Academic achievement was at the forefront of school life at St. Edward’s. To succeed in school allowed one to succeed in life, not just for oneself but for the benefit of others as well. Until the late 1960’s students were required to write provincial examinations in order to graduate from high school. The entire academic year came down to successfully completing one three-hour, Ontario-wide exam. These tests were marked in Toronto and each student’s results would be published in the newspaper in August. Talk about pressure! The Sisters prepared them well and St. Edward’s students were up to the task, but it was a gruelling academic exercise. Some students, although strong academically, found the format of the provincial exam too daunting and thus did not graduate. A single exam was a difficult way to assess a student’s ability, but it remained that way for generations. The province changed the procedure for graduation requirements in 1968, with high schools setting their own examinations and assessment of students, based on provincial guidelines. Life at St. Edward’s has not all been about academic studies. Sports have played an important part in the life of the student. Every recess and noon-hour, baseball and football players flooded the areas in front of the school and church and behind the rectory. During winter months pupils rushed to the arena for an hour of skating or hockey at noon-time. Sometimes the Sisters joined in on the skating. In the 1960’s there were few players who could match the speed and skill of Sister Elizabeth Jane Fraser on the ice! From time to time the school hockey team would play Catholic schools from Kingston, Brockville, Smiths Falls and Perth. A photo in Sr. Cawley’s 1986 book shows the St. Edward’s high school team with the tournament trophy for 1958. Track and field days were held each spring, with Bedford Street serving as the track for the foot-races. Perhaps the fastest races of all were those featuring the boys scurrying to afternoon classes from the downtown poolroom! In 1970 the new school featured a gym so classes could enjoy basketball, volleyball, floor hockey and other indoor sports. Students today have a multi-faceted playground for fun and games at recess time. The Grade 5/6 class playing badminton in the school gymnasium. (2012) The St. Edward Catholic School Choir 2011-2012 ~ Led by teacher Jeannette (McNally) Kenny. The school choir sings at all school Masses and at different functions throughout the community. 7

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