A Note from Lee and Bob Harper It’s incredible that in the last decade, Regional One Health went from a headline citing its risk of closure to what it is today: quite literally, the center of innovative healthcare in Memphis and the surrounding regional community. The number of specialty areas and Centers of Excellence available at Regional One is tremendous. This place has saved more people from all walks of life in this region than it gets credit for. It’s indispensable to have this organization available to us in Memphis and the surrounding areas. Personally, at least two friends of our family would not have their children here with them today if it wasn’t for Regional One and its broad scope of expertise. A number of people we know, and even more whom we know of, have received amazing care and results. There’s a significant multiplier effect that comes with the impact that Regional One has on the individual and family level. Today we talk about the new programs and innovations that have come alive under Dr. Coopwood’s vision. Starting with his arrival in 2010, he told this community that Regional One would be a place of excellence, passion, and quality. Since then, many pieces have come together to make it so. This health system has world-class doctors and a staff known for its compassion and capabilities. It has the ONE Health initiative, which is solving deeply rooted community problems, person by person, with care and services that go far beyond medicine and benefit all of the hospitals across the Memphis area. It created the community-focused Center for Innovation, which, over time, will pivot Memphis healthcare onto a course that truly delivers on our population’s needs and opportunities—it’s no secret that change is needed. However, the history of innovation at Regional One is generations old. In the late 1960s, it was hard to believe that premature or very sick babies could go on to have a healthy and full life. Instead of settling for popular belief, the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center, one of the country’s first neonatal intensive care units, was created. In it, Regional One continues to save the babies you’ll read about in this report and hundreds of other children every year. Since 1992, Regional One has had the region’s only multiplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber to serve patients who are not only under Regional One’s care but also those from surrounding hospitals such as St. Jude Children’s Research Center. These are but a few examples of excellence, passion, and quality originating within Regional One. The breadth of impact on community healthcare is beyond compare. That’s why we’re proud to share Regional One’s story with our friends and others in the community. Philanthropy will help make possible even more examples of impact in Memphis and beyond. That’s a smart investment to make. DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG i

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