When It’s Broken, It Must Be Fixed and Innovation Is the Way Disruptive thinking. Invention. Mending what’s broken. Where would this world be today without entrepreneurs? Memphis is on the national map for entrepreneurism. We have business incubators and accelerators, music visionaries and artists in all forms. Memphis also cradles an increasing number of healthcare and medical-treatment innovators who are working to overcome today’s predicament that what used to work in healthcare might not be efficient or effective any longer. Today’s challenges to patients, healthcare providers, and payers—from outdated care models to evolving public policies and untapped technologies—beg for new or refined solutions. Fortunately, a dose of entrepreneurial problem-solving is being served in Memphis healthcare. Regional One Health’s Center for Innovation is becoming the hub for problem solvers both inside our healthcare system and in external partner organizations. The Center for Innovation, which is now just over two years old, sits among excellent company in Memphis. Organizations that serve the business side of healthcare entrepreneurism and innovation in Memphis—for example, Bioworks’ Zeroto510, EPIcenter, and StartCo—are already alive and well in our community. The emergence of the Center for Innovation brings an important puzzle piece to those partners—a clinical system that is on the frontlines of patient care for virtually every population in our city. Through partnerships, ideas that could offer improvements for patients and providers become a process of solution development, validating, feedback, and iteration. Case in point, a startup company, Cast21, has partnered with our Center for Innovation to advance its newly approved medical device. Cast21 was part of the Zeroto510 medical-device startup accelerator, where its idea for an alternative to traditional fiberglass casts and bulky braces came to fruition. After graduating from Zeroto510 and receiving funding from investors, Cast21 needed a clinical setting to serve as an DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 24

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