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FIRST, THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING US! Welcome to our LOOKBOOK of talents and services for 2021. THE rAVe Agency is still THE ONLY creative agency that exclusively focuses on the AV, Digital Signage and UCC industries. We’re made up of both technologists and creatives; we aren’t an agency filled with advertising execs who “learned” AV and UCC, nor are we an agency of AV’ers who just decided to offer creative services. Our legacy has always been an integration of both - we’ve performed creative services and strategized in marketing consulting services since 1998, when Gary originally founded the company as Kayye Consulting, and we signed Sony as our first client. Since then we’ve helped more than 85 brands with social media marketing, social media management, tech and product strategy and distribution execution, branding, product development, experiential marketing, content marketing, lead generation and storytelling. And, in 2020, as you know, we launched LAVNCH - the industry’s only virtual and hybrid events platform! Our mission is clear: The rAVe Agency provides opportunities for our partners (you) to reach AV, UCC and Digital Signage integrators, design consultants, architects and high-tech end users through creative services and platforms that not only generate AWARENESS but can also provide qualified LEADS. We do this using a three-prong approach: 1. We can be your exclusive agency-of-record or provide project-based creative services. As you will see within this, our 2021 LOOKBOOK of services and talents, we can do everything from managing all your social media accounts to designing creative product launch campaigns that work. 2. We own the industry’s largest voice in rAVe [PUBS]. No other publication has a larger readership or social media following as we are followed by over 210,000+ loyal tech professionals. 3. We can host your event on the LAVNCH Platform - and, it’s not just a virtual events platform; it can manage hybrid events as well as webinars! We care about everything AV, digital signage and UCC. We’ve been careful to both steward and protect our AV partners and the AV industry, as a whole, through our many publications. I hope you’ll take the time to review all that is new and all that you may not have known we do inside the pages of our 2021 LOOKBOOK. And, when you’re ready to see how creative storytelling can take your company, product or service to the next level, we hope you’ll give THE rAVe Agency a chance to work for you! Gary Kayye Director, THE rAVe Agency 2

THE rAVe Agency LOOKBOOK CONTENT THE rAVe Agency LOOKBOOK rAVe [PUBS] rAVe [NOW] rAVe [CREATE] rAVe [STORYTELLING] rAVe [CONSULT] rAVe [SPEAK] 6 20 22 28 30 32 CONTACT US Kirsten Sharpe Global Accounts Manager Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com +1.984.464.4194 Gary Kayye Director & Co-Founder Gary@THErAVeAgency.com +1.919.868.3358 3 The [LAVNCH] LOOKBOOK [LAVNCH] [LAVNCH] COMMUNITY [LAVNCH] WEEK [LAVNCH] BLAST [LAVNCH] DAYS [LAVNCH] & LEARN [LAVNCH] VTS [LAVNCH] PEOPLE 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

WE ARE THE CREATIVE AV AGENCY Originally founded in 1998 by Gary Kayye, Kayye Consulting was the AV industry’s first marketing consulting firm. It gave birth to rAVe [Publications] in 2003 and has maintained a leadership position as the #1 information source in the AV industry. But now, it has become THE rAVe Agency — providing the AV market, globally, with the industry’s first creative agency. 4

[ABOUT US] OUR TALENTS [PUBS] Our flagship talent, rAVe [PUBS], has been around for as long as you can remember. And it isn’t going anywhere. rAVe [PUBS] brings you on-time, opinionated news coverage of the AV industry. With more than 45 years of professional experience, the team at THE rAVe Agency has what you need for your project. Whether you’re partnering with us in editorial under [PUBS], hosting your own virtual event through [LAVNCH], as a creative partner under [CREATE] or relying on us for PR through [STORYTELLING], we are here for you. And we have what you need to get the job done. [LAVNCH] [CREATE] New to THE rAVe Agency, our [LAVNCH] platform is a lead generating virtual experience. Customized to your event and brand needs, we can deliver any virtual event you can imagine, from virtual conferences to hybrid events to kick-ass webinars and more. rAVe [CREATE] brings a new twist to digital media and marketing efforts in the AV industry. Operating as a creative agency, rAVe [CREATE] is here to help you build the content you want and inform you of the best way to use it. [STORYTELLING] [NOW] Brands need strategic storytelling to set themselves apart in the market and create lasting relationships. rAVe [STORYTELLING] has the expertise to help you build brand awareness and establish authentic relationships with your audience. rAVe [NOW] is THE rAVe Agency’s unique live event and trade show coverage. rAVe [NOW]’s comprehensive coverage of events in the AV industry is the best of its kind. [CONSULT] rAVe [CONSULT] helps clients understand the industry’s unique challenges and gives them the tools to be leaders within it. Team members, including Gary Kayye and Sara Abrons, have more than 45 years of combined experience in the AV industry. [SPEAK] Get ready for a speaking event you’ll never forget! Gary Kayye will bring his years of industry experience and marketing prowess to your next event or company meeting with rAVe [SPEAK]. His talks will educate, entertain and inspire your entire organization. 5

