Vol. 2, Issue 1 January 2020 KEEPING YOU UP-TO-DATE MONTHLY WITH THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN SHELBY COUNTY, TN i LoveShe l b yCoun ty . com LETTER FROM THE EDITOR By Yvonne D. Nelson, Ph.D., CNC NEWSCENE WISHES YOU A HAPPY PERFECT VISION YEAR! As this new year begins, let us all begin to build upon our past efforts while remaining steadfast and on the right path to achieving all that we can grasp over the next 12 months. This 20/20 year is our opportunity to see through the shrouds that used to surround us. Remove every obscurity from our paths. Give us the knowledge to understand and the ability to clearly see what normal visual acuity allows us to see. Enlighten our every move! Please remember to follow us and to subscribe online at iLoveShelbyCounty.com. For those of you who prefer hard copies, thanks for your subscriptions. Subscribe to our printed editions online for $84/year, $42/bi-annually, or purchase a single copy for the low cost of $7/month. You can call us at 901-300-0250, subscribe and/or pay online, or make your check made payable to DI’MANS, Inc. We are always looking forward to getting your emails at NEWSCENEShelbyCo@gmail.com. We can also be contacted by mail at DI’MANS, Inc. dba NEWSCENE, I Love Shelby County.com, P.O. Box 9146, Memphis, TN 38190-0146. HAPPY 2020! Now let’s do this! Thank you, BRINGING IN THE NEW YEAR THE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM of MEMPHIS WAY Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson Not long after I relocated to the mid-south with my then 8-month-old son in 1986, I discovered the Children’s Museum of Memphis (CMOM), 2525 Central Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104. CMOM, a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 “focusing on children’s development through exhibits and programs designed to support early learning,” was our favorite destination for fun in those early years. As my family grew, I returned to being a member again with my daughter, and I have and continue to occasionally take other children to visit CMOM just so they too can experience learning in a fun and entertaining atmosphere. CMOM has expanded in both size and through new and enhanced exhibits over the years making every visit as exciting as my first one. I love CMOM! I returned to CMOM on Saturday, December 28, 2019, for their “2020 New Year’s @ Noon” celebration. Coordinated by CMOM Director of Education, Avis Robinson, the event featured glowing face painting by professional face painter Continued on Page 11


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and Artist, Amy Stone, BFA ’94 of Fairys and Frogs Face Painting; a balloon artist; Music Dealer, DJ Chuuuch (Tauris Turner) monitoring the dance floor; Shelby County Schools elementary school teacher Tabitha D. Birdsong, Miss Birdsong’s Sweet Tooth co-owner and candy confections maker; fun crafts lead by CMOM employees and youth volunteers, and sheer fun for children both young and old alike. Included in the price of admission, each child in attendance received a goodie bag of candy upon arrival. CMOM Executive Director, Dr. Stewart L. Burgess, a former 4-year CMOM Board of Trustees member, took over the helm of the organization in August 2019. Possessing extensive experience and research in early learning, as a Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Burgess brings a wealth of knowledge concerning the scientific study of how and why human beings think, feel, and change or develop through their lifespans. “This actually ends up being kind of a cross section between actually designing learning spaces and designing the Burgess speaking of his cur r i cu l um,” said duties being CMOM new right in the spot where I Dr. Burgess went on to changes that have taken -four months including existing Roll Play Theatre within the facility and Manager Corey Brown. theatre is still a green dancing, but it now has a the stage takes up the includes spots for future Executive Director. “It’s want to be.” describe many of the place in the past three-to the changes made to the which were fabricated headed by Exhibits The revised roll play screen with a stage for wheelchair ramp and whole long wall and lighting and sound engineers to play. “We will begin partnering with other like-minded, nonprofit organizations that work within the scope of child development and parenting,” stated Dr. Burgess who also mentioned the museum was beefing up its grant writing. “Right now we’re looking at developmental grants that focus on electronic footprints, electric consumption, which can be very important for museums located in older buildings like these.” Dr. Burgess has plans for CMOM to include traveling exhibits in the future. The current traveling exhibit is from the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. It has been there for a while and will be leaving February 2, 2020, only to soon be replaced with another traveling exhibit. This is another way for members to experience new and old items during visits. One of CMOM’s most famous exhibits is the former LibertyLand Grand Carousel which was completely restored and enclosed in a building at its current location. The carousel is now an optional attraction for museum visitors to enjoy along with exhibits featuring local businesses that are each currently being redesigned. “We’ve increased the number of associates on the floor,” said Dr. Burgess who mentioned CMOM has enhanced it training process to ensure visiting children are fully engaged in enriched learning activities. CMOM recently launched a new tab on the website called “Learn” where parents, educators, and everyone can ask Dr. Burgess questions, and read about development and parenting. “I’m excited about this opportunity, it makes me smile all the time,” said Dr. Burgess who said he sings on the way to work and at the end of the day, if you see him in his car, you’ll probably see him singing then too! “This [position] is a gift. CMOM has a great mission. We serve ZIP Codes from all over Tennessee. This is something that I’m really passionate about. We have a lot of awesome organizations geared towards helping families in Memphis. CMOM is trying to be the place where all of those organizations can come and connect and maybe where we can all begin to combine our efforts.” CMOM, where learning is child’s play, is open 7 days a week from 9A-5P. The museum is only closed three days a year – Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. The H2Oh! Splash Park and Dinosaur Dig exhibits are open 10A-5P daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day only. Due to high traffic volume, the museum occasionally has to close for events at the Liberty Bowl Station which would be posted on the website in advance in addition to days where school trips are planned. The museum is located at the intersection of Central Avenue at Hollywood Street in Memphis, TN and can be reached by calling (901) 458-2678. 11

