1988 - Prairie High School Yearbook V. 31 Your Name Here

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Welcome to i College Community School District v x 401 76th Avenue S.W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 U.S.A. 1987-1988 Volume 31 Sign of the Times 1 HAWK

CONTENT Introduction Seniors Juniors Sophomores Academics Clubs Sports Activities .... MiniMag Student Life Ads Index Conclusion _ l HAWK Content Sign of the Times 3 9 27 43 59 79 ' 91 129 151 155 160 166 174

I ) ft p 4- . M£ome jj) JAI\ \ 0 ILU 71nn in, Q KnAoTW ' fig >v JLA m 0 ^)Thnni n 10 U.A £ In) Ayirl Is) KJP^P CM 7?) Mn uP. v . /O) P J I I A O * . li) jYYsk / ^ J) tdhjQ, lAjkk ! li) i t i x r r?D) r# S/gn 0/ the Times HAWK Goals ' 3 V?)a \h\ N A C) QAAH \ Til^ifVinXn 0 umbKo , noOn QA . A , h(Q^ jL ^nd /jfl jXfi AMjadl nOp , j \L /5j 'ZjniQmo , rruoU P[Q£ < tyi ^ . r\A up . * (-V PAJ\ aJ)nr\c ^ ^SbJh T L i V 1 , rfdjLxA .hankloj AD I I /YU ^ . 0 ^ i r\ tolo yi , ivy v o » D y\d-d1 ^nl.r) ^Y{XA ^ ^ t o nj- n Hro r} ^ 77-)» yYu t - . V I A.n JT\OJL . <ncfyiQ/) olrt/lQd AJ / ftP7

Favorite Extracurricular By Dyanna Quillin and By Julie Eden The time is 12:45. After making a mad dash to the lockers, and out to the parkng lot, we head for Handi- Mart. Following the ridiculous speed limit of 25 MPH going east on 76th Ave, it takes forever to get to the stop sign. . Once on Kirkwood Blvd., the car is allowed to pick - up the wopping speed of 45 MPH. We pulled in to the HandiMart at 12:49, scramble inside, and purchase pop and candy (the usual!). After paying Karen B., the Handi- Mart clerk, we high tailed it to the car. At 12:52 we make our de - Activity parture for our final destination of PHS. At 12:58 the car pulls into the already full parking lot, and at 1:00 we reach the top of the stairs. Mission accomplished! Ooops! Have to pay for the goods before running back to school. Two students sneak out on their free time to make the famous “ Handi Mart Run” Decisions, Decisions. Trying to decide what to get is not an easy thing to do. A very large, ice cold soda sure will hit the spot! 4 HAWK Intro Sign of the Times

V Some of the students really enjoy soda pop. After a while though, the cans start collecting. Fishing gear was some of the sporting equipment found in cars. Others were softball/baseball/football and golf equipment. Broken sunglasses appear on a favorite pillow. 1 CONTENTS OF LOCKERS AND CARS PROVE INTERESTING By Julie Eden It was a normal spring day at Prairie High School and just out of curiosity itwas de cided to find out what filled the lockers and cars ofthe students here. So after a leisurely walk through the parking lot peeking in the windows and through hatchbacks, a few discoveries were made, here they are: sunglasses, a variety of bags from McDonalds, Hardees, Wendys, and Burger King, glasses from HandiMart and Quick Trip, gym clothes (who knows how long This locker holds many memories. Pictures and souveniers line the inside to they have been there!), shoes, an umbrella, a blanket, a coolform a “ lived in” look. - er, and even a pair of snow boots. However, the lockers were There was a book of far more intresting than the cars. blank passes, an orange Hi-C box which has probably fermented by now, many books, a prom dress, old wrapping paper, candy, and wrappers, gum, notes, and stuffed ani - mals. The contents have changed and will keep changing over the years but there will be one thing that will be in big de mand as long as this school will be here - the pink pass! Sign of the Times _ HAWK Intro 5 -

Pet Peeves Of Prairie By Dyanna Quillin and By Julie Eden Different people have different things that irritate them. For some it may be a little thing, for others it takes more to grate their nerves. Either way, pet peeves add humor and excitement to people’s lives. Some of the more common irritants litterally “ grate the nerves, ” such as Fingernails on the chalkboard, the clearing ofthe sinus area by way of the throat, and when someone goes into detail about a horror movie while trying to eat lunch. There are other pet peeves that don’t makenerves crawl. The person who apologizes profusely, even when nothing happened to apologize for. Parents who constantly nag to get something done, even after it is done. Little kids who repeat everything they hear, right after they hear it . Sometimes things happen that can’t be controlled, such as animals, especially cats, walking right underfoot. The big one is when someone gets into the bathtub to soak and relax, and just as they get in, the phone rings! J Having a serious discussion is Rob Bleakley jr. , Dean Meisha sr., and Chad Kloubec sr. esm m [ f I Lynnette Tjelmeland sr., thinking howshe’ll miss the seniorclass, asshe looks at their pictures. , Sign of the Times 0 HAWK Intro Surprise! Catching Mrs. Reed off guard as she types on the computer. ’’Have you seen Mr. Wessel?” asks Barb Pulver jr . fed P W# W £ 'fat*

WELCOME TO THE "TIMES" By Dyanna Quillin Hello there! We are using this space to say a few words to you, the reader. First of all, we hope you will enjoy this book. Many hours were spent putting this book together. Let us tell you, it wasn’t all fun and games. Many times things would happen that really slowed us down, such as, pictures that didn’t get taken, copy that didn’t come back, negatives that got ruined,copy that came back but it was the wrong size, you know, that sort of thing. Second, we’d like to say that everyone is in the yearbookwe hope!) If you are not in the mug shot section, then you are probably in a candid shot. We honestly tried to get everyone in the book at least once. Lastly, we’d like to give you some definitions that may come in handy later in life. OptnCojnpttV fhtrc'b \ no such Vh' m -ve. area. . * Ictiesjng- sh'eVoycallu pi*603 paper productsi i$ard,oXnidjal,h> ' H ^ in schooT Yearbook staff looking over the copy that came back the wrong size. 10 cc WELCOWE TO THE V<*taVion- kVimt +0 do all +ht +h’if *s ^ou. couAArVt do TIMES Honutwork 4ht school work done onehour before class , rccVbtr fhitrv ocV home . 5 / \jJ Sign of the Times HAWK Intro 1 Photo editor, Jon Sweet sr, busy finding photos that will work.

1988- 1989 Cheerleaders “ We finally did it!” Matt Kulish, Shawn Slezak, Dean MelTrudy Vandivier attacking Anna Harvey. Helping out in the library. Jeff EllifT notices the camera in the cafeteria. Discussing a problem are Terry McGinn and Tami Dreahouse. Trying to do her work is Jill Weldon. g Sign ofthe Times HAWK Pictures Deb Tomas walking into the locker room. Jason Pyne jr., demonstrating the finer points.

SENIORS Mrs. Britcher comment s to Dyanna Quillan about her"flower child” dress for hippy day during Homecoming Week. Brian Boots is deep in thought during Mr Bogner’s class. Lori Hartzler and Peggy Wright kickin’ back between classes. Mr. S eine announce, the Academic Achieve*during . ,he awards assembly. by Peggy Wright The Senior Class of 1988 Lori Hartzler, sr, says, “ It’s There are 204 students in the The graduating class of new people unless they President : 988 is the 27th class to grad _ _ ate from College Commum - - ty.This is the final stepfor the kind of neat that we are the students at Prairie. Many of oniy community in Cedar s have attended College Rapids with five schools in Community Schools since we were in kindergarten. our district built so close to one another. been boring, we never got the class of’88, with the class offichance to meet very many cers being as follows: Steve Vlcko moved into the district!” But, Vice President. Rita Mitchell on the other hand, I think it’s Sec/Treasurer w Mioho I -Joe Mlchael Class Sponsors Cathy Wilson James Kimball Sign ofthe Times ~ HAWK Seniors ?

Jennifer Adams Jody Altenhofen Kristy Anderson Steve Ashbacker Jay Atwood Angela Avenson Dave Bark Jeffrey Barta Amy Becicka Debbie Benda Larry Bennett Joe Bentley Brian Bistricky Joel Blum Karleen Boardman 10 Sign of the Times HAWK Seniors Kevin Bockenstedt

Bryan Boots Doug Bowersox David Boyle Bill Brown Brenda Buresh Tina Burgett Shane Burlingame Amy Carlson Dean Cech Ann Cerveny Mike Cerveny Michelle Christensen Bryan Christopherson Jim Coleman Wendy Cronbaugh Carla Cross Sign of the Times 1 1 HAWK Seniors

Scott Davidson Chari Davis Colemon Dean Jeanette DeMoss Joann Dighton Maria Duffe Kristen Duke Julie Eden * Mary Ehrle Christa Emerson Jody Engledow Brenda Feldmann NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Angela Frey Shane Funk < 1 Z HAWK Seniors ^ Sign of the Times Ted Garnett Damon Garrels

Jeanne Garrett Eileen Gatrelle Tim Gavin Darrin Goodreau Carrie Gordon Chris Hansen Kendra Hanzlik Craig Hardin b 1i 4 Lori Hartzler Melissa Harvey Jenny Hayes m Cherie Heaverlo Craig Heither Pam Henkels Dawn Hoefer Lance Holeton Sign ofthe Times i 0 HAWK Seniors 1 J

Cheryl Houser fT\ JT i Richard Hronik Holly Hultman Sarah Humble Teena James Tiffany Janey Michael Jarvis Chad Johnson Jeff Johnson Sheryl Johnson Tim Johnson Tony Jones Troy Jones Tony Josifek 14 Sign of the Times HAWK Seniors Jason Juett Joe Karasek

Robb Keeney Kelly Kies Lori Kinnison Chad Kloubec Tricia Kriegel Jeff Krob Jodi Krotz Matt Kulish Randy Lamparek Mary LaMar Debra Lampe Stephanie Larsen Kari Lehmkuhl Traci Levien Cindy Lint Sign of the Times HAWK Seniors i 4 - 1^

Carie Liston Ed Loehr Misty Loney Paul Long Dan Marak Paula Marlow Tara Martin Lori McClelland U f Mike McCoy Terry McGinn Bruce McMurrin Dale McMurrin Dean Melsha Brian Merfeld t C Sign ofthe Times 1 0 HAWK Seniors Roger Merta Julie Meyer

Walter Meyer Joe Michel Steven Miller Rita Mitchell Kelly Montague Greg Mulherin Richard Munson Jaasen Munson Dutch Neely Heather Nelson David Netolicky Cathy Neuhaus Mark Nierling Jamie Norhtrup Robert Novak Sign of the Times HAWK Seniors 17

John O Dell Brian Ollinger Shelly Osborn Mike Panos Cathy Peiffer Mike Pence Saundra Pettijohn Barbara Petersen Brenda Platten Lori Plotz Dean Pospisil Scott Primrose Robert Prunty Dyanna Quillin 1 8 Sign of the Times HAWK Seniors Ricky Rigel Heath Rinderknecht

Luis Roca Robb Rucker Jennifer RummeUs Don Sankot $ Brian Schrader Jodi Schropp Michelle See Jason Selk Mike Shebetka Melinda Sheely *1 Tim Shelton Jason Shetterly 4 4* 1 r Stacy Sigmund Lisa Singleton Doug Slagle Ken Slaton Sign of the Times i Q HAWK Seniors

Shawn Slezak Lisa Smith Molly Smyth Randy Staab Holly Stallman Cory Steele Judy Steichen NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Kim Stephen Jon Stewart Corey Stohs Angie Stolba Scott Sanborn Camille Stratton 20 Sign of the Times HAWK Seniors Denise Sutphin Janet Sweet

J Jon Sweet Aundra Swenka Gary Tilton Lonnie Tjelmeland Lynnette Tjelmeland Wendy Tonneson Darcy Turecek Michelle Valentine April Vandeusen Shawn Vandivier Cory Vanweelden Stacy Vaill Steve Vlcko James Walderbach Jill Weldon Jessica Wiebold

NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Chad Williams Traci Williams Micheal Winders James Wolfe Angela Wright Peggy Wright Lee Young Pi Lsr r Melissa Zach w m m Alyson Zvacek Luis Rocca Angela Hickey Matt King 22 Sign of the Times HAWK Seniors Becca Reed Jeanne Zach

Although many seniorsskipped school on May 20th, notTHESEGUYS!“ THOSEGUYS” in Miss Duffy’s Mass Media class meets “ THOSE GUYSIN THE MORNING” Gle Gardner. Gardner, director ofKRNA 93.9 radio, broadcast live from the Prairie High parking lot and spoke to the 2 Mass Media classes. THESEGUYS:Joe Karasek, Kristen Duke, Melissa Harvey, Mike Pence, Jon Stewart, Tim Gavin, Glen Gardner, and Brian Merfeld. 1 w , sr. (Or is it just because we’re watching?) / i V 4 Zach-:n Bockenstedt sr, isn’t so sure he likes getting a hug from Melissa Kt Jodie Krotz shows her love and affection for a popular lady in school, Phyl Britcher. Sign ofthe Times HAWK Seniors 2 3

2"j e _ •ZZ.-rr ' 13V mi ,4 •v' If Xrji m ' - — M 150] 74 • %" oj the Times HAWK Seniors 3& 140 - 4 } xi AfS ( I / 40 /v % / / . ty . \ 143 - - ) t ' W'V .1,• iVi ®, % K f f Kou've Come A Long Way Baby !

( Andrle r= just camera L; shyjin Ranae ^ Atkinson n Lisa Avis Rob Keeney sr.. ” So vou feel like gar *Photograph not available Richard Bails - Heath Rinderknecht sr., Melissa Zach sr., Matt Kulish sr., ’’Where’s your pass?” Summer Time What do people do during the summer? Some people like to go to the drive in, as Michelle Valentine sr. says T love to go there because it’s a place to hang out.‘ Cruising is another past - time during thesummer. People like to drive up and down 1st Avenue,T like cruise in the caddy’ said Charles Roh Jason Ballard ibseniwhen pictures were taken - lena, jr. Some people also like to go fishing and camping. Drew Anthony Burger jr., concentrating as usual. Fisher jr said,’I enjoy fishing and camping, friends.’ wi th rny K.C. Lanejr., and Luis Rocasr., working on the computers. Gene Barrette Mindy Barta o Sign of the Times HAWK Juniors Wayne Bascom Jill Behrens Amy Bergdale Anthony Berger Susan Birch Marna Andrle Marca Andrle Tracy Anderson Anderson Anderson

Scott Blanchard Robert Bleakley Jacqueline Bliss Boddicker Michelle Borwig Susan Bowersox Fred Boxa Kathy Braun Diane Zalesky jr., catching up on some homework. Christine Brecht Terry Bys jr., ” We finally caught ya!” John Buresh Phil’s nose! Mike Pence sr„and Shawn Slezak sr., help Mr. Grabe keep the study hall down to a dull roar. Richard Burgin De Ann Carlson Jamie Cannon Greg Canning Tern Bys Kenny Bym Laura Buwalda Matthew Buscher /

Car ey Carnahan Dana Center Dan Chadima Lori Monica Chalupsky Christensen Christina Claassen Frank Coleson Kim Coleson Absent when pictures were taken Kristi Conner Diane Zaleskyjr, and Shirly Vanthernoutjr, studing hard. Dating Where Do You Go? Photograph not available Michael Cooper Where would you takea girl on a date? Lonnie T. said, ”1 would take her to a movie and out to eat.” People like to go to movies or go bowling. Ted Garnnet said, ”1 would take her to a movie and out for ice cream.” Guys also can take their date to a school function for something to do. People also like to rent movies, ” I’d rather rent movies because they are cheaper,” said Chris Reid. Smile Joe Mu Craft ^ ftCUi/alh Dan Cross ~ A 3U HAWK Juniors Paula Cross Sign ofthe Times \ \ cl.sr. we caught you! Sarah Humble,sr, checking for mpiey! SJiPtP Lisa Cummings Steven Daugherty Troy Davis Timothy Dav Kristin Delfs I Brenda Buresh,sr, working on her math. J

J ' Shelly Dennis H£?n|iH!f Susan Dietz Rob Dort Angie Driscoll Deanna Dziewanowski Trent Eadie Trent Eidemiller Troy Eidemiller > v Photograph notavailable Ben Engel Jody Engeldow sr„goes to Mr. Grabe for assistance. Marci Andrle jr., Becky Kunz jr., and Joey Santee jr. , measuring in chemetry class. Jonas Everett Connie Reading quietly is Kyle Kalous jr., Ugene Barrot jr., as Mary Rita Myers observes. PilPI Drew fisher Aren Fisher Mike Finn Fangmann Absent when pictures were taken \ Finger. Brad Deanne Feller Sign of the Times o i HAWK Juniors 1

7?FT Trudy Foubert Leigh Franc John Garrels Rodney Glandon Eugene Goodrich Shannon Greenman ^here are you On the weekends Philip Gruwell What do most kids do on the weekends? some kids have to work as Stacy Vial says,“ I hate having to work.” Some kids go out with their friends or go to the school functions. As Charlie Roh lena says, “ I like to play hang Jan Hennin Hachmeier - - man on weekend days.” Kids also like to go to par ties or go to movies, or rent - movies. As Chris Reed says, “ I love to go to parties.” The Prairie students cheering on a victory at Linn Mar. Kimberly Hahn Andre Harapot l Trying out their rubber band skills during is Greg Canning and Mike Cervany dumg class competion. Scott Davidson, Craig Hiether and Darren Goodreau, discussing the high lights of the game. 8« John Hasson - Christopher Hauser i n Sign of the Times )Z HAWK Juniors Traci Heil^rs Renee Henderson Craig Hiles Hinds 1

l « 1 Bridget Homrighausen Tim Hoefere Lisa Hinzman Brett Hosch Donna Houts John lkeda Dirk Jacquet Shawn Slezak , showing Kim Weaver and Shari Wahlcrt some of his math skills. Russell Jaeger Jason Jeffery Jill Weldon studying hard . Joy Jennings i Carrie Newlon getting ready for her next class. Jason Joens i / Jason Rissman wishing he were at home. Tina Kiefer Timothy Kendall Michael Kamberling Kyle Kalous Gary Kalous Tracie Jones stacy Johnson Sign ofthe Times __ HAWK Juniors 33

Michael Kies Teresa Kirk Kirsten Knowlton Kelly Kounty Mary Kriegel Rebecka Kunze Raelyn Lamparek Kirk Lane Christopher Lathrop No yearbook would be complete without a portrate of our fearless leader, our very own G.I . Janet. Steve Leclere r Linda Legate Jeannie Garrette sr„and Christy Mahaffey jr. , getting ready for P.E. Jenny Schropp jr., and you can tell by her face she is thrilled to be in P.E. Troy Leitheiser Jason Liedtke 34 HAWK Juniors Sign ofthe Times Kyle Light Roger Lindsey Marc Ljhs JDenise / ylzarraga Diane Lowe Barb Pulver jr. , in the we ight room showing the guys how it's done.

David Mains Jennifer Me Cormick Timothy Me Crea Melissa Me Laskey Chad Me Laud Christina Mehaffey Steven Meyers James Michalec Jillian Weldon sr„Sarah Humble sr., taking a break during class. Randall Mittman Taking a break during shop is Mike Cerveny sr., and Sarah Humble Randy Lamparek sr., do- j and working up a sweat in some heavy breathing Jeffery Morris Diane Lowe jr., and Kevin Bocken - stead sr., grab a bite to eat during Fred’s class. Jason Jeffery jr., took a second look at a tall blonde that just walked by. Picture not available Ar. ette Patton soph., passes her time by knawing jx cap off of her pen. Aaron Neighbor ft Photograph not available Michelle Needham Jeff Neal Ricardo Naverrete Matthew Nading Sign ofthe Times HAWK Juniors 35 Absent when pictures were taken ^ Junior Moses '

Jk. . Richard Nelson Tracy Nerison Keith Neubauer Carrie Newlon \ f Nguyen Sharlene Nichols Christopher Noble GRADUATION? WHAT WILL I DO? Graduation is coming up Jesse Northrup soon,what will many seniors do? ” 1 dont’t know what I’m going to do after, said Jill Weldon. Seniors have choices to go to college or work and go to college. Cathy Neuhuas said, ’Tm going to work full time and take night school.” Seniors will also be going out of state as Brenda Feldmansaid, Shannon Northrup ’Tm going out ofstate just for a change and to get out ot Cedar Rapids.” notavailable Jody Roscovious jr., adds the final touch to her nails during her free time. Curtis Osborn Janet Sweet sr., Peggy Wright sr ., and Brenda Feldman sr., working on the yearbook. Kurtta Osborn jr., buVhchine his thirst. Kimberlee Palas Alicia Paul . Sign ofthe Times JO HAWK Juniors Jason Payne Casey Pearson Tanji Rernidka Petersen Kristie Peterson

Michael Platten Plummer John Posekany Dena Powers Kevin Pudil Barbara Pulver Darrell Rairdin Melinda Rathjens Picture not available Roming the halls is David Parrin soph., and Scott Tedrow soph. Louis Reedy Lori Hartzler sr,’Yes I am doing homework, can you believe it.” Jodie Regan C heck out that grade Lonniejjeml; md Greg Mulherin sr\lootys on. ''v land sr as Jamie Northrup sr Getting psyched up for aerobics is Charles Rohlena, jr Kevin Pujil, jr, and Brad Schlesselaan, jr . , Rich Hrcoik, sr, Christopher Reid _ Jody Roscovius n .TK.dH Charles Rohlena Eric Robinson Jason Rissman Rh onda Rigel . Reynolds Matt Laura Reiff Sign of the Times jq HAWK Juniors 3 1

Bradley Schlesselman Randal Rowray Chad Rusk Pamela Ryan Kevin Sanborn Nick Sanford Joey Santee Charlotte Schneider t « Jennifer Schropp Ted Garnett sr., quit faking about working. Jeff Barta sr., and Chris Reid jr., tuning. Jeffery Schulte Teresa Schwandt Kristen Duke sr., and Jodi Schropp sr., improving their accounting skills. \ \ Tracey Shewry Sign of the Times JO HAWK Juniors L Dawn Slezak Timothy Smith

\ ure not vailable ^ Troy TJohi erronez Gene Terry Dorothy Tesar Melissa Thompson Jill Weldon sr., ’’You’re not supposed to stick your tongu out at people.” Sorry to interrupt your concentration Jason Joens jr. Debra Tomas Lon Plotz, Renee Hendersen, Tracy Hilers, and Lisa Hinzman, discussing the Hev. wait a minute is that Judy Suddendorf smiling? text question in U.S. History. Tanya Tomas Picture notj available I Photograph not available Scott Vernon Vavra VanThoumout Valentine Todd Shirle Tammy Amy Valentine Brian Urbanek Sign ofthe Times HAWK Juniors 39

Shari Wahlert Shawn Wade Jodi Wacha Chris Volk Volesky Julie Vlasek Christine Veverka Melanie Warmbier Teresa Kirk jr.and Tina Peterson jr. look on with questioning face. Kimberly Weaver A surprised Michelle Valentine sr. Sandi Weidlein Michael Wiggins Making a Handimart run is Jon Sweet sr. and Dana Center jr. John Hasson jr. in deep thought. Picture not available Jennifer Williams Nancy Wright Sign of the Times HAWK Juniors Marcia Yirkovsky Angela Zahradnik Diane Zalesky Billy Zbanek

Shawn Waid jr. , salutes the camera. Jackie Bliss jr., cleaning a throwing wheel in ceramics. Jenni Anderson jr.,poundering over some articles. Laura Buwalda jr, eoine over her speech notes. Drew Fisher jr., Deanna Dziewanowski jr., and Chris Reid jr., in discussion with Chris Christopherson. Isn’t she pretty? Sharleen Nicholes. Jill Behrends jr., satisfying her munchies while sitting on her yellow beast. Jack Craft jr. A'J Sign ofthe Times HAWK Pictures Kristie Peterson has no where else to do her homework.

