Above Left: After being introduced, Curt Woods joins team members Mike Scheetz, David Dougherty, and Dennis Bruns on the floor. Below Left: Kerry Schoner, Kent Statler and Don Finn discuss a class assignment. Below: Diane Mouchka and Dennis Bruns dance the night away. Opening 3

m Is high school all it ’s cracked up to be? Of course it is! So much we learn in high school stays with us for the rest of our lives. Think of all the people that we’ve met and become friends with. Every day you see someoneinanew light and get to know old friends better. Something else that we are lucky enough to have are the relationships with our teachers. *ne high school level, our teachers are there to teach of course, but At many also become our friends as well 4 People Opener There are so many extra curricular activities that you can get involved in. sports, drama, and musicals, to name only a few . Also another activity is working after school and on week - ends, Through extra curricular while still finding time to do homework and to go out on the weekends. activities we also meet new people from other schools. When we first got to high school, most of us were already sixteen, or were soon turning sixteen. We got our licenses and that was a big step in our lives. There was also our first drink, our parents. By the time we are juniors. things calm down a little bit but not for long. Once we're seniors . " senioritus" hits in full force! All through high school we have shared hundreds of experiences with the people in our lives. We enjoyed activities and adventures together, as well as suffering through tough times with the help of friends, teachers, and family. What really matters is that we shared those times with others. and misunderstandings with

Above: Jim Rotter and Luis Butts fireup for their Senior Year . Left: Colleen Vavroch and Jem Pedersen lead the audience in spirit and enthusiasm, while Jackie Cooling pensively watches the activity on the floor . Below: Terri Stockton. Mr Fearing. David Kramer and Dianne Mouchka Mooed' the Seniors to victory. People Opener 5

i Mr. Leeper, A Friend to All. A teaching career of 15 years is a small part of one’s life. It’s the one part . that Mr. Gary Leeper left with those here at Prairie when he died September 9, 1980. Mr. Leeper began his teaching career here at Prairie in 1965, after graduating with his B.A. from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. He taught physical education at the high school every morning and earth science at the junior high every afternoon until 1968. If he wasn’t busy enough with P.E. and science, he was also assistant track coach. He retained this position until 1975, and then took over as head track coach the following year. Mr. Leeper was personally interested in self-hypnosis and he carried this on into his coaching. He used this as a form of relaxation for his track team. t i t Far Above: Mr. Leeper got involved in as many school related activities as possible. Here he is carving the meat at the Pig Roast with Mr. Hining and Mr. Worsfold. Above:Head Football Coach Leeper prepares for the activities at the pre-season watermelon feast, along with Mr. Oertel and Mr. Jennings. 6 Gary Leeper Dedication

A Fifth Season Never to Be Forgotten I a iiJ!^rifiiiii 11$ •* EiOJiEfElIMKuausu 11 * a V I i * ILM >. i I For many students at Prairie, having a “ fifth season” is an important part of school life. They need a time to relax, and time to do and see things that they enjoy. School life isn’t just filled with endless homework assignments, biology projects, and semester exams. There’s always that weekend date or dance to look forward to. Prairie students get involved in sports, plays, music, clubs, art, and many other things. Outside of school they have parties, cruise, go out with friends to movies, for pizza, and just have a good time. Not all students choose to spend their free time in school related activities. Many participate in church groups, Junior Achievement, 4-H, Y-teams, and various sports and hobbies. Many of these students receive awards and recognition that is not acknowledged by the school. The season of leisure is an important part of school life for the students at Prairie. _ Far Above: "Vere de doors to go?" ask Bohemie Loren Lippman drags his donkey up to meet her. carpenters Tami Karisek . Jim Bayne, konen. and Svante Kettner in Coffee House ' Above: "This mule' Kathy Peh80. s mine!" says Lori Vogt as Right: Bill Lehmann and Jeff Hynek cheer for the girls during the Homecoming parade. 8 Fifth Season

_ s D:Cf? * •l&a Far Above Left: Which cheerleader convinced all the others that they needed a "new look ” and took them to the cosmetic counter? Only Pam Ritchie knows for sure. Above Left: Perry Nelson and Joyce McCrea keep their eyes on the ball. Left: Tammy Roy, Homecoming Queen '79, crowns the new Queen Lisa Jensen with her King Brad Hansen. Candidates Steve Smith and Laurie Hasley look on. Above: Mike Scheetz and Jeanne Noce enjoy one of the many slow dances at the Homecoming Dance. V ^ *V' \ ' 3 \ Fifth Season 9

I Philosophy Important to P.H.S. School Board Prairie High School operates on a phi - losophy made by the school board. A 7member school board is responsible for developing the Prairie High School philosophy. The school board’s philosophy is that each student is unique. They believe that students should be in a learning environment to develop his or her full potential for life. Board members are elected for service every 3 years. Mr. Harger, a board member, said he ran to help straighten out budget problems so that students would receive the best possible education. Mr. Boland, School Board President, said “some of the decisions they make, are setting the curriculum for the school system, and making general decisions about the money problems.” % i i Above: Dr. William Bach, Superintendent. Far Above Right:School Board, Front Row: Mr. Krob, Mr. Nove, Mr. Humble. Back Row: Mr. Harger, Mr. Bowersox, Boland. Mr. Ashbacher. Not Pictured: Mr. Middle Right: Mr. Robert Bostwick, Assistant Superintendent. Bottom Right: Glenn Selzer, Secretary. *11 $

Above Left: Mr. Steine, High School Principal blows his whistle to indicate a penalty during the Powder Puff Football Game. Waiting for his call in the background are Lisa Jensen, Janice Stepanek, Theresa Zalesky, Missy Luther and Michelle Pedersen. Left: Cliff Leonard, Director of Trans - - « f portation. Far Above: Mr. Jennings Athletic Direc Young, the Administrative Assistant, gives instructions to the volleyball team. tor, cheering at a boys' basketball game. Above: Mr. Administration 11

Support Can Be Beautiful The support staff has the big job at Prairie High School of keeping the building running smoothly. All the paraprofessionals, secretaries, cooks, and custodians help this school to be more efficient. Some changes have been made in the High School office. Mrs. Connie Goldsberry is the new face on the block. She is in charge of all attendance and is Mr. Jennings’ secretary. Mrs. Sharon Bruns is the principal’s secretary. Her days are filled with all the tasks necessary to keep the office in business. Room 11 also has a new face. Phil Britcher monitors that room. A lot of people know Phil from the Jr. High where she taught P.E. “It’s not the same as teaching. A lot of paper work is involved but the contact with the kids assigned for various reasons make it an enjoyable job.” Joceil Southward is the paraprofessional in the library. She is always around to help you find the material or book you need if you can’t find it yourself. Eileen Grinder is another important person. She is the secretary for the counselors. She helps maintain the organization in the counselors’ office. Mary Hynek is also new to our building. She is the nurse for the high school and the other five buildings on campus. There used to be two nurses in the district but now Mary takes care of all the buildings. Vicki Hawkins continues to take care of all school store business. The custodians and the cooks have a big job to do. The custodians spend many hours trying to keep this building picked-up and cleaned. Every time you turn around, you’ll see a custodian picking up after the students who use this building. The cooks have to cook for over 600 people, and while some lunches are better than others, they are constantly faced with the question of what they can make that is new and what will they eat? Far Above: Sharon Bruns, high school office, Mr. Steine's secretary. Above: Eileen Grinder, counselors secretary. Far Above:Connie Goldsberry, high school office, Mr. Jennings’ secretary. Above: Mary Hynek, school nurse. Far Above: Phil Britcher, monitor for room 11. Above: Vicki Hawkins school store. ‘2 Support Staff

Far Above Left: Mrs. Mann, aide in S.C.I. class. Above Left: Jociel Southward, para-professional in the library. Left: Patty Berger cleans up after school hours. Far Above: Custodians: Back Row: Rhonda Dunek, Pauline Lamphier, Patty Berger. Front Row: Steve Kurth, Donel Nedrow, and Paul Swalley. Above: Cooks: Mary Ann Donogue, Pat Shultz, Dietician Mary Hovel, Luella Morse, Leslie Malatele, Dauna Riley and Marlene Kelso. Support Staff 13

Below: Perry Nelson and Beryl O’Conner passing time in the band room. Sophs Feelings About High School Every year, a new set of sophomores 9 \ Lori Ahrens Dan Aucutt Amy Babb Brenda Ballard Brett Ballard Carrie Barker Jim Bayne Tammi Best Dean Block Lori Block Shari Booth Lori Bowersox Crystal Bragg Rhonda Brashear Dawn Bratten Charlie Brown Julie Brown Rodney Brown Joni Bruns Craig Carlson Jim Center Tony Clark Steve Cleppe Allen Clough Dawn Collins Marvin Conner Julie Crimmins Denise Crock come into the high school. You always hear complaints from juniors and seniors about how immature the sophomores are, but now we hear what the Sophomores have to say about the high School. Most of the sophomores really like the high school. I’ve made a lot more friends ever since I Another stated, “I really didn’t want ior high school. They also feel they are treated better. “The teachers treat you like a young adult, and you get to choose your classes.” Most of the students agreed that there is more homework and other responsibilities. “The high school is great fun, but you “I really enjoy the high school do have to work and behave in classes because the days really go by fast and or you’ll go to study hall.” A lot of the students commented on came to the high school,” commented how much more freedom there is in the one sophomore. high school compared to the junior high. “There seems to be a little more freeto leave the junior high. But I guess I dom here; at the junior high, everything didn’t know what I was missing! It’s was so regulated. At times, you’d wongreat up here!” With the change in school, there are bars on the windows.” many adjustments that had to be made. der if there were locks on the doors and Generally, the sophomores like it up Getting to know new people and having here. There are things they would like to new teachers are only two of the many change, differences between the junior and sen- are positive. but their overall impressions 14 Sophomores

Mark Cross Kaye Crow Below: The Sophomore Powder Puff cheerleaders: Front Row: Allen Clough, Tobey Harrison, Jeff Hynek, Paul Neuhaus, Mike Marak. Back Row: Wade Osborne, Bill Lehman, and Eric Jef fords.Far Below Left:Kerry Schoner and JonShebetka at the Christmas Dance. - Jim Danielson DeWayneDavis Scott Davis Tom Dawson Kindee Dean Dan deNeui Cynthia Dennis Lisa Dennis Kris Douglas Steve Duke Laurie Dvorak Marci Eide Mike Elliff Melody Elliott Wendy Ely Michele Evans Don Finn Chris Fitzpatrick DeLinda Foley Nina Fulton Suzanne Gillette Kori Goldsberry Ken Gordon John Gray Lynnette Grimm Chuck Gudenkauf Sophomores 15

s x.' A - X TO ) 1 / L ^ S ' i > Ft m 16 Sophomores 15 W Ci Craig Hubler John Hutton Jeff Hynek ^ \ \ 9 \ / n Eric Jeffords Angie Joens Deveri Johnson - W Betty Hicks Penny Hines Pam Hofmaster s X7 Wanda Hood Jackie Hovey Joyce Hovey - I V ~ >, 1 i v Below: Dan deNeui practices the tuba. Far Below: Kim Serbousek and Becky Kohl babysit for a student council fund raiser. Gina Gustafson Michelle Hahesy Sandy Halberg Mark Hamilton Brenda Hammond Penny Hardman TinaHardman Mike Harford Jim Harms Tobey Harrison Mark Hartman Becky Hayes Mike Hendrickson Wendy Ingledue Diana Jackson Russ Jarvis

i Stacy Johnson Annette Jones Terry Jones Tracy Jones Beth Karal Marcia Kelchen Les Kelso Stacey Kell Lori Kidney Kim Klaas Brian Klein Richard Klimes Becky Kohl Joanne Kraemer Mary Larsh Duane Larson David Lebsock Mike Lefebure Bill Lehman Nick Lehmkuhl Rhonda Leon Rich Lindemann Jeff Livingston Gene Luth Barb Mackey Paul Mangano Danielle Manwiller Mike Marak Left: Coach Schenkelberg discusses game strategies with sophs. Clockwise from left: John Wahlert, Scott Davis, Paul Mangano, Jim Danielson, Chuck Gudenkauf, Rodney Brown, and Chris Milke. Below: Cynthia Dennis in the little theatre.

Sophomores Enjoy Lock-In As in the past four years, sophomore orientation, for the Prairie High School held a sophomore lock-in. The lock-in was used to introduce the incoming sophomores to the high school. The lock-in was enjoyable as well as educational for the students and their parents. The students were shown their way around the building, and introduced to new teachers. They also caught up on summer gossip. Ken Steine, Principal, says that the lock-in is a lot of fun for the teachers as well as students. He also received a lot of positive feedback from the community. Activities began with a potluck dinner at 6:00 pm on August 5. Registration and paying fees followed the dinner. At 9:00, parents left and the fourth annual lock-in officially started. S t uden t s t hen found t he i r homerooms, and met homeroom teachers. Also, Mr. Stiene welcomed everybody and gave a little orientation on what the high school was going to be like. Next, the heated volleyball tournaOertel’s homeroom, #1011, won ment between the homerooms began. Mr. the trophy which is proudly displayed in his room. From 12:00 to 3:00 a.m., a dance was held to get the sophs acquainted again. At 3:00 to 5:00 a.m., students had the choice of watching one of two movies or sleeping. At 5:00 a.m. breakfast was served. Finally, at 6:30 a.m., it was time to go home. This is one time that parents didn’t mind if their children were out all night! L 4> : i tTF ' lil ¥ > / ) I 18 Sophomores Wt l ir r e * if) - h % - . A ll i I < Sr * ' m i Rex Netolicky Paul Neuhaus Jeanne Noce Holly Northup 4. L i * Donna Maresh Tracy Martin Mike McMurrin Shelley McNeal Doug Melsha Penny Merta Dale Meskimen Tracy Miers Chris Milke Chris Minor Stacey Montgomery Jim Morrison Julie Murphey Barb Myers Ryland Nading Perry Nelson Monica Northup Kim Ockenfels Beryl O’Connor Harold O’Dean Ann Oldorf CCarey Olson Howard Olson Wade Osborne Left: Joanne Kraemer and Lynette Grimm study intensely in the library.

4. 4k 1 - 4 .* - f 4 - 4n y^ 4 . 4. 7 i* . A-, . 7 V k S i If>s> Above: Renee Rohlena and Lori Richardson fumble their way through halls at the lock-in. Far Above: Heidi Weber, Kim Klaas, Wendy Ely, and Rhonda Leon cheer on the basketball team . UP & & »• ' v t PI - n )> t I 4 /. y I k ***4 '“I ' NMike Schirm Kerry Schoner Rick Schrader Sonja Schultz Mike Schwab Tracy Sedrel Kim Serbousek Robin Rothberg Jeff Rummels Tracy Ryan Brian Sarff Dan Saddler Pat Scheetz v V ' j as R *C ’ Joe Robson Chris Rogers Renee Rohlena Kathryn Plotz Kimberly Potter Lori Richardson . l / / - / Brent Osland Ricky Pavlis Don Peck AimeePeddycoart John Peters Brad Peterson Joe Pettit Todd Philipp Justin Pitts Sophomores 19

Above: Darcy Waid, Becky Hayes, Kindee Dean, JoAnne Slaton and Amy Babb are enjoying themselves in the lounge. Right: Chuck Gudenkauf, Lehmkuhl, and John Gray express their joy as they win the game. Sandi Shakespeare Bill Shebetka Jon Shebetka Peggy Sherard Darlene Shramek PUP Chris Simonsen JoAnnSlaton Dean Smyth Mark Stanley Kent Statler 4 4. S' John Steenblock Stacy Stine Christine Stratton Lu Ann Streeter Tom Struchen \ Kim Sumners Mark Swalley Scott Terpkosh Julie Thome Scott Thompson i i 4 . Kreg Tjelmeland Beth Triebel Joey Umstead Cherie Vondracek Karla Waggener 0 L 20 Sonhnmnrfis Nick - - * K- r 'A ' n

John Wahlert fr' ) "» **** -r 1 C T'k N - v* V* r f! fc£-:; Sf 3 ^ V N - «=. ’ V f' Marty Wilson Charlie Wolfe Tami Wolfe Debra Wolverton Ann Womack fUmi! 1 7LZt • 7 ri / ' / ^1' / Ki .9 4 xrrKl/ ? * . 1 Vanessa Weeks Nadine Wehr Sheryl Welty Craig Werling Bill Whitters 4\ Darcy Waid Heidi Weber Lisa Weber Steve Weber Dave Weeks Jeff Wickman Brian Wieser Scott Williamson Karie Willis Leonard Willis Loni Wright Zandy Zach Todd Zach Chris Zalesky Gary Zigler Left: Wade Osborne and Chris Smith dissect a fish during biology. Below:Howard Olson reluctantly eats food prepared by Mike Elliff.

Dale Anderson Heidi Anderson Tim Appleget Dean Ashbacher Becky Bascom John Bates Susan Beck m* A Jeff Beiskef Julie Bell Teri Bennett Kelly Blackwell Marlon Blaha Doug Blair Julie Boland y . Scott Boots Tracey Britcher - t e* r-as { * \ cr - Cu)t*& I Ondi Brown DawnBrown ~ ) 'i / jib 4 l Hi •iM Tracy Brown Carol Buresh Above: Ricki Hayes helps out at a vocal music concert. Left: Bret Lehr studies hard in the library.

Randy Buresh Jeff Burkle Julie Cach Lisa Campbell Dana Cannon Stacey Carlo Crystal Carnahan Andy Chalupsky Arlyn Chesley Pat Christen Theresa Christensen Jackie Cooling Tom Cowell Scott Crawley Mark Croy Tracy Cullen Sarah Danielson Becky Datta Scott Daugherty Jay Davis Above: Jim Porter gets to run on a clear path. What Will Happen? The P.H.S. Juniors were asked about :heir future predictions concerning the economy. Julie Zach feels that Reagan A ill help fight inflation. Vicki Harris and Scott Boots say that parts of programs that use money will have to be cut in order for our economy to improve. On :ne other hand, Scott Daugherty thinks that the economy will become more stable and also that the inflation rate will go down. Theresa Christensen has a similar thought. She believes that with good ideas the economy can be built back up. Kathy Potter feels that we will have to go through some rough times. Patti Stallman thinks that the economy will do one of two things. It will either completely recover or else it will be a total mess. Cindy Lantiser’s main concern is that jobs will be harder to find and that it will be too expensive to go out on dates or to just have fun with friends. . Others believe that prices will go higher and the economy will fall apart Juniors 23

' Darcy Decoster Scott Douglas Jackie Downs Sindy Dubishar Tammy Everett Lee Fite Peggy Fry Bill Gade Chris Gallagher JimGarnant Mike George Nancy Gilbert Mike Glick Jill Goldsberry Joel Grier Kitty Grommon Kevin Hadenfeldt Laura Hamilton Chris Hare Lori Haren Vicki Harris g C - sic, \ Decisions, Decisions When asked what they would like to do during the summer, juniors gave a variety of answers. Most of them are planning to get jobs but many have a number of activities planned. For instance, Kathy Pekhonen wants to work at Eby’s, jog, lay-out in the sun, swim all day and maybe go to Houston for a vacation. Mark Hunter is going to get his license, listen to records, watch television, sleep late and get a job. Kemmerer plans on having a fun sum - mer. She is going camping in Canada, on a vacation to Missouri, Arkansas and Minnesota. The most unusual thing that Holli is going to do is get a middle name. Most of Lorri Haren’s time is going to be spent in Minnesota babysitting for her cousin. Cindy Lantiser is going to Philmonte Ranch in New Mexico for seven days. She gets this opportunity because she is a member of the Explorers Club. Right:Oh! *#?$! Mike Pond looses again! Holli ' & uA *41 * >I J m L «* • *M Z r . \V„ f > O A

Left: Scott Serovy lends a helping hand during a basketball game. Above:Tami Karasek and Cindy Landtiser give it their all on stage. Cindy Hasley Ricki Hayes Craig Heaverlo Mike Hemphill Mark Highley Julie Hofmaster D. J. Holvenstot Lisa Howell Sharon Huffer Clark Humble Kelly Hunt Mark Hunter Mary Ellen Janey Tammi Janey Scott Joens Jim Johnson Mark Johnson Tom Johnson Tami Karasek Randy Kellison Barbara Kelsey Juniors 25

