A THANK YOU NOTE FROM Reginald W. Coopwood, MD This year marked my 10th anniversary as CEO of Regional One Health. It also brought with it the worst health care crisis I have faced in my 35 years in health care. I am sobered by the hardship the pandemic has caused to individuals and families in our region and the enormous pressure it has placed on Regional One Health. Before and even more so since the pandemic, Regional One Health has lived out our mission in the most awe-inspiring way. I am honored to witness Regional One Health employees, donors and volunteers facing the COVID-19 pandemic head-on. As a current donor, you are part of our team too! Your support makes a difference. I, along with our employees and patients, am grateful for you. As we journey through these difficult times facing challenge after challenge, there is no doubt we need you now more than ever. You give us hope and the inspiration to turn this difficult situation into opportunities. You help us create change out of a challenge. You supported us as we found new ways to provide exceptional care during the pandemic. This includes curbside pharmacy services, virtual childbirth classes, intubation aerosol protective equipment, and a virtual menopause support group, just to name a few. This Gratitude Report is for you. I want each of you to know how you inspire hope and bring healing to people during very scary times. Please mask up, wash your hands, and stay safe. Reginald W. Coopwood, MD President and CEO Regional One Health

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Michael R. Hess, Chairman Scott Franklin, Vice-Chair Tim Clay, Treasurer Eric Epperson, Secretary Kontji Anthony Alison Barton Chris Bird Trey Carter Lavelle Fitch Jodie Gilmore Helen Gronauer Steve Guinn Michael L. Nichols Sarah Norton John R. Owen, Jr. Jeff Pearson Frank Quinn Jenny D. Robertson Cait Shores Paulo Teixeira YOU BROUGHT HEALING, HOUSING AND HOPE TO ARIEL 2 How you helped Ariel Agnew regain her health and her hope YOU GAVE HOPE IN THE FACE OF FEAR 4 When Salem Sellars had COVID-19, she found healing and compassion at Regional One Health THE MIRACLE OF BIRTH IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 6 You offered lifesaving care, comfort, and hope for Audrey Nicodemus during her high-risk pregnancy YOUR IMPACT REPORT STAFF Tammie Ritchey Senior Vice President Chief Development Officer Sheilla Brown Development Associate Mary Catherine Burke Director of Events Patrick Byrne Director of Development Rachel Alkire Development Officer, Major Gifts Randy Gonzalez Development Officer, Corporate & Foundation Relations Jevonte C. Porter Development Officer, Annual Giving Marsha Evans Foundation Operations Manager CONTRIBUTORS Kelly Josephsen, Jason Wommack MEMORIALS AND HONORARIUMS GIVE 901.545.6006 regionalonehealth.org/foundation/ change-a-life-donate-today/ regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 1 14 How your donations and contributions helped 16 ONE ROUND GOLF CLASSIC The Orion ONE Round golf tournament and women’s golf clinic continue to be a winning combination! EMPLOYEE GIVING 17 Another record year for employee giving HONOR ROLL OF DONORS 18 Thank you to all of our donors for their generous giving 20

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You brought healing, housing and hope to Ariel “I feel like someone really cares about me:” How you helped Ariel Agnew regain her health and her hope after a life-changing accident Ariel Agnew, by anyone’s definition, has been through a lot. She grew up in foster care, going from home to home. After moving back in with her mother as a young adult, she was in a car accident that killed her little brother and sister and left her in a coma. While she was on life support, her mother left town, leaving Ariel with nothing. But that isn’t Ariel’s story, at least not the one she’s writing with your help and Regional One Health’s ONE Health complex care initiative. ONE Health, which is funded by donors like you, continues to grow. The program employs nurses and social workers to build authentic relationships with patients, helping them lead healthy, productive lives. Ariel’s story starts with her gentle smile and quiet strength. At its core are her dreams for the future and the empathy she shows to everyone she meets. Because while Ariel Agnew has been through a lot, she still thanks God for every morning she opens her eyes. She still approaches the world with a belief that everyone deserves kindness. “When I feel helpless, I just think about how there are people going through worse, and I try to give them a hug or a smile,” Ariel said. “I try to carry it well by smiling. I don’t like being down – I like being up, because then maybe I can help somebody else.” regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 3