SOPHOMORES " The first year in the high school was alot more exciting than the junior high." -Phil Cronbaughv These sophomores take a break after testing on the I. T.E.D.s. ’’Don’t take my pop bottle ,” says Te resa Christensen. - Come on guys, smile . Let her work, man. Although this was the sophTHE CLASS OF 1990 conferences and got their picomores first year in the high ture taken for the cover of school, they were not left out Neighbor, of anything. They were involved in decreating a hall for homecomThey were the first class to participate in the Study Skills class which they had to go to ing in which they placed on their free time. They surly third. They were involved in were kept busy, other activities and clubs of their choose. They won the most parents who came to By Wei\dy Cronbaugh CLASS OFFICERS: President Vice President. Secretary Treasurer .... Robbie Peterson Paul Wehr Lynnette Carnahan Melanie Holte CLASS SPONSORS: Russ Price Mick Mattiace HAWK Sophomores 43 Sign of( he Times

/ J Jeann Alkire David Anderson Christine Bails Patrick Baker f*IT BiSir ' t .4 Kevin Baldwin Jody Becicka James Bently David Bednarowicz Randy Lamparek, sr., working in woods class. Girls volleyball team in one of their games. Anna Harvey, soph., and Shari Wahlertjr., pose for a picture. Football Friday night. No wonder Greg Canning, jr., can’t see. A break during Coffee House. i Rhonda Bently . . Robert Bently 44 HAWK Sophomores Sign of the Times Jason Berryhill Robbie Blanchard Scott Blanchard . Kassandra Bland Brooke Bowers Paul Bessert

Chrostopher Bowersox Franklin Bowman James Dawn Buresh James Buresh Tim Burrow Jamie Bush Kevin Campbell o .v.v * ; ; \v \v.v.;.\v.\v.v.v.v.*.\v . .v. SAY ••••••••••••« • •••• TOP TEN FAVORITE SONGS 1. Push It 2. She’s Like the Wind 3. Pump Up the Volume 4. I Wanna Be Your Man 5. Could’ve Been 6. I Want Your Sex 7. Father Figure 8. Faith 9. Drag City 10. Pour Some Sugar on Me P H o M O Picture not available Lynnette Carnahan Darrick Chadima Bihari Chohan Teresa Christensen Bobbie Clark Kathryn Clark Keith Cleppe Keith Cooper R E s HAWK Sophomores 45 Sign of the Times

- Philip Cronbaugh Tracy Davidson Jeffrey Davis Talee Dean Jeremy Denning Shelley Divishek Tyrone Downs Tammy Drahos ” Hey, look at me,” says Baharie. HUT 1,2,3,4. Are students allowed to march in school. "Smile” G.I. Janet. Jeanne Garrette, sr., is distracted to get her picture taken. ” Ooh, Jill, let have a smile.” Bryan Eckley Amy Ehrle Sign of the Times 46 HAWK Sophomores Casey Eiselstein Jeffrey Elliff Steven Engledow Matthew Faltis Shana Finucane Katherine Foust

Jason Furler Michelle Furry 1. Pizza Hut 2. McDonalds 3. Godfathers 4. Chi; Ch i’s .5 Carlo’s O’Kelly .• H! O .iM • M * . i 9 Cindy Hansen Hardin Troy Haren Timothy Harris Deanna Harvey Erika Hasler SEIBS"? E o^ » # o Amy Headington Steven Henecke HAWK Sophomores 4 / Sign of the Times 8. York Steak House 9. Doc & Eddy 10. Sea Galley s O R ,• 6. Bonanza 7. Hardee’s Jon* Grabe TOP TEN PLACES TO EAT Anita Gruwell Treveana Hall Abby Hamer Andrea Hanlon Chad Hansen S ] O ' P

Staci Hepker / Keith Hines Melanie Holte Bart Huelsenbeck Justin Hupfer Aaron Huyck Curt Hynek Mr. Bogner shows off one of his students project. :*E . f ’’Are you seeing double too?” Jenny Rummells, sr., doesn’t want to get a head start on her tan. ^aaiirrf* Shannon Janey Melessa Jans Sign of the Times 4g HAWK Sophomores Alisa Johnson Renee Johnson Jodi Jones Lynn Jones| Jacey Junge Allison Kahl i

rafKBT^ s / Carrie Kelso Tyera Kleinmeyer Jeremy Kloubec Michele Kolsrud Joseph Kopish Tfarra raft? TIME ACTIVITIES 1 . Watching TV 2. Going to friends house 3. Playing sports 4. music 5. Talking on the phone 6 . Going to parties 7. Going shopping Fred knows these guys are talking about math . •8. Eating^ •9. Talking to friends MO. Going to ^ David Krahmer Phil Kruger o P the maH Paul Bcssert, soph., gets caught. H O M Look at the band in perfect formation. Look at the High style of cars Prairie Students drive. i i / I'£8 VIIE not GxmilaMz Darren Latuska James Leslie Bethany Lightfoot Debbie Lindemann MM Jim Lindsey Jodie Lint shy Julie Loehr I ISiilNi Elizabeth Loll HAWK Sophomores 4V Sign of the Times

Wendy Loney Gary Mantz As we all know, the Sopho - mores have been assigned to study hall during their free times, which began at the start of the ’87-88’ school year. Unlike the Juniors and Seniors, who can choose where they want to spend their free time even during open campus lunch, theSophomores are all required to take a study skills class during their free hours. Sophomores usually take a full load ofclasses and have a lot of work to do, but they can’t expect to always be able to get it done during their free times. It usually ends up to be homework. Instead of doing their work during their free time they have to learn study skills. Onestudent, and I’m sure a lot of other students feel the same way, says its like having a babysitter. Sure their Soph - omores, but howelse will they learn to grow up and be responsible with a so-called ba - bysitter watching over them? If they haven’ t already learned their study skills by now, they obviously don’t care to learn and probably won’t. By Peggy Wright Kim Palus is studying in the cafeteria for a test, Mr. Wessel; Administrative Asst.’’Now where did I put Miss Duffy's phone number?” Dana Maresh Martinson Me Donald McCormick James Allen Shawn Kelly McCoy Theresa McGivem Danelle McLaud Sign of the Times HAWK Sophomores Linda Meyer Thomas Michael Michael Miner Trent Minshall Vicki Miskimen James Moeller

& - • * • : Stacy Moran Andrew Mork Dana Moses Jeffrey Moyle Jason Mullin Trade Murphy Tami Nelson /bsent when pictures i tfere taken ! - U . • t i AJL• L-» 4 Look at this face! Yuck! Yarsity Cheerleader came to school early to make posters wishing the wrestling team luck. Iff ff') i NI | Shannon Northrup thinks the Cafeteria rules stink! JoAnn Dighton, Stephany Larson, Misty Loney, Jeanne Garrette. Stacy Miller, and Lori Kinnison during Mass Media. Tina Nemecek Christina Neuhaus Jonathan Nizolek Darcy Nodurft Northrup Lori Novak Shawn Nove Shelly HAWK Sophomores J *-Odum Sign of the Times

fi332^P Amy Osborn Dan Osborn Kimberly Osborn Matthew Theresa Palmer Come on Sophomores, you can do better than this! ^w Dave Panos Annette Patton A friendly hello from Shawn Wade. Debra Paul Mark Pence c' j Sign of the Times ^^ HAWK Sophomores Matthew Perkins David Perrin Robbie Peterson Antoinette Pisarik Michael Pitt Kelly Pizel

/ - % > Jennifer Plotz Jodi Poundstone Heather Reed Lauri Reed Phillip Reedy Angelia Riechmann Kathleen v Look hov hard Fhyl works! TOP 10 TEACHERS Don't look behind you Hr . Weasel but Heath Rinderknecht is in the hall without a pass . l , 1. Mr. Osland 2. Dot 3. Mr. Kimball 4. Mrs. Harms 5. Mr. Berhends 6. Fred 7. Mr. Aune 8. Mrs. McMenimen 9. Mrs. Canny 10. Mr. Trosky i Scott Rizzio Robinson Anita Rothberg Nicole Rydell Kurt Sanborn Donald Sawin Chad Schlueter Samuel Schneider « • _ HAWK Sophomores 53 Sign of the Times

Jane Schneiter Sherry Schulte Kristi Scott Paul Shebetka I Smile Dana. Debbie Shramek Mark Sigmund Dawn Sirowy Vernon Slaton J4 HA H' Jennifer Smith . Sign ofthe Times K Sophomores Tim Smyth Nichole Snell Angela Snyder Bethani Speers Richard Stahl Brian Stark

/ Elissa Sterling Cory Stockton Greg Stone Stacia Stumpf Michele Sturtz Scott Tedrow Connie Terpkosh Walk like an Egyptian. Happy Birthday, Mr. Steine. TOP 10 GROUPS 1. Whitesnack 2. Bon Jovi 3. Salt and Pepper 4. Aerosmith 5. U2 6. Jets 7. Motley Crue 8. Def Leppard 9. Dokken 10. Van Halen t t Hey Dy, give us a big smile. Hey guys, school’s not that bad. PEES®cI Melissa Tomas Robert Tri Trent Trpkosh Jeff Phillip Dawn Hillary Trumpold Van Amburg Van Damme Van Horn Van Lancker HAWK Sophomores 55 Sign ofthe Times

rrrfTTT1 ^ ,v Trudi Vandivier Tony Vaughn Todd Viall Aaron Vlcko Karen Weber Lora Webster Paul Wehr Hey Juan, your in the yearbook. Cory Steele is getting ready to catch a coke Mr. Tursi is going to throw him. Hey Jon, let’s get busy and work. Don’t be camera shy. Picture not available t ! Jennifer Weldon ^ s Patrick Weldon J O HAWK Sophomores Sign of the Times Brian Wheeler Abby Whitmore Arleen Williams Tina Worley Steve Worthington > Candace Zierath Phyl calls out to a passing student. does not come. 5si? Phyl attacks, and reaches flesh of 2 a 5 2 2 2 Phyl

MfeflmM . “ Come get your message!” The student Phyl begins her attack plan. (“ I’ll get her yet.” ) the elusive student. “ I’ve got you!” Beth Lightfoot, soph., has been caught, and once again Phyl has done her duty of delivering a message to an uncooperative, yet wiser, student, who will know better next time then to walk past Phyl’s “ I’ll have a burger and fries” office window. Britcher has a message to deliver!!! -

Anna Harney soph, and Trudy Vandi - vier soph, showing their techniques of wrestling. Steve Engledow soph, and Tim Harris soph, making use of Andrea Hannen soph, and Jaime Bush soph, were their time in structured study hall. awarded the honor ofcheerleaders in a wacky way. Lynette Carnahan soph, unexpectedly caught by the camera. Sophomores enjoying their structured study hall. Tracy Davidson soph, having fun studying in class. Tyrone Downssoph, listens diligently to the Tim Burrow soph, looking at a magazine in class. 58 HAWK Sign of the Times teacher. Mr. Weming about to take over the duties of watching over the sophomores.

ACADEMICS — “ It’sagood program but there’s room for improvement. ” Platten, sr. Brenda John Buresh receives his award from Mr. Wessel as Mr. Steine prepares to congratulate him. Craig Heither works on an assignment in drafting class. Price leads the choir during a performance for the academic awards anembly. Prairie offers a varietyofClasses. - This year at Prairie, stu dents could take a variety of Masses, including the basic English, math, science and E. classes. Students who are interested in a foreign lanr ? _ . who are interested age could enroll in either Spanish or German, and for those n ndustrial classes, there are : chanics, woods, metals, and available are yearbook joSVelectricity classes. For stunalism and newslab. - _ r basic drafting, auto medents who wish to go to college might want to consider taking advanced classses, such as calculus, trigonometry, chemistry and physics. There are a variety of English classes available to students, such as communications, terature, and writing. Also liSign ofthe Times _ ~ HAWK Academics A y ^ Mr. Steine announces high ACT scoring results.

Kyle Light jr., works diligently to finish the packet that goes with his book. English Courses By Brenda Feldmann “ I’ve learned a lot in Senior Seminar and I hope I ’ll be able to apply it to my college courses.” commented Alyson Zvacek,sr. Senior Seminar is one of the English courses here at Prairie. Sophomores are required to take English 10 and Communications 10.These classes include learning about mechanical usage and the proper way to present a speech. Composition is a very po - pular writing class for many students. They can learn to write for many different pur poses. - College- bound students Senior Seminar. Senshould take Cathie Jones’ class, iors study literature, reading books such as Merchant Of Venice and Macbeth, and writing essays are a big part of this college prep course. Extended Learning Program teacher Nancy Ryder said,“ All that reading, writing, and speaking is, is just our way of mak ing our students better thinkers, ...and you thought it was just home work.” Nancy Ryder 60 HAWK Language Arts Sign of the Times Cathie Jones Chris Christophersep \IeahMbMejrtimteh' Tina Thomas (jr.) looks on as Deanna Dziwanowski (jr.) studies intently. Mary Campbell Students are deeply intrigued with the books they are reading in Mrs. Christopherson’s English courses.

Science is Phun! By Dyanna Quillin The second bell rang and the halls were empty. Then se veral students appeared car - - rying skateboards. Down the halls they flew! This was a ty - Mr. Osland busily grading Biology test. John Osland Cathy Wilson pical scene for Physicsstu dents to take part in every -day. Physics is Phun was the motto for Physics, but it could have been for all the science classes. Chemistry, Biology, Life Science, and Science/Technology/Future are also courses the Science Dept, offered. Chemistry and Biology Luis Roca sr, getssome help on his Biology from Dawn Sirowy soph. Aaron Huyek soph, doesn’t disturb a busy Jim McCormick soph. i "I wouldn' t change anything, I really like it." --Jodi Wacha, jr. Kathy Clark soph, plays teacher for the day. Jody Poundstone soph, crams for an exam. 4 Carla Cross sr, demonstrates for Jenny Hayes sr, Lynette Tjelmeland sr, and Lisa Singleton sr. both had labs which let the students get a hands- on experience of what they were learning. The science department has made the courses fun and interesting according to many students. Jodi Wacha, jr. , a Science/Technology/Future student, said she wouldn’t change the course at all. “ I really like it.” Chris Hansen, sr, and Dave Bark sr, enjoy their physics experiment. Sign of the Times ,. HAWK Science Ol

Mr. Tursi and Jenny Anderson in history class must be talking about the Statue of Liberty. These 2 juniors are in class studing real hard about the Statue of Liberty. - Isn’t that special. ( Here we are in Lori Chalupskysday to teach class, and I think she is pointing out that the sre ee . - U^, ,s in NeW Verk V ^^^y ^ Jody Becicka soph., must be asking for the map to New This group of students in history class obviously are York. studying about the Hard Rock Cafe in New York. m Paul Schenkelberg _ 62 HAWK Social Science , Sign of the Times Craig Jelinek Jim Tursi y-. ** * Dot Pospischil History Within the Future By Janet Sweet History is a chronological record of significant events. So I thought I would tell you about this year in our history. U2’s hit single was ’’Street With No Name.” Ripped jeans, black tennis shoes, and anything you want to be could be ” in.” Of course at the box office this school year the big Shelly Dennis jr., is discussing with her hardcore friends mOVieS Were about^ anarchy, - ” LeSS than Halloween^^ ^OH was, ’’Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Oliver North was accused of shredding documents. (Don’t let him get a hold of this yearbook.) I wish all the seniors the best ofluck in their future and someday may you make history yourself. -

Math is the best that it can be in 1988. Change, how you gonna live without it? By Janet Sweet The current math classes that are being taught, range from General Math to the most advanced, which is PreCalculus. Mrs. Slezak teaches Geometry and Algebra she believes that teaching is fun and cool. Her expectations for the classes are that the students do the best theycan . ”1 feel all kids can learn if they really want to,” she said. She has taught for 17 years and has never taught a student who has not wanted to learn. She strongly believes that all girls should not feel like they cannot learn math as well as boys, and she feels girls are just as good as boys. She believes that in the future, math will be processed and not - competition. Homework is assigned every night so the students can better understand concepts. Math is something everyone should know for everyday use. Kendra Hanzlik sr.. looks very puzzled talking to the math teacher. Yes Fred , holding a math page! And you know she’s a junior dreaming about becoming a Isenior next year. l K f* r > »1 Are the students sleeping, or are the> faking it? Kevin Behrends Jim Kimball, Judv Slezak Ken Fearing Sign oj the limes _ HAWK Math O 3 % FTTH Check out that facial expression on Mama Andrle jr.

CERAMICS Art in the way of life by G. I . Janet Sweet Art is the conscious use of skill and imagination. Art is in every aspect of or lifetime, clothes and jewelry. This time art classes did a lot ofthings, such as sculptur - ing, making jewelry, painting and the ability to analyze the structure of a work of visual art. In art there are many things Gary Kalous jr., carefully plans out his next masterpiece in art. learned and one thing they The entrance of Prairie is an learned was the ability t preciate how people of var-^ap - example of art in the school, Art will always be in the past ious cultures have used the and the future in everything arts to express themselves, we do. Yes, Jacque Bliss jr., this is a cam - era and you are being photographed. Studying every detail is Jamie Northrup sr. Rich Hronik sr., diligently concentrates on one of his better ceramic pieces. Buffy Kamberling and her unusual pottery technique SB? r Bob Hawkins 64 HAWK Art Sign of the Times Taking a break from her art work is Mindy Rathjens jr.

L I FE SKILLS % Jill Weldon As you think of home ecoff } ••• Steve Worthington is really interest ea in nes work, while Karen Weber admiressomeone from afar . keep it up! increases every year, let’s If you wish to know more fered you may want to contact teaches in the morning _ }( — = in their every day lives. Home Ec. is not only for girls as some might think. This year there were ten boys who A frustrated Mrs. Plueger stands patiently for her2nd hour class toquiet down. «3 . . O Steve Worthington soph., listens in tensely during a Life Skills class. - y es > <3?. . » to it. Consumerism, nutrition, care of clothing, and tradition are also very important benefactors in helping people Jl AJ LJL f — m I nomics you may imagine a bunch of girls making bread about the home ec.classes ofand sewing. Girls who someday want to please “ their either Mrs. Miles, who man. ” This is not quite true, Yes, people in home ec. do Mrs. Pluger who teaches the or make bread and learn to sew, and also want to please‘‘their man.” But there’s a lot more afternoon classes. .F njoying themselves during foods class are Raelyn Lamparek, Denise Lizaragah, and Tammi Drahos. Baking cakes, is the 6th hour food class. Pat Plueger Pat Miles _ Sign of the Times . HAWK Home Ec DJ

Mike Plummer jr., Jason Pain jr. , and Jean Berrett jr., change a tire in autos. This picture, a 1987 I. R . O. C., needs no explanation! A Change in Tune You don’t know how to give your car a tune- up? Then Mr. Hining is the guy to see. He is the instructor for Au - Jeff Barta sr takinga gamble in woodshop bv not wearing his safety glasses. Jason Liedcke jr and Andre HardDOt ir work in metals as Mr. Hining super - vises over them. tomotive I, II, Care of Autos, and Metals I, II, III.He also is the only teacher who is responsible for two different shop areas, the Autos shop, which was remodeled last summer, and the metals shop area. A surprising donation this year was the 350, fuel inject - ed I.R.O.C. Z28. This car replaced the 1965 Plymouth that students used for the past 10 years. Woods I, II, III, Electricity I, II, and Electronics are the classes that keep teacher Mr. Bogner very busy. His day is as full as most students’ schedules. Mr. Worsfold teaches Drafting and Drivers’ EducaMr. Hining Automotive TechnologyWhere the automobile is used as a vehicle for instruction By Christa Emerson tion. Drivers’ Education students got a big break this year, a 1987 Ford Taurus. That is a big change from the ancient old grey and blue station wagons that have been around for years. 66 f/.JWK Industrial Arts Mechanics Chuck Hining Sign of the Times Chuck Worsfold Darrel Bogner Doug Bowersox sr.. seeks help from Dean Cech sr., in drafting.

Jody Englcdow sr, gets “ carried away” filming a commercial with Dean Melsha sr. Crowded halls are a way of life between classes. Bridget Homrighausen jr, practices design skills. No dust remains after Custodian JoAnn Knowlton is through cleaning. The 1 transportation for grades K-12: the buses. A quiet moment in the hallway. <7 Q Sign of the Times ' * HAWK Academics

Somewhere over the rainbow is the band perfo ing on the Prairie field. rmTrombones shine and fill the gym with music. Sign of the Times--Clubs By Dyanna Quillin There are some students who come to school for eight hours, some for less, and then there are some students who live here! Those whocamp out are involved in a number ofactivit ies and clubs. Prairie High School offers a variety of ex - - tra curricular activities - . There are academic, athletic and musical groups through out the school system. No matter what a student is interested in, Coalition members keep close to Santa Claus. some organization waiting at Prairie toentertain that inter - est. there’s always Sophomore cheerleaders build excitement. The student body enjoys the opportunity to leave class early to cheer for their team. Sign of the Times J C) HAWK Clubs

SJ.Q.D. By Dyanna Quillin What other organization hung posters that said, “ Idiot on Board?” Students Against Drunk Driving (S.A.D.D.) was one of the many clubs at Prairie. Hanging informative posters was just one of the activities that S.A.D.D. participated in. The posters consisted of different messages warning of the dangers of driving while drinking. They also sent letters to prominent people in the community asking for their sup - port, and went to area businessmen for backing. Awareness is the key, according to Mr. Bob Jennings. S.A.D.D. is there to inform kids that “ drinking and driving just don’t work.” Along with the posters and letters, an assembly was orga - nized to show films to the student body about accidents caused from drunk driving. Although the club is small in numbers, it is great in influence. ® * / ( IMOT \ y°tu *re Oil \ 301ng to drink and drive, at least \ / let the rest of us know Officers of S.A.D.D. are President Joe Michel, Vice President Shari Steger, and treasurer Cathy Peiffer. Mr. Bob Jennings is the advisor. Joe Michel, President of S.A.D.D., conducts a meeting. _ 80 S.A.D.D. Sign of the Times Members of S.A.D.D. discuss future activities for the year. S.A.D.D. members put up posters to emphasize their messages.

