Meeting on Lead in Our Water Supplies Chef Precious Jones Catering and Entertainment Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson Memphis Merit Academy Charter School, 4775 American Way, Memphis, TN 38118, where Lakenna Booker is the founder and Head of School, was the location of an informative session on lead Saturday, December 14, 2019. Topics discussed included lead at home vs. lead at schools, lead in fixtures vs. lead in pipes, and work done in the State of California which has made it completely lead free as well as work done by the DC Sierra Club Environmental and Climate Justice Committee, the Black Swan Academy, Empower DC, NAACP DC Chapter and others towards eradicating lead, especially in low-income populated areas. Test results continue to indicate corrective action is in great need, especially in older, inner-city areas. Since all children must benefit, it has been recommended that it is imperative for amendments to reach children. The event was attended by several representatives from various groups including Aramis Jones (pictured left at the event’s paid food truck vendor) and Erica Williams of Memphis Urban Young Professionals and radio personality Katie Riordan of WKNO. Event speakers included Stephanie Cage of Rhodes College and Susanne Jackson. Also present and participating were Black Millennials President, LaTricea Adams, and Michelle Mabson, Staff Scientist, Healthy Communities, Washington, DC (pictured above). Visit GETTHELEADOUTMEMPHIS.ORG for local info. 16

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