Ariel said that’s what you have done for her. She was connected with ONE Health while at Regional One Health being treated for an airway rupture caused by her accident. Social worker Coralotta Cromer did a double-take while looking over the patient list for her ONE Health rounds. The name “Ariel Agnew” brought her back nearly a decade, to a young girl she had bonded with as a foster care caseworker. Coralotta Cromer played a big role in connecting Ariel with ONE Health. “I said, ‘I know this young lady! We need to go see her,’” Coralotta said. “When we got there, the first thing I noticed were her eyes. Ariel’s eyes are very distinctive. I said, ‘This is her.’ To see her in that bed, it really did something to me. I had to help her.” For Ariel, Coralotta was not only a link to assistance but a familiar human connection at a time she was very much alone. “I found myself in the same position I’d been in as a kid, going from house to house, couch to couch,” she said. Everybody’s going through something, and it can make you a good person or a bad person. The things that happened to me made me a good person. Actually, I was already a good person. But this made me a strong person.” ARIEL AGNEW Working with the Community Alliance for the Homeless, Coralotta helped Ariel qualify for an apartment. Neighborhood Christian Center donated furniture; Regional One Health employees chipped in towels, bedding, and dishes; and the hospital’s facilities team moved her in. It has become a source of peace and comfort for Ariel. “I’ve got a place I can call home. A lot of people don’t have that, so I’m grateful,” she said. Ariel recently got a job and she’s enjoying the simple pleasures of her own four walls, like cooking a favorite meal of chicken and mashed potatoes. Even more 4 Regional One Health Foundation

Even though Ariel has been through a lot, her first thought when meeting other people is that they have struggles, too. Therefore, she tries to treat everyone with kindness and live a life of gratitude. YOUR IMPACT You are the reason Ariel is where she is today. Nearly all of the funding for ONE Health has come from our generous donors. Last year, ONE Health received more than $413,000 in donor support. These gifts enabled the program to add more team members. In turn, ONE Health was able to care for more patients. In FY20, the number of program participants grew from 224 to 430 (92% increase) and program “graduates,” i.e. patients who moved from crisis to self-sufficiency, grew from 65 to 159 (145% increase). To date, these patients experienced a 51% reduction in emergency department visits, a 69% reduction in inpatient admissions, a 62% reduction in the total cost of care, and a total of $11,616,605 in costs avoided. Support from you is vital to the continued success of ONE Health. To donate today, visit regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ and select “ONE Health” as your fund to support. importantly, her hope is returning. “I feel like someone cares about me. Miss Coralotta looks out for me. She knows me better than anyone, and I look at her like a mother.” Now, Ariel hopes to continue healing and get strong enough to help others – because, despite her hardships, she wants the moral of the life story she is writing to be one of compassion and love. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 5


You gave hope in the face of fear Salem Sellars is used to caring for seriously ill patients. When she had COVID-19, she found healing and compassion at Regional One Health Regional One Health has a second-to-none COVID-19 unit thanks to you. As a trauma intensive care nurse at Regional One Health, Salem Sellars knows how to care for seriously ill patients with skill, empathy, and confidence. When COVID-19 put her on the other side of that relationship, her place of work became her place of comfort and healing. Sellars’ COVID-19 experience began in June, and it hit fast. “I got sick so quickly,” she said. “I woke up one day and could not get out of bed.” By the time she tested positive a few days later, she was so short of breath she could barely walk. Within days, Sellars knew she needed help: “My son was with me, and I told him I was going to go to the hospital. He said, ‘Which one?’ and I said, ‘Take me to work.’” It’s a decision she is grateful for. After notifying the doctors and nurses of her positive test so they could protect themselves, she quickly learned she was being admitted. “I apparently looked very bad,” she said. “They took me to the emergency room and triaged me, put me on oxygen, and brought me to a room.” Her blood oxygen level was an alarming 78, far below the normal range of 95-100. Sellars recalls how her 22 years of nursing experience made the situation even more frightening: “It’s scary because you know too much. When I looked at that monitor, I was terrified I was going to be intubated.” regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 7

