St. Edward’s School has been well known for its celebrations. The spirit of the school leaps forth from yearbooks, newspaper articles and reminiscences from teachers and students alike. Music, plays, Christmas concerts, dances, bands, choirs, public speaking, debating teams highlight each year. Each May a devout procession around the school and church grounds honoured the Blessed Virgin Mary. Helen McCarthy writes in the parish history about the St. Patrick’s Day festivities over the years. Mrs. McCarthy recounts the first concert which was held in 1888 to honour Father Patrick Twohey’s feast day. St. Edward’s Parish had its own drama club which worked closely with the school and the Catholic Women’s League (established in the parish in 1921) to put on annual productions. Many St. Patrick’s Day concerts were held in the CWL Hall on the north-west corner of Spring and Church Streets, and were open to the public. Along with the church, school and convent, the CWL Hall was a gathering place for parish and school events for many decades - from Communion breakfasts to plays to dances, fairs, delicious suppers, and receptions after weddings, funerals and ordinations. The Hall was truly a real hub of activity, reflecting the vital role of the Catholic Women’s League in parish and community life. Monsignor Walter Lynett, graduate and priest of the Archdiocese of Kingston, recalled in the 1986 history of the school and convent how Mother St. John of the Rosary harnessed the raw talent of high school students to produce memorable dramatic productions. In one St. Patrick’s Day concert held at the CWL Hall, he was selected to be the emcee for the production. Upon his arrival in town he jumped off the sleigh, only to land in a fairly fresh pile of horse manure. He recalls being cleaned up with soap and water and carried on with his hosting duties. Monsignor, a great story-teller himself, ends the reflection by stating that that particular evening was the highlight of his acting career! St. Edward Catholic School Students in the newly renovated gym ~ June 2011 8

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