Get in shape: lift weights by Jim Coleman Jeremy Kloubec soph., works out on military press. Many students don’t realize that the school has a weight room. Students are free to use it before and after school. Weight lifters advise that students lift every other day, so your muscles have time to relax. Another practice is to lift with your upper body one day, and with the lower back another day. Weight lifting is done not only to strengthen a person physically, but also mentally. Those who stick with it and do it correctly discover that the results will be amazing. Students not only look better, but also feel better. Coach Jelinek uses the equipment frequently. Ricardo Naverrete jr„builds his neck muscles. Coach Craig Jelinek does shruggs. Jr Moses jr., tightens stomach mus cles. - Jr Moses jr., helps Charles Rolena jr., bench press -3W4bs. Sign of the Times Q Weight Lifting * i .

Shawn Slezak and Dean Melsha discussing the halftime routine. Students v.s . Falculty A true show ofstrength was the Students v.s. Falculty basketball game. It was a tough game sponsered by Student Council . It was a very close game but the students were defeated by the falculty. There was also a dance following the game and during the dance ELP students sponsered one round of the dating game. The funniest event of the The student team plans out their next plan of attack. year was the Student Cheerleaders half-time show for the faculty basketball game. Shawn, Matt, Dean, Craig, & J.J.- A job well done!! Dean Melsha showing his spirit wig and all. Craig Jelinek and DavidGrabe stretching out before the game. o'j Sign of the Times HAWK Activities

CANARY ISLANDS — Luis Rocca ZZu— ' Of 1 ca#' 1 ££ ' njurevENTusA ryLi / 1 r. 43£ CANARY ISLANDS (ISLAS CANARIASI { ACTS*1 Jan Henning Hachmeier and Luis Rocca. By Janet Sweet This year we have two foreign exchange students at Prairie High School. Jan Henning Hachmeier came from Northern Germany. Jan Henning commented, “ I Ike America, there is definitely more freedom.” Jan Henning’s favorite baseball team is theSan Fransisco Giants. His hobbies are partying, movies and cruising around. Jan Henning says, “ I will miss all of my friends that I have made and the fredom, and I will always remember my welcomed stay in Amerlca. Our other foreign exchange student is Luis Rocca from the Canary Islands, which are located off the northern coast of Africa. In his spare time, sports is the big thing for Luis. He takes all sorts of sports but basketball is his all time favorite. A few changes have been brought on with Luis’s spare time. Here in America he does a lot of movies, sports, and parties. Back in the Canary Islands he would go to discos, beaches, and bars. Luis tells us, “ I miss my family and friends a lot. Friendships mean a lot to me and I will miss all my friends here too because they’re so friendly. Jan Henning Hachmeier 4-H and their new ideas!! — _ _ :r H is a club that ranges from activities to going to competitions. The four h’s ire heart, head, hands and - horses, iealth. This club is very spe r £l because you take a project ringing from foods, computers, motors and anything you can think of. Indi.dually working you make a goal for the project and try to fix :t up or to use the best abime- you can. The age groups from 9-18 years old. Some of the things that you do are community projects such as raking leaves, shoveling snow, and other worthwhile events. Anyone can join 4-H, all they have to do is contact the Linn County Extention Office. Many people are enrolled from College Community Schools. This program gives people a chance to meet otehr people from all over the communities. They have a meeting once a month on Mondays. A lot of their work is done individually. 4-H is a program for more people to think about as you’re prepar ing to get out of school. - It gives everyone a chance to explore areas that they haven’t had before. By Janet Sweet Prairie students are involved in many 4-H activities including exhibiting sheep. Sign of the Times n o HAWK For. Exchange/4H ® * Here’s a little bit of 4- H action.

A reception followed the ceremony, in the cafeteria. Students and their parents celebrate the great success into Honor Society. Luis Rocca, Pam Rhyan, Lisa Platton in Honor Society. Principal Ken Steine addresses the Society. April VanDeusen presents her speech. Kirkwood’s Dr. Susan Caroll makes the major address. Dr. Bach congratulates the inductees. New and old Honor Society members enjoy treats after the ceremony 84 Sign ofthe Times HAWK Honor Society . Craig Heither sr., and Jeff Krob sr., stand in line to be congratulated

4 Mr. Steine shaking hands \ Student Council Officers are: Pam Ryan,jr,secretary; Kendra Hanzlik, sr, president; and AprilVanDeusen , sr, vice president. - c: -gratulationstoSteve Ashbacker. Honor Society By Janet Sweet Honor Society is an organ The traditional American flag is here for the special occasion. - ization which brings the achievements of outstanding high school students to the attention of their classmates, parents and community. The members in Honor Society are Tim Gavin, Tony Josifex, Steve Ashbacker, Carla Cross, Scott Davidson, Angele Frey, Eileen Gatrell, Craig Heither, Pam Henkels, Kelli Montague, Cathy Peiffer, Brenda Platon, Dyanna Quillin, Brian Schrader, Mindy Sheely, Jason Shetterly,Lisa Singleton, Holly Stallman, Sherilyn Sieger, Lynette Tjelmeland, April Van Deusen. The officers are President Tim Gavin, Vice President Cathy Peiffer and Secretary Carla Cross. Top Left: Corey Stockton, Jodi Krotz, Cathy Peiffer, Paula Cross, Christy Peterson, Diane Lowo, Diane Zalesky, Jodi Roscovius, Lisa Platton, Dirk Jacquot Steve Henecke, Frank Bowman, Jeremey Kloubec. Renee Henderson, Kendra Hanslik. Melissa Harvey . Carla Cross, and Dawn Slezak. Student Council Honor Soc/Student Council 85 Sign of the Times Mrs. Sleazk, Mr. Wessel, and Mrs. Oglesby . N \ ! \k i

Coalition Expressions, A Year to Remember By Julie Eden The 76th Street Coalition and Expressions, Prairie’s two show choir groups started off the 1987-88 season at the two Coffee House performances on November 6th and 7th. Expressions, the girl ’ s group consists of seniors, juniors, and sophomores. They sing and dance songs that highlight women’s voices. Some of the favorites are medleys by the Supremes The Coalition & Expressions worked together on a big Christmas Show. SANTA’S FROSTY FOLLIES included a small female group in the dancinB’ singing' COmedy and extravagant costumes and scenery. - 1960’s. Coalition on the other hand involves both girls and guys. Some favorites are Jan and Dean, and Beatles medleys. Coalition can do various songs because of the wide range of talents the members have. This year the two groups combined to perform their Christmas shows. “ This has been one of the best beginnings for the first' nine weeks of school. If the choir students continue at this pace it will be one of our best years,” said Mr. vocal music director. Price, n • Coalition.Top Row:Loti Chalupsky Dennis, Chad Schlueter. Tim McCrea, Lampe, Susan Bowersox .Darnck Chadima, Matci Andrla, Tim Gavin, Angie Zahradmk, Terry Andersen 2ndRow:GregRobinson . Andersen, Chris Hauser 5th Row: Kendra Hanzlik, Steve Ashbacker, Pam Ryan, Phil Gruwell Darcy Turecek, Dirk Jacquet. .Lisa Platten, .Frank Coleson. Shelly Steve LeClere Dyanna Quillin, Mike Wiggins, Ann Cerveny. Cory Stockton 3rdRow: Nancy Wright, Greg Mulherin. Deb . Alyson Zvacek. Jett Trumpold, April VanDeusen 4th Row: Joel Hansen, Abby Hamer, Jeff Elliff, Amy Carlson. Lynn Jones, Tracy Chris Hansen 6thRow: Ben Engel, Brenda Feldmann, Tim Gavin sr., played Santa Claus, and Ben Engle jr„was Rudolph for the Christmas show. - o s 86 HAWK Coalition/Expression Sign of the Times Expressions. Top Row:Kr Row: Jenny Anderson . , t,Scott, Hillary VanHorn,Cathy Neuhaus. Teresa Kirk 2ndRow:Tam , Andrle,BeckyKunze . Julie Eden, Julie Meyer. Anita Gruwell Bottom Row: Melissa Jans, Dana Maresh . DawnBuresh, Lisa Hinzman, Tam,Nelson, Darcy Northrop 3rd

Busy Year for Active Students By Dyanna Quillin Early morning practices, after school rehearsals, all day Saturday contests, and opening/closing night. All of these terms mean something special toa very active group of students. The Speech & Drama/Thespians club starts off each year with individual speech contests and the fall play. Then, things pick up with Large Group and Individual Districts, State, and All State contests. Just when it looks as if the year is over, the spring play is announced and under way. The club wraps it up, then, quet. with the awards banAside from being an active group, the club is very close. “ We’re like one big family. We’re always having a great time together” said Teresa Kirk, Vice President of the banquet. They received Honorable Mention at All club. - Contest . Members of the One Act Play perform for parents at the awards State Speech Mark Lohman, technical director, and Jeff Krob sr, goof off during a rehearsal. Officers oftheclub were:Lisa Cummings jr, historian; Julie Eden sr, activity chairman; Paula Marlow sr, secretary; Dyanna Quillin sr , president; and Teresa Kirk jr, vice- president. 1 Done Tesar jr, gives us a sample of Mary Campbell enjoys a moment of laughter dur ing the awards banquet. - solo mime. Speech team members begin their Saturday mornings with early bus rides. Sign of the Times HAWK Speech-Drama-Thespians 87

¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ V V V Nowas we are looking back it's the good times that we see. Even more important the spe¥ ¥ ¥ O • • • f by Jim Coleman Aks 1 987- 1988 ysaxkook is.dedicated in msmoxu , xee itudenti. ivko k aus identi . [[ memha of accident cial person that brought those times to life. It's a shame now that he's gone, and those times will never be. The pain of remembering is so If tk died in txagic acc Aksy wexe a tks cuxxsnt yxaduatiny ckas.i . Jdoxi Atakkman, in I QS4 died in a < fiaxrn akony aritk kxotkizx . cAndy Aldikksx died in an auto accident in 1 9 8 5 . cAnd ^axy Aikton akso died in an autornokiks accident on A< ecsniksx 31, I 987. It was a cold, brisk January day, at 2:00 p.m. Family and friends were gathered at Murdoch - Linwood chapel in Ce- dar Rapids, to share the sad ness of a great loss. The loss we shared was Gary D. Tilton. He was killed in a tragic car accident on December 31,1987 at 2:14 a.m. the accident occurred at the intersection of 16th Avenue and 12th street S.W. The car he was driving was struck by another driver which pushed Gary’s car into a parked truck. He was dead on arrival at St . Lukes Hospital. Gary was a perfect friend. He was there when you need - Aaxy Aikt Boxn A)uns 10, 1909 -Bisd kAscsmkex 31 Sign ofthe Times 38 HAWK Memory Dedication , / 987 ed him. He could give a comforting thought to someone in the time of need. We’ll miss him dearly. During school I would be walking to class unknowingly, when a red head would push me into a crowd of people. It would happen a-lot during the course of the day. These games sometimes almost resembled a war at times. Back and forth. One bond Gary and I had was the love of craftsmanship on the potters wheel. We sat directly across from each other in Ceramics. We would tease each other about things that we made on the wheel. Gary was in his third semester of Ceramics. He was pretty talented on the wheel. We would pick on Tammy and Angie all hour and most of the time accomplish nothing. It was fun though. When Tammy and Angie would get mad that would just make it that much more fun. Gary wil be missed greatly by everyone. Looking back it’s the moments we shared with him that are very special toeach ofus.Garv will never be forgotten. strong and at times as sharp as a knife. Remembering him and all he was at times can be a comfort . He was alway's nice to everyone, no matter who they were. The tragedy of his accident leaves behind so much hurt. In our hearts he'll alway's stay, of that we can be sure. THE SENIOR CLASS OF '88' He touched all our lives in many ways, and we his friends will nev - er forget. He made the most of every day and brought us so much fun. He was truly a remarkable person and one we're fortunate to have met . Although he's not with us his memory lingers on, And in our lives, and in our mind, he'll alway's be 1 .

r¥ by Cherie Heaverlo Lori Ann Stallman was born December 13,1969 in Cedar Rapids. Lori and her family are members ofSt. Patricks church in Fairfax. the members of Lori’s family are, her parents William and Charlene, three sisters, Linda, Karen and Ann and two brothers, Thomas and William Jr. who was also killed in the accident. Lori was really close to her family and friends. She meant a lot to many people. Some things that Lori enjoyed doing were horseback riding, she loved taking care of kids, she enjoyed being <ZA/\L[[E ' - IQS5 .X B>oxn iDctofczx 14 , I QOQ czJVouzm.tjzx 24, outdoors, she loved animals and learned how to counter cross stitch from her mom. on May 4th 1985, Lori and her younger brother, William (Bill) Jr. were riding a small tractor on a lane heading towards the pasture when the tractor left the road. As William attempted to drive the tractor back on the road, it by Jon Sweet Picture yourself on Nov. 24, 1985 driving along 76th Ave. around 6:30 p.m. This fateful night took the life of Andrew J. Miller through a one-car accident. Many people knew Andy as a sophomore, but many of us were fortunate enough to know him as more. His interests included music, 3-wheeling, he was a member of Speech & Drama Club, 76th Street Coalition &Choir, vice president of Junior Achievement, manager of junior varsity & varsity football teams. As most of the guys that Andy hung around, at one time or another we all went 3wheeling with him at 600 acres. All of us can remember the Beach Parties at Lake McBride, the late nights out and all of the fun that came with it. His parents loved him dearly and showed him this on his 16th birthday, when he received his first car. Where most of us have memories of him driving his red ’74 Volkswagen Bug. Although most of us can realize his death was so sudden that we were all in shock that we lost a person who was an all-around great friend who we all miss and care about dearly. Andy will be in our hearts for as long as we live *' -Coxi HBoxn 2> 2>isJ man £ce.rnbx 13, 4, IQS5 IQ6Q overturned, landing on both riders and suffocating them. Their father, William Sr., found them under the tractor a few minutes later. Our friendship began in 4th grade, we were in the same classes together and always ¥ ¥ ¥ ^ did things together. We were alwasy partnersor in the same M groups. Our friendship grew M stronger as the years went on. Weenjoyed going to each oth ers’ house, and spending time with each other, whether it M was at home or school. Our ^^ ^ Lori Kinnison about Lori that • I feel shows what kind of per- * ^ y ¥ y - V friendship was taken away by T the tragidy of the accident, This is a poem written by M son Lori Stallman really was. If Thinking of Lori For so many ofus it doesn’t M seem real, we choke up when we try to say how we feel. She was shy but outspoken W in her own way. Now that M she’s gone we’ll miss her everyday. She was a true friend to If those who really cared. She M seemed to always have fun and her happiness showed. We’ll remember the way If tragic accident. And her family sympathetic wishes were sent. If ^ ¥ y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Sign ofthe Times HAWK Memory Dedication 89 she was smart, understanding M and kind. To many people an- X other friend like her will be hard to find. She was taken away so M young be we know it was a

Mr. Hining and Mr. Osland check for notices of events . Jeff Krob contemplates his next tune. Prairie students show many talents. Chad Kloubec The band was very popular at the variety show. Mr. Bogner teaches Dave Netolicky. Dyanna Dawn Quillin performs. At the variety show. 90 HAWK Sign of the Times Darrick Chadima shows a hidden talent.

SPORTS " The sports here at Prairie are underrated," said Matt Kulish. Scott Garrels, Tim Gavin, and Dean Pospisil fighting for the rebound. The Cheerleaders smiling, like always. As Rob Bleakely pins his man. Warming up tor the big game is the Varsity girls. PICK YOUR SPORT! Sports here at Prairie have very good year with an 11- 11 done very well this year. The football team only lost round of sub state, two games and also beat Linn Mar and was Metro co-chamCo-Champions. had a good season. Prairie Inrecord and went to the 2nd Wrestling had 5 guys go to state, they were district champions and Mississippi Valley pions, their record was 13-2. Boys and girls track here at The volleyball team also Prairie is pretty good. Both girls and boys have dual vitational was one of the big meets, and both Prairie re Girls and boys golf is also - invitations that the girls had lays, won. The basketball team had a another sport. Guys soccer is a new edition to Prairie. Girls and guys tennis is one of our spring sports. Girls softball is thesummer sport. They will be hosting an invitational. Boys baseball is also the summer sport. They will be playing in a number of tournaments. Girls basketball had a fair year. Sign ofthe Times IIAWK Sports 91

i Varsity Football: Jeff Elliff, Coleman Dean, . Dyanna Quillin (Hawk) , Greg Robinson , Frank Coleson ,Lori Hartzler, Ann Cerveny, hop'Davis, Sh S-U-C-C-ES-S Spells Prairie Cheerleaders By Lori Hartzler The 1987- 88 Cheerleading squads had a tremendous year! We’ve always been consistant in winning the Eastern Iowa Cheerleading Competition at Westdale and this year was no exception, only it helped us to qualify for the National Competition in Anaheim, California. The Varsity squad spent four fun-filled days in the sun, leaving behind blizzard conditions back home. It was well earned though, after a month and a half of 6 o’clock morning practices, everyday. We didn’t place this year, but California better watch out next year! Kendra Hanzlik All Around Captain - Sophomore Football: Lisa Johnson, Lynnette Carnahan, Stacy Moran, Jaime Bush , Arlecn Williams, Rhonda Bentley, Theresa . Palmer, Tami Nelson Sophomore Boys Basketball: Andrea Hanlon, Lynnette Carnahan, Lora Webster, Lisa Johnson ^ lelissa Zach, Kendra Hanzlik Varsity Mens Basketball: Carey Carnahan, Coleman Dean , Ann Cervcny, Jeff Elliff, Pam Ryan (Hawk), Frank Coleson, Sheri Davis, Rita Mitchell , Melissa Zach Varsity Wrestling: Lori Hartzler, Heather Nelson, Jeannette DeMoss, Angie Zahradnik ( Hawk), Lisa Platten , Kendra Hanzlik , Mindy Barta Varsity Womens Basketball: Julie Vlasek, Marci Anderle, Lori Chalupsky, Nancy Wright , April VanDuessen , Amy Valentine (Hawk) , Shari Wahlert National Qualifiers in CalifomialEAT YOUR HEART OUT IOWA!!!!!!!!!!! Sophomore Wrestling: Dawn Buresh, ArSophomore Girls Basketball: Melissa To - Ieen Williams, Theresa Palmer, Jaime Bush mas, Kelly Pizel, Karen Weber, Melanie Holte Q~ ? ^ Sign of the Times HAWK Cheerleading

Practicing one more time before tryouts for the 198889 squads. Sophomore Football squad doin’ their thing! 0 l ft Shari Wahlert and Lori Chalupsky praying for victory. GO HAWKS!!! Student Cheerleaders for the faculty basketball game doing their half time show. Checking the score is Marci Anderle and Belcho Wright. 1 - Varsity Mens Basketball squad during the Linn- Mar game at the Five Seasons Center. . - ' It’s time out, as the Varsity Womens Basketball squad excites the crowd. Getting the crowd rowdy is the Varsity Football squad. Sign of the Times QO HAWK Cheerleading

Varsity Football ’87 By Peggy Wright There is no question about it, Prairie’s highlight of their second season in the Mississippi Valley Conference was their 21-12 victory over Linn Mar. The Hawks first game of the season was a loss to City High, but they made a remarkable recovery with wins over Jefferson, Fort Madison, Kennedy, Iowa City West, Front Row: Mgr. Casey Pearson , Jr. Moses, Ted Harnett, Steve Meyers , Lee Voung, Jesse Northrun, Tim Smith, Jason Jones, Rob Bleaklev, waterboy Adam Jelinek Craig Hiles Ed Johnson . . Kevin Pudil , Russ Jaeger. Mike Finn Herman . 3rd Row: coach Dave Bennett. Dan Chadima, Garv Kalous . . 2nd Row: Head coach Jason Jeffrey, Curtis Osborn , Jim Strait , Jamie Northrun , Randv Lamoarek, Dan Marak , . Brvan Boots, Kendal Street , coach Craig Jelinek , coach Bob . Greg Canning Matt Kulish, Brvan Christooherson. John Ikeda , Rob Dort , Steve Vlcko, John O' Dell, John Hasson, coach Mike Trosky, Top Row: Marc Lins, Steve Miller , Jeff Schulte, Mike Meade , Tim Gavin, Shawn Slezak, Jason Selk, Cory Steele, Chris Reid , Chuck Rohlens, Mike Cervenv and Washington. This led them to the 1987 Mississippi Valley Conference playoffs. We only had three returning starters from the 1986 season, to be filled with inexper HOME 6 41 1 0 14 34 26 21 14 Varsity Football OPPONENT I. C C. R . City Washington, IA I . C . West Dubuque Sen . Kennedy Ft Madison Linn Mar Davenport West 13 0 6 6 1 2 0 1 2 20 Kneeling: Craig Jelinek, Ed Johnson Standing: Mike Trosky, Bob Herman Dave Bennett, this left many positions - ienced ball players. The leadership and determination was exhibited by the senior class.Their ” never-say-die” attitude helped them gain confidence and experience success. Coach Johnson wants the past season to build a pride and tradition around Prairie football. It isn’t easy, but if time, sacrifice, and effort is put into it, great things will come to those who work and believe. Tri-Captain . 34 Bryan Christopherson . QA Sign of the Times HAWK Football Tri-Captain, 73 Mike Cerveny Tri-Captain, 63 Shawn Slezak

’’The Mississippi Valley Conference football Championshipwas a great reward for an outstanding group of hard working determined athletes,” said Ed Johnson, head football coach. V A R s I T 34 All- stater Bryan Christopherson is swarmed under by five Jefferson players during Prairie’s 26 - 8 victory. Dav West players unpile following a play for scrimmage during Prairie’s state play-offloss. •a 8fL "“ M. V. C.’s leading rusher, Bryan Christopherson, goes for another touchdown! m 1 JeffSchulte and Jason Joens look on as a Dav West receiver flips the ball to an official following a long pass play. . i Y F O O T B A L L H : s*IvB> 12 John O’Dell looks over to the bench for instruction before calling a play against Dav West _ Sign of the Times Q HAWK Football y~>