You made sure members of the COVID-19 Unit, like Dr. Dan Wells, had the extensive PPE needed to treat Salem. But her sense of alarm was eased by knowing she was receiving exceptional care. “From that moment forward, I could not have asked for better care,” she said. “They were confident and comfortable with what they were doing. As a nurse, when you see that, you know they’ve done this before, and they know what they’re doing.” Sellars commended hospitalist Dr. Amber Thacker, COVID-19 Unit leader, and her team for putting her at ease by explaining what was happening. When she worried about intubation, they explained the other steps they would take first, like putting her on a higher flow of oxygen. Every new medication, every treatment, every potential side effect was presented with information and reassurance. I’m not used to being sick, so it was very scary. They eased my mind and told me I was going to be okay. They were nice and funny and positive, and that really helped me. No one acted like they were scared to be around me. SALEM SELLARS Her team made up for the fact that she couldn’t have visitors by supporting her as much as possible. “They asked me about my life and work and kids and husband, and they shared their lives with me too,” she said. “They really worked with me on a personal level, and they were so accommodating. They even let me wear my own pajamas!” Sellars ended up spending seven days in the hospital. After her release, she dealt with lingering shortness of breath, an elevated heart rate, and fatigue; and her liver enzymes must be monitored. But she’s grateful to be back to work and moving forward. Once she is completely better, she hopes to donate convalescent plasma to help other patients. She also hopes to serve as a good example for others. Sellars says her story shows exactly why people must take COVID-19 seriously. 8 Regional One Health Foundation

She is just 43 years old and a nonsmoker. She does not have asthma, diabetes, hypertension, or any preexisting conditions considered risk factors. She implores everyone to follow basic safety guidelines: wear facemasks, keep a social distance of 6 feet from others, and wash hands frequently. And when she hears people argue that a low percentage of the population gets seriously ill with COVID-19, she hopes they’ll consider another angle. “When your loved one is part of that percentage, it makes all the difference,” Sellars said. “Or when you’re the one who winds up in the hospital not knowing what’s going to happen to you, it really does make you think about your mortality. I hope people take this seriously and take care of themselves and each other.” YOUR IMPACT You stepped up and supported Regional One Health when we needed you most! In the early months of the pandemic, more than $87,000 went to help the hospital set up two COVID-19 Units. Your gift was used to purchase PPE, technology and equipment needed to diagnose and treat those with the disease, including the high flow oxygen equipment that helped Salem. We still need your help. COVID-19 continues to attack our loved ones and friends. Your support will help Regional One Health continue to provide healing and compassionate care in a scary situation. Your support will go toward the purchase of critical supplies, equipment, and technology needed to treat patients during this crisis. To donate today, visit: regionalonehealth.org/covidgive/ Salem says Dr. Amber Thacker, center, and her team took time to explain what was happening and offer reassurance. “They were confident with what they were doing. When you see that, you know they’ve done this before, and they know what they’re doing.”

Audrey and Taylor Nicodemus braved a high-risk pregnancy in the midst of a pandemic with the support of their team at Regional One Health. The result? A precious baby boy named Lawson.

The miracle of birth in the time of COVID-19 You offered lifesaving care, comfort and hope for Audrey Nicodemus during her high-risk pregnancy A high-risk pregnancy in the middle of a pandemic could feel overwhelming. But Audrey and Taylor Nicodemus say you gave them new hope, new friends, and, best of all, a sweet new baby boy named Lawson. “At first, my pregnancy felt very nerve-wracking. I think I cried every other day!” Audrey said. “But Regional One Health made it as easy and stress-free as possible. After my first visit, I was able to start feeling excited.” Audrey had a condition called Rh sensitization, where a mother with Rh-negative blood is carrying a baby with Rh-positive blood. Antibodies in the mother’s blood attack the baby’s red blood cells, causing anemia, jaundice, and other complications. Audrey wanted to give Lawson his best chance at a healthy start, so she asked her obstetrician in Union City for a referral to Regional One Health’s MaternalFetal Medicine practice. Donors like you have built a service at Regional One Health that stands alone in the Mid-South in terms of technology and expertise. “I researched online, and I could see they had a lot of knowledge and experience. At 12 weeks, I went for the first time, and I immediately felt comfortable,” she said. Dr. Molly Houser walked Audrey through the steps they’d take to help Lawson thrive. “She had a plan, she was very positive, and she was very proactive. I automatically relaxed and felt more confidence,” Audrey said. Dr. Molly Houser regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 11