Kroger turned Superlo Grand Opening Story & Pictures By Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson When Kroger announced it was closing its location at 2269 Lamar in Memphis, TN as of February 3, 2018, the historic Orange Mound community went into action. “We have had a Kroger in the Orange Mound community since I was a little girl, said Orange Mound historian Mary Mitchell. “For over 90 years the people of Orange Mound have supported Kroger stores to the tune of $90 billion dollars.” According to the company’s official press release, the facility, which was one of two that had been sited to close, had B. been operating at a deficit amounting to nearly $3 million dollars over its last three-to-four years of operation. The release also mentioned that all 137 displaced employees would be offered positions at local stores that would were not affected by the closures. Stepherson, Inc. is locally operated business founded by Jack, Wesley, and Kenneth Stepherson in 1944. In October 2010, Stepherson’s, called Superlo because they believe in super low prices, became an employeeowned corporation with the inception of its employee stock ownership program. “Superlo is an employee-owned store chain,” said Mitchell who attended the grand opening on December 4th. “This is the first time in Kroger’s 136-year history that they have given over one million dollars to any one community. My thanks go out to Kroger, Superlo and to everyone else who worked on this project including our pastors and political friends, UFCW Local 1529 members Richard Slayton and Rose Turner; my grandson, Kristen D. Jones; and Cheryl Scales, a generational Orange Mound family descendent. It is because of their hard work that this dream is now a reality.” 12

C. 3 Real Women Rock w/ Pastor Andrews Smith 4 VISIT—Click to hear the AUDIO or watch the VIDEO version of the event. Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson REAL WOMEN ROCK LifeClass is a “dialogue about the D. characteristics of what a real woman should be.” The series, designed by Pastor Andrews Smith, Founder of Believers Unite Worldwide Church, 2725 S. Mendenhall Road, Suite 23, Memphis, TN 38115, is designed to make women think and describes the nine (9) phases of being a woman in today’s complicated society. “Everyone is not as encouraged, motivated, and think they are as beautiful as you do,” exclaimed Smith. “Will you marry a man who puts his mother before you?” Through biblical text and common sense, Smith guides women into learning to be the powerful helpers God made them. “Men know only four types of women,” said Smith. “Those who will give it away, those who will sell it, those who will use it to get what they want, and those who will save it for the right one. Which one are you?” 13

Where does the Historic Deaderick Cemetery Begin and End? Pictures and Story by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson If you don’t know where to look for the old Deaderick Family Cemetery on Park Avenue, you might drive right past it without seeing it because that’s exactly what I did the morning of Wednesday, December 11, 2019. I had been invited to the area to witness the beginnings of an archeological excavation that would be searching for unmarked burial sites. “I can remember walking past here going to and from school with my friends growing up,” said Orange Mound historian and long-time resident Mary Mitchell. “We would usually act like we were scared and run past until one day when one of my friends ran into the street and was almost hit by a passing vehicle. That was the last time we played that game.” Mitchell says the cemetery used to extend for several blocks, but it is now just a small plot of land with a wrought-iron fence blocking off some gravesites of descendants of the famous family buried there. “Many of the bodies were exhumed and moved to Elmwood (Cemetery) when it opened in the early 50’s,” said Mitchell. “We are not sure when the two houses east of this plot were built, but we know they haven’t always been here. I can also remember two sisters whose home was on the cemetery grounds. They were treated as being part of the community.” Present for the dig was Guy G. Weaver, ABD, founder, general manager, and senior archaeologist at Weaver and Associates. Weaver, an adjunct professor at the University of Memphis and consultant to the archaeology program at PHOTO By Yvonne D. Nelson 14