85 Jim McCormick and 78 Frank Bowman pursue Washington Demon ball carrier. Steve Engledow receives instructions before entering the game. Paul Shebetka takes the pitch from Aaron Vlcko while Phil Van Amburg leads the blocking. Steve Engledow scores against Demon Defense. J. V. Football HOME 14 26 19 0 OPPONENT I. C. City I. C. West C. R. Kennedy C. R. Jefferson 27 20 0 8 34 Paul Shebetka sweeps right as Trent Terpkosh blocks oncoming Demons. Q / - Sign of the Times HAWK Football

Sophomore Football S HOME 8 35 12 1 2 20 14 22 6 37 . OPPONENT I. C High Washington, IA I . C. West Dubuque Sen Kennedy Ft Madison Jefferson Linn Mar Washington 21 0 0 18 8 8 12 12 7 o P H Front Row:Steve Heneckc, Jeff Moyle, David Perrin, Trent Terpkosh, Aaron Vlcko , Steve Engledow Middle Row: Coach Floyd Smith , Frank Bowman , JimMcCormick . Kurt San born, Tim Smyth, Tony Vaughn Pat Weldon , Kevin Bchrends Back Row : Matt Faltis, Darrick Chadima , Keith Himes, Robbie Peterson , Darren Latuska , Jon Grabe, Shawn Nove , Phil Van Amburg, Paul Shebetka . Jeremy Kloubcc, Coach o M O R E Paul Shebetka runs for 1 of2 touchdowns in a 35- 0 rout of Washington, IA . Aaron Vlcko calling signals against Wash. F O O T B A L L TIME OUT! Hawk offense prepares to tear into Demon defense. 8 7 Sign of the Times 07 HAWK Football

On Target — Archery This year at Prairie there is a new extra-curricular activity, archery. Each Wednesday after school, coach Hawkins and his club meet at Larry’s Archery, in Cedar Rapids, and practice shooting. Twelve junior and senior guys came out for archery when coach Hawkins started the club in December, the members practice target shooting, and work on developing into a team to compete with other schools in a state-wide competition in the future! Keep practicing! Joe Bently . getting ready to shoot a bullseye. Coach Hawkins nice group. Steve Ashbacker sighting his bow Qo Sign ofthe Times HAWK Archery

- C R O S c O U N T R Y TopRow: Coach Robert Hawkins, Tony Josifek. Fred Boxa. Jaasen Munson, Terry McGinn 2nd Row: Chad Kellog, Tanya Bails. Brian Suthers, Kyle Kalous, Randy Rowray. Jeremy Kalous Front Row: Brenda Plattan, Maria C. Duffe, Shelly Dennis, 1ara Martin, Sarah Hines 1987 Boy's Crosscountry Prairie Invitational 12th C . R . Invitational 16th Marion Invitational 5th Quadrangular ( Dubuque Senior, Washington, Linn-Mar, Prairie) 3rd Triangular (Iowa City High, Iowa City West, Prairie) 3rd Muscatine Invitational 7th Western Dubuque Invitational 5th West Delaware Invitational 6th Mississippi Valley 8th District 13th Brenda Platten has her mind set on the victory ahead but here comes Tara Martin sneaking up behind her. 1987 Girls Crosscountry Prairie Invitational 12th C V . R. Invitational ( Girls ran J . Division) Marion Invitational 6th Quadrangular (Dubuque Sen ior, Washington, Linn-Mar Prairie) 4th Triangular (Iowa City High Iowa City West. Prairie) 2nd Muscatine Invitational 9th Western Dubuque Invita tional 13th West Delaware Invitations 10th Terry McGinn relaxes after a hard workout running around campus. Mississippi Valley 10th District 16th / / '\ £ <7 '87 Highlight is Invitational Win By Trent Eidemiller The Cross-Country team had little to chear about. After sending a runner to state and winning many meets last year they failed to win a single meet in ’87. Even though this fact is true, Mr. Hawkins still seemed optimistic. ” Our group of kids were hard workers, we just didn’t have it . ” This year was highlighted by Prairie boys placing 5 th in the Western Dubuque Invitational and the girls placed 6th in the Marion Invitational. This year, Cross- Country changed it: course length from a 2 mile to a 3 mile course. This change seemed to have effected our team. HAWK Cross Country 99 Sign of the Times

r 5 i 5 i - By Trent Eidemiller This year the girl’s volley Girls Volleyball Under New Management - — ball team underwent “ New Management” when Judy Suddendorf took over the position as head coach. She received the position after Dr. Frank Young stepped down last year. For their season opener, they played in the Metro tour - nament hosted at Marion. After defeating Washington, Marion, and Linn Mar 2-1 , 20, and 2-1 respectively, They now faced their nemesis in the form of Kennedy. The Cougars chewed up the Prairie girls three games to zero and went on to win the tournament. The tournament showed that the Hawks werea force to ' reckon with in the valley. Prairie then went on and defeated the two Catholic schools, Regis and La Salle. They won each match three games to one. The Hawks now prepared to host their own tournament. The Hawks played in , and hosted the Prairie tournament. They defeated Benton , West Delaware, and Vinton to move into the Semi- finals. Then led by the co-captains; Jodi Schropp, and Cherie Heaverlo, they powered by Regis and into the finals. There they faced South Tama. After a tough match they came out ahead to win two games to one. In the next eleven matches the Hawks won six and lost five. They annihilated Marion and Linn Mar, but were soundly defeated by Kennedy and Jefferson. Prairie did great in ’87 and made people think about how they will fare in the ’88 season. class of juniors, With a large returning it should prove to be a very interesting season next year to say the least. Diane Zalesky bumps the ball over the net. - Top Row: Coach Judy Suddendorf, Connie Fangman, Kristen Duke, Julie Koss, Amy Stallman, Diane Lowe, Michelle Christensen, Barb Harms 2nd Row: Denise Sutphin, Mama Andrle, Leigh Franc, Diane Zalesky, Angie Driscoll Bottom Row: Kim Weaver, Becky Kunze, Jodi Schropp, Cherie Heaverlo, Shari Wahlert Sign of the Times 100 HAWK Volleyball

Connie Fangman hits over the ball while her team mates look on. Prairie DIG IT !! Diving for the ball is Diane Zalesky, while Jody Schroppand Cherie Heaverlo stand by. Prairie Varsity Volleyball HOME 1 2 1 0 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 0 3 3 0 OPPONENT Washington Marion Linn Mar Kennedy Regis La Salle Benton West Deleware Vinton Regis South Tama Kennedy Benton Washington Wahlert 1 0 1 3 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 3 1 1 3 3 3 0 3 2 1 3 3 1 Marion Senior Jefferson Linn Mar Hempstead West IC City High IC City High Jefferson 0 2 3 1 3 3 2 1 3 One of the team captains,Diane Zalesky, goes up for the jump. Sign of the Times HAWK Volleyball 101

Harms: A New Sign The 1987 volleyball team had something new this year. A new coach. Barb Harms had been the I Jodi Schropp bumps the ball as Cheri Heaaverlo and other team mates prepare to put it over the net. Spanish teacher down in the Junior High, but was moved up into the high school to be the Spanish teacher and the sophomore vollyball coach. As a first year coach, she really enjoys coaching the girls and helping them to improve their basic skills. Harms knows that team work is the big succes in winning a game, and they definately had it. They beat Regis this year which was the biggest feat they faced. No other team had done that before. Harms also believes that the girls have to believe in themselves and once they do that, they can do anything This team will definately see success in future years. sJ u : . , 1 Front Row: Andrea Hanlon, Trudi Vandivier, Stacy Moran Middle Row:Karen Weber, Kelli Pizel, Rhonda Bently, Jodi Jones, Kathleen Riley Top Row: Coach Harms, Dawn k Sirowy, Hillary VanHom, Shana Finucane, Kristi Scott, Annette Patton, Coach Suddendorf \[ \ SOPHOMORE SCORES (4 HOME 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0 2 1 2 0 3 1 C West Hempstead 1C High Marion Linn Mar Washington LaSalle CR Washington D. Wahlert Marion Linn Mar Jefferson Marion Senior Regis Kennedy Benton Comm OPPONENT 3 3 3 2 2 1 2 3 3 2 0 3 0 3 0 3 0 Leigh Franc hits the ball as the rest of the team mates look on. 102 Sig " °fl ie Jimes HAWK Volleyball ,

A Beth Elliff Prairie has 1-girl Swim Team, 1-girl Gymnastics Team Many people haven’t heard a whole lot about the gymnastics and swim team here at Prairie. Some may not even know one existed. Thanks to two very dedicated girls we have both. Jenni Maehl, and Beth Ellif are both freshmen here at Prairie. Jenni Maehl who swims for Prairie began swimming at the age of 11. Jenni found out about schools without pools through a friend. She then got in contact with the administration and started swimming for Prairie. Mama Wessel attends the meets with Jenni to help represent Prairie. Scott Bonine is her coach. Beth Elliff, began her persuit as a gymnast at the age of 4 and has been going at it for 10 years. Beth started practicing at Skoal and then continued at Craig. Even though there is not an official team, Coach Marna Wessel and Jenni Maehl these girls strived for excellence through hard work and determination. Sign of the Times HAWK Swimming/Gymnastics 103

BOYS’ GOLF Team is Improving Although they tried their hardest the Boys Golf team didn’t have a successful season. Coach Tom Myers says, ’’Program is improving, soph., if he continues to improve the team will be well rewarded. Brian Stark soph., is known for his hard work and being the toughest competitors. Meyers in confident that several of his team members will continue to make future contributions to the team. Good Luck next Year! TopRow: Coach Tom Myers, Gary Mantz, Chris Bowersox,Brad Schlesselman, Matt Nading, *K.C. Lane Bottom Row: Chris Hansen, Justin Hopfer, Brian Stark, Mike Wiggins, Paul Wehr, Jody Altenhofen Not Pictured: Jonas Everett, Jim Walderbach Keith Kleppe, Jeff Johnson, Jason Furler, HOME 179 381 177 183 180 180 183 372 Boy's Varsity Golf OPPONENT Washingon MVP Ellis Washingon Linn Mar Kennedy 377 MVP Dubuque Linn Mar Jefferson Metro 374 Jim Walderbach searches for his 300 yards drive. 149 317 158 160 148 299 169 154 312 385 MVP Iowa City 327 Districts Chris Hansen follows through as Mike Wiggins looks on. m Mike Wiggins practicing his backswing. 104 HAWK Boy's Golf Sign of the Times Jim Walderbach pauses in the sunlight during practice. Chris Hansen attempts to chip on the green. 315 but still has a ways to go.” Look out for Jason Fuler

» WHAT A YEAR! The 1988 girls golf team was made up of two seniors and five juniors. Three out ofthe top five girls were beginners this season. Carla Cross led the Hawk with low season average and finished 3rd out of 46 golfers in the Bobcat Invitational. The team finished 5th out ofeight schools in the metro tournament shooting their season low. The most unforgetable moTracy Heilers jr., studying the ball. Becky Kunze jr. , placing her putt. ment was when Becky Kunze got hit in the face with a golfclub by Joey Santee during practice. Lori, did you hit the ball? GIRL’S GOLF Shelly, aren't you supposed to watch the ball, not the guys? Prairie Opponent 287 247 247 238 245 5th 247 C . Regis .R C.R. Jefferson I.C. City High I.C. Regina Linn Mar C.R. Kennedy C.R. Regis . West Metro 24C 270 C.R. Washington 209 261 234 221 264 249 C.R. Washington 206 239 Benton Inv. I.C 211 229 9 schools 229 Shelly Dennis, Lori Hartzler, Joey Santee, Becky Kunze, Traci Heilers, Jodi Wacha. Sign of the Times HAWK Girl's Golf I 05 ,

Varsity Wrestlers KNEELING: Dan Osborn, Eric Robinson, Randy Rowry, Dan Marek STANDING: Rob Bleakley, Craig Hardin, Chris Reid, Rob Novak Those Hawks are HOT! This year’s 1987-88 wrestling team had a terrific season, with a record of 13-2. It would’ve been undefeated if it wasn’t for Waterloo West & West Des Moines Dowling, but we gave them a tough fight. The Hawks were the district champions and took 5 wrestlers to individual state in Des Moines, including Randy Rowray who received 2nd, Mike Hatcher who received 6th, Rob Bleakley who was out in the semi-finals due to injuries still received 6th, Dan Marak, and Chris Reid. A week after, the Hawks went on to State Team Duals in Cedar Falls.We first had to wrestle Dowling. had 8 state qualifiers, 5 be Dowling - came state champions. Prairie was defeated 30-23 but in Dan Marak’s match he defeated Dowling’s State Cahampion Jeff Theiter 7-2. Prairie then went on to wrestle Charles City and won 45-9 to take 3rd in the state. This years varsity squad had a terrific season and we’re sure proud of them. By Lori Hartzler Terry McGinn setting up a takedown. w R E S T L I N G Dan Chadima working for a reversal. 1 (" )A Sign of the Times. HAWK Wrestling

Dan Chadima exemplifies the strength required t o be a PHS wrestler. Terry McGinn does a victory dance after he defeats his opponent. Dan Marek scrambling to get position over his Wahlert opponent. Preparing his victim for the pin is Rob Novak. Randy Rowfcty going for the pin. Sign of the Times HAWK Wrestling 107

W R E S T L I N G Varsity Wrestling Prairie 43 32 58 57 33 36 34 22 30 57 31 21 39 23 46 Marshalltown Bettendorf Linn-Mar Dubuque Sr Dbq Wahlert Opponent 15 23 3 9 Dbq Hempstead CR Washington CR Jefferson 1C High 1C West CR Kennedy Waterloo West Marshalltown Wet DM Dowling Charles City 18 15 15 16 23 6 18 29 1 1 30 9 Mike Hatcher fresh -, controls his oppenent with a tough ride. Steve Miller sr., working hard for the win. ROb Bleafcley jr., going|for the pin. Showinggood sportsman-like conduct are Dan Marek and Rob Novak. Scott Rizzio soph., is waiting anxiously for the ref to blow the whistle. AO Sign °fthe Times lUo HAWK Wrestling

ROW 1 -MindyBorta ,Lisa Platien, KendraHanzlik , Heather Nelson HeatherReed Coach Hahesy, Angio Zahradmk, . Buresh. ROW 3-Kelly McCoy. JulieEden JodyAltenhoten, JoelHansen,DavePanos Pitt, Kyle Light, Cory Stohs, Bowman. ChrisHanson.ROW 6 . Lori Hartzler .LynnJones, KimWeavor.ROW 4 . Terry McGinn. ROW 5 Chris Reid,Mark Sigmund Victor Sackett, Jason Van Deusen, Brian Franks Kristi Peterson, Mindy Sheely. Paul Shobotka. . ROW 2. Jenny Anderson. RandyRowray,Shane Nodurft,CoachKimball, Coach Smith, Curt Hynek DanOsborn, Jamie Bush . Mike Pence . TorosaPalmer.Dawn . ToddWall. Mike Panos.Dan Marak, - RobBleakley. Rob Novak, Stove Honecke. Greg Robinson, John Tedrow, Craig Hardin, Brad Finger. Dan Chadima. Jaasen Munson. Kevin Bockenstedt . Davo Notolicky, Stove Miller, Frank - Jeromy Kalous , Luke Stewart, Matt Patton, Mike Hatcher, . Missing from photo-Jeanette DeMoss, - Eric Robinson. Mike Dan Osborn just scored a takedown and working for a fall. Randy Rowray just got a pin over his opponent. Go Hawks The junior- varsity and fresh soph wrestling squads have a heavy load on thier shoulders.They not only have to push themselves to do their best, but they have to push the varsity to do their best also. The junior varsity was at 4 - 7 for the year,while the freshsoph wrestlers were at an impressive 8-3 mark. Also the j.v. squad placed 2 nd at the Dubuque Whalert Junior Varsity tourney. As for expectations for next season, Coach Jim Kimball suspects there will be some j.v.and fresh-soph wrestlers on the varsity squad. Coach Kimball stated ’that it is hard to say how many , probably 48.” Congratulations to the J.V and Fresh-Soph squads, keep up the good work. i by Jim Coleman Prairie 27 36 18 29 27 13 39 15 48 30 12 Chris Reid working for a takedown. JV Wrestling Opponent Marshalltown Bettendorf Linn-Mar Dubuque Sr Dbq Wahlert Dbq Hempstead CR Washington CR Jefferson IC West IC High CR Kennedy 46 22 36 30 21 37 21 39 6 33 47 Prairie 31 31 42 36 25 42 33 Soph. Wrestling Opponent Marshalltown Betrtendorf Lin-Mar Dbq Sr Dbq Wahlert Dbq Hempstead CR Washington 12CR Jefferson 43 32 23 IC West IC High CR Kennedy Sign of the Times HAWK Wrestling 28 22 24 18 31 12 32 48 9 30 42 109

A Surprising Season Both newspapers and coaches poled before the season began, picked Prairie to finishlast in the Mississippi Valley Conference and win very few games. But the Hawks finished 5th in the Mississippi Valley and won the first district champion - Luis Roca sr, and Mark Nierling sr, fight for offensive rebound against Linn -Mar at the Five Seasons Center. Men's Varsity Basketball HOME ei 02 07 01 45 07 92 93 06 82 48 92 63 47 87 03 60 71 60 Troy Terronez jr, looks over the offense in sub-state final game vs. Kennedy at the Five Seasons Center. 07 88 83 ’X Troy Terronez jr, hits jump shot against Dubuque Hempstead. Cedar Falls Charles City CR Regis Dubuque Wahlert Linn Mar CR Kennedy CR Jefferson Marlon CR LaSalle Dbq Hempstead Dbq Senior 1C West CR Washington 1C High Linn Mer Dbq Senior CR Washington DBQ Hempstead 1C West TOURNAMENT GAMES 1C West CR Jefferson CR Kennedy H OPPONENT 04 50 01 53 69 77 73 71 82 80 58 89 77 49 04 67 74 79 07 61 80 78 ship for Prairie Basketball since 1973. The Hawks were one game away from the state tournament as they fell to No. 2 ranked C.R. Kennedy in the substate final at the Five Seasons Center before 6,000 fans. The highlights ofthe season were a convincing victory over Dubuque Wahlert wins over C.R. La Salle, C.R. Regis and easy wins over C.R. Jefferson and Iowa City West in the tournament. Prairie suprised everyone even Coach Wessel who commented ’’this was a very satisfyingseason as this was a group of over achievers and they were great to work with.” the Hawks finished with a record of11-11. By Lori Hartzler FRONT ROW: Statitician Brad Youssee, Doug Slagle, Greg Canning, K.C. Lane, Rick Burgin, Scott Garrets,Mark Nierling, Lonnie Tjelmeland, J.J. Garrels, Coach Kevin Behrends BACK ROW: Manager Jodi Krotz, Tim Shelton, Jeff Morris, Jeff Schulte, Steve Daugherty, Troy Mark Nierling sr, leads the fast break Terronez, Luis Roca, Brad Schlesselman, Tim Gavin, John O’Dell, Dean Pospisil, Coach Jeff Wessel against Dubuque Hempstead. i i rv Sign of the Times 1 1V HAWK Boys Basketball

Varsity cheerleaders cheering the Hawks onto victory. Scott Garrels demonstrating his defensive skills. Hawks ! f V A mmc'?'4M Varsity team watches attentively. > Blocking foul called on Linn-Mar whileTroy Terronez goes for the shot. SCOTT “ ICEMAl ^ GARRELS TAKES THE SHOT!!! Sign of the Times i i i HAWK Boys Basketball * * *

s Soph Girls Basketball Prrtta 30 31 35 28 48 41 47 37 33 48 21 32 38 38 Dbq Hampdaad Dbq Wahlart Kannady j*n Marlon Wad . Opponont ( I S5 48 40 28 69 29 Hampalaad 8733 LaSaHa 40 Sanlor Wad Wad Ra >« City l-M linn Mar Wash 77 41 41 32 22 50 37 84 1 y Sign of the Times j i OPHOMOAI STANDING: Coach Baker, Tina Nemacek, Tanya Meyer, Shana Finacune, Elizabeth Loll, Tanya Slezak, Coach Osboni KNEELING: Abby Whitmore vic*y Meskimen, Cindy Hardin, Terri McGivem, Debbie Shramek, Amy ’ II ft IL / Cindy Hardin fights off 3 Linn-Mar guards and takes the jump shot. Cindy Hardin preparing for the set up. A / K C T 6 A I I ^ HAWK Girls Soph. Basketball Prairie and Linn-Mar fighting for the re bound. -

t*********++++++' +++ +*+++++++++++++++++++++44+4+44++444+4444444444++++++++44+4++4+44+44++4++++4++++++++++++++++4+++++++ \ 44, '*41 ' * 44 *44 < I JL \/ /JJ r* 441§ . 7Ay J *«7 bt( '4,' ^ ' ' L 4 144444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 *4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 it) Rr^ flxsfi c/1444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444*444444444444 444444*4*444444444 4444*4444444*4444 WMBMIMESTMMSLMD 44444444+*4+*4+4*4++++++*+++++++++++++++++++++++++*+++++++++++++++4++++44++44+4+++44444+++444+444444444444444+44*44444 Sophs Have Rewarding Season By Jim Coleman This Year’s sophomore basketball squad was 11 over all. The team had a win loss record of 7- 7 in the con - 7 - - ference, and tied for 4th place. Keith Cleppe was outs - cored by Mike Kleppe for the team’s highest scorer to the tune of one point. According to head coach Paul Schenkle - berg, the squad madea “ great team effort and improvement over 9th grade record which was 1- 15.” Head Coach Schenkleberg also stated that it was a “ very rewarding season as the team played up to their capabilities Kleppe, Jim McCormick, Chris Bowcrsox, Trent Minshall, Not Pictured Asst. Coach Pat Mike, and worked well together. ” HOME 47 51 67 62 66 62 63 66 63 66 62 43 81 63 62 49 62 )•! rV - , Jefferson Regie Wehiert Linn Mar Kennedy Jefferson Merlon LaSalle Senior 1C West Washington 1 C High Linn Mar Senior Washington Hempstead 1 C West FRONT ROW: Trent Terpkosh, Chad Hansen, Jason Furler, Gary Mantz, Aaron Hayek, Pat Weldon, Aaron Vlcko, Justin Hupfer, Brian Stark BACK ROW: Coach Paul Scheakelberg, Keith Cleppe, Shawn Nove, Tyrone Downs, Mike 4*4444444444444*44444444 [44444+4 *4444444444444*4 Sophomore Boys Basketball OPPONENT 59 46 79 73 87 60 49 41 64 62 61 66 76 58 59 69 60 Justin Hupfur takes a shot while teammate Keith Cleppe looks on. Trent Minshall takes a shot from the peri - miter. HAWK Boys Soph. Basketball 113 Sign ofthe Times

I &&< m><< A' ^ ; s ’. ., 1 ' iff vass < & ( V ‘ . 4kl r r » 1 a Vi 2 - o • < TT ^ g Diane Lowe knocks down a freethrow against Linn- Mar. The 1987- 88 varsity bask etball season produced a great Jodi Schropp for F.G. percen6th place finish in the always tage. Connie Fangman, a jutough Mississippi Valley nior, also set or tied two reiilap ton. Led by tri- captains, Diane Zalesky was also naned sive average. iVvV.|f Cheri Heaverlo,, Kristen to the ALL Ira * n basketbab C.R. Washing(9) against C.R. Kennedy, - METRO 2nd Duke, and Diane Zalesky the TEAM and led the Hawks in 1987-88 Hawks set 8 new scoring. With 9 returning letWomen Finish 6th in MVC By Lori Hartzler school records. Two by senior ter winners for 1988-89 Coach Bubon expects the - ’’Hawks to be in the thick of the race” for next years title Conference. Our conference cords for most points in a chase. This years team set \ produced the state champion game (25) and steals in a game school records in most points in a game (83) and best offen* *. " n U 1 . .»i: 4 m JWw* STANDING: CoachBubon , Susan Bowersox, Molly Smyth, Diane Lowe , Kristen Duke, Jodi Wacha, Amy Stallman, Shirly Van Throunout, Mama Andrle, Coach McGurk , Coach Baker. KNEELING: Angie Driscoll , Connie Fangmann, Diane Zalesky, Jodi Schropp, Cherie Heaverlo, Leigh Franc, Joey Santee, Cherie Heilers. Connie Fangmann with thejumD shot as Jodi Schropp looks on . Vanity Women 's 8a» kelb« Prairie 42 53 39 54 78 82 49 58 58 81 47 Jeff Wash IsSaAe Dbq Hempstead Kennedy Dbq WaMert JeH Marion 1 Roosevelt C West LaSalle Opponent 87 68 72 87 50 70 84 59 73 49 70 88 77 61 82 48 80 63 63 62 37 Obq Hempstead K: City H*gh ObqSr. Linn Mar Wash 1C West Rag Marion Linn *Mar 67 35 88 57 88 62 54 47 72 80 d / H BEOS - r ifl9 ;• 114 Sign of the Times HAWK Girls Basketball

Hawks prepare for the season opener in November. Varsity Girls Basketball cheerleading squad cheering on the Hawks. Angie Driscoll and Diane Zalesky, warming up against Linn-Mar. Diane Lowe challenges inside while Connie Fangmann fights for posi tion. Connie Fangmann defends against Linn -Mar’s Trisha Harvey. Sign of the Times - HAWK Girls Basketball 115

w o M E N’ S T R A C K f > • * Michelle Christensen holds a tight grip on the baton as she races on. 116 Sign ofthe Times HAWK Girls Track Jodi Schropp does a flying leap in the long-jump competition , Andrea Ikeda pushes herself forward to continue in the 800 meter run. Tonya Bails concentrates as she runs the 2 mile. MichelleChristensen struggles to keepahead ofher opponent from 1C High. Michelle Christensen and Jodi Schropp race around the bend in the 200 meter race.

