2810 School St. Flossmoor, IL parker press #LIFE LESSON In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND. We Just Don’t Fly. WE SOAR! October 24, 2022 Issue № 1 Joke of the ISSUE Why did the frog take the bus to work today? Welcome Back Parker Falcons! This is going to be a great year! Although COVID is still around, it won’t stop Parker students from returning to school. A few things that are back to normal are as follows: -Group work -Lunch in the lunchroom -No staggered dismissals -Sanitizing before and after class The students have already begun sports, clubs, and other community events. Having “ normal” come back to Flossmoor is a great thing for staff and students!” I There are more changes at Parker too! We have a new Principal Ms. Parris, and it has been a great start to the school year. Welcome Ms. Parris! We also have many new staff members and new students in the district. Watch for interviews in our future issues of the Parker Press! Lastly, thank you so much for taking the time to read more about Parker news. We are looking forward to a great year! “Having “normal” come back to Flossmoor is a great thing for staff and students!”

Parker Junior High parker press Latest Tech By: Wage Rahman If your parents cut you off from technology, then this should be your source. Feel like getting a new phone? We all know that this is out, but just to make sure you know, the Iphone 14 is out. With an upgraded camera, (Maybe a bit unnecessary,) it lets you capture images that look exactly like the real thing. It also lets you erase anything you don't want in the photo, revealing what's behind it. Say goodbye photobombing! “The new Meta Quest 2 Vr Oculus Pro is officially out!” . to For all the gamers out there, get ready to upgrade. The new Meta quest 2 Vr Oculus Pro is out! With a change in color, and a much wider variety of games, it makes the old one seem like it could have been bought off EBay for five dollars. With a much more realistic experience, you're sure to have a better time than with the other one. “ Say Goodbye to photobombing!!!” October 24 2022 Issue № 1

Parker Junior High parker press October 24 2022 Issue № 1 The NBA is back! By:Brandon Waiters The NBA is back. Going from teams like Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers, and Sacramento Kings being the top three teams in the NBA in the preseason. The NBA regular season is kicking off Tuesday with games like Lakers vs Warriors, and 76ers vs Celtics. My prediction for this season is that these 4 teams will all make the playoffs in the 2022- 2023 “The NBA regular season is kicking off Tuesday”: NBA season. After a huge trade that sent former allstar Kemba Walker to the Detroit Pistons, the former all star is likely getting waived before or on Monday. After the Bulls barely dodged the play in tournament and made it to the playoffs in 2021, the new deals in the Eastern conference are making it harder and harder for the Bulls to get to the playoffs this year.

Parker Junior High parker press October 24 2022 Issue № 1 The NBA is back continued! New Faces. New Places. There are so many trades that have gone down so far this year: Donovan Mitchell to the Cavs, Rudy Gobert to Minnesota, and Dejounte Murray to the Hawks. What does this mean for the Utah Jazz? Well it means a lot. They are going into the year with both of these stars ,Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, traded. They have a new core of Collin Sexton and Lauri Markkanen- both young and no experience. Yikes. I don’t think the Jazz will win 30 games this year. For reference, there are 82 games each year. Is this good for Jazz? Yes and no. Yes because of all the arguments and fighting Gobert and Mitchell were starting in the Utah locker room, no because well Sexton and Markkanen both have never been to the playoffs.

Parker Junior High parker press Food Review By: Wage Rahman The cafe-like restaurant Panera Bread gives off a pleasant vibe. At first glance, you wouldn’t be able to see any problems with it. So why have so many people had terrible experiences with it? The reason so many people have hated Panera isn’t because of the food, (because it’s delicious), it's because of their service. You wouldn't be able to notice, because here, all you do is walk in, place your order with a tablet, and pick it up once your name is called. But at many other locations of their cafe, this feature isn't available. Panera Bread has been losing close to 100% of its employees every year (source: CNBC News ) so it is inevitable that they won't be around much longer. “Never judge a book by its cover!” October 24 2022 Issue № 1 The Best Pizza By: Olivia Haywood Some people say that the best places to get pizza are in Chicago. Some people also say that the best pizza is deepdish pizza. There is a place in Chicago called Giordano's that has one of the best pizzas out there. Did you know that a lot of people love New York pizza? The main reason for New York City’s high -quality pizza is not the water, nor the ingredients, but rather the ovens. One of the best places to get pizza in New York is at Rubirosa Pizza, this is one of the best places because of their thin-crust, saucey pizza. It has all the flavors anyone would want.

