IN HONOR OF DR. GIANCARLO MARI Susan K. Sudman Monica N. Wharton IN HONOR OF BRET L. PERISHO Susan K. Sudman IN HONOR OF DR. TRENT P. PIERCE Victoria R. Russell Anonymous IN HONOR OF ED GARRISON Nexus Leaders Inc. IN CELEBRATION OF LIFE START HERE Benjamin Eovaldi IN HONOR OF LOUIS PARRISH Aiden & Ollie Inc. IN CELEBRATION OF LOUIS PARRISH Gary Parrish IN CELEBRATION OF PHIL SHANNON Thomas Miller, Jr. IN CELEBRATION OF BRENDA SHOTWELL Alice Poston IN CELEBRATION OF RUBYSTINE YANCEY Eldra Perry Here is but one of our tiny miracles in the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center. Your support helps save our patients’ lives every day. DONATE.REGIONALONEHEALTHFOUNDATION.ORG 36

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