Track team Event Linn Mar/S Tama Regina Unn Mar/IC High Mt Pleasant Relays Benton Relays Marion Relays DeWitt Relays independence Marion/IC West Prairie Relays Districts MVC To state: Tara Martin Prairie 3rd 88-Prairie51 3rd 8th 6th 10th 8th 5th 3rd 11th 2 for state tied for 11th Jodi Schropp has success By Jill Weldon The girls’ track team was a pretty successful one, considering the fact that only seven girls went out for the team. The team couldn’t compete in many of the events, but the ones they were able to compete in they gave it their all. Jodi Schropp and Tara Martin qualified for the state relays. Next year promises to be a more favorable year for the Hawks. Trudi Vandivier ahead of the pack. sSkaft# So this is how rumors get started! Jodi Schropp makes it to the finish line for 1st place. Coming around the bend in 3rd place is...somebody? t Judy Suddendorf, Tanya Bails, Jodi Schropp, Jennifer Weldon, Jill Behrens, Michelle Christensen, Kristi Berger, Jeanne Smith. (FRONT) drea Ikeda, Sherry Schulte, Trudi Vandivier, Terry McGiven.-Tara Martin, AnOff to a good start is Prarie! HAWK Girls Track 11 7 Sign ofthe Times

Congratulations Steve! Junior Steve Daugherty captured the Class 4A title in high jump at the state track finals on Saturday, May 28. Daugherty jumped his season’s best, a 6’9” leap. His previous best had been at his Drake Relays 3rd place finish at 6’7” . At the photo at left, Daugherty displays his winning form. Steve Daughrety takes a flying leap to clear. The victory is close in the glare of the sun. 7 ^ Luis Rocca knows that sitting on the sideline can definitely have its advantages! 1 1O HAWK boys Track Sign of the Times

Washington la Relays Wash-LinnMar-Prairie Wilkinson Relays LinnMar-ICPrairie Anamosa Relays 1C West-Tama-Prairie N. Scott Relays Priarie Relays Mt Vernon Relays Linn Mar Relays Miss Valley Relays 2nd 2nd 5th 2nd 1st 2nd 5th 1st 1st 5th 2nd ~op: Coach Jelinek.Coach Smith.Ted Andrle. Russ Jeager, FredBoxa, Gary Kalous, Jeff Schulte, John Ikeda. Cory Steele.Steve Ca gherty, Jesse Northrup, Todd Henecke, Coach Hawkins.SecondRow: BrianMerta,Tim Smith.Jason Joens, Scott Primrose, =3ss Carnahan, Jeff Shezik, Jeremy Kalous, Jamie Northrup, Jeff Moyle, Trent Tripkosh, Phil VanAmbug, Tony Josifek,. Third Row: Adam Hardy, Dave Becicka, Steve Kevisus, Jon Wacha, Shawn Vohk, Lynn Jones, Mike McCoy, Kyle Kalous,. - The Hawks taking the lead. Scott Primrose and Maria Catalina Duffe get comfy during the track meet. off and Running The men’s track season had 42 guys out in grades 9th12th. The managers are Lisa Avis, Melissa Zach, Amy Val - entine, and Sarah Hinds. The majority of the team is Gary Kalous flying by his opponents. made up of 11th and 9th grades. In the upcoming years the team shouLd have a lot of experience. HAWK Boys Track 1 1 9 Sign ofthe Times

W O M E N’S T E N N I S Prairie 3 O 9 0 Girls practicing for tennis. 4th 1 1 0 0 3 O 3 9 3 Regis Wahlert Marion Jeff Linn Mar Tourney Kennedy Dbq Hempstead Dbq Senior 1 C High 1C West LinnMar Regis Mt. Vernon Jeff JV Opponent 6 9 O 9 8 8 9 9 6 9 6 O 6 Pam Henkels taking a break from tennis. SWING! Front L to R- Lauri Reid, Bethani Speers, Tinker Hall, Amy Driscoll, Tami Nelson. Back L to R- Caoch Lynn Dricoll, Pam Henkels, Leigh Frank, Stephianie Tjemland, Van Nguyn, Lori Plotz, Elizabeth Loll. TENNIS Although tennis is a high competitive sport, at Prairie it is just a game of fun and enjoyment. They play against the larger schools, but since the team is so small, winning is not a priority for Prairie. Not only having fun and en/ Come to me ball. 1 20 HAWK Girls Tennis Sign of the Times Get excited! joy playing one on one, you learn alot more on your techniques. Lynn Driscoll is the coach and has been for quite some time. She really enjoys Cronbaugh doing it. By Wendy ,

MI E N"S T ENN I S Coach Bogner, Casey Eiselstein, Steve Volesk, Tim Kendall, Sean Boddicker, Tim Hoffer, Brian Macek, Chas Pugil, Bryce Roberts, Shimon, Jon Meyer, Rich Shimon, Aaron Neighbor, Keith Neubauer, Bert Mentor. Brian Ollinger, Jeff Volesky, Rob Aaron Neighbor ready and waiting. Prairie team is excited! In "Love" With Tennis Having fun and learning “ Bogs” talks to the team. about tennis seems to be the basis of Prairie’s tennis teams. Competing against the larger schools in our conference seems to hamper winning, so enjoyment of the sport is emphasized. The tennis season officially opened on Tuesday, March R.Shimon practices his stance. 15 when an organizational meeting was held. Both Linda Driscoll, girls’ tennis coach, and Darrel Bogner, boys’ tennis coach, have held their respective positions for quite some time. Brian Ollinger gets set for action. HAWK Boys Tennis 1 2 1 Sign ofthe Times

Varsity Baseball Returns 6 by Jim Coleman ^ The 1988 Varsity Baseball team has six returning lettermen. They are: Lonnie Tjel - meland, Mark Nierling, Rich Munson, Dan Marak, Steve Vlcko, and also Terry McGinn. Terry, who is a graduating senior, also qualified for the Legion Red team. The team consists of the best players in South Cedar Rapids, and the surrounding communities. Last year’ s team set a school mark with the team batting average of.302. Terry McGinn also set a school record with twenty-six walks. The starting line-up will be determined at the first game on May 26, 1988. Good luck in the season ahead. As the yearbook goes to press, the baseball team will be in full swing for the season. Kendall Street Lonnie Tjemeland & m Jeff Schulte waits for a ground ball. 121 HAWK Baseball Sign of the Times Lonnie Tjemeland shows his style. *

Steve Daugherty leads off as Dan Marak s on deck. Steve Vlcko up to bat. Dan Marak bears down on a fast ball . Terry McGinn up to bat with Steve Daugherty at 3rd whileCoach Schenkleberglookson. Terry McGinn Sign of the Times HAWK Baseball 123

The guys on the bench rest up until their call to duty. First baseman Pat Weldon keeps a careful eye on the action against Regis. Sophomore Baseball Coach Rick Hurlbert gives his team some on-field advice. Jeff Moyle practices pitches to catcher Jason Fish while 2nd baseman Justin Hupfer keeps watch. Pat Weldon i 1 A Sign ofthe Times HAWK Baseball

Softball in 5 88 By Jill Weldon This years softball season should be good. This year there will be no sophomores on the team only juniors and seniors.So they have all played together last year. The team will be much smaller. Most of the girls are looking forward to the up comming saeson. As Juile K.oss sr, said,” I can not wait until softball starts.” Kristen Duke is proud of that last inning. Kelly Koutny, Julie Koss, and Shirley Van Thoumout show their spirt for their team. •4 *« « j0r > Joey Santee, Kelly, Koutny, and Sarah Humble have a short gossip session. 'VI •; f 4 m Cherie Heaverlo and Shirley Van Thoumout, anxious for their turn to bat. What’s the matter, Kristin Duke? Sign oj the Times _ HAWK Softball I 25

Exhausted, Renee Johnsen is shocked by her finish. Jeremy Denning "having fun” at Special Olympics. Prairie Students Attend Special Olympics There are twelve districts. If Special Olympics is a nationwide sports training and an individual places 1st in conditioning program open district competition they are to individuals with a disabiqualified for state competi - lity, the participants range in tion in Ames June 2,3,4. age from eight to eighty. The Last year the intmational athletes compete in events Special Olympics were held at such as basketball, soccer, Notre Dame University, swimming, track and field Over 80,000 people attended along with the 5,800 others ty to participate in the state “ 1987” events, and national events. Two stu - mann, and Jeremy Denning, - countries and 50 states to the The purpose of Special Olympics is to involve menevents, and bowling. If the persons competing who participated in the place high enough on the local events. Persons came from 52 level they have the opportuni dents from Prairie, Jim Ort- tally handicapped people in are advancing on to the state the challenge of sports corncompetition in the event of petition and to give them a bowling.Jim scored a 152 his sense of self-esteem and ac1st game,and a 126 in the seccomplishment. ond. Jeremy scored a 49 his 1st game and a 77 his second, Hundreds of volunteers in this area serve as coaches or The people who are in- otherwise assist with area volved with this program events. I say “ HATS OFF” to from our school are a part of the participants and volunthe East Central District, teers of the Special Olympics. Keep up the good work! 126 Sign of the Times HAWK Special Olympics Receiving his 2nd ribbon of the day, Kevin Baldwin Jane Schneiter, out ofbreath, waits for her second 1st place ribbon ofthe day.

Prairie 's first-ever Soccer Team: (Front) Nathan Homrighausen , Nick Sanford, Scott Davidson, Steve Ashbacker Where’s the ball? Robinson, Curt Hynek. (Back ) Dennis Getz, Greg Robinson, Jeff Winky , Josh Heinz, Roger Merta. , Jan Henning Hachmeier, Eric This year at Prairie there is Darrin & Craig really get into the game. a new sport, soccer. 15 boys went out for soccer on March 14th Coaching the boy’s _ _ • ( X s , team is Dennis Getz who once played soccer semi- pro in the eastern United States and his assistant, Dwayn Sanford who played soccer when he was at Christian High School. The team consists of many who went out because they have played the game in the past and enjoyed it. Mike Pitt” ster” and Shane Nodurft (sophomores) are both exam - ples. They both said they went out because it’s alot of fun. Cun Hynek, another soph Busy playing a fun game of soccer. - omore out for the new team had some advice for Prairie’s players, “ If you shoot for the goal use your foot,” he said. Sign of(he Times J 77 HAWK Sports

*^v The sophomore cheerleaders trying to raise the crowds’ spirit. Prairie Fighting Hawks commencing a play. Under the glare of the lights the guys on the side line watch the action. j WKm Prairie girls fight for the ball. Ready, set, spike. Defense holds on the goal line. Girls Basketball; Practice makes perfect Cheri Heaverlo sr„and Connie Fangmann jr„ Diane L°we Jr strain for the ball. 128 Sign of the Times HAWK - shoots for two. Prairie going for the pin.

t ACTIVITIES Activities are the ways of life at Prairie High Schooli ji Students listen very carefully as the speakers talk about Teen Acoholism on Wellness day. L What a beautiful pose. The guest speakers for Teen Acoholism on Wellness day. Activities The 1987-88 school year was from different places to talk full of activities. The year about different subjects as started out with homecoming Teen suicide, Teen acohoweek. They had days such as lism, Teen preganacy and nerd day and Hawaiian day. They also had hall competi- nout. tion and a parade to end the week. Another full day was Wellmany more. It wasa great turProm took place on May 14 at Iowa Hall from 8:30 till midnight. The grand march ness day which took place on was at 9:00. Then Post Prom May 5. Guest speakers came was from 11:30 till 4:00 in the morning at Champmans Fun World. Graduation then took place Project Graduation - Sign of the Times HAWK Activities on June 5 at the Five Seasons Center. took place after the cerimon ies at the Central Y. By Wendy Cronbaugh 129 The line for picture takings at prom.

MURDER Tim Gavin sr„and Paula Marlow sr., review the script during one of the rehear sals for the play. - “ A murder is announced..."Lori Chalupsky jr„Chad Schlueter soph., and Dyanna Quillin sr., listen to Julie Eden sr., as she reads an add from the personal column. She did it, she’s the one!” Mitzi (Paula Marlow) sr., accuses Bunny(Julie Eden) sr,. of stealing a coffee cup. Julie Eden reviews the script . CAST Julia Simmons Letitia Blacklock Dora Bunner Patrick Simmons Mitzi Miss Marple Phillipa Haymes Mrs. Swettenham Edmund Swettenham Rudi Schenz Inspector Craddock ... Sergeant Mellors CREW Kari Lehmkuhl sr., Lori Chalupsky jr., and Jeff Krob sr., ease off the heavy rehearsal and enjoy a moment of laughter. 1 'ICX Sign he Times , 1JU HAWK Spring Play Laura Buwalda, Melissa Jans, Dana Maresh, Tami Nelson, Barb Pulver , Heather Reed, Dorie Tesar, Tina VanLanker, Steve Worthington. Lori Chalupsky Dyanna Dawn Quillin Julie Eden Chad Schlueter Paula Marlow Kari Lehmkuhl Lisa Cummings Teresa Kirk Jeff Krob Darrell Rairdin Tim Gavin Tami Andrle

" I can’t find it Letty!I can’t find it any where!” - ' “ His name is Rudy Scherz , and he’s dead!” “ Now Mitzi, just calm yourself down!” “ You’re having a game with me inspector.” Rehearsing wasn’t ah the cast did. Many food runs were made. “ Happy Birthday, Bunny!” Members of the cast celebrate with delicious death.” ANNOUNCED! HAWK Spring Play 131 Sign of the Times

Mr. Rochester (Scott Davidson sr.) proposes to a reluctant Jane Eyre (April VanDeusen sr.) in the fall production of the classic “ Jane Eyre” . JANE EYRE ^ Taking their final bow is the cast of “ Jane Eyre”: Kari Lehmkuhl sr., Dyanna Quillin sr. , April VanDeusen sr., Scott Davidson sr., Laura Buwalda jr., Dirk Jacquet jr., Janet Sweet sr., Chad Schleuter soph. , and Lisa Cummings jr. DirkJacquet jr., Janet Sweet sr., and Chad Schleuter soph., proudly take their bow at curtain call. 132 S HA‘8n ofthe Times WK Fall Play Mr. Rochester. Scott Davidson , comes in to greet his guests. Dyanna Quillin sr. (Mrs. Fairfax) helps Chad Schleuter soph., the mad woman’s brother. CAST LIST Jane Eyre Mrs . Fairfax .... Leah Grace Poole The Woman Mr. Rochester . Adele Lady Ingram.... Blanche Mary Frederick Lynn Mr. Mason Mr . Wood Student Directors Student Directors CREW Tami Andrle, Lori Chalupsky,CarlaCross, Darrin Goodreau, Carrie Kelso, Tina Kiefer, JeffKrob, Rick Ntlson, Lori Plotz, Dorie Tesar, Jenny Weldon, Jenni Williams,Angie Zahradnik ...April VanDeusen Dyanna Quillin Maria Duffe Kari Lehmkuhl Janet Sweet Scott Davidson Laura Buwalda Julie Meyer Lisa Cummings Paula Marlow Steve Worthington Chad Schleuter Dirk Jacquet ...Julie Eden .Teresa Kirk

Dyanna Quillin sr., anticipates her next errand for Mr. Rochester. Kari Lehmkuhl sr., portrayed the mysterious Grace Poole. Paula Marlow, sr., Steve Worthington soph., and Julie Meyer sr., are guests for a dinner party. Chad Schleuter soph., receives some medical attention from Scott Davidson sr. The weddingday has approached, and Maria Duffy sr., puts the finishing touches on April Van Deusen’s dress. Scott Davidson sr., escorts Lisa Cummings jr., off stage after she met Jane Eyre. Julie Meyer sr., quietly looks on. Sign ofthe Times . ^ ^ HAWK Fall Play 1 3

-to . ’’Crash, bang.” You hear screams and see kids lying all over the beach. The ship has wrecked. There’s no way of getting help. This is what the opening scene looked like at Prairie High School’s Twenty-first production of Coffee House. This years play was called ’’Only the Island Remains.” The productions were November 6 and 7 at 7:30 p.m. The play is written by choir members and is practised for 6 days before the produc - tions. This years play was about a Paula Marlow, sr., and Shelly Dennis, jr., dance bunch of kids who are sent off to camp for the summer. Before reaching the camp, their ship wrecks and no help is to be found. The kids all have different personalities and don’t really care to make friends. But going through some hard times, they realize that they need each other to get through. They learn to accept people as they are and to help everybody as much as possible. Before being resuced and leaving the island, they all realize they have made the most wonderful friends that could ever be. We can all learn a lesson from them: Friendships last a whole lifetime. By Wendy Cronbaugh I B-r Saying goodbye to their kids as they are sent off to sum mer camp. These kids sing how hot it is on the island that they have wrecked on. Sign ofthe Times ]34HAWK Coffee House Let’s give these actors and actresses a great round of applause.

Erica Summer Skip Coach James Ollie Speech Coach Peg. Leo Louie Jack Nick Fred Mandy Captain Erica’s Mom Louie’s Mom Natives Estella Beth Tour Guide Dr. Bulubamba Louie’s Dad Meg & Peg’s Mom Fred’s Dad Leo’s Dad Leo’s Mom Fred’s Mom Scoial Worker Leader of the Pack (dialogue) Amy Carlson Julie Eden . Darrick Chadima Cory Stockton Phil Gruwell - Grandma Edna Meg Chad Schlueter Dawn Slezak Lori Plotz Marci Andrele Pam Ryan Dirk Jacquet Chris Hansen .... Dyanna Quillin Joel Hansen Mike Wiggins . April VanDeusen Tim Gavin Chris Volk ...Jennifer Weldon Accompanists Anita Gruwell Brenda Feldmann Paula Marlow Greg Mulherin Greg Robinson Melissa McLaskey Chris Hauser ... Terry Andersen ....Kari Lehmkuhl Dorie Tesar .... Kathleen Riley Dana Maresh Hillary Van Horn Those silly girls laugh at every joke. If If J Expression girls ’’Just Wanna Have Fun” . Mark Lohman. the set constructor and technition If t • < WHAT A WONDERFUL CAST! HAWK Coffee House [ 35 Sign ofthe Times

THE CAST OF THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN On a life boat of the sinking Titantic. CAST (In Order of Appearance) Molly Tobin Michael Tobin Aloysius Tobin Patrick Tobin Shamus Tobin Christmas Morgan Johnny“ Leadville” Brown Mrs. McGlone Monsignor Ryan Roberta Princess DeLong Prince DeLong Minors.Townspeople . Beautiful People of Denver ... Dyanna Quillin Joel Hansen Phil Gruwell ....Chad Schlueter Dirk Jacquet Ben Engle Chris Hansen Paula Marlow ....Scott Davidson Ann Cerveny April VanDeusen Frank Coleson .and the International Set: Terry Anderson,Jenny Anderson,Marci Andrle, Tami Anderle, Steve Ash Jeff Elliff, Brenda Feldmann, Tim Gavin, Anita - backer, Dawn Buresh, Amy Carlson, Darrick Chadima, Lori Chalupsky, Shelly Dennis, Maria Duffe, Gruwell, Abby Hamer, Chris Hauser, Lisa Hinzeman, Melissa Jans, Lynn Jones, Teresa Kirk, Mary Kriegcl, Becky Kunze, Dana Maresh, Melissa McLaskey, Julie Meyer, Tami Nelson, Darcy Northrup, Lauri Reed, Greg Robinson, Kristi Scott, Cory Stockton, Tanya Tomas, Darcy Turecek, Hillary VanHorn, Mike Wiggins, Nancy Wright. Angie Zahradnik. ._ 1 J6 HAWK Musical Sign ofthe Times Paula Marlow sr, shows off her injury .

