Vol. 1, Issue 9 October 2019 KEEPING YOU UP-TO-DATE MONTHLY WITH THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN SHELBY COUNTY, TN i LoveShe l byCoun t y . com The Rebirth of the Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee, Inc. 2019 Coronation was held September 28, 2019. LETTER FROM THE EDITOR By Yvonne D. Nelson, Ph.D. It is difficult to believe, but NEWSCENE is but two editions away from celebrating its one-year anniversary! Time is really flying. The September Special Election section went over well and we are looking forward to ending this year with a bang! Please remember to subscribe online to get occasional reminders about when monthly editions are published. For those of you who prefer a hard copy, thanks! Subscriptions are available for $84/year, $42/bi-annually, or $7/month. You can call us at 901-300-0250, subscribe and/or pay online (or by check made payable to) DI’MANS, Inc., or email us at NEWSCENEShelbyCo@gmail.com. We can be contacted by mail at DI’MANS, Inc. dba I Love Shelby County, P.O. Box 9146, Memphis, TN 38190-0146. Thank you, The Tennessee AB room located in the elegant and recently remodeled Hilton Memphis hotel, 939 Ridge Lake Boulevard in Memphis, TN, was the perfect location for the MCMJ’s 2019 Coronation Ball. The theme of the event, “The Rebirth of the Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee,” introduced the 2019 King, Krish A. Taylor, and Queen, Demetrice Bolton Sanders. King Krish is a Melrose High School graduate and member of Antioch MB and Golden Gate Cathedral churches. He is an automobile Sales and Lease Representative at Chuck Hutton Toyota in Whitehaven and has worked in the automobile industry for the past 20 years. Queen Demetrice, who recently retired from the Memphis Housing Authority, entered into the real estate investing market and has purchased several properties in and around the Memphis. The Psychology and Business Administration major is married to Randy Sanders, attends the Anointed Temple of Praise, has two children—Randy Jr. and Zemetria—and is the daughter of Walter and Alice Poplar. Queen Demetrice loves to travel and is passionate about giving back to the Memphis community that she grew up in. Continued on Page 7






“The rebirth of the Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee (MCMJ) continues the legacy of founder, Dr. R. Q. Venson, to expand and maintain the truth of Memphis and American history,” said MCMJ Charter Member and Tennessee General Assembly Representative Barbara Ward Cooper. “These efforts exemplify honor and respect of the strength of the African American workers’ contribution when ‘cotton was king’ and Memphis was known as the ‘Cotton Capital of the World’.” The organization’s current goals include working with the Dr. R. Q. Venson Scholarship Foundation, overseen by the recently deceased member Michael Sadler until his untimely death, to develop the Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee Museum, a pictorial history chronicling more than 5,000 pictures and artifacts documenting the MCMJ, which is most likely the oldest African American celebration in America. “The Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee celebration gave the African American people an outlet for promoting the important role blacks played in the world’s cotton market during the pre-depression era,” said MCMJ General Chairman Clyde Venson. “The MCMJ’s pictorial history will soon be incorporated into the Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee Museum so the world will never forget this historical event.” The MCMJ Museum will be designed to house all of the memorabilia collected from the start of the celebration in 1936 through today. Artifacts on display will include dresses worn by the late great Lena Horne, crowns, scepters and hundreds of pictures. “As we continue working in the Memphis community along with our networks, it will provide us the opportunity to see what’s most needed and be that inspiration that we have been for the past 83 years in this great city,” said MCMJ President, Lorenzo Caldwell. “Our purpose has been to inspire and promote the well-being of our youth and our community. The true successes of the MCMJ Celebration are people like you! Thank you so much for celebrating this great occasion with us.” Continued on Page 8 7

