Parker Junior High parker press Latest Tech By: Wage Rahman If your parents cut you off from technology, then this should be your source. Feel like getting a new phone? We all know that this is out, but just to make sure you know, the Iphone 14 is out. With an upgraded camera, (Maybe a bit unnecessary,) it lets you capture images that look exactly like the real thing. It also lets you erase anything you don't want in the photo, revealing what's behind it. Say goodbye photobombing! “The new Meta Quest 2 Vr Oculus Pro is officially out!” . to For all the gamers out there, get ready to upgrade. The new Meta quest 2 Vr Oculus Pro is out! With a change in color, and a much wider variety of games, it makes the old one seem like it could have been bought off EBay for five dollars. With a much more realistic experience, you're sure to have a better time than with the other one. “ Say Goodbye to photobombing!!!” October 24 2022 Issue № 1

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