Appearance — l ne Beatles performed tor a youthful audience in Wash n the night of February 12. Ranger on Target — — This is a photo - graph of the lunar surface taken by the Ranger 7 spacecraft prior to its impact on the moon July 31st. The area shown is about one and twothirds miles on a side. craters are about 300 feet in diameter. Family Grieves The smallest craters are about 30 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep. Some of the large Gust Carlson, father of Dr. Paul Carlson , medical mission - ary slain by rebel troops in the Congo, dabbed at his eyes during a news conference in Los Angeles on November 24. He is flanked by his daughter and another son. Queen — Smiling Caroof Baltimore was Miss Teen-age Amer - in Dallas on November 13. World’s Fair at Night— The New York World 's Fair attracted as many visitors at night as it did during the day following its April opening. The nighttime lights set off the beautiful pavilions constructed by many countries. - Opening for Juniors — 1 hese college juniors joined the Peace Corps’ new summer project for six to They later did surveying . . eight weeks of training similar to that for regular Peace Corps volunteers work near Taos, N.M After graduation they will be sent to Latin America.

Democratic Victor — President Lyndon Johnson history. won the 1964 election by the greatest plurality and per cent of the total vote in U. S. Joh nson John F. Kennedy in 1963. became President at the assassination of Barry’s Battle for Votes Sen. Barry Goldwater — was surrounded by fans at Knoxville, Tenn., airport September 16 as he campaigned for the presidency on the Republican ticket. The conservative senator swept to a first- ballot nomination at the convention in San Francisco. Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Martin — Luther King, Jr., right, was greeted by Richard C. Patterson , commissioner of public events, at Kennedy International Airport Dec. 16 on arrival from National Events in Review — — Cards are the Winners Roger Craig leaped on a group of teammates surrounding the pitcher Bob Gibson mo - ments after the last out in the seventh World Series same won by the Redbirds over the Yankees, 7- 5, in St. Louis. — I’m the Greatest 1964 Cassius Clay whooped it up with his handlers after he won the world heavyweight title in Miami Beach in February. He was credited with a technical knockout of Sonny Liston when Liston failed to answer the bell for the seventh round. Europe. Dr. King was in Oslo to receive the 1964 Nobel Peace - Prize. — Alaskan Quake A. whole line of cars rested about 20 feet below street level on a main thoroughfare in Anchorage the day following the disastrous earthquake March 27.

James Bowersox, Clifford Leonard , Elmer Grissel , President; Milton Chadima , Robert Langridge , John Vondra , Robert Krob.

m i FACULTY J 9 i % <

Mr. M B.A.--Coe Col-— lege , M.A. . H. Brase — Univ. of Iowa; Mathematics. Mrs. Hella Benge B.S., Univ of Wis.; German. — . Mr. Dennis Blume — B.A., State Univ. of Iowa; Science . Mr. Charles S. Campbell -— B.A., M.A. . -Univ. of Iowa; Social Studies Mrs. Ann Corbin, R.N. Lutheran Deaconess School of Nursing; Nursing — . Mrs. Jacqueline B. Davis — Mr. Jerry Franldin College; M.A. Univ. of Iowa; Counselor. Mr. Roger K. Freeman — B.A., St. College of Iowa; Physical Education, Head Track, Asst. Football. — B.A.--Coe St — . Mrs. Roberta Furnish B.A.> Grinell College; French. — B.S., W. Mich. Univ.; Librarian — Speech. Mrs. Kathryn Gutz — B.A. M.A. > — St. Univ. of Iowa; Home Economics . Mrs. Pat Hockett B.A. — i M.A. Univ. of Iowa; Spanish. > Mr. Darrel Bogner — B.S., W. Ill. St.; Ind. Arts. Mr. Andy Bubon — B.A. ) Central College; Social Studies, Head Basket ball - .

— Mr. John W. Osland — Mr. T. W. Landphair — — B.S.J. Ohio Univ.; Spanish & Lan guage Arts . - B.A., Central Col .; Science & Biology, Ass't Wrestling. Mr. Gary Leeper --B.A., Wartburg Col.; Physical Education, Ass' t Track. Mr. Wilson L. Leidigh--B.S.-Univ. of Dubuque; M.A. — St. Univ. of Iowa; Physical Education &Am. Govt., Head Football. Mrs. Mary Rae McDonald — — Miss Michael Phelan — B.A., Loras Col.5 Vocal Music. Peggy Ann Phillips — B.S. M.A.; Appalachian St .; . Teachers Col Physical Education. Mr. Bob Mellgren B.A., Iowa State Univ.; Social Studies, Head Wrestling. B.A. Mt. Mercy College; Business Education. — Mr. Eugene Holthaus — B .A., Jennings — Upper Iowa; M.A. Univ. of M.A. — Iowa, Ass' t Football, Sixth Studies Grade. — 1 5 Mr. Donald Loras Col., B.A., Jennings — of Iowa; Soc. St. Univ. M. A.— Latin, History — Mr. James E. Loras College; of Iowa; Am B.A . ., St. Univ. Latin, Ass't Baseball. Head Baseball. 1 ~ E I — — Mr. Frank W. Kluesner M.A. Mr. Ken Marsh-B.S. , St. Univ . of Iowa; Audio Visual. B.A. , St. Univ of Iowa; Band. .