Linda Kelsey Holli Kemmerer Linda Kilberger Bruce Kimpston L - vrl\ Brenda Kirk Paula Klein Sheri Klimes Kris Knipp T/ Kelly Lamb Gary Lamparek Cindy Landtiser Tammy Latuska A & ^ / i Bret Lehr Sandy Lemburg Donald Lewig Jim Lewis I ? . >r < r> -*1 f ir 1E7, L n Juniors Speak Out on the Draft Juniors portrayed varied and mixed feelings when questioned as to how they felt about having to register for the draft when they’re 18. While Pam Meyer and Carol Buresh think that we should all register for the draft, Chris Gallegher feels that, men and women should register.” Cyndi Brown agrees, “the government shouldn’t make us.” Julie Boland stated that it was, “Unpleasant but necessary . . . both “I really think they should strongly reinforce the draft, including women. I’d go for mycountry!” Scott Boots and Rob Schorge exTammy Lint Tom Listebarger Joe Livingston Chris Lowther 1. , T 5 P JL’ ) • r f > * Gwen Ludvicek James Manwiller Denise Maresh Larry Martinson Xi % Joyce McCrea Micky McKay Brian McNeal Cindy Meiborg tV T r Julie Melsha Kristen Meskimen Mark Meskimen Debbie Messer A . press similar feelings. Rob said he doesn’t really mind registering, as long as he isn’t drafted. “But if you gotta go, you gotta go.” Scott said he’d do it because, “ All it means is that they have my name on call. It doesn’t mean I’ll get drafted right away.” Scott Joens and Bret Wagner say that they don’t want to, but have to. Curt Woods thought it would be all right if we don’t go to war. John Volk summed up the feelings of the majority of those interviewed by saying that, something we’ll probably be glad we did later.” Yet, “It’s a good idea, there are still some Juniors such as Clark Humble who don’t plan on registering at all. “I don’t know what I’ll do,” says Clark, “and if you think about it, neither does anyone else.” 26 Juniors

Below: "Your body or your life!!,” Pam Meyer threathens Fred. ft rr$ I r• fi m Weekend Fun! Juniors do many fun things on weekends. Some of these include cruising First Avenue and being with friends. Bruce Kimpston likes to go to parties, movies, dances, to sleep, work and eat a lot. Going shopping and to work use up most of Penny Stolba’s time on weekends. Scott Daugherty enjoys working on his car, going to basketball games and seeing movies. Rhonda Miller spends her weekends at parties, dances and working. Patti Stallman likes going to a movie, out to dinner, to a party, or just being with friends. Other students enjoy going to basketball games, sleeping, going to shows, movies, and parties. . ±7 * ^ X L. ) > v/ - SUM w ' < / w W V'M f % #] E Peggy Reid Dale Reif Ann Riddle Kent Rigdon Kathy Potter RebeccaPotter Teresa Powers Lisa Prunty i7 L A.. ', H Tom Peiffer Scott Penrod Mike Pond Jim Porter Mike Paul Terry Peck Jeni Pedersen Kathy Pehkonen Juniors 27 * ' IN A. r< : L i 7 pprai ' 1 ' r _ 7 I A V, V Pamela Meyer Daryl Millard Bob Miller Rhonda Miller Debra Mitchell Jim Moore Patty Moran Scott Murray Laurie Musel Kathy Nearad IdaNetolicky Philip Newhard Jens Nissen Valorie Nye David Obadal Kelly Osborn

Margie Rigel Dawn Roy Todd Salat Scott Sanders Mike Sankot Marie Schmitz Rob Schorg fm £ t Brian Schrader Dean Schrader Robyn Schumacher Laurie Schwab Ip h) • £f Sam Selzer Shirley Serbousek c jJTfcl' Scott Serovy Ron ShaneW MM * i/ V. * H tt 1 4 Me r? a Above: Cindy Meiborg, Jeni Pedersen and Reggie Gustafson in “The Adventures of George and Matilda.” 1C M Above:Bob Miller looks anything but happy while running the sound at a dance. Right:Gerald Shepherd works hard on musical set construction. • Im 'N 1<Lr i K c. l

Gerald Shepherd Harold Shoemaker Teresa Simmons LynnSimonsen Bonnie Smith Tom Smith Patty Smyth Joyce Snyder Brian Stallman Patti Stallman Thomas Stallman Eric Stark Lori Stockton Penny Stolba Arni Storm Ward Strang Ed Streeter Penny Svec Vince Swallom Gary Swartz John Swehla Jeff Taylor Linda Thome Kim Tjelmeland Left: Jim Garnant helps Scott Crawley work on his car in auto shop. Changing While in junior high, students got an impression of what they imagined high school would be like. We asked some juniors how their expectations compared to their current feelings about Prairie High School now that they’ve had a couple of years to experience it. Curt Woods says, “It’s different, not as hectic, and people are a lot different than they were.” Pam Meyer and Carol Buresh are having more fun than they thought they would. Cindi Brown said, “I thought I would get picked on more, and I’d have a lot more homework ... and I was right!” Julie Bell and Rob Schorg were both a little unsure about coming up to the high school at first. Though most have adapted well to the high school, nobody said it was easy. In fact, John Volk comments, “It’s the hardest thing I’ve had to go through!” Juniors 29

Discover Talented Junior Kitty Gromman has recently made herself known to the entire student body at Prairie High School by winning the school sponsored poster contest “Education Steps to a Better Tomorrow.” Her prize winning poster was put on display for everyone to see, and she received many well-deserved comments as to how nice of a job she had done. This is not the first time, however, that her work has been highly praised. Kitty, at age 16, has been interested, and involved in art for a long time. “I knew I wanted to be an artist since Iwas 5 years old in tot lot,” says Kitty. She’s entered many projects in various competitions and won numerous awards. Each year, Kitty enters the “Hobby Show.” The Hobby Show is a competition between the Cedar Rapids area schools displaying the talents and hobbies of kids from kindergarten through 12th grade. The show is designed to allow kids to begin showing off their hobbies, and encourage them to keep them for later on in life. “I started taking things to the ‘Hobby Show’ when I was in 2nd grade, but I didn’t enter any sketches until I was in 5th grade. I have yet to win a blue ribbon at the Hobby Show, but I hope to get one this year,” Kitty said optimistically. Kitty plans to become either a commercial ar - tist or a cartoonist. When she gets older, she would like to own a craft shop, so that she could sell pictures that she wouldn’t normally be able to sell, and buy her materials wholesale! GOOD LUCK KITTY * < • - Above:One of Kitty’s favorite drawingsdone for Art Class. Above:Kitty Job Shadowing with Bill Dunn, artist for the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Tim Townsend Judy Turecek Steve Unash Colleen Vavroch Karen Vileta John Volk 30 Juniors

John Wachal Karen Wade Bret Wagner Randy Wallerich Webb Wassmer Sandra Weber Karen Weeks Dean Weis Brook Weldon Jamie Wiederhold Roger Williams Sam Wilson Chris Winn Curt Woods Laura Woodward Deneen Young Daron Zach Julie Zach Debbie Zigler Juniors Not Pictured Brian Bruner Brian Buresh Keith Gudenkauf Steve Hauschild Eric Hohensee Russ Krantz Robert Larson Kevin Mcarter Tracy Munson Lisa Staskal John Steichen Juniors 31

Seniors Answer “Who’s the One. . When your senior year rolls around you usually know everyone in your class pretty well. A survey was taken among the senior class. This survey asked each senior to name people they felt best fit the categories listed. It’s interesting to see how class members saw each other. Some categories were very close, others were not. Here are the results: BEST LIKED: Mike Scheetz MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Male — — Steve Smith, Female — Hastings BEST ATHLETE: Male — Female Theresa Zalesky EVERYONE’S BEST FRIEND: Janice Stepanek SEXIETS GUY: tie between DeWayne Heintz and Jim Rotter SEXIEST GIRL: Laurie Hasley BEST ACTOR: Matthew Clothier BEST DRESSER: Patti Franc BEST LOOKING: Jim Shebetka BEST BODY: Steve Smith OWNER OF BEST CAR: tie between Todd Staskal and Myron Kloubec SMARTEST: Eric Dunn MOST DEDICATED: Becky Mitchell CUTEST COUPLE: tie between Brad Hansen — Lisa Jensen, and Tom Porter — Kim Mc - Conaughy BEST SENSE OF HUMOR: Kyle Vondracek BEST HAIR: Anne Cleppe MOST TALENTED: Susan Brecht DjabaF. Arquisola Ricky Bahr Angie Dennis Bruns, Marie Anderson Becky Andrews r, \ , J Tammy Baker Paula Beldon Linda Bentley Brenda Boland Valerie Boots Susan Brecht on Chris Brentner Jody Bright

Dennis Bruns Luis Butts Linda Carlson Bill Christensen Anne Cleppe Matthew Clothier Kevin Cooling Sandy Daly Julie deNeui Robert Dennis Stacy Ditch David Dougherty Sheryl Dougherty Eric Dunn Ellen Dupler Seniors 33

Gerald B. Eichhorn MarshaR. Elliott John Thomas Ely Tim E. Fairlie Aaron A. Fisher Shelly Rae Floyd DavidW. Foley Lorie Ann Foubert Patricia Ann Franc Minnetta Freeburg Jerry Dean Fry Melanie Kay Gade 34 .Qoninrc Suzanne Marie Gallagher Bobbi Gilbert Shari Glick

Above: Steve Smith on the Morning Show during Education Week. Scott Grabanski Andy Grommon Mike Hahesy Michael Hamilton Brad Hansen Rachel A. Hartman Rachelle Hartman Laurie Hasley Angie Hastings DeWayne Heintz Charlene Hemphill Elaine Heslop Julie Hill Greg Hofmaster Seniors 35

Mark Hofmaster Steve Hogan Stephanie Kay Hohensee Shauna Holthaus Margo Hursh Lisa J. Jensen Lisa Michele Joens Janette Marie Jones Above: Could this be Lisa Jensen and Patti Franc in disguise? Larry Jones r>G Cnninm Tammie Lynn Jones Kurt Jordan Michelle Kelchen

Kathy Kell Lorie Kessler Svante Kettner Kathy K. Kidney Joanne King Richard King Dawn Klein Tracey Klein Myron Kloubec Julie Koutny Jeff Kulhavy Crystal Kyle \ Marty Lawrence Susan Lebsock Monte Lehmkuhl Steve Lindemann Seniors 37

Loren Lippmann Sharon Lockhart Sherry Lockhart Gayle Loomis Mike Luhrs Missy Luther Janice M. Mackey Tawana Madden Mike Malik Dawn Maresh Kimberly L. McConaughy Mitch McGrath Above: Sveinn Storm works with the scales in physics class. 38 Seniors

V Pam McGurk Dawn Messer - Mike Meyers Rebecca Mitchell Rex Mitchell Ron Mitchell Robin Ann Mizaur Above: Kathy Watts looks for resource materials in the library. Jeff Moon Kevin Morris Diane Lynn Mouchka Laryn Gene Mumm Karen Neal Seniors 39

Kenny Nearad David Nedrow Rhonda Neis Phillip Jay Nejdl Joe Nekvinda Dana Lynn Nelson Lisa Netolicky Scott Nischwitz Joe Ockenfels Connie O’Connor Gary Ollinger Jenny Olson Mark Olson Caroline Osborne Debbie Osborne Michele Pedersen

Devin Pipkin Mary Pond Tom Porter Scott Raim John Randles Susan Reid Jeff Rierson Kevin Rigdon Greg Riggs Pam Ritchie Above: Jim Rotter, Mike Scheetz, Paula Beldon, Luis Butts, Myron Kloubec, Ellen Dupler, and Aaron Fisher make a rather "unique” cheerleading squad for the Powder Puff football game. Cheryl Robbins Jim Rotter Seniors 41

Doug Roy Laura Rummels Tim Saddler Brian Sankot Michael Paul Scheetz Michael Allen Schmidt Don Bradley Scholl Jr. Don Schrader Larry Schrader Troy Schultz Seniors Set Goals teresting plans. Hopefully, the future legislative staff.SCOTT HAMILTON: To Have a job in cosmetology or restaurar management. KATHY KIDNEY: Live in Montana with 50 acres of land. Start a The following students had some incan look back and say they reached their goals in life. VALERIE BOOTS: Stay in Iowa, business, not in Iowa. BOBBI GILBERT: JONES: Live in a theatrical town, be a Go to college, be a researcher for a make-up artist. MICHELLE KELCHEN countant, get married, and live in Indiana.CHARLENEHEMPHILL: Have a 42 Seniors game preserve or a large zoo. will bring them success, and maybe we be a mechanic and start own shop, RACHEL HARTMAN: Become an acDenise R. Serbousek manage a fitness or health club. SANDJohn Scott Serbousek successful beauty shop in Iowa. ELAINE LY DALY: Get a job in radiology, away HESLOP: Receive a Bachelor of Science from Cedar Rapids. MARSHA ELLIOT: degree in nursing and get married Be in the Navy and become a Master of JULIE HILL: Finish college, have a fam Arms, or go to law school. SHELLY ly and own a house. STEPHANIE wanted to do with their lives ten years SUZIE GALLAGHER: To have own ried, and have a secure job. TAMMIE from now. Prairie seniors were asked what they flower shop while studying floriculture, FLOYD: Live in Colorado and own a HOHENSEE: Have own interior desigr business. LISA JOENS: Be happily mar

Left: Don Scholl makes decorations for the senior hall during Homecoming Week. Jim Shebetka David Sheely Don L. Shramek Leslie Simmons Scott Simon John Slaton Steve Smith Todd Staskal Angela Jo Statler Janice Marie Stepanek Terri Lynn Stockton Sveinn Storm Seniors 43

Pam Tollefson Susan LuAnne Truitt Les Untiedt Kathy Volesky Kyle Vondracek Kim Waggener Kathy Watts Laurie Welty Tima Whalen Scott Wieser Jim Wilcoxson JENNY OLSON: Work with cattle liv- a j0b as an electronics technician and PKOSH: Get a job in secretarial work or ing on a ranch. Find a guy, make her life travel. JOHN SERBOUSEK: Live on a public relations. KYLE VONDRACEK: farm, be a mechanic, live comfortably, Be successful and looked up to, work in MIKE business communications, own a home, an en special and become important, CAROLINE OSBORN: Get married, live provide well for his family. business company and be happy, in the country and be satisfied with life. SCHMIDT: To go into the Air Force and be happy. KATHY WATTS: Find LISA NETOLICKY: Work for a good stay single. DON SCHOLL: Own a joyable job and become well establishbakery. DON SCHRADER: Own and ed, keep God the center of her life. JIM JEFF DAVID SHEELY: Own a wrecker service cessful in a good job. KATHY , SUSAN REID: To get a Phd. and own a drive his own semi and a race car. WILCOXSON: Live in Colorado, be sucbusiness in the medical field. RIERSON: Own a scuba diving shop in and garage. JOHN SLATON: Live in WILFORD: Live in New Youk learning Florida. DOUG ROY: Have a job in |Qwa ancj start an architectural firm , about the city. CHARLENE ZACH: business management and be head of a TERRI STOCKTON: Deal with advertis- Marry Scott and become financially company. LAURIE RUMMELS: Be a jng or writing. SVEINN STORM: Live by stable. Possibly work and follow Scott’s buyer for a clothing store and live in a faith and serve God. MICHELLE TER band on tour warm place. DENISE SERBOUSEK: Get 44 Seniors

Kathy Wilford Lisa Witte Doug Yanecek Kathy Yarbrough Charlene Zach Scott Zach Sue Zach Theresa Zalesky Loren Ziskovsky Senior Pictured:*Not Rob Brashear Dan Byerly Doug Farley Terry Fite Penny Hall Scott Hamilton Bob Hood Andy Kerber David Kraemer Robert Krahmer Paul Kuhlman AlanSchwab SteveSherard Seniors 45

The big question always stands out, your base for the whole school year. how could we enjoy school academical, For the ingredients: 2 tons of patience 2 cups of interests 2 cups of attendance a dash of brains a little bit of enthusiasm For example, being hypnotized in Then take 2 cups of interests and try to Psychology would not be much fun if ly? Well students, here’s a recipe from mix it with classes. Blend in a dash of students weren’t interested; solving theHomeEconomics Department. Sweet ‘n Sour Classes brains, sprinkle a little bit of enthusiasm problems in Math and Physics wouldn’t and don’t forget to mix in attendance your school year is over! This recipe may sound corny to Bake for 180 school days and presto, blowing glasses in chemistry wouldn’t be much without enthusiasm. These ingredients may not be enough Here’s the procedure: Take 2 tons of patience and use it as academic classes without these virtues, students but what they don’t know is but students can all be assured that that they’ve been using this school year these basic ingredients are guaranteed after school year. Students would not to make school life a little bit lighter, enjoy all the fun things they did in their Not only that, students may also learn to enjoy school. be easily done without patience. Also, 46 Academics Opener

Above Left: Junior Kim Tjelmeland job shadowing at the Precision Prosthetic Ltd. Left: Mr. Tim Handler with the help of Angie Statler and John Serbousek demonstrates how energy and power work during all -school Energy Assembly held April 26. Above: Senior Mitch McGrath works on his project for his Wood Shop class. Academic Opener 47

Vari ty in Language Arts Whether English is your favorite subtroduced to all the aspects of a ject or not, we all have to take it for publication, three full years. There are two additional ways of get^ ting credit be ides the traditional struction work in the theatre, classes offered. For those who in the English ar< course “Gifted a gram allows sti mgn scnooi. A correspond' wurk is done tf" for the tests, Kiri . the three areas are two classes the basicsin the dTalented.” This prodents to choose the - Tor inose wno arc uciinIU ITT UIC English credits, t ir Theatre Arts is a class that gets the In this class, students learn how to students involved in the area of conre especially talented build scenery and props, and the difa, Kirkwood offers the ferent lighting techniques with the efcollege-level class in which they are in terested and ge credit for it at their reels they make, help the student become more aware of what goes on behind a production. Theatre Arts is like a part two of the Drama class. ne tngnsr ueparimeni lao a TcW mce course is set up face and personality. Her name is Barb Everyday CuoTTTalIT t eartp n this course, all the Communications, h the matt which are taken at additi' been a helpful asset to the curriculum. There ace O AHQIQH in - writinn whiph will needs for graduation. iii|fill vour credit hat are set apart from English Department -*Journalism, Media, andPublications Lab In an interview, Barb said that she IW kn irtHiwirli toli - iQ mutual rp m/ H and that the best basis for a good rlAQQrnnm ^nppt reading, speech, and She feels that speaking to the student individually is more effective than erobarrassing the student in front of Theatre Arts and Publications Lab his/her Deers, “Prairie strikes me as a liberal school system in which the students are able to Publications Lab is a class that choose their education. I feel that this is teaches journalism through the an important motivating factor in learnpublishing of the yearbook. school newspaper and ing ana that s why Prairie Here students get to see ‘Someplace Special’.” their wrilmg being published and arem' really is, Mass Below: Nancy Spector. Center: Elaine Mulhe- i Far Below:Jean McMenimen. Far LeJTT Kevin Ridgon takes pictures ot musical for Publications Lab. on and Mark Hofmaster mai Left: Andv G a commercia m . ass Meaia 48 English

ar Above: Set construction is a part of the Theatre Arts class as two students, Kreg Tjelmeland and Pi ICC Krantz, demonstrat Above: English 10 students, Suzanne Gillette, Kathy Plotz, Jim Danielson, Dan deNeui, Mark Hartman and Miki cum listen g by Nancy Spector. Left: Theresa Zalesky, Cathie Jones, Kathy Watts, Caroline Osborne, Susan — HU ,^ebbimailbeilj MLWJII Stepanek, and Jerry Fry dress up as characters in The Odyssey. * I, JMiffCP English 49

Top Lett:Mike Lindemann react to one of Mr. npnmpf Fearing's jokes. Top Above Right: Dunn and Dea|Ashbacher try the new Apple II micro-computer. Above: Heidi Anderson watches intently as her ploblem is written out on the board. Above Right: Mr. Bruns helps Bob Miller with his ry assignment. Right:Far ausaaBeid^matbcan.sAmetimesbe. ^ecy^onfusing WBAWMILikm1 <^au»»nWi#UMri ^MAM iillHI' WII — %JlW JHHJ

Department Still Exists The Computer Science course was undergotrrg ' Sf lino yeai . computer terminal connected wtih Grant WnnH AFA \A/hirh uuac: install ed in 1979, was phased out in favor of an Apple II micro-processor. The minicomputer arrived dwtt the last weeks of school, but its use was delayed due to problems getting year at PHS for Ms. Rust, the Comtoachar £la win uuymm O MIC ciiv^ jr . It connected. Ihis was aTso “fhe'TasT puter S iRi with her husband and son to Grand Rapids, Michigan where her husband dical resid The Calculus class had a new forhia Dennis goofs off with Carrie Barker as Dan Aucutt and Tony Marotta intensely study the T — The students used the Grant Wood computer for their homework during one section of the took Advanced College Placement tests to gain college credit for their work in class The requirements for and courses . .io.. -th L.rDi3.tii depcuitirv^rit wprp rjq| Most students successfully changed very much this academic year. completed -their 'ctass requirements Another group of students sweated through Mr. Bruns’ geometry class. A more unfortunate group learned that “Fred", ua QPH ^P s ~if humnr alias Mr. Ken Fearing, has All in all meet students survived another year in math. Math »M "