By Julie Eden I ain’t down yet” “ I ain’t downyet ! ” was a reoccurring theme for this year’s musical. The story of Molly Tobin is Maria DufTe sr , and Melissa Jans soph, in front of a prop that they painted. Chris Hansen sr, sings a solo. a true one. She was born in Hannible, Missouri, and tries to work her way to Denver to make her fortune. On her way there she meets up with Johnny“ Leadville” Brown, who is a miner. She marries Johnny and soon afterwards they strike it rich.They spend their millions of dollars traveling around the world. In the end, after surviving the sinking Titanic, Molly finds out she can’t buy friends. ic. ” The cast, crew, and pit should be very proud ofthemselves, they were truly ” Unsinkable!” Dyanna Quillin, who portrayed Molly, said,“ It was a great experience! The musical was so vivacious and energet - Greg Robinson soph, and Marci Andrlc jr, bow to Queen Molly (Dyanna Quillin) sr. All of the Europe royalty sing happy birthday to Molly \ > # * l Scott Davidson sr, gets a surprise pie in the face. All of Molly’s guests whisper in shock as Prince and Princess Delong make their entrance. Sign of the Times HAWK Musical 137

MUSIC PARENTS CARNIVAL SHOW Students Enjoy Successful Carnival Activities 4 The annual Prairie Music Parents Carnival/ Variety Show was on April 8th and 9th . The Music Parents sponser the carnival to help pay for new choir robes, outfits for vocal groups, trips and camps. There are a variety ofactiv - I ma play next. r it f l . -» % r * S tft People of all ages enjoy Bingo if ' v Sm fj ' few 13o HAWK Carnival 1t A \i 4L * The Carnival drew a large crowd this year. Sign ofthe Times > A U.4VJ % v it* m y H i 1 i i ' c One popular game is the Ring Toss. 5 ities to do at the carnival. Games like cakewalks, hamster races, and pop ring tosses. There is also a BINGO booth where people can win prizes Jim Walderbachsr., Tammy Anderle donated by local merchants, jr., stop to think about what game to This year marked the 16th and last year for Mary Hynek and Phyl Britcher to star in and organize the Variety show. The theme was ’’School ' Days.” Along with Mary and ‘ Phyl several students were involved, even the school board president Sheryl Quillin got in on the act. Vocal and instrument!stu dents from the 5th grade up performed in the high school cafeteria and gym. TheCamival/Variety show is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. J jk V IN *r V Two young students start to leave after having too much fun. • 1 - v w i

/ASSEMBLY AWARDS FAIRFAX MASONICLODGE: Calhy Peitfer.I DARE YOU AWARD: OanChadima.PamRyan. OPTIMIST AWARD: Cathy Peiffer CR TUESDAYNOON . NASH FINCH: Corey Stohs. NATIONALCATHOLICSOCIETY OFFORESTERS: Greg Mulherin. CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL : Tim Gavin. IOWA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION CITIZENSHIP AWARD: Dyanna Quillin. LIVINGSTON EDUCATIONAL TRUST: Craig Heither, Pam Honkols, April VanDeuson. - STATE OF . Scon . Cathy Peiffer. - LEOLAZ . CLARK SCHOLARSHIP: Brenda Platten.SCOT Darren Goodreau & Cathy Peiffer -Pres. Fitness Soph. Prairie Award of Honor TISHRITE OF FREE MASONRY:Carla Cross. RJ MCELROY TRUST: Maria Duffe, Tony Josifek. IOWA SCHOLARS: Steve Ashbacker. Carla Cross Davidson. Craig Heither. Pam Henkols CoreyStohs. AudfraSwenka.Lynnette Tjelmeland, April VanDeusen, Stephen Vlcko. CENTURY III LEADERSHIP AWARD: Dyanna Quillin. OUTSTANDING STUDENT LEADER OF CEDAR RAPIDS AREA CHAMBEROF COM MERCE: Dyanna Quillin. COLLEGE COMMUNITY DISTRICT FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS: Carla Cross . Craig Heither, Cathy Peiffer, Doug Bowersox. WILOS SCHOLARSHIP: Julie Eden. Kendra Hanzlik . MINATION TO IOWA' S ACADEMIC ALL IT: Marca Andrle. Carla Cross Dousen. COLLEGE COMMUNITYEDUCATION ASSOCI ATION SCHOLARSHIP: Debra Lampe. PRAIRIE HS NO -STATE: Carla - - Cross. NMSQT HIGH SCORERS: Marca Andrle, Boxa. TimKendall.Rob Shimon. Fred CERTIFICATE OFMER . Cathy Peiffer. DAR GOOD - CITIZEN RECOGNITION: Lynnette Tjelmeland. IOWA STATE ADMISSION WITH ACADEMIC RECOGNITION: Steve Ashbacker Peilfer. Corey Stohs, Brenda Platten l Dale McMurrin -Northrup Scholarship Tim Gavin-Congressional Medal Greg Mulherin-Catholic Forester Craig Heither & Pam Henkels Livingston Trust - -Clark Scholarship Jennifer Weldon-Business Scholarship . Carla Cross. Craig Heither, Cathy April VanDeusen. US MARINE CORPS DISTINGUISHED ATHLETE AWARD: Scott Gar rols. NATIONAL SCHOLAR/ATHLETE AWARD: Jodi Schropp. Tim Gavin. NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE - REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP: ShawnSlozok. IOWA STATE ADMISSION WITHACADEMIC RECOGNITION: Steve Aschbacker. Carla Cross. Craig Heither . Cathy Peiffr, - Corey Stohs. April VanDeusen. LAVERNE BRUNS ME MORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Tim Gavin. JASON HYNEK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Corey Stohs. ANDREW MILLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Lynnette and Lonnie .PRAIRIE FEMALE INDI - April VanTielmeland. MONICA NORTHRUP MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Dale McMurrin VIDUAL ATHLETEOFTHE YEAR: JodiSchropp. PRAIRIE FEMALE ALL-AROUND ATHLETE OF THE YEAR: Jodi Schropp. PRAIRIE MALE INDIVIDUAL ATHLETE OF THE YEAR: 8rian Christopherson. PRAIRIE MALE ALLAROUND ATHLETE OF THE YEAR: Tim Gavin. PRESIDENTIAL ACADEMIC FITNESS AWARD: David Bark, Kevin Bockenstedt . Carla Cross, Scott Davidson - . . Maria Dufte, Angie Frey, Eileen Gatrelle , Darrin Goo dreau. Kendra Hanzlik,Craig Heither . .Pam Henkels. Tony Josilek, Jett Krob. Cath Peitter, Brenda Platten, Jason Shetterly, Corey Stohs. Audra Swenka Lynnette Tjelme land. April VanDeusen, Stove Vlcko - Traovena Hall PRAIRIE AWARDOF HONOR: Christopher Bowersox . Cindy Hardin Weldon. Marca Andrle . . Melissa Jans, Jodi Jones Laun Reed. Greg Robinso. Chad Schlueter . Tim Smith Hillary VanHorn, Aaron Vlcko, Jennifer Weldon Chadima,Cone Fangman. Jason Joens,Kristie Peterson . . . Patrick . Mama Andrle, Fred Boxa. Dan . Lisa Platten. Randy Rowray. Pam Ry. Amy Stallman, Carla Doss. Maria Dufte dra Hanzlik, Pam Henkols, Joe Michol, Dyanna Quillin Jodi Schropp, Lonnie Tjolmelad, Lynnette Tjelmeland. MATHAWARDS: carla Cross . FredBoxa. Dutch Nee - ly. OUTSTANDING STUDENT SCIENCE: Pam Henkels . . TEACHER OF THE YEAR: Chris Christopherson. MOCK TRIAL: Kevin Bockenstedt. Carla Cross. Maria Dufte Tony Josifek . Paula Marlow, JasonShetterly April Van . - Deusen JOHNPHILIPSOUSA BAND: DebraLampe . Lisa Singleton. VOCAL MUSIC: Dyanna Quillin. BUSINESS HORIZONS SCHOLARSHIP: Pam Ryan . Rob Shimon. Jonnifor Weldon. UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HONORS SCHOLARSHIP: April VanDeusen. MICHIGAN STATE ACADEMICEXCELLENCE: April VanDouson. NATIONAL JOURNALISM AWARDS: Kristie Peterson. Paula Mar low, Jett Krob. Maria Dufte, Doug Slagle - . Hawk Talk. Sign ofthe Times HAWK 139 . . Tim Gavin, Chris Hansen, Ken

Roller Skating Horseback Riding 1 40 HAWK Mini Courses Sign of the Times

Mini- courses Mini- courses are a well looked forward to thing at the end of the school year. Last November and December P. H. S. students sold jewerly in an all school fund drive to raise money tocover the cost for mini- courses. Mini- courses have been part of our regular program for the past ten years. They have become very popular with the students. Minicourses are offered to Sophomore and Junior students at the end of the school year as supplemental educational opportunities for students beyond their academic class schedule. We plan on offering activities sponsored by the staff in interest areas such as canoeing, cooking, archery, bowling, dancing, trapshooting, horseback riding,gardening, hiking, cosmetology, touring, hounding, and health to name a few of the many offerings. The mini- courses allow the students and staff tomeet and relate to each other in settings other than usual classroom. Students must attend every class and particiapate as a re - quirement for graduation. The mini- courses will be held on June 6 , 7 , and 8. creek life, rock Beach Games Tennis Bowling (They' re supposed to be.) A t Softball Bowling IIAWK Mini Courses 141 Sign of the Times

The high school float showing off its school spirit in the homecoming parade. The crowd cheering the Hawks on to victory against Fort Madison. Homecoming Week '87 A Success For Everyone By Brenda Feldmann ’’Where The Trail Ends” was an appropriate theme for Homecoming ’87. The Prairie Hawk Football Team showed the Fort Madison where the trail did end on Friday night, October 9, 1987. The sophomores won 14-8, Bloodhounds and the Varsity team followed suit by walking over the Bloodhounds 26-0. There were many activit - ies during the week, making everyone keep very busy. Besides the fact of people having large amounts of homework, the students were planning down to the last detail for the parade, the game and the dance. Each day of the week was different for Homecoming. Monday was Hippie Day, Tuesday was Toga Day, Dress Like Your Favorite Teacher Day filled up Wendesday, and Thursday was Group or Partner Day. Last of all, on Friday, 142 Sign of the Times HAWK Homecoming Homecoming Day itself, was Spirit Day. People came dressed in orange and black to show their support and excitement for the Prairie Hawk football team and the coaches. Tradition had the three seperate classes, sopho mores, juniors and seniors, working hard on Thursday night for the hall competi tion. Many students gath ered to decorate the halls with posters and streamers, making their hall try to look as original as posible for the judging on Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. The final ruling had the seniors and juniors tying for the class competition. After the game, the majority of the students went to the Homecoming Dance. Many of the people that came to the dance had a great time. dance was safe and enjoy able for everyone. Overall, the - With the theme “ Reach For The Stars," the junior hall placed first with the senior hall. where the trail ends! - - -

The Candidates By Alyson Zvacek On Friday, October 9, Bry - an Christopherson and Tara Martin were crowned 198788 homecoming king and queen. In the court were Melissa Harvey, Damon (Scott) Garrels, Kendra Hanzlik, Lonnie Tjelmeland, Melisa Zach, Dan Marak, Rita Mitchell, Steve Vlcko.“ I was really excited because it’s a real honor just to be in the court,” Melissa Zach said. Rich Jeffery and Deneen Waid, the 1986-87 homecoming king and queenpassed on Candidates: Lonnie Tjelmeland, Scott Garrels, Steve Vlcko, Dan Marak, Kendra Hanzlik, Melissa their crowns to the new senior Harvey, Tara Martin, Rita Mitchell not pictured: Melissa Zach and Bryan Christopherson king and queen, Bryan & Tara. The band performing the show stopping Somewhere Over The Rainbow. The band marches on the field to start the half time show. Queen Tara Martin, King Bryan Christopherson Discussion for the next play takes place on the sidelines. HAWK Homecoming 143 Sign of the Times

’’TIME OF MYLIFE” Corey Steele and Michelle Valentine Bridget Homrighausen and date. Pictures taken across America. Sarah Humble and Charlie Rohlena. Brian Bistncky and Debbie Tomash. Annette Patton, Melissa Jans, Shanna, Abby Hamer, Pat Weldon, Aaron Vicko. i A < Sign John Lain and JoAnn Dighion, Paul Long and GJ. Janet Sweet. Lori Hartzler and Jeff Peterson. 144 HAWK Prom°fthe Times

Sarah Hinds and Steve Daugherty Diane Lowe and Rich Shimmon Brenda Feldmann and Craig Kimpston TIMEOF MYLIFE Beautiful, lavish dresses and handsome, becoming tuxedos were the familiar form ofclothing on May 14 in Iowa Hall at Kirkwood, as many people celebrated, “ The Time of My Life.” The grand march at prom, “ Time of My Life” Dancing to the tunes of prorh. began at 9:00 as 175 couples strolled under the gazebo, down the lane ofcamera hap - py parents, and into a stream of anxious dancers. Red and silver balloons floated overhead as the couples danced to the music tht was supplied by Ted Burton Jacobson. Punch, nuts and cake were served to the dancers. The servers were: Annette Patton, Melissa Jans, Abby Hamer, Aaron Vlcko, Pat Weldon, Juniors having the time of their lives. Shana Finucane, and Darrick Chadima. i Besides cooling off with re/ freshments, couples could floor by getting their picture taken • , f/ take a break from the dance Following the dance, stuHaving fun. Kim Stephen, Julie Vlasek an< j da c. ^ dents had the opportunity to Lan all-night chemicalarty at Chapman’s Fun orld. Sign of the Times 1 A HAWK Prom ^ attei

Memories of Prom Night r» , v ' | r - V Sr | 2 s3l / 1 72 ft S> 41« I' D? V1 ^Sr ' ^ ; ijfW : I i \ 4 I I t fr « i - 146 V ttSi year. It was a great success, video games. -carts.” the go Sign of the Times HAWK Prom m V 1 t Post Prom was held at can it gives me natural high.” Chapman’s Fun Land this Prom Party a Success There are many different There are many activities at post prom, such as go It provides a time where bumper boats, waterslide, studentscan have fun without spaceball, miniature golf, and drugs and alcohol. RobNovaksr, says, “ When TimSmith jr, says, “ My faI get behind the wheel ofa go-carts, kinds of chips and dips. Admission was $6 per coupie, but ifthey stayed an hour, v i ;u - * - A, i '0 |J Jan Walderbach helped were: Shawn Slezak $25, — — vorite activity at Post Prom is then they got their money collers, towels, back. frisbees. Heaverlo Bond, Lisa Platten kinds of foods to eat. Pizza is with prizes. The winners probably the most popular, Besides pizza, there are all Amy Burgdail~$50, Cherie $100 Savings -color tv set. Other smaller prizes were t-shirts, and < n it 1 i\ *s# i j > ’V - 1

Sign of the Times HAWK Prom 147

Graduation day has been awaited for a long time by the senior class. It is a day to remember in everyone’s life. It is not only a day of happiness and remembrance by the students, but also by the parents and friends. Graduation for the 1988 classwas held at the Five Seasons Center on Sunday, June 5th at 4:00 p.m door ning prienced fun- filled life. Congratulations i A o Sign 140 HAWK Graduation!! °ftfi e Times

- ^ .V , ~Tr Hi 5TT HI f i » i I*'*Jl >5 ?•*&£ , i im\*. W* 1 Si*V 1 Sr16 ' Vi/ kf I" ( **«2 t ttts * m lil « Sign ofthe Times HAWK Graduation!! tl * / t 4 ^ iy . * r M| * 4 * * » .* f : H % • M‘ 3 ?P** A ^< r r i < . . v . >* > ^“ - ^ . * t '-u TL rc fit Us Vf >3n f w », . w. > i *3 * n ? r 4 ii V V 'M 15.7J f* “ PftoLi sfcr 1 J - * V # rv » - a A n 149 .

I Alan Martinson soph, fixes date, Chris Kelso, dress. Graduation Prairie people enjoying the home coming dance. - Prom Dean Melsha gets ready for graduation. 1 Laura Buwalda jr, givesa thumbs up sign before going on stage. ,* Jim Walderbach and Tami Andrle during Jason Ballard and Chad Schulte fire up Prom ‘88. during a pep rally. 1 cA Sign °flfte Times 1DU HAWK Activities The new varsity cheerleading team demonstrates their skill.

MINI-MAG New Jersey Senator Joe Biden, Presidential candidate. President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt, Presidential candidate. xjrm ° Illinois Senator Paul Simon (in bow tie), Presidential candidate. Missouri Congressman Dick Gephardt, Presidential candidate, speaking to Kitty Dukakis. Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis, Presidential candidate. Tennessee Senator Albert Gore Jr., Presidential candidate. Revere'nd Jesse Jackson, Presidential candidate. Sign of the Times HAWK Mini Mag 1 5 1

"Fatal Attraction" For Real By Brenda Feldmann An ever popular movie for 1987 starring Glen Close and Michael Douglas was ’’Fatal Attraction. ” Douglas plays a married man who meets Close in a bar one weekend when his wife is away. The two characters go on to havea short affair, then Douglas wants to end it , feeling very guilty and wanting to be faithful to his family once again. Close keeps hauntinghim and his family, trying to persuade Douglas to come back to the affair. In the end Close shows up at Dougls’ house and attempts to kill him, but at the last minute ofthe struggle between them, Douglas’ wife shoots her. A similar case was reported with a 1985 UNI graduate. Christine Larson, 24, supposedly shot her boyfriend’s wife after he decided to return to his marriage. Paul Doll, 27, had a short affair with Ms. Larson, and then wanted to go back to his wife Sheila Doll, and forget Larson. Houston, Texas was the scene of the murder. Detective Wayman Allen said that Christine Larson just didn’t want to let go of the relationship, just like Glen Close’s character in the movie. On the other hand, defense attorneys say Ms. Larson went to Mrs. 1988 Olympics: A Time For Sharing By Alyson Zvacek Nearly everyone with a te - levision set tuned in at some time to watch a portion of the 1988 winter Olympics. MilDoll wanting to straighten the whole situation out. They were said to have struggled and then a gun, which one of the women had carried, accidentally fired. Larson is initially charged with murder, lions of people shared the joy with Bryan Boytano when he recieved his gold medal for men’s singles ice skating, an tears filled viewers eyes as the agony of defeat conquered Dan Jansen who fell in the 50 meter speed skating thedayof his sister’s death. Sadnesscarrid though the week as Jansen skated the 100 meter. Racing with the best time and a possi - ble first place, he fell again for no apparent reason . Blair lifted spiritsdas shewon the gold medal in the 500 me - but the carge could be lessened later on in court. Gere Comes to Iowa Richard Gere, made famous for his leading role in “An Officer and a Gentleman,” moved to Cedar Rapids in the fall of 1987 to film a new movie, “ Farm Of the Year.” Fans throughout Iowa constantly tried to locate Gere. His press agents issued various reports, most saying that he had rented a house in Cedar Rapids, drove a pick-up truck, and walked around town wearing casual Iowa clothes of jeans and T-shirts, so he would fit into thecrowd. Journalists though, report - ed that he was staying in the hotel atop the Five Seaons Center, drove a sports car, and his handsome looks were hard to hide, especially with a gold earring. Gere avoided personal visits in Cedar Rapids, turning down all offers to speak to groups. The movie was filmed at various locations, including a farm house, which producers borrowed then rebuilt the front porch, only to make it look like it bums down in the movie. The movie was also filmed at the Jones county fair grounds. Although producers moved to Iowa in the summer, they needed to manipulate the crowds, so they waited until cold November to film at the fairgrunds, hiring local persons to run around in shortseating cotton candy, as if it were summertime. Bond Plan Defeated, Voters Stay Home On April 12, 1988, the voters of College Community School District stayed home. They stayed home, rather than going to vote for a 4.5 million dollar bond referendum that would have made major improvements in Prairie High School. The bond was a major issue at Prairie for over a year, as this was the second try to get the bond passed. An earlier bond, for more money, had been defeated. f ter womens speed skating, and the bronze medal in the 1000 meter women’s speed skating. Every four years brings us the Olympics, and now that they are gone, training has already begun for our future stars. % Bonnie 152 Sign of the Times HAWK Mini Mag

Farm Crisis By Wendy Cronbaugh Thefarm crisiswas known to all in 1985. That was the worst year for the farmers. Farms were closing,auctions were taking place and farmers were moving out. Why all of a sudden is this happening? Back in the old days, farmers were satisfied with the amount of land they had. They didn’t have much machinery, so they knew they had to farm by hand. But as time grew,just tostay upwith the economy, farmers started to buy more land. And since they had more land they couldn’t possibly farm it all by hand, so they had to buy modern machines to help them. And all thislead to borrowing money, which they knew they didn’t have to pay back. And they kept doing this until today. Today, the economy is so poor, that banks want their money back just so they can keep in business. They don’t realize though, that if they keep taking money (farm land) away from the farmers, there is not going to be any farmers left for the economy and we’ll have to start imp - morting which will make our economy even worse. We need to do something about our economy that will help the farmers. Teen Problems By Sara Humble Teenage pregnancy and teenage sexuality have become a growing problem in the United States for the ’80’s. Sexuality has become a bigger problem each year. Kids are having sex at a younger PLAGIARISM The trouble with Joe Biden , political passion is that some of it is,well, borrowed.Yes it was PLAGIARISM. The New York Times reported on Sept.14,87 that Biden, appearing at the Iowa State Fair on Aug.23, had lifted a stirring passage from a campaign ad by British Labor party leader Neil Kinnock without bothering to credit the author. Staffers explained that Biden had credited Kinnock on other occassions; one aide said Biden had been on AUTOMATIC PILOT during the Iowa speech and that plagiarism had been' inadvertent.’ That is why you should be very careful about plagiarism, it could ruin your life. Stock Market Tumble By Alyson Zvacek The fall of the stock market in 1929 held a loss of 12.82%. This proved to be nothing compared to the fall in the stock market that the nation felt on October 19, 1987. More than 500 billion dollars was drained from the value of stocks as it fell 22.62%, a record fall of 508 points. The unpredicted fall hit the nation’s stockholders hard. Who knows when the next tumble will hit bottom. and younger age. Twenty-one million young people from the ages 15-19 are estimated to be sexually active. Close to seven million men and four million women are sexually active, and about one-fifth of these are kids from the ages 13-14. There are more teen pregCandidates for Iowa Caucus By Michael Jarvis The Iowa Caucus, held February 8,1988,was thefirst active political test in the United States for men run ning for President. Therewere many men run - - ning for President. Democrat candidates were: Bruce Bab - bitt, Gary Hart, Jesse Jack son , Richard Gephardt, Al - - bert Gore, Michael Dukakis, Joseph Biden (who dropped out of therace before the cau cus) and Paul Simon. Repub Pat Robertson, Bob - - lican candidateswere:George Bush, Dole, Jack Kemp, and Pete DuPont. Scott Davidson sr. , attend ed thecaucus. ” It was a learn ing experience and I really en joyed it,” Scott said. Otherfa - - - - culty and students also attended the caucuses. The caucus is a right when voterscome together and support their favorite candidates, Democrat or Republican. Gephardt won the Democrat race in Iowa; Dole won the Republican race. Caucuses throughout the U. S. will decide each partie’s candidate to run in November. One ofthe two final candidates will be in controll of our country’s fate for the following 4 years. nanciesnow thanever before. Each year more than one million teen girls become pregnant from the ages of 15- 19. Girls younger than 15 get pregnant anually. Teenage sexual activity has become a big curiosity to most teens, and this results in many unwanted pregnancies. % Sign of lhe Times IIAWK Mini Mag 153

