All Star Volleyball Team: FRONT ROW: Arlene Bow man, Linda Lefebure, Sandy Leidigh Crozier, Linda Coon, Jenny Zimmerli. - . BACK ROW: Linda Representatives for SUI State Play Day: Sue Greene, Sandy Leidigh, Keveita Martinez, Paula Serbousek . 1964-65 Officers: Secretary-Treasurer: Dianne McCarl, Student Council Representative: Linda Lefebure, Sandy Leidigh, Vice-President: Linda Coon. President: The Prairie High Girls' Recreational Association is a profitable venture for any high school girl . The Association provides all types of recreation to satisfy the particular likes of each girl. During the course of a school year, GRA goes bowling, has volleyball and basketball tournaments in the winter, and in the spring the girls play softball. The organization sends representatives to the various "play days" which are held throughout the state, they have money making projects, and usually in the spring the club sponsors a party for its members. The officers of GRA and its members would like to sincerely thank Miss Phillips, this year 's sponsor, in making the club the fine success it was. for her fine help and guidance 90

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