MCMJ President Lorenzo Caldwell opened the program and Rev. Theron Dotson gave the prayer and invocation. Several musical selections were preformed by GEM throughout the evening. Caldwell gave the welcome and introduced the Toast Master, Leon Griffin, and Toast Mistress, Catherine Doggett Hernandez. All past MCMJ Royalty were asked to come in front of the stage for photographs and the 2019 Coronation Court featuring King Krish and Queen Demetrice followed. After being officially crowned the 2019 King and Queen, the Royal Court King and Queen strolled the entire room, from the stage to each perimeter, greeting those in attendance with royalty like only Royalty could before taking to the dance floor for their first dance after being crowned. Dinner, featuring a full seven-course meal, was served as guests dined and visited with past royalty, the King and Queen, and the other guests in attendance. After dinner was served General Chairman Clyde Venson went to the podium and announced Kayla Wright as the 2019 LeMoyne-Owen College, Dr. R. Q. Venson Scholarship awardee. Ms. Wright was then presented with a plague and a check for $600. Venson made several additional presentations before introducing Sheriff Floyd Bonner, the 2019 MCMJ Pioneer Award Honoree. Sheriff Bonner was elated at being chosen and, thanked those in attendance and the MCMJ Board for recognizing him in this manner especially when he stated “so many pioneers had come before” him. Hip, hip, hooray, Venson led the crowd to saying several times in honor of Sheriff Bonner. Hip, hip, hooray and loud appreciation and applause ensued. Venson then gave a brief history of the Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee and spoke about how important the museum was in keeping the organization alive before giving several rounds of words of thanks and closing out the 2019 Coronation program. “For more information on becoming a member or to make a donation to the MCMJ, please email crvenson@gmail.com or phone (901) 496-1811. 8




TOILET PAPER TRASH WAS LEFT ON THE GROUND ALL THE WAY UP AND DOWN THE ENTIRE STREET WHAT A SHAME TOILET PAPER Every Day of the Year in my Neighborhood Post Office Box 9695 Memphis, TN 38190-0695 Dear Mr. Sanitation Worker, What makes you feel that leaving trash in front of my house is acceptable? Do you leave trash on the other side of town when you empty garbage carts in front of homes? Well, I’ve never seen any and that is because you don’t do it in certain areas. Tell me it isn't so and I’ll prove to you that it is. When you are in predominately African American neighborhoods, Mr. Sanitation Worker, please remember that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life fighting for your rights. Dr. King, as you know, was assassinated right here on these very same streets fighting for you and your co-workers and all of your predecessors to have the ability to insist you be treated like human beings (hence, the I AM A MAN signs) and not be treated like the trash you pick up for a living. For God’s sake, if not for your own, Dr. King’s, or the communities you serve, please do your job with the pride Dr. King has made it possible for you to have in being a Sanitation Worker. We are tax paying citizens and we are not going to continue to watch as you destroy the very communities you live in for lack of caring for anything other than your check. I have your pictures and will assimilate a group of concerned citizens who will follow your garbage trucks in their areas, taking pictures of your sloppiness, and turning each and everyone of you in, and demanding your immediate termination. 12

The Historic Orange Mound Centennial Celebration Committee and Mo the r Ma r y Mi tche l l needs your help to develop… A Pictorial and Oral History of the Orange Mound Community! Meeting Announcements forthcoming! SEEKING: Historical Pictures & Papers Business, Civic, Social, and School News Resident’s Highlights Political Highlights and more! EMAIL: HOMCCPROJECT@GMAIL.COM or Phone: (901) 300-0250 THE WHITEHAVEN CAMERA CLUB The “Whitehaven Camera Club - Memphis, TN” was founded on July 20, 2018. The group currently meets from 1 - 3 pm every other Saturday at the Whitehaven Southwest TN Community College (SWTCC) Whitehaven Campus located at 1234 Finley Drive off Elvis Presley Boulevard behind the Bank of America. Although private, the group has a presence on Facebook and welcomes new members and encourages them to ask to join. Meetings are free and open to the community at large. You are cordially invited to come by, with or without expertise, to both learn and share all things related to photography. “Different lenses do different things to an image,” said club member and long-time photographer David McGowan. “Know how your telephotos compress and your wide-angles distort. Use the best lens for your photographic vision. There are many lenses to choose from. For all your lenses, know which apertures are sharpest and know when you lose sharpness.” “Even if you don’t own a camera, bring your smartphone and a friend,” added club president, web developer/designer, tech trainer, and I’m So Tech Media Company owner Keisha Earnest. “We hope to see each of you on Saturday, November 2nd from 1- 3 pm. Whitehaven Camera Club members practice using a variety of camera lens on Saturday, September 28th. 13

