wire fastening 1 2 3 4 Use chain nose plier to weave 24 gauge wire through filigree and back through holes in cameo. Continue to work wire through pieces, gently pulling it for a tight wrap at least 2 times through front and the back. End wire on back side of filigree, twisting the ends to secure. Use flush cutter to trim the excess wire close to the twisted knot. 1 2 filigree wrap 3 Crimp down tail end of wire with chain nose pliers. To hide wire, cover back by wrapping with a larger filigree. 4 Stack beads & bead caps on a 2 inch head pin. String end through punched hole in filigree. Turn the wire until you’ve completed 3 full revolutions of a coiled loop, achieving plenty of tension on the filigree. 13 Line up petals of the second filigree between the wide section of the base filigree. Use chain nose plier to start bending over the 4 petals. Work from opposite sides to create a symmetrical wrap. Once filigree is symmetrical and all petals are folded towards the front side of pendant, crimp down filigree with chain nose plier. Continue to secure and crimp down filigree on all sides to complete your focal.

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