Parker Junior High parker press Food Review By: Wage Rahman The cafe-like restaurant Panera Bread gives off a pleasant vibe. At first glance, you wouldn’t be able to see any problems with it. So why have so many people had terrible experiences with it? The reason so many people have hated Panera isn’t because of the food, (because it’s delicious), it's because of their service. You wouldn't be able to notice, because here, all you do is walk in, place your order with a tablet, and pick it up once your name is called. But at many other locations of their cafe, this feature isn't available. Panera Bread has been losing close to 100% of its employees every year (source: CNBC News ) so it is inevitable that they won't be around much longer. “Never judge a book by its cover!” October 24 2022 Issue № 1 The Best Pizza By: Olivia Haywood Some people say that the best places to get pizza are in Chicago. Some people also say that the best pizza is deepdish pizza. There is a place in Chicago called Giordano's that has one of the best pizzas out there. Did you know that a lot of people love New York pizza? The main reason for New York City’s high -quality pizza is not the water, nor the ingredients, but rather the ovens. One of the best places to get pizza in New York is at Rubirosa Pizza, this is one of the best places because of their thin-crust, saucey pizza. It has all the flavors anyone would want.

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