[PUBS] [PUBS] rAVe THE #1 AV News Publication. Period. rAVe [PUBS] is the leading information source for the audiovisual industry. For the past 18 years, we have provided opinionated, timely content for our readers in the commercial (ProAV), digital signage, UCC, education and residential (HomeAV) audiovisual trade industries. WEBSITE NEWSLETTERS SOCIAL MEDIA All content is hosted on our website, rAVePubs.com and/or on our end-userfacing site, AV Buyers.Club. It is home to our digital publication and all of our editorial content including news articles, press releases, podcasts and videos. We have 11 newsletter verticals that cover a wide range of our industry’s target audiences. Each newsletter is sent two to four times per month and is populated with content from our editorial staff and columnists. We have more social followers on more platforms than any other publication in AV. No one can reach specifiers or buyers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram better than us. 6

[PUBS] [PUBS] BY THE NUMBERS Twitter 26K+ @rAVePubs Facebook 17K+ rAVe [PUBS] LinkedIn 78K+ rAVe [PUBS] AVIP Gary Kayye YouTube 18K+ rAVe [PUBS] Instagram 2K+ @rAVePubs Email 100K+ Total [PUBS] email readers OUR PHILOSOPHY | SHARE-OF-VOICE ADVERTISING At rAVe [PUBS], we operate with a share-of-voice advertising philosophy. This means that we have a limited inventory of space for ads and branded content. You won’t find any pay-per-click or cost-per-impression pricing structures on our site because we don’t believe that is the most effective and honest way to advertise. Rather than our readers being bombarded with hundreds of banner ads or an abusive amount of emails, they see only a limited number of ads on our site and newsletters in their inbox. We allow our clients to have a “share in the voice” we have with our audience — so if there are four advertisers, each would receive 25% of the advertising share. This advertising structure facilitates a good relationship with our readers because we respect their digital space as well as crates a better partnership with our clients because they understand the value in the exclusivity of advertising with us. We are the #1 AV news publication in the industry. And we only work with the best. Sure, we could sell more ads and add more advertisers, but we don’t. We keep ad and sponsorship inventory limited to add value and focus on the content. 7

[PUBS] OUR READERS 40% Readers from North America 8 40% Readers from Europe, Middle East & Africa 20% Readers from the rest of the world

[PUBS] [BY THE NUMBERS] The target audience for rAVe was originally only what we call “AV Insiders” — AV dealers, integrators, consultants, designers, etc. that deal in the sale, specification, design and installation of audiovisual products. We still focus on them as a core audience. But as the market evolved, we found more end users, the technical ones who wanted to understand themselves (e.g., tech managers at universities and CIOs at corporations), looking at our news. 5% | manufacturers 80% 15% | end users of rAVe’s readership are “AV insiders” Estimated data as of August 2019 9

[PUBS] NEWSLETTERS In addition to our website and social media accounts, we have 10 different newsletters broken down into specific AV industry vertical markets. Each of our newsletters is sent two to four times per month and is filled with content relevant to that specific market or audience. All newsletter content is also hosted on rAVePubs.com and/or our end-user facing AV Buyers.Club website. Because we are an all-digital publication, we don’t have an editorial calendar; we let our writers write about whatever they want, whenever they want. This allows us to deliver the most timely and relevant news to our readers in every issue. rAVe ProAV Edition rAVe’s flagship publication for the commercial market For AV integrators, installers, designers, consultants and other AV insiders working in the ProAV commercial market. Features up-to-date product news and editorials from industry experts, including rAVe co-founder Gary Kayye, in technology and business. rAVe DS [Digital Signage] rAVe’s publication for the digital signage market For integrators and dealers navigating the profitable and unique digital signage market. Features up-to-date product news and opinionated commentary on the digital signage market. 10 rAVe HomeAV Edition rAVe’s flagship publication for the residential (CEDIA) market For home AV integrators, designers, distributors and AV insiders working in the residential (CEDIA) AV market. Features up-to-date product news and editorials from industry subject matter experts. rAVe UCC [Unified Communications & Collaboration] rAVe’s publication for unified conferencing and collaboration For integrators, dealers, distributors, manufacturers and systems designers who design, install and sell products or technologies for collaborative or conferencing spaces.

