“The rebirth of the Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee (MCMJ) continues the legacy of founder, Dr. R. Q. Venson, to expand and maintain the truth of Memphis and American history,” said MCMJ Charter Member and Tennessee General Assembly Representative Barbara Ward Cooper. “These efforts exemplify honor and respect of the strength of the African American workers’ contribution when ‘cotton was king’ and Memphis was known as the ‘Cotton Capital of the World’.” The organization’s current goals include working with the Dr. R. Q. Venson Scholarship Foundation, overseen by the recently deceased member Michael Sadler until his untimely death, to develop the Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee Museum, a pictorial history chronicling more than 5,000 pictures and artifacts documenting the MCMJ, which is most likely the oldest African American celebration in America. “The Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee celebration gave the African American people an outlet for promoting the important role blacks played in the world’s cotton market during the pre-depression era,” said MCMJ General Chairman Clyde Venson. “The MCMJ’s pictorial history will soon be incorporated into the Memphis Cotton Makers’ Jubilee Museum so the world will never forget this historical event.” The MCMJ Museum will be designed to house all of the memorabilia collected from the start of the celebration in 1936 through today. Artifacts on display will include dresses worn by the late great Lena Horne, crowns, scepters and hundreds of pictures. “As we continue working in the Memphis community along with our networks, it will provide us the opportunity to see what’s most needed and be that inspiration that we have been for the past 83 years in this great city,” said MCMJ President, Lorenzo Caldwell. “Our purpose has been to inspire and promote the well-being of our youth and our community. The true successes of the MCMJ Celebration are people like you! Thank you so much for celebrating this great occasion with us.” Continued on Page 8 7

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