C. BOUT FRED, FRED JONES JR. THAT IS! 3 4 (SHC), game. This year, riding on the Historic Orange Mound Centennial Committee float down Park Avenue while Facebooking live was yet another SHC first for me! And let me be the first to say that even though I had burned out two iPhone camera batteries by the time I actually saw Mr. Jones walking with the parade and couldn’t take a picture of him I told the truth when he asked, “how things were?” I replied that everything was great and that was only because I had no idea how far I had left to walk to return to the committee members home where I had parked my car and got a lift to the start of the parade from. Boy, did I have a blast getting my exercise in that day! Mr. Jones, these next few pages are dedicated to you and all the things you’ve hung in here to do, not only for you and your family, but for all of those of us who consider ourselves your extended family too. Congratulations on the street renaming, the 30th annual Southern Heritage Classic and parade, and all of the many things you personally do to make Memphis the great place it is. NEWSCENE thanks you and Ms. Carolyn for all you both do and all both of you will continue to do in our communities. God Bless You both! And congrats to the Jackson State (49-44) and the Tennessee State Tigers and for hosting the second largest SHC game audience (48,347), and for a safe and fun game day! See you September 10-12, 2020, here in Memphis, TN! For more info, please visit the Southern Heritage Classic at http://southernheritageclassic.com/events/. 19

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