Radiant Lace Vintaj Layered riveted and Ranger Sizzix Other Tools & Supplies metal reliefing block metal shears metal file metal ring mandrel 4oz ball pein hammer filigree shaping plier chain nose plier Vintaj patina: citrine, topaz fine tip paint brush non-stick craft sheet heat it craft tool Vintaj BIGkick Etruscan Motif: DecoEmboss Die water paper towel black extra-fine tip Sharpie Techniques used: patina, metal curving, ring forming, riveting Materials List Vintaj 1) 72mm regal ring – bracelet blank 1) 48x35mm queen anne’s lace 1) 1/4” nail head rivet Tip: To create focal flower, cut out the large section of queen anne’s lace, using metal shears. Smooth rough edges with the metal file and dark gray side of metal reliefing block. Punch a hole with 1.5mm hole punch pliers in the center of the solid brass part of flower. Start to form it to the shape of ring using filigree shaping pliers and chain nose pliers. Layer the flower over the center of ring, allowing the arch of flowers to line up with the edge of ring. Mark hole with Sharpie. Punch hole in ring base. Stack ring & flower onto 1/4” nail head rivet. Slide stacked pieces onto metal ring mandrel. Rivet flower to ring using round end of 4oz ball pein hammer. 37

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