All ou Need Is Music, Musica, Musik Buenas Noches! Aufweidesehen! or Munich, Rothenburg, Heidelburg, whatever foreign language you may Salzburg, Austria and they also had the PHS student you can be chance to stay with a family in Ulm. “ It i la in. many was a wonderful do. German TTciTTy to apply WlIcJTTH&y he! 1 students were Lisa Joens,"tryi/n fulppppr 1 tcur the nor* na, Spanish students also have lots of things going on. They had candy sales rat3 U3 , sure that hey belong to a foreign was a fun trip and speaking to the peohear from lanaiiaoe cL in>«? Student? enjoy lo^rnin the language not only because they perience was the comment of Lisa look forwar tp speaking the language Jogps but because of the fun activities they students have Christmas for their Mexico trip. They also had 3Vn-' ^@^“ TRe^pTfTaTa!”'THerea”w1Tl be 4ttr Tt Chris aodBam-Ritcbie. Some of thelplaces they visited were ^be trip io about a week in lengtfT? For foreign language students learntngJsrvTOoFtngbecausetbeyenf parties at the Amanas. Some even go to Christmas parties where they try to Get ed. This yea 4 students went for a three students leaving for the trip on June eelt Far Above: Ms. Spanish. fof-Wie*r.Sp Roxene Schrieber teach Above: Spanish students Laura Nguy and Robin Rothberg make Churros y Chocol TSnau ivir ^. o ney is the German teacher. Above Left: Li: the German trip during the Christmas party in Spanish class. Joens, Dawn Messer and Mrs. Canney go ov pictures taken during Sophomore Sheryl WeTty tries to break the pina . Lei -

ce teaches all of the vocal the progressive concert, es. These include: Theory , : : i"Tsen *e: ' - mble, C loir and Coalition. In cert and Musical. . students a e taught basic nota* ‘ Bill Henley directs the band, Jazz =~d major and minor scales. Vocal Band and Improvisation classes at the teaches ocal tecfrtw htgfr ions . Improvisation claoo s spare time, Mr. Price gives helps students use ideas of their own to Air members and writemusic This year the band had about 80 112 students enrolled in students in it and the Jazz Band aroi r f s year. The choir performed at 22. E.C.I.C. Festival, Coffee House, Christmas ConAbove: Mr. Price teaches the choir and coalition classes. Music 53

Election Year Sparks " Debates in the So< There was one staff change this year ial Studies department. Mr. John Pilchar replaced Mr. Frank Young as the hfstory instructor when Mr. young toe< over administrative for Gary Leeper duties' . Mr. Pilcher graduated last spring from Loras College in DiiUtT-*” o on" Qlootionycar~eneMfte~ .American Citizenship que, Iowa. 1980 and U.S.A Politics students researched the candidates running fpr prurient and then} individual students were chosen to Tor“the national office: Ann Oldorf as John Anderson, Gene Anderson as Jimnris-carai represent those contending Reagan, Brook Weldon as Ed Clark, andConnieO'ConnorasCusHall." Guest speakers were also an importaotp»t^4he - - cwr+ eiilurfrtrHsyeariMr. Southward, a vice-president in charge erican Federal Savings and Loan in Cedar Rapids 1 spoke to the Consumer Economics P class about establishing credit. Mr. John Willi ims, a former PHS science ‘ teacher ar Bills wife spoke to the"*5ur ^l -WiniaWTS^ah’^study for the test? . .IJEXT YfeXh Far Above: ‘‘Yes, Dot , we PROMISE we are gonna candidate John Anderson during the aNj>ch asiernbly^fiove Right: Scott Thompsontol B .^piead^alTice Stepanek, Mark Highley, and Tim Appleget. Above Left: Ann Oldorf expresses the opinions of campaign is ^ audience what Ronald Reagan thought about Cl IPQ * rent Events classes about the situation^ l in NoTtfrgf r ll'diahd.'M Irish native. — I - Social Studies classes got in on the ac-l lion Mr Oertelis ^ ~~j~ DoJ Pospischil i om Myers John Oertel Paul Schenkelberg John Pil 33 Social Sijdies

*B F Far Above Left: Caught ya, Mr. Myers ! Sleeping on the job again. Interested students are: Ida Svante Kettner, Djaba Arquisola . and Laurie Eden. Far Above Right: Dr. Zach, a dental inhypnosis can be used. He demonstrates on Michelle Kelchen and Karen Wade. Above Right: THoiTTUidpiHTTHTTSuzie tion of: Linda Thome Gallagher, Scott Simon . Kathy Yarbrough, and FMWfymref: . Lauri Haren . Above Left: Working diligently on a worksheet are wassmer ana iom , Listebarger . Left: Laurie Rummells and Andy Grommon listen to two tapes at the same time in pbyunuiugy Class . Social Studies 55

i i it; nur di} .v. s same, but in somet * was installed 1,500 tapes 56 Library About six cbausad mosphere to same time th 5 clTcuiycb. lr\ a with the last few years it has private rooms. This system of learning through T.V. years ago the library nation, according to Miss Reed, the - T a - choose from and there There are approximately i quiet study area. At the Kirkwnnr) viHpn system CWlibrariarvat the higlract Joceil Southward is in charge of cirIUUb lation and out, sends out notices and collects fines, and keens the lihrary in nrrlor ik 6niy ond"dt a few InTfie'^’ The L.D. rooms have changed the past from a tutor-type teaching tc TliacIiing basic skills to help thq students be more successful at Prairie. ^hdWITrg^TO^Pl’rHLrdRwaTfefT reami ^ 1 IUUIIIo ngj disabilities teacher here at Prairie. I tT0! e 1

Paf Bpchwalter O LL CD U) C CO Mary Purtle de careei education. Far Above: Mike Luhrs uses the Kirkwood video v6 Left * ' ' B— 5 and students must take tests 7 1 --deltnes to offered in L take part in the serD., according to Ms. ichwalter said the L.D. rooms a posyJiye experience dents. Resource 57 Kathy Nearad does her studying in one of the n Bhnnfli T c die oiAi y >iuuenis • resource rooms, with help from Pat Buchwalter. an assignment. Dawn Bratten study quietly in the resource room. > CO Q Diane need

Is Sc ence Just Another Class? Science classes usually have a being long, hard, and " reputation of sometimes boi ng; not this year though! In physics, everyone had a chance to make ice-cream. Chemistry students experimented with twistea glass m In April, Chicago. some students went to vTstred" ttie Museum of hey Science and Industry, the Planetarium, the Field Museum “Mr. about green jnvpc onH fizz Aquarium, Rieniets also had a good time telling us ioc ” caiH Chemistry student Doug Blair. Biology people learned about genetics, bod structure and function, and dissecting Life Science classes studied many of the things Bology students studied, 3lth6iJ§h nof n such deptHT 2 “They'r not in there to have fun. They’re in there dHoffman about theclass. to learn. UUI This year Mr. Rieniets, Mr. Osland, and Mr. Hoffmann have worked hard to liven up each class and provide difforgnt activities for the stjjdeiltS Far Above:Sam Selzer takes his goggles off t; "closer look ' get how a transmission works to Doug Mn flii Carol Buresh. Above: Something k teresting oss-tbe -room most have wmm j ic in - igm Mike Malik’s eye. Minnetta Freeburg doesni appear to have been affected by it. Left: Mar Stanley takes notes as he • Biology book. - eaas’hfsMoeteTTT • -

Mr. [fmann ife Sci nr.P Advanced Science Science 59

Right: Front Row: Anne Cleppe, nd Osborne, Melani|Gade, Terri Stockton, and Cyn Tnia utjriNis. oeci now. ucvvay wmnwr* Caroline - Ditch, Becky Kohl, Cindy Meiborg, Kathy Pehkonen, Lauri ; Eden, Cheryl Robbins, Djaba Arquisola, Below Kyle Vondracek, and Bob Miller Third Row: Ricki Haye >, Laura Hamilton, Dan deNeui, John “Bubba” handles, Svante Ketter, Kevin Higdon, Katny vyans and Lisa NeToTitky. Betow: Doug Roy lays out a newspaper page. Right: Ricki Hayes makes a publicity poster for the upcoming yearbook sale. Bottom: Members of the Publications Lab class look over some negatives with teacher Jean McMenimen pariment Publications ! ah is a nam oHHit irv the English deaprtment this year. Since on the students’ academic records. Th s way the students receive credit and % grade, and it counts as an English class.1 In the classroom, students work TxJtFi tfie newspaper arid IfV Last year, newspaper ant yearbook-— ^ headlines. Wednesday night from 3:30-5:1rH dependu stayed ^Qn^ .Uae...daadi»TfeS^ in the class now brainstorm for a ther interesting articles to put in newpaper, tied together. They also brainstorm :wm^_^ for the yearbook so the book c with ’attention draw ' — " rb *:> rooc were separateTThe journalism class the newspaper, and students on attef^^ eehooI .Stiirlr--Tj M ;l — ?. I

H j M l r r :pment and the counseling department Is -t0 Qet— " W! .VZ, classes, Peer Resource Personal, Life and Zsreer Developmen . ~e Peer Resource Program helped involved in activities ~ed to help them become a better . The areas hey covered in the communication skin ' s, self building , eadership training, elsp HIM to •=?< =:onships. ~ -e Personal Life . and Career pment course is designed to aid *=jdent in learni ig methods of makoenerMTe ana career plans, i ms is designed help the students their understanding of self? now to set goals and expand percareer option: - lot of program: are sponsored by guidance o fice, including: uuioco, me ai ici i iduvc Tvuod KE t / school program, Ag programs, and pondence. courses, pec ng, As • uic ng and trade. Ti or next y <ar, such childcare, nurses aid, yivTup i/ Uur and the guidance ecartment is offering a Gifted and seling, lunselini and some career jests, n conclusion of ir is 1980-81 school . :he guidance Office sort of took a tne most askea questions by its. They were 1) “Can I drop this Hits tie I fc r #• - nradi ifltp9l l l”^t am I going to do ' and 3) “Wh - . Top Right: Ala Above: Alan Maas performs one of his many duties as a counselor, with Gerald Shepherd. Left: toai upoia Jim TiuTTsr appears as a karate expert shows him a few moves on Wellness Day. ,

Mick Mattiace Lin Hixenbaugh Jim Kimball All throughout the year, the Phys Education Department had b * stressing fitness in more than 3 ways olved, nnp Our P.E. staff thought up the students to get inv or -.:,. . for ai 3 such as team handball, soccer, and volleybal But one of the most popular and ex hausting units was the one on fleSi hockey. ra"plbrit71^at:11bh^oreveryb?le:By geTT* " - *« * . . Above: Ke tennis unit the mile an n Hadenfeldt returns a volley in the Right: Scott Wieser finishes hard in a half during the fitness unit. V V -“ tretpeeHev shape and have some fun at the - -Floyd “ Burly” Smith is the behind drivers education a class would “drive” most teachers nuts. T man goes out every day and put?hTs on the line teaching sophomores : techniques of safe, defensive driving Every stuaent wno goes tnrc drivers ed. can receive his or her dr their sixt license UT eenth brrr d? - without taking a written test. In orce- tc pass drivers ed. the student must completed thirty hours of class t mo nf df‘| time, sometimes more if Mr. Smith f _ that they need the experience. * It is a fast moving sport, v. ifl -'; everyone involved, the P.E. teachen w get into a little be 62 Physical Education

Drivers Education 63

Home Economics for Girls and ShopJor Boy Mot Always! r students djdn This ve< pressure E Ji . stereotyping decT^ classes they took in the Home an#Industrial Arts areas WUIivyII IIV/ N It wasn’t unusual to see boys working from a rec pe at the stove and it wasn’t unnReiytbJsee girls wOrKing on prc at the draf ing table or in the shop. For the ^¥ ¥ take. oti iHnntc onrolled in Industri il Arts and Home Economics, it didn’t lllcil matter what the class was, just w Above: Ran y Kellison puts final touches on his Qroiect in v jod shop. Far Above Right: Found arburetor are Mike ( adjusting a rtarrol Rnn Slick , Ciraig Heaverlo, and Ar n Chesley. Above Right: Chuck Hinppr, (jjhuiirK W .srfjhlt? 64. Industrial Arts

I t Above Left? * F l * Left: Monica Northrup slices a banana for a pie. Above: Shari Glick and Lisa Howell work for perfec - Patty Miles Home Economics 65

creative Students The art program at Prairie High School has become very popular. The class si e in all areas of art has increased grec ly over the last few years. TSTTTC3 The tey? ~Tho **eQOOH 'fer "thio4r> - ^8T&cf§ Were Tilled 16 Viti limit, with some students even having to be turned crease in popularity as seen by Mr. expres themselves freely and they can also see their accomplishments in the products, the pots in ceramics rings made in the jewelry unit of weft tfnishec and the twiweeh The business education area had a nAV|» / tO• phpr thiQ is f^liss Sudderjdorf. She taught shorthand, accounting I and II, and typing I classes. Mr. Warning taught the typing I, II, III, IV, ail'd Ihe wayco a11 office procedures-office machines, tf income tax classeST” Below:Tim Saddler throwing a cylinder. Below: Doug Roy paints the fighting Above; \A/andy f~ly and dinr C ink drawings. ^smsni w-oiJ^-on D o A r t

Below: Mr. Werning tms' j Above: Duane Larson working on his typing skills in Tuning nails. Above: Michelle Terpkosh transcrib**er dictation. Business Education 67

Mini Courses: A Time to Sit Back and Enjoy 68 Mini C urses

Above:Julie Zach works hard on her calliqraphy Jeff Rummels and Justin Pitts engage in a tough game of Connect Four in Table Games. . Above: Look, ma! No hands!! shouts Kathy Potter while Tammi Everett grabs the paddleboat in fear. Left: Kitty Grommon and Barb Kelsey sit back and enjoy the sun in Needlecraft class. Mini Courses 69

cn Different people spend their leisure shape before the season even starts, Both parsnow fell the day of the wrestling mee time in many different ways. One very Some very dedicated athletes work all or if it’s pouring rain when the trac* common way is sports. year round at their sport or sports. The meet starts, even when it’s 20° belo ticipating and spectating can take up a games or meets can also take up one to zero the night of a football game. three nights a week. People involved in sports often pracseason. tice every day during the regular their favorite ways to spend spare time This is not to mention, , lot of free time. - Sports are a good way to spend yoc Many fans find sports to be one of leisure time, no matter if it ’s through school, where you live, or work, or jusof There always seem to be people to getting together with some friends for a course, the time put in to get, or stay, in cheer the team on even if five inches of game.

V Above Left: Todd Salat congratulates Robert Dennis after Robert scores an important field goal. Above: Mike Hahesy receives his medal at the State Wrestling Tournament, where he finish ed as state champion at 145 pounds. Left: Shauna Holthaus attempts to get the ball under the basket to Laurie Welty. - Sports Opener 71

Hard Work Pays Off “The only way a team gets better is to wrestle the tougher competition,” were the comments from Prairie Head Wrestling Coach Jim Kimball, and that’s just what the Hawks did. The grapplers battled with top-ranked Iowa City West, Waterloo West, and Marion, and when the end result came, Prairie placed 3rd in the districts and tied for 14th in the state. The highlights of the season were tremendous. Kimball commented that, “You take a young team like ours and you’ve got success. The kids kept working harder, and the price paid off. The team improved more than any team improved that I have seen in the years I’ve coached.” The Hawks had a state tourney feeling when they wrestled in the Five Seasons Classic, Seasons Center. held at the Five Below: Setting up a takedown is Prairie’s state champion Mike Hahesy in the finals of the Class third time during the year to wrestle his opponeJ 3A State Wrestling Tournament. This was Mike's from Cedar Rapids Kennedy. WRESTLING Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie 29-22 47 -12 34-14 34-16 Linn-Mar Invitational 21 -31 ECIC — First Prairie Prairie Prairie Districts 3rd Place State First Place Mike Hahesy (145) -19 16-33 Urbandale Invitational 29-27 29 Jeff Marion W. West Kenned> W. Centra I.C. High Linn I.C. West Jefferson Invitational — Eighth 41-13 C. R. Wash -Ma' Above: Front Row: Sam Selzer, Mark Hofmaster, Scott Penrod . Steve Lindemann, Rich Lindemann, Chuck Hardin. Back Row: Gary Swartz, John Randles, Joe Nekvinda, Jeff Hynek Mike Hahesy and Coach Kimball. 72 Wrestlina

J Above: If he lifts the legs, senior Mark Hofmaster can pin his opponent. Above Left: Wrestlettes: Front Row: Michelle Pederson. Joanne King, Paula Klein. Back Row: Kris Knipp, Cindy Hasley, Sindy Dubishar. Below Left: It is hard to get away from senior Steve Lindemann. for the fall. Below: Another victory for Joe Nekvinda. Joe placed 6th at state. Left: Rich Lindemann works Second Row: Wrestling 73

Soph But Tough The 80-81 Fresh-Soph wrestling gave their all in every one of the grueling practices (with the varsity) and their hard work paid off. Even though their record wasn' t the best Prairie has ever had . only 3-2-1, they really showed their Fresh-Soph colors in tournaments. They were the champs at the E.C.I.C. Wrestling Tourny and at the Prairie Fresh-Soph Tournament they had four champions, although team points weren' t kept. All in all the season was a success and there will be some great young men with their eyes on varsity positions next year. Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Sophomore Wrestling 31-20 33-24 9-18 16-44 48- 15 12- 12 Below: Front Row: Mike Schwab, Mike Hen drickson, Chuck Hardin, Statler, - Bill Whitters, Kent Bill Shebetka, Brent Osland, John Shebetka, Jeff Hynek, Russ Jarvis. Second squad compiled another outstanding Row: Eric Jeffords, Chris Bennett, Tom Spore, season. These young men went out and Kevin Beachler, Robert Pavlicek, Mike Oldorf Jason Everett, Randy Novak, Charlie Rex Netolicky. Third Row: Mike Hynek. Livingston, Tom Brown, John Anderson Dm Saddler, Rich Lindemann, Osborne. and John Walderback, Scott DubisnJ Tim Reid, Kennedy IC City High Linn Mar I.C. West Marion Waterloo West Above: Bill Shebetka breaking his man Left: Eric Jeffords working around his oppc -^-d 74 Sonhomore Wrestlinn |

Weightlifting Club: Front Row: Sponsor, Bft - Oertel, Phil Newhard, Daron Zach, Todd |fcaa-. John Volk, Craig Carlson, Dean Smyth, Osland, Mark Croy. Second Row: Arlyn Chesley, Steve Hauschild, Mike Pond, Sam Wilson, Tim Appleget, Steve Cleppe, Mike Marak, Pat Scheetz, Steve Duke, Mark Hartman, Terry Jones, Bill Shebetka, Rick Pavlis. Back Row: Curt Woods, Bret Wagner, Scott Joens, Gary Lamparek, Charlie Brown, John Shebetka, Howard Olson, Gary Swartz, Allen Clough, Brian McNeal. Charlie Brown pumping iron. Above: Sam Wilson works out with Tim Appleget as his trusted spotter. Weightlifting 75 _

Winning Season for Volleyball This year’s volleyball team had the best record ever at Prairie High School with 15 wins, 4 losses, and 2 ties. The team also won two first place trophies, one at the Stanwood Invitational and one at the Prairie Invitational. The major letter winners were: Laurie Theresa Zalesky, Welty, Co-captains — Shauna Holthaus, Stacy Ditch, Margie Rigel, Kathy Nearad, Diane Mouchka, and Amy Bubon. Other awards included: Shauna Holthaus and Theresa Zalesky, Best spiker — Shauna Holthaus, Best server— Most improved — tributed most — Most hustle — Laurie Welty, ConTheresa Zalesky, and Margie Rigel and Theresa Zalesky. Shauna Holthaus and Theresa Zalesky were named First Team AllConference. Laurie Welty was named Second Team All-Conference. Stacy Also Ditch, Margie Rigel and Kathy Nearad received Honorable Mention. Shauna Holthaus received Honorable Mention on the All-State Team. Mr. Young, Girls Head Volleyball “ I thought it was a very successful year. I’m especially happy for the senior girls because their hard work over the years has finally paid off.” Coach said he was very happy with the outcome of the season. Margie Rigel, / Front Row: Suzanne Gillete, Cynthia Dennis, Debi Wolverton, Joni Bruns, Stacy Stine, Darcy - WaJ : Rhonda Leon. Second Row: Crystal Bragg, Michelle Evans, Kim Ockenfels, Tammi Best, Chris Zales* « Sheryl Welty, Chris Minor, Gina Gustafson. Third Row:Coach Young, Lynette Grimm, Chris Fitzpa: Sandy McLane, Lisa Weber, Michelle Hahesy, Laurie Dvorak , Joey Umstead, Holly Northrup, Cca Hixenbaugh. Back Row: Chris Winn, Julie Hofmaster, Amy Bubon, Heidi Anderson, Jeni Pedersafl Shauna Holthaus, Diane Mouchka, Laurie Welty, Kathy Nearad, Stacy Ditch, Thereas Zalesky, MaRigel. : ) VOLLEYBALL Jefferson LaSalle LaSalle LinnMarr Beckman Mt. Vernon Iowa City West Marian Standwood Tourney LinnMar Beckman Prairie Tourney Monticello Marion Washington 0- 1 1- 1 2-1 2 - 2 3-2 4-2 4-3 5-3 9-3 -1 9-4-1 10-4-1 13-4-2 14 -3-2 15-3-2 15-4-2 Above Left: Sheryl Welty bumps the ball at a home meet. Above: Sandy McLane puts her effort into bumping the ball. 76 Vollevball

