MEMORY OF DOMINIC REITANO Betsy Friedl Neil & Elizabeth Sauve & Lauren Krapels Pam & Edward Patrosso Jana White IN MEMORY OF JACKSON J. ROBERTS Ed L. Apple IN MEMORY OF JOSEPHINE TUCKSON Alice Poston IN MEMORY OF DOLLY WILLIAMS Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. IN MEMORY OF MARGARET WILSON Merrill Lynch IN MEMORY OF JOSEPH YOON T. WOESTENDIEK Allen Parsons Devin Yeager Ted Woestendiek Tony or Paula Tice Automated Conveyor Systems, Inc. Kathy Gipson Honor Contributors IN HONOR OF SUSAN S. ARNEY Deborah D. Tipton Karen Johnston IN HONOR OF SUSAN R. COOPER Dr. Reginald W. Coopwood Jane Raymond IN HONOR OF DR. REGINALD W. COOPWOOD Mr. & Mrs. Bret Perisho Sarah M. Colley Susan R. Cooper Jacqueline M. Lucas Selden Popwell Tammie J. Ritchey Lisa C. Schafer Leticia W. Towns IN HONOR OF DR. WILLIAM L. HICKERSON Susan K. Sudman Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Harrison Dr. Reginald W. Coopwood 35 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

IN HONOR OF DR. GIANCARLO MARI Susan K. Sudman Monica N. Wharton IN HONOR OF BRET L. PERISHO Susan K. Sudman IN HONOR OF DR. TRENT P. PIERCE Victoria R. Russell Anonymous IN HONOR OF ED GARRISON Nexus Leaders Inc. IN CELEBRATION OF LIFE START HERE Benjamin Eovaldi IN HONOR OF LOUIS PARRISH Aiden & Ollie Inc. IN CELEBRATION OF LOUIS PARRISH Gary Parrish IN CELEBRATION OF PHIL SHANNON Thomas Miller, Jr. IN CELEBRATION OF BRENDA SHOTWELL Alice Poston IN CELEBRATION OF RUBYSTINE YANCEY Eldra Perry Here is but one of our tiny miracles in the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center. Your support helps save our patients’ lives every day. DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 36

A Note from Reginald W. Coopwood, M.D. Every day when I’m driving to my office at Regional One Health, I’m reminded that miracles are real. To be able to look a family in the eyes and tell them that, while their loved one is indeed facing a serious medical situation, we have hope—that’s what keeps us going. We are able to have hope because at Regional One we have outstanding doctors, nurses, staff, technology, equipment, and processes that exist for the purpose of saving and improving lives. Our Centers of Excellence stand alone in this region for the availability of world-class care that Memphians, Mid-Southerners, and even—as you’ll read in one of our stories here—people from across the globe are able to obtain. For us at Regional One, care means more than medical treatment. It means heart. It means compassion. It means laughing and crying along with our patients and meeting them where they are. Nothing is easy for our patients and their families when they are facing life-threatening events, trauma, the possibility of an extended recovery period, or have complex health and social needs. Our job is not to just heal them, but to care for them. As you read in these stories from our patients, we don’t take this charge lightly. We are able to have the resources to be world class and the people who lead with their servant’s heart because of you, our donors. For years, your gifts have allowed us to purchase state-of-the-art medical technology, provide advanced training for our caregivers, and launch programs that improve some of our community’s most troubling health issues. Your gifts help us believe that miracles will continue to be real for more people when they need us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the support you provide Regional One Health, our patients, and our caregivers. Reginald W. Coopwood, M.D. President & CEO Regional One Health 37 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

Regional One Health Foundation Adams Pavilion 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN I 38103 P 901.545.6006 F 901.545.6999 Your Support Helps Us Save Lives! DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG

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