[PUBS] rAVe ED [Education] rAVe’s publication for tech in the higher-ed and K-12 markets For integrators and dealers who sell equipment to and design systems for educational institutions in higher education and K-12. Targets facility managers making AV-related decisions. rAVe HOW [House of Worship] rAVe’s publication focused solely on the HOW market For integrators and dealers who focus on the house-of-worship AV market. Features product news and content from industry influencers, and editorials from industry experts Anthony Coppedge and Dr. Fred Ampel. rAVe RADIO rAVe’s publication for the rave RADIO podcast network Features podcasts such as Gary Kayye’s “Rants and rAVes,” Mark Coxon’s “Selling AV” and other podcasts from industry experts. rAVe RADIO also includes links to show-related podcasts recorded on-site at events. LAVNCH BLAST rAVe Rental [and Staging] rAVe’s publication for the AV rental, staging & live events market For integrators and dealers who work in the fast-paced AV rental, staging and live events market. Features up-to-date product news and content from industry subject matter experts such as Joel Rollins. rAVe AV Buyers.Club rAVe’s publication tailored to AV & IT end users For end users such as technology managers in educational institutions or Fortune 500 companies, digital signage network operators, technology purchasers, IT and AV managers and more. rAVe Europe rAVe’s publication dedicated to the EMEA AV market For the European and Middle Eastern ProAV systems integrator and installer. Features relevant industry news, reviews, statistics and editorials. rAVe’s monthly marketing focused email blast – For AV integrators, installers, designers, consultants and LAVNCH event attendees. Features new products releases, announcements, industry events and more. 11

[PUBS] NEWSLETTER OPPORTUNITIES Newsletter Edition Sponsorship of rAVe email newsletters is the way to reach readers in a particular vertical market of the AV industry. We started with rAVe ProAV Edition in 2003 and have since expanded to include 10 additional newsletters. With each rAVe newsletter sponsorship, sponsors will receive a 300x250 graphic ad (aka banner ad) with a linked URL redirecting those who click to sponsor websites. Sponsors of rAVe ProAV Edition and rAVe HomeAV Edition will receive one custom HTML email blast per month to the rAVe subscriber lists of the corresponding newsletter. All newsletter ads are 300 by 250 pixels. Files may be .png, .jpg or .gif formats (no HTML5, Flash files or ads from third-party ad servers). Please also submit a URL for your ad to link to — UTM links and other tracking links are accepted, but please no bit.ly links or other common URL shorteners. rAVe Rental [and Staging] rAVe HOW [House of Worship] AV Buyers.Club rAVe RADIO rAVe Europe LAVNCH BLAST 2 2 2 1 1 1 Add-on: rAVe newsletter sponsors have the option to purchase individual e-blasts to newsletter lists (except ProAV Edition and HomeAV Edition) for a discounted price. 12 $2,500 / month $2,500 / month $3,500 / month $3,000 / month $2,000 / month $1,000 / month 3 months 3 months 3 months 6 months 12 months 1 month Max send: 1 / month Price: $2,500 rAVe ProAV Edition rAVe HomeAV Edition Newsletter Edition rAVe DS [Digital Signage] rAVe UCC [Unified Communications & Collaboration] rAVe ED [Education] # of Issues / Month 4 2 # of HTML Blasts 1 / month 1 / month # of Issues / Month 2 2 2 Price $6,000 / month $3,000 / month Price $4,500 / month $2,500 / month $3,000 / month Standard Contract 12 months 3 months Standard Contract 6 months 3 months 6 months