Lawson’s big brothers, Clayton and Holt, adore the new addition to the family. “Until his immune system gets stronger, we’re making them wear masks and gowns to hold him,” Audrey said. “They’ve been really great with him.” Audrey needed numerous fetal transfusions throughout her pregnancy, which meant making the two-hour drive to Memphis countless times. However, she says, “It felt like home – they took us under their wing. We knew we’d see familiar faces every time we came in, and that made it so much better.” The exceptional care continued when Audrey was ready to deliver. She was nervous about the epidural for her C-section, but Dr. Houser had the perfect words of encouragement: “She said she knew what I’d gone through to get him here, and she wanted me to be awake when he came out so I could see him,” Audrey said. In the end, it gave her the experience Dr. Houser knew was so important: “They put the curtain down so I could see him, and it was just an awesome moment. They had told me he might not cry much, but he had a good, strong cry – it was absolutely wonderful.” Audrey felt supported through it all, even when COVID-19 restrictions meant family members couldn’t be with her. “It was weird not having my family there as cheerleaders,” Audrey said. “But Regional One Health became part of our family, and that helped more than anything. We still had that support system – they had been on this ride with us from the beginning.” She never felt alone. 12 Regional One Health Foundation

It was weird not having my family there as cheerleaders. Regional One Health became part of our family, and that helped more than anything. AUDREY NICODEMUS LAWSON’S MOM After about a week in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Lawson headed home. Since then, Lawson has been a joy — a good sleeper and eater who loves to snuggle and is fast adjusting to life with his parents and brothers, Clayton, 11, and Holt, 7. “They love him. They want to help more than we let them,” Audrey laughed. It’s a happy ending to a journey that, while challenging, left Audrey feeling grateful. “It was all worth it,” she said. “Dr. Houser went out of her way to understand what I was going through and make me feel at ease. She is phenomenal, and we wouldn’t have gotten here without her.” YOUR IMPACT You are as much a part of the success of this incredible center as the physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers who provide expert care. During COVID-19, your gift bought cameras for each NICU baby bed. This allows siblings and grandparents, who cannot visit because of COVID precautions, to see their newest family member. Your gift helps the NICU team purchase technology, provide training to frontline health care workers, and assist new families in need. Help a NICU family and support our Newborn Center staff by donating today. Visit regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-lifedonate-today/ and select “Newborn Center (NICU)” or “HighRisk Obstetrics Program” as your fund to support. Lawson spent about a week in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after he was born. During her pregnancy, Audrey had a condition called Rh sensitization, where antibodies in her blood attacked Lawson’s red blood cells, putting him at risk for anemia, jaundice, and other complications.

FY2020 FINANCIAL REPORT (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020) $3,541,338.76 FY2020 DOLLARS GRANTED FROM REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION TO REGIONAL ONE HEALTH $413,935.71 (11.7%) ONE Health (population health strategy) $264,650.00 (7.5%) Trauma Center equipment purchases, education, and training $197,396.00 (5.6%) Two (2) Anesthesia machines $99,964.95 (2.8%) Center for Innovation funding $87,144.00 (2.5%) COVID-19 euipment and technology purchases 14 Regional One Health Foundation $83,775.64 (2.4%) Newborn Center: NicView 2 Camera System upgrades & other NICU equipment purchases $47,443.98 (1.3%) Burn Center equipment purchases, education and training $47,443.98 (1.3%) Burn Center education & training $2,347,028.48 (66.2%) Other technology and equipment purchases, education, training, and staff support

FY2020 TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS $2,422,275.00 $787,529.00 (32.5%) Community Donations FY2020 CONTRIBUTIONS TO REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION $812,700.00 (33.6%) Grants $456,650.00 (18.9%) Healthcare Heros Emergency Fund (COVID-19) $217,921.00 (9.0%) Employee Donations $79,200.00 (3.3%) ONE Round Golf Tournament $68,275.00 (2.8%) License Plate / Store Sales FY2020 DONORS BY SOURCE 1,929 2015-2020 FY 2015 Total donors 1,810 (93.8%) Individuals 113 (5.9%) Corporations / Organizations 6 (0.3%) Foundations / Estates FY 2018 TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO REGIONAL ONE HEALTH FOUNDATION FY 2017 FY 2016 FY 2020 FY 2019 $1,255,747.30 $1,319,771.00 $1,757,911.23 $2,683,689.24 $2,249,124.71 $2,422,275.00 regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 15