Parker Junior High parker press The Story Of The Chicago Bears By: Brandon Whittier Once upon a time there was a football team called the Chicago Bears. They started off the season winning their first game. We all thought they would do just as well after that. Until they lost their second game. It was devastating and heartbreaking to see them lose against our number 1 rivals, the Green Bay Packers, but that's not what we’re here to talk about. Now we’re in week 3, a new fresh start. They knew they were going to win and they were determined to win. Now, still in week 3, it is late in the fourth quarter the game is tied 20-20 we get in field goal range. Now Cairo Santos is up to kick the field goal. The pressure on his city is relying on him. He runs,he kicks it, and it’s good the Bears win the game 20-23. Now the next couple weeks were unfortunate. In week 4, they lose 12-20. Week 5 they lose 22-29. Week 6 Bears lose 7-12. So I want to ask You, Yes! You! Do you think the Bears come out on top this year because I sure do! The Baseball Game I’ll tell you how the game starteda pitch at a time; After every pitch was thrown a tear came to an eyeThey could barely see it coming as each one whooshed by; One kid quit - And after a 75 mile per hour pitchOne through a fit; Some say it was “faster than a jet”All we know is, ‘Man that was quick’; ... October 24 2022 Issue № 1 But how it endedWas almost a heartbreak; They had to switch the person to pitchOr they would be forced to forfeit; The closer was off his game; Some say he was “trash” - And some said “hot garbage”; All we know is the Final score was three- to-twoSomehow they ended to lose By: Brandon Whittier

Parker Junior High parker press October 24 2022 Issue № 1 Real Madrid Team By: Olivia Haywood One of the best soccer teams to ever play is Real Madrid.The most points that they have scored this season were 153 points, and the most goals scored this season were scored by Chrstiano Renoldo. He scored an amount of 55 goals this season. The best player to ever play on this team was Alfredo di Stefano. The reason why he was the best player to ever play on this team is because of his great skills. He knew how to get the ball every time and when he was moving through other players, they never knew what was coming. So why is this team one of the best soccer teams? This team is one of the best teams to ever play because they have won 32 La Liga titles. The club dominated the competition particularly in its early years, winning five straight from 1956 through 1960. For the sportsy people out there, be sure to flip on your TV because the Saints are hitting off against the Cardinals this week on Thursday! Not interested in them? Perfectly fine. Here are a few other teams whose games are approaching soon. Next up, The Browns and The Ravens are going to be going against each other this Sunday, so if you’re free, be sure to check it out. “Welcome to the game! Here are the scores, the players, the team, and the winners!” Still not interested? Well here’s one more. Lastly, we have the Buccaneers going against the Panthers scheduled for this Saturday. So if you’re not a fan of the last option, try these guys! (Source: Scheduled NFL games) By: Wage Rahman

Parker Junior High parker press What is happening in Flossmoor? by: Wage Rahman Recent news about anything near you, probably stuff you can visit! Something you might not know is that the Pop Culture shop has celebrated its 4th anniversary by releasing the new flavor, “Snake Bite.” It is a spicy mix with Ghostpepper. For anyone who visits this shop, be sure to try it out! OCTOBER POEM BY: WAGE RAHMAN You may find me in the night, stalking past your lively block, blending in with the children, in their candy infested flocks. I will seek out your house, creeping quietly as a mouse, through your driveway in the night, sure to cause a fright. Walking up to your door, I let out a loud roar! . But it’s nothing to be afraid of, I just want to say hello! Knock, knock, open up, my patience grows thin, but when I hear you, my face spreads with a very large grin. The door opens, and I see your eyes filled with fear, but do not be afraid, all I say is-----Trick Or Treat! Jokes Answer: HIS CAR GOT TOAD!

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