This patient came to Regional One Health from: KENNETT, MISSOURI Multiple Saves and a Recovery from Head to Toe He’s a DJ every other Saturday night. His house is under renovation and he can’t wait to move in. He’s in discussions about taking over the pro shop at the local golf course. He and his girlfriend love to spend time together and with their friends. Life is good now. But less than two years ago, Richard Prince’s life was almost tragically cut short. It took the capable hands and warm hearts of Regional One Health’s doctors, nurses, and staff in the Firefighters Burn Center—including 40 surgeries over 10 months—for Richard to have a chance to live the life he now leads. His family calls him Richie. Over the 300 or so consecutive days he was hospitalized at Regional One, his mom, Shirley, became known to everyone—from Burn Center Medical Director Dr. William Hickerson to every nurse—as “mom.” “I felt like I was with family when I was at Regional One with Richie,” says Shirley. “They let me cry when I needed to, and I usually really needed to.” After a horrifying accident in which 70% of his body was severely burned, Richie Prince has made an astounding recovery. 15 REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION

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