Orion ONE Round Golf Classic & Women’s Golf Clinic The Orion ONE Round golf tournament and women’s golf clinic continue to be a winning combination! We want to thank every sponsor, team and participant who contributed to the success of this great event. SAVE THE DATE Be sure to save the date for the 2021 ONE Round Golf Classic & Women’s Golf Clinic – Monday, May 24, 2021 at TPC Southwind. To sponsor or participate, please call 901-545-6006. 2019 SPONSORS TITLE SPONSOR PRESENTING SPONSOR PARTICIPATING SPONSORS Linkous Construction, McVean Trading & Investments, Hospital Wing, Cornerstone Systems, Vistage HOLE SPONSORS Jefferson Mortuary, UTROP, Flintco, Thomas Consultants, Inc., American Program Management, Southland Park, Data Blue, Converge One, TopRx, Celine & Martin Croce, MD

ANOTHER RECORD YEAR Regional One Health employees set another record, donate $225,000! Last year, Regional One Health employees went "ALL IN" in support of Regional One Health by donating a record $225,000 during our annual employee giving campaign. This amount eclipsed the record of $205,000 set the previous year. Each contribution from the more than 1,500 employees who participated played a part in the Foundation’s ability to grant $3.5 million to various areas across the Regional One Health system. Every dollar given stayed within the hospital and was strategically invested in medical technology, patient care programs, clinical research projects, professional education opportunities, and other initiatives that help improve the health of our patients. To all those who contributed...THANK YOU! Donate.RegionalOneHealthFoundation.org 17

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS We are tremendously grateful to have the support of many community members who help save and improve the lives of our patients through their generous contributions. We express this gratitude and recognize these donors through membership in the exclusive giving circles outlined below. All gift recognition levels celebrate the spirit of philanthropy to advance our health care mission. All charitable gifts help strengthen our institution by providing vital resources for medical technology, research, patient care and community programs. To retain recognition status, donors must continue to make gifts each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). JOHN GASTON SOCIETY Donors who give $100,000 or more annually. INDIVIDUALS Lee & Bob Harper Jay Martin CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Anonymous Plough Foundation AMBASSADOR SOCIETY Donors who give $50,000–$99,999 annually. INDIVIDUALS Lynn & Timothy Clay Erica & Reginald Coopwood, MD CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS State of Tennessee Truist Foundation PILLAR SOCIETY Donors who give $10,000–$49,999 annually. INDIVIDUALS Anonymous Susan & Damon Arney Alison & Jim Barton, Jr. Ron Coleman Celine & Martin Croce, MD Kirk Franklin Jodie & Patrick Gilmore Stacey & Thomas Hussey Peggy & Pat James Lisa & Louis Jehl 18 Regional One Health Foundation Allison & Jerry Jones, MD Linda Moses-Simmons, MD CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS AutoZone Baptist Memorial Health Care BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Center of Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. Cerner Corporation Dillard's Diversified Trust Company Estate of Rachel Ferguson First Horizon Bank Foundation Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC Healthcare Excellence Institute Johnson Auxiliary Gift Shop Memphis Fire Fighters Association Foundation Provident Management Consulting Q Source Scheidt Family Foundation, Inc. Southeastern Asset Management The Hohenberg Charity Trust University of Tennessee University of Tennessee Health Science Center UT Regional One Physicians (UTROP) Valero Memphis Refinery FOUNDERS CIRCLE Donors who give $5,000–$9,999 annually. INDIVIDUALS Daniel Case Lucy & Mark Forrester Lane & Scott Franklin William Hickerson, MD Clyde Jones, MD Suzana & Michael Lightman, Jr. R.E. Linkous Nikki & Dow McVean Tracy & Bob Moore Ellen & Henry Nixon, Jr. Frank Quinn Fran & Phil Shannon Cait & Josh Shores Tim Smith Deborah Tipton Nancy Smith Katherine & Thomas Whitman CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Ameriprise Financial Campbell Clinic Cigna Healthcare Dillard Door EnableComp Farris Bobango Branan PLC FedEx Corporation Hospital Wing HRO Partners, LLC Jaguar Land Rover Bluff City Linen King Linkous Construction Co. Lipscomb Pitts Insurance, LLC McVean Trading & Investments, LLC Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation Memphis Mission of Mercy NexAir LLC Paradigm Marketing & Creative Pinnacle Financial Partners Regions Financial Corporation Reliant Investment Management, LLC Southern Security Federal Credit Union St. Jude Children's Research Hospital United Healthcare Community Plan University Clinical Health Vizient PRESIDENTS CIRCLE Donors who give $1,000–$4,999 annually. INDIVIDUALS Imad Abdullah Kontji Anthony Andre Appleberry Velvet Bass