CUSTOM E-BLAST OPPORTUNITIES [PUBS] rAVe ProAV Edition rAVe DS [Digital Signage] rAVe HomeAV Edition rAVe ED [Education] rAVe Rental [and Staging] rAVe HOW [House of Worship] rAVe UCC [Unified Communications & Collaboration] rAVe RADIO AV Buyers.Club $6,500 $4,500 REACH AV INDUSTRY DECISION-MAKERS Leverage rAVe’s loyal readership by sending your custom HTML email directly to the inbox of rAVe readers. Our lists are sorted by vertical industry market so you can be sure your targeted message reaches the right audience. We protect our lists and limit the number of email blasts available to ensure our readers do not receive too many emails and to make sure yours is seen (aka share-of-voice). And, if you need help designing your e-blast, the rAVe [CREATE] team can do it for you ($1,000 per email design). 13

[PUBS] OUR PHILOSOPHY = SOV: WEBSITE AND BANNER OPPORTUNITIES The rAVe [PUBS] website is everything you have come to know and love about rAVe. Delivering the best AV news and information, rAVe [PUBS] is the number one AV news publication. Period. Banner advertisements are a basic element of a brand-awareness campaign. All banner ads on rAVePubs.com and/or AV Buyers.Club meet IAB standards and are valued through a share-of-voice advertising model. Banner and mobile ads appear in the same placements on rAVePubs.com and/or AV Buyers.Club web pages, and also on our home page, individual article pages, blogs, podcast posts and industry resource pages. We believe in and operate on a share-of-voice (SOV) advertising model. If there are four advertisers, each advertiser receives 25% of the advertising weight. All sponsor ads are seen the same number of times, and ads will not get lost in the mix. We promise. Format Size Location 728x90 px 300x250 px 300x250 px 300x600 px 300x250 px 720x1200 px* Leaderboard rAVePubs.com Top Medium Rectangle rAVePubs.com Bottom Medium Rectangle rAVePubs.com Wide Skyscraper rAVePubs.com Medium Rectangle AV Buyers.Club rAVe [NEWS] App File formats accepted: .png, .jpg, .gif, HTML5 (no Flash files) *Minimum resolution accepted. Ad must contain 3:5 ratio Price $899 / month $450 / month $450 / month $699 / month $550 / month $550 / month Max # of Ads 8 8 8 8 8 8 14

[PUBS] SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES We established our main social media accounts over a decade ago and now have more followers than any other AV trade publication. You can leverage our social reach and promote your products and/or your brand to our social audience. AMBASSADOR Ideal For: Small Announcements, Event Promotion, Company News Includes: • Needs-Analysis Call • 5 Tweets • 2 LinkedIn Posts • 2 Facebook Posts • Performance Report INFLUENCER Ideal For: Product Launches, Product Promotion, Service Highlights and Features, Brand Awareness, Case Studies, White Papers Includes: • Needs-Analysis Call • 15 Tweets • 8 LinkedIn Posts • 4 Facebook Posts • 2 Posts on Gary Kayye’s Personal LinkedIn Page • Paid Social Media Campaign (Managed by rAVe) Ideal Timeline: 1 Month $1,500 • Performance Report Ideal Timeline: 3 Months $5,500 See additional add-on promoted content options from rAVe [PUBS] on page 16. Interested in more options? Let us build a custom social media marketing package for you. Contact: Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com 15 Ideal Timeline: 6 Months Starting at $10,000 EXECUTIVE Ideal For: Brand Retention, Product Series Campaign, Product Launches, Content Distribution, Creative Campaigns Includes: • Needs-Analysis Call • Custom Social Media Marketing Campaign Designed by rAVe [CREATE] • Paid Social Media Campaign (Managed by rAVe) • Graphic Creation and Support • Performance Report

