Parker Junior High parker press October 24 2022 Issue № 1 Real Madrid Team By: Olivia Haywood One of the best soccer teams to ever play is Real Madrid.The most points that they have scored this season were 153 points, and the most goals scored this season were scored by Chrstiano Renoldo. He scored an amount of 55 goals this season. The best player to ever play on this team was Alfredo di Stefano. The reason why he was the best player to ever play on this team is because of his great skills. He knew how to get the ball every time and when he was moving through other players, they never knew what was coming. So why is this team one of the best soccer teams? This team is one of the best teams to ever play because they have won 32 La Liga titles. The club dominated the competition particularly in its early years, winning five straight from 1956 through 1960. For the sportsy people out there, be sure to flip on your TV because the Saints are hitting off against the Cardinals this week on Thursday! Not interested in them? Perfectly fine. Here are a few other teams whose games are approaching soon. Next up, The Browns and The Ravens are going to be going against each other this Sunday, so if you’re free, be sure to check it out. “Welcome to the game! Here are the scores, the players, the team, and the winners!” Still not interested? Well here’s one more. Lastly, we have the Buccaneers going against the Panthers scheduled for this Saturday. So if you’re not a fan of the last option, try these guys! (Source: Scheduled NFL games) By: Wage Rahman

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