W0RLD OVERCOMERS OUTREACH MINISTRIES CHURCH A CHRISTMAS PLAY: A FAMILIES LOVE IS FOREVER Story and Pictures By Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson, On Sunday, December 22, 2019, the World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church Memphis Campus Music and Arts Ministries performed a Christmas play entitled, “A Families Love is Forever.” The theme focused around the variety of issues families experience— Health, Wealth, and Sickness; the Lying Neighbor with Personal Issues; Sibling Rivalry, Unfaithfulness, and Marital Issues; The Bad Cooking Aunt who always brings the watery potato salad, and the Brother who can’t keep his mouth shut; the Unwanted but Adopted One, and more. After going through numerous scenes depicting these issues and a few more, the family learns that their matriarch has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and that she has been covering it up and no one knew. When the family was faced with this instant crisis, everything became small in their eyes and they started acting sensible and letting the petty stuff go. The story ends with everyone, mother and daughter, husband and wife, sister and sister, and even the worrisome neighbor turning over a new leaf and beginning to act their ages and like they had good sense. The play included a Sunday School performance featuring the Youth Choir. Please enjoy these scenes from the play and visit WOOMC to watch the entire production online! 28

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