Mr. J. Harvey Smyth — Mrs. Shirley Rademaker-B.A .— Business Edu cation. - Mr. Gene See husen — matics, Ass't Football. - B.A.-- Coe Col.; St. College of Iowa; Mathe Mr. Robert T. Severa — B.A., St. Univ. of Iowa; English. Mr. L. Neil Townsend B.A. — Iowa Mrs. Sandra Vas B.A., St — r Mr. Carrol Vasbinder --Parsons Col lege; Sixth Grade , Ass't Basketball. — - Mrs. Judith Warner — B.A. St. Univ. of Iowa; English I . Mr. Russell Werning — — Mr. Carl A Williams — — . B.A St. Col. of Iowa , M.A., St. Univ . of Iowa; Language Arts. . B.A. Coe College; M.A. ) St. Univ. of Iowa; Business Education. Mr. Charles R. Worsfold — — St. Col. of Iowa; Industrial Arts. B.S. . Univ. of Iowa; Art. Wesleyan; English — . B.A College; Mathe matics & Physics. ., Coe - B.A. 6

CERMA BOOTH Bookkeeper MARY MILES High School Office DORIS RUTH Bookstore Manager 1 DEENA HOUSER Secretary MARY SERBOUSEK Guidance Office GARAGE CREW: Bob Malatek Ed Chalupsky Joe Koutny Frank Pegump HOWARD STEINMETZ Custodian 7 BOB BOOTH Janitor & GLENN SELZER Business Manager COOKS: Helen McConaughay Marguerite Havlicek Esther Gouldy Lenora Koutny Marjorie Booth EMIL ROHLENA Maintenance













Prairie High School has been honored this year by the presence of German Albrecht , our foreign exchange stu - dent from Chile. German has been .He is a member of the Senior Class , as is his American brother ,Dennis Steinmetz. a great asset to our school in many ways and everyone wishes him the best of luck and happiness. living with the Howard Steinmetz ' s of Fairfax German is LaSerena. Presentation of letter jacket by Letterman 's Club. Come out you chicken ! Work but Fun? 22


President Jeff Tampir Vice 1 'i 1 * JXT/ / y ^ A ^\ 13 rr > / . . J i «*' !4> / - V f? A m x= « " . ¥ •! « ki 24 > ) V f Rosyln Dvorak Sally Dwiggins Garry Dyson Kenneth Eckrich Tom Elgas 7 IV f / i; ; i r / 7 I / V®/ r: Linda Candler Mildred Cerveny Leonard Chmelicek Danny Christensen Linda Coon ' i V r uf?" Doug Austin Shirlee Barta Judy Becicka Justina Bontty Terry Bowersox - - -President David Kvapil Secretary Judy Benish Treasurer Judi Hosek Barbara Bowler Arlene Bowman Sheryl Boyle Jack Brown Jim Bush Linda Crozier Cindy Dahl Wayne Davis Shirley Dawson Kenneth Day Susan Daywitt Lee Dewitt Jon Divishek Jeff Duffy Gary Dusil

Darlene Eschen Dick Fowler Lyle Glass Fern Goddard Janice Goins Mickey Goodrich Joanne Hartin Terry Hartley Tom Haugse Janice Hickey John Hromidko Tom Hronik Rick Jamesson Kent Jarvis Judy Kemme Bill King Dick Kness William Lint Roy Livermore Nancy Louvar Vicki MeCarl Dennis McConaughay Dave Meskimen Helen Miller Sharon Miller Sam Minor Bob Mitvalsky Jerry Nemec Gary Netherton Allan Neumeyer r frHf? EfLf:j? Ai f* .J? ' Leonard Novak Dean Pata Shirley Pegump Cathy Pennington Steven Peterson fV . \ r ' < ? »11

Frank Pirkel Richard Porter Gerry Poston Shirley Powell Charles Punke Russell Reyman Ron Rohlena Betty Sadecky Ronald Sanborn Sharon Sauer Larry Schneekloth Gary Schropp Duane Schulte Betty Schwegler Paula Serbousek Donna Shebetka Kathy Shepard Carol Shramek Don Sirowy Wayne Slezak Evelyn Smith Vickie Smith Steve Sonka Susan Sowers Duane Spidle Rick Stahle Lyle Stallman Dennis Steichen Larry Stockman Kathy Strang Mike Tedrow Dave Tichy Cheryl Trachta Terry Truhlar Mary Van Dyke I 26

Carol Van Houten Bob Vavra Joe Vavra Nora Villers Dale Vincent Carol Volesky Ronald Volesky Burdette Voss Karen Walker Dan Watson Terry Weis Peggy Willenborg Richard Wilson Patricia Wolfe Jerry Wood Melody Worley Francis Janaszak 27

SOPHOMORES wy * y i v 9 I*

President Janet Poduska Vice -President Larry Suchomel Secretary Darla Roshek Treasurer Dale Cerveny Robert Andrle Sherry Auman Sydney Auman Larry Balvin Pearl Bean Janelle Benish Dan Bentley John Beyer Jane Borseth Ken Candler Jerry Cornwell Teresa Davis Linda Dawson Sharon Domine Ron Dusil Joanne Dvorak Danny Earsa Becky Eden Edward Engel Jeanne Feye Curtis Goodrow Bonnie Greazel Sherry Greene Virgil Grimm LaVon Guy Hope Hacker Ruth Hartl Cheryl Hepker David Hickey Tim Hidinger

