Democratic Victor — President Lyndon Johnson history. won the 1964 election by the greatest plurality and per cent of the total vote in U. S. Joh nson John F. Kennedy in 1963. became President at the assassination of Barry’s Battle for Votes Sen. Barry Goldwater — was surrounded by fans at Knoxville, Tenn., airport September 16 as he campaigned for the presidency on the Republican ticket. The conservative senator swept to a first- ballot nomination at the convention in San Francisco. Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Martin — Luther King, Jr., right, was greeted by Richard C. Patterson , commissioner of public events, at Kennedy International Airport Dec. 16 on arrival from National Events in Review — — Cards are the Winners Roger Craig leaped on a group of teammates surrounding the pitcher Bob Gibson mo - ments after the last out in the seventh World Series same won by the Redbirds over the Yankees, 7- 5, in St. Louis. — I’m the Greatest 1964 Cassius Clay whooped it up with his handlers after he won the world heavyweight title in Miami Beach in February. He was credited with a technical knockout of Sonny Liston when Liston failed to answer the bell for the seventh round. Europe. Dr. King was in Oslo to receive the 1964 Nobel Peace - Prize. — Alaskan Quake A. whole line of cars rested about 20 feet below street level on a main thoroughfare in Anchorage the day following the disastrous earthquake March 27.

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