Rhodes College saw the need to come out of his semi-retired status to participate in the dig because he was 99.9% sure he would find human remains outside the fenced area. “Once we get things cleaned up we will be able to prove beyond the shadow of the doubt that there are graves outside of the fenced enclosure,” Weaver said. “We believe this very driveway and this large concrete space could have been poured over graves at some point in the past.” Dr. Cynthia Sadler, an instructor of history at Southwest Tennessee Community College and Community Engagement Consultant, greatly assisted the area to become a Preserve America Community, a White House initiative that “recognizes communities that preserve, protect, and celebrate their heritage, use their historic assets for economic development and community revitalization, and encourage residents to experience and appreciate local historic resources through education and heritage tourism.” “Orange Mound is the only African American community in the State of Tennessee to have this designation,” said Dr. Sadler, a historian with the Memphis Heritage Trail. “I am committed to preserving tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Through oral histories, archival research, and other methodologies, I work with neighborhoods to preserve and promote cultural assets that can contribute to civic engagement, empowerment, stewardship, and cultural tourism. The dig discovered one unmarked grave outside the fence on day one and several native American artifacts were uncovered on day two. Additional work, to continue in the spring, will include placing an historic marker at the site. 15

Meeting on Lead in Our Water Supplies Chef Precious Jones Catering and Entertainment Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson Memphis Merit Academy Charter School, 4775 American Way, Memphis, TN 38118, where Lakenna Booker is the founder and Head of School, was the location of an informative session on lead Saturday, December 14, 2019. Topics discussed included lead at home vs. lead at schools, lead in fixtures vs. lead in pipes, and work done in the State of California which has made it completely lead free as well as work done by the DC Sierra Club Environmental and Climate Justice Committee, the Black Swan Academy, Empower DC, NAACP DC Chapter and others towards eradicating lead, especially in low-income populated areas. Test results continue to indicate corrective action is in great need, especially in older, inner-city areas. Since all children must benefit, it has been recommended that it is imperative for amendments to reach children. The event was attended by several representatives from various groups including Aramis Jones (pictured left at the event’s paid food truck vendor) and Erica Williams of Memphis Urban Young Professionals and radio personality Katie Riordan of WKNO. Event speakers included Stephanie Cage of Rhodes College and Susanne Jackson. Also present and participating were Black Millennials President, LaTricea Adams, and Michelle Mabson, Staff Scientist, Healthy Communities, Washington, DC (pictured above). Visit GETTHELEADOUTMEMPHIS.ORG for local info. 16

Above: Environmental field expert Chet Kibble, a certified training manager for state approved lead training programs and local environmental teacher (center) and program participants listen to Founder Booker discuss how lead policies affect Charter Schools. Below (left) Event volunteer Erica Williams greeted visitors as they arrived at the Memphis Merit Academy Charter School on Saturday, December 14, 2019, for a discussion on lead. (Right) LaTricea Adams explains the bill that regulates the testing for lead in school water supplies should be stronger and why testing should happen more often than annually especially in inner-city schools. 17

Middle Baptist Church Middle Baptist Church, where the Rev. Elartrice Only If You’re 60+ Banquet Ingram Jr. was called to succeed Rev. Lester Baskin who retired in 2016, after serving as Senior Pastor for 44 years, held its 60+ Banquet for seasoned church members on Saturday, December 7, 2019, in the church’s Family Life Center located at 801 Whitehaven Lane in Memphis, TN. Catered by Charlotte Bond, Joel White, and members of Bear’s Catering, 3155 Radford Road, the event featured a full course meal, dessert, and a beverage. The program began with a few award presentations and volunteer members of the Middle Baptist Youth Usher Program including Briana Webber, 13, an 8th grader at Freedom Prep; Amelia Wright, 12, a 6th grader at Freedom Prep; Torian Redden, 8, from Whitehaven Elementary School; and Daelon Harrison, 12, a 7th grader at John P. Freeman Optional School were among the youth who carried prepared plates, desserts, and beverages to members by table. After all the dinners had been served, the youth retreated to a nearby room where they dined too. The program included a presentation by the Drama and Puppet Ministry performers Ryan Thompson, Elatris Estell, and Karen Green and concluded with $150.00 gift checks being presented to several members in attendance, including Katherine Cole who was the first person to arrive wearing royalty purple and who has been a member at Middle Baptist Church in Whitehaven all 48 years of her life. Also on hand for security was Theo Garner, President of the #1 Usher Ministry and Safety and Security Director at Middle Baptist Church in Whitehaven; Social Action Ministry member Leon Sullivan; and Middle Baptist Church members, friends, relatives, and guests which included mothers’ Rosetta Jordan and Elnora Harris; James and Shirley Holliday; Charles Wade; N L and Sarah Joseph; Willie and Sandra Brooks; Phyllis Roy; Renee Washington; Nedra Baskin and mom, Barbara Nunn; Alice Buford; Essie Robinson, and John W. James. The event ended with the providing of lovely purple tote bags with handles engraved with an angle blowing stars from a trumpet-like horn with the number 60+, the year 2019, and the words MIDDLE BAPTIST CHURCH WHITEHAVEN in all capital letters to every member, friend, guest, and relative in attendance. Everyone wished each other a blessed afternoon knowing many would be headed back the next day for Sunday School at 9:30 and/or Worship at 11 AM. 18 D.





