ONE Health at Work ONE Health is staffed by a small but mighty team who works with doctors and nurses to identify emergency department patients who have underlying social needs that directly affect their health. ONE Health staff (l. to r.) Coralotta Cromer, Renesa Clemons, and Megan Williams are seen here in a consultation. work staff started to piece together what was happening in this young man’s life. They knew they could help. Regional One’s initiative called ONE Health helps the most vulnerable Memphians gain hope that their lives—riddled with medical complexities and socioeconomic factors that exacerbate health issues—can become better. ONE Health exists as a doorway to connect people to medical care but also to assist finding housing and food, applying for insurance, Social Security or disability, obtaining skills training or GED certification, receiving addiction treatment, accessing transportation, and more. In short, ONE Health is a compass that guides people in the navigation of multiple complex medical and social bureaucracies. This 18-month-old initiative gives hope of a better quality of life to people who are so often overlooked or beaten down. 13 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

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