TOILET PAPER TRASH WAS LEFT ON THE GROUND ALL THE WAY UP AND DOWN THE ENTIRE STREET WHAT A SHAME TOILET PAPER Every Day of the Year in my Neighborhood Post Office Box 9695 Memphis, TN 38190-0695 Dear Mr. Sanitation Worker, What makes you feel that leaving trash in front of my house is acceptable? Do you leave trash on the other side of town when you empty garbage carts in front of homes? Well, I’ve never seen any and that is because you don’t do it in certain areas. Tell me it isn't so and I’ll prove to you that it is. When you are in predominately African American neighborhoods, Mr. Sanitation Worker, please remember that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life fighting for your rights. Dr. King, as you know, was assassinated right here on these very same streets fighting for you and your co-workers and all of your predecessors to have the ability to insist you be treated like human beings (hence, the I AM A MAN signs) and not be treated like the trash you pick up for a living. For God’s sake, if not for your own, Dr. King’s, or the communities you serve, please do your job with the pride Dr. King has made it possible for you to have in being a Sanitation Worker. We are tax paying citizens and we are not going to continue to watch as you destroy the very communities you live in for lack of caring for anything other than your check. I have your pictures and will assimilate a group of concerned citizens who will follow your garbage trucks in their areas, taking pictures of your sloppiness, and turning each and everyone of you in, and demanding your immediate termination. 12

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