Story and Pictures By Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson Kwanzaa is a seven-day cultural festival that begins on December 26 and runs through January 1. Created by Professor of Africana Studies, Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966, Kwanzaa is a pan-African holiday which celebrates “family, community, and culture.” There are seven (7) principles of Kwanzaa (Nguzo Saba) that, during the holiday, activities are organized around. They are: Day 1 (Umoja) or Unity; Day 2 (Kujichagulia) or Self-Determination; Day 3 (UjimaI) Collective Work and Responsibility; Day 4 (Ujamaa) Cooperative Economics; Day 5 (Nia) Purpose; Day 6 (KuumbaI) Creativity; and Day 7 (Imani) Faith. Along with other cultural values that form the basis for Kwanzaa, feasts (karamu), music, dance, poetry, narratives and a day of reflection and recommitment to Nguzo Saba is the preferred way to end the week-long celebration. For more information on Kwanzaa and its origin, visit OfficialKwanzaaWebsite.org or contact Osupa Moon at (901) 237-1705. Dr . Mau l ana Ka r enga 23

3rd annual South Memphis Toy Extravaganza with J.B. Smiley Jr.,Esq Story and Pictures By Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson, CNC The South Memphis Toy Extravaganza, a concept birthed by recently elected District 8.1 City of Memphis Councilman J.B. Smiley Jr., hosted his third annual Christmas gift giveaway on Saturday, December 21, 2019. The event, designed to make sure every child in South Memphis had a gift for Christmas, had children and their parents lined up outside the Gaston Community Center, 1048 Walker Avenue, Memphis, TN 38106, in anticipation of taking a picture with Santa and receiving a gift from Attorney Smiley. “We will provide entertainment, food, and gifts to at least 250 kids,” said Smiley, who was hoping for a good turnout. “This event is all about the community and the kids that live in it. If you know of a family with young children who could potentially go without this Christmas season, please tell them about this event.” Memphis Police Department Officer J. Bitz helped control the crowd at the front door as South Memphis Toy 14 15 Extravaganza volunteer Lynn Williams counted the children who came to see Santa and to receive a gift. Over 300 children showed up and no one went home without something. “For the third year in a row the South Memphis Toy Extravaganza brought joy, happiness, and entertainment to the children of a place I am privileged to call home, Memphis, TN,” said Smiley who actually had items left over to give away after everyone had been served. “We have two wireless tower speakers, one stage speaker, and two wireless cellphone chargers all with Bluetooth capacity; one Huffy three-wheel Green Machine, and one 35” x 25” x 6” Air Hockey table remaining.” These items were available through Smiley’s personal Facebook page. Eligibility required participants to “Like” his page, share the status of the giveaways, pick a number from one to 500, and post the number chosen under the posting. The winner was decided by a random drawing at 6 PM CST that evening. Ties would be determined by the time the submission was received and the event was only open to individuals residing in Memphis and/or Shelby County, Tennessee. At last report, Attorney Smiley was in the process of scheduling drop off times for Facebook friends and gift winners, Certified Tasheka Reed, Tananaree Conklin, Kamillia Sargent, Tiesha Smith, Yvonne Brown, Natty Trey, and Tanya Sims. Congratulations are in order for everyone involved. To the family, Ms. Jackie and JB Sr., mentor Carl Johnson and all the friends and supporters of Attorney JB Smiley Jr., and to the volunteers and donors who helped make year three a huge success including—Lacretia Carroll, Felecia Hyman, Destini Booker, Aisha Butler, Tyranese Dandridge, Sequoia Finney, Zena Jordan, Tyrhonda Hyman and daughter Madison Hyman, Amber Sherman, John Knight for representing Southwest Tennessee Community College (SWTCC), Assistant Gaston Community Center Directors Shawn Boyd and Awendell Gordon, DJ IB John Doe, Jay Shipp and Jeremy Grier, Owner of ibounce Rentals. 24