DID YOU KNOW? There are several moneyless ways you can support nonprofits like DI’MANS, Inc. dba NEWSCENE and the McCorkle Road Neighborhood Development Association, Inc. of Memphis (serving all of ZIP Code 38116). When you shop at Kroger you can, AT NO COST TO YOU, support DI’MANS, Inc. by enrolling in the Community Rewards Program and earning rewards for DI’MANS every time you shop! Visit Kroger.com/ communityrewards and support Organization #DN098. Smile.Amazon.com is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, again, AT NO COST TO YOU, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to DI’MANS Inc., the charitable organization of choice. Email us at NEWSCENESHELBYCO@gmail.com for details today! 14

Mother Georgia King, 79, needs our help sponsoring the 3rd annual City-Wide Thanksgiving MLK50 Food Drive. The event is designed to raise funds to purchase "Pop-Top" food items for the homeless during Thanksgiving. Please drop off items at Martyrs' Hall, St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, 700 Poplar Avenue on Saturday, November 16th, between 10 am and 3 pm or use the following links to make a donation. Please share and pay it forward to help those having hard times have an easier life. Call Mother King at (901) 650-7321, visit http:// www.stmarysmemphis.org/ministr…/community-ministries/ or iLoveShelbyCounty.com or make your donations through NEWSCENE here... 48 Vienna Sausages ($12): https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/ webscr… 12 Sardines ($18): https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… 12 Crackers ($12): https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… 14 Chips ($21): https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… 12 Mixed Fruit Cups ($12): https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/ webscr… Please do something nice for someone you may not know this year by donating the amount you normally pay for lunch to this most worthy cause today. And please pay it forward and ask several friends or relatives to get their blessing by doing so too! We thank you, Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson, Owner DI'MANS, Inc. dba NEWSCENE Questionable things in Memphis?!! VIEW FROM RIVERSIDE DRIVE... 15



SEPTEMBER IN MEMPHIS IS ALL ABO I can remember when I first asked Fred Jones Jr. for an interview. It was back in the early 2000’s when I was working for a local print media publication. I was amazed by the sheer talent the man had and was almost shattered when he asked me, “What could I possibly say that hadn’t already been said?” Little did Mr. Jones know, I was too amazed about having the opportunity to place yet another positive article regarding a black man who had pulled himself up by his own boots straps in my local publication, to worry about what had and hadn’t already been said. I went to Mr. Jones office and although I can’t remember anything but meeting his lovely gatekeeper secretary, I know we must have connected somehow as afterwards I was honored to attend a pre-show event at the Orpheum and an original Tyler Perry play. Nah, I must have been still amazed because everyone who knows me knows I’ve met some of the great entertainers and all, but it never once crossed my mind to meet Tyler Perry. I was enjoying myself with a former co-worker who was also in attendance far too much to be focused. Besides, I wasn’t asked to work, I was given a much needed and appreciated chance to relax and to enjoy some of the finder things life has to offer. To this day, I still thank you for that opportunity Mr. Jones and that is why I am always happy to see you doing what you do in and for our community (but please don’t let the cat out of the bag as I’ve never once in my 34 years of residency in Memphis been tailgating or to a Southern Heritage Classic B. 18

C. BOUT FRED, FRED JONES JR. THAT IS! 3 4 (SHC), game. This year, riding on the Historic Orange Mound Centennial Committee float down Park Avenue while Facebooking live was yet another SHC first for me! And let me be the first to say that even though I had burned out two iPhone camera batteries by the time I actually saw Mr. Jones walking with the parade and couldn’t take a picture of him I told the truth when he asked, “how things were?” I replied that everything was great and that was only because I had no idea how far I had left to walk to return to the committee members home where I had parked my car and got a lift to the start of the parade from. Boy, did I have a blast getting my exercise in that day! Mr. Jones, these next few pages are dedicated to you and all the things you’ve hung in here to do, not only for you and your family, but for all of those of us who consider ourselves your extended family too. Congratulations on the street renaming, the 30th annual Southern Heritage Classic and parade, and all of the many things you personally do to make Memphis the great place it is. NEWSCENE thanks you and Ms. Carolyn for all you both do and all both of you will continue to do in our communities. God Bless You both! And congrats to the Jackson State (49-44) and the Tennessee State Tigers and for hosting the second largest SHC game audience (48,347), and for a safe and fun game day! See you September 10-12, 2020, here in Memphis, TN! For more info, please visit the Southern Heritage Classic at http://southernheritageclassic.com/events/. 19



