Parker Junior High parker press What is happening in Flossmoor? by: Wage Rahman Recent news about anything near you, probably stuff you can visit! Something you might not know is that the Pop Culture shop has celebrated its 4th anniversary by releasing the new flavor, “Snake Bite.” It is a spicy mix with Ghostpepper. For anyone who visits this shop, be sure to try it out! OCTOBER POEM BY: WAGE RAHMAN You may find me in the night, stalking past your lively block, blending in with the children, in their candy infested flocks. I will seek out your house, creeping quietly as a mouse, through your driveway in the night, sure to cause a fright. Walking up to your door, I let out a loud roar! . But it’s nothing to be afraid of, I just want to say hello! Knock, knock, open up, my patience grows thin, but when I hear you, my face spreads with a very large grin. The door opens, and I see your eyes filled with fear, but do not be afraid, all I say is-----Trick Or Treat! Jokes Answer: HIS CAR GOT TOAD!

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