Roy Highley Teresa Holley Linda Hrdlicka Larry Hudson Robert Jackson i I 4 - ^ li Mick Jamesson Kathy Jilovec Darla Jindrich Judy Kimbrough David King /i 11 . • ' * 'tr < — Carol Kiracofe Tom Knight Russell Leaman Rebecca Maresh Keveta Martinez ft P f Gerald Matthess Dennis Merta Lynne Merta Carol Meskimen Cheryl Meskimen f£ Nancy Meyer Charlene Michalek Chris Miles Gary Miller Glenn Miska i 1. \ C i v Tr \ < Dennis Modracek Larry Modracek Terry Morris Cletus Moser Bill Mouchka i Allen Netolicky Joyce Netolicky Nancy Novy Bill Oakley Darlene Oaks t 31 ST I IS Pi m * ' i ; • - 7 ' M, r «ft r>L <L A /

*m * f p S*eM r ^ r / w 7 4 - % * k L * * • u £ j 32 Tim Trpkosh Bill Uelze Mary Vavra Vicki Voigt Vernon Volesky Mike Osborn Tom Patten Paul Petrik John Picek George Powell Carolyn Punke Gwen Reece Dennis Rosekrans John Rozinek Greg Ruth David Schlesselman Jerry Schropp Delores Sedlacek Rita Serbousek Frank Sladek Wylma Snethen Betty Sowers Kevin Stahle Diane Stark Dale Steichen Joyce Stepanek Mike Strasser George Strawhorn Linda Sturgeon Linda Suchomel John Sullivan Steve Terwilliger Steve Tomash Janet Tow Tom Tow

Janice Vrba Robert Wade Larry Whittom Bill Wilde Sylvia Wolfe Carl Zahradnik Jim Zalesky Daniel Zbanek Anita Zeilstra Cecilia Zeman Terry Ludvicek 33



Linda Koepsell QUEEN JOANNE CERVENV AND WER, ATTENDANTS Joyce Schropp Evelyn Smith Darla Roshek Judy Benish


&HZIN& HAY-1964 Spring play director: Mr . Neil Townsend. Student directors: Jill Wiley, Cast from left to right: Allen Pudil, Dolores Martin , Cathie Vrba. Barbara Truhlar , Nanci Williams , Jim Fordice , Judy Mahan , Terry Truhlar , Duane Grummer, Sandra Leidigh, Beth Schultz , Diana Jackson, John Carson, Sandra Chalder , and Dennis Booth. and Tom Hronik. FRONT: Greg Britcher 1 42

THE GUY FROM VENUS Don Starr, handsome, romantic Guy from Venus. Linda Stacy, young, beautiful new owner of Staceys. Rolanda, chief of Venusian Interplanatery Investigation Committee Harry, Stacey's Comptroller . CAST Mrs. Mack . Linda Stacy. Mr. Ream . . Romano , Don Starr . . Jack Wilson Rolanda . . . Marge . . . . Harry Mr Lee Ann Smith Linda VanVoltenburg John Baker , Jim Fordice Danny Christensen Becky Austin Nancy Williams Dennis Steinmetz Dennis Harger Bill Langridge Dennis Geesamen Steve Lemont . Mr. Romano, kindly Italian chestnut vendor. Mr, Stanton Mr. Trimble Mr. Tilden . Male and Female . . . High School Choir Clerks Mr. Ream, a lifelong employee of Staceys . 43

6 RA ROW ONE: Miss Phillips Sponsor— , Sandy Leidigh President— , Linda Coon--Vice President , Dianne McCarl--Secretary-Treasurer , Linda Lefebure --Student Council. ROW TWO: Sandy Ruth , Bonnie Zbanek , Mary Lou Rose, Joyce Williams, Joan Chrisman , Linda Klimes, Linda Beyer, Sharon Kemme, Jean Lefebure. ROW THREE: Paula Serbousek, Nancy Hynek, Mary Frisch, Janice Daywitt, Nancy Scofield, Joyce Schropp, Sue Greene, Sandy Neuhaus, Joanne Hartin, Carol Shramek, Pat Madden. ROW FOUR: Dolores Jindrich, Sally Dwiggins, Sue Daywitt , Roxe Talkington, Barb Bowler , Sharon Miller, Jenny Zimmerli, Joyce Cleppe, Rose Dvorak, Loretta Grady, Mildred Cerveny . ROW FIVE: Kay Wessale, Arlene Bowman, Janice Hickey, Karen Walker, Linda Crozier , Judy Becicka , Cheryl Trachta, Betty Schwelger, Shirley Barta , Judy Kemme, Sheryl Boyle , Linda Suchomel . ROW SIX: Darlene Eschen, Sue Smoker, Betty Sadecky, Vicki McCarl, Jill Wiley, Judy Benish, Justina Bontty, Pam Gregor, Shirley Dawson, Judy Kimbrough, Kathy Vrba. ROW SEVEN: Linda Sturgeon, LaVon Guy, Gwen Reece, Sharon Domine, Rita Serbousek, Diane Stark, Jean Feye, Vicki Voigt, Linda Dawson . FTA ROW ONE: Pam Gregor--Merit, Sharon Kemme--President, Sheryl Boyle--Vice President , Jeanne Trachta--Secretary-Treasurer, Jill Wiley--Publicity. ROW TWO: Carol Goddard, Mary Frisch, Juanita Eden, Hope Hacker, Judi Hoselc, Cheryl Trachta , Mrs. Gutz Dolores Sedlacek, Judy Kemme, Carol Volesky, Nancy Louvar. 44 --Sponsor. ROW THREE: Sharon Domine, Becky Eden, Janet Produska, Jean Feye,

