Woodland Leaf Hammerd ring base Vintaj Ranger Tools & Supplies metal reliefing block steel bench block rubber dampening block 4oz ball pein hammer 1.5mm hole punch plier flush cutter chain nose plier metal awl Vintaj glaze non-stick craft sheet flat tip paint brush Other Techniques used: ring forming, riveting Vintaj metal ring mandrel water paper towel black extra-fine tip sharpie Materials List 1) 68.5x14.5mm ID bracelet blank 1) 38x23mm woodland leaf 1) 7.5mm pinwheel washer 1) 1/4” nail head rivets Tip: To add the leaf decoration, form the curved leaf over formed ring band, lining up the top hole in leaf over a hole in band. Mark the hole placement on band through a 1.5mm hole you have placed in the pointed end of leaf. Add a 1.5mm hole in band. Use a chain nose plier to flatten the top portion of leaf over the hole. Use a metal awl to slightly enlarge the hole to fit the nail head rivet. String a pinwheel washer onto ¼ inch nail head rivet, insert from the inside of the ring band, through the layered large holes in band and up through the top hole of leaf. Insert a ¼ inch nail head rivet from the inside of the ring band, through the 1.5mm punched hole in band and through the bottom hole of leaf. Place on mandrel. Rivet. 49

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