PRAfRtERH4VS From left : Darla Roshek, Tim Hidinger, Fresh.; Judy Benish, Don Sirowy, Soph . .; Queen Joyce Schropp, Lon Scriven, Jr.; Linda Borseth, Mike Seaton, Sr From left: 1st place , 480 Low Hurdle Shuttle Relay. Team Trophy . 1st place, 1 Mile Medley Relay the background, 1st and 2nd place medals. . In 1964 saw the inauguration of the first annual "Prairie Relays" held on the Prairie High track on April 30. This feature event was the highlight of the Hawks' fine season . The main event started at 6:30 p.m. in a heavy downpour that was to continue through the meet . When the final points were totaled, the Hustlin ' Hawks stood above the other 15 teams and kept the first Prairie Relays trophy at home. The highlights of the night was the crowning of the queen of the Prairie Relays, Joyce Schropp . PRAIRIE RELAY RESULTS Prairie English Valleys DeWitt Manchester Independence Anamosa Iowa Valley Marion 54 46 39 39 32 21 1/ 2 18 10 1/ 2 Maquoketa Valley Williamsburg Monticello Linn Mar Mt. Vernon U. High Belle Plaine Vinton 10 10 7 4 2 1 0 0 Miss

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