/UINERH4N CHAPTER, IWTONAL HONORSOCIETY ROW ONE: Bob Vavra--Treasurer, Marty Clements-- President, Joanne Cerveny-- Secretary, Mike Hawley--Vice President. ROW TWO: Nancy Hynek, Joyce Schropp, Sandy Leidigh, Sandy Tomash, Jeanne Trachta, Carol Goddard, Elaine Poduska. ROW THREE: Mike Langridge, Juanita Eden, Sharon Kemme, Sandy Wilson, Pam Rohrer, Jill Wiley, Pam Gregor, Shirley Barta. ROW FOUR: Louis Picek, Shirley Pegump, Karen Walker, Judy Becicka, Cheryl Trachta, Judy Hosek, Kathy Strang, Nancy Louvar, Betty Schwegler. ROW FIVE: Russell Novotny, David Kvapil, Rick Jamesson, Steve Peterson, Steve Sonka, Wayne Becicka, Jim Hynek, Mike Van Hamme. NJEW INDUCTEES Rick Jamesson, Steve Sonka, Karen Walker, Wayne Becicka, David Kvapil. 45

INSmUMBNtPl ROW ONE: Elaine Poduska, Mary Vavra, Janice Vrba, Judy Benish. ROW TWO: Carol Goddard, Russell Novotny, Janet Poduska, Cheryl Trachta, Jeanne Trachta, Judy Hartin. ROW THREE: Shirley Barta, Judy Kemme, Larry Stockman, Evelyn Smith, Vernon Volesky, Darrell Leonard, Dennis Modracek, Fern Goddard, Beverly Garnant. ROW FOUR: Carol Volesky, Patty Delbridge , Jeanne Barta, Mildred Cerveny, Billy Oakley, Gary Miller, Larry Williams, Judy Hosck, Charlene Michalek, Sandy Ruth, Sheryl Bowersox. ROW FIVE: Jim Felthouse, Tim Trpkosh. 46

ROW ONE: Sharon Biderman, Kathy Austin, Linda Hartley, Iinda Zahradnik. ROW TWO: Billy Uelze, Debby Robertson, Nora Villers, Sheryl Boyle, Joanne Hartin, Bob Vavra. ROW THREE: Steve Peterson, John Picek, Jerry Cornwell, Louis Picek, Keven Stahle, Danny Watson, Judy Becicka. ROW FOUR: Larry Modracek, Gordon Meaney, . Joe Vavra, Ken Moomey, Jerry Merrifield, Dale Cerveny, Jim Bush, Tom Elgas. ROW FIVE: Sharon Domine, Linda Rammelsburg, Terrv Drexler, Lee Merta, Billy King, Ted Biderman. 47

TUB- PRAfRJE- CINGB&Q ROW ONE: Hope Hacker, Joyce Stepanek, Wylma Snethen, Janice Goins, Bonnie Zbanek, Dennis Harker, Dan Christensen, Dennis Geesaman, Sue Malatek, Mary Lou Rose, Judy Kelly, Linda Lefebure, Sue Greene. ROW TWO: Sharon Osborn, Flora Reed, Mary Frisch, Rita Mangonella , Dianne Reid, John Baker, Don Long, Bruce Daul, Den - nis Steinmetz, Cecilia Zeman, Reyne Maresh, Shelia Serbousek, Debby LaVelle. ROW THREE: Cheryl Meskimen, Carol Meskimen, Vicki Gaskill, Gail Wall, Terry Zimmer man, Kathy Freeman, Kathy Pennington, Ken Candler, Mike Strasser, Vicki Voigt, Jane Borseth, Jane Hill. ROW FOUR: Sandy Stemmel, Linda VanVoltenburg, Beverly Troy, Pam Gregor, Sue Sowers, Betty Sowers, Dolores Jindrich, Cindy Dahl, Joyce Schropp, Teresa Holley, Joyce Chrisman, Justina Bontty, Betty Sadecky, Becky Thorn ton, Joan Chrisman, Pat Madden, Kathy Kirchhoff. - - CUOROLBB&Q ROW ONE: Bonnie Zbanek, Hope Hacker, Wylma Snethen, Rita Mangonella, Vicki Gaskill, Sue Malatek, Mary Lou Rose, Kathy Kirchhoff, Linda Lefebure, Sue Greene. ROW TWO: Janice Goins, Joyce Stepanek, Dianne Reid, Flora Reed, Sharon Osborn, Joan Chrisman, Vicki Voigt, Shelia Serbousek, Judy Kelly, Jane Borseth. ROW THREE: Cheryl Meskimen, Carol Meskimen, Gail Wall, Mary Frisch, Terry Zimmerman, Kathy Freeman, Kathy Pennington, Cecilia Zeman, Pat Madden, Jane Hill, Reyne Maresh, Debby La Velle. ROW FOUR: Sandy Stimmel, Linda VanVoltenburg, Beverly Troy, Pam Gregor, Sue Sowers, Betty Sowers, Dolores Jindrich, Cindy Dahl, Joyce Schropp, Teresa Holley, Joyce Chrisman, Justina Bontty, Betty Sadecky, Becky Thornton. 48