[PUBS] PROMOTED CONTENT Highlight your brand, story, products or announcements on rAVePubs.com We have always believed the best marketing is education. To educate well, you need great content — and that’s where content marketing comes in. It’s a unique way to publish content and position a new product or series. And we have a channel of readers who prefer it to traditional banner ads. All promoted content pieces are published on rAVePubs.com and/or AV Buyers.Club and are featured on the top of our homepage for at least one week. Sponsored marketing content is marked as promoted and shared on the @rAVePubs Twitter account. Stream video interview with Gary Kayye to his LinkedIn profile, the rAVe LinkedIn company page and the rAVe Twitter channel. Increase the reach of your video interview, new product launch or product demo with LinkedIn Live. The video will be promoted ahead of time on all rAVe social channels, push notifications delivered to Gary’s connections and recording will be uploaded to the rAVe [PUBS] YouTube channel. Blog Posts Podcasts Videos LinkedIn Live Video Articles posted on rAVePubs.com Podcasts posted on rAVe RADIO iTunes channel & rAVePubs.com Written by you - $1,000 Written by rAVe - $2,000 16 “Rants and rAVes” - $2,000 Videos posted on rAVePubs.com Product Demo - $2,000 rAVe [NOW] video or your video - $1,000 Videos livestreamed to Gary Kayye’s & rAVe [PUBS] LinkedIn connections Product Demo/Interview - $5,000* *Includes additional promotion.

[PUBS] PROMOTED CONTENT Increase the reach of your promoted content with additional social media and rAVe newsletter coverage. @rAVePubs will post about your story, podcast or video on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and we will tag your company so that you can share it too. Your content will also be featured in at least one of our monthly newsletters. SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION LEVEL 1 | $750 2 tweets • 1 LinkedIn rAVe company post • 1 LinkedIn AVIP group post • 1 Facebook Post • Feature in the promoted post section of a rAVe newsletter SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION LEVEL 2 | $1,500 3 tweets • 1 LinkedIn rAVe company posts • 1 LinkedIn AVIP group post • 1 LinkedIn post on Gary Kayye’s personal page • 1 Facebook Post • Feature in a rAVe newsletter with a special graphic ad COPYWRITING AND EDITORIAL OPPORTUNITIES Need help with your promoted content? We have a team of experienced copywriters and editors who can create content such as blogs, case studies and white papers. We can help your brand deliver engaging subject matter and educational content to the AV audience. Services include ghostwriting, white-labeled content to live on client channels, interviews and design services. BLOGS Includes: • Topic creation and content planning • 30-minute Zoom interview with SME • Word count: 400 - 800 • Creation of supporting graphics • Finished blog post with imagery $1,000 + $1,000 to promote on rAVePubs.com CASE STUDIES AND WHITE PAPERS Includes: • Topic creation and content planning • 30-minute Zoom interview with up to three SMEs • Layout design • Word count: starting at 1,500 • Creation of supporting graphics • Client case study template (designed for each client with custom branding) • Final PDF for distribution and promotion Starting at $4,000 +$2,500 to promote on rAVe [PUBS] channels 17

[PUBS] Interactive Polls Live Audience Q&A Product Videos Spec Sheets Archive Content STARTING AT $6,500 It’s like a webinar; only way, way, way better! Our LAVNCH & LEARN webinar-style events allow you to present content to your audience in a way that incorporates engaging features and interactive content without limiting your ability for branding. All LAVNCH & LEARN events include tracking features so you can see exactly what content each attendee engages with during the event. Although similar to a webinar, LAVNCH & LEARN gives you the ability to customize the live features and upload additional content marketing so that users aren’t just logging on for a one-hour session - but are able to join in for an engaging digital event all in one place! And with our turn-key event service, we will build the page, populate the content, manage registration and promote the event. Plus, we will use the rAVe [PUBS] channels to help promote your LAVNCH & LEARN! Optional add-ons: Have Gary Kayye host the LAVNCH & LEARN with your own subject matter experts, creating an even more engaging and valuable event for your attendees. Gary will work with your presenters to create the educational content our readers have come to know and love. 18

[PUBS] SURVEYS Gain insights into the always-evolving AV industry. Survey rAVe readers, collect leads and receive feedback on new products or technology through rAVe surveys. We will design a branded survey and distribute the questions via a custom-designed email blast, as well as rAVe social media channels, also managing the incentive process for webinar participants. You’ll receive the raw data and leads collected from the survey. Through rAVe surveys, we guarantee you at least 120 leads. * Price includes survey incentive $8,100* WHITE PAPER / CASE STUDY PROMOTION Your case study or white paper will be published as a story on rAVePubs.com (promoted for at least one week), featured as an ad (designed by rAVe) in the appropriate corresponding rAVe newsletter vertical and promoted on rAVe social media channels. (If this content is long, or protected by a registration wall, we will write a blog promoting it for publication instead of publishing the case study or white paper itself.) Optional add-on: Leverage rAVe’s email newsletter subscribers and promote your case study or white paper with a custom HTML email blast designed by rAVe. $2,500 $3,000 We also have the ability to place a lead wall in front of your white paper or case study on rAVePubs.com to capture AV integrator and end-user leads. Ask us about our package options. Looking for more ways to generate leads? We can help! Learn more about our LAVNCH services at the back of this book. 19

