— Chou Listens Red Chinese Premier Chou En- Lai held Leonid Brezhnev, during a — an earpiece as he listened to an address by the Soviet Union’s new party leader, meeting of world Communists in Moscow on November 6. Alexei Kosygin , Soviet premier, is at right. SgSSSftSHwj New President — Foreign Minister Giuseppe Saragat ( right) was formally notified in Rome on the night of December 28 that he had been elected president of Italy. They Died in ’64 These world figures died during the year. From left are Prime Minister Nehru of India, General Douglas McArthur of the United States and former President Herbert Hoover. Stretcher Cases Wounded white hos — - tages and Belgian paratroopers were carried from rescue plane at Leopoldville after it arrived from Stanleyville November 24. The paratroopers descended on the rebel- held Congo city just as a massacre of hostages began, and their quick work saved the lives of hundreds. Alliance Talks — British Foreign Secretary Patrick Gordon Walker, left, talked with West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard in Bonn on November 15 during efforts to find a compromise on a new nuclear force for the troubled Atlantic Alliance. Pope Visits India The 38th International Eucharistic Congress opened in Bombay , World Events in Review — — 1964 India, on November 28. In December, Pope Paul VI made the longest papal journey in history to attend sessions of the congress.

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