STUDENTCOUNCIL — — ROW ONE: Darell Leonard Mike Langridge — Treasurer, Jim Hynek-- President, Nancy Hynek — Vice President, Mr. Franklin Sponsor. ROW TWO: Lon Scriven, Terry Drexler, Wayne Davis, Kevin Stahle, Ted Biderman. ROW THREE: Jerry Wood, Steve Selzer, Kathy Suchomel, Joyce Schropp, Jill Wiley, Linda Lefebure. ROW FOUR: Wayne Becicka, Sandy Wilson, Sharon Kemme, Becky Eden, Linda Hrdlicka, Janet Poduska, Shirley Pegump. ROW FIVE: Terry Hartley, Jeff Tampir, Mike Hawley, Sheryl Boyle, Betty Schwegler, Judy Becicka, German Albrecht. ROW SIX: Bob Vavra, Dennis Steinmetz, Robert Wade, Dennis Merta. DRAWTTCS Secretary — — ROW ONE: Mr . Townsend President, Joanne Cerveny — Sponsor, Melody Worley Vice President, Terry Truhlar — Secretary, Jill Wiley-- Student Council. ROW TWO: Darrell Leonard, Joyce Williams, Dianne McCarl, Vicki McCarl, Carol Goddard, Sandy Wilson, Roxe Talkington. ROW THREE: Bob Vavra, Danny Christensen, Mary Frisch, Doug Austin, Tom Hronik, Louis Picek, Glenn Modracek. ROW FOUR: Mike Strasser, Lyle Stallman, Judy Kemme, Arlene Bowman, Darla Roshek, Janice Vrba, Judy Becicka. ROW FIVE: Keveta Martinez, Mary Vavra, Betty Schwegler, Cheryl Trachta, Carol Punke. 49

FIRST ROW: Mrs. Davis, Sponsor, Roxe Talkington, Justina Bontty, Jill Wiley. SECOND ROW: Dennis Harger, Jack Griffith, Glen Modracek, Louis Picek, Marvin Snell. LIBRARY FIRST ROW: Mary Frisch, Sharon Kemme, Denise Newman, Rose Dvorak. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Davis, Sponsor, Judy Kemme, Justina Bontty, Sue Malatek. THIRD ROW: Linda Sturgeon, Gloria Hahn, Bonnie Zbanek, Dianne Reid. FOURTH ROW: Larry Stockman, Steve Selzer. 50

COMMENCEMENT - Commencement exercise for the Class of 1964 was held May 21. Secretary of the Senior class, Linda Borseth, gave the wel Gary Schwegler giving the senior message. coming address and president of the senior class, Gary Schwegler gave the senior message. The class motto "Out of dreams into reality." Superintendent S . W. Wiley introduced the speaker, the Honorable John M. Ely Jr., Iowa Representative. Mr. Ely spoke on "Charting for Chance and Change." The awarding of diplomas to one hundred and one seniors was performed by Mr. James Bowersox, President of the College Community Board of Directors. Speaker John M. Ely Jr. Mr. James Bowersox handing diploma to Dolores Martin. 51

Cast: ROW ONE: Russ Novotny ,Arlene Bowman ,Janice Goins ,Sandy Wilson ,Dan Christensen , ROW TWO: Louis Picek , Mary Frisch , Joyce Williams , Dianne McCarl , Terry Truhlar. ROW THREE: Jill Wiley , Jeff Tampir , Glenn Modracek , Bob Vavra , Roxe Talkington . DfREOED BV NE/LTOWNSEND 52

1 9 6 4 f 9 6 5 Cathy Vrba American Legion Winner Jim Hynek Barb Truhlar — Original Oratory --Interpretive Reading Ratings: I Cathy Vrba, Dean Buresh, Diane Jackson Dramatic Declamation Rating: I Cathy Vrba, Terry Truhlar, Diane Jackson One Act Play Rating: I FRONT ROW: Ernest Fernley, Dolores Martin, Nanci Williams, Allan Pudil. BACK ROW: Lyle Stallman, Doug Austin, Duane Grummer, Bob Vavra. Interpretive Play Reading Rating: I

Jill Wiley Joanne Cerveny DAR Good Citizen Award American Legion Oratorical Contest Betty Crocker Homemaker Award Jim Hynek Extemporaneous Speaking Glenn Modracek Radio Speaking Debate: Affirmative: Marving Snell , Roxe Talkington . Negative: Dennis Harger, Glenn Modracek . Wrestlers going to State: Burdette Voss, Mike Langridge, Jim Goins, Larry Hromidko. 54

p Finally . . . 7th hour! John, please! ! « ,, HEA QUA T ff c Wake up, Drexler! Come and get it! Shake it up , baby! Thank goodness , they are wash and wear . Smile ,you 're on candid camera!

TT-TR STORM Jeff Tampir and Melody Worley Tom Hronik, Melody Worley, and Jeff Tampir Tom Hronik, Lavon Guy, and Jill Wiley 7WRR00F Jerry Cornwell and Cindy Dahl William Lint and Joanne Dvorak

Judy Kemme and Glenn Modracek Kathy Kirchhoff, Greg Britcher ,Joyce Williams , and Judy Kemme . Kathy Kirchhoff, Greg Britcher , and Dennis Harger FEU. IN Jerry Cornwell , Gary Netherton 57 and, Joanne Dvorak


<*> 9 n 1«

FRONT ROW: Vicki McCarl, Sandy Leidigh ,Linda Lefebure , Sue Malatek , Peggy Christensen. BACK ROW: Paula Serbousek , Dianne McCarl .

