Parker Junior High parker press The Story Of The Chicago Bears By: Brandon Whittier Once upon a time there was a football team called the Chicago Bears. They started off the season winning their first game. We all thought they would do just as well after that. Until they lost their second game. It was devastating and heartbreaking to see them lose against our number 1 rivals, the Green Bay Packers, but that's not what we’re here to talk about. Now we’re in week 3, a new fresh start. They knew they were going to win and they were determined to win. Now, still in week 3, it is late in the fourth quarter the game is tied 20-20 we get in field goal range. Now Cairo Santos is up to kick the field goal. The pressure on his city is relying on him. He runs,he kicks it, and it’s good the Bears win the game 20-23. Now the next couple weeks were unfortunate. In week 4, they lose 12-20. Week 5 they lose 22-29. Week 6 Bears lose 7-12. So I want to ask You, Yes! You! Do you think the Bears come out on top this year because I sure do! The Baseball Game I’ll tell you how the game starteda pitch at a time; After every pitch was thrown a tear came to an eyeThey could barely see it coming as each one whooshed by; One kid quit - And after a 75 mile per hour pitchOne through a fit; Some say it was “faster than a jet”All we know is, ‘Man that was quick’; ... October 24 2022 Issue № 1 But how it endedWas almost a heartbreak; They had to switch the person to pitchOr they would be forced to forfeit; The closer was off his game; Some say he was “trash” - And some said “hot garbage”; All we know is the Final score was three- to-twoSomehow they ended to lose By: Brandon Whittier

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