[NOW] [NOW] rAVe Your Hybrid Event Delivered as a 365-Day Experience Would you like to take all the money, time and resources you invested into your one-, two- or three-day in-person event and turn it into a hybrid virtual experience that lasts 365 days. Well, that’s exactly what THE rAVe Agency does with our rAVe [NOW] talent. For more than 11 years, we’ve been converting three- and four-day analog, in-person shows like ISE, UBTech, InfoComm and CEDIA into living, digital, year-round shows. We’ve helped Almo Professional A/V, AVI Systems and NEC Display turn their open house events into hybrid virtual experiences. And [NOW], we want to do it at your event. With rAVe [NOW]’s event-based show coverage, we will turn your regional show, open house, conference or trade show into a hybrid virtual event for both inperson and remote attendees. We will turn your 2-3 day event into a 365-day virtual archive for users to visit even months later using the same work ethic and attention to detail you’ve seen on all our flagship events for the past 10 years. 20

[NOW] With every event, we provide our clients and readers with the most comprehensive coverage of the show floor, using every social network and digital medium available to us. Our team will help you build a full-scale media plan to cover your event, and we will see it through to the end. With planning, strategy, implementation and execution, we will transfer your event to the online world and help expand its reach to a larger, more diverse digital audience. Starting at $10,000 Product Videos For trade shows, we bring a team of reporters to shoot product videos at every booth or stand on the show floor; we create a digital video library of everything displayed and introduced, resulting in hundreds of videos by the Unique Email Marketing We can create email blasts for your show or event and send them to rAVe readers to increase engagement. This is the most effective way to reach all rAVe readers and complement our extensive social media reach. show’s end. Social Media Coverage We’re on every platform, all the time. Our social coverage sets rAVe apart from other publications in the AV industry. Reach a new digital audience, and receive the best traffic before, during and after your event. Podcasting & Videocasting Promote your presence at shows through podcasts and videocasts with our founder, Gary Kayye. We can podcast live from trade shows as a part of our “The Trade Show Minute” podcast series. Blogs & Articles Our editorial team can write blogs and articles to cover newsworthy events, company product releases, industry news and more. Our longform content drives traffic to the microsite we can create for your event. Online Opportunities With banner ads, we’ll help you increase traffic to your company website or event microsite. Moving to a virtual experience? Check out our LAVNCH services in the back of the book. 21

[CREATE] [CREATE] rAVe THE ONLY Creative Agency in AV. Period. AV brands need fresh, creative ideas to help them stand out in a technical, mostly spec-focused industry. [CREATE] gives you the tools to reach your target audience and share your brand’s story. OUR SERVICES Social Media Management Content Marketing Webinar Development Experiential Marketing VR for AV 22

[CREATE] #AVisLIFE | Experiential Marketing 2nd 1,230 most used hashtag at InfoComm 2019 people engaged 1.6 million people reached online 15.3 million online impressions 6,000 leads for sponsors LAVNCH WEEK 2.0 | Experential Marketing 73% 15,563 engagement rate polls answered 7,851 people registered 2,529 unique visitors View the full #AVisLIFE and LAVNCH WEEK 2.0 case studies at THErAVeAgency.com 23

[CREATE] SERVICES 01 SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT We manage the social media accounts of some of the most popular brands in AV — and you’d never know it. We help brands create a social voice and tone that’s unique to them and their audience while remaining in line with their marketing strategy. So, if you want to grow your followers and expand your reach, or you need to outsource your social media marketing, let us do it for you. EXAMPLES: Social Media Management, Social Strategy, Paid Social Campaigns, Social Analysis/Audits 02 CONTENT MARKETING Great content is incredibly important to your marketing. Our team will customize all the messaging around your brand or product in a way that generates leads. For example, we can create a white paper or educational guide — not one filled with jargony marketing speak but one that is truly educational and timely. We can help you deliver it to your audience with a custom distribution strategy, all while helping you generate leads and, ultimately, clients. EXAMPLES: White Paper / Case Study Writing, Blog Writing, Content Curation, Social Media Content Creation 24