LISTEN UP! COUNTLESS NUMBERS OF PEOPLE ARE LEAVING HERE DAILY WITHOUT MAKING PREPARATIONS… ...WE WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ONE OF THEM. October 1, 2019 DI’MANS, Inc. Post Office Box 9146 Memphis, TN 38190-0146 RE: Technology Seminars for Seniors My ZIP - My Email Meetings Free Announcement Calendar Greetings, The board and staff of DI’MANS, Inc., a nonprofit, IRS recognized organization founded in 1999, wishes to invite you to join us as we begin to reintroduce Shelby County to our series of informational presentations on subjects we believe you need to know about. Subscribe to our online newsmagazine NEWSCENE at iLoveShelbyCounty.com TODAY, to stay informed... We will begin offering free classes on topics that include: Gardening for Survival Navigating Your Mobile Device with Confidence, Especially for Seasoned Citizens Social Security Disability: Application Submitted, Approval Received Securing loved ones’ futures by preparing for the End-of-My-Life Student loan management: What You Should Know Before and After Signing The Real ID: What’s Happening after October 1, 2020? Hosting Voter Registration Drives: What you need to know Who are You Voting For? Meet the Candidates Thank you, Phone (901) 300-0250 for information, to make a donation, or for volunteer opportunities! 22


OUT WITH THE OLD… IN WITH THE NEW - FIRE STATION #43 GETS A MAKEOVER! As Whitehaven began to develop in the late 40s and early 50s, “the problem of names for streets came up,” according to Anna Leigh McCorkle, author of Tales of Old Whitehaven. Although the book doesn’t mention the fire station currently situated on Holmes Road just east of Hwy 51 - Elvis Presley Boulevard, it does mention that older street names, “such as Holmes had been called for the families who lived along them.” As the story goes, back in the days when judges still worked “circuits,” traveling by horse or horse and buggy from town-to-town to “hear cases,” it was on “one hot, dusty afternoon in the late 1840s when a tired horseman, Judge Augustus B. Longstreet, rode up to the old Holmes place on Tchulahoma Road.” Yes, the story goes on to tell how the Judge suggested the site for the Longstreet United Methodist Church, but that is not the story being told here. “By 1847 the first Longstreet church building was erected on Holly Ford at Holmes Road.” The Holmes family was one of the church’s founding member families. Also mentioned, but not for discussion here, is the Nonconnah Baptist Church that sits at Tulane and Shelby Drive and the “New Nonconnah Colored Church, which may not be the same edifices at that time.” however, it was around this time when “T. J. Beasley and Van Court Neel, two Whitehaven old-timer families, purchased land opposite one another and Beasley Road, which later became Holmes Road, was born.” There is a lot of history in Whitehaven and its history continues to be made. One of the firemen at Fire Station 43, 14 15 which currently sits at 1253 E. Holmes Road, told of stories about the facility being the place where County residents brought their water bills for payment before the area was annexed into the City of Memphis in the mid-70s. The first room inside the office’s front door still has an old Boy Scouts banner under a 1970s map of Memphis on the wall and the tower area, where the old fire truck hoses used to be hung to drip dry still exists, but is not in use. The building is loved by those who understand and appreciate its history, but most are ready for it to be replaced with a more modern facility. For example, many of the rooms only have one electrical socket with 2 updated 3-prong plugs. A ground breaking ceremony was held on Friday, September 6, 2019, to officially mark the new station being built. Although no additional progress has begun as of today, construction is expected to take a full year. Drawings reveal the new, two-story building will include a multi-purpose room that will be available for community meetings and events. 24




MONTHLY COMMUNITY PRAYER PARTNERSHI P MEET ING WHO: WHAT: WHEN: WHERE: WHY: Everyone is welcome! Organizer, Wendell Donelson, Bluebird Estates Community Prayer Partnership Meeting 4th Tuesday of every month at 6 pm Raines Station Police Department, 791 E. Raines Road, (901) 636-4599 To assist in the reduction of crime through prayer Monthly community prayer partnership meetings have been held “practically every month since the spring of 2018,” said prayer organizer, Wendell Donelson, a resident of Bluebird Estates. “We have been told by Raines Station MPD that our prayers have made a measurable difference.” The group meets in the meeting room near the parking lot entrance of the Raines Station Police Department to pray for the community on a monthly basis. “There is power in agreement, so let’s unite our spirits and voices on behalf of our community,” said Donelson. “We can make a difference. We are inviting all to join us in prayer as we pray for our community. This effort is meant to impact all ills of our community, particularly crime. We don’t want to just murmur and complain, but instead invite God into our circumstances.” 28