Nikia Bell Steven Boggs, MD Carmen Bond Hope Clayburn Susan Cooper Amanda & Giles Damron, DDS Joseph DeLozier, MD Susan & Eric Epperson Kay Ericksen Peter Felsenthal Lavelle Fitch Yolanda Fitzgerald Anne Forbus Randy Gonzalez Lawrence Goodwin Steven Guinn Barbara Haines Elise Hamdorff Eddie Hardin Blythe Harris Hilary & Bruce Harrison Lucia & Ricky Heros Roderick Holmes Andrew Ingles Lisa & Louis Jehl Deborah & King Johnson Susan Karpie Mark Kelly Jeffrey Landman Mark Lindstrom Bob Loeb Christine Maxwell William Moore Paul Morris Robert Morrison Jason Neel Aaron Neglia Contemprist Nelson Ellen & Henry Nixon Sarah Norton John Owen Rebecca & Bret Perisho Kimberly & Elliot Perry Liz Pritchard, MD Jim Proctor Frank Quinn Sandra Reed Tammie Ritchey Jenny Robertson Valerie Russell-Scott Kay Ryan Kathy & Roger Sapp Lisa Schafer John Sheahan Chantay Smartt, MD Julia & Ham Smythe Margaret Sutton Priscilla & Paulo Teixeira LaTina & Darrell Thomas Leticia Towns Renee Trammell Morgan Ward Merit Williams Charles Wilson Sheri Yendrek CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS American Program Management, LLC Capitol Resources, LLC Care Logistics CBRE, Memphis Christian Brothers University Converge One Data Blue, LLC Elvis How Great Thou Art Group Enviro Tech Chemical Services Firemen's Mixed League The Flores Family Foundation Ford Motor Company Forever Ready Productions Gang Elvis Fan Club Jailhouse Rockers of California KPMG Lakeside Behavioral Health Morrison Management Specialist PriceWaterHouseCoopers Corporation Reventics, Inc. Shelby County Employees Standard Electric Company, Inc. Staple Cotton Cooperative Association Turner Construction UBS Financial Services Vistage/The Decisive Element Anonymous regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 19

MEMORIAL AND HONORS Contributors List IN MEMORY OF JOHN BALFOUR Michael Balfour JIM BOGGS Mr. & Mrs. John Abide ED BONJA Jailhouse Rockers of California DARLENE BOWLES Jailhouse Rockers of California JOHN BURROW Beth Farrelly Hal Miller Robert Milner Matt Perkins Dennis & Susan Canada Gayle Murchison James & Barbara Dodge Laura West Monnie Puckett Bayless Guenther William Nicol Renee Guibao Sally King RICK COCO Jailhouse Rockers of California LINDA COLBURN CenWood Appliance-Memphis & Nashville Tammy Hales Laura Hollowell Meridian Development Group APM WNC PARTIE ARTIE DADYAN Jailhouse Rockers of California MIKE DEAN Mr. & Mrs. John Abide ELVIS PRESLEY David & Janice Peel Elvis How Great Thou Art Group Gang Elvis Fan Club – Brazil Lucille & Stanley Walkup Susan Karpie – Elvis Happy Fan Club Caroline Savery MARY FAULK Nila Carrington TRINA FREEMAN Michael Balfour BARRY GERALD Thomas Boulden TRACY GOODWIN Lawrence, Cathy Goodwin & Abigal MINNIE GRAY Cigna Healthcare WILMA HUEY Lori Schechter ROY JUNKIN Mr. & Mrs. John Abide NAN MCGARRH Mr. & Mrs. John Abide CHARLIE MILLER Mr. & Mrs. John Abide JULIE MILLER Jailhouse Rockers of California ANN MARIE MORGRET Margaret & William Craddock ELEANOR NEGRETE Jailhouse Rockers of California DONNA NORRIS Mr. & Mrs. John Abide 20 Regional One Health Foundation MIKE PARKER Mr. & Mrs. John Abide DAVE PORTER Joe & Yolanda Fitzgerald EDWARD REED Sandra Reed JACY REHLING Lanny Coker RUDI SCHEIDT, SR. Marsha Evans Tammie Ritchey Anne Keeney Peggy & Bill Veeser GREGORY SCHONBAUM M Schonbaum FRED SHERWOOD Mr. & Mrs. John Abide SHIRLEY SIMPKINSON Jailhouse Rockers of California DENNIS SKILES Jailhouse Rockers of California BILLIE STALLINGS Barbara Garriga Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. Sheila Smith JEAN STRANDERS Jailhouse Rockers of California LARRY TAYLOR Yvonne Shaw ANTHONY THOMPSON Lee & Bob Harper DARLENE TOMPKINS Jailhouse Rockers of California WEEGIE WALKER Mr. & Mrs. John Abide IN HONOR OF IMAD ABDULLAH Reginald Coopwood, MD MUHAMMAD AFZAL Thomas Whitman RACHEL ALKIRE Tammie Ritchey CHANDLER ALLEN Cynthia Bradford GAYLA ALLEN Cynthia Bradford SUSAN ARNEY Carmen Bond Deborah Tipton JOHN BALFOUR Michael Balfour TIFFANY BEE Thomas Whitman FRAZEL BENNETT Cynthia Bradford JUDY BRIGGS Cheryl Banks SHEILLA BROWN Tammie Ritchey MARY CATHERINE BURKE Tammie Ritchey PATRICK BYRNE Tammie Ritchey EDUARDO CABIGAO, MD Thomas Whitman The Flores Family Foundation CLEMENTINE CARTER Deborah Carter Johnson