BASEBALL 1964 ROW ONE: Darrel Osbom, Martin Clements, Lon Scriven, Terry Schneekloth, Jesse Schulte, Jim Voigt, Dennis Day. ROW TWO: Charles Punke Basil Harris, Mr. Jim Jennings --manager, Duane Schulte , Ron Rohlena, Frank Pirkel, Steve Sonka, --Coach. ROW ONE: Dale Vincent, Frank Pirkel, Steve Sonka, Ron Rohlena, Rick Jamesson, Jack Brown, Duane Schulte ROW TWO: Jerry Merrifield , Larry Suchomel, Mickey Jamesson, Dennis Modracek, Jim Zalesky, Danny Watson, Mr. Don Jennings — Coach . 64 .

Iowa City High Mt. Vernon Linn-Mar Marion Norway Marion Tipton Tipton Iowa City High Norway Linn-Mar Center Point RECORD: Won Lost —— 65 12 4 BASEBALL RECORD PRAIRIE 0 20 2 8 6 7 8 12 2 1 1 10 OPPONENTS 4 3 1 0 4 0 1 3 6 3 0 0

Don Sirowy Jr. Guard Jim Voigt Sr . Guard Mike Hawley Sr. Basil Harris Center Jesse Schulte Sr. Forward Captain Ron Rohlena Jr. Center Rick Jamesson Jr. Center Marty Clements Sr . Guard

Wayne Davis Jr . Forward Frank Pirkel Jr. Forward Wayne Becicka Sr. Guard Hope my girl is watching! Make room Hot Dog!! Wait for Lon! Only 20 points behind! Where did they go? 67 Swish-h-h-h-h-h!

UNDEFEATED PRAIRIE WRESTLING TEAM 1964-1965 Nov. Dec. 21 23 3 5 8 Jan. 10 15 22 12 15 19 21 26 28 Grinnell Williamsburg Linn- Mar Vinton Vinton — Anamosa Dubuque ( Wahlert) Inv. Mt. Vernon Camanche Maquoketa Monticello Tama-Toledo Marion LaSalle

Capacity crowd. Don't let him get away Fireplug. Knock him down Steve. Come on out, he's not that big. If this is what practice is like, where do I sign up? Go get him Mike. Where is everyone going? 69 That's it Larry. Take it easy.

1964 Track Record Prairie Williamsburg Maquoketa Valley 87 66 38 Cornell Relays: 1st mile relay 2nd medley relay, 3rd shuttle hurdles, 3rd broad jump. Tipton Prairie West Branch Prairie Iowa Valley Marion S.C.I 92 85 15 97 57 38 . Dickenson Relays: 1st 2-mile relay, 2nd mile relay, 3rd 440 relay. Prairie Mt. Vernon Marion Prairie Belle Plaine Linn Mar Drake Relays Prairie U-High 103 65 64 106 1/ 2 45 1/ 2 37 110 52 1/ 2 29 1/ 2 . Vinton Prairie Relays--Prairie 54 pts Linn Mar Relays--Prairie 61 pts 84 . District Track Meet--Prairie 60 1/ 2 Undergrad Prairie Tipton Awamosa State Track Meet 64 44 No Points 71

HSHBk - .f « I ©* > , prT i Steve Selzer Center Sr . Terry Drexler Guard Sr . Marty Clements Back Sr. ir FOOTBALL 1964 p Iftth. r1 .. jamii i . . iiSi - — m Don Sirowy Back Jr. (£4; ~ !f Jim Voigt Back Sr. Lon Scriven Back Anamosa Regina Jesse Schulte Sr. End Camanche Oelwein Linn-Mar Regis Tama Sr. Jim Hynek Guard Sr. P. 40 34 27 47 41 -Toledo North Scott Marion Won 6 Best record for one year J* £?i iZran Kent Jarvis End Jr. + ^asMI i N - te. SHBBk Tvyrw * 7T > j Burdy Voss Tackle Jr. Rick Jamesson Tackle Jr. 4» ' MB” mm 1964 — 26 7 14 35 271 OPP. 0 0 14 6 7 40 19 32 20 138 Gene Goodrow Back Sr .

German Albrecht Kicking Specialist Ron Rohlena Tackle Jr . Jim Bush Tackle Jr. Steve Peterson Center j '• * * * Mike Langridge Linebacker Lyle Stallman Leonard Chmelicek . 1 - Jr . Jerry Wood Guard Jr . J > A' : Jim Goins Back Jr. Dennis Steinmetz Guard Sr. Larry Keyes Back Sr . Richard Porter End li JRH jmKKKKI l«s* Jr . Jack Griffith Back Richard Wilson David Patten John Long Tackle Sr. Frank Pxrkel End Jr.

Go Jesse Go! Six Points What a traffic jam! Lose something ? Waterboys! Substitutes? All we do is pose! 74 What's so funny ?

They wouldn' t win any beauty contest! Sirowy is heading for paydirt! Tough workout? Voigt on a bootleg. Almost!!! Hang on tight, Jess! Coach Leidigh is riding high after a victory. Photos by CEDAR RAPIDS GAZETTE Seniors honored in final seconds of 1964 season.

