Memphis City Council Representatives for Fiscal Years 2020-2024 ...as of November 21, 2019 Photo Credit: City of Memphis, TN (Seated from left) Incumbent Ford Canale, Super District 9-2, *Dr. Jeff Warren, Super District 9-3, Incumbent Cheyenne Johnson, Super District 8-2, (center standing) Incumbent and newly-elected Chair, Patrice Robinson, District 3; Incumbent Jamita Swearengen, District 4, Incumbent Martavius Jones, Super District 8-3; Incumbent Frank Colvett Jr., District 2; (Standing, from left) Incumbent Worth Morgan, District 5; *J.B. Smiley Jr., Super District 8-1; *Rhonda Logan, District 1 (formerly Sherman Greer); *Michalyn EasterThomas, District 7 (formerly Berlin Boyd); *Edmund Ford Sr., District 6 (formerly Geraldine ‘Gerre’ Currie who ran for Super District 8-1 but lost), and *Chase Carlisle, Super District 9-1. *Donates newly-elected council member Questionable things in Memphis?!! VIEW FROM RIVERSIDE DRIVE... 31

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