A Very Spunky Girl Cooper Kids: By Dana Center For over 58 hours, Jessica McClure was trapped in an eight inch wide well. clear how Jessica fell down the well in her aunt’s back yard.She was playing with two older playmates in the backyard and her mother went into the house toanswer the phone. When she came back outside, the girls Jessica was playing with were looking down the well. Drilling experts shortly arrived and had to use highway construction equipment to make a three foot wide shaft down the side of the well. Cosby Comes to Carver By Alyson Zvacek On January 24, 1988, comedian Bill Cosby visited Carver Hawkeye Arena. The concert was given as a benefit performance supportingJesse Jackson, a democrat running in the 1988 presidential election. Bill Cosby has been the most popular entertainer for the past year, appearing on his weekly number one series, The Bill Cosby Show. Needless tosay, the benefit concert proved very charitable for the Jesse Jackson foundation. Ron Short, an observer It is not who was bom without collarbones, volunteered to squeeze through the narrow pas - - sageway. Instead, they turned to a special high pressure hy drolic drill that was flown in from Houston. The workers were then able to widen the passageway. Jessica suffered no internal injuries or fractures. “ Considering the length of time she was in, she did great,” said the McClure’s family physician. Are they being deprived? When Karen Cooper was admitted into a mental ward for adults, she had given up her five children to the adop - Our Constitution By Christa Emerson The year of1987 included a major national event, the celebration of the 200th anniversary ofthe Constitution of the United States of America. People all over America celebrated in many different ways. Even Prairie helped celebrate. During the school day, President Reagan and national officials presented speeches which were broadcast by TV and radio. The teachers at Prairie had the op - tion to broadcast the speeches into the classroom, bring a TV into the classroom, take the class to another location to hear the speeches, or just to ignore the celebration. Prairie also celebrated the anniversary by sponsoring a Constitutional Trivia Game. The Constitution makes a person proud to be bom an American, and to live under laws which preserve peace. tion agency. The agency then placed them all into a foster home with the Mick family. There they received love and warmth. After only a year’s stay with the Mick family, Cooper got out of the ward and wanted her children back. There was a big controversy over whether the children should live with their mother or not. No decision had been made. They took the children out and placed them into two separate foster homes.The Micks and the Cooper kids still keep in contact today, but there is no happiness in either home. Scandal Hits D.C. This past year two well known officals in Washington D.C. ,( North and Pointdexter) were acused and tried of selling arms to Iran. The president said that he had not knowen about the dealings and therefore should not be held responsible for the prob - lems. Because of these problems People the presidents popularity has gone sharply down. are’nt sure if they should believe in the presidents innocence. % Sign of the Times 154 HAWK Mini Mag

"Yes, there is life after school." --Paula Marlow, sr. Birthday girl Jill Weldon (2nd from left) is getting MIGHTY IMPATIENT waiting for her birthday cake! Bringon the cake! Bring on the clowns! The balloons! These girls just wanna have fun! Tracy Levien listens carefully. Jon Stewart, Brian Merfeld and Kurt Ledvina gather around the KRNA van. It’s hard to concentrate when your eyes are on the girl ahead of you. After the Bell By Alyson Zvacek What do students do after the Jeff Wessel, administrative assistant, said, At 3:15, all of the students best time of your life. You jor responsibilities.” at PHS hear that magic have no social worries or masound: the dismissal bell , This section will highlight bell? Work, homework, student activities and time watching T.V., go shopping wasters that are set loose once with friends, and taking a the day is over, good nap top many priority lists. _ HAWK Student Life 155 Sign of the Times . “ This is the

Meditating in the sun. A friendly hello! $ Taking a break to read a good book in the sun. A Outdoor is life. These students take up the warm weather to study. Dy’s favorite part, SUCCESS , - 1 JO HAWK Student Life ,Sign ofthe Times

Denise Sutphin makes a decision. Holly Stallman and Susan Bowersox. Leaving school is the highlight of the day. Cherie Heaverlo and Dawn Hoefer chat. Some require hats. Saying goodbye until tomorrow. HAWK Student Life 157 Sign ofthe Times

Brad Slusherman sits quietly. Jill Behrens Dawn Siroway listens to a secret. A quick chit 158 Sign of the Times HAWK Student Life -chat before going home. Can you talk yet, Cindy Hardin.

PRAIRIE HIGH SCHOOL Kristie Peterson caught red-handed. Rich Hronik dreams of summer. Just a chat down the hall. “ The Melsh” (right) dreams on. Cory Steele strikes a pose. Let’s register, guys! HAWK Student Life 1J9 Sign ofthe Times

FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS NEWPORT’S FLOWERS, INC. "IlJe Q'uuoQUA Ouut" 2125 WILSON AVENUE S. W. CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA 52404 319- 363- 8128 Hick<>ry Plaza Mon.- Sat JL . 7:00 am-10.00 pm Sun. 8:00 am- 10:00 pm Gas - Groceries - Snacks Video Tape Rentals Fresh Deli Sandwiches 848-4760 BOX 206, ELY, IA 52227 Fairfax. Iowa CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’88 WE TREAT YOU RIGHT!.. FLAMECCCM (-zsats a m.£mo vjitfi somEotiE ifiEciaCH ! < £tzafzi.— cSzaj - GPiES.EXjin ood.— GPximE EXCEIIEIICE fox .Cj a txadition of OJEX thixty tjEaxs. Xd . 312 3rd Ave. SE Downtown Cocktails served 11 am-closing Mon.-Sat. Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11-2 and 5-10 160 Sign of the Times HAWK Ads 362-8679

# OPEN 24 HOURS 1332 Edgewood Rd. S.W. CEDAR RAPIDS Check out our everyday low prices U.S.D.A. PRIME BEEF SERVICE CASE FRESH SEAFOOD SERVICE CASE • Go Hawks DG Oil Creative and Mini Mart Swisher 857-4162 857-4602 Graphics, Inc. Since 1969 Advertising and Graphic Design Logos •Brochures •Newsletters Display Ads•Specialty Advertising Calligraphy 318 Vanderbilt St. Fairfax, IA 52228 HUPP ELECTRIC MOTORS (319) 846-2534 StHCE 1912 “Designing the future of your business" Sign of ihe Times HAWK Ads U | f. i

* 1 : 1 Fairfax Grain Co.,Inc. i Grain-Feed-Seed-Ag. Chemicals Phone: 846-2621 Fairfax, Iowa 52228 i Y _ zi Located juat off 1 380 and 33rd Ave. SW 3320 Southgate Ct. SW Cedar Rapid* - I A ! INSTANT ACCESS •BANK BY MAIL \ •NIGHT DEPOSITORY •DRIVE-UP BANKING •NOW •KEOGH PHONE 846-2300 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MCMBfR f QIC •SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES • AUTO LOANS •HOME AND FARM LOANS •INSURANCE •IRA : : CALL 363- 2031 Bob Powers Snap-on 3913 Julie Lane S.W. Cedar Rapids,Iowa 52404 319- 396- 8359 i Grilled fresh fish , prime rib , unique freshly prepared chicken entrees, a compliment of vegetables and garden fresh salad. Quality food and service in a casual setting for any occasion. Lunch Mon. Evenings - SPIFTT ^ Fri., Dinner Seven 1i AMALGAMATED PFCMSDNCOMPANY 162 Sign of the Times HAWK Ads

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Senior Memory Ads STEVE I — hope you never forget the special times we've had— even the poisin ivy! you made my high school years really special. Through it all, I know I'll never find another like You'll make someone happy someday. Love always, KENDRA you. very TRACI MARYEHRLE & CINDY LINT — Thank you for your beautiful friendshipsI Good luck in all you do! I’ll miss you! Love you always, HOLLY STALLMAN ,'rt HEATH R.— You've made my year so special and memorable. Let's hold onto our dreams! I’ll love you alwaysI Love, ANGIE A. i See you later, KRISTIE PETERSON. Remember, you love me. — DUG — To a really super, terrific friend I will always remember. Thanks for making mylast year fun and memorable . Love, CHERIE LORI, MISTY, JEANNE, STEPH, JOANNE & PEGGY— Thanks for being such great friends. I'll miss you after graduation. Keep in touch. Love ya, STACI DISH—Don't forget all the fun we had, Murphy's sign, and the "bun" or all the laughs and info, about "Lumpy"andRayRay. Love ya, JENNA STACI JEANNE, MISTY, JOANNE, STEPHANIE, PEGGY & MICHELLE — Thanks for making High School and our senior year so much fun! I'll miss you guys. Love ya, LOR! JENNIFER — I'll never forget you and all the great times we had. You made senior year the best! Love, TRISH Well, I guess this is goodbye Jenny. Remember, U love me 2. — DUG Flying high into the sky— Nothing else will compare. — SHELLYI — You animal! Thanks for all the great partyin' times/ We're finally going to have to do some major partying when you visit me in AZ! Coolness? Take it easy-dudel Long live BONO! — LORI 164 HAWK Ads Sign of the Times JOEL BLUM M/.* . # « * The wide empty halls can be a lonely place for a guy with a pink pass. Matt Kulish, sr, is that you!?

MELISSA If youhave adream, remem - ber it. Someday it just might come true. — JOEL BLUM I LOVE YOU FOREVER SHANE BURLINGAME . YOURS FOREVER ! CAREY — ANGI — Love you honey, hope you have fun senior year and hope you get everything you want. Love you, MIKE DUDE! You’re THE BESTEST best friend anyone could ever have and I want to thank you for always being there for me! You can always count on me. LIVES/ P.S CHERIE H.— Thanks for being a great friend. Good luck in accomplishing all of your goals and dreams! Love, ANGIE A. LORI K — Thanks for being such a great best friend over our high school years touch after graduation. Best friends always, STAC/ . Always keep in TO ALL MYFRIENDS— Who I've known this year, I wish a farewell and hope I may see you all again. — JOEL BLUM STACI — Thanks for being such a great friend and making High School the best. I’ll nevr forget you. Have fun! Love ya, LORI SHANE— Youare a very special part of my life now. I know we will be together forever! I love you always! — CAREY Always remember: U2 LORI .D II — . Death to C. SCOTT— Thanks for telling me the truth, even when I didn't want to hear it. I' ll call you when my movie comes out. DYANNA TO MY FRIENDS — You made my senior year special. The memories you gave me are ones I will always remember times you've cared. a lot to me. — AMYBECICKA . Thanks for the You mean BRENDA PLATTEN — Will you go to the "85" Homecoming? — DUG TO ALL MY FRIENDS— Keep in touch after graduation andremember all thegood times. — MIKE — You mean so much to me! Thanx for everything you've done for me! I love you always, MELISSA Love ya, MICHELLE AMY A rare photograph of the 1988 HAWK yearbook pho tography editor, Jon Sweet, sr. - Be productive! Wendy Cronbaugh quietly and carefully works, not knowing the camera’s eye is watching her every move. — You're a great sister! Go ahead and have my locker. O.K.? MARY Sign ofthe Times HAWK Ads 165

owling Bach, Dr. 84 A Adams, Jennifer 10, 134 Alkire, Jeann M 46 Altenhofen, Jody 10,24,104,109 Amburg, Phil Van 94,96 Andersen, Terry 30,135, 28, 86, 140 Anderson, David M 46 Anderson, Jenny 27,42,62,76,86,109,140, 167, 28 Anderson, Kristy 10 Anderson, Rex 28 Anderson, Tracy 28,74,86, 30 Andrle, Marci 28 ,30,31,86,140,141, 92, 135 Andrle, Mama 28,63,114 Andrle, Tami 28,86,136,150, 134, 140, 138 Andrle, Ted 119 Ashbacker, Garland 77 Ashbacker, Steve 10,24,30,85,86,98,140 Atkinson , Ranae 28 Atwood, Jay 10,76,172 Aune, Craig 74 Avenson, Angela 10 Avis, Lisa 28,119 Bails, Christine M 46 Bails, Richard 28 Bails, Tanya 99,117, 1 ) 6 Baker, Patrick J 46 Baldwin, Kevin 46,132 Ballard, Jason 28,150 Bark, Dave 10,24,61 Barrette , Gene 28, 31 Barta , Jeff 9,10,25,38,66 Barta, Mindy 28,92,109 Bascom , Wayne 28 Becicka , Amy 10,24,85 Becicka , Dave 119 Becicka , Jody 62, 46 Bednarowicz, David M 46 Behrends, Kevin 63,94,111 Behrens, Jill 28,117,158, 134 Benda, Debbie 10,24 Bender, Sharon 69 Bennett, Dave 94 Bennett, Larry 10,24 Bentley, Joe 10, 98 Bentley, Rhonda 92, 46, 102 Bently, James 46 Bently, Robert K 46 Bergdale, Amy 28 Berger, Anthony 28,38 Berger, Kristi 117 Berrett , Jean 66 Berryhill, Jason 157, 46 Bessert, Paul 44 Birch , Susan 28 Bistricky, Brian 10,25,144 Blanchard, Robbie E 46 Blanchard, Scott 29,46 Bland, Kassandra 46 Bleakley, Rob 6,29,94,106,108,109, 91, 85 Bliss, Jacque 29,64, 42, 134 Blum, Joel 10,25 Boardman, Karleen 10,25 Bockenstedt, Kevin 10,109, 35 Boddicker, Sean 29,121 Bogner, Mr. Boots, Bryan 11,25,94, 9 Borwig, Michelle 29 Bowers, Brooke 46 Bowersox, Chris 47,104,113 Bowersox, Doug 11,25,66,69 Bowersox, Susan 29,30,74,86,114,157 Bowman, Frank 47,85,94,96,109 Boxa, Fred 27,29,99,119 Boyle, David 11 Boyle, James 47 Braun, Kathy 29 Brecht, Christine 29 Britcher, Phyl 23,57,77, 9 Brown, Bill 11,24 Bruns, Sharon 77 Bubon, Dan 68 Buresh, Brenda 11,24,30,67 Buresh, Dawn 47,86,92,109,140 Buresh, James 47 Buresh, John 29,59 Burgdail, Amy 165 Burger, Anthony 28 Burgett, Tina 11,25 166 HAWK Index It’s so lonely sitting one to a table. Sign of the Times Tim Gavin " Yes we are having fun?!” Burgin , Richard 29, 111 Burlingame, Shane 11,25 Burrow, Tim 47,58 Buscher, Matthew 29 Bush, Jaime 58,92, 47, 109 Buwalda, Laura 29,134,136,150 Bym, Kenny 29 Bys, Terry 29 C ruising Campbell, Kevin 47 Campbell, Mary 136, 60 Canning, Greg 29,94,111 Cannon, Jamie 29 Carlson, Amy 11,30,86,135,140 Carlson, DeAnn 29 Carnahan, Carey 92 Carnahan, Lynnette 47,92,134, 58 Carnahan, Ross 119 Carnehan, Carla 150 Cech, Dean 11,25.66,69

Center, Dana 30,40,175 Cerveny, Ann 11,24,30,76,86,92,140 Cerveny, Mike 11,25,35,72,94 Chadima, Dan 30,94,106,109 Chadima, Darrick 30,47,86,94,135,140 Chadima, George 77 Chalupsky, Lori 30,62,86,92,134,136,140 Chohan, Bihari 47 Christensen, Michelle 11,116,117 Christensen, Monica 30 Christensen , Teresa 43,47 Christopherson, Bryan 11,25,94,95,143 Christopherson, Chris 134, 60 Claassen , Christina 30, 145 Clark, Kathy 61 , 47 Clark, Robbie 47 Cleppe, Keith 47,113 Coleman, Jim 25,38,76,175, 1 1 Coleson, Frank 30,86,92,140 Coleson, Kim 30 Conner, Kristi 30 Cooper, Keith 47 Cooper, Michael 30 Craft, Jack 30,42,76 Cronbaugh , Philip 48 Cronbaugh, Wendy 11,165,175, 25 Cross, Carla 11,24,61,85,105,136 Cross, Dan 30 Cross, Paula 30,85 Crow, Karen 77 Cummings, Lisa 30,133,134,136 inosaurs Daugherty, Steve 111,118,119,122,145, 30 Davidson, Scott 12,25,76,85,133,136,140, 141 ,152 Davidson, Tracy 48,58 Davis, Chari 12,60,92, 71 Davis, Jeffrey 48 Davis, Troy 30 Day, Timothy 30 Dean, Colemon 12,92 Dean, Talee 38,48 ” Gee, I love this school,” thinks Jenny Anderson jr., not realizing class is over and everyone’sgone home. Delfs, Kristin 30 Dell, JohnO 18 DeMoss, Jeanette 12,25, 92 Denning, Jeremy 48,132 Dennis, Karen 68 Dennis, Shelly 30,31,62,86,99,105,140, 157 Dietz, Susan 31 Dighton, Joann 12,25,51,144,167,175 Divishek, Shelley 48 Dort, Rob 31,94 Downs, Tyrone 48,58,113 Drahos, Tammy 48, 65 Dreahouse, Tami 8 Driscoll, Angie 31,114,115 Duffe, Maria 12,25,76,136,140,141, 99, 105, 133 Duffy, Elizabeth 76,171 Duke, Kristen 12,23,25,38,1 10,1 14 Dziewanowski, Deanna 31,61, 34 Election Eadie, Trent 31 Eckley, Bryan 48 Eden, Julie 12,24,26,86,109,134,135,136, 175 Looking Presidential, Vice -principal Bob Jennings stands guard over honor roll seniors. Edmunds, Richard 31 Ehrle, Amy 48 Ehrle, Mary 12,24 Eidemiller, Trent 31 Eidemiller, Troy 31 Eiselstein, Casey 48,121 Elgas, Ron 77 Elliff, Beth 103 Elliff, Jeff 8,30,86,92,140, 98, 48 Emerson, Christa 12,25,175 Engel, Ben 30,31,86, 140 Engledow, Jody 12,25,78, 31 Engledow, Steve 48,58,94,96 Entringer, Christine 31 Everett, Jonas 31,104 Fridays Faltis, Matt 48,94 Fangmann, Connie 114,115,134, 31, 101, 110, 144 Fearing, Ken 63 Feldmann, Brenda 12,24,30,86,135,140, 145,175, 36 Feller, Deanne 31 Finger, Brad 31,109 Finn, Mike 31,94 Finucane, Shana 48,102 Fish, Jason 124 Fisher, Aren 31 Fisher, Drew 31,36,134 Foubert, Trudy 32 Foust, Katherine 48 Franc, Leigh 32,114,157 Franks, Brian 109 Frey, Angele 85, 12Fuler, Jason 104 Funk, Shane 12 Furler, Jason 49,104,113 Furry, Michelle 49 Cjraduation Garnett, Ted 12,25,38,67,94, 30 Garrels, Damon 67,143,225, 91 111 Garrels, J.J. 111 Garrels, John 32 Garrett, Jeanne 13,25, 38, 51, 34 Gatrelle, Eileen 13,25,26, 85 Sign of the Times HAWK Index 1 67

Gavin, Tim 13,23,25,30,85,86,91,94,111, 134,135,140 Glandon, Rodney 32 Goldsberry, Connie 77 Goodreau, Darrin 13,24,136 Goodrich, Eugene 32 Gordon, Carrie 13,24 Grabe, Jon 49,94 Greenman, Shannon 32 Grinder, Jennifer 32 Gruwell , Anita 49,135,140, 86 Gruwell, Phil 30,135,140, 8 32 Hightops Hachmeier, Jan Henning 82 Hahn, Kimberly 32 Hall , Treveana 49, 70 Halstead, Sharon 32 Hamer, Abby 30,49,86,140,144 Hanlon, Andrea 49,92,102, 58 Hansen, Chad 49,113 Hansen , Chris 13,24,30,61,86,104,109, 135,140,141 Hansen, Joel 30,49,86,109,135,140 Hanzlik, Kendra 13,25,30,63,85,86,92, 109,143 Hardin, Cindy 49,112,158 Hardin, Craig 13,25,106,109 Harapot, Andre 32,66 Hardy, Adam 119 Haren, Troy 49 Harms, Coach 102 Harney, Anna 58 Harris, Tim 58, 49 Hartzler, Lori 9,13,25,37,92,105,109,144, 175 Harvey, Deanna 49 Harvey, Melissa 13,23,85,143 Hasler, Erika 49 Hasson , John 32 ,40,94 Hatcher, Mike 108,109 Hauser, Chris 30,32,86,135,140 Hawkins, Bob 64, 98, 99 Hawkins, Vicki 68 Hayek, Aaron 113 Hayes, Jenny 13,25,61 Headington, Amy 49 Heaverlo, Cherie 13,24,100,101,114,157, 165, 110, 134 Heilers, Cherie 114 Heilers, Traci 32,105 Heither, Craig 13,24,59,84,85 Henderson , Renee 32,85, 39 Henecke, Steve 85,94,109, 49 Henecke, Todd 119 Henkels, Pam 13,25,85,120 Hepker, Staci 50 Herman , Bob 94 Hickey, Angala 32 Hilers, Tracy 39 Hiles, Craig 32,94 Hinds, Sara 32, 1 19, 145, 99 Hines, Keith 50,94 Hines, Sarah 99 Hining, Mr. 66 Hinzman, Lisa 33,39,86, 140 Hoefer, Dawn 13,25,157 Hoefer, Tim 33, 121 Chad Schlueter puts finishing touches on PHS’s 1 st place snowman in the Sno Sculpt ’88 contest. Holeton , Lance 13,25 Holte, Melanie 50,92 Homrighausen, Bridget 33,78,144 Hopfer, Justin 104 Horn, Hillary Van 86,135 Hosch, Brett 33 Houser, Cheryl 14,25 Houts, Donna 33,68 Hronik, Rich 14,25,64,72,159,175, 37 Huelsenbeck, Bart 50 Hultman, Holly 14,25 Humble, Norm 77 Humble, Sarah 14,24,30,35,144,175 Hupfer, Justin 50,113,124 Hurlbert, Rick 124 Huyck, Aaron 50, 61 Hynek, Curt 50,109 Ice Cream Ikeda, Andrea 116,117 Ikeda, John 33,94,119 J unk Food High above the gymnasium, the bovs' basketball team is oblivious to the photographer who captures their practice on film 168 Sign ofthe Times HAWK Index Jacquet, Dirk 30,33,85,86,135,136,140 Jaeger, Russ 33,94 James, Teena 14,25 Janey, Shannon 50 Janey, Tiffany 14,24 Jans, Melissa 50,86,134,140,141,144 Jarvis, Mike 14,25,175 Jcager, Russ 119 Jeffery, Jason 33,35,94 Jeffery, Rich 143 Jelinek, Adam 94 Jelinek, Craig 81,94 Jennings, Bob 77,80,146,167 Jennings, Joy 33 Joens, Jason 33,39,94,95,1 19,144 Johnsen, Renee 132 Johnson, Alisa M 50 Johnson, Chad 14