OUTSTANDING- SENIORS 1964 TERRY DREXLER 18 tackles in one game LON SCRIVEN JIM HYNEK leading team in tackles leading ground gainer per try MARTY CLEMENTS Prairie's leading passer JIM VOIGT Honorable Mention Mike Langridge Gene Goodrow Photos by CEDAR RAPIDS GAZETTE extra point leader Steve Selzer

YARDS GAINED RUSHING T.D.'S BY RUSHING T.D. PASSES CAUGHT AVERAGE PER PUNT TOUCHDOWNS POINT AFTER TOUCHDOWN MOST TACKLES IN ONE GAME INDIVIDUAL RECORDS BY '64 INDIVIDUALS 657 NET YARDS GAINED RUSHING 644 7 6 40.3 9 28 18 OTHER INDIVIDUAL RECORDS LONGEST RUN FROM SCRIMMAGE 90 yards Lon Scriven Lon Scriven LONGEST T.D. FROM SCRIMMAGE 90 yards — — LONGEST PASS PLAY 75 yards 75 yards 85 yards 75 yards 75 yards 24 Jim Lefebure to Tom Vavra LONGEST PASS FOR T.D. Jim Lefebure to Tom Vavra LONGEST KICKOFF RETURN FOR T.D. Jim Miles LONGEST PUNT RETURN Lon Scriven LONGEST PUNT RETURN FOR T.D. Lon Scriven — — Jesse Schulte Marion Marion MOST PASSES CAUGHT IN ONE SEASON 1963 11-7-63 11-7-63 — Anamosa 9-15-61 — — Jefferson Jefferson 11-8-61 11-8-61 North Scott North Scott 10-11-63 10-11-63 Don Sirowy Don Sirowy Don Sirowy Jesse Schulte Kent Jarvis Don Sirowy Jim Voigt Terry Drexler 77

FIRST ROW: Larry Hudson, Jack Spore, Kenneth Moomey, Roger Dusil, Tim Trpkosh, Larry Hopp, James Zalesky, Robert Andrle, Carl Zahradnik, Tim Gregor, Steven Terwilliger. SECOND ROW: Gary Greene, Dennis Hickey, Mark Feye, Robert Goodrow, Daniel Zbanek, Jerry Meskimen, Scott Williams, James Kurtz, Gary Britcher, Douglas Stepanek, Gary Griffith, Frank Sladek. THIRD ROW: Chris Miles, Roger Clarke, Roger Stigers, Tom Tow, John Tedrow, John Picek, Dick Waltz, Jack Wolfe, Coach Holthaus, Coach Seehusen. Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie 7 6 20 19 20 6 0 1 2 Anamosa Regina Camanche La Salle Regis Tama-Toledo North Scott Marion

TRACtG NEW ADDITION TO TRACK TEAM BACK ROW: Steve Davis; Larry Hromidko; Wayne Davis; Tim Hidinger; Jack Griffith; Dennis Steinmetz; Gene Goodrow. FRONT ROW: Rick Jamesson; David Patten; John Baker; Marty Clements; Lon Scriven; Jim Voigt PRAIRIE'S PRIDE AND JOY . 79

PRAfRtERH4VS From left : Darla Roshek, Tim Hidinger, Fresh.; Judy Benish, Don Sirowy, Soph . .; Queen Joyce Schropp, Lon Scriven, Jr.; Linda Borseth, Mike Seaton, Sr From left: 1st place , 480 Low Hurdle Shuttle Relay. Team Trophy . 1st place, 1 Mile Medley Relay the background, 1st and 2nd place medals. . In 1964 saw the inauguration of the first annual "Prairie Relays" held on the Prairie High track on April 30. This feature event was the highlight of the Hawks' fine season . The main event started at 6:30 p.m. in a heavy downpour that was to continue through the meet . When the final points were totaled, the Hustlin ' Hawks stood above the other 15 teams and kept the first Prairie Relays trophy at home. The highlights of the night was the crowning of the queen of the Prairie Relays, Joyce Schropp . PRAIRIE RELAY RESULTS Prairie English Valleys DeWitt Manchester Independence Anamosa Iowa Valley Marion 54 46 39 39 32 21 1/ 2 18 10 1/ 2 Maquoketa Valley Williamsburg Monticello Linn Mar Mt. Vernon U. High Belle Plaine Vinton 10 10 7 4 2 1 0 0 Miss

MAGNIFICENT SEVEN! Those who can, run! Those who can't, choose field events . I 'm walkin' on air! Bottoms up ! Friends, opponents, and spectators; lend me your ears! 81

95 103 Jerry Schropp 12 112 -1 Terry Hartley 9 112 -1 -1 Gary Schropp 5-3 Lyle Glass 5 120 -3-1 n John Hromidko 7-4-1 Chris Miles 5-4 -1 82

133 138 Mike Langridge 6-4-3 Jim Goins 4 -2-1 138 Larry Hromidko 11-1-1 165 Burdette Voss 11-2 Jerry Wood 10-3 83

HWT Coaches never get riled. Coach Mellgren Coach Osland Sectional Champs and Runners-Up. 84

