1 2 messy wrapped loop 3 4 Form a wrapped loop on one end of a 6 inch piece of 20 gauge natural brass wire. String beads onto straight end of wire. Use round nose pliers to form a wrapped loop with straight end of wire. Loosely wrap the remaining wire back up towards the loop over the previous coils. Continue to loosely wrap the wire back down towards the bead cap to create a messy loop. Use chain nose plier to straighten your loop if necessary and to tuck in the end of the wire. 1 2 bail wrap 3 4 String a 1.5 inch eye pin through the top-drilled hole ¼ inch away from loop of eye pin. Use chain nose plier to gently bend both ends of the wire up above the hole. Grip the loop of eye pin with plier. Wrap the straight end of eye pin 3 times up the neck of the wire. End your last coil on the back side of the leaf and use flush cutter to trim the excess wire close to the top coil. Use chain nose plier to straighten your coils and loop if necessary, and to tuck in the end of wire tightly below the loop. 12

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