[CREATE] 03 WEBINAR DEVELOPMENT Reach a wider audience, generate leads and educate the AV industry with a custom webinar for your brand. Our [CREATE] team will outline a comprehensive webinar strategy including: content creation, promotion, follow-ups and how-to guides. We also offer our LAVNCH & Learn service, a turn-key, webinar management service to help with marketing initiatives. More about LAVNCH & Learn is on page 18. EXAMPLES: Webinar Management, Content Creation, Webinar Moderating, Webinar Promotion, White-Label Services 04 EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING Live event experiences and participation engages and entertains — increasing brand loyalty and creating excitement for a campaign. Our experiential marketing team is the best in the industry and well known for THE GAME at trade shows such as InfoComm and ISE. If you’re interested in designing your own experiential marketing campaign to engage your audience, we can help. We can also help with hybrid events and hybrid experiential marketing! EXAMPLES: Event Marketing Strategy, Event Management, Launch Strategy, Communication Strategy, Gamification, Hybrid Events 05 VR FOR AV Take the lead in innovation and B2B customer experience by turning your fixed installs into living case studies. Our platform agnostic VR solution works on every VR platform and web browser. Our team will create a VR experience of your install, case study, event or trade show booth and teach you how to use the experience to capture and engage with new leads. EXAMPLES: Launch Plans, VR Case Studies, Custom-Hosted VR Experiences, VR Trade Show Booth Recreations 25

[CREATE] VR FOR AV With rAVe [VR]’s platform agnostic B2B solution, we can turn your installations into living case studies. So, instead of having your potential clients read about installs you’ve done, you can literally show them — and they can see it using a VR headset or via a web browser on a desktop, laptop or mobile phone. rAVe [VR] takes care of everything — from embedding product videos from our library of 30,000+ videos launched in the last 10 years to teleporting the client to your website. Impress your customers, and give them an experience unlike anything they’ve seen before. CASE STUDIES Take your case studies into the future by creating a virtual reality tour of your installs. We can include embedded video interviews with your engineers and/or designers, links to specs, videos of products used in the room, contact information and other media to engage your audience in a way that’s almost as good as being there in person. See examples of our VR case studies at THErAVeAgency.com/VR 26 TRADE SHOW BOOTHS / EXPERIENCE CENTERS Contact Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com for a custom quote. Take your analog trade show booth, open only to customers for a few days at a time, and turn it into an immersive experience that’s accessible all year long. We’ll capture your booth experience with our 3-D technology equipment and turn the footage into a 3-D exhibit that can be viewed via all VR goggles or on a website (even on mobile). It’s the next best thing to being there in person. Best of all, it can generate leads all year long. We can do the same for your experience centers, too!

[CREATE] For more information and a custom VR quote, please contact Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com. 27

[STORYTELLING] rAVe [STORYTELLING] [STORYTELLING] THE #1 Strategic Partner to Help Build Your Brand. Period. Brands need strategic storytelling to set themselves apart in the market and create lasting connections with their audiences. [STORYTELLING] has the tools and expertise to reach your audience, build brand awareness and establish authentic relationships. Strategic Communications & Content Development Media Relations Employee Relations Dealer & Distributor Relations Industry Liaison Services Community Relations Crisis Management 28

[STORYTELLING] STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS & CONTENT DEVELOPMENT We’ll establish objectives, key messages and target audiences to develop a road map for communication. We’ll remove the sales and marketing jargon to develop meaningful content that aligns with your marketing strategy to create a voice for your brand that builds relationships and brand credibility. EMPLOYEE RELATIONS Your employees are some of your biggest assets. Build sound relationships with them to foster positive opinions so that they can serve as ambassadors for your brand. We will research, conduct and evaluate programs to strengthen your relationships with employees and create stewards for your brand. INDUSTRY LIAISON SERVICES Our network connects your brand with the people and companies you want to meet in the audiovisual space. We will support your event coordination and logistics, lead management and promotional marketing to help you deliver the right message to your audience before, during and after an event. CRISIS MANAGEMENT Another one of a brand’s most valuable assets is its reputation. Crisis management is a critical organizational function that predicts problems, anticipates threats and seizes opportunities to prevent crises. We will identify potential emerging issues that could impact your brand and deploy strategic public relations responses. Interested in rAVe [STORYTELLING]? Reach out to explore our partnership opportunities. Contact: Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com MEDIA RELATIONS Even the best story won’t land media coverage without the work that comes before the pitch — both in preparation for contacting the media and afterward to maintain relationships with them. We’ll leverage these media relationships to create a voice for your brand, generate media coverage and establish brand recognition with your audience. DEALER & DISTRIBUTOR RELATIONS Engaging your customers through experience marketing, gamification and personalized events will expand your network, strengthen your industry relationships and build brand loyalty. We will develop a strategy for customized programs and events — including headquarter tours, trade show networking and social activities to engage your audience and increase your ROI. COMMUNITY RELATIONS Position your company as a strong corporate citizen and take an active interest in the well-being of your community. We will establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities you operate in through support and ongoing programs. Through community relations, your brand will benefit increased visibility. 29