Above Left: Laurie Welty goes for another spike while Stacy Ditch and Thereas Zalesky watch. Above: Margie Rigel goes for a block while Theresa Zalesky watches. Far Left:Jeni Pedersen has good form while bumping the ball. Left: Theresa Zalesky backsets to set up the spike for Laurie Welty. Volleyball 77

Varsity Football Team: Front Row : Jeff Burkle, Tim Appleget , Marlon Blaha . Johnson — Jordan, Mike Pond, Tom Smith Shebetka. Second Row: Sam Wilson, Dean Weis, Craig Smith, DeWayne Heintz, Mike Hahesy, Andy Grommon, Becky Mitchell— Manager. Third Row:Cave Crisman— Tom Waldrep, Kurt . Jim Porter, Jim Sveinn Storm, Coach, Ed Coach, Arlyn Chesley, Phil Neward, Mark Croy, Todd Salat , BradHansen, Joe Nekvinda, Daron Zach, John Oertel— Swartz, Dennis Bruns. Scott Douglas, John Volk, Andy Kerber, Head Coach. Back Row: Brian McNeal, Curt Woods, Scott Joens, Robert Dennis, Randy Buresh, Gary Tim Fairlie, Gary Lamparek , Joe Ockenfels, Bret Wagner, Varsity Has Tough Schedul The Prairie Hawk Football leape ettrifej « i % year won only four games, but because of their tough schedule. Pri lost to Class 3A state champ Ma' fourth place finisher Benton Commj ty, perennial powerhouse Re: Beckman, and LaSalle. Coach Oertel commented that though we lost those games, the te never gave up, never had any quitter and came back and won the last th ball games. Many juniors were g * valuable experience this year to them ready for next year. DeWayne Heintz made the ECIC F Team Offense this year and Scott Joe made First Team Defense. The Sec: Team Offense from Prairie include Brad Hansen, Gary Lamparek, at Scott Douglas, and the Second Tea Defense included Tim Fairlie and J Shebetka. All Metro First Team S{ J End was Brad Hansen, and Scott Joe made All Metro Second Team De - - sive Back. Sam Wilson and E ' McNeal received Honorable Merand Scott Joens received Gazer Prep of the Week for his play aca Keokuk. As for school records, this yea team had some to put in. Brad Harahas 12 kick-off returns, and DeWay Heintz had the most yardage on ao off. DeWayne also holds the recor: the longest kick-off return, 95 ya* and the longest kick - off return fcr touchdown. Both records were set the night of Homecoming aga Beckman. Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Above: Jim Shebetka ready to fire to an open receiver. VARSITY FOOTBALL 36-15 6- 28 -38 6-14 0 18-34 0-29 40-14 217 27- 6 Mt. PleasarMarion Benton Community Rees Beckmar LaSale Keoku* Regina Linn-Mar - 78 Football

- ;' A5 r' * Upper Left: Scott Joens rounds the corner to avoid losing yardage. Middle Left: Tim Fairlie fights to keep the Hawks alive. Upper Right: Joe Ockenfels gets the first down for the Hawks. Middle Right: Robert Dennis attempts an extra point. Football 79

Old Faces in New Places This year in cross-country and sophomore football there were two new coaches, but they weren’t new to Prairie basketball fans.Head varsity basketball coach Jeff Wessel was also the new head coach for boys’ The new head sophomore football coach was Kevin Behrends, who doubles as the assistant varsity basketball coach. Coach Behrends, in his first year as head sophomore coach, led his team to a record of 8-0-1, bringing with that record the E.C.I.C. championship. The only blemish on their record came from a 0-0 tie with Marion. The cross-country team had very few juniors or seniors and therefore the team was made up of young men with very little experience. Coach Wessel believes that with a little experience and good leadership from the few seniors next year that Prairie should have a fine team in ’81. cross-country. Above: Front Row: Rick Pavlis, Gary Zigler, Mark Pat Scheetz, Jeff Hynek, Assistant Coach i Hartman, Perry Nelson, Mike Marak, Todd Smith. Third Row: Steve Cleppe, Charlie Bi Philipp, Terry Jones, Craig Carlson, Manager Bill Richard Klimes, Ken Gordon, Jeff Living Second Row: Head Coach Kevin Dean Smyth, Al Clough, Chris Milke. Not tured: Bill Shebetka, Rex Netolicky, Whitters. Behrends, Doug Melsha, Don Finn, Jeff Rummells, Rod Brown, Brent Osland, Jon Shebetka, Odeen. Above: Jon Shebetka out-races Linn-Mar defenders. Above Right: Chris Marak, Pat Scheetz, and Charlie Brown pull down a Lion. Far Right: Brent Osland intercepts a pass against Dyersville Beckman. Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL 8- 6 0 0 - 32- 0 20-18 30-12 6 6 6 - - - 30 60 8 Mt. Pleasant Marion Benton Community Regis LaSalle Keokuk Regina Linn-Mar 80 Soph. Football

rrom now: Jim Danielson, iBteirrm, Ion, Gerald Jeff Kulhavy, Kreg Tjelmeland, Scott Jeff Urbanek. Second Row : Scott Todd Zach, Kevin Cooling, Craig Beisker, Scott Zach, DougYanacek. Back Row: Coach Jeff Wessel, Louis Butts, Chuck Gudenkauf, Clark Humble, Mike Scheetz, Nick Lehmkuhl, John Wahlert, Assistant Coach Ed Johnson. Above: Clark Humble gives his all for the good of the Hawk Cross-Country squad. Serovy warms-up before a big meet. Below: Scott ' S ^- arie— BentonComm. — 3rd Place BentonComm.— Ifcaron Invitational Rapids Invitational Mar Invitational C C. Meet 3rd Place Marion — Invitationals 9th Place 7th Place 10th Place 4th Place 9th Place 1st Place 2nd Place

Girls’ Basketball Has Successful Season Above: Front Row: Ricki Hayes, Julie Cach, Sandy Daly, Becky Mitchell, Osborn, Kathy Nearad, Theresa Zalesky, Caroline Osborne, Sarah Danielson, Kelly Lamb. Back Row: Angie Hastings, Stacy Ditch, Kelly Laurie Welty, Shauna Holthaus, Heidi Anderson, Chris Winn, Dawn Roy. Standing: Coach Jensen, Coach Hoffmann. This year the Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team learned that work in the offseason can really pay off. The team practiced about 2 times a week last summer to improve their skills. They improved on the 3 wins and 17 losses of the year before, to 15 wins and 6 losses this season. Willingness to improve and dedication were big factors in the success of the team. There was balance in both the guard and forward courts. The team had a lot of close games and came out the winners in all of them. Mr. Hoffmann, head varsity coach said, “The highlights of the season were beating LaSalle twice and beating topranked Jefferson in the last regular season game.” Both Coach Jensen and Hoffmann think that next year will be a rebuilding year because they lost 7 valuable seniors who were regular starters. Coach Hoffman says, “There will be a direct correlation between the work in the off-season and next year’s showing.” Both coaches feel that the underclassmen could play an important role in the team’s success. The following awards were given: Laurie Welty — Zalesky Team All-Conference, 1st Team All-Metro, 1st Al l -State Honorable Mention, and 2nd leading scorer in the metro area. — 1st Team All-Metro, 1st Team All-Conference, lead in steals in conference. Caroline Osborne Honorable Mention All-Metro, — — 2nd Team All-Conference. Angie Hastings Honorable Mention All-Metro, Honorable Mention All-Conference. Shauna Holthaus — Honorable Mention All-Confernece. Mr. Hoffman — Coach of the Year in the conference. Far Above: Laurie Welty follows through or I shot. Above: Look at that concentration J Angie's face. Theresa o o o \ /

I J Above Left: Julie Cach fighting for another rebound while Becky Mitchell watches. Above: Caroline Osborne shoots a jump shot showing her good form. Far Left: Stacy Ditch begs to Angie Hastings to let her have the rebound. Left: Shauna Holthaus practices her ballet steps while rebounding. Theresa Zalesky and Stacy Ditch are ready to lend a hand. Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL 71 -80 -50 78-72 57 81-47 55-53 64-39 71-67 55-70 58-80 82 -64 81-65 76-71 68-52 80-78 73 -66 -49 68-67 72 60-77 67-73 69-64 48-65 Jefferson Regis LinnMar Marion Kennedy Beckman LaSalle Benton Washington Regina LinnMar Regina Regis LinnMar LaSalle Kennedy Beckman Benton Regis Jefferson Jefferson (Sect.) Girls' Varsity Basketball 83

Below: Front Row: Scott Zach, Gerald Eichorn, Kent Rigdon, Doug Yanacek, Bret Wagner, Scott Joens, Jim Johnson, Jeff Kulhavy, Kevin Cooling, Mike Meyers, Mike Glick. Back Row: Coach Behrends, Scott Serovy, Clark Humble, Luis Butts, Curt Woods, Mike Scheetz, Dennis Bruns, Kerber, Coach Wessel. David Dou < Jim Rotter, Doug Blair. Left: Kevin C demonstrates great "eye-hand coordinate these moves. Basketball Season Reflects Enthusiasm This year’s boys’ Varsity Basketball Team did a fantastic job throughout the whole season. The final record was 147. Some notable accomplishments were: beating Kennedy and Jefferson, both times. Winning over Iowa City High in districts, after the Des Moines Register had predicted City High would win and that they were the best in the state. The Hawks had one of the best defense averages ever by a Prairie team, and were one win away from the record wins at Prairie. Coach Wessel said, “This was the hardest working group of athletes I have ever been associated with!” The team really showed their effort and hard work on the court. Team member Dennis Bruns said, Mention in the Des Moines Registt David Dougherty and Dennis Bruns a= received Honorable Mentions. David Dougherty, “The season was fun and rewarding, but sometimes we just tried too hard and things didn’t work out the way we had hoped.” Jim Rotter was First Team All State, by unanimous choice, Fourth Team All State in the Des Moines Register. Mike Scheetz was Second Team All State and Honorable Boy's Varsity Basketball Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Priarie Prairie Above: "Quick somebody grab it!” Mike Scheetz yells to teammates, Bret Wagner. Luis Butts, Scott Joens and 65-43 57-50 46-43 72 Monticello Kennedy -86 58-61 61-51 56-62 68 47-46 35-47 82-58 47 -46 56-48 46-44 65-55 53-43 46-56 60-67 79 -56 Dyersville Beckman I.C. Regina Regis LaSalle Linn-Mar Marion Kennedy Washington Benton Jefferson Dyersville Beckmen LaSalle I.C. Regina Benton -52 Districts 44-42 46 -53 I.C. High Kennedy Above: Jim Rotter shoots for two. Linn-Mar I.C. West Anamosa who broke tl school record with eighty-eight block a shots felt that the highlight of the ya was winning against Iowa City High. The team voted Mike Scheetz “P .‘: Valuable Player,” Jim Rotter “Best 0 tensive Player,” “Best Defensh Players” were Kevin Cooling and De nis Bruns. “Best Rebounder” David Dougherty. v» 3 Q A

3 i: David Dougherty blocks another shot and pUvn Cooling backs him up. . Below: Curt Woods and Dennis Bruns both attempt to make a basket . . . at the same time, Mike Scheetz watches. K Luis Butts thoroughly impresses the opposOTI with his techniques. Boys’ Varsity Basketball 85

Rewarding Season for Sophomores The sophomore Boys’ Basketball 42-41. All players contributed a great deal to Team started off their 80-81 season with a victory against LaSalle, The season ended wtih 4 wins and 14 losses. The most encouraging point of the whole season, according to Coach Schenkelberg was, ‘‘The hard work and improvement shown at the end of the season when we defeated 2 of our 4 remaining opponents.” John Wahlert said, ‘‘The season went well, and we had a lot of fun.” the team but the individuals who showed the most were, Rodney Brown, Chuck Gudenkauf, Don Finn, Nick Lehmkuhl, Chris Milke, Richard Klimes, John Wahlert and freshman Mike Bush. Don Finn said that, “ Coach Shenkelberg did a good job, and the season was fun.” The team improved a lot and next year should show their effort and hard work throughout the season. Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Sophomore Boys' Basketball 57-59 45-55 -76 -63 -53 -67 -55 47-60 36 57-66 42-41 39-66 42 53-75 63 48-59 57 65-74 48-87 55-52 50 49-57 47-42 MonticeH: Dyersville Beckma* I.C. Regina Reg-; Marior. LaSal e , -- Linn-Ms Kennec? Washington Benton Jefferson Beckma LaSaM I.C. Regina Benton Linn-Mar I.C. Wes: Anamosa Above Front: Paul Mangano. Rod Brown, Chuck Gudenkauf, John Gray, Jim Danielson, Scott Davis, Jim Bayne, Kreg Tjemeland. Back:Coach Schenkelberg, Steve Weber, Chris Milke, John Wahlert, Nick Lehmkuhl, Richard Klimes, Don Finn, Ken Gordon, Manager Wade Osborne, Asst. Coach DanBubon. Above: Nick Lehmkuhl shoots for two as Chopponent. ^ Gudenkauf looks on. Left: Don Finn goes in tm the ball while Chris Milke blocks out ^

^ m ^ " -ie “ 80-81” Sophomore Girls’ 5;;-;etball Team may not have had the their record »-' ngest season ever, 4 and Lost — is Won — 13, but they PL' slot of hard work into their practices i-:alot of effort into their games. We lost alot of games but showed uch improvement during the season,” sates Judy Suddendorf, the Head ::=ch, “They have the potential to be a "' ing ball club if they continue to J e n d o r f reflects back on the season pork hard in the off season.” Coach 5 pxJ the highlight of it was when the -i .* .ks pulled a stunning victory over re Jefferson J-Hawks on their own i -Xjrt. "he girls who participated this year ted a lot of fun. Michelle Evans felt that, Hi.vas a great, fun season even though didn’t win the games we had hoped Nadine Wehr thought it was the, rjnnest season ever, and we did the in a long time. I’m looking forward fee next year.” - in all, the sophomore girls had a [' ery rewarding season and all look for= . ng a great time while doing it. 1 ward to not only improving but also 11* Left: Kerry Schoner goes up for a rebound against the J-Hawks. Above: Lisa Dennis shoots for 2 as Michelle Evans looks on. Sophomore Girls' Basketball Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Praire Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie 49-48 33-53 28-48 44 45-44 21 Marion Kennedy -71 31-54 45-63 40-51 -62 41-54 40-52 37-53 31 -68 45-38 52-60 39-65 44 -40 Dyersville Beckman LaSalle Benton Washington I.C. Regina Linn -Mar I. C. Regina Regis Linn-Mar LaSalle Kennedy Dyersville Beckman Benton Regis Jefferson t :'e: Front: Lisa Weber, Darlene Shramek, Michelle Evans, Joni Bruns, Rhonda Leon, Wendy Ely, - ia Kelchen, Kerry Schoner. Back: Coach Suddendorf, Lori Richardson, Renee Rohlena, Nadine Angie Joens, Sheryl Welty, Lisa Dennis, Chris Zalesky, Kori Goldsberry, Kim Ockenfels. Sophomore Girls’ Basketball 87

Young Tennis Teams Build for Future Below, Front Row: Kreg Tjemeland, Jeff Defoe, J. D. Rockwell, Matthew Clothier, Dale Meskimen, and Bob Miller. Back Row:Coach Bogner, PerryN Wade Osborne,Mike Shirm,Howard Olson,Dean Schrader, and Jeff Rierson. a very building year with a record of 3-5. In a meet with Mt. Vernon, Mike Shirm beat Mt. Vernon’s number one man, a senior, Devin Kelso, with a score of 12-9. The team has improved in attitude and performance. Being a young team one senior, two juniors, and four sophomores, they are planning on being alot tougher next year. Like the boys’, the girls’ tennis team is small with only nine players, three juniors, three sophomores, and three freshmen. Linda Hixenbaugh, the girls’ tennis coach, says that with such a young team, they are just trying to build the team up for next year. Above Right: Wade Osborne lobing the ball back to his opponent. Above: Perry Nelson shows his concentration. 88 Tennis

:3nt Row: Pam Meyer, Joyce Snyder, Sandi Shakespeare, and Chris Singleton. Back Row: Chris - lek, KathyNearad, Beth Trieble, Jody Wagner, Renee Rolena, and Coach Linda Hixenbaugh. Boys’ Tennis * Marion rion Linn- Mar Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Boys' Tennis Score Board 5- 4 uth Tama Iowa City High Comanche 7- 2 9- 0 9- 0 9- 0 4- 5 4- 5 3-6 Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prarie Prairie Prairie Above: Sandi Shakespeare keeps her eye on the ball. South Tama Marion Washington Marion Iowa City West - Mar Mt. Vernon Jefferson Linn Mt. Vernon City High Girls' Tennis 9- 0 1- 8 9- 0 0- 8 9- 0 9- 0 8- 0 6- 3 6- 0 6- 1 Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Far Left: Beth Trieble, anxious to return the ball. Left:Pam Meyer returning a serve. Tennis 89

Spring Sparks Golf Teams The Girls’ Golf Team was very small -7. this year, so there was only a varsity schedule with a record of 2 Coach Hatcher said that all the girls played a very large role this year, and is looking forward to many new young golfers next year with Julie Hofmaster, Colleen Vovrach, and Lori Novak forming the nucleus. Senior, Amy Bubon, was runner-up medalist in the Metro Tournament and will be missed as she had played number one golfer for four years. The Boys’ Golf Team had eleven players this season, and had a 3-6 record. They placed fourth in the E.C.I.C. Tournament and seventh in the Metro Tournament. Seniors Greg Hofmaster, Jeff Moon, and Monte Lehmkuhl provided good leadership for the golf team with Hof - master being the most consistent golfer. Coach Bubon feels that the future is promising for boys’ golf with some dedicated returning players. Below: Front Row: Amy Bubon. Back Row: Coach Hatcher, © Julie Hofmaster, Colleen Vovrach, and Lori Novak. mm Above: Amy Bubon tees off. Above: Colleen Vovrach anticipates her putt. 90 Girls’ Golf

.^elow: Front Row: Coach Bubon. Back Row: Eric -"fords, Paul Gavin, Monte Lehmkuhl, and Ryland Nading. Above: Jeff Moon chips on to the green. Far Left: Greg Hofmaster tees off. Left: Scott Simon plays the break . Boys’Golf Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie 180-171 173-172 184-170 188-167 179-167 179-186 179-168 173 -156 172-160 172-163 175-153 Marion Linn-Mar Kennedy Marion Linn-Mar LaSalle I.C. West I. C. High Kennedy Jefferson Washington Boys’ Golf 91

New Faces in Girls’ Track Mr. Vern Jensen was the new head Girls’ Varsity Track Coach for the ’81 season. Mr. Jensen is a math teacher in the Junior High when he isn’t out on the track. His two assistants were Judy Suddendorf, High School Business Teacher, and Sharon Cole, Elementary P.E. Teacher. THe number of girls participating in track diminished considerably this year from last year. Because of this, Jensen said that this was a rebuilding year. He also said that the team is going to need assistance from the eighth grade next year. The record breakers this year were sophomores Angie Joens and Chris Zalesky, and freshman Stacie Gustafson. Angie Joens broke her own shot put record of 33' 11" with a toss of 34' 11". Chris Zalesky broke Kathy Cleaves’ old 1979 record in the discus 101' 6" with a throw of 107' 11". Stacie Gustafson, or “Gus” also broke Andi Noeller’s 1977 record for the 800 meter run, 2:26.1, with a time of 2:18.6. Stacie also had the honor of being the only Prairie qualifier for the state meet held in Des Moines on May 22 and 23. Coach Jensen believed that the team ran its best times in the E.C.I.C. track meet which ended the regular season. Top Right, Front Row: Mikeala Hickey, Deanna Steffens, Kristie Hall, Rena Filling, Vicki Wilcox, Cheri Bistricky, Stacie Gustafson, Dawn Roy. Middle Row: Coach Vern Jensen, Becky Hayes, Chris Zalesky, Michelle Kelchen, Julie Zach, Heidi Anderson, Angie Hartman, Tammy Blanchard, Rhonda Leon, Darcy Waid. Back Row: Joni Bruns, Angie Joens, Lisa Dennis, Mary Larsh, Theresa Sankot, Ann Oldorf, Marcia Kelchen, Assistant Coaches, Judy Suddendorf, and Sharon Cole. Right: Stacie “Gus” Gustafson relieved at the finish. Far Right: Is a U.F.O. attacking Angie Joens? No, it’s Angie Jones attacking a shot put. 92 Girls’ Track

Below: DeWayne Heintz gives his all when the competition is tough. Boys’ Track Strives for Records First impressions are often dece; . nd such as in the case of the Prairie’s Be Track record. They palced 3rd in : ~~r first meet, From there things went uphill and " the Washington Rela *vi ed placed 1st or 2nd in every meet the of the season. A new assistant coach was addec is the team this year, Coach Pile" -?! Pilcher is a social studies teacher at tfei high school. Several school records were set year. Scott Joens set a new diseji record of 169' 31/2". Joens was also ti only member of the boys’ team tc qualify for state. The spring mec team of Dave Lebsock, Tim Fairlie. le - Wayne Heintz and Tim Appleget set s record time of 1:37.2. The highlight of the year was winn g| the Prairie Relays. This was the first tory in those relays since 1977. . > Below Left: Onlookers see a display of deterrr tion as Steve Cleppe polevaults. Below: £ Wagner grits and jumps as he competes in track meet with I. C. West. - ir * —«

| Boys’Track Washington Relays Anamosa Relays I.C.West (dual) Grinnell Relays Mt. Vernon Relays Prairie Relays Lion Relays ECIC Conference Relays 3rd 1st Triangular-Jefferson-Mt. Vernon 2nd LaSalle (dual) Viking Relays 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 1st 2nd 2nd Far Left: Scott Joens practices his discus throw, which qualified him for state. Left:Ward Strang leads two Linn-Mar opponents to the finish line. Far Above: Front: Coach Hawkins, Jeff Landuyt, Mike Marak, Harold Odeen, Richie Mumm, Tobey Harrison, Ron Stallman, Ward Strang, Scott Middleton, Asst. Coach Bill Kurtz. Middle: Manager Kathy Valesky, Robert Pavlicek , Terry Jones, Todd Salat, Brent Osland, DeWayne Heintz, Todd Staskal, Doug Roy, Steve Cleppe, Tim Appleget, Laryn Mumm, Steve Jarvis, Asst. Coach John Pilcher, Robert Dennis. Back: Manager Richard Klimes, Scott Joens, Bret Wagner, Tim Fairlie, Gary Lamparek, Scott Serovy, Jon Shebetka, Ted Klamerus, Clark Humble, Bruce Kimpston, Todd Zach, Loren Lippmann, Chris Milke, Tom Spore, Asst. Coach John Oertel. Boys’ Track 95

Below: SOFTBALL TEAM: Front Row: Margie Rigel, Chris Winn, Caroline Osborn, Sheryl Welty, McKay, Gwen Ludvicek, Becky Mitchell, Diane Chris Zalesky. Back Row: Katy Nearad, Micky Mouchka, Jeni Pedersen, Kerry Schoner. Below: Micky McKay tries to throw the runner J at first from her position at second base. Left: Caroline Osborne belts one down the thi -:: base line. Above: Chris Winn darts for first base after slugging the ball right down the line to the pitcher.