W0RLD OVERCOMERS OUTREACH MINISTRIES CHURCH A CHRISTMAS PLAY: A FAMILIES LOVE IS FOREVER Story and Pictures By Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson, On Sunday, December 22, 2019, the World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church Memphis Campus Music and Arts Ministries performed a Christmas play entitled, “A Families Love is Forever.” The theme focused around the variety of issues families experience— Health, Wealth, and Sickness; the Lying Neighbor with Personal Issues; Sibling Rivalry, Unfaithfulness, and Marital Issues; The Bad Cooking Aunt who always brings the watery potato salad, and the Brother who can’t keep his mouth shut; the Unwanted but Adopted One, and more. After going through numerous scenes depicting these issues and a few more, the family learns that their matriarch has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and that she has been covering it up and no one knew. When the family was faced with this instant crisis, everything became small in their eyes and they started acting sensible and letting the petty stuff go. The story ends with everyone, mother and daughter, husband and wife, sister and sister, and even the worrisome neighbor turning over a new leaf and beginning to act their ages and like they had good sense. The play included a Sunday School performance featuring the Youth Choir. Please enjoy these scenes from the play and visit WOOMC to watch the entire production online! 28


DID YOU KNOW? There are several moneyless ways you can support nonprofits like DI’MANS, Inc. dba NEWSCENE and the McCorkle Road Neighborhood Development Association, Inc. of Memphis (serving all of ZIP Code 38116). When you shop at Kroger you can, AT NO COST TO YOU, support DI’MANS, Inc. by enrolling in the Community Rewards Program and earning rewards for DI’MANS every time you shop! Visit Kroger.com/ communityrewards and support Organization #DN098. Smile.Amazon.com is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, again, AT NO COST TO YOU, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to DI’MANS Inc., the charitable organization of choice. Email us at NEWSCENESHELBYCO@gmail.com for details today! 30

Memphis City Council Representatives for Fiscal Years 2020-2024 ...as of November 21, 2019 Photo Credit: City of Memphis, TN (Seated from left) Incumbent Ford Canale, Super District 9-2, *Dr. Jeff Warren, Super District 9-3, Incumbent Cheyenne Johnson, Super District 8-2, (center standing) Incumbent and newly-elected Chair, Patrice Robinson, District 3; Incumbent Jamita Swearengen, District 4, Incumbent Martavius Jones, Super District 8-3; Incumbent Frank Colvett Jr., District 2; (Standing, from left) Incumbent Worth Morgan, District 5; *J.B. Smiley Jr., Super District 8-1; *Rhonda Logan, District 1 (formerly Sherman Greer); *Michalyn EasterThomas, District 7 (formerly Berlin Boyd); *Edmund Ford Sr., District 6 (formerly Geraldine ‘Gerre’ Currie who ran for Super District 8-1 but lost), and *Chase Carlisle, Super District 9-1. *Donates newly-elected council member Questionable things in Memphis?!! VIEW FROM RIVERSIDE DRIVE... 31

CFC #46643 AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. Location: Memphis, TN | Year Founded: 2009 DI’MANS, Inc. (Click here) to shop at SMILE.AMAZON.COM Mission: DI'MANS, Inc. was formed to establish a positive, proactive force in the fight against juvenile crime and juvenile delinquency. The goal of DI'MANS, Inc. is to bring adults dedicated to positively shaping future generations together to assist disadvantaged youth in becoming productive citizens as adults. Help Support Causes in Your Community! (Click here to sign up) Did you know you can support nonprofit organizations in your community just by shopping at Kroger? It's easy when you enroll in Kroger Community Rewards®! To get started, sign up with your Plus Card below, and select a local organization you wish to support. Once you're enrolled, you'll earn rewards for your chosen organization every time you shop and use your Plus Card! Enroll now for the Kroger Community Rewards Program. And remember….all participants must re-enroll each year to continue earning rewards for their chosen organization. DIRECTIONS: 1) Go to Kroger.com; 2) Create an account or sign in; 3) Drop down the arrow at your name 4) Select “My Account” 5) Click on Community Rewards on the left side of the screen) Make a One-Time donation to DI’MANS, Inc. 32 Make a Recurring Donation (Click here)

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