Secret Meadow Tools & Supplies Vintaj metal reliefing block filigree shaping plier round nose plier 2 chain nose pliers flush cutter Ranger Vintaj patina: marine, verdigris, lapis Vintaj glaze non-stick craft sheet Other water paper towel Vintage Meadow Artworks Farm Girl Studio Rings-n-Things Vintaj Materials List 2) Hand colored acrylic flowers 1) Lampworked glass medium coil 2) Lampworked glass copper head pins 6) Melitzania 6x4mm ceramic tube beads 1) 51x63mm dragonfly 1) 35x30mm queen dragonfly 1) 25mm eternity garden ring 1) 54x2mm willow branch 2) 12.7mm tapestry bead caps 2) 12mm filigree bead caps 13.5”) 6mm etched cable chain 8”) 3.7mm ladder chain 3) 1” eye pins 10) 5mm smooth 18ga jump rings 5) 7.25mm smooth 16ga jump rings 2) 10.25mm smooth 16ga jump rings 16”) 20 gauge artisan copper wire creative clasp 1 2 3 4 Use chain nose plier to grip top wing and bend back towards the center to create a 90° angle. Turn dragonfly around and continue to fold over the wing. Crimp down wing with chain nose plier to complete altered wing. Fold over opposite wing to match. Use large 8mm barrel of filigree shaping plier to curve end of the tail back. Continue to form tail and create a large hook to function as a clasp leaving a small opening to fit over eternity garden ring. 36

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