Softball Scores as Summer Sport at Prairie The 1980 Prairie softball team had a C. R. LaSalle: season record of 8 wins and 16 losses. Chosen to be First Team, All Con;erence were: Shauna Holthaus as inC. R. Prairie: Linn-Mar: f elder and Nancy Cisar as outfielder. C. R. Regis: infielder on the Second Team. Mitchell. Benton Community I.C. Regina: 9- 1 9- 1 5- 5 5- 5 2- 8 0- 10 <athy Nearad was chosen as a pitcher Other E.C.I.C. stats for Prairie players ;or the Second Team, All Conference were: Caroline Osborne with an average =nd Paula Hernandez was picked as an of .450. She had the distinction of holding the lead in the conference. NanHonorable Mention was given to Becky cy Cisar had a .422 average and Shauna Holthaus ended the season The final standings in E.C.I.C. for the with a .354. Pitcher Kathy Nearad had a 80 softball team were: season record of 5-5. Softball 97

“Baseball Has Been Very, Very Good to Me” The 1980 Baseball Team finished their season with a 13-12 record. Captains were Don Jansa, Schulte, and Kurt Tjelmeland. Don Jansa, Phil Schulte, Phil Dennis Bruns, and Kurt Tjelmeland werenamed 1st Team All Conference. Jim Rotter and Craig Voelker were named 2nd Team All Conference. Jim Wilcoxson, Jim Shebetka, Joe Nekvinda and Curt Woods received Honorable Mentions. 1980 team honors went to: Most Valubale — Coach’s Award Leading Pitcher Leading Hitter Phil Schulte, Most ImprovJim Rotter, Joe Nekvinda, Jim Wilcoxson, — Dennis Bruns, and Phil Schulte. Season Totals were: Most Runs — Don Jansa (33), Most Hits — Bruns, Phil Schulte (26), Most RBI’s — Phil Schulte (32), Most Stolen Bases — ting Average — Phil Schulte (.351). — Don Jansa (19), Highest Fielding Average Jim Rotter (.985), Highest BatDennis Bruns (.351), Dennis ed— Jim Shebetka, Mr. Hustle — Dan Schrader, Best Glove — Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie 1980 Varsity Baseball 12 13- 1 14- 15 - 0 3 - 4 - 5 - 4 5 11- 3 12- 1 3- 4 1 - 0 4 - 6 6 7- 2 - 9 2 - 7 3 19- 2 8- 5 0- 2 1- 4 - 4 - 2 3 - 9 1 - 3 1 14- 9 8- 13 18- 6 7 Lisbon Lisbon Springville Jefferson Williamsburg Williamsburg Washington LaSalle I. C. West City High Linn-Mar Beckman Regina Benton Marion LaSalle Linn-Mar Amana Beckman Marion Regina Benton Regis Regis I. C. West s S 4 « 1 Above: Jim Wilcoxson shows his pitching forr 1 Below: Front Row: Curt Woods, Jim ShebetkaI Kevin Cooling, Jim Johnson, and Mike Meyer; Back Row: Coach Mattiace, Joe Nekvinda, J ~ Wilcoxson, Bret Wagner, Dennis Bruns, Lorer Lippmann, Doug Yanecek, and Scott Serovy. I

1 1 I I _ :J- Above: Front Row: Richard Mumm, Tom Dawson, Jim Brase, Jeff Landuyt, Mike Marka, Terry j:- es, Steve Peyton, Ron Stallman, Steve Duke, Eric Jeffords. Back Row: Chris Sorg, Don Finn, Nick *rmkuhl, John Wahlert, Doug Woods, Kevin Heilers, Chris Milke, Bill Shebetka, Steve Duke, Coach Schenkelberg. Above Middle: It looks like Jim Shebetka will beat the ball to home plate. Above: - Johnson tags the opponent to stop him from successfully stealing a base. Doug Yanecek looks on. Aoove Right:Jim Johnson models the newest look in baseball fashion. Baseball 99 J Prairie Praire Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie - SophomoreBaseball 9- 10 13- 6 5- 6 6- 5 9- 3 29- 10 71 - 3- 2 5 - - 6 6 0- 1 12- 1 2- 0 35 9 2 4 4- 3 2 - 0 14- 9 4- 6 10- 7 9- 3 6- 1 Kennedy Washington Washington Iowa City West IowaCity West LaSalle Jefferson Iowa City High Iowa City High Vinton Benton Benton LaSalle Benton Benton Marion Marion Kennedy Jefferson Linn Mar Vinton Linn Mar

1 \/ At one time or another throughout the year every student usually gets tired If you are interested in music, you can join band, jazz band, choir, or coalition , classes. A good way to avoid this is to classes. Besides just regular class time get involved in things besides just you have the chance to be in musicals, regular schoolwork. There are many concerts, contests, variety of interests that a person can easily become a part of. Not only are related to drama, they fun but you can get to know some staying in shape. groups and clubs that cover a wide people from other schools. If you enjoy acting, There are groups that recogn: achievement, such as letterclubs ar: of the homework, the tests, and the You can also recieve credit for these Thespians, travel and meet Prairie offers, there are clubs The groups mentioned are just sorr - School doesn’t have to be just te> - of the many clubs and groups tha books and studying. There are mar school related groups that you can be : Cheerleading and pom-pon are ways part of that are really enjoyable anc faculty members and fellow students that you can promote school spirit while educational while helping to make the with the same interests that you have. school year go a little bit faster. A A A

o Above: Front Row: Mike Malik, Angie Statler, John Second Row: Matthew Clothier, Dawn :erbousek, Susan Brecht, Bob Miller, and Minnetta eeburg. •aresh, Mark Hartman, Susan Truitt, Kent Statler, and Chris Hare. Third Row: Pat Scheetz, Kerry 5choner, Perry Nelson, Sandy Zach, Jim Bayne, and Patti Stallman Ricki Hayes, Scott Boots, and Lisa etolicky put on a Christmas coalition show at Prairie ew. Right: Front Row: Jeni Pedersen and Suzie a lagher. Back Row: Kelly Blackwell, Phyl Britcher, : leen Vavroch, Janice Mackey, Kim Tjelmeland, 'ary Hynek, Julie deNeui and Peggy Reid with their ophies for pom-pon. Below: Cindy Landtiser, Julie - ofmaster, Brenda Kirk, Chris Hare, Laurie Hasley, ^ san Beck, Lisa Jensen, Paula Beldon, Dawn Klein, E en Dupler, and Connie O’Connor lead the crowd in ;cheer. :eth Triebel. Back Row: Don Finn, ark Cross, T

Below:Sindy Dubishar and Julie Melsha enjoy the benefits of the outdoor lounge, which is sponsored by the Student Council. Above: Lisa Joens, Jim Shebetka and Angie Statler use their imagination as they make silver moons for the Homecoming Dance. Successful Activities Planned by Student Council This year the Student Council was productive. The members were involved with several activities that benefited themselves as well as the school. The year started out right away with Homecoming, which to some was very nerve racking. But in the end everything worked out for the best. Other activities that went on throughout the year included the donut sales every Friday morning, three Student Council sponsored dances, the end of the year pig roast, and many others. All in all, the members of Student Council had a very busy and rewarding year. Above: President of this year's Student Council, Steve Smith, leads another exciting Student COL" 14. Meeting. This one was held to prepare for the Student Council sponsored pig roast, held Thursday. V; > :I 102 Student Council

Below: Student Council: Front Row: Becky Kohl, Kathy Potter, Dam Richie, Steve Smith, Angie Hastings, Angie Statler, John Serbousek, Lisa Joens. MiddleRow: Susan Beck, Michelle Kelchen, Joyce McCrea, Bruce Kimpston, Tami Karasek, Laura Rummells, Sarah Danielson, Mark Hartman, Jeni Pedersen, Brent Osland, Kent Statler, Mike Glick, Bret Wagner, Ward Strang, Julie Hofmaster, Dawn Maresh. Back Row: Joni Bruns, Kerry Schoner, Chris Brentner, Tammi Best, Matthew Clothier, Jim Shebetka, Patti Nadine Wehr, Kori Goldsberry, Chris Milke, Angie Joens, Franc, Chris Knipp, Kim Sumners. : Students and faculty participate in a -:oern dance class on Wellness Day, which was - by the Student Council. Dancers are: Front Lin Hixenbaugh, Kathy Plotz, Renee fcme-ia, Beth Triebel. Back Row: Ida Netolicky, Sandy Weber, Kathy Nearad, and Margie Rigel. Right: Becky Hayes and Debbie Wolverton display their disco skills at the Christmas Dance, while Kindea Dean watches the crowd. Student Council 103

The Year of the Cheerleader Th i s was t he yea r cheerleaders. cheerleaders, fo r t he The Varsity Football with hard work and dedication, had a real successful year. In the spring and summer of 1980, the nine members of the squad raised $1000 to attend an NCA camp at Lake Okoboji, IA. The awards they won at camp were the Spirit Stick every night, the Award of Excellence, Cheerleader honor won by Patti Franc. The Varsity Girls’ Basketball squad also went to the same camp. They came back with two Outstanding awards, two Excellent awards, one Superior award, and the Spirit Stick on one night. The sophomore cheerleaders sold tshirts with the varsity girls during the year. All the girls did a great job of getting students and faculty enthused for the games. It was really the ‘‘Year of the Cheerleader” and all the girls on the squads worked to prove it! Above: Beck, Franc, Klein, Vogt, Dupler, Goldsberry, Jensen, Ritchie. and the All American Above: Shakespeare, Babb, Gustabson, Shramek, Waid, Hayes Above: Dawn Klein thinks its a "stick-up." Left: Landtiser, Hofmaster, Hare 104 Cheerleaders A A

Above:Franc, Klein, Belden Above:Goldsberry, Jensen, Hasley, Dupler, Beck Above:Kohl, Myers Above:Dvorak, Slaton, Hayes, Babb Above: Cindy Landtiser stirs chocolate for “churros y chocolate” in Spanish class. Sandi Shakespeare, Gina Gustafson, and Darcy Waid. Left: Jill Goldsberry, Laurie Hasley, and Pam Ritchie show lots of pep after a football game. The sophomore cheerleaders for wrestling were Cheerleaders 105

Front Row: Gina Gustafson, Debbie Wolverton, Becky Potter, Loni Wright, Sandi Shakespeare, Joanne Kraemer, Ricki Hayes, Cynthia Dennis, Kathy Plotz, Lori Haren, Djaba Arquisola, Vicki Harris, Tima Whalen. Second Row: Student Nelson, Mark Hunter, Jim Porter, Russ Krantz, Kreg Tjelmeland, Julie deNeui, Minnetta Freeburg, Tammi Jones, Connie O’Connor, Kim Potter, Chris Gallagher, Becky Kohl, Penny Stolba, Linda Kelsey, Director — Mr. Russ Price. Third Row: Becky Hayes, Denise Serbousek, Judy Turecek, Dana Cannon, Chris Hare, Joanne da Boland, Julie Crimmins, Beth Triebel, M~ King, Susan Truitt, Darlene Shramek, Jeanne Larsh, Chris Minor, Barb Myers, Lori Ahr Jim Barb Mackey, Kindee Dean. Fifth Row: Rc iH Noce, Matthew Clothier, Mike Malik, Danielson, Mark Hartman, Bob Miller, Mike Elliff, teacher — Sheila Pweitt, Sherry Dougherty, Kathy Kathy Yarbrough, Laurie Eden, Lori Richardson, Potter, Debbie Zigler, Brenda Ballard, Kerry Chris Fitzpatrick, Lori Stockton, Dawn Roy, Laurie Schoner, Dawn Maresh, Susan Brecht, Perry Row: Darcy Waid, Amy Babb, Ida Netolicky, Deneen Young, Sandi Zach, Lisa Dennis, Kim Serbousek, Bonnie Smith, Jacki Downs, Mark Cross, Valerie Boots, Mizaur, Lisa Netolicky, Stacy Kell, Carrie Bar* e-| Shelly Floyd, Rachel Hartman, Tammi Best, Statler, Ann Oldorf, D «.] j Schwab, Teri Bennett, Holli Kemmerer. Fourth Holvenstot, Don Finn, Svante Kettner, S::* Boots, Monte Lehmkuhl, Scott Simon, Ksru Zach, Dan deNeui, John Serbousek, Ricky Bahr, Loren Volesky, Lippman, Pat Scheetz, Jim Bayne, John Ely, Bren " Brentner. Statler, Jeni Pedersen, Sindy Dubishar, CharleJ Patti Stallman, Kathy Pehkonen, KatjJ Lori Block, Pam Hofmaster, C a K I / 4 4 ,4.1* * There is a new look in the high school choir room. The traditional mural that has been on the back wall in the choir room for six years has finally disappeared. A new look has taken its place. The main color is capri green with the word “music” in big yellow print. Near the left corner of the room is a painted ball that is orange on one side and it fades out to yellow shades. Staff lines go the length of the wall and connect to a bar at the end. Many choir students helped with this project . Small group contest was held at Prairie on March 28. The groups that went to contest were: Madrigal, Girls’ Sextet, Double Boys’ Quartet, Like and Unlike Duets and Solos. Special thanks went to Roxene Schreiber, Ricki Hayes, Sheila Pewitt, and Kelyn King who accompanied the groups and soloists. Above: Pat Scheetz, Kent Statler, Mark Hartman and Jim Bayne sight read a new song. 1 I Choir Room Has a New Look 106 Choir

H | ] uj J J a I Below: Choir Club: Front Row: Angie Statler, .ohn Serbousek, Lisa Dennis, Minnetta Freeburg. Second Row: Sandi Shakespeare, Kerry Schoner, CTris Gallagher, Mark Hartman, Matthew Clothier, Kent Statler, Pat Scheetz, Don Finn. Third Row: Ricki Hayes, Charlene Zach, Scott Simon, Mike Malik, Tammi Jones, Dawn Maresh, Cynthia Dennis, Lori Haren, Vicki Harris, Becky Kohl. Fourth Row: Debbie Wolverton, Perry \elson, Brenda Ballard, Lori Richardson, Tammi Best, Pam Hofmaster, Jeni Pedersen, Kathy Plotz, Gina Gustafson, Loni Wright, Kathy Pehkonen, Kathy Volesky, Laurie Eden, Mary Larsh. Back Row: Sindy Dubishar, Chris Fitzpatrick, Jeanne Noce, Darlene Shramek, Sandy Zach, Dana Cannon, Laurie Schwab, Monte Lehmkuhl, Scott Ann Oldorf, Beth Triebel, Boots, Svante Kettner, Patti Stallman, Bob Miller, Connie O'Conner, Becky Hayes, Director — Mr. Russ Price. Far Above: Svante Kettner, our foreign exchange student, Here, Svante Kettner, smiles pretty for the camera. Above: Patti Stallman gives Matthew Scott Boots, Choir members put much time and effort into the musical. Clothier a helping hand. Left: John Serbousek, and Matthew Clothier sing some 50’s tunes at the Variety Show. Choir 107

Below: Drama Club: Front Row: Terry Dyrland; Director, Lori Haren, Vicki Harris, Gina Gustafson, Loni Wright, Dawn Maresh, Joanne Kraemer, Djaba Arquisola, Susan Truitt, Matthew Clothier, Kathy Potter, Tammie Jones. 2nd Row: Cynthia Dennis, Kathy Yarbrough, Amy Bubon, Renee Rohlena, Lori Richardson, Mike Malik, Charlene Zach, Scott Simon, Julie deNeui. 3rd Row: Suzanne Gillette, Susan Brecht, Julie Boland, Bob Miller, Patti Stallman. Laura Hamilton, Mark Hunter, Brenda Boland, Angie Statler, Minnetta Freeburg. Back Row: Connie O'Connor, Beth Triebel, Dan deNeui, Russ Krantz. Gerald Shepard . Scott Boots, LarynMumm, Svante Kettner, John Serbousek, Jeni Pedersen, Peggy Fry. Fun Clubs! This year’s Drama Club has been a very active organization. The club finally took a trip that had been planned for three years. Members of the club went to Des Moines for a day of literary and dramatic culture. The club attended the musical Annie which was presented at the Civic Center. They then went to the Ingersoll Dinner Theatre. Letter Club has always been an active group. To become a member of the Letter Club, you must letter in any sport or activity except band or chorus. The Girls’ Letter Club has been especially active this year. sponsored some fund raisers, decorated for the athletic banquet, and went skiing in Galena, III. over Christmas vacation. The money they’ve raised will be used to buy a stereo for the wieight room. This year’s President was Becky Mitchell, Treasurer was Angie Hastings, and Secretary was Theresa Zalesky. They’ve Above: Tammie Jones in make during the Variety Show. -up for her mime Above: Suzanne Gillette and Russ Krantz stud i script in the Little Theatre. - 108 — Drama Club

Above: Girls’ Letter Club: Front Row: Rhonda Leon, Paula Beldon, Laurie Hasley, Patti Franc, Caroline Osborne, Susan Reid, Jenny Olson, Terri Stockton, Melanie Gade, Ellen Dupler, Sarah Danielson, Chris Hare, Dawn Maresh. 3rd Row: Julie Hofmaster, Joyce Snyder, Colleen Vovroch, Ricki Hayes, Amy Diane Mouchka, Bubon, Jeni Pedersen, Kelly Osborn, Lisa Dennis, Chris Zalesky, Shery Welty, Becky Mitchell, Teri Bennett, Ann Oldorf, Shauna Holthaus, Stacy Ditch. Left: Boys’ Letter Club: Front Row: Wade Osborne, Mike Schirm, John Volk, Todd Staskol, DeWayne Heintz, Steve Smith, Tim Appleget. 2nd Row: John Oertal; Sponsor, Gary Swartz, Kreg Tjelmeland, Tim Fairlie, Robert Dennis, Sam Wilson, Bret Wagner. Back Row: Dennis Bruns, Arlyn Chesley, Gary Lamparek, Don Scholl, Curt Woods, Scott Joens, Brian McNeal. Julie Zach, Cynthia Dennis, Lisa Jensen, Theresa Zalesky, Micky McKay. 2nd Row: Julie Cach, Heidi Anderson, Pam Meyer, Left:Jenny Olson sets up for the athletic banquet. Above: 1980-81 Athletes of the year were: Mike Hahesy; Male Individual Athlete of the Year; Theresa Zalesky: Female Individual Athlete of the Year; Shauna Holthaus: Female Best All Around Athlete; Dennis Bruns: Male Best All Around Athlete. Letter Clubs 109

