Climbing Vines 1 2 Use 1.5mm hole punch pliers to make holes in four corners of filigree. Riveting 3 4 Line craftsman vine up with holes in filigree. Use a black extra-fine tip Sharpie to mark back of leaves through holes punched in filigree. Riveting 5 6 7 1 Use 1.5mm hole punch pliers to punch through markings. Insert a 1/4 inch nail head rivet through the back of filigree hole. Stack craftsman vine over top of filigree. Curving Metal While holding stacked pieces down firmly against bench block, use a flush cutter to trim rivet approximately 1/16 inch above leaf. While firmly holding the pieces in place, use the round end of a 4oz ball pein hammer to mushroom out the trimmed rivet. The tip of the rivet should be spread over the hole. Continue by striking the rivet with the flat side of the ball pein hammer until flat. Place large 8mm barrel side of filigree shaping plier along back of filigree. Curve edges of filigree to form to the shape of the top and sides of your wrist 48

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