THE McCORKLE ROAD NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION, INC. OF MEMPHIS THANKS YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE 2019 1ST OCTOBER NATIONAL NIGHT OUT CELEBRATION! WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AGAIN ON THE FIRST TUESDAY OF EVERY OCTOBER STARTING IN 2020! CALL US AT (901) 300-0250 OR VISIT US ONLINE TODAY AT iLoveShelbyCounty.com to pay your ($25) annual dues! NEWSCENE ENCOURAGES YOU TO DINE AT THE... 972 E. BROOKS ROAD Across the street from the MAPCO (at the light) between Elvis Presley Boulevard and Lakeview Road Hours and Days: Tues & Wed, 10A-8P; Thurs-Fri, 10A-9P; Sat., 12N-9P Closed Sundays & Mondays Specializing in and serving chicken wings; ham & turkey burgers; hot dogs and chili (w or w/o cheese) dogs; smoked sausages; fries (w or w/o) chili; okra; mashed potatoes; baked beans; onion rings; and more! Prices: $$ - Delivery available (limited radius) and to the sick, elderly, and disabled. Cooked to Order - Call (901) 308-2404 to place your order for pickup today! Chef Theresa Sullivan, Proprietor 29

Tweet… Tweet! 2019 BlockParty4Peace The 2019 14th annual Block Party for Peace and picnic, especially designed for Raleigh and Frayser residents, was held from 10 am until 7 pm, Friday and Saturday, September 27th and 28th, and from 11 am until 6 pm, Sunday, September 29th, at the MidSouth Event Center, 3385 Austin Peay Hwy. The event’s brainchild, TN State Representative Antonio Parkinson, combined his usual food and child-friendly games and activities with an education and career fair, several talent competitions, a cooking contest, car show, and live music this year. Vendors at the Healthy City Health and Wellness tent were available to provide free screenings, shots, child wellness check-ups and more. The event also was slated to feature a town hall on crime and more to be hosted by Shelby County Commissioner Willie Brooks. Additional speakers included Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr., Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris, Bishop Edward Stephens Jr. of Golden Gate Cathedral, MPD Col. Greg Sanders, Paul Young of Housing and Community Development, Steve Shular of the Mayor’s office, James Jackson, a Code Enforcement supervisor, and Dorcas Griffin also with the Memphis Mayor’s office. 30


CFC #46643 AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. Location: Memphis, TN | Year Founded: 2009 DI’MANS, Inc. (Click here) to shop at SMILE.AMAZON.COM Mission: DI'MANS, Inc. was formed to establish a positive, proactive force in the fight against juvenile crime and juvenile delinquency. The goal of DI'MANS, Inc. is to bring adults dedicated to positively shaping future generations together to assist disadvantaged youth in becoming productive citizens as adults. Help Support Causes in Your Community! (Click here to sign up) Did you know you can support nonprofit organizations in your community just by shopping at Kroger? It's easy when you enroll in Kroger Community Rewards®! To get started, sign up with your Plus Card below, and select a local organization you wish to support. Once you're enrolled, you'll earn rewards for your chosen organization every time you shop and use your Plus Card! Enroll now for the Kroger Community Rewards Program. And remember….all participants must re-enroll each year to continue earning rewards for their chosen organization. DIRECTIONS: 1) Go to Kroger.com; 2) Create an account or sign in; 3) Drop down the arrow at your name 4) Select “My Account” 5) Click on Community Rewards on the left side of the screen) Make a One-Time donation to DI’MANS, Inc. 32 Make a Recurring Donation (Click here)

Alternative & Holistic Health Services ORDER HERE (901) 789-4844 Congratulations! On Your New Venture, Wishing You Well! 33 CLICK HERE TO VISIT US ONLINE



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