[CONSULT] [CONSULT] rAVe THE #1 Creative Consulting Agency in AV. Period. With 45+ years in the AV industry and in marketing, we know what we’re talking about. Our wide range of expertise can help you uncover valuable insights to elevate your business. Whether you have a specific market challenge you’re facing or you’re wondering what more you can do to connect with your clients and buyers, our team can help. We’re here to enable you to learn, grow and uncover the path forward. Distribution Strategy Product Development Market Analysis Branding Marketing Strategy For more information, please contact Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com 30

[CONSULT] DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY The AV industry is complex. Wondering whether you should go through dealers or distributors? Need to figure out how to get your products in front of the best VARs? Perhaps you even want help figuring out the best strategy for selling direct. We’ll help you navigate your options and figure out the best partners to work with to achieve your goals. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT We’ve helped design and create the market strategy for products from some of the biggest names in AV — Crestron, Sony, Extron, HP, Da-Lite and others. Looking for new applications for an existing product? Not sure whether to go a particular route with a design? Want to find out what it takes to enter a product category you’ve never been in before or reach a vertical market you’ve never approached? Whether you have a fully developed product or just an inkling of an idea, we can help. MARKET ANALYSIS We’ve been working in the AV industry for decades. We’ve been through the analog sunset and AV/IT convergence, and we’ve seen countless technologies and standards. We know the ProAV market backward and forward, including all the players with the best and most up-to-date information. We’re not a traditional market research firm, but we DO know the ProAV market better than anyone else. Whether it’s an answer to a difficult question or a comprehensive market report, we can get you what you need. MARKETING STRATEGY The foundation of every great campaign is research and strategy. If you feel like you’re just spending marketing money to get your logo or products seen and don’t know whether it’s working, engage our strategists. We’ll use research, combined with our industry knowledge and creative expertise, to produce strong insights, recommendations, plans and strategy briefs for your brand. Want to learn more about how rAVe [CONSULT] can help you? Schedule a consultation with our team. Contact: Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com BRANDING At the core of every successful campaign is a clear message. We’ve helped some of the biggest brands in AV build and execute branding programs that have included product launches, brand strategies, trade show activities and traditional advertising campaigns. We’ll help you position your organization, event, product or person so you can effectively reach and engage your target audience. Let our team help you build your foundation with our branding (and rebranding) services. 31

[SPEAK] [SPEAK] [SPEAK] rAVe Gary Kayye is a dynamic speaker who has engaged audiences and taught classes all over the world for more than 30 years. His entertaining and approachable speaking style has earned him numerous speaking distinctions, including the InfoComm Educator of the Year and NSCA Instructor of the Year awards. And he’s consistently rated a top presenter by audience members. Gary currently teaches new media, advertising and branding in the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he has won Adjunct Professor of the Year and remains one of the most popular professors on campus. He is recognized as an expert in marketing, personal branding, social media and new media, particularly as it applies to B2B technology markets. Get ready for a speaking event you’ll never forget! Gary will bring his years of industry experience and marketing prowess to your next event or company meeting, whether in-person or virtually. His brilliant and accessible talks will educate, entertain and inspire your entire organization. Available for: Keynotes, General Sessions, Education Classes & Seminars, Panel Discussions, Virtual & Hybrid Events 32 KEYNOTE SPEAKER EDUCATOR MARKETER Speaking and promotional packages are custom designed based on the event. For booking information, please contact Gary@THErAVeAgency.com

[SPEAK] 33

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