Appearance — l ne Beatles performed tor a youthful audience in Wash n the night of February 12. Ranger on Target — — This is a photo - graph of the lunar surface taken by the Ranger 7 spacecraft prior to its impact on the moon July 31st. The area shown is about one and twothirds miles on a side. craters are about 300 feet in diameter. Family Grieves The smallest craters are about 30 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep. Some of the large Gust Carlson, father of Dr. Paul Carlson , medical mission - ary slain by rebel troops in the Congo, dabbed at his eyes during a news conference in Los Angeles on November 24. He is flanked by his daughter and another son. Queen — Smiling Caroof Baltimore was Miss Teen-age Amer - in Dallas on November 13. World’s Fair at Night— The New York World 's Fair attracted as many visitors at night as it did during the day following its April opening. The nighttime lights set off the beautiful pavilions constructed by many countries. - Opening for Juniors — 1 hese college juniors joined the Peace Corps’ new summer project for six to They later did surveying . . eight weeks of training similar to that for regular Peace Corps volunteers work near Taos, N.M After graduation they will be sent to Latin America.

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