SUSAN COOPER Ameriprise Financial Reginald Coopwood, MD Tennssee Hospital Association (THA) REGINALD COOPWOOD, MD Marsha Evans MAX COURTNEY Gary Matthews MARTIN CROCE, MD Carmen Bond Reginald Coopwood, MD MATTHEW CROSBY Cheryl Banks WILLIAM DABNEY Marsha Dabney MARSHA EVANS Matthew & Meredith Perkins Tammie Ritchey WILLIAM EVANS Thomas Whitman PETER FISCHER, MD Allison Vance ANNE FORBUS Cheryl Banks CHARLES FRANKLIN Cheryl Banks FRONTLINE REGIONAL ONE HEALTH TEAM Provident Management Consulting Reventics, Inc. Patrick Byrne NADISH GARG Thomas Whitman GLENDA MOORE Cheryl Banks THOMAS WHITMAN Boyd Gillespie RANDY GONZALEZ Tammie Ritchey FREDERICK HARRISON Bruce Harrison RICK HARRISON Bruce Harrison ALEXANDRIA HEPBURN D'Arcy Deveaux MICHAEL HESS Sarah Norton CLYDE M. JONES, MD Thomas Whitman JERRY JONES, MD Thomas Boulden WILLIAM KIM Reginald Coopwood, MD KITO LORD, MD Allison Vance LOUIS MAGNOTTI, MD Thomas Whitman EUGENE MANGIANTE, MD Thomas Whitman ROBERT MONTAQUE Cheryl Banks BOB MOORE Craig Wright MICHAEL MUHLBAUER, MD Thomas Whitman BEN NOONER Hensley Erath KIMBERLY PERRY Jaguar Land Rover Bluff City Lucia & Ricky Heros TRENT PIERCE Victoria Russell JEVONTE PORTER Marsha Evans Tammie Ritchey JAMES PROCTOR Cheryl Banks TAMMIE RITCHEY Reginald Coopwood, MD RUDI SCHEIDT, SR. Deborah Tipton MICHAEL MUHLBAUER, MD Thomas Whitman SRIDHAR SHANKAR Thomas Whitman CHRISTOPHER SHARP Thomas Whitman J.P. SHELLEY Beverly Shelley RUTH SHUMAKER Reginald Coopwood, MD RANDY SITES Merritt Hawkins Reginald Coopwood, MD BRUCE STEINHAUER, MD Marsha Evans Mack Land Jean Fisher Robert Morrison Tammie Ritchey Sannie Snell Gloria Thomas Annie Watkins AMBER THACKER, MD Allison Vance ELIZABETH THOMPSON Gina Webb LETICIA TOWNS Impact Management Group, Inc. Reginald Coopwood, MD RENEE TRAMMELL Reginald Coopwood, MD ALLISON VANCE Reginald Coopwood, MD DORIS VASSAR Cynthia Bradford JAMES R. WAGERS Cheryl Banks Reginald Coopwood, MD Jeffrey Landman WILMA WOOTEN Joe & Yolanda Fitzgerald regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 21

Adams Pavilion | 877 Jefferson Avenue | Memphis, TN 38103 P 901.545.6006 F 901.545.6999 regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ YOUR SUPPORT HELPS US SAVE LIVES! I’ H C S U P M a E a E a R R L E H E R O T H

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