C. 3 Real Women Rock w/ Pastor Andrews Smith 4 VISIT—Click to hear the AUDIO or watch the VIDEO version of the event. Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson REAL WOMEN ROCK LifeClass is a “dialogue about the D. characteristics of what a real woman should be.” The series, designed by Pastor Andrews Smith, Founder of Believers Unite Worldwide Church, 2725 S. Mendenhall Road, Suite 23, Memphis, TN 38115, is designed to make women think and describes the nine (9) phases of being a woman in today’s complicated society. “Everyone is not as encouraged, motivated, and think they are as beautiful as you do,” exclaimed Smith. “Will you marry a man who puts his mother before you?” Through biblical text and common sense, Smith guides women into learning to be the powerful helpers God made them. “Men know only four types of women,” said Smith. “Those who will give it away, those who will sell it, those who will use it to get what they want, and those who will save it for the right one. Which one are you?” 13

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