Anamosa Monticello Regina Keystone Tama Solon Tama VARSITY BASKETBALL Prairie 75 49 52 -Toledo North Scott Washington, la -Toledo Washington, la . . Regina LaSalle Marion North Scott Regis Linn Mar Central City JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 72 68 58 61 57 60 56 56 58 61 56 44 59 79 Linn Mar Anamosa Monticello Regina Keystone Tama-Toledo North Scott Washington, la Solon Tama-Toledo Washington, Regina LaSalle Marion North Scott Regis Linn Mar Central City la 44 20 29 45 39 32 . . 53 38 51 39 37 37 43 28 41 18 44 28 Opponents 67 60 74 48 45 51 80 45 63 64 54 53 80 52 63 41 57 32 36 53 71 29 39 52 72 30 37 55 51 79 61 39 52 32 42 85

Don't get mad! Oh, my shoulder. Help! Shoot the ball! Get the ball . German Albrecht--foreign exchange student from Chile . t We '11 start Mark Feye. 87

Band leader: Mr. Kluesner Drum major: Kevin Stahle Trumpet Trio: Gary Miller, Darrell Leonard Dennis Modracek. J Sax Trio: Dan Watson, Jerry Cornwell, Kevin Stahle. Flute Trio: Joanne Cerveny, Judy Benish, Elaine Poduska . Trombone Quartet: Jerry Merifield, Dale Cer veny, Jim Bush, Tom Elgas . - Brass Sextet: Darrell Leonard, Dennis Modracek, Jim Felt hous, Bob Vavra, Tom Elgas, Beverly Garnant. 88 -

Twirlers: Cheryl Trachta, Judy Benish, Judy Kemme, Sharon Bi derman . - Drums: Ted Biderman Flute Quartet: Joanne Cerveny, Elaine Poduska, Mary Vavra, Janice Vrba . Mixed Clarinet Quartet : Carol Goddard, Russell Novotny, Boyle . Jeanne Trachta, Sheryl Woodwind Quintet: Janet Poduska, Joanne Cerveny, Bob Vavra, Fern Goddard, Sheryl Boyle French Horn Quartet : Sheryl Bowersox, Beverly Gamant, Sandy Ruth, Fern Goddard . . 89

All Star Volleyball Team: FRONT ROW: Arlene Bow man, Linda Lefebure, Sandy Leidigh Crozier, Linda Coon, Jenny Zimmerli. - . BACK ROW: Linda Representatives for SUI State Play Day: Sue Greene, Sandy Leidigh, Keveita Martinez, Paula Serbousek . 1964-65 Officers: Secretary-Treasurer: Dianne McCarl, Student Council Representative: Linda Lefebure, Sandy Leidigh, Vice-President: Linda Coon. President: The Prairie High Girls' Recreational Association is a profitable venture for any high school girl . The Association provides all types of recreation to satisfy the particular likes of each girl. During the course of a school year, GRA goes bowling, has volleyball and basketball tournaments in the winter, and in the spring the girls play softball. The organization sends representatives to the various "play days" which are held throughout the state, they have money making projects, and usually in the spring the club sponsors a party for its members. The officers of GRA and its members would like to sincerely thank Miss Phillips, this year 's sponsor, in making the club the fine success it was. for her fine help and guidance 90


— Chou Listens Red Chinese Premier Chou En- Lai held Leonid Brezhnev, during a — an earpiece as he listened to an address by the Soviet Union’s new party leader, meeting of world Communists in Moscow on November 6. Alexei Kosygin , Soviet premier, is at right. SgSSSftSHwj New President — Foreign Minister Giuseppe Saragat ( right) was formally notified in Rome on the night of December 28 that he had been elected president of Italy. They Died in ’64 These world figures died during the year. From left are Prime Minister Nehru of India, General Douglas McArthur of the United States and former President Herbert Hoover. Stretcher Cases Wounded white hos — - tages and Belgian paratroopers were carried from rescue plane at Leopoldville after it arrived from Stanleyville November 24. The paratroopers descended on the rebel- held Congo city just as a massacre of hostages began, and their quick work saved the lives of hundreds. Alliance Talks — British Foreign Secretary Patrick Gordon Walker, left, talked with West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard in Bonn on November 15 during efforts to find a compromise on a new nuclear force for the troubled Atlantic Alliance. Pope Visits India The 38th International Eucharistic Congress opened in Bombay , World Events in Review — — 1964 India, on November 28. In December, Pope Paul VI made the longest papal journey in history to attend sessions of the congress.

Winnie at 90 — Winston Churchill acknowledged cheers of well-wishers who gathered outside the window of his Hyde Park home in London on November 30. The occasion was his 90th birthday. Tokyo, Japan— William H. Mills (left) of the U. S. A., led Mohamed Gam Swampy Victory— A group of Viet Cong prisoners sat quietly in Camau last October while guarded by armed South Vietnamese troops. The prisoners were among those captured during a major battle on the Camau peninsula. Reunions at the Wall An East German — mother embraced her West German children last November at the Helmstedt railway station after the border dividing East and West Germany was opened for the first time since 1961 for East Germans. - moudi of Tunisia across the finish line to win the Olympic 10,000 meter event on October 14. Space Team Welcomed — Cosmonauts Konstantin Vladimir Komarov and Dr. Boris Feoktistov, Col . Yegorov, left to right , waved to the crowd from an The trio had just returned from a 16-orbit auto during their greeting in Moscow on October 19. flight in space in the "Vokshod.” Change of Power— Alexei Kosygin, 60, nation of Nikita Khrushchev. left, and Leoi Brezhnev, 57, respectively, were named to be premier They took over the posts vacated by the ret the Soviet Lnion and secretary of the Communist party October 15.

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