At exactly 2:32 3/4, store manager Jan Walderbach is caught in time counting the take of the day. Johnson, Ed 68,94,95 Johnson, Jeff 14,25,104 Johnson, Lisa 92 Johnson, Renee 50 Johnson, Sheryl 14,25 Johnson, Stacy 33 Johnson, Tim 14,24,134,175 Jones, Jodi 50,102 Jones, Lynn 30,50,86, 109,119,140 Jones, Tony 14,24 Jones, Tracie 33 Jones, Troy 14,25 Josifek, Tony 14,25,99,1 19, 85 Juett, Jason 14,25 Junge, Jacey 50 issing Kahl, Allison 50 Kalous, Gary 33,64,94,98,1 19 Kalous, Jeremy 99,109,119 Kalous, Kyle 31,33,98,99,1 19 Kamberling, Buffy 33,64 Karasek, Joe 14,23,25 Keeney, Rob 15,25,28 Kelso, Carrie 51,136 Kelso, Chris 150 Kendall, Tim 121, 33 Kevisus, Steve 119 Kiefer, Tina 33,136 Kies, Kelly 15,24 Kies, Michael 34 Kimball, Jim 63 Kimpston, Craig 145 King, Matt 175 Kinnison, Lori 15,25,51,348 Kirk, Teresa 34,40,86,134,136,140 Kleinmeyer, Tyera 51 Kleppe, Keith 104 Kleppe, Mike 113 Kloubec, Chad 6,15,24 Kloubec, Jeremy 51,81,94, 85 Knowlton, JoAnn 77,78 Knowlton, Kirsten 34 Kohl, Dennis 77 Kolsrud, Michele 51 Kopish, Joseph 51 Koss, Julie 15,24, 123 Kounty, Kelly 34 Krahmer, David 51, 70 Kriegal, Tricia 15,25, 134 Kriegel, Mary 34,140 Krob, David 77 Krob, Jeff 15,25,76,84,134,136 Krotz, Jodi 15,25,85,111, 23 Kruger, Phil 51 Kulish, Matt 8,15,25,28,91,94,164 Kunze, Becky 34,86,105,140, 86, 31 Love Lain, John 144 LaMar, Mary 15 Lamparek, Raelyn 34,65 Lamparek, Randy 15,24,35,94 Lampe, Deb 15,24,30,74,86 Lamphier, Pauline 77 Lane, K. C. 28,111 Lane, Kirk 34,104 Larsen, Stephanie 15,24, 51 Lathrop, Christopher 34 Latuska, Darren 51,94 LeClere, Steve 30,34,86 Ledvina, Kurt 155 Legate, Linda 34 Lehmkuhl, Kari 15,24,133,134,135,136 Leitheiser, Troy 34 Leslie, James 51 Levein, Tracy 15,24, 155 Liedtke, Jason 34,66 Light, Kyle 34,60,109 Lightfoot, Bethany 51, 57 Lindemann, Debbie 51 Lindsey, Jim 51 Lindsey, Roger 34 Lins, Marc 34,94 Lint, Cindy 15,24 Lint, Jodie 51 Liston, Carrie 16,25 Lizarraga, Denise 34, 65 33Loehr, Ed 16,24 Loehr, Julie 51 Lohmna, Mark 136 Loll, Elizabeth 51,112 Loney, Misty 16,25,51 Loney, Wendy 52 Long, Paul 16,24,69,72,144 Lowe, Diane 34,35,85,114,115,134,145 Sign of the Times HAWK Index 169

M USIC Maas, A1 77 Macek , Brian 121 Maehl , Jenni 103 Maehl, John 77 Mahaffey, Christy 34 Mains, David 35 Malone, Bonnie 77 Mantz, Gary 52 ,104,113 Marak , Dan 16 ,25,67,71,94,109, 122,143, 10 108 Maresh, Dana 52,86,134,135,140 Marlow, Paula 16,24,76 ,133 ,134,135,136 , 140,155 Marquardt, Pam 68 Martainson, Alan 150 Martin, Tara 16,25,99,117 ,142,143 Martinson, Allen 52 , 150 McClelland , Lori 16,24 McCormick, Jennifer 35 McCormick, Jim 52,61 ,94,96,113 McCoy, Kelly 52, 109 McCoy, Mike 16,25,119 McCrea, Tim 30,35,86 McDonald, Shawn 52 McGinn , Terry 8,16,24,67,99,106,109,122 McGiven, Terry 117 McGivem, Terri 112 McGivem, Theresa 52 McLaskey, Melissa 35,135,140 McLaud, Chad 35 McLaud, Danelle 52 McMurrin, Bruce 16,25 McMurrin, Dale 16,24,69 McNeal, Rodney 35 Mead, Mike 67 Meade, Mike 35 ,94 Mehaffey, Christine 35 Melsha. Dean 6,8,16,25, 72,78 ,150 Mentor, Bert 121 Merfeld , Brian 16, 23,25, 155 Merta, Brian 119 Merta , Roger 16,25 ,76 Meskimen, Vicky 112 Meyer,Jon 121 Meyer, Julie 16,86,133, 136,140 Meyer, Linda 52 Meyer, Tanya 112 Meyer, Walter 17 Meyers, Mary Rita 68, 31 Meyers, Steve 35, 94 Michael, Joe 25,30 Michael, Thomas 52 Michalec, James 35 Michel, Joe 17,80 Miller, Staci 17, 51 Miller, Steve 17,94, 108 ,109 Miner, Michael 52 Minshall, Trent 52,113 Miskimen, Vicki 52 Mitchell, Rita 17,24,92,143 Mittman, Randy 35 Moeller, James 52 Montague, Kelly 17, 85 Moran, Stacy 53,92,102 Mork, Andrew 53 Morris, Jeff 111, 35 Moses, Dana 53 Moses, Junior 35,94, 81 Moyle, Jeff 53,94,119,124 Mulherin, Greg 17,24,30,37,86,135 Munson, Jaasen 99,109, 53, 17, 24, 38 Munson, Rich 17,24,122 Murphy, Trade 53 Myer, Wlat 134 Myers, Tom 104 No Sleep Nading, Matt 104 Nading, Matthew 35 Naverrete, Ricardo 35 Neal, Jeff 35 Needham, Michelle 35 Neely, Dutch 17,25 Neighbor, Aaron 35,121 Nelson , Heather 17,24,92,109 Nelson, Lisa 86 Nelson , Richard 36 Nelson , Rick 136 Nemecek, Tina 53, 112 Nerison, Tracy 36 Netolicky, Dave 109, 17, 24 Neubauer, Keith 36 ,121 Neuhaus, Cathy 17,24,67,74,86 Neuhaus, Christina 53 Newlon , Carrie 33,36 Nguyen , Van 36 Nichols, Sharlene 36 Nierling, Mark 17,24,110,111 Noble, Christopher 36 Nodurft , Shane 53,109 Northrup, Darcy 53 ,86,140 Northrup, Jamie 17,37,64,94,119 Northrup, Jesse 36,94,119 Northrup, Shannon 36,51 Novak, Lori 53 Novak, Rob 17,25,26,31,106,108,109,165 Nove, Shawn 53,94,113 Olympics O’Dell, John 25,94,95,111 Odum, S, Sharon 53 Oglesby 85 Ollinger, Brian 18,25,121 Osborn, Amy 54, 112 Osborn , Curtis 30,36,94 Osborn, Dan 54,106,109 Osborn, Kimberly 54 Osborn , Kurtis 36 Osborn, Sharon 77 Osborn, Shelly 18,25 Otero, Pat 68 Pi The Prairie Stats Team kept scores at wrestling meets. Members included: (Bottom): Kristie Peterson, jr, Julie Eden, sr, Jenny Anderson, jr. (Top): Mindy Sheely, sr, Heather Reed, soph, and Kelly McCoy, soph. Sign of the Times 170 HAWK Index izza Paige, Matthew 54 Pain, Jason 66 Palas, Kimberlee 36 Palmer, Theresa 54,92, 109 Palus, Kim 50 Panos, Dave 54,109 Panos, Mike 18,25,109

Elizabeth Duffy introduces KCRG Parrin, David 37 Patton, Annette 38,54,102,144, 35 Patton, Matt 109 Paul, Alicia 36 Paul, Debra 54 Payne, Jason 36 Pearson, Casey 36,94 TV-news and sports production, and the career of television reporting. - TV Assistant Sports Director Mark Viviano to her Mass Media students. Viviano spoke on the process of Peiffer, Cathy 18,80,85 Pence, Mark 54,69 Pence, Mike 18,23,25,29,109 Perkins, Matthew 54 Pernicka, Tami 36 Perrin, David 54,94, 70 Petersen , Barbara 18 Petersen , Tina 36, 40 Peterson, Kristie 27,36,76,83,159,170, 85 Peterson, Robbie 54,94 Petterson, Jeff 144 Pettijohn, Saundra 18 Piefer, Cathy 24 Pierce, David 25 Pisarik, Antoinette 54, 70 Pitt, Mike 71,109, 54 Pizel, Kelly 54,92,102 Platten, Brenda 18,25,99, 85 Platten, Lisa 30,37,74,85,86,92,109,165, 84 Plotz, Jennifer 55 Plotz, Lori 18,25,39,76,135,136 Plueger, Pat 65 Plummer, Mike 37,66 Posekany, John 37 Pospisil, Dean 18,25,91,111 Poundstone, Jodi 55, 61 Powers, Dena 37 Price, Russ 75, 59 Primrose, Scott 18,119 Prunty, Bob 25, 18 Pudil, Kevin 37,94 Pugil, Chas 121 Pulver, Barb 6,34, 37, 134 CorySteelesr., discovers topsecret calculus figures even the government doesn’t know about. Q Quillin, Dyanna 18,25,30,85,86,92,133, 135,136,139,140,141,175, 9 Quillin, Sheryl 77 Rowdy Rairdin, Darrell 37,134 Rathjens, Mindy 37,64 Reed, Becca 22 Reed, Heather 55,109,134 Reed, Lauri 55,86,140 Reedy, Louis 37 Reedy, Phillip 55 Regan, Jodie 37 Reid, Chris 30,37,38,94,106,109,134 Reid, Roberta 77, 6Q Reiff, Laura 37 Reynolds, Matt 37 Rhyan, Pam 84,144 Ricardo 81 Riechmann, Angelia 55 Ried, Chris 109 Riegal, Rick 18,25 Rigel, Rhonda 37 Riley, Kathleen 55,102,135 Rinderknecht, Heath 18,26,28, 76,1 18 Rissman, Jason 33,37 Rizzio, Scott 55,108 Roary, Randy 109 Roberts, Bryce 121 Robinson, Eric 37,106,109 Robinson, Greg 30,55,86,92,109,135,140, 141 uiller Quillnando Roca, Luis 19,22,28,61,72,110,111, 82, 84, 118, 156 Rohlena, Charlie 36,37,81,144, 94 Sign of the Times i HAWK Index 1 n i ' 1

Roscovious, Jody 36, 85, 37 Rothberg, Anita 55 Rowray, Randy 99,109, 38, 106 Rucker, Rob 19,25 Rummells, Jenny 19,24,175 Rupe, Barbara 38 Rusk, Chad 38 Ryan, Pam 27,30,38,85,86,92,135 Rydell, Nicole 55 Ryne, Jason 134 Seniors Sackett, Victor 109 Sanborn, Kevin 38 Sanborn, Kurt 55,94 Sanford, Nick 38 Sankot, Don 19,25 Santee, Joey 31,38,105,114 Sawin, Donald 55 Scheakelberg, Paul 113 Schlesselman, Brad 38,104,111, 37 Schlueter, Chad 30,42,55,86,134,135,136, 140, 75, 133, 136 Schneider, Charlotte 26,38 Schneider, Samuel 55 Schneiter, Jane 56,132 Schrader, Brian 19,24,69,85 Schriber, Roxy 75 Schropp, Jennifer 38, 34 Schropp, Jodi 19,25,38,100,101,110,114, 116,117 Schulte, Chad 38,150 Schulte, Jeff 38,94,95,111 ,118,119,122 Schulte, Sherry 56 ,70,117 Scultz, Scott 74 Schwandt, Teresa 38 Scott, Kristi 56,86,102,140 See, Michelle 19,25 Selk, Jason 19,25,94 Shanna 144 Shebetka, Mike 19,24,69 Shebetka, Paul 56,94,96,97 Sheely, Mindy 19,24,85 Shelton, Tim 19,25,111 Shetterly, Jason 19,85 Shewry, Tracey 38 Shezik, Jeff 119 Shimon, Richard 38, 121 , 145 Shimon, Rob 121 , 38 Shramek, Debbie 56,112 Sigmund, Mark 56,109 Sigmund, Stacy 19,25 Singleton, Lisa 61,85, 19, 25 Sirowy, Dawn 56,61,102, 158 Slagle, Doug 19,76,111 Slaton, Ken 19,25 Slaton, Vernon 56 Slatton, Kim 145 Slezak, Dawn 38,85,135 Slezak, Judy 63 Slezak, Shawn 8,20,25,29,33,94,165 Slezak, Tanya 112 Slusherman, Brad 158 Smith, Char 20 Smith, Floyd 94 Smith, Jeanne 117 Smith, Jennifer 56 Smith, Lisa 20 Smith, Tim 38.94 . 119.165 Smyth, Molly 20,25,114 Smyth, Tim 56,94 Snell, Nichole 56 Snyder, Angela 56 Speers, Bethani 56 Spies, Tony 38 Staab, Randy 20,69 Stack, Brian 104 Stahl, Richard 56 Stallman, Amy 76,114,144 Stallman, Holly 20,85,157 Stallman, Lori Ann 348 Stark, Brian 56,104,113 Steele, Cory 20,94,119,159,171, 144, 214 Steger, Sherilyn 20,85, 80 Steichen, Judy 20,24 Steine, Ken 77,83,168, 59, 85 Stephen, Kim 20,145 Sterling, Elissa 57 Stewart, Jon 9,20,23,155 Stewart, Luke 109 Stockton, Cory 30,57,86,135,140, 85 Stohs, Cory 20,25,109 Stolba, Angie 20,25 Stone, Greg 57 Strait, Jim 20,94 Stratton, Camille 20,25 Street, Kendall 122, 94 Stumpf, Stacia 57,136 Sturtz, Michele 57 Suddendorf, Judy 39,100,102,117 Suthers, Brian 99 Sutphin, Denise 20,25,157 Swalley, Paul 77 Sweet, Janet 21,25,34,36,136,144,175 Sweet, Jon 21,25,40,86,165,175 Swenka, Aundra 21 Three-Fifteen Tedrow, John 109 Tedrow, Scott 37,57 Terpkosh, Connei 57 Terpkosh, Trent 94,96,113 Terroney, Troy 110,111 Tesar, Dorie 134,135,136 Thomas, Tina 60,61 Throunout, Shirly Van 114 Tilton, Gary 21 Tjelmeland, Lonnie 21,24,111,143, 122, 37 Tjelmeland, Lynnette 6,21,25, 61, 85, 26 Tomas, Melissa 57,92 Tomas, Tanya 140 Tomash, Debbie 144, 8 Tonneson, Wendy 21,24 Tri, Robert 57 Tripkosh, Trent 119 Trosky, Mike 94, 70 Trpkosh, Trent 57 Trumpold, Jeff 30,86 Turecek, Darcy 21,25,30,86,140 Tursi, Mr. 62, 27 Computer whiz Jay Atwood sr., slyly explains how he’s programmed Miss Duffy’s computer modem to short circuit the water sprinkler on the White House lawn. 172 Sign of the Times HAWK Index \4rsity

Vaill, Stacy 21 Valentine, Amy 92,119 Valentine, Michelle 21,24,36,40,144 Van Weelden, Cory 21 VanAmburg, Phillip 57, 119 VanDamme, Dawn 57 Vandeusen, April 21 ,30,76,86,135,136, 140, 85, 133, 92, 24 Vandeusen, Jason 109 Vandivier, Shawn 21 Vandivier, Trudi 58,102,117 VanHom, Hillary 57,102,140 VanLancker, Tina 57 Vanthemout, Shirly 30, 39 Vaughn, Tony 58 Vavra, Todd 39 Vernon, Scott 39 Veverka, Christine 40 Viall, Stacy 25 Viall, Todd 58,109 Vlasek, Julie 40,70,92,145 Vlcko, Aaron 58,94,96,97,113,144 Vlcko, Steve 21,25,94,122,143 Vohk, Shawn 119 Volesk, Steve 121 Volesky, Jeff 40,121 Volk, Chris 40,135 Weekends Wacha, Jodi 40,105,114 Wacha, Jon 119 Wade, Shawn 40 Wahlert, Shari 33,40,92 Waid, Deneen 143 Waid, Shawn 134 Walderbach, Jan 77,165,169 Walderbach, Jim 21,25,76,104,138,150 Warmbier, Melanie 40 Weaver, Kim 33,109, 40 Weber, Karen 58,65,92,102 Webster, Lora 58,92 Wehr, Paul 58,104 Weidlein, Sandi 40 Weldon, Jennifer 1 17,135, 58, 136 Weldon, Jill 21,33,39,155, 35 Weldon, Pat 58,94,113,124,144 Wessel, Jeff 50,77,1 11,155, 59, 85 Wheeler, Brian 58 Whitmore, Abby 58,112 Wiebold, Jessica 22,24 Wielden, Cory Van 25 Wiggins, Mike 30,40,86,104,135,140 Williams, Arleen 58,92 Williams, Chad 22,25,76 Williams, Jenni 40,136 Williams, Traci 22,25 Winders, Micheal 22 Wolfe, James 22,24 Worley, Tina 58 Worthington, Steve 58,65,133,136,134 Wright, Angie 22,25 Wright, Nancy 30,40,86,92,140 Wright, Peggy 9,22,25,36,72,175 Buffy Kamberling quietly folds yet another airplane to throw at the unsuspecting Cindy Lint. Yo Babe! Yirkovsky, Marcia 40 Young, Lee 22,94 Yousse, Brad 40,111 Zach, Jeanne 22,25 Zach, Melissa 22,25,28,71,92,119,142 Zahradnik, Angie 30,92,109,140,40,86, 136 Zalesky, Diane 29,30,40,85,101,110,114, 115,157 Zbanek, Billy 40 Zierath, Candace 58,68 Zvacek, Alyson 22,24,30,60,86,175 Zvacek, Marilyn 68 The girls ' golf team was capable of many feats , including this exercise which shows their talent of "club crossing". Sign of the Times HAWK Index 173

) 19X1 - a o * 0 O o 9 e «^ O o * »^ A ) (4 f m e p J / j[ ’ (\ J~br )dnilcA m& YA 1GL ^LJLJHDIZX~ nO± A l t g j t : . l\jjj2J2.p C \ oj U^quh\± \| ^ < y7 - ' QJ ; | ’ •' 1 ki )tmjci o 15 / o * * o o o . or o gr ^@ o (%. * r 174 HAWK Goals . S/gn o/the Times ; T ' ^ ullikL ,x ''a*15 \ " LLM : PMLX.M / VYOA ' „, :^a«v - :;;R (U4 . — ^ ^ ^ i a J?4“ II ' l J * - Ai. 1 I 30 i A. t " • ' *£* * ^ . I • . '

Presenting...The staff of the 1988 HAWK Top Row: Matt King, sr, Janet Sweet, sr, Rich Hronik, sr, Lon Hartzler, sr, Dyanna Quillin, sr, Peggy Wright, sr, JoAnn Dighton, sr, Jon Sweet, sr, Wendy Cronbaugh Alyson Zvacek, sr, Dana Center, jr, Julie Eden, sr, Christa Emerson, sr. Not Pictured: Jill Weldon. We madetha HAWK STAFF Dyanna Quillin Julie Eden Jon Sweet Tim Johnson Jenny Rummells... Sarah Humble Alyson Zvacek Brenda Feldmann. Peggy Wright Wendy Cronbaugh Jill Weldon Lori Hartzler Trent Eidemiller... Christa Emerson .. Janet Sweet Jim Coleman Matt King Dana Center Michael Jarvis Rich Hronik Elizabeth Duffy .... Ken G. Steine Editor-in-Chief Story Editor Photo Managing Editor Computer Manager Photo and Junior Page Editor .Advertising and Junior Page Editor Minimag and Senior Portrait Editor Minimag and Senior Portrait Editor Sophomore Page Editor Sophomore Page Editor Women’s Sports Editor Men’s Sports Editor Design Artist Design Artist Design Artist Design Artist Design Artist Assistant to the Photo Editor Photographer and Graphic Artist Design Artist Advisor Principal The staff of the 1988 HAWK proved that they could band together to pro duce a yearbook representa tive ofthe activities of Prairie High School, from academics to athletics to clubs to school life. Goals were set at the start of the school year and every attempt was made to successfully reach those goals. Sales of books surpassed expecta - tions. The staff incorporated new ideas into the book, in- - £ eluding senior kindergarten pages and senior memory ads which was an original idea. For the first time, color pho - tos are present in a Prairie yearbook. The use of goals was a new concept, as was the goal to eliminate excess white space. The students designed their pages with the intent to pack as much into the year - book as possible and to truly make the book a valuable piece of the students’ history. The 1988 edition of the Prairie HAWK, volume 31, was written and produced by the members of the yearbook class under the direction of Elizabeth Duffy, advisor and teacher. Room 15 at Prairie High School was home to the yearbook class, with the darkroom across the hall. The photographs were shot developed, and printed by the students of the class under the direction ofJon Sweet. The book was printed by Inter Collegiate Press (ICP) of Kansas City, Kansas. All copy was prepared on the Typestar pro - gram and transmitted by modem from the classroom's two Apple He computers. Three-hundred and seventy-six books were printed at the cost of $18 ($20 personalized). Prairie High School is located at 401 76th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401. Phone (319) 848-4121. Sign ofthe Times HAWK Staff 175 . sr. Tim Johnson, sr, Mike Jarvis, sr. Seated: Jim Coleman, sr, Jenny Rummells, sr. Sarah Humble, sr, Brenda Feldmann, sr,

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