You brought healing, housing and hope to Ariel “I feel like someone really cares about me:” How you helped Ariel Agnew regain her health and her hope after a life-changing accident Ariel Agnew, by anyone’s definition, has been through a lot. She grew up in foster care, going from home to home. After moving back in with her mother as a young adult, she was in a car accident that killed her little brother and sister and left her in a coma. While she was on life support, her mother left town, leaving Ariel with nothing. But that isn’t Ariel’s story, at least not the one she’s writing with your help and Regional One Health’s ONE Health complex care initiative. ONE Health, which is funded by donors like you, continues to grow. The program employs nurses and social workers to build authentic relationships with patients, helping them lead healthy, productive lives. Ariel’s story starts with her gentle smile and quiet strength. At its core are her dreams for the future and the empathy she shows to everyone she meets. Because while Ariel Agnew has been through a lot, she still thanks God for every morning she opens her eyes. She still approaches the world with a belief that everyone deserves kindness. “When I feel helpless, I just think about how there are people going through worse, and I try to give them a hug or a smile,” Ariel said. “I try to carry it well by smiling. I don’t like being down – I like being up, because then maybe I can help somebody else.” regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 3

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