Swingin’ With the Sounds The “76th Street Coalition” is a select group of individuals that perform as a group before large and small audiences, having fun and making others happy, while gaining experience and learning new ways to express themselves. Being involved in Coalition provides members with more than experience in entertaining others; it provides a feeling of belonging. It offers the opportunity for making new friends, meeting new people, in selecting the group. The 1980-81 Coalition consisted of: Basses: Mike Malik, Perry Nelson. Pat Scheetz, Don Finn, Kettner Matthew Clothier, Mark Cross and Svante Bayne *. Tenors: Scott Boots, Jim Kent Statler, John Serbousek, and Kreg Tjelmeland * . Maresh, and getting to know others better while broadening their musical knowledge. Memorable moments in Coalition for some include: Performing at the State Fair in Des Moines, a birthday party at Happy Joe’s after a show, the performances at Westdale Mall, taking a trip to Hawaii along with the choir two years ago, and doing the Denny Frary Morning Show. Members of Coalition are chosen based on their above average vocal talent and dancing ability, or outstanding instrumentality. Responsibility, dedication, desire, good-will, friendliness, and versatility are several qualifications judges look for and Sandy Zach Sopranos: Lisa Netolicky, Shakespeare, BAND — * . Beth Triebel, Susan Brecht, Susan Truitt. Mi nne t t a F r eebu r g , Sand i and Chris Hare . * Pam Ritchie; piano, Scott Simon; guitar, Jeff Hynek; bass, Mike Elliff; drums, Lisa Dennis; piano Monte Lemkuhl and Chris Brentner. SOUND Nelson. DIRECTED BY RUSS PRICE With the help of Roxy Schreiber. members choreographed all of their own dances. The extra effort required in doing this is one example of the dedication to the betterment of the group by its members. J. Holvenstot; drums*. LIGHTS —*, D. Bob Miller and Perry , Bob Miller, Mark Hartman. Altos: Angie Statler, Char Zach, Patti Stallman. Ricki Hayes, Kerry Schoner, Dawn Far Above Top: John Serbousek and Susan Brecht kick up their heels in "A Chorus Line." Above Middle: The Coalition performs during the Spring Progressive Concert. Above: Practice, practice, practice!! Learning music for Spring Fling, a special show honoring the senior members . The “ 76th Street Coalition” : Above: Front Row: Lisa Dennis, D. J. Holvenstot, Pam Ritchie. 2nd Row: Scott Simon, Mike Elliff, Jeff Hynek. 3rd Row: Kreg Tjelmeland, Susan Truitt, Scott Boots Svante Kettner, Sandi Shakespeare, Jim Bayne. 4th Row: John Serbousek, Angie Statler, Kerry Schoner, Ricki Hayes, Minnetta Freeburg, Matthew Clothier. 5th Row: Perry Nelson, Dawn Maresh. Don Finn, Bob Miller, Susan Brecht, Mark Hartman. 7th Row: Monte Lemkuhl, Mark Cross, Mike Malik, Chris Brentner. 8th Row: Chris Hare, Sandy Zach. 9th Row: Laryn Mumm, Becky Hayes . Primo 1/imnotnn

Below: The P.H.S. Jazz Band: Front Row: Amy Bubon, Joyce McCrae, Laurie Eden, Tammy Latuska, Gayle Loomis, Dawn Maresh, Karen Wade. Second Row: John Serbousek, Mike Elliff, Bob Miller, Kathy Yarborough, Jerry Fry, Gerald Shepard Third Row: Scott Simon, . Larynn Mumm. Bruce Kimpston, Don Shramek, Patti Stallman, Karen Neil, Becky Hayes, Webb Wassmer, and director Bill Henley. Not Pictured: Eric Dunn. Over this past year, Prairie’s Jazz Band has participated in numerous competitions. Many hours of early morning practices, sacrificing that extra hour of sleep before school, go into preparation for each one. The hard work paid off. Jerry Fry; trombone, and Scott Simon; guitar, won solo awards at the N.E.I.B.A. Jazz Festival in Manchester, Augustana Jazz Festival, in Rock Island, Illinois, solo awards went to Scott Above: Becky Hayes, Jerry Fry, Gerald Shepard . Larynn Mumm, Amy Bubon, Laurie Eden, Tammy Latuska, Gayle Loomis and Karen Wade are shown rehearsing for an upcoming contest. Simon on the guitar and the entire rhythm section was recognized. At the Coe Jazz Festival, held at Coe College here in Cedar Rapids, Scott Simon was named “ outstanding soloist of the day,” and soloed with the Coe Jazz Band in their performance that evening. They won 3rd Place overall in 3A competition at the Tallcorn Jazz Festival, and Scott Simon received yet another solo award. Iowa. At the Jazz Band 111

One of the Best Approximately eighty members make up one of the best bands Prairie High School has seen in the last five years, according to Bill Henley, who directed the band during the 1980-81 school year. Most of the band members part i c i p a t e d i n s m a l l g r o u p vocal/instrumental contest, which was held here at Prairie this year. The groups and soloists received 23 division one ratings, 11 division two ratings, and 2 division three ratings. This year the band took a spring tour to Decorah, Cresco, and Fayette to perform for other students and prepare for contest. The trip helped the band but was also relaxing, according to Mr. Henley. Members of the band also participated in pep bands, variety shows, student assemblies, half-time shows, concerts, and a trip to Adventure Land for one of the toughest competitions in the state. Above Right: Laurie Schwab, Lori Bowersox, Don Shramek, perform with the orchestra to make the musical a success. Below Right: Joyce McCrea and Patty Smyth rehearse for the spring tour. Gerald Shepard, and Craig Carlson Below: Trumpet players Bruce Kimpston, Patti Stallman, Karen Neal, and Tima Whalen perform during the halftime show. 112 Band.

Above Left: Mr. Henley directs the band at the Music Parents Variety Show. Below Left: Minnetta Freeburg, Kathy Yarbrough, Tammy Latuska, Laurie Eden, Crystal Bragg, Laryn Mumm, and Eric Dunn get fired up during a pep assembly. Far Below Left:Amy Bubon gives a toot at one of the pep assemblies for Prairie. Below: Band: Front Row: Susan Reid, Kelly Blackwell, Suzie Gallagher, Lisa Cambell, Gayle Loomis, Minnetta Freeburg, Kathy Potter, Julie deNeui, Denise Serbousek, Rachel Hartman, Laurie Schwab, Stephanie Hohensee. Second Row: Joyce McCrea, Patty Smyth, Aimee Peddycoart, Peggy Fry, Tracy Ryan, Barb Myers, Deveri Johnson, Brenda Hammond, Rhonda Leon, Denise Crock, Amy Babb, Joni Bruns, Darcy Waid, Lori Bowersox. Third Row: Barb Kelsey, Densie Maresh, Dana Cannon, Darlene Shramek, Julie Bell, Karen Wade, Connie O’Connor, Gina Gustafson, Kyle Vondracek, Dean Schrader, Amy Bubon, Cherie Vondracek, Tammy Latuska, Laurie Eden, Tima Whalen, Mr. Henley, Director. Fourth Row: Dan deNeui, Don Shramek, Cindy Landtiser, Chris Milke, Kelly Lamb, Dawn Jim Danielson, Maresh, Judy Turecek, Perry Nelson, Kathy Yarbrough, Hayes, John Serbousek, Mike Elliff, Becky Back Row: Webb Jackie Cooling. Wassmer, Svante Kettner, Lynette Grimm, John Gray, Karen Neal, Patti Stallman, Bruce Kimpston, Scott Boots, Gerald Shepard, Laryn Mumm, Jerry Fry, Bob Miller, Craig Carlson, Beryl O’ Connor, Mark Hartman, and David Holvenstot.

Camp Helpful to Both Pom-pon and Flag The season for both flag girls and pom-pon girls started with camp. The flag girls, sponsored by Gloria Henley, attended a camp in June, at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. This was the first year for the flag girls to attend a camp. Many new skills and routines were learned. Laurie Eden commented that, “camp was worthwhile; it helped us a lot. We learned some good routines, how to improve marching, and some new ways to twirl.” The flag girls march with the band during half-time of home football games. To prepare for the games, the squad practiced twice a week in the morning and every day during band. The squad came a long way this year. Camp helped them to improve. New uniforms gave them a new look. The pom-pon squad went to a NCA camp in August, at Iowa State University in Ames. This was the second year for the squad to attend a camp. The girls did well, receiving over 40 ribbons, 2 spirit sticks and also qualified as a “Super Star” squad. Many new rolls, and routines were learned, along with kicks, ripples, pom-pon passes, mounts . The squad’s season ran most of the year. They performed with the band at football games, half-time of boys’ and girls’ basketball games, and several pep assemblies. They also performed at their first wrestling meet. To prepare for games, practices were often held 5 days a week and before games. One of the highlights of the season was a clinic at Coe College. The squad received two first place trophies. One was an overall trophy, the other for their skill division. Captains of this year’s squad were: Suzie Gallagher, Kim McConaughy, and Susan Reid. The squad improved a lot during the year with the help of camp and their two new sponsors, Phyllis Britcher and Mary Hynek. Above: Flag girls for 1980-81 were: Front Row: Deveri Johnson and Patty Smyth. Second Row: Lisa Cambell, Laurie Eden, Rachel Hartman, and Jackie Cooling. Back Row: Kathy Volesky and Kelly Lamb. 4 ”X tm Below: Members of the 1980-81 pom-pon squad were: Front Row: Joyce Snyder, Kim Tjelmeland, Susan Brecht, and Susan Truitt. Second Row: Colleen Vavroch and Lisa Joens. Third Row: Potter, Chris Gallagher — Peggy Reid, Julie deNeui, Denise Serbousek, and Reid. Not Pictured:Kim McConaughy. Jeni Pedersen. Back Row: Janice Mackey, Kelly Blackwell, Kim Serbousek, Suzie Gallagher, Kath> manager, and Susar

y > r d Left: Colleen Vavroch, Suzie Gallagher, Denise Serbousek, Susan Brecht, Jeni Pedersen, Kathy Potter, Julie deNeui, Peggy Reid, Kim Serbousek, Janice Mackey, Kelly Blackwell, and Kim Tjelmeland perform the pyramid routine which was one of two routines they performed at Coe College. trophies. Below: Rachel Hartman marches out onto the football field at half game. Both routines received first place -time of the varsity Above Left: Susan Truitt, Colleen Vavroch, and Kelly Blackwell are ready to go onto the football field. Left: Kim Tjelmeland, Janice Mackey, Joyce Snyder, Kim Serbousek, and Peggy Reid perform their Christmas routine at a basketball game. Above: Kathy Potter performs a routine which won the squad a trophy at Coe College. Flag Girls 115

GO There are many events that happen some had trouble even getting on. throughout the school year. First is homecoming with the parade, course, the dance. Coffeehouse, written by choir want to go anywhere and others that the Powder Puff football game, and, of would go only where they wanted to go. and the relays which got most parThere were a few donkies that didn't ticipants dizzy or hit with raw eggs. Next came graduation, the bigges event of the year for the seniors. No * and the Sadie Hawkins Dance where watching plays there are always three the beginning of the year. or more put on through the year by the drama members. The donkey basketball game was a really funny event. Everyone seemed to have trouble staying on their donkey; friends. There was the Valentines Day Dance longer did they worry about green time. For the sophomores and juniors luck> students, is held in the fall. The musical the girls could finally ask out the guy enough to still be in school, there were is put on in the late winter. Then came the long awaited Prom. A There are many other events that occhance to get dressed up and be with curred during the year. What ever the event is that you attend, it is a good wa: The pig roast was a big event with all to spend the Fifth Season, you could eat, music, volleyball, frisbee . 116 Events Opener If you enjoy they had wanted to go out with since the mini-courses which were possible because of fund raising.

Above: Loren Lippmann has some trouble getting on the donkey and hanging onto the ball at the same time while Jenny Olson is ready to make an in - terception. Far Left: Tim Saddler and Pam Hofmaster enjoy the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Left: Drug abuse lecturer, Dave Toma, speaks to high school students at the FiveSeasons Center. Events Opener 117

Below:1981 Homecoming King and Queen Brad Hansen and Lisa Jensen. Right: Attendants DeWayne Heintz and Patti Franc. Center Right: Jim Shebetka and Laurie Hasley. Bottom Right: Tim Fairlie. Bottom Center: Mike Hahesy and Pam Ritchie. Bottom Left: Steve Smith and Dawn Klein. Not Pictured: Lori Vogt. 118 Homecoming 1

Homecoming: School Spirit Week Homecoming started off this year with dress up day on Tuesday where everyone put away their grubby clothes and put on their good clothes for a day Wednesday was hat and jersey day, . with everyone wearing hats, caps, and jerseys. Thursday was western day where everyone wore cowboy hats and vests. Thursday night was the “Burning of the P” and the Powder Puff football game with the senior girls beating the sophomore and junior girls 20-0. Brad Hansen and Lisa Jensen were crowned King and Queen. Other candidates were Pam Ritchie, Jim Shebetka, Laurie Hasley, DeWayne Heintz, Dawn Klein, Mike Hahesy, Lori Vogt, Tim Fairlie, Patti Franc, and Steve Smith. When asked “What were your feelings when you got crowned?” Lisa said, “Very surprised and shocked, but it was exciting and a really nice honor.” Brad commented, “I was glad to be a candidate, but when I got it I couldn’t believe it.” Friday was spirit day with all the students and teachers wearing orange and black. There was also the annual parade and pep assembly where they announced that the seniors won the hall decorations and the sophomores won the float contest. Friday night was the homecoming game against Beckmen; we lost the game 34-18. After the game students hurried into the gym where the dance was held. The theme of the dance was “Give Me The Night.” Above Right: Senior Powder Puff girls, Theresa Zalesky, Angie Statler, Angie Hastings, - Terri Stockton, Julie Koutny, Becky Mitchell, Michelle Kelchen, and Diane Mouchka. Right: Homecom ing cheerleaders, Top Row: Brenda Kirk, Cindy .andtiser, Becky Kohl. Middle Row: Darlene Shramek, Gina Gustafson, Darcy Waid, Laurie Dvorak. Bottom Row: Julie Hofmaster, freshmen Jenny Franc, Becky Hayes. 1 Homecoming 119

No, not a game, a play! Or rather, a musical. This year’s production was highly acclaimed and praised as being very entertaining and well performed. The “ Pajama Game” was about a pajama factory located in Cedar Rapids, whose workers were demanding a seven-and-a-half-cents raise. When denied the wage increase they threatened to strike, but the strike was thwarted when the new superintendent finally urged the boss to agree to the higher wages. Among the highlights of the show were the knife throwing act in the picnic scene, Hernando’s Hideaway, and the Dream scene. The singing, dancing and acting were excellent, something all of those involved should be proud of. The band, light and sound crews, directors and choreographers also did a fantastic job and are to becommended. Left: Matthew, aren t you forgetting something!!?” Above: ‘Ding-ding,’ round four for Mike Malik and foreign exchange student Swante Kettner. Far Above: “Did you lose your contacts Scott?” Right: Patti Stallman and Scott Simon strut their stuff. 120 Musical

Coffeehouse t This year’s annual Coffeehouse production was performed November 7 and 8 in the high school gym. Entitled “Dr. Rock and Mr. Roll Out the Barrell,” the play centered around the conflicts that arose when two musical groups were scheduled to perform at a big vacation resort on the same weekend. Then, a mysterious phantom promoted havock by kidnapping women, until Chanet Woo, daughter of the notorious detective Mr. Woo, solved the mystery of the missing ladies and disclosed that in reality, the leader of the rock and roll band was transformed into a hideous phantom whenever he heard polka music from the other group, Far Above Left: Matthew Clothier, readying for the take-off. Above: “What’s all the hubbub, bubs?” Far Above Right: A solemn moment for the Girls’Glee Club. possessed to capture women. On top of all this, the “Polka Dots,” and was the head of the resort was found guilty of mismanagement and upon confrontation pulled a gun. Fortunately, a couple of band buffs apprehended him before any harm was done. Once again, Chanet gave the facts, explaining how his scheming plan was to be. Written and performed by choir members, the play was a great success, mixing music, romance, sorrow and anguish in a drama that will be remembered as ‘one of the best.’ Coffeehouse 121

We’ve Only Just Begun The Junior Class of Prairie High School requests the pleasure of your company at the Junior-Senior Prom on Friday, the eighth of May, Nineteen hun - dred and eighty-one, at nine o’clock in the evening. Empire Room of the Sheraton Inn. This was how it was worded on the blue invitations each Senior received. But this was only the beginning to a fun-filled night. Most couples went out to dinner first, then to the dance. Disciple was the musical entertainment for the evening. After the dance ended at 1:00, many couples went to their own parties in rooms they had rented. Some even went swimming, whether a they brought their swimsuits or were just thrown in! The evening went much too fast but there are always the memories of Prairie Prom ‘81. Above: Look at those legs! Janice Stepanek has some fun while dancing with Andy Grommon. Below:Brent Osland serenades Paula Beldon. Below: John Volk and Kathy Pehkonen have a serious talk. Above: Paula Klein helps Mike Hahesy to sorm refreshments. t 199 Prom

Above: Pam Meyer and Don Shramek take a rest Above: Cindy Meiborg and Mike Scheetz joking from dancing. Tammie Jones to tango! Left: Matthew Clothier teaches around in the lobby of the Sheraton. Below: Lisa Jensen listens intently to Brad Hansen. Prom 123

Far Above: Patti Frank tells about senior memories of our school. Far Above Right: Top ten graduates receive recognition. Above: Amy Bubon relates historic events occurring throughout the seniors’ school years. Right: Anne Cleppe and Matthew Clothier pose for a classic shot.

Seniors Anticipate Success Graduation ceremonies were held in our country since 1965, when the the gym on Sunday, May 17. One hunThe class motto was, “What appears to be the end, may really be the beginnseniors were beginning kindergarten. happenings and accomplishments. dent, Jim Shebetka, Senior Class Presithen introduced the guest ing.” This motto was selected by the speaker, Dr. Lynn Glass, ISU professor senior class officers. The class flower and former Prairie graduate, Class of was the red rose, and as they received 1959. Glass spoke of success as it their diplomas, each graduate carried a relates to enthusiasm. long stemmed flower. The class colors Our school principal, Ken Steine, were, (in rank order): Eric Dunn, Mike were red and white, and class sponsors presented the top ten scholars. They were Tom Myers and Russ Werning. The band played three numbers and Marak, Kathy Yarbrough, Amy Bubon Steve Smith, and Lisa Netolicky. William Boland, then “Pomp and Circumstance” as the Jerry Fry, Becky Mitchell, Dennis Bruns, seniors entered led by Junior Class Kim McConaughy, President, Sam Selzer and Vice President Chris Winn. President of the invocation, Reverend Gordon Freeburg gave the Board of Education, handed out the and then came the diplomas, and Reverend Freeburg closspeakers. Senior class member Amy ed the ceremonies with a benediction. Bubon spoke of the historical events in dred and ninty-one seniors received Patti Frank, Senior, reviewed school their diplomas. I Far Above: Scott Simon gives a smile of satisfaction. diploma. Above: Lisa Netolicky, thinking back. Right: Mike Sheetz gives Scott Zach some last minute advice before the ceremony begins. Above Middle: Robert Dennis takes his Graduation 125

Special Events Highlight Year! The athletic follower will always remember the game that was won by the last minute basket. The academic achiever will remember their 4.0 average. But what makes any high school year memorable? These pages are for the special events that are remembered just because they were fun. You went with your friends as a participant or as a spectator. Either way, there was a lot of laughter and good memories.. . Below: John Serbousek, Svante Kettner, Scott Boots, and Matthew Clothier entertained us with “ Tell Laura I Love Her” during the Variety Show. Right: Diane Mouchka tries to shoot a basket, but her donkey has other ideas! Donkey Basketball Girls' Letter Club defeated Booster Club Senior Boys defeated Men's Faculty Girls' Letter Club defeated Senior Boys i Right: Susan Brecht helps at one of the booths during the carnival. 126 Special Events

i Left: Tim Fairlie and Jim Shebetka coach their team during Boys' Basketball Night. Susan Lebsock and Luis Butts look on. Below: Tom Smith (Frosty Mitchell) and Bret Wagner (Moe Kelley) announce for the All Prairie Basketball Night. Prairie Boys' Basketball Night Junior Boys Coach Sam Wilson Senior Boys Coaches Tim Fairlie Jim Shebetka Sophomore Boys defeated Senior Boys defeated Freshman Boys Cqach DanBubon defeated Sophomore Boys Coaches Mike Shirm Wade Osborne Freshman Boys Junior Boys Sophomore Girls’ Basketball Coach Suddendorf Weightlifters Coaches Tim Appleget defeated Gary Lamparek Girls' Varsity Basketball Wrestlers Coach Hoffman Coaches Officiated by Scott Joens and Kurt Woods 48 vs. Boys' Varsity Basketball Announced by Tom Smith (Frosty Mitchell) and Brett Wagner (Moe Kelley) Left: Jeff Kulhavy guards Jim Johnson at the as they learn to be gourmet cooks at the football Praire Boys’ Basketball Night. Below: Kevin players’s pancake breakfast. Behrends supervises Gary Swartz and Mark Croy 43 38 vs. Wrestler's Coach Kimball 11 32 vs. All Prarie Basketball Night 36 vs. Sophomore Wrestlers Coach Smith 31 Sophomore Boys' Basketball 33 Coach Schenkelberg

Left: Russ Krantz swindles Amy Bubon by selling her magic seeds in The Adventures of George and Matilda Mouse. Below: Mike Malik instructs Tami Karasek as to how to save a drowning man in The Madwoman of Chaillot. Russ Krantz, Svante Kettner, Scott Boots, Vicki Harris, and Jim Danielson add spice to the scene. Plays Are a Big Success! There were four plays put on this year by the Prairie High School Drama Department. The fall play was Black Elk Speaks. The Children’s Theatre production was The Adventures of George and Matilda Mouse. The One-Act was entitled Impromptu, and the final production of the year was The Madwoman ofChaillot. Black Elk Speaks dealt with the injustices in the treatment of the American f Indians. The Adventures of George and Matilda Mouse was the story of stuffed animals that come to life. Impromptu was the story of actors who must learn what the difference is between the make-believe world of the stage and the reality of life. The Madwoman of Chaillot was the story of Good conquering Evil. The setting was turn-of-the-century France. Above: True love wins out in the end of The Madwoman of Chaillot. Kissing are Jim Danielson and Cindy Meiborg. Looking on with joy are Mark Hunter, Djaba Arquisola, Vicki Harris, Ann Riddle, Denise Serbousek, Tammie Jones, Becky Kohl . Tami Karasek, Mike Malik, Kreg Tjelmeland, and Brenda Boland. 128 Plays

Left: Russ Krantz swindles Amy Bubon by selling her magic seeds in The Adventures of George and Matilda Mouse. Below: Mike Malik instructs Tami Karasek as to how to save a drowning man in The Madwoman of Chaillot. Russ Krantz, Svante Kettner, Scott Boots, Vicki Harris, and Jim Danielson add spice to the scene. Plays Are a Big Success! There were four plays put on this year by the Prairie High School Drama Department. The fall play was Black Elk Speaks. The Children’s Theatre production was The Adventures of George and Matilda Mouse. The One-Act was entitled Impromptu, and the final production of the year was The Madwoman ofChaillot. Black Elk Speaks dealt with the injustices in the treatment of the American f Indians. The Adventures of George and Matilda Mouse was the story of stuffed animals that come to life. Impromptu was the story of actors who must learn what the difference is between the make-believe world of the stage and the reality of life. The Madwoman of Chaillot was the story of Good conquering Evil. The setting was turn-of-the-century France. Above: True love wins out in the end of The Madwoman of Chaillot. Kissing are Jim Danielson and Cindy Meiborg. Looking on with joy are Mark Hunter, Djaba Arquisola, Vicki Harris, Ann Riddle, Denise Serbousek, Tammie Jones, Becky Kohl . Tami Karasek, Mike Malik, Kreg Tjelmeland, and Brenda Boland. 128 Plays

BLACK ELK SPEAKS THEMADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT Russ Krantz Lori Ahrens Gene Anderson Brenda Boland Julie Boland IndianGirl,Sanborn,Galbraith Black Elk Yellow Woman, Narrator Magpie, Narrator Scott Boots Andrew Jackson, General Sher man, Wynkoop Matthew Clothier Little Crow, Crazy Horse, William Bent Dan deNeui Shakopee, Roman Nose, Anthony John Ely Tosaw, Medicine Bottle, Lt. Cramer Angie Hastings Tammie Jones Tami Karasek Mike Malik Scott Simon Djaba Arquisola Kindee Dean Joanne Kraemer Beth Triebel Sibley, Tecumseh, Narrator Wowinapa, Governor Secretary, Narrator Man Afraid of his Horse, Narrator Svante Kettner Maynadier, Sheridan, Myrick, Chivington RedCloud, Black Kettle Columbus,Governor Evans Narrator Narrator Narrator Narrator - Svante Kettner Becky Kohl Mark Hunter Jim Porter Tammie Jones Cindy Meiborg Ann Riddle Scott Boots Djaba Arquisola Vicki Harris Mike Malik Brenda Boland Kreg Tjelmeland Tami Karasek Jim Danielson Svante Kettner Joanne Kraemer Lori Ahrens Julie Boland Bob Miller Denise Serbousek Mike Elliff President Baron Street Singer Waiter Ragpicker Deaf -mute Irma Shoelace Peddler Broker Littlw Woman Dr. Jadin Prospector Countess Aurelia Doorman Police Officer Pierre Wer Sewerman Madame Constance MademoiselleGabrielle Madame Josephine Street Juggler Therese Musician THE ADVENTURES OFGEORGE AND MATILDA MOUSE Mark Hunter Vicki Harris Cindy Meiborg Russ Krantz Jeni Pederson Amy Bubon Reggie Gustafson Ann Riddle Suzanne Gillette Lorri Harren Loni Wright Crystal Bragg Cynthia Dennis Gina Gustafson Kindee Dean Beth Triebel Dan deNeui George Matilda Jeni Whitemouse J.P. Alvin Charlie Edgar Jay Jay Gopher Gopher Bee Owl Owl Bonnie Raggedy Anne Rabbit Joey Above: Kindee Dean, Dan deNeui, and Gina Below: Gustafson look on in wonder during The Adventures of George and Matilda Mouse. Tammie Jones, Brenda Boland, Jim Danielson, and Mike Malik rehearsing a scene for The Madwomanof Chaillot. IMPROMPTU Matthew Clothier Mike Malik Vicki Harris Tami Karasek Ernest Tony Winifred Lora Far Above: Gene Anderson studies his script for Black Elk Speaks. Above: Scott Simon tries to sell cloth to Kindee Dean, Tami Karasek, Brenda Boland, Angie Hastings, Joanne Kraemer, and Beth Triebel in Black Elk Speaks.

Pigs, Races, Awards, and Fun! Every year at Prairie there is the annual Awards Assembly. This year was no different. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors all received awards for their outstanding accomplishments. ' Elaine Heslop and Charlene Zach received WILOS scholarships. The “I Dare You” awards were presented to juniors Dawn Roy and Webb Wassmer. Mike Malik was the recipient of the JFK Student Council Scholarship and the Century III Leaders Award. Eric Dunn, DeWayne Heintz, and Andy Kerber received National Merit Scholarships. Kathy Volesky won a General Mills Scholarship while Jerry Fry received the Ame r i can I ndus t r i a l Eng i nee r s Scholarship. Laurie Welty and Dan Byerly were Kiwanis Good Citizenship Award winners. The Bar Association Citizenship awards went to Steve Smith and Becky Mitchell. Steve Smith also won a McElroy Scholarship as did Amy Bubon. The Sam Wiley 1981 Senior Award went to Brenda Boland, number 13 in her graduating class. ISU awards were presented to: Amy Bubon, Eric Dunn, Jerry Fry, and Becky Mitchell. U of I scholarships were given to: Matthew Clothier and Mike Malik. State of Iowa Scholars were as follows: Dennis Burns, Amy Bubon, Eric Dunn, Jerry Fry, Mike Malik, Kim McConaughy, Becky Mitchell, Kevin Rigdon, Steve Smith, and Kathy Yarbrough. The Roger Freeman Memorial Award was given to John Randles. There were also awards given in journalism, acting, math, band, and Student Council. The annual awards assembly was very similar to awards assemblies in other years. It is held to honor outstanding students for their admirable ach i evemen t s and academi c excellence. Later that afternoon, another PHS annual event occured. The Student Council Pig Roast was held from 4:40 until 7:30 on the High School grounds. It was a big success. Everyone got their fill of pork and had alot of fun participating in the games after the big feed. Many said that they look forward to attending the Pig Roast next year. Thanks to the Student Council for a great end-of-the-year activity! Above: School work often makes Dan deNeui and Sarah Danielson “beat their heads” in frustration. Laurie Rummells cheers them on . Above: Terry Dyrland hands out drama awards to Brenda Boland, Mike Malik, Tammi Jones, Angie Statler, Matthew Clothier, Mmnetta Freeburg, and Patti Stallman. 130 End of Year

Above: Ellen Dupler, Melanie Gade, Terri Stockton, Mike Scheetz, and Janice Stepanek try to carry on an “intelligent conversation” while getting their fill of pig Above: Steve Smith and Bruce Kimpston help Mr. Smith look over the cooked pig. Right: Diane Mouchka’s bag is falling off as she hops to the finish in the sack race. End of Year 131

The closing of the school year means and look more towards their future, many things. The sophomores have their junior year to look forward to, your favorite sport, they are times that the dreaded homework, papers, and The end of the year is a time to forget will always be remembered. Even though school isn’t always when they will no longer be the ‘‘little tests and remember the fun times with everyone’s favorite place to be, it offers guys” in the high school. The juniors get friends. Whether it was a school dance some of the best ways to spend the ready to start the long awaited senior with that “special someone,” or getting Fifth Season year. The seniors end their life at Prairie hoarse from cheering the team on at ALL seasons. — the season to enjoy 132 Closing

Above Left: Kent Statler and Becky Kohl help cut up the pork at the Pig Roast. Left: Tim Appleget, Kent Rigdon, Gary Lamparek, and Todd Salat made up their own advertisement for Mass Media. Above: Kevin Rigdon happily accepts his diploma from Mr. Boland. Closing 133

A Administration 10, 11 Ahrens, Lori 14, 106 Anderson, Bill 63 Anderson, Dale 22 Anderson, Gene 129 Anderson, Heidi 22, 76, 50, 82, 92, 109 Anderson,John 74 Anderson, Marie 32 Andrews, Becky 32 Appleget, Tim 22, 75,78, 95, 109, 133 Arquisola, Djaba 32, 60, 106, 108, 128 Art 66 Ashbacher, Dean 22, 50 Ashbacher, Garland 10 Aucutt,Dan 14, 51, 59 Awards Assembly 131 B Babb, Amy 14, 20, 104, 105, 106, 113 Bach, Dr. William 10 Bahr, Ricky 32, 106 Baker, Tammy 32 Ballard, Brenda 14, 106, 107 Ballard, Brett 14 Band 112, 113 Barker, Carrie 14, 51, 106 Bascom, Becky 22 Baseball 98, 99 Bates, John 22 Bayne, Jim 8, 14, 84, 101, 106, 108 Beachler, Kevin 74 Beck, Susan 22, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 Behrends,Kevin 51, 80, 84, 127 Beisker, Craig 81 Beisker, Jeff 22 Beldon, Paula 32, 41, 101, 105, 109, 122 Bell, Julie 22, 113 Bennett, Chris 74 Bennett, Teri 22, 106, 109 Bentley, Linda 32 Berger, Patty 13 Best, Tammi 14, 76, 103, 106, 107 Bistricky, Cheri 92 Blackwell, Kelly 22, 202, 113, 114, 115 Blaha, Marlon 22, 78 Blair, Doug 22, 84, 58 Blanchard, Tammy 92 Block, Dean 14 Block, Lori 14, 106 Bogner, Darrel 88 Boland, Brenda 32, 106, 108, 128, 129, 130 Boland, Julie 22, 108 Boland, William Jr. 133 Booth, Shari 14 Boots, Scott 22, 101, 106, 107, 108, 126, 128 Boots, Valerie 32, 106 Bostwick, Robert 10 Bowersox, Jim 10 Bowersox, Lori 14, 112, 113 Bragg, Crystal 14, 76 Brashear, Rhonda 14 Bratten, Dawn 14, 57 Brecht, Susan 32, 101, 106, 108, 109, 114, 115, 126 Brentner, Chris 32, 103, 106, 108 Bright, Jody 32 Britcher, Phyllis 12, 101 Britcher, Tracey 22 Brown, Charlie 14, 75, 80 Brown, Cyndi 22 Brown, Dawn 22 134 Index Brown, Julie 14 Brown, Rodney 14, 17, 80, 84 Brown, Tom 74 Brown, Tracy 22 Bruns, Dennis 3, 33, 78, 84, 85, 98, 109 Bruns, Joni 14, 76, 85, 92, 103, 113 Bruns, LaVerne 50, 51 Bruns, Sharon 12 Bubon, Amy33, 76, 108, 109,90, 113, 124, 128 Bubon, Andy 91 Bubon, Dan 84 Buchwalter, Pat 57 Buresh, Carol 22, 58 Buresh, Randy 23, 78 Burkle, Jeff 23, 78 Business Education 67 Butts, Luis 5, 33, 41, 81, 84, 85, 127 Byerly, Dan 78 C Cach, Julie 23, 82, 83, 109 Cambell, Lisa 23, 113, 114 Canney, Gloria 52 Cannon, Dana 23, 106, 107, 113 Carlo, Stacey 23 Carlson, Craig 14, 75, 80, 112, 113 Carlson, Linda 33 Carnahan, Crystal 23 Center, Jim 14 Chalupsky, Andy 23 Cheerleaders 104,105 Chesley, Arlyn 23, 64, 75, 78, 109 Choir 106, 107 Christen, Pat 23 Christensen, Bill 33 Christensen, Teresa 23 Clark, Tony 14 Cleppe, Anne 33, 60, 124 Cleppe, Steve 14, 75,80, 94, 95 Clothier, Matthew 33, 88, 101, 103, 106, 107, 108, 118, 119, 124, 126, 130 Clough, Allen 14, 15, 75, 80 Coalition 108 Coffeehouse 120 Collins, Dawn 14 Conner, Marvin 14 Cooks 13 Cooling, Jackie 5,23, 113, 114 Cooling, Kevin 33, 81, 84, 85, 98 Counselors 61 Cowell, Tom 23 Crawley, Scott 23, 29 Crimmins, Julie 14, 106 Crisman, Dave 78 Crock, Denise 14, 113 Cross Country 81 Cross, Mark 15, 101, 106, 108 Crow, Kaye 15 Croy, Mark 23, 75, 78, 127 Cullen, Tracey 23 Custodians 13 D Daly, Sandy 33, 64, 82 Danielson, Jim 15, 17, 47, 81, 84, 106, 113, 128, 129 Danielson, Sarah 23, 82, 103, 109, 130 Datta, Becky 23 Daugherty, Scott 23 Davis, DeWayne 15 Davis, Scott 15, 17, 84 Dawson, Tom 9, 15, 99 Dean, Kindee 15, 20, 103, 106, 129 DeCoster, Darcy 24 deNeui, Dan 15, 16, 47, 60, 106, 109.113, 129 deNeui, Julie 33, 101, 106, 108, 113.114, 115 Dennis, Cynthia 15, 17, 51, 60, 76, 106, 107, 108, 109 Dennis, Lisa 15, 85, 92, 93, 106, 107, 108, 109 Dennis, Robert 33, 71, 78, 79, 95, 109, 125 Ditch, Stacy 33, 60, 82, 83, 76, 77, 109 Donoghue, Mary Ann 13 Dougherty, David 3, 33, 84, 85 Dougherty, Sheryl 33, 106 Douglas, Kris 15 Douglas, Scott 24, 78 Downs, Jackie 24, 106 Driver Education 62 Dubishar, Scott 74 Dubishar, Sindy 24, 73, 102, 106, 107 Duke, Steve 15, 75, 99 Dunek, Rhonda 13 Dunn, Eric 33, 50 Dupler, Ellen 33, 41, 101, 104, 105, 109, 131 Dvorak, Laurie 15, 76, 105, 119 Dyrland, Terry 47, 108, 130 E 3 Eden, Laurie 34, 60, 106, 107, 109, 113, 114 Eichhorn, Gerald 34, 81, 84 Eide, Marci 15 Elliff, Mike 15, 21, 47, 106, 108, 109, 113 Elliott, Marsha 34 Elliott, Melody 15 Ely, John 34, 106 Ely, Wendy 15, 19, 66, 85, 109 English 48, 49 Evans, Michelle 15,76, 85 Everett, Jason 74 Everett, Tammi 24, 69 F Fairlie, Tim 34, 78, 79, 95, 109, 118, 127 Fearing, Ken 5, 51 Filling, Rena 92 Finn, Don 3, 15, 80, 99, 84, 106, 107, 108 Fisher, Aaron 34, 31 Fite, Lee 24 Fitzpatrick, Chris 15, 76, 106, 107 Flag Team 115 Floyd, Shelly 34, 106 Foley, David 34 Foley,Delinda 15 Football 78, 79, 80 Foreign Language 52 Foubert, Lorie 34 Franc, Jenny 119 Franc, Patti 34, 35, 103, 104, 105, 109, 118, 124 Freeburg, Minnetta 34, 58, 101, 106, 107, 108, 109, 113, 130 Fry, Jerry 34, 47, 59, 109, 113 Fry, Peggy 24, 113, 108 Fulton, Nina 15 G Gade, Bill 24 Gade, Melanie 34, 60, 109, 131 Gallagher, Chris 24, 106, 107, 114 Gallagher, Suzie 34, 101, 113, 114, 115 Garnant, James 24, 29, 66 Gavin, Paul91 George, Mike 24 Gilbert, Bobbi 34, 47 Gilbert, Nancy 24 Gillette, Suzanne 15, 47, 76, 108 Girls' Basketball 82, 83, 87 Girls' Track 92, 93 Glick, Mike 24, 64, 84, 103 Glick, Shari 34, 65 Goldsberry, Connie 12 Goldsberry, Jill 24, 104, 105 Goldsberry, Kori 15, 85, 103 Gordon, Ken 15, 80, 84 Grabanski, Scott 35 Graduation 124, 125 Gray, John 15, 20, 84, 113 Grier, Joel 24 Grimm, Lynnette 15, 18, 56, 76, 113 Grinder, Eillen 12 Grommon, Andy 35, 48, 78, 122 Grommon, Kitty 24, 30, 59, 69 Gudenkauf, Chuck 15, 17, 20, 81, 84, 68 Gustafson, Gina 16, 76, 104, 106, 107, 108, 113, 119, 129 Gustafson, Reggie 28 Gustafson, Stacie 92 H Hadenfeldt, Kevin 24, 62 Hahesy, Michelle 16, 76 Hahesy, Mike 35, 71, 72, 78, 109, 118 Hain, Rhonda 57 Halberg, Sandra 16 Hall, Kristi 92 Hamilton, Laura 24, 60, 108 Hamilton, Mark 16 Hamilton, Mike 35 Hammond, Brenda 16, 113 Hansen, Brad 9, 35, 78, 118, 123 Hardin, Chuck 72, 74 Hardman, Penny 16 Hardman, Tina 16 Hare, Chris 24, 101, 104, 106, 108, 109 Haren, Lori 24, 106, 107, 108 Harford, Mike 16 Harger, Richard 10 Harms, Jim 16 Harris, Vicki 24, 106, 107, 108, 128 Harrison, Tobey 15, 16, 95 Hartman, Angie 92 Hartman, Mark 16, 47, 75, 80, 101, 103, 106, 108, 107, 113 Hartman, Rachel 35, 106, 113, 114, 115 Hartman, Rachelle 35 Hasley, Cindy 25, 73 Hasley, Laurie 9, 35, 101, 105, 109, 118 Hastings, Angie 35, 82, 83, 103, 119, 129 Hatcher, Ruth 90 Hauschild, Steve 75, 78 Hawkins, Robert 66, 95 Hawkins, Vicki 12 Hayes, Becky 16, 92, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 113, 119 Hayes, Ricki 22, 20, 25, 60, 82, 101, 102, 106, 107, 108, 109 Heaverlo, Craig 25, 64, 78 Heintz, DeWayne 35, 60, 78, 94, 95, 109, 118 Hemphill, Charlene 35, 67 Hemphill, Mike 25 Hendrickson, Mike 16, 74 Henley, Bill 53, 109, 113 Heslop, Elaine 35 Heusmann,Barb 47

Hickey, Mikeala 92 Hicks, Betty 16 Highley, Mark 25 Hill, Julie 35 Hines, Penny 16 Hining, Chuck 6, 88 Hixenbaugh, Lin 62, 76, 89, 103 Hoffmann, Tom 59, 82 Hofmaster, Greg35, 91 Hofmaster, Julie 25, 76, 90, 101, 103, 104, 109, 119 Hofmaster, Mark 36, 48, 72, 73 Hofmaster, Pam 16, 106, 107, 117 Hogan, Steve 36 Hohensee, Stephanie 36, 59, 113 Holthaus, Shauna 36, 71, 76, 82, 83, 109 Holvenstot, David 25, 106, 108, 113 Homecoming 118, 119 Home Economics 64 Hood, Wanda 16 Hovel, Mary 13 Hovey, Jackie 16 Hovey, Joyce 16 Howell, Lisa 25, 65 Hubler, Craig 16 Huffer, Sharon 25 Humble, Clark 25, 81, 84, 95 Humble,Norm 10 Hunt, Kelly 25 Hunter, Mark 25, 106, 108, 128 Hursh, Margo 36 Hutton, John 16 Hynek, Jeff 8, 15, 16, 72, 74, 80, 108 Hynek, Mary 12, 101 Hynek, Mike 74 I Industrial Arts 65 Ingledue, Wendy 16 J Jackson, Diana 16 Janey, Mary Ellen 25 Janey, Tammy 25 Jarvis, Russell 16, 74 Jarvis, Steve 95 Jazz Band 109 Jeffords, Eric 15, 16, 74, 91, 99 Jennings, Bob 6, 11 Jensen, Vern 82, 92 Jensen, Lisa 9, 11, 36, 101, 104, 105, 109, 123 Joens, Angela 16, 85, 92, 103 Jones, Lisa 36, 52, 102, 103, 114 Jones, Scott 25, 75, 78, 79, 84, 95, 109 Johnson, Deveri 16, 113, 114 Johnson, Ed81 Johnson, Jim 25, 84, 98, 99, 127 Johnson, Mark 25 Johnson, Stacey 17 Johnson, Tom 25 Jones, Annette 17 Jones, Cathie 47 Jones, Janette 36 Jones, Larry 36 Jones, Tammie 36 , 106, 107, 108, 123, 128, 129, 130 Jones, Terry 17, 75, 80, 95, 99 Jones, Tracy 17 Jordan, Kurt 36, 78 Juniors 22 K Karal, Beth 17 Karasek, Tami 8, 25, 103, 128, 129 Kelchen, Marcia 17, 85, 92 Kelchen, Michelle 36, 92, 103, 119 Kellison, Randy 25, 64 Kell, Kathy 37 Kell, Stacey 17, 106 Kelsey, Barb 25, 69, 113 Kelsey, Linda 26, 106 Kelso, Leslie 17 Kelso, Marlene 13 Kemmerer, Holli 26, 106 Kerber, Andy 78, 84 Kessler, Lorie 37 Kettner, Svante 8, 37, 60, 106, 107, 108, 113, 118, 126, 128 Kidney, Kathy 37 Kidney, Lori 17 Kilberger, Linda 26 Kimball, Jim 62, 72 Kimpston, Bruce 26, 103, 95, 108, 109, 112, 113, 131 King, Joanne 37, 45, 73, 106 King, Richard 37 Kirk, Brenda 26, 101, 119 Klaas, Kim 17, 19 Klamerus, Ted 95 Klein, Brian 17 Klein, Dawn 37, 101, 104, 105, 118 Klein, Paula 26, 73, 122 Klein, Tracy 37 Klimes, Richard 17, 80, 84, 95 Klimes, Sheri 26 Kloubec, Myron 37, 41 Knipp, Kris 26, 73, 103 Kohl, Becky 16, 17, 60, 103, 105, 106, 107, 119, 128, 133 Koutny, Julie 37, 45, 119 Kraemer, David 5 Kraemer, Joanne 17, 18, 56, 106, 108, 129 Krantz, Russ 47, 106, 109, 128 Krob, David 10 Kulhavy, Jeff 37, 81, 84, 127 Kurth, Steve 13 Kurtz, Bill 95 Kyle, Crystal 37 L Lamb, Kelly 26, 82, 113, 114 Lamparek, Gery 26, 75, 78, 95, 109, 133 Lamphier,Pauline 13 Landtiser, Cindy 25, 26, 101, 104, 105, 113, 119 Landuyt, Jeff 95, 99 Larsh, Mary 17, 92, 106, 107 Larson, Duane 17, 67 Latuska, Tammy 26, 109, 113 Lawrence, Marty 37 Lebsock, David 17 Lebsock, Susan 37, 127 Leeper, Gary 6, 7 Lefebure, Mike 17 Lehman, Bill 15, 17, 8 Lehmkuhl, Monte 37, 91, 106, 107, 108 Lehmkuhl, Nick 17, 20, 81, 84, 99 Lehr, Bret 22, 26 Lemburg, Sandy 26 Leon, Rhonda 17, 19, 76, 85, 92, 93, 109, 113 Lewig, Donald 26 Lewis, Jim 26 Library 56 Lindemann, Rich 17, 72, 73, 74 Lindemann, Steve 37, 72, 73, 50 Lint, Tammy 26 Lippmann, Loren8, 38, 95, 98, 106, 117 Listebarger, Tom 26 Livingston, Jeff 17, 74, 80 Livingston, Joe 26, 59 Lockhart, Sharon 388 Lockhart, Sherry 38 Loomis, Gayle 38, 109, 113 Lowther, Chris 26 Ludvicek, Gwen 26, 96 Luhrs, Mike 38, 57, 59 Luther, Missy 11, 38 Luth, Gene 17 Mumm, Laryn 39, 47, 95, 108, 109.113 Mumm, Richie 95, 99 Murphy, Julie 18 Murray, Scott 27 Musel Music 53. Laurie 27 M Maas, Alan 61 Mackey, Barbara 17, 59, 106 Mackey, Janice 38, 101, 114, 115 Madden,Tawana 38 Malatele, Leslie 13 Malik, Mike 38, 58, 101, 106, 107, 108, 118, 128, 129, 130 Malone,Bonnie 61 Mangano, Paul 17, 84 Mann, Helen 13 Manwiller, Danielle 17 Manwiller, James 26, 56 Marak, Chris 80 Marak, Mike 15, 17, 75, 80, 95, 99 Maresh, Dawn 38, 56, 101, 103, 106, 107, 108, 109, 113 Maresh, Denise 26, 113 Maresh, Donna 18 Marotta, Tony 51 Martinson, Larry 26 Martin, Tracy 18 Math 50, 51 Mattiace, Mick 62, 98 McConaughy, Kim 38 McCrea, Joyce 9, 26, 103, 109, 68, 112, 113 McGrath, Mitch 38, 47 McGurk, Pam 39 McKay, Michele 26, 96, 109 McLane, Sandra 76 McMenimen, Jean 48, 60 McMurrin, Mike 18 McNeal, Brian 26, 75, 78, 109 McNeal, Shelly 18 Meiborg, Cindy 26, 28, 60, 123, 128 Melsha, Doug 18, 80 Melsha, Julie 26, 102 Merta, Penny 18 Meskimen, Dale 18, 88 Meskimen, Kris 26 Meskimen, Mark 26 Messer, Dawn 39, 45, 52 Messer, Debbie 26 Meyer, Pam 27, 68, 89, 109, 123 Meyers, Mary Rita 57 Meyers, Mike 39, 50, 84, 98 Middleton, Scott 81, 95 Miers, Tracy 18 Miles,Patty Milke, Chris 17, 18, 80, 84, 95, 99, 103, 113 Millard, Daryl 27 Miller, Rhonda 27 Miller, Robert 27, 28, 50, 60, 101, 88, 106, 107, 108, 109, 113 Mini Courses 68, 69 Minor, Chris 18, 76, 106 Mitchell, Becky 39, 78, 82, 96, 97, 109, 119 Mitchell, Debra 27 Mitchell, Rex 39 Mitchell, Ron39 Mizaur, Robin 39, 106 Montgomery, Stacey 18 Moon, Jeff 39, 56, 91 Moore, James 27 Moran, Patty 27, 57 Morris, Kevin 39 Morrison, Jim 18 Morse, Luella 13 Mouchka, Diane 3, 5, 39, 76,96, 109, 119, 126, 131 Mulherin, Elaine 48 Musical 121 Myers, Barbara 18, 105, 106, 113 Myers, Tom 54, 55 N Nading, Ryland 18, 91 Neal, Karen 39 Nearad, Kathy 26, 27, 57, 65, 68, 82, 96, 97, 89 .109, 112, 113 . 103, 109 Nearad, Kenny 40 Nedrow, David 40 Nedrow, Donel 13 Neis, Rhonda 40 Nejdl, Phillip 40, 56 Nekvinda, Joe 40, 78, 72, 73, 98 Nelson, Dana 40 Nelson, Perry 9, 14, 18, 80, 101, 88, 106, 107, 108, 113 Netolicky, Ida 27, 68, 103, 106 Netolicky, Lisa 40, 60, 101, 106, 125 Netolicky, Rex 18, 74 Neuhaus, Paul 15, 18 Newhard, Philip 27, 75, 78 Ngugen, Tuyet Laura, 52 Nischwitz, Scott 40 Nissen, Jens 27 Noce, Jeanne 9, 18, 106, 107 Northrup, Holly 18, 76 Northrup, Monica 18, 65 Novak, Lori 90 Novak, Randy 74 Nove, Ron 10 Nye, Valerie 27 O Obadahl, David 27 Ockenfels, Joe 40, 78, 79, 85 Ockenfels, Kim 18, 76 O'Connor, Beryl 14, 18, 113 O'Connor, Connie 40, 101, 106, 107, 108, 113 O'Deen, Harold 18, 59, 95 Oertel, John 6, 75, 78, 95, 109, 54 Oldorf, Ann 18, 92, 106, 107, 109 Oldorf, Mike 74 Ollinger, Gary 40 Olson, Carey 18 Olson, Howard 18, 21, 75, 88 Olson, Jenny 40, 109, 117 Olson, Mark 40 Osborn, Kelly 27, 82, 109 Osborne, Caroline 40, 47, 60, 82, 83, 96, 109 Osborne,Debbie 40 Osborne, Keith 74 Osborne, Wade 15, 18, 21, 84, 88, 109 Osland, Brent 19, 74, 75, 80, 85, 103, 122 Osland, John 59 P Paul, Mike 27 Pavlicek, Robert 74, 95 Pavlis, Ricky 19, 75, 80 Peck, Don 19 Peck, Terry 27 Peddycoart, Aimee 19, 113 Pedersen, Jeni 5, 27, 28, 76, 77, 96, 101, 103, 106, 107, 109, 108, 114, 115 Pedersen, Michele 11, 40, 73 Index 135

Peel, Ruth Ann 57 Penkonen, Kathy 8, 27, 60, 106, 107, 122 Penrod, Scott Scott 27, 72 Peters, John 19 Peterson, Brad 19 Pettit, Joe 19 Pevitt, Sheila 106 Phillip, Todd 19, 80 Physical Education 63 Pig Roast 130 Pilcher, John 95, 54 Pipkin, Devin 41 Pitts, Justin 19, 69 Plays 128, 129 Plotz, Kathy 19, 47, 103, 106, 107 Pom Pon Squad 114 Pond, Mary 41 Pond, Mike 24, 27, 75, 78 Porter, Jim 23, 27, 78, 106 Porter, Tom 41 Pospischil, Dot 54 Potter, Kathy 27, 31, 69, 103, 106, 108, 113, 114, 115 Potter, Kim 19 . 106 Potter, Rebecca 27, 106 Powers, Teresa 27 Price,Russ 53, 106, 107 Prom 122, 123 Prunty, Lisa 27 Publications Lab Purtle, Mary 57 R Randles, John 41, 60, 72 Reed, Diane 57 Reid, Peggy 27, 101, 114, 115 Reid, Susan 41, 50, 109, 113, 114 Reid, Ron 74 Reif, Dale 27 Resource Rooms 57 Richardson, Lori 19, 85, 106, 107, 108 Riddle, Ann 27, 128 Rieniets, William 58, 59 Rierson, Jeff 41, 88 Rigdon, Kent 27, 84, 133 Rigdon, Kevin 41, 48, 60, 133 Rigel, Margie 28, 31, 68, 76, 77, 96, 103 Riggs, Greg 41 Riley,Dauna 13 Ritchie, Pam 9, 41, 103, 104, 105, 108, 118 Robbins, Cheryl 41, 60 Robson, Joe 19 Rogers, Chris 19 Rohlena, Renee 19, 85, 103, 108 Rothberg, Robin 19, 52 Rotter, Jim5, 41, 61, 84 Roy, Dawn 28, 82, 92, 93, 106 Roy, Doug 42, 60, 66, 95 Rummells, Jeff 19, 68, 80 Rummells, Laura 42, 103 Rust,Barbara 51 Ryan, Tracy 19, 113 S Saddler, Dan 19, 74 Saddler, Tim 42, 66, 117 Salat, Todd 28, 71, 75, 78, 95, 133 Sanders, Scott 28 Sankot, Brian 42 Sankot,Mike 28 Sarff, Brian 19 Scheetz, Mike 3, 9, 41, 42, 81, 84, 85, 123, 125, 131 Scheetz, Pat 19, 75, 80, 68, 101, 106, 107 136 Index Schenkelberg,Paul 17, 84, 99, 54 Schirm, Mike 19, 109 Schmidt, Mike 42 Schmitz, Marie 28 Scholl, Don 42, 43, 109 Schoner, Kerry 3, 15, 19, 85, 96, 101, 103, 106, 107, 108 School Board 10 Schorg, Rob 28 Schrader, Brian 28 Schrader,Dean 28, 88, 113 Schrader, Don 42 Schrader, Larry 42 Schrader, Rick 19 Schreiber, Roxene 52 Schultz, Sonja 19 Schultz, Troy 42 Schumacher, Robyn 28 Schwab, Laurie 28, 106, 107, 112, 113 Schwab, Mike 19, 74 Science 58, 59 Sedrel, Tracy 19 Selzer,Glenn 10 Selzer,Sam28, 58, 72 Seniors 32 Serbousek, Denise 42, 106, 113, 114, 115, 128 Serbousek, John 42, 47, 101, 103, 106, 107, 108, 109, 113, 126 Serbousek, Kim 16, 19, 106, 114, 115 Serbousek, Shirley 28 Serovy, Scott 25, 28, 81, 84, 95, 98 Shakespeare, Sandi 20, 89, 104, 106, 107, 108 Shane, Ron 28 Shebetka, Bill 20, 74, 75, 99 Shebetka, Jim 43, 78, 98, 99, 102, 103, 118, 127 Shebetka, Jon 15, 20, 74, 75, 95 Sheely, David 43 Shepherd^Gerald 28, 29, 61, 108, miSTra Sherard, Peggy 20 Shoemaker, Harold 29 Shrank, Darlene 20, 85, 104, 105, 106, 113, 119 Shramek, Don 43, 109, 112, 113, 123 Shultz, Pat 13 Simmons, Leslie 43 Simmons, Teresa 29 Simon, Scott 43, 91, 106, 107, 108, 109, 118, 125, 129 Simonsen, Chris 20 Simonsen, Lynn 29 Slaton,Joann 20, 105 Slaton, John 43 Smith, Bonnie 29, 106 Smith, Chris 21 Smith,Floyd 63, 80, 131 Smith, Steve 9, 35, 43, 78, 102, 103, 109, 118, 131 Smith, Tom 29, 78, 127 Smyth, Dean 20, 75, 80 Smyth, Patty 29, 112, 113, 114 Snyder, Joyce 29, 89, 109, 114, 115 Social Studies 54, 55 Softball 96, 97 Sophomores 14 Southward, Joceil 13 Special Events 126, 127 Spector, Nancy 48 Spore,Tom 74,95 Stallman, Brian 29 Stallman, Patti 29, 63, 101, 106, 107, 108, 109, 112, 113, 118, 130 Stallman, Ron95, 99 Stallman, Tom 29 Stanley, Mark 20, 58 Stark, Eric 29 Staskal, Todd 43, 95, 109 Statler, Angie 43, 47, 101, 102, 103, 106, 107, 108, 109, 119, 130 Statler, Kent 3, 20, 74, 101, 103, 106, 107, 133 Steenblock, John 20 Steffens,Deanna 92 Steine, Ken 11 Stepanek, Janice 11, 43, 45, 47, 131, 122 Stine, Stacy 20, 76 Stockton, Lori 29, 106 Stockton, Terri 5, 43, 60, 109, 119, 131 Stolba, Penny 29, 106 Storm, Arni 29 Storm, Sveinn 43, 38, 78 Strang, Ward 29, 95, 103 Stratton, Christine 20 Streeter, Eddie 29 Streeter, LuAnn 20 Struchen, Tom20 Student Council 102, 103 Suddendorf, Judy 67, 85, 92, 109 Sumners, Kim 103 Support Staff Svec, Penny 29 Swalley, Mark 20 Swalley, Paul 13 Swallom, Vincent 29 Swartz, Gary 29, 65, 72, 75, 78, 109, 127 3 Swehla, John 29 T Taylor, Jeff 29 Tennis 88,89 Terpkosh, Michelle 44, 63, 67 Terpkosh, Scott 20, 59 Thome, Julie 20 Thome, Linda 29 Thompson, Scott 20 Tjelmeland, Kim 29, 47, 101, 114, 115 Tjelmeland, Kreg 20, 47, 81, 84, 106, 108, 109, 128 Tollefson, Pam 44 Triebel, Beth 20, 89, 101, 103, 106, 107, 109, 129 Truitt, Susan 44, 47, 101, 106, 108, 114, 115 Turacek, Judy 30, 106, 113 U Umstead, Joey 20, 76 Unash, Steve 30 Untiedt, Les 44 Urbanek, Jeff 81 V Vavroch, Colleen 5, 30, 90, 101, 109, 114, 115 Vileta, Karen 30 Vogt, Lori 8, 104 Volesky, Kathy 44, 95, 106, 107, 114 Volk, John 30, 75, 78, 109, 122 Volleyball 76, 77 Vondracek, Cherie 20, 63, 113 Vondracek, Kyle 44, 60, 113 W Wachal, John31 Wade, Karen 31, 109, 113 Waggener,Karla 20 Wagner, Bret 31, 75, 78, 84, 103, 94, 95 Waggener . 109, 127 . 98 , Kim 44 Wahlert, John 17, 21, 81, 84, 99 Waid, Darcy 20, 21, 76, 92, 104, 106, 113, 119 Walderback, John 74 Waldrep, Tom 78 Wallerich, Randy 31 Wassmer, Webb 31, 109, 113 Watts, Kathy 39, 44, 47, 59, 60 Weber, Heidi 19, 21 Weber, Lisa 21, 76, 85 Weber, Sandra 31, 103 Weber, Steve 21, 84 Weeks, David 21 Weeks, Karen 31 Weeks, Vanessa 21 Wehr, Nadine 21, 85, 103 Weightlifting 75 Weis, Dean 31, 78 Weldon, Brook 31 Welty, Laurie 44, 76, 77, 71, 82 Welty, Sheryl 21, 52, 59, 76, 85, 97, 96, 109 Werling, Craig 21 Werning, Russ 67 Weasel, Jeff 81, 84 Whalen, Tima 44, 106, 112, 113 Whitters, Bill 21, 80 Wickman, Jeff 21 Wiederhold, Jim 31 Wieser, Brian 21 Wieser, Scott 44, 62 Wilcoxson, Jim 44, 98 Wilcox, Vicki 92 Wilford, Kathy 45 Williamson, Scott 21 Williams, Roger 31 Willis, Karie 21 Willis, Leonard 21 Wilson, Marty 21 Wilson, Sam 31, 63, 75, 78, 109 Winn, Chris 31, 76, 82, 96 Witte, Lisa 45 Wolfe, Charlie 21, 74 Wolfe,Tammy 21 Wolverton, Debra 21, 76, 103, 106, 107 Womach, Ann 21 Woods, Curt 3, 31, 75, 78, 84, 85, 98, 109 Woodward, Laura 31 Worsfold, Chuck 6, 88 Wrestling 72, 73, 74 Wright, Loni 21, 106, 107, 108 Y Yanacek, Doug 45, 81, 84, 98, 99 Yarbrough, Kathy 106, 108, 109, 113 Young, Deneen 31, 106 Young, Frank 11, 76 Z Zach, Charlene 45, 106, 107, 108 Zach, Daron 31, 75, 78 Zach, Julie 31, 69, 92, 109 Zach, Sandra 21, 101, 106, 107, 108 Zach, Scott 45, 81, 84, 125, 63 Zach, Sue 45 Zach, Todd 21, 81, 95 Zalesky, Chris 21, 76, 85, 92, 93, 96, 109 Zalesky, Teresa 11, 45, 47, 63, 77, 76, 82, 109, 119 Zigler, Debbie 31, 106 Zigler, Gary 21, 80 Ziskovsky, Loren 45

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