The Historic Orange Mound Centennial Celebration Committee and Mo the r Ma r y Mi tche l l needs your help to develop… A Pictorial and Oral History of the Orange Mound Community! Meeting Announcements forthcoming! SEEKING: Historical Pictures & Papers Business, Civic, Social, and School News Resident’s Highlights Political Highlights and more! EMAIL: HOMCCPROJECT@GMAIL.COM or Phone: (901) 300-0250 THE WHITEHAVEN CAMERA CLUB The “Whitehaven Camera Club - Memphis, TN” was founded on July 20, 2018. The group currently meets from 1 - 3 pm every other Saturday at the Whitehaven Southwest TN Community College (SWTCC) Whitehaven Campus located at 1234 Finley Drive off Elvis Presley Boulevard behind the Bank of America. Although private, the group has a presence on Facebook and welcomes new members and encourages them to ask to join. Meetings are free and open to the community at large. You are cordially invited to come by, with or without expertise, to both learn and share all things related to photography. “Different lenses do different things to an image,” said club member and long-time photographer David McGowan. “Know how your telephotos compress and your wide-angles distort. Use the best lens for your photographic vision. There are many lenses to choose from. For all your lenses, know which apertures are sharpest and know when you lose sharpness.” “Even if you don’t own a camera, bring your smartphone and a friend,” added club president, web developer/designer, tech trainer, and I’m So Tech Media Company owner Keisha Earnest. “We hope to see each of you on Saturday, November 2nd from 1- 3 pm. Whitehaven Camera Club members practice